Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Voting Fraud

The Real-ID program does NOT require a birth  certificate or passport as a condition for voting.  It has more to do with legal residency and immigration status.  Legal status, not citizenship status.

As of yet, it does NOT confirm who is a citizen.

If it did, there would be little reason for Progs to claim it too onerous to present ID at time of voting, now, would there?


"The DHS final rule regarding implementation of the Real ID Act driver's license provisions relaxes, and in some instances waives altogether, these verification requirements of the Real ID Act. Thus the DHS rule concedes that there is no practical mechanism to verify with the issuers the validity of documents proving the applicant's primary address (such as a mortgage statement or a utility bill) and leaves the implementation of this verification requirement to discretion of the states (page 5297 of the DHS final rule in the Federal Register). However, the DHS rule, Section 37.11(c), mandates that the Real ID license applicants be required to present at least two documents documenting the address of their primary residence."

"Among the 2008 presidential candidates, according to a February 2008 CNet report at news.com, John McCain strongly supported the Real ID Act, Barack Obama and Ron Paul flatly opposed it, while Hillary Clinton called for the law to be reviewed.[86] In a September 2007 interview Mike Huckabee expressed opposition to the Real ID Act, calling the Real ID Act "a huge mistake"."


So what is this "proof of citizenship"?  Is it a certified birth certificate, or is it only an attestation of legal residence?  As if the person that lied to enter the nation would not lie to obtain documentation, welfare, or employment.


"Federal and state lack of interest in election offenses is not an indication that noncitizen voting is a minor problem. It is only an indication that election authorities are failing to prosecute violators. Inattention to the phenomenon of noncitizen voting and a failure to impose effective penalties against those who cast votes fraudulently has rendered laws against such activity a paper tiger, without deterrent effect. If the problem is allowed to continue, it will inevitably lead to questions about whether the results of U.S. elections truly reflect the political inclinations of the American people."

"There is enough evidence of noncitizen voting to indicate that it is an ongoing problem that may have a significant effect on American electoral poitics. Due to the low risk of penalty, and the lack of effective controls, alien voting is easy. In states without ID requirements, the only check against noncitizens registering to vote is a box on the application form asking registrants to confirm they are U.S. citizens. Given the fact that this affirmation is rarely verified and few violators are ever prosecuted, it is a pointless exercise that does nothing to deter voter fraud. In states with voter ID requirements, the lack of a single, standardized document that demonstrates both identity and citizenship makes voter fraud all too easy"


Andrew Napolitano has said that, “If you are an illegal alien in California, get a driver’s license, register to vote, you can vote in local, state, and federal elections in California and those votes count.”  If an illegal alien gets a California driver's license by showing proof of identity that does not include citizenship, and does not opt out of voter registration, then he can vote, even though it is not legal for him to do so. 

Absent something more than an office audit, how would authorities know?


The really indecent travesty was the cronycrat establishment using the gov and its corporate fascists specifically to try to elect a fellow cronycrat.
How much of what Wikileaks provided was info that should have been divulged by Hillary pursuant to Congressional investigation? What is Hillary complaining about? That she would not have been caught lying and trying to sell the republic down the river if it had not been for Wikileaks and the Russians? Good grief! Progs tend to have very serious and incurable mental disorders.



"Right now, California licenses do not comply with the federal Real ID law. It's a set standard for identification that was enacted by Congress in 2005 as part of an effort to crack down on the potential for terrorists and criminals to obtain state-issued ID's, according to the Department of Homeland Security."

"The Department of Homeland Security is now giving states until January 2018 to get up to speed, unless the state has filed an extension.  California was approved for an extension, allowing the state to become compliant by 2020."



Former Department of Justice official J. Christian Adams has revealed in a recent study that non-citizens are all over the voter registration rolls in the Old Dominion and could easily make the difference in this election.
So today we learn that in the key swing state of Virginia, voter registration rolls have been polluted with an excess of a thousand aliens, and most certainly far more. This detailed study by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (which I assisted on) documents more than one thousand aliens on the voter rolls. It provides the government documents with the names.
Here’s the most frightening part: the sample is only eight Virginia counties and doesn’t include the behemoths of Arlington and Fairfax Counties. I’ll get to why that information is being concealed by election officials in a moment below.
Last week I interviewed Adams on WMAL in Washington DC. Listen to his report and then ask yourself: “Why didn’t President Obama clearly and unambiguously condemn even the notion of non-citizens voting in this election?”


