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Machine Miasma

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idiot box (right view)
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OBAMA: Given the alignment of our situation, it comes as no surprise that our favored nominee for President (Head Thumb) is a supremely gifted organizer.

IMPLODING ORGANIZATIONS OF INFORMATION: In Isaac Asimov’s “The Last Question,” the entropic inclination for spatial dispersal within each preceding universe or hyperspace could be conceptualized as helping to preclude conflict with each succeeding hyperspace. In other words, entropy did not rule out an ever-replacing and organizing of perspectives of experience and information. Entropy did not rule out local or galaxy level explosions in inter-organization of self-aware or conscious forms of active information.

GAMING A TRANSCENDENTAL MEME: Participating In A Game Of Consolidating And Organizing Categories Of Information (religious, news, entertainment, advertising, communicative, capitalistic, and regulatory) seems inclined to turn temporal winners not just into kindred spirits, but towards
one monstrously powerful, self-feeding, exponentially-exploding (eventually imploding?) meme for controlling organized information, or “Head Thumb.”

RELENTLESS MEME OF HEAD THUMB: Humans are temporal and mortal. It is the height of foolishness for one to suppose he/she can “win the game” by becoming Head Thumb. The part of Head Thumb can only be created by zipping all of humanity into submission, in a “Borg” strait jacket. Once the position of Head Thumb is designed and actuated, it becomes a relentless meme. Humanity’s only hope against such Meme is to fire up some Red Ass Moderates (Rams).

TRIBE-ULATION: Tribes of Head Thumb Fascists are coming together in tribe-ulation: Religious Fascists (Muslamo-Tribe) are bent on imposing mind surrender; Computer Fascists (Media Tribe) are bent on plugging all human functions into one monitoring internet; Corporate Fascists (Market Tribe) are bent on gearing each of us into a completely controlled Product-Consumption-Unit (PCU), conditioned to mindlessly calculate product and to consume as instructed; Government Fascists (Marxist Tribe) are bent on imposing comfort and security in trade for confiscating freedom and dignity; and Mental Arts Fascists (Mentalist Tribe) are bent on our final mind meltdown.

CAPITALISM: Capitalism comes nearly alive, like a transcendental meme, to consume and dehumanize its players --- regardless of political stripes. Thus, Capitalism becomes a self-feeding game for conditioning, hardening, and numbing practitioners to treat flesh and blood people as if they were virtual abstractions, sort of like avatars in a computer game of Dungeons and Dragons. Capitalist winners, whether Democrat or Republican, come to feed on each other and on all of us --- coming to think nothing of: selling out the very country in which they were raised; reducing the countryside to servants, and organizing inferiors as Borg --- all under Head Thumb.

SELF DEFEATING REGULATORY STRATEGIES: But corporations love to be regulated! Regulations create barriers against potential new rivals. Smothering regulations help ensure oligopolies and monopolies. (Religion, Media, Capitalism, and Government all must be regulated, but sanity requires wise regulation, not smothering regulation!)

LOSS OF PRIVACY, FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALITY: We march on, reducing everything to market pricing and governmental measure, surrendering individuality, privacy, dignity, and freedom. We become agglomerated into Borg-Herd, leading to Borg-Gaia, then to Borg-Galaxia. We lose our separate selves, trading individual artistry for the comfort and security of Borg-Mind. But for Borg absorption or close monitoring (National ID cards, fingerprint credit cards, etc.), we would become, Separately, too powerful and dangerous for our Unity to trust.

"5M" BORG PROLETARIAT: Thus, we come to think it a good thing to lash ourselves and everyone else to serve the Organization Game, as Borg Slaves. Muslims, Media, Money Markets, Marxists, and Mentalists (aka, “5M”) all come together, to appreciate themselves as serving common cause. (
Were it not for 5M, why else would America’s leaders have been AWOL, even treasonous, for more than 30 years in failing to defend borders and to promote sane energy policies?)

ULTIMATE IRONY: Once we absorb into Borg, it matters not whether we label ourselves of the Muslamo Tribe, Media Tribe, Market Tribe, Marxist Tribe, or Mentalist Tribe --- for 5M Borg become interchangeably united, selecting temporal elites only to sell us into Borg-land. (Shut up and play the game.)

ON WITHERING AWAY: Once we consent to allowing patterns that facilitate the transcendental emergence of One Head Thumb, why should we expect such patterns to wither away, just because some titular occupant of that position happens to die?

SPENT CARCASS: The Republican GOP is a spent carcass, malnourished on a poisonous motto of the monied and political class (“money talks and bullsh*t walks”).

LOST INDIVIDUALITY: The Gini index forewarns of a bridge of empathy too wide to withstand accumulating pressures. Common cause in arts and concerns between ordinary middle class folks and other classes is being lost. Thus, we lurch towards isolation, each serving his or her self-created taskmaster. Once Pinocchio’s fellow gamers become transfixed into organized-donkeyhood, few will retain means or capacity to regain individual independence. Shut us and play the game!

ONE WAY OUT: If we have a way out, for navigating a course between the stinking carcass of Republicans, mindless blogswarming and Marxism of Democrats, and dehumanizing submission to Wahabists, it may be found by Red Ass Moderates (Rams).

EARLY DETECTION: Mental Arts Fascists are found in Rap Crappers, Heavy Metalists, Advertising Spammers, Blogswarmers, Addiction Pimps, Poverty Enablers, Abnormal Normalizers, and Morality Melt Down Artists. In self protection, we need a form of Interventional Machine Psychoanalysis, since we have no gauge on our foreheads for indicating satiation. That is, we need skilled intuition to recognize early warning signs that alert to needs to reorganize, divert, and reinforce attention away from mind surrender, towards other, newly emerging, more socially redemptive habits.

RESTORE MIDDLE CLASS: Rams must work to restore economic and political power to the middle class! Otherwise, we all fall under the spell and horror of an inhuman, self-made, soul-less, devil-meme, i.e., “Head Thumb” (Nurse Ratchet, aka, “Organized Wretched”) --- which must never be underestimated!
Man the firehoses! Throw the bums out!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pinocchio's Golden Strings

Obama piping Pinocchios ---

Bootsy Collins,
in "
the Pinocchio Theory": “If you fake the funk, your nose will grow.”

