Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bighorn Ram (SHEEP-DSCF0023.jpg)

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Red Eyed Bighorn Ram ---

R.A.M. ---

RAM Meanings:

Rage Against Marionnettes

Red Alert Moderates

Replenish America’s Middleclass

Restorus Alohomora Muggles

Restore At Middle

Recreate All Mind

Reify All Mankind

Red Ass Moderates

Aries --- "You're not likely to convince the Ram to soften up; these folks are blunt and to the point. Along with those qualities comes the sheer force of the Aries nature, a force that can actually accomplish a great deal. Much of Aries's drive to compete and to win comes from its Cardinal Quality.”http://www.astrology.com/allaboutyou/sunsigns/aries.html.