NUMBERS: No one knows how many undocumented illegals are really in the U.S.  At best, what we have are educated guesses.  http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/how-do-we-know-how-many-undocumented-immigrants-there-are/.
WEIGHING RISKS:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/23/criminal-prosecution-immigrants-cost_n_3323181.html: "Illegal entry into the United States is a misdemeanor; reentry after deportation is a felony. Yet the prosecutory measures to dissuade illegal immigration don’t usually fulfill their purpose since many of those entering are doing so to reunite with their family."



"[T]he US Supreme Court has ruled that illegal immigrants cannot be prosecuted for identity theft if they use "made-up" social security numbers that they do not know belong to someone else; to be guilty of identity theft with regard to social security numbers, they must know that the social security numbers that they use belong to others."

"[I]n 2013 the California State Legislature passed laws allowing illegal immigrants to obtain professional licenses. On February 1, 2014. Sergio C. Garcia became the first illegal immigrant to be admitted to the State Bar of California...."

"Before 2007, immigration authorities alerted employers of mismatches between reported employees' Social Security cards and the actual names of the card holders. On September 1, 2007, a federal judge halted this practice of alerting employers of card mismatches. At times illegal hiring has not been prosecuted aggressively: between 1999 and 2003, according to The Washington Post, "work-site enforcement operations were scaled back 95 percent by the Immigration and Naturalization Service...."

"According to the US Department of Homeland Security and the Border Patrol Enforcement Integrated Database, apprehensions have increased from 955,310 in 2002 to 1,159,802 in 2004. "But fewer than 4 percent of apprehended migrants were actually detained and prosecuted for illegal entry, partly because it costs $90 a day to keep them in detention facilities and bed space is very limited. For the remainder of the apprehended migrants, if they are willing to sign a form attesting that they are voluntarily
repatriating themselves, they are simply bussed to a gate on the
, where they re-enter Mexico.""

CALIFORNIA MOTOR VOTER:  Judge Andrew Napolitano has said that, “If you are an illegal alien in California, get a driver’s license, register to vote, you can vote in local, state, and federal elections in California and those votes count.”  If an illegal alien gets a California driver's license by showing proof of identity that does not include citizenship, and does not opt out of voter registration, then he can vote, even though it is not legal for him to do so.  Absent something more than an office audit, how would authorities know?


Stephen Ansolabehere says, “We asked people in successive years their citizenship. That minimizes the error. Upon doing so we find NO INSTANCES of voting among people stating consistently that they are non-citizens.” 

DUH:  Well, duh!  The people that voted illegally did not admit to being non-citizens.  Surprise, surprise!  Illegals that did vote would not do so in their own names.  Illegals would vote under fake identities showing fake addresses.  What's the risk in that compared with the risk of failing to cooperate with La Raza?  What's the chance of being caught, in the absence of more determined field investigations?  Why suppose La Raza and its NWO funders would be so stupid as to use frauds that could be easily exposed by a mere office audit?

Progs have argued that, "You’d have to know the person you were
impersonating hadn’t voted yet, and that the person at the poll doesn’t know that person, she said. And in a busload of people, you’d have to count on every one of them keeping quiet."

Well, it's easy to know whether an invented identity has voted or not. It's easy to keep co-conspirators quiet once you have a file on them showing their histories of accepting illegal bribes. It's easy to threaten them concerning their relatives. Ward machines have much experience. I would not blithely accept a glib representataion by a stupid or anti-American Prog that the likelihood of a dishonest poll watcher told to look the other way is low. Especially given long periods for early voting and for absentee mail in voting. If you profile to pay the right people, the odds of them voting for a Republican are what diminish towards nil. 


As to those that overstay their visas, they have by that act already taken a risk.   http://immigration.lawyers.com/visas/what-happens-when-you-overstay-your-visa.html: "You're also accruing what is known, in legal terms, as "unlawful presence" in the United States. A period of 180 days or more of unlawful presence makes you "inadmissible" to the United States. That means that you will not be granted a visa, green card (lawful permanent residence), or other immigration benefit for a period of either three or ten years, depending on how long you overstayed. An overstay of between 180 and 365 days results in a three-year bar on reentry; an overstay of over 365 days results in a ten-year bar on reentry."

"Immigration agents catch an abysmally small percentage of the illegal immigrants who arrived on visas but overstayed their welcome, authorities admitted to Congress Tuesday, describing a loophole that those around the globe are increasingly using to gain a foothold in the U.S.
At least 480,000 people overstayed their visas last year, adding to a backlog that’s reached some 5 million total, members of Congress said. But immigration agents launched investigations into just 10,000 of them, or about 0.2 percent, and arrested fewer than 2,000, less than 0.04 percent, saying the others don’t rise to the level of being priority targets."