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Protests against Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez polemical decision of closing the oldest and most important private TV channel of the country...
Master, master, where's the dreams that I've been after?
Master, master, you promised only lies
Laughter, laughter, all I hear and see is laughter
Laughter, laughter, laughing at my cries


Addressed to easily-deluded and inexperienced young
Pinocchio’s among the masses, Democrats are running a meta-message about Obama: That the millions in moolah that he receives in campaign contributions ratify his broad public appeal and support from millions of ordinary citizens.

Addressed to more experienced Mensans, there is a meta-meta-message: That Blue-Blood Monopolized Media is working cheek to jowl with Marxist-Academia to mesmerize the mass-mindset into accepting Obama as Messiah.

WHY is monopolized media so engaged? Well, follow the easy money along the yellow, gold bricked road!!!

Consider: If you cared nothing about helping to give definition to “The American Dream,” and had means to live wherever you wished, then would you not entertain yourself in the capital game of quick, easy money? If you happen to be among actual enemies of America, for all the more reason, would you not seek. with
capitalist gold, to string America along as your own personal Pinocchio? Would you not avail yourself of access to such Marxist dupes as are so conveniently and rampantly provided among America’s college campuses? (The more we worship thumbs of any stripe, the sooner each of us falls under one.)

Regarding Enlightened Empathy: It is good and sound to accept and believe in capacity in humanity and God for engaging in enlightened empathy. The key, however, is “enlightened.” An enlightened one is ALWAYS wary of those among us who have lost or never had such faith. So, part of Enlightened Empathy is undertaking responsibility to ward off Evil. After all, Evil never rests, and should never be under appreciated!

Red Ass Moderates (Rams) must be clear sighted.
Fast, easy money is not just running blue blood, corporate Republicans. It is also running Marxist Democrats. This is why a decent society requires a healthy and powerful middle class. The last thing America needs is a further increase in the Gini index, or a further widening of the gulf between those who have not and those who have it all!

Better shape up, America, because our country needs some Rams!

[Gratuitous Insult:
Pinocchio, although not dumb, was inexperienced — which facilitated his lapse for awhile into donkey-hood. I retain “hope” that Democrat-Donkeys may someday come to their senses, which is why I often pull metaphors from common children’s books, of which even the lowest common denominator tends to be familiar. Young Democrats simply tend to lack life’s experiences, making it difficult for them to relate very well to other literature, except in very abstract sense (such as when it helps them feel wise).]


“I shot for the stars and you know I caught it
Dinco D, Busta Rhymes, and Milo saw it
Two years of hell, now we're paid off
To prove my rhymes, that it ain't soft
Yo! Elektra selects a new breed to lead them
In the '90 with success and then
Make everyone look leary
Awww! They know,
Pinocchio's Theory
Aww! They know, you check it out for the '90
Dinco D, Busta Rhymes, and Milo's in the place to be, check it out”


“Indeed, the true
source of horror for Lovecraft is that, however much the monstrosities whose presence he evokes exceed all powers of human apprehension, so that they are literally indescribable and unvisualizable, they still belong to the same world as we do.”
“Capitalism was born out of the “extrinsic conjunction of these two flows: flows of producers and flows of money. . . On one side, the deterritorialized worker who has become free and naked, having to sell his labor capacity; and on the other, decoded money that has become capital and is capable of buying it””
“In other words, there are markets without capitalism, but there is no capitalism without the absolute reign of the market. As Wood puts it, “this unique system of market-dependence means that the dictates of the capitalist market – its imperatives of competition, accumulation, profit-maximization, and increasing labour-productivity – regulate not only all economic transactions but social relations in general” (2002, 7). And this is the key to what I have been calling the
monstrosity of capital. It is utterly contingent in its origins; and yet, once it has arrived, it imposes itself universally.”
“But once it arose, it made market relations compulsory: as Wood says, the so-called “free market” became an imperative, a coerced activity, instead of an opportunity.”
“Kant always carefully distinguishes the transcendental from the transcendent. A transcendental condition is one that is universal and a priori, but that applies only to experience, and does not transcend or go beyond experience. That is to say, it emphatically does not refer to noumena, or “things in themselves.” The transcendental is not quite empirical, since it is not found within experience. But it is also, at the same time, nothing but empirical, since it can only be referred to experience. The transcendental is thus a strange borderline concept, neither containable within contingent, empirical existence, nor extending anywhere beyond it. At this border or limit there is indeed, as Nina Power puts it, an “eerie proximity of Kant and Lovecraft,” due to Lovecraft’s “internalisation of Kantian categories in the name of
transcendental horror”“
“Yet this “
unspeakable substratum” is not itself (as Harman amply demonstrates) transcendent, absolute, or otherworldly. It is a feature of our world, and only of our world. Such is the aporia of the transcendental: we encounter something about which we do not know how to speak, but which we also cannot pass over in silence.”
“This sense that we ourselves are the effects of forces that are not ours, forces that surpass us and remain indifferent to us, could well be a formula for horror. Of course, neither Kant, nor Bergson, nor Deleuze presents it this way. But Benjamin Noys convincingly argues that “the vortex of seething time” is the ultimate form of horror for Lovecraft, exceeding any particular instance of one monstrous race of beings or another.”



Perhaps because my appreciation of meaning or empathy regarding “we ourselves” is infinitely expansive in potential,
I fail to appreciate reason to be “convinced” that “we ourselves” are merely and only effects of forces that remain “indifferent” to us.

Although I do agree that all physically manifested aspects about our bodies are merely transcendental, I do not think “essence of I-ness” (or Will, Inclination, Imagination, or Mind) is entirely reducible to transcendental physicality. Rather, I suspect Physical Nature is transcendentally derivative of pure
Will-To-Math (aka, “God”).

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Hosing Faux Patriots

firemen in action
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I don’t care whether you are red, pink, brown, yellow, black, green, male, female, cyborg, or some combination thereof. What I care about are the freedom and dignity of each to make their own “fashion statements” within a system of civilization that is relatively stable, sustainable, and surpassable.

Such a civilization is possible in some nations and cultures, such as in Western Civilization. During this time of upheaval and intolerance of individual freedom and dignity in much of the world, now is not a good time for free nations to be letting down their guards, with respect to borders, global co-dependency, or independent access to energy sources.

