Sunday, December 27, 2009


From A.T."
Re: "The media are still what Justice Thomas famously called a "high-tech lynch mob." They operate by collusion and by destroying the lives of their critics. That is another running sore in Stalinism 2.0. It is yet another reason why the media must be purged by the free market...."

Well, the writer reinforces an ongoing alert. However, the supposed "cure" is pollyannish. There is no "free market" once a vibrant middle class is rendered politically impotent. Economics simply merges with politics, crime, and skirmishing among organized criminals over spheres of influence that have little to do with national boundaries. I do not take skirmishing among organized criminals over spheres of influence to be a "free market."Your "cure" merely excites small business Kulaks to run between rounds of mortar fire being lobbed by opposing gangs of Rino corporatist wolves and Dino unionizing wolves. If we allow to be killed the traditions and institutions that defend the idea of America, as an independent territorial oasis for individual liberty, then the "free market" becomes a cruel hoax.

The only power that can sustain the idea of America is faith in a Higher Consciousness (aka, God, even if you don't want to call it that), which promotes empathy for the separate dignity of each receptive perspective. This is higher than faith in materialism or heaven on Gaia. It is the opposite of abject surrender of individual thinking (i.e., Islamofascism).

No amount of clever checks and balances, constitutionalism, legalism, or materialism can sustain or defend dignified freedom of enterprise in the absence of inculcation of respect for a higher source of empathy. As we lose respect for God, so also shall we lose the idea of America. There is no law that is stronger in iron. As we disrespect that law, so shall we sink into a despairing world of the abused and the abusing.

Regain and restore respect for an idea of America that avails and defends national independence and individual freedom and dignity. Do not join with those who seek to profit by reducing America to the lowest common denominator or to the sort of sociopathic rule that is endured by most of the rest of the world. Instead, raise a light, to show the rest of the world a better way.

Human health, welfare, volunteerism, and dignity are better served by competition and cooperation among people of individual initiative and empathy than by the false promises and faux-caring of corporatists, unionizers, and their unholy renditions of Big Brother and Big Gov.
Modern Liberals have been misled to believe the lies of corporatists and unionizers, that small business, middle class, individualists (i.e., Conservatives) do not care about the health and welfare of the less fortunate. Modern Liberals have bought the lie that liberty must be sacrificed in order to spread health, welfare, and wealth. The truth is the opposite. Modern Liberals are Little Red Riding Hood, being deceived by the Big Bad Wolf, dressed in Granny's clothes. Shame on every leader of every institution who facilitates this charade! Shame!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Neither Reparation Obamism nor Islam are religions under any sensible definition of religion. They are no more religions than any other fascist secular belief system, such as radical secular humanism. The only aspect about Reparation Obamism, Islam, and Radical Secular Humanism that is religious is the notion of red or green purpose or Sharia after death, under facilitating grace of either a Higher Consciousness or a pagan Mother Gaia. To advocate further and seek to impose divine right of red or green rule under some mortal fascist, enhanced with SchutzStaffel or Friends of Obama, is not religion, but secular tyranny! If we are so ignorant as to let these people have it both ways through such a transparent ruse, they will exclude all from the public square except their faux religion -- even as they breed, deceive, and evangelize while doing it. In short, we are allowing empathy for higher consciousness (God) to be swept behind ever closing walls, while giving free reign to Chicago thugs and secular fascists posing as people who care about God and us. This is soulless madness. Unless vigorously opposed, it will sink America.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pantheism vs. Panentheism

Pantheism vs. Panentheism:

An A.T. Commenter ("Old Dog") said, "You know...I just don't understand why...why? What possesses these people to make them want to destroy America? I can only come up with two words. Ignorance and Evil. Not a good combination but it is the only answer to why."


Well, they have lost almost all faith. Many have been so misled or abused as to have become incorrigibly conditioned for serving only themselves, having learned no appreciation for just how hollow that sort of service is. The moral belief system to which they hang on to for dear life is the one that is most accessible for zombies who are already almost dead spiritually. This belief system is also the default system for sociopaths, gang-bangers, cult-bangers, and those so twisted as to wish to stamp out all contrary belief systems (and infidels?) as being alien to empirically based logic. This belief system drives most adherents (Pelosi?) to barely concealed rage, which its adherents duplicitously channel in order to pretend they are our champions (Stalin and Soros?). Intuitive empathy for any higher level of consciousness slips beyond them. Their ideal becomes this: That no consciousness exists beyond the consciousness they now know. The after-world as they conceive it is a "physics" that is populated only by dead rocks. Thus, they behave as if all higher empathy should already be dead. For them, there is no conscious source of empathy. There is only random physical evolution for expressing recurring memes. Know what has twisted this enemy, for it is a dangerous adversary of decency. At every reasonable opportunity stand fast and employ tough love, while wishing the poor shells that carry these lurching creatures about, "Merry Christmas."

Monday, December 21, 2009



Why is it important for some folks to redefine marriage? If marriage is already equivalent in law to a civil union, then why should anyone be required to pretend a union between two people of opposite gender is the same in physical fact as between two people of the same gender? Next, will the agenda be to make it a hate crime to distinguish between same gender unions and traditional marriages? Precisely what is the agenda, if not to weaken foundations of Western Civ? Must we next take our eyes to be deceivers? If the concern is civil "rights," then why try to force changes in spiritual sacraments? And just why should sustainable civilizations avail equal "rights" and incentives to civil unions between people of the same sex? Just how does foisting and forcing civilization to do that help nourish sustainable civilization?

Obviously, what gay rads want is do is to render deluded minds so confused as actually to believe apples are oranges. Why? Because they desperately want to rewrite "normal" so that nothing is abnormal. Mr. Gay Rads, precisely why should civilization be required to accord equal rights and incentives to civil unions between two persons of the same sex but not between 3, or 5, or bi-communal unions, etc.? Are you poly-phobic of other kinds of unions? Notwithstanding your overwrought hand wringing, few thinking people give a fig, much less condemn you for, what you do behind closed doors. But many of us do care when you try to enlist government to give you the "right" to force us to say itis normal or to force us to avail it with precisely the same degree of social support or civic "rights."

Will you next be advocating that civic law should require that citizens pay precisely the same amounts to purchase or support prices for orange growers as for apple growers, because they have equal "rights"? As I said, your mix of apples and oranges is nonsense -- logically, civically, and historically. Basically, your "argument" that parriage should be deemed marriage reduces to "because I wanna." Well, that's not an argument. And if you wanna argue why parriage should entail precisely the same "rights" as marriage, then you need to explain why. Simply to say "it's my right because it's my right" is no better as an "argument" than to click your heels three times while saying "there's no place like home."