As to those that illegally reenter after having been removed or deported, their illegal reentry has already subjected them to risk of felony prosecution. http://immigration.findlaw.com/deportation-removal/illegal-reentry-into-the-u-s-after-removal-crime-and-punishment.html.

So, by a process of SELF SELECTION, they have already shown willingness to risk prosecution.


"The Obama administration has a two-pronged approach to enforcing our immigration laws with respect to the estimated total of 10.5 million illegal immigrants currently living in the United States:

It is committed to deporting: a) illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes, b) previously deported individuals who return to the United States illegally, and c) illegal immigrants it deems national security threats."

"It is committed to not deporting all other illegal immigrants who have taken up residence in the United States despite the fact that their presence is contrary to existing law. All crimes incidental to living and working illegally in the United States, such as identity theft, using false documentation, and driving without a license or insurance are not considered serious enough to qualify for deportation."

"The deportation of criminal immigrants usually takes place after the completion of any sentences associated with their criminal convictions."

"[M]any border intercepts ordinarily in the Border Patrol's domain were transferred to ICE in order to inflate the total number of deportations (and to make it seem like the administration is being tougher on illegal immigration than it is)."

"43,307 of the 2011 deportees had been deported previously and were not categorized as criminals. Since illegal reentry to the United States by a deportee is a felony under federal law (Title 8 U.S.C. 1326), the 43,307 must have been deported again without being charged with the reentry felony because they were not considered "criminal" deportees in the 2011 data."

"The high percentage of repeat deportees is due in part to the ease of reentry to the United States for earlier deportees and the knowledge that if apprehended there is only a small chance that they will serve any prison time for that illegally reentry. Prosecutions for illegal reentry fall into the domain of the U.S. Attorneys' offices, which would probably argue that too much of their resources would be tied up in such prosecutions if they prosecuted everyone they could for illegal reentry. It is administratively convenient to just deport again without prosecution for reentry because this can be done without a court hearing. Besides, the total number of deportees who were apprehended after they reentered the country is so high — a minimum of 130,006 for 2011, that federal courts and federal prisons would be overburdened if all who could be were prosecuted and sentenced for illegal reentry."

"It should be noted that once a deportee completes an illegal reentry to our country, in nearly all cases the deportee will go undetected unless charged with another crime or if the deportee returns to his old neighborhood and is recognized by local law enforcement officials. Thus, the number of deportees who make an illegal reentry is possibly much higher than indicated by the reinstatement data."

"The reentry of previously deported criminals is a source of frustration for local law enforcement officials in metropolitan areas with significant illegal immigrant populations. This is reflected in the testimony of Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County, which he identified as having the "largest illegal immigrant population in America". When he testified before Congress in 2006, he estimated that 40 percent of inmates in the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department were illegal immigrants. Of these, he estimated that 70 percent were repeat offenders and that more than half were multiple repeat offenders.  Sheriff Baca further mentioned that, in a study of criminals who were incarcerated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, it was found that over a five-year period "70 percent of those deported after serving time reentered the country and were rearrested again".

"The revolving door is, in effect, sped up in the case of those criminal illegal immigrants whose native countries do not cooperate with our deportation efforts. While being processed for deportation, illegal immigrants can generally be held in detention in the United States for only six months when not serving jail time for a crime. The six-month limitation is due to two Supreme Court cases in 2001 and 2005.  After six-months, nearly all illegal immigrants, including convicted criminals who may have served time for their crimes, must be released onto the streets of America. ICE reports that, since 2008, about 4,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records have been released into our country each year due to reluctant receiving countries and the Supreme Court limitations on detention."

"The Department of Homeland Security, which supervises the government entities charged with enforcing our immigration laws, justifies not enforcing the nation's immigration laws for illegal immigrants living in the United States who do not commit serious crimes by saying it is "prioritizing" enforcement since it "only has resources to remove approximately 400,000 aliens per year, less than 4 percent of the estimated illegal alien population in the United States"."
"Since the Border Patrol does not separately report their returned aliens as criminals and since these returns are not counted as deportations, none of their numbers are included in the deportation or criminal deportation data in Simanski and Sapp and the data of this report."

MANY SCHEMES:  There is another scheme that entails identifying registered voters not voting on Election Day and forging ballots in their names.  To uncover that scheme would require that they be caught in the act or that there be an extensive field audit of a kind that is unlikely to occur.  Other schemes not uncovered by office audits would entail abuses and bribes via busings and nursing homes.