For the past 30 years, American politicians and legislators (aided and abetted by mainstream journalists conditioned to "think" with their cosmopolitan feelings) have been AWOL about defending American borders and fuel independence. Yet, they get all indignant lest anyone dare to question their patriotism.

Well, I dare! I dare to say that those we have entrusted with power to lead and educate us have behaved stupidly, incompetently, selfishly, short-sightedly, and unpatriotically! How any so-called leader or politician or journalist, whether Republican Snot or Democrat Marxist Double-Talker, could defend our policies with respect to borders and energy and then dare anyone to question their patriotism is the height of un-patriotism!

These people need to be washed out of office with fire hoses! As for "journalists" trained to report most of their thinking in terms of their feelings: we must stop buying their crap! Ridicule them, or at least turn them off! We must be proactive about getting factual information. Find and access objective sources. Be suspicious of blogswarmers. Withhold judgment until the facts are in. Then, if the facts warrant, lay on the wood!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Bullsh*t Artists

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Of turd blossoms

…. and bullsh*t artists

Graffito 3
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Why Has Politics Broken? America has long opposed evils, but they have waited patiently, setting their revenges behind logs. Trying to be fair, Americans have bought too much into slants of those who would crook us. Thus, our youth are much schooled and entertained in interpretations of past treacheries, being always led towards the worst of views of America.

Blame is the message, of which the meta-message to “the progeny of our sins” is that their blame cannot be expunged without America’s confessing responsibility and passing around of flagellants and recompense, even to the point of sinking America. News media and Hollywood glory in profits to be made from sensationalizing lingering grievances.

To unfortunate extent, we have lost faith: each in the good will of the other; in the worth of our country; and in the nobility of our civilization. Our youth blame our country. Our Libertarians blame excessive taxation, overregulation, and foreign adventures. Our Liberals blame inequality. Our Democrats blame poverty and restrictions on access to labor on account of unfair enforcement of borders. Our Conservatives blame loss of traditional family values. Our Republicans blame poverty pimping and restrictions on access to illegal (servile) labor on account of “unfair” enforcement of borders.

Each blames the other; few feel gratitude to their country; most mainly seek private advantage; and few consider what is required for a civilization, which prizes freedom and dignity, to sustain itself, to be sustainable, and to plan for its surpassage.

We need a new, grown-up estate --- one that appreciates the delicate rarity and wondrous value of the American experience; one with insight to see what needs to be done to sustain America, to keep her sustainable, and to plan for her surpassage.

For this, we have had enough of Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans. Enough! Our times now call for some justifiably Red Assed Moderates (RAMs), with love for America, but impatience with professors of Marxism and bullsh*t apologists for selfish interests. (The "Green Party" is no less run on stupidity. The best strategy for "going green" is to get population under control, not to ruin individual freedom and dignity! Greenies --- grow up, already!)

Bullsh*t must be called to account, if America is to meet her higher calling. Roy Bean must dispatch Bad Bob the (Whackjob) Albino!


Sunday, June 22, 2008


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Rage Against Marionnettes
Red Alert Mavericks
Red Alert Moderates
Replenish America’s Middleclass
Restorus Alohomora Muggles
Restore At Middle
Recreate All Mind
Reify All Mankind
Red Ass Moderates
(See also

Marginalizing Substantive Wisdom:

When it comes to important issues of the day, Machiavellian Business, Media, Academia, and Government care less about substance than about entertaining us with Marxist, Orwellian, and Madison Avenue techniques of body language, persuasive posturing, and double speak.

Force of attitude and emotion with which one blogswarms in ad hominem attacks with one’s buddies comes to be more important than substance when it comes to our “education” — or rather conditioning.

For presentation to our attention-deficit society, there abound simplistic slogans, cliches, and ad hominem slurs, repetitively employed as if the essence of wisdom. Examples: McCarthism; Swiftboating.


The massage is the medium.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Distortion By Government

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(House of Ponzi)

***************************Profile suggestive of typical liberal, displaying distortion in values for nihilism, violence, sex, drugs, lawlessness, nonchalance --- yet somehow believing in salvation by government. "Yes we can!"

Needless governmental involvement and regulation always distorts and hatches dangerous new pyramid invitations. See

Means of regulating civilizations consist in (1) private institutions and markets and (2) government. In capacity for reducing power and wealth to the centralized, monopolistic control of a distorting few, with few qualms against invading freedom and dignity in order to ensure satisfaction of such wants as it inculcates, no institution is greater or more dangerous than Government.

In a healthy society that prizes individualism, Government should be applied only to the extent needed in order to reset private markets or to perform functions not suitable for private markets.

When private markets operate roughly, society may adjudge it worthwhile to apply government carefully, to soften some edges. Always, an enlightened society must bear in mind an unavoidable propensity of government to distort and create its own rough edges. Thus, governing requires skill, interwoven with careful foresight and cautious intuition. Investing social aspirations in Government always distorts. When Government avails handouts to everyone, Government distorts everything.

Government should be applied carefully, and only to address real needs of civilization, not every wrong, not every selfish interest. In policies for encouraging higher education and home ownership, Government distorts markets when it provides student loans and makes interest on home mortgages deductible. Such “poison-pill” policies always translate into addictive and self defeating results, leading to widely fluxing, artificially high costs, both for college and for home ownership. Ill effects from such distortions simply compound, until they cannot be cured short of painful discipline or amputation.

Better, perhaps, would be for Government to finance opportunities for community and military service, in exchange for which Government could offer incentives to such persons as were responsible enough to follow through on such opportunities, rather than just wait for handouts. Government should not be in business of financing home loans, except to first time buyers who have completed community service.

Enlightened policies could: Help reduce population; encourage family planning; discriminate by financing the most motivated students; price undisciplined students out of the college market. Undisciplined students should better find themselves in the workplace, rather than in seeking to become Marxist professors or fellow travelers.

However, some civilizing needs may not presently be met merely through an invisible hand of market competition. Possible examples: Trust busting; providing defense (borders, terrorism); negotiating treaties (trade that is free, yet fair to Americans); managing immigration and education policies, to nurture and stimulate nationally competitive development of brains and virtue; providing transportation and information resources (roads, canals, ports, satellite communications, energy and utility transmission, water and environmental management); nurturing health and charity (epidemics); overcoming widespread dependency on drugs and alcohol; reducing overpopulation; and promoting big science (protection against extinction level events; expansion and propagation of civilizing consciousness throughout galaxy).

To meet such needs, Government must not become merely the mother of addictions, to be pimped out by competing gangs of Democrats and Republicans.

Against pimps, addicts, and rivals, both to our left and right --- to defend ourselves and our families, progeny, country, and civilization --- we
need a few more Red Ass Moderates (Rams).


Libertarians (sheep-dogs), Democrats (sheep), Republicans (wolves) , and Red Ass Moderates (rams and black sheep) follow different political roads for being. Regardless of which road is least traveled, in respect of enlightened empathy, which road is most worthy?

Libertarians (Marginals):
This is the new label that social libertines have adopted for themselves --- at least, those who espouse no particular respect for traditional values or strong national defense, instead preferring such isolationist policies as best promote their own interests in economic laissez faire. They go ga-ga about Ayn Rand, as if she had a real philosophy beyond "justifying" naked self interest.
Democrats (Masticators):
This label is a connivance, having been coopted by Marxists and Socialists. FDR, Truman, and JFK would find little in common with modern so-called "Democrats." These people tend either to have educations that overwhelm their intellects, to have led sheltered lives, or to have simply learned how to thrive after their own self interests by masquerading in sheep's clothing or by torturing logic and philosophy to serve immature notions about fairness and equality, pre-shrunk and wrapped with pretty bows by Herbert Marcuse.
Republicans (Marauders):
These people are now led by folks who have strayed far from Lincoln. Their leadership views the answer to every challenge as "more tax cuts." They have little loyalty to country, but are actually raised to believe they "deserve" to rule the globe, based on little education or experience other than practiced willingness to pursue every possible short-term advantage under systems of capitalism, rife with loopholed regulations. They have managed to retain control by pretending to share values with social conservatives and moderates. This will change.
RED ASS MODERATES (Moderating Independents):
This label applies to clear-sighted RAMs (folks with eyes wide open), able to see shenanigans of Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans for what they are. "Big Horned RAMs" are red-eyed "black-sheep," independent of any human shepard, not fearing lone wolves. As RAMs become more synchronously attuned of themselves as a flock, through antennae of the Internet, they will play an ever more deciding role in the direction of world politics. As they should.


Appropriate avatar for Libertarian-libertines (masquerading as principled philosophers, liberal on mores and defense, conservative on economics) is the “sheep-dog.”
Libertine MARGINALS --- see

Appropriate avatar for Democrats and Republicans (both masquerading as bipartisan patriots) is the Ass and the Elephant, harnessed together (notwithstanding biblical injunction).
Democrat MASTICATORS and Republican MARAUDERS --- see

Appropriate avatar for Red Ass Moderates (or Red Ass Marines, or Black Sheep Squadron), is an iconic Ram.
Independent MODERATES --- see

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Thumb 22

Catch 22
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Catch 22 ---

Or Thumb 22?

From :

CATCH 22: “There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane he had to fly them. If he flew them he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to he was sane and had to.

Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle. "That's some catch, that Catch-22," Yossarian observed. "It's the best there is," Doc Daneeka agreed.”

.... “Yossarian comes to realize that Catch-22 does not actually exist, but because the powers that be claim it does, and the world believes it does, it nevertheless has potent effects. Indeed, because it does not exist there is no way it can be repealed, undone, overthrown, or denounced.”

.... “Heller suggests that bureaucracies, especially when run by bad or insane men, lead the members of the organization to trivialize important matters (e.g., those affecting life and death), and that trivial matters (e.g., clerical errors) assume enormous importance.”

.... “As the narrative progresses, Yossarian comes to fear American bureaucrats more than he fears the Germans attempting to shoot down his bomber. This ironic situation is epitomized in the single appearance of German personnel in the novel, who act as pilots employed by a private entrepreneur working within the U.S. military. This predicament indicates a tension between traditional motives for violence and the modern economic machine, which seems to generate violence simply as another means to profit, quite independent of geographical or ideological constraints.”

.... From :

“Milo is a satire of the modern businessman, and beyond that is the living representation of capitalism, as he has no allegiance to any country, person or principle unless it pays him.”


From :

“Major Major and his father both reinforce the novel's theme that bureaucracy is absurd. His character also stands in contrast to the other authority figures in the book who relish their power and use the bureaucratic system and the law of Catch-22 to maintain or try to increase their power over others. Major Major's character shows how an indifferent bureaucratic system can award a position of authority to someone who, being unwilling and/or unable to handle the position, can only fulfill his responsibilities by hiding from them (as shown by Major's using the window to enter and leave his office and not signing his real name to documents). Major Major doesn't want to be compared with Henry Fonda or to be in a position of authority; he just wants to live a "normal" life by mitigating the damage dealt by his ridiculous name, but bureaucracy forbids him. It's yet another Catch-22, as indeed is the arrangement by which any of the men may meet him: you can only see him when he's not in.”


POISON PILL: Our current administration’s method of governance seems to rely considerably on a derivative of Catch 22, i.e., poison pill tactics. See

“A poison pill, in corporate jargon, is a financial arrangement designed to protect current management by crippling the company if someone else takes over.” Thus, modern political management must cripple America in order to save it.

Governmental Attempts To Impose Equality

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Hot Air:

(I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you.)

Suppose I were born in a wealthy country of a minority family for which my father had absconded and my mother is subsisting as a welfare dependent. Further, suppose my health were poor, my body not naturally coordinated, and my IQ relatively low. Given such a situation, ask: What does God or life owe me? What does my family owe me? What does my country owe me? What should a civilized society provide for or owe me?

Well, it is not for me to judge whether God or life owe me anything. And, it does little good to mull about what my family may owe me. If my country’s laws afford a system for providing me with counsel, advocacy, governmental welfare and job training, so be it. Regardless, no one and no thing owes me “objective equality” --- for there is no such a thing as objective equality among things, such as persons, that are different.

Still, what SHOULD a modern civilized society provide?