SHOW ME A CASE:  Yes, there would be risk for a documented person to engage in registering undocumented voters.  But show me a case where an undocumented Illegal voted and then was convicted and jailed or deported on account of it!  It's the disincentives to discover the fraud that are enormous!  If your ambition is to succeed with the Establishment, you don't bite at its open border policy.


The Prog Regime turns people back at the borders, or processes guilty pleas, or expedites removals without criminal prosecutions.  But it has shown little inclination for prosecuting people as criminals based either on illegal status or on undocumented voting.  To argue that a Prog Regime would want to spend resources prosecuting the very people whose votes it encouraged and bought may be the height of counterintuitive stupidity or malice.

There are no "enormous" disincentives against illegal migration, nor against La Raza openly encouraging and plotting reconquista.  http://humanevents.com/2006/04/07/emexclusive-emthe-truth-about-la-raza/:
 “For The Race everything. Outside The Race, nothing.”  "Members of these radical, anti-American, racist organizations are frequently smoothly polished into public respectability by the National Council of La Raza." See also http://rightwingnews.com/elections-polls/la-raza-pushing-illegals-voting-states-id-requirements/.

Indeed, the Secretary of the Interior has been a son of one of the originators of La Raza.  It is easy for a local La Raza thug to make an illegal an offer he cannot refuse:   Help by voting or face consequences of exposure.  Clue:   Many illegals were  inadmissible at the time they illegally entered.

There's little evidence of fraudulently registered people voting, because the Regime does not want to look for it.  That would fly in the face of the NWO's push for open borders.

Many Illegals laugh at your "risk" of "deportatable" offenses.  Many are deported multiple times.  Or, if given notice to appear in court, they simply relocate their base of operations.

OBVIOUS DUPLICITY OF ESTABLISHMENT:  The Establishment (that owns Factcheck) has spent millions of dollars pushing for open, porous, or unenforced borders.  Only an idiot or a devil would argue it has done that because it really wants to investigate voting fraud by illegals.

REGARDING WHAT OBAMA ENCOURAGED WITH GINA RODRIGUEZ: The premise of the question Gina Rodriguez posed to him was concern for what would happen to illegals ("undocumented citizens -- and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country -- are fearful of voting") that voted. That was the question to which Obama responded. The fact that he went further and consented to calling her and/or them "citizens" indicates either that he would encourage citizenship rights to vote even for illegals or that he deliberately declined to clear up confusion by discouraging non-citizens from voting. The question related to concern about the effects of getting caught! Which Obama assured were nil. Obama assured there would be no immigration backlash.

WHY PROGS CAN COUNT ON ILLEGALS TO VOTE FOR THEM:  There are reasons why Illegals would almost always vote for
  Prog dupes and devils want a porous border!  They don't want to deport.  They want to extend Constitutional rights to all residents, including illegals.  They don't want voter ID. They call people that want the border enforced xenophobes.  They are hypocrites about challenging the vote results.  Their handlers own Factcheck.  They want to farm the masses by bribing those that are most stupid, most desperate, or most corrupt.  They don't want to improve ghettos; they want to expand them.  Ghettos are an important base for their power and race-baiting livelihood.  They approve of plotting with or appointing agents of La Raza, CPUSA, CAIR, BLM, Glsen, Weather Underground, etc. The truth is simply not in them.  Neither is common sense or basic decency.


"New York City’s watchdog Department of Investigations has just provided the latest evidence of how easy it is to commit voter fraud that is almost undetectable. DOI undercover agents showed up at 63 polling places last fall and pretended to be voters who should have been turned away by election officials; the agents assumed the names of individuals who had died or moved out of town, or who were sitting in jail. In 61 instances, or 97 percent of the time, the testers were allowed to vote. Those who did vote cast only a write-in vote for a “John Test” so as to not affect the outcome of any contest. DOI published its findings two weeks ago in a searing 70-page report accusing the city’s Board of Elections of incompetence, waste, nepotism, and lax procedures."

(MY NOTE:  Nothing suggests that any criminal complaint was attempted against the agents that were turned away.)

"In 1984, Brooklyn’s Democratic district attorney, Elizabeth Holtzman, released a state grand-jury report on a successful 14-year conspiracy that cast thousands of fraudulent votes in local, state, and congressional elections. Just like the DOI undercover operatives, the conspirators cast votes at precincts in the names of dead, moved, and bogus voters. The grand jury recommended voter ID, a basic election-integrity measure that New York has steadfastly refused to implement."