Should not a civilized society provide a decent safety net, in order to avail at least some floor of opportunity for shelter, food, clothing, health care, education, job training, and inculcation of a sense of moral responsibility and empathetic appreciation for my civilization? And if I refuse to assimilate a sense of appreciation for my civilization, and refuse to discipline or apply myself towards trying to become self reliant or a contributing member of society, and refuse to learn to be a responsible parent myself, then what does my civilization owe to its other members, in respect of protecting them from me?

Concerning a decent safety net: Should not government exercise decent vision and care, so that taxes are applied responsibly, towards means that will likely lead to worthwhile ends, which will not so distort other laudable purposes as to make the governmental cure worse than the social disease to which it was addressed? Among those who plead for selfish interests and those who pander to them, how many give even the least consideration to the inevitably distorting effect of governmental involvement? When it comes to governmental regulation and largesse, how many take even the least responsible look at wider, long-term costs before leaping to toss the public’s treasury in support of parochial, short-term interests?

For those citizens who are at least minimally inclined to accept training on how to become contributing members of society, should not an enlightened civilization wish to provide a decent floor of support, in respect of shelter, food, clothing, health care, education, job training, and inculcation of a sense of moral responsibility and empathetic appreciation for civilization? How may a civilization recognize when its governmental intrusion has or will lead to DISTORTIONS and costs that exceed a point of reasonable return on efforts?

In other words, what sort of functions should best be entrusted to private enterprise, rather than be invaded by government?


Regarding “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you,” see;;;


Quote from John Dewey:
“… politics is the shadow cast on society by big business... Power today resides in control of the means of production, exchange, publicity, transportation and communication. Whoever owns them rules the life of the country, even if democratic forms remain. Business for private profit through private control of banking, land, industry reinforced by command of the press, press agents and other means of publicity and propaganda, that is the system of actual power, the source of coercion and control, and until it's unraveled we can't talk seriously about democracy and freedom.”


First Rule for Physicians of Governmental Change: First do no harm.

Eternal Idiocy Of Revenge

Canadian Gothic
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Eternal Revenge Of Idiocy:

Usually, it only seems hard to do the right thing, while the harder thing becomes to try to justify the wrong thing. Humanity’s failure to appreciate such homily is an idiocy that haunts us routinely. Such idiocy has taken no holiday in respect of our current administration.

When President Bush came to office, his party had sufficient good will from Americans and Congress to facilitate good governance.

Even under a childish philosophy of “Objectivism,” where personal greed and self interest are esteemed as highest goodness, is it not stupid of Corporate-Blueblood-Globalists to have so managed affairs as to become likely to lose control of them?

Except in idiocy, his administration had to appreciate that mainstream Marxist media would always be laying traps and hunting for him.

Why, then, did Bush fail to marshal the middle class backbone of America in an alliance against Marxist media, leftist dupes, and fellow travelers?

Why, then, did the Bush administration proceed to govern as would frat boys ("it's our due")?

Why did he fart all over the middle class, essentially telling us we are in a fan factory?

One who so blatantly chooses to break faith with the middle class may as well prepare to face the pain that comes of licking a cane toad.

Opportunities were spread before President Bush. He could have acted sooner to protect America’s borders. He could have tempered his tax cuts, in progressive concern for trying to narrow a widening gulf between haves and have nots, in respect of the Gini index. Instead, he catered to a globalist agenda of short sighted business interests, reveling in the sell out of America for cheap, illegal, servile labor. He pursued such economic agenda for favoring big business globalization, even though the least regard for human nature, current events, and history should have informed that the world is not ready for one big American led capitalist enterprise of unregulated disregard for mores of traditional societies.

Only a frat snot would think it adequate to answer that non-frat's have never had it so good. Only a frat snot would think it neat to lick on a middle class cane toad. ("The lucky toad was named “Spew” and is doing just fine and the both of them look to make a full recovery.")

In America, good governance necessitates that no one presume to be an aristocrat, that gulfs in political and economic power not become too wide, that all remain responsible to tend our common garden, and that temporary caretaking entitles no one to desecrate our garden without tendering appropriate recompense. In other words, ours is a system of regulated capitalism, not a frat club for enslaving or thumbing-over those who may be less driven to presume entitlement over the whip.

Once, we had a leader. He said: “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.” See

But, Booth'ian idiocy got its useless revenge.

Still, in respect of capacity to produce leaders like Lincoln and Churchill, we retain cause for optimism. Indeed, as Churchill said, “For myself I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else.” See

Monday, June 16, 2008

Crippling America In Order To Save It

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From :
“Milo is a satire of the modern businessman, and beyond that is the living representation of capitalism, as he has no allegiance to any country, person or principle unless it pays him.”

NATION BUILDING: Regarding nation building in Iraq: The argument is that we cannot stop now, because, having gone past the point of no return, any scale-down now would simply flood over all alternatives.

PROFITEERING: Regarding tax cuts that failed to address disparities in access to economic power: The argument is that we now cannot address income disparities because our economy can no longer afford it.

ENERGY POLICY: Regarding tax hikes on fuel in order to incentive development of alternative energy sources: The argument is that our economy now cannot afford sudden jolts.

AMERICAN JOBS: Regarding the continuing draining of American jobs: The argument is that American consumers now cannot afford to pay for high priced American jobs.

AMERICAN BORDERS: Regarding defending the physical integrity of U.S. borders: The argument is that Americans now will no longer do many of the jobs for which America must have cheap, illegal labor.

HEALTH CARE: Regarding single provider universal health care: The argument is that we now no longer can afford it.

SOCIAL SECURITY: Has the writing on the wall yet become clear?

THUMB 22: The current administration has mastered Milo Minderbinder’s “catch 22,” extending it to keep ordinary Americans under the thumb-control of their global-economy masters. America becomes just a myth. Globally, freedom and dignity become just words, for nothing left to do. Call the extension “Thumb 22.”

MACHINE POLITICS: To be fair, Thumb 22 is even more of a tool for Democrats. After all, who is more keen to promote counterproductive poverty pimping and to erase American borders in order to ensure political power derivative of a flood of poor, easily deluded, easily recruited, newly thumbed tools than the Democrat party political machine?

POLLY ANNA INTENTIONS: Who is more quick to forgive bad results when derived from seemingly good intentions than liberals? Who is quickest to forget the history of Jimmy Carter’s windfall profits tax on oil profits?

Red Ass Moderates must summon the pitchforks!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gaia is Real

Holistic God – Holographic Gaia --- Panentheistic Source of sum of all perceptions and of attuned focusing to illusions of patterns of measurable physics:

MANIFESTING GAIA: If God breathes physical reality out of nothing more than Will To Math, may we, in God’s service, midwife panentheistic breath of life into what may heretofore have been conceived, in Gaia, only as myth? May we, in organizing computer resources, so midwife organization of math as to birth Gaia out of emergence and into actual manifestation? By skilful inculcation of myths of Gaia, may we, to astonishingly practical extent, discover Gaia in reality?
In this, I may need to study more on Joseph Campbell. But I certainly need to listen to Israel _ Kamakawiwo'ole.

SAME MYTH, DIFFERENT DELUSIONS: Most modern religions share in essentially the same myth, but employ different ceremonial methods and emphasis for conditioning behavior. For example, Islam tends to misuse “God” to justify extreme sorts of “aversion therapy,” often going so far as to preach death to apostates or infidels. Retro-Muslims wish for “God” to regulate all details of every person’s life, by sort of tattooing regulations on the insides of our eyelids. Although Christianity tends to emphasize positive reinforcement, it is misused by many to reduce to “God is love,” therewith reducing God to love for tolerating every individual’s every conceivable sort of affront to civilized behavior. Modern-Christians want to explore the world, only periodically to run back to God to report or revel in findings or adventures. In other words, Islam emphasizes the stick, while Christianity emphasizes the carrot. But, neither form of emphasis is sufficient in itself.

DESPERATE TIMES: Civilization desperately needs for modern religious adherents to appreciate the importance of God, without allowing the concept of God to be used by control freaks to reduce adherents to behaviors that threaten not only civilization but our very planet and ground of being.

MONSTROUS CONFUSION: In Western Civilization, monstrosities have grown for twisting the problem of how best to respect God. Some are illustrated by Ben Stein, in the movie, “Expelled.”

WALL OF SEPARATION: In the U.S., Academia is twisting the Constitution, as if it requires not freedom to practice religion but compulsion to banish religion. But nothing in our Constitution forbids the government from encouraging a general respect for an enlightened, Higher Will, or Source of moral purposefulness. Rather, all that is forbidden is State sponsorship of any particular religious form, ceremony, or requirement regarding how one must go about particularly, as one accords due respect for variously shared notions of morality.

Indeed, scientists (in notion of “gene of altruism"), humanists and ethicists (in notion of morality even without express reference to God), and legislators (in notion of traditional sensibilities meriting consideration in enacting, interpreting, and applying laws) all respect civilization’s need to limit, inculcate, or encourage behaviors within morally acceptable limits. That is, all tend to advocate moral responsibility for exercising or restraining Will in respect of degrees of freedom. And Will, within parameters allowed by law --- whether such law be mathematical, natural, man-made, or spiritual --- is just a general label for panentheistic God.

Why, then, should anyone of rational persuasion, common decency, or good will, wish to pretend some sort of perfect “wall of separation” by which to forbid government, country, school, or mentors from seeking to inculcate each succeeding generation with a general sense of enlightened, empathetic, good Will?

Encouraging students to afford philosophical respect for the “better angels of our nature,” without advocating any religiously revealed particularity as being presently required in order not to disobey the eternal will of God, does not violate any “wall of separation.”

For that matter, insofar as “wall of separation” is mere figure of speech, not descriptive of any known physics, such metaphor cannot very well afford precise basis by which to enforce or
guide evolving needs and moral concerns of our civilization.

Intuitively, there IS a whole (“WILL”) that functions synchronously and simultaneously in respect of ITS SELF WILL. But, each perspective that finds a niche within IT interprets, appreciates, or perceives IT differently, because the functions by which such Whole multi-tasks to relate to each Part are differently Mediated. No Partial Perspective can perceive or interpret the Whole as IT truly IS. But, that does not mean that an intuition or implication of the existence of the Whole is incorrect. Nor does it mean that a partial perspective should not benefit, spiritually, by being open to attempting to intuit or receive guidance from such Whole.
As we profess that the Constitution "lives," but that God does not, so reigns Evil.
Quality of Existence of Heaven and Hell:

Intuitively, Heaven (Goodness) and Hell (Evil) exist metaphysically, not physically, as qualities or orientations in relation to which “Will” comes to appreciate itself and its experience.

Heaven entails Will’s orientation of empathetic hope for IT’s presentness and IT’s posterity, while Hell entails Will’s orientation of hopelessness.

The spiritual existence of both Heaven and Hell depends upon an empathetically interconnecting appreciation and tension of Will. Neither Heaven nor Hell exists entirely independently of the Other.

Somehow, in the tension, we experience artistically-meaningful, self-definitional purposefulness. Thus do our spiritual delusions become not entirely unreal. Thus is oft quoted, “[T]he play is the thing.”

Physics As An Ultimate Bookkeeping Trick:

The Stuff that manifests to us as matter, energy, space, and time seems to have derived, and in its interrelations, continues to derive out of, or in respect of, an “Original, Ultimate, or Superior Source of Somethingness” — either “Will of God” or “Paradox of Nothingness” (or virtual particles or apparitions, appearing as tricks, out of otherwise nothingness).

Intuitively, the manifesting, physical stuff we measurably and mathematically experience emerges or derives out of and/or in respect of an “Ultimate Source” that is beyond our measure or math. We may be faithfully receptive to intuit IT and/or to respect IT, but we cannot measure IT or deal with IT empirically or scientifically. We may intuit that what seems to be manifest and physical may, in relation to IT, be some mere trick of math or imagination in respect of IT. That is, all that we empirically experience may be product of Bookkeeping-Trick-Of-Currency or perspective (or faith, credit, trust) of Will-To-Math.
Regarding Holistic God – Holographic Gaia -- Panentheistic Source, of sum of all perceptions and of attuned focusings of illusions of patterns of measurable physics, consider:;;

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jaw Jaw not War War

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Jaw Jaw not War War:

Suppose leaders could take an enlightened, tolerant, panentheistic view of religion — should they not then reasonably expect to be able “jaw jaw not war war” (see in order to move beyond seeming impasses?