"In 2012, the son of Congressman Jim Moran, the Democrat who represents Virginia’s Washington suburbs, had to resign as field director for his father’s campaign after it became clear that he had encouraged voter fraud. Patrick Moran was caught advising an O’Keefe videographer on how to commit in-person voter fraud. The scheme involved using a personal computer to forge utility bills that would satisfy Virginia’s voter-ID law and then relying on the assistance of Democratic lawyers stationed at the polls to make sure the fraudulent votes were counted."

"Given that someone who is dead, is in jail, or has moved isn’t likely to complain if someone votes in his name, how do we know that voter fraud at the polls isn’t a problem?"

Would devils devoted to taking people's freedom and dignity in exchange for the phony security of the collective --- given the means, motive, and opportunity --- commit such evil?  Yes, they would.


For many years, various States (especially Southern) had to obtain advance approval from Federal overseers in the defining of their legislative districts. Partisan gerrymandering (based on racial profiling) probably contributes to ghettoization of inner cities and can be used to quickly turn a State red or blue. http://blog.constitutioncenter.org/2016/11/test-on-partisan-gerrymandering-heads-to-supreme-court/.

Texas endured considerable Federal oversight of its partisan gerrymandering, such as in the switch from a Republican Governor to Ann Richards, the Democrat, then back again to the Republicans, when GWB defeated Richards. Texas' redistricting in 2003 led to a Republican majority in the State House for the first time since Reconstruction. Since then, nearly all statewide political positions in Texas are now held by Republicans.

However, given changing demographics, all such gains could be quickly swept aside, and new partisan gerrymandering could turn Texas hard blue, as in the case of California. No doubt, Dems returning to power would profile to re-gerrymander to try to reproduce a Dem majority.

If that happens, given the electoral power of Texas, California, and New Yori, the representative republic as a whole will be buried by the elitist ruled NWO for many, many years.

Rino cronycrat oligarchs are not really motivated to resist that. Indeed, that is precisely what many Rino cronycrats want!  If that is a shadow of things to come, it must be resisted by enough Ebenezers (Trump?) come to see the light.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_Texas_redistricting: "At the time of the 2003 redistricting, Texas was under the pre-clearance requirements of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act."

"Under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Texas and other states with a history of discriminatory elections are required to submit changes in their voting systems or election maps for approval by the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division."

Under Federal oversight, Texas had the burden of "showing that the proposed congressional redistricting plan does not have a discriminatory effect."

Bottom line issue: Given the Reconstruction Amendments and the Voting Rights Act, and given the recent lawless behavior in DC of deliberately failing to enforce the border, would it be unreasonable or unconstitutional to enact, as you said, "a national law that States with laws that allow voting by noncitizens, or the dead, or by multistate voters, are considered to be fraudulent voting states whether they are PROVEN to be voting fraudulently or not"? 

Should States without reasonably effective voter ID have the burden to show that their elections, in the absence of such voter ID, are not significantly corrupted by fraud?  Especially given blue States unwillingness to provide an adequate paper trail and the difficulty of proving a negative, why should challengers have the burden to show what common sense fairly shouts:  That lack of voter ID attracts and produces significant fraud?


So long as kiddies have their safe spaces, they like to pretend that the adults are always wrong and that every enlightened kiddie knows it. That way, they can exchange high 5's as they pass by one another on their various travels through the diaper rooms that they pretend to be college clasrooms.
The more they claim adults are wrong, the more the high 5's. Wearing a Castro or Che shirt is an opportunity for solidarity and to identify with other "enlightened" infants. Obama's diapers will burst if he cannot contrive a way to be part of the Castro funeral celebration. Failure to grow past infantilism probably contributes to Progs' fecal conflations with sexual deviances.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


 The American Ideal is to avail common respect for the freedom, dignity, and responsibility of individuals.  Freedom of expression and enterprise.  As unregulated by gang-banging, special-favoring regulations as can reasonably be accomplished.  Relying as much as reasonably can be done on cultural assimilations of common decency and common sense, instead of on special pleading, group reparating, or race-based unionizing.  Keeping adults in charge, instead of wussie rule makers, installing wussie law makers, wussie judges, wussie profs, and wussie civil servants.

Absent good reason, Conservers of the American Ideal would not use law to favor or exclude any citizen merely on the basis of race, sex, age, origin, or orientation.  Neither would they exclude any citizen from freedom to associate or disassociate with whomever he wants, hosowever he wants to profile for his friends, employees, or customers based on a possible infinitude of factors.

However, as a nation, they would assimilate to preclude immigration in quantities that defy assimilation to the American Ideal.  As a nation, they would profile as necessary or helpful for selecting against liberty illiterates and unassimilables.  To fail to do so would not be to avoid profiling.  Rather, it would profile by erosion.  By erosion, it would wear the republic down to the lowest common denominator of liberty illiterates throughout the rest of the world.

Conservers of liberty tend not to exclude anyone except liberty destroyers and liberty illiterates.  That is not based on race, etc.  It is based on factors that inform judgment for selecting against unassimilables.  Conservers of liberty tend to welcome anyone who shows able and willing to assimilate to the American Ideal.

So, who do anti-Conservers of liberty tend to exclude?  Well, once they arrive, they tend to set themselves apart and decline to respect the American Ideal.  They tend at every opportunity to undermine it.  They tend to replace cultural reliance on faith, family, and fidelity with phony promises made to induce unprincipled majoritarians to gang up to prey and parasite from others.  They vote for a living.  They seek special regulations, right down to the toenails!  Arbitrary and race-based "reparations."

They pick a target group that would promote assimilation and seek to make it a goat, to promote disassimilation and predation.  As it happens, that target group tends presently to consist of white men with responsible and reliably paying jobs.  Once the Antis decimate that group, they will flux and find other targets.  They constantly engage in unprincipled devouring of one another, because they prefer predation and parasitism to self competence and individual production.  All the while, these devils project their unprincipled evil by calling others the devils.  The only reason Antis do not exclude Conservers of Liberty is because they want to take from their production.  This has nothing to do with superior morality among the Antis.  It has more to do with the ethos of a swarm of blood suckers.  Shills for people farmers.

Many minorities are Conservers of Liberty (Antis, because they like people-farming parasitism, tend to denigrate them as Uncle Toms).  Other Conservers of Liberty tend not to exclude them at all.  However, minorities that are not Conservers of Liberty tend, often by default, to promote predation and parasitism against Conservatives.

It's partly math based. Every attempt to promote positive change is resisted by the inertia of the system at present. Competing forces are always at work, as is necessarily the case with any system that parcels out significations based on a conserved accounting of matter and energy.
Every noble effort to assimilate towards a commonly shared principle or goal will always be beset by dregs of otherwise unprincipled opportunists. The American Ideal of individual freedom and dignity will always be beset by dregs of collectivizing people-farmers. No low-energy champion can resist the monstrous suckyness of anti-moral oligarchs.

One wonders if the number of morons ("reality incompetents") approaches the number of grains of sand. Evidently, to be in "touch with reality" is to advocate for choomerism, transgenderism, more imported Muslims, more lawless BLM, more genetic drag, more memetic drag, more critical social studies dimbulbs, more free lunches, more reparations, more race baiting, more freezing of goat targets.
Do you ever think about manning up to take adult responsibility for yourself? Is that too much out of "touch with reality"? Is everyone that advocates for personal responsibility and work ethic a white supremacist devil admirer of Adolf?
I see where you think eugenics was abandoned simply because the word is hardly used nowadays. Pull your head out of the sand! Eugenics in some form is unavoidable! Our bodies are part of nature, and the unfolding fractal patterns of nature are nothing if not about rewarding those most fit for survival to reproduce. Evolution and eugenics/dysgenics merely recognize the obvious: That some contextual niches tend to favor some patterns over others. That's how patterns come to flux.
To favor the importation of cousin-bred goat lovers is by definition the practice of genetic drag as policy. I suppose a head-in-sand stickler can beg to call it dysgenics. But it certainly is not benign, moral, good, or "progressive" -- except by bastardizing words.
How removed from competency with reality are you? Your "argumentation" is not principled. It is merely convenient to your favored form of beggary, scapegoating, and gang bangery. IOW, what is done by those that lack competence as individuals or moral principles as human beings.
I doubt you ever did ascribe to the American Ideal of individual freedom, dignity, responsibility. I suspect you have been a collectivist (whether or not bouncing between communistic collectivism and fascist collectivism) all your life.

So, commie-socialist-collectivist-fascist anti-freedom anti-American Progs want to accuse Conservatives of being what Progs are, which is: international commie agents of the new world Borgdom.
Prog agents of the Borg want to elevate themselves by accusing Conservers of Liberty of being agents of the commie Borg. Now that's hubris!


Every aggressor seeks to change the status quo.  A direct aggressor tends to do so honestly or fearlessly.  An indirect aggressor tends to do so dishonestly or secretly.  Neither wants to tolerate the status quo. 

By passive aggression, the indirect aggressor seeks to deceive, by feigning tolerance and fair mindedness.  Libs want to be perceived as being fair minded, even when they are single mindedly pursuing fundamental change because they find the status quo to be intolerable. 