Well, the historical development of Hinduism and Buddhism has entailed considerable regard for “the veil of maya” (see, which seems not wide of Schopenhauer’s panentheistic notion of the World as Will and Representation (see

That is, India is not without mature insights about the nature of Islamic countries in its neighborhood. So, what would India suggest about “jaw jaw” with Iran?

Is Iran of a rational enough bent to converse and “play nice” with panentheists? (After all, as a form of panentheism, how close is Judaism?)

Do historians, psychologists, sociologists, or political scientists have any reasonable model by which to evaluate when a person, mind, or governing body has moved so far into the dangerous realm of rationalizing the subjugation (or even elimination) of non-subscribing neighbors as to necessitate preemptive discipline that is more physically vigorous than "jaw jaw"?

If proponents of jaw jaw have a respectable model, they have a moral obligation to speak up. One purporting expertise about whether or not there should be more jaw jaw should at least defend why.
BTW, Libs who "love America" enough in the abstract to condone William Ayers' efforts to bomb and terrorize America, expecting thereby to force America to submit to their notions of better behavior, may care to explain why it seems to them ok to bomb America, but not ok for America to go to war against those who wish to terrorize us. Then again, what should we expect from little minds conditioned to accept Marcuse'ian double dealing dogma?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Politically Correct Animal Farm

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Neo Animal Farm --- “Some Have More Rights Than Others”


Regarding Free Speech:

“I think we should be able to punish speech that urges terrorist violence to an audience, some of whose members are ready to act on the urging,” Mr. Lewis wrote. “That is imminence enough.”
Mr. Steyn, the author of the article, said the Canadian proceedings had illustrated some important distinctions. “The problem with so-called hate speech laws is that they’re not about facts,” he said in a telephone interview. “They’re about feelings.””


Personal Comments:

Must we come to trust elite governmental “empaths,” who now usurp to tell us what evolving standards shall be mandatory because of prevailing acceptability, to fashion for us their (subjective) concepts about what constitutes (objective?) fairness in broadcasting alternative viewpoints?

Yes, speech in the nature of urging or training people to commit conspiratorially guided violence or thuggery should be a crime, just as should any incitement to violence.

Yet, civilized regard for human freedom and dignity demands that legal respect for free speech ought not be withdrawn merely because speech may hurt feelings or be thought hateful or offensive to political fairness or political correctness.

Free speech ought not be curtailed merely because some religious zealots demonstrate willingness to become violently offended on account of commonplace communications among the citizenry.

Otherwise, we shall revert to Neo-Animal Farm, where the free speech for some is freer than for others, based merely on status or willingness to behave madly.

Government must not be seen as the solution for imposing a sort of angelic politeness on earth.
Do not the Liberals who clamor for free speech for “artistic” renditions such as “Piss Christ” tend to be fellow travelers with Liberals who would now restrict the free speech of those who are offended by such “art,” or who wish to defend traditional values?

In short, free speech must not become “free” only in some asinine Marcuse’ian sense of a double standard, for expressing tolerance for speech in support of every sort of depravity, while punishing speech only when it is used for expressing offense against violations of traditional sensibilities.

Do not be hoodwinked.
Get the red ass.
Summon the pitchforks!

“U.S. Ulysses” Finnegan’s Rude Wake

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“U.S. Ulysses” Finnegan’s Rude Wake:

Regarding the Psychology of Totalism (by secular or sectarian regulation):

See;;;;; and

Because of obvious risks entailed in directly, militarily confronting the U.S. at home, the alternative strategy for its enemies has become to plant seeds for rotting us out from within.

Because of our ever-accumulating, soft, false, adolescent sense of security, this has become easy.

Our very success has deprived our progeny of the experience and conditioned discipline that is required in order to preserve our success. Dangerous “hot potato” stratagems are deployed against us daily, yet we sense them not, our attentions having become conditioned for being diverted by the least of short-term, sugary enticements.

Hot Potato Stratagems:

1) Mix drugs and decadence with powers and skills of cool persuasion in order to undermine any sense of common decency or of spiritual or secular purpose in respect of which the U.S. has heretofore assimilated or become glued together;
2) Infiltrate and brainwash cool academia and media to teach children and students that the U.S. is illegitimate, inhumane, un-egalitarian, prejudiced, and a force for evil;
3) Recruit our own cool citizens to advocate abroad about how menacing the U.S. is to humanity and to Mother Earth;
4) Entice our cool progeny with pipe dreams and fantasies of a state-regulated sharia or heaven on earth — which, behind brainwashed puppets, consists in nothing more than variations of Magisterial Muslamo-Marxism — of which our fantasies tend to dispel too late.

Concern: How can a successful society inoculate itself from rotting from within?
Invitation To Rot:
As our enemies watch us lose faith in the exportable worth of our ideals, they interpret our loss of faith as invitation to rot us out from within. They grin as we invite their rotten potatoes to attend to our own poisoning.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scaling Mount Perversity

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Scaling Mount Perversity:

Note: On a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being most admirable and 10 most execrable, rate contributions of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, ACLU, Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Church Denominations, and/or States.

For "red-ass scaling," from coolness to madness, consider the following guide:
(1) Ice cream
(2) Frozen yogurt
(3) Bread pudding
(4) Tofu
(5) Bell Pepper
(6) Jalapeno
(7) Serrano
(8) Habanero
(9) Red Savina
(10) Mad cow sh*t sandwich

S.O.B.: Alternatively, for those who do not even merit consideration, simply rate as S.O.B., for “sitting on brains.”

Of concerns for our times which should most excite “red-ass” indignation among moderates of reasonable good will, consider:

[Note: The higher the number, the greater the perversity]

A. Population policy --- (All prevailing political parties --- rate S.O.B.)
(Why is fecundity among those who are more educated and cultured in free fall, even as --- among the most savage, barbarian, ignorant and impoverished --- fecundity continues to soar, even as our representatives sit on their brains?)