Passive aggressive Libs pretend to be fair minded in order to gain an edge, so they don't have to tolerate their opponents.  Indeed, they use their passivity as jujitsu to set up and frame their opponents as being the ones that are intolerant.  They fuss to frame every narrative with specialized editing and lying. 

Scratch a wuss, find an intolerant lying dishonest whining wannabe dictator that relishes sticking his/her hinny into everyone else's business.  Our professoriates, law schools, gov jobs, safe spaces, think tanks, foundations, and churches are now filled with wusses.  And they do not stop there.  They are "moving on" to infest our military and law enforcement.

A wuss's pathological "solution" to every changing challenge is to write a new law or regulation or to get the ACLU to file a new federal case.  Wusses are so much less pathological than the KKK.  Not!

The consequence of wussworld is the elimination of human freedom and dignity.


How long before it's a crime to contradict the elitist pc that is ordained by our New Wussie Oligarchy (NWO)?
When we can no longer insult our political leaders, it will soon follow that every disagreement with them is an insult to them. It's time to put the wussies back in their places. With all reasonably necessary insults.
I watched Spiawn's vidoe showing the Canadian prof trying to explain to another why society is better off without diktat of 5, 10, 50. or more gender pronouns (cow lover, cat comforter, goat stroker, earthworm fondler, etc,. for as many kinds of animals and entities as can be listed). His logic was irrefutable and obvious. Yet, the wuss against him always had one more question and one more demand, to infinity.
There comes a time when wusses must simply be told that not everyone should be required to entertain their wussieness. If truth hurts their feelings, well, truth is often more important to human freedom and dignity than phony kindness. If wusses were kind, they would not make themselves such burdens on decent society.

Re: "The Constitution itself is unconstitutional."
No doubt, had a Planet Evangelist been elected, the Constitution would eventually have been declared an abominatory and intolerable contradiction to Planetary Progress. Representative Republicanism was well on its way to being replaced by Cronycrat Elitist Diktat. For phony statist promises of wuss security and economic equality, humanity would have lost its last best hope for freedom and dignity, Trump is probably our last chance to put wussies back in the crib and return the republic to adult supervision.

The establishment, almost to a man, was lined up for Hillary and against Trump. The Chamber of Commerce was with them to keep importing the cheap labor and eventually guaranteed Dem votes. The Dem voters warehoused in projects continued to vote for cheap bribes and phony promises by Dems.

The middle class endured a stunning right left sucker punch combination against its political influence. The think tanks figured out how to coopt and get cheap laborers to believe corporate shills were on the side of general fairness. Meanwhile, the middle class sat around projecting its good faith and good will as if it applied equally well to pathological corporatists and hold up artists. Hopefully, Trump is throwing water on the faces of the stunned middle class.

A person that wants to force gov to provide him with special benefits for little reason other than his race is a racist.
To be a racist is to show or feel discrimination or prejudice against
people of other races, or to believe that a particular race is superior
to another.
To be a racist farmer is to use racists to agglomerate political power in order to rule others.
Al Sharpton is a racist. Hillary, Soros, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, de Blasio are racist farmers. BLM, La Raza, NAACP, and ACLU are racist organizations, bent on farming gov to obtain special benefits based on little more than race.
Most Progs are die hard racists. They are inheritors of a long history of Dem racism. They tend not to compete well off the plantation, so they are receptive to invitations by cronycrat globalists to line up to get back into the plantation. They want one vast global plantation that will regulate them and everyone else to ensure equal distribution right down to the toenails. Because this is impossible, it always leads to tragedy and eventually genocide. Progs are in the business of farming for envy and hate, while they pretend to be loving and tolerant. This is a direct result of their focus on racism instead of on growing up.

Show me where they have indicated to be white supremacists? Do you think they are white supremacists because they deal in historical facts and are not rap-happy, wussy-whining, cry bullies? Because they believe in the American Ideal of defending an oasis that is devoted to human freedom and dignity? Because they believe the marketplace should generally reward energy, talent, competence, and work?
Where have they indicated any desire to use race to deprive any American citizen from lawfully pursuing his individual employment, happiness, and the American Ideal?
Are you "probibly" a reparation-claiming equality-in-outcomes redistributionist? Are you an anti-American-supremacist?