A. Energy policy --- (Dems – rate
10; Repubs 9)(Duh!)
(Congress has been virtually treasonous in its neglect of energy policy.)
B. Border policy --- (All prevailing political parties --- rate S.O.B.)
(Congress and the Executive have been virtually treasonous in neglect of border enforcement.)
C. National defense --- (Dems – rate 7; Repubs 4)
D. WMD, Ebola, genetic load --- (Dems – rate 8; Repubs 3)
E. Deficit spending and earmarks --- (Dems – rate 9; Repubs 7)
F. Enabling corporations and revolving door civil servants to globalize to the point of selling out national security (All are S.O.B.)
G. American jobs --- (Dems – rate 8; Repubs 7)
H. Trade policy --- (Dems – rate 8; Repubs 7)
(Trade policy needs to be fair and free.) (Duh!)
I. Tax policy --- (Dems – rate 9; Repubs 7)
(Gini variation in wealth is too high for a healthy society.)(Duh!)

A. Campaign financing, financial disclosure, legal bribery (All are S.O.B.)
(Why do legislators rush to enact laws that are so inappropriately considered, drafted, or funded as not to be amenable of reasoned or consistent application, inviting despotic enforcement based on nothing more than feelings of whichever gang of special interests happens then to be wielding power?)
B. Corruption relating to off shore incorporation and banking (All are S.O.B.)
C. Managerial policy, accountability, and notions of merit (All are S.O.B.)
(Why has our society become so enamored of management in respect of media style, glitz, and feeling, almost to the exclusion of substance and thinking? Why have we crowned know-nothings, such as Obama
and cause-vacuums, such as Dilbert’s boss, as pop managerial kings? Why has our hierarchy committed, through and through, to management by happy faces on sticks? Our current President comes into office laughing about incompetence of bureaucrats, and then proceeds to appoint and become among the worst of offenders. In this dangerous world, how can we ever again promote merit over mere diversity and political correctness?)

A. Teachers unions --- (Dems – rate
and 9; Repubs 3)
(Why is there such a plethora of academics still denigrating regulated capitalism and extolling variations of discredited Marxism?)

A. Governmental intrusion --- (Dems – rate 8; Repubs 3)
(Why is our culture buying into secular religion of salvation by government?)
B. Encouraging self reliance rather than welfare dependency --- (Dems – rate 9; Repubs 4)
C. Cultural war --- (Dems – rate
10; Repubs 3)
D. Marital values --- (Dems – rate
10; Repubs 4)
E. Decent Health care --- (Dems – rate 4; Repubs 7)
F. Sanity about Guns --- (All prevailing political parties --- rate S.O.B.)

A. Loss of moral grounding among philosophies --- (All prevailing political parties --- rate S.O.B.)
B. Partial birth abortion --- (Dems rate
10; Repubs 2)
(Why is more not being done to confront literalistic Catholics and Muslims regrading a moral obligation to instigate sane family planning in order not to willy nilly degrade our planet?)


RED ASS Scale, any rating of S.O.B., or of 4 or above, is a bad rating. That is, 5 is far from moderate. Of 22 areas of consideration, no one gets a 1 or a 2; Repubs barely pass (with a 3) in only 3 areas; Dems score 9 or above (beyond Marxist) in 4 areas; all score "sitting on brains" in 5 or 6 areas. Politics is broken enough to warrant the red ass; get out the pitchforks!
From,_pedophiles_welcome_to_sf :

Pimps, Pedophiles: Welcome to S.F.
by Debra J. Saunders
Sunday, August 17, 2008

A quick reading of the measure that will go before San Francisco voters in November to decriminalize prostitution easily could leave you with the misimpression that the measure is an exercise in fairness that demands that prosecutors go after men who abuse prostitutes and implement policies "to reduce institutional violence and discrimination against prostitutes." A careful reading of the initiative, "Enforcement of Laws Related to Prostitution and Sex Workers," however, shows a measure that shields child prostitution and traffickers of human beings.
Hope knows that the average age of entry into prostitution is 12 to 14. The office of San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, who opposes the initiative, has encountered prostituted children as young as 9 years old.
Yet the San Francisco ballot measure completely ignores the prostitution of children. The measure simply states, "Law enforcement agencies shall not allocate any resources for the investigation and prosecution of prostitutes for prostitution." Astonishingly, there's no exemption that encourages police to enforce the law for minors.
Let me be clear. I don't want city cops wasting their time prosecuting workers at the discreet bordello that hires healthy adult prostitutes who get regular medical checkups. I would rather see law enforcement focus on serious crimes.
But there is nothing broad-minded about looking the other way when 14-year-old girls and boys sell themselves on the street and massage parlors are staffed by women who are being held against their will. These are not consenting adults.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hominus Benumbed Amongus

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Energy Policy:


From Charles Krauthammer: “You want more fuel-efficient cars? Don't regulate. Don't mandate. Don't scold. Don't appeal to the better angels of our nature. Do one thing: Hike the cost of gas until you find the price point. Unfortunately, instead of hiking the price ourselves by means of a gasoline tax that could be instantly refunded to the American people in the form of lower payroll taxes, we let the Saudis, Venezuelans, Russians and Iranians do the taxing for us -- and pocket the money that the tax would have recycled back to the American worker.”



Duh!!! Why do we continue to be so dumb as to elect legislators who also are so dumb (and/or corrupt)?!

Various factors in our environment associate with our evolution to Hominus-Benumbed-Amongus:

1. Skill sets for using short term scamming techniques to bribe and appeal to base addictions continue to breed and to improve faster than mature responsibility can set;

2. Car and oil businesses, led by cynics who flourish by seeking only their own golden parachutes, benefit economically in the short term by perpetuating our Pavlovian addictions;

3. Powers-that-be are not really especially concerned to lift the ignorance that keeps both educators and students under thumbs and easy control;

4. Die hard socialists remain addicted to recruiting progeny to be conditioned and numbed to drink the hair of the dog of the Marxist religion, keeping us high on salvation though governmental regulation, drunk to solutions that could actually work.

We wanna become just as mass-anaesthetized to reality as the alcohol seeped Russians. We can't handle the truth, so staying intoxicated is easier than thinking. Passing laws and regulating makes the be-numbed among-us feel better, even as it allows our handlers to perpetuate their control.

Tastes great; less filling! Join the rave!

Comment: Impose tariffs on foreign oil; impose export taxes on home produced oil; increase fuel taxes; encourage alternative development of nuclear, solar, and wind power; encourage development of more resources and refineries at home. Grow up!