Because they're competent Americans and not adolescent prancing en-tit-lement-minded warmist-commie gay basement-dwelling parasites? So, they must be Nazis, right? S/

In Congress, as in the rest of the nation, there is not so much commonly shared moral sense. Obama was selected and favored because his hatred for representative republicanism is convenient to the globalist interests of the NWO.
Like Obama, Representatives beholden to their main campaign contributors dance to the globalist tune they call. Many think resistance is futile, so they may as well cash in. They think Trumpism is a fluke that is unlikely to be repeated, since it would require finding another billionaire to run in the future who did not make himself beholden to the NWO.
Absent some kind of moral reawakening to the Source of human freedom and dignity, they would probably be correct in that assessment. We are in the midst of a far greater trial.


Add H20 melon.  And t for tat.  After awhile, you just learn workarounds. 

Pretty soon, the "feelings police" will want to change the list of banned words to fit the political season.  Periodic and continuing pc education will be mandated for everyone.

Lazy may go on and off the verboten list, for offending the energy challenged.  Ignorant, for offending those that are naturally inclined not to like to learn or read.  Unicornish, for offending globalists.  Sensitive, for offending sheltered limp wrists.  Limp wrists,for offending the work challenged.

If collectivism remains ascendent, words of insult will still be ok, but only if they offend the out group (white male Christians with jobs).  So, homophobe, islamophobe, nativist, redneck, patriotic, macho, thumper, cracker, bluenose, etc., will remain more or less acceptable among the socialist crowd.

However, words of insult will be disfavored for doing their First Amendment work when they challenge the powers that are politically ascendent during any particular "season of silliness."  Err, "progress." 

When Big Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy.  That's not fascism.  It's femcism.  And it's brutal.


A person that wants to force gov to provide him with special benefits for little reason other than his race is a racist.

To be a racist is to show or feel discrimination or prejudice against
 people of other races, or to believe that a particular race is superior
to another.

To be a racist farmer is to use racists to agglomerate political power in order to rule others.

Al Sharpton is a racist.  Hillary, Soros, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, de Blasio are racist farmers.  BLM, La Raza, NAACP, and ACLU are racist organizations, bent on farming gov to obtain special benefits based on little more than race.

Most Progs are die hard racists.  They are inheritors of a long history of Dem racism.  They tend not to compete well off the plantation, so they are receptive to invitations by cronycrat globalists to line up to get back into the plantation. They want one vast global plantation that will regulate them and everyone else to ensure equal distribution right down to the toenails.  Because this is impossible, it always leads to tragedy and eventually genocide.  Progs are in the business of farming for envy and hate, while they pretend to be loving and tolerant. This is a direct result of their focus on racism instead of on growing up.


OK, show me where they have indicated to be white supremacists? Do you think they are white supremacists because they deal in historical facts and are not rap-happy, wussy-whining, cry bullies? Because they believe in the American Ideal of defending an oasis that is devoted to human freedom and dignity? Because they believe the marketplace should generally reward energy, talent, competence, and work?
Where have they indicated any desire to use race to deprive any American citizen from lawfully pursuing his individual employment, happiness, and the American Ideal?
Are you "probibly" a reparation-claiming equality-in-outcomes redistributionist? Are you an anti-American-supremacist?


Because they're competent Americans and not adolescent prancing en-tit-lement-minded warmist-commie gay basement-dwelling parasites? So, they must be Nazis, right? S/

Hard questions without clear answers: Is Trump more than a showman? Is there any there, there? Is he playing rope a dope so he can more effectively spend his political capital? How much deceit is needed to get the American people moving in a better direction?
Why was the establishment so unified against him and against the American middle class?
My take: Trump's strong base is in the middle class. I see him working to expand that, not to unravel it. We shall soon enough see.

The middle class endured a stunning right left sucker punch combination against its political influence. The think tanks figured out how to coopt and get cheap laborers to believe corporate shills were on the side of general fairness. Meanwhile, the middle class sat around projecting its good faith and good will as if it applied equally well to pathological corporatists and hold up artists. Hopefully, Trump is throwing water on the faces of the stunned middle class.

Everytime I see a wussie, it triggers me. It triggers me with feelings of being unsafe and fearing for my country. It conjures up visions of goosesteppers and gov inspections house to house to register anti-wussies and to confiscate guns. It makes me scared to go into inner cities. I feel wussiewierdos owe me reparations.

In Congress, as in the rest of the nation, there is not so much commonly shared moral sense. Obama was selected and favored because his hatred for representative republicanism is convenient to the globalist interests of the NWO.
Like Obama, Representatives beholden to their main campaign contributors dance to the globalist tune they call. Many think resistance is futile, so they may as well cash in. They think Trumpism is a fluke that is unlikely to be repeated, since it would require finding another billionaire to run in the future who did not make himself beholden to the NWO.
Absent some kind of moral reawakening to the Source of human freedom and dignity, they would probably be correct in that assessment. We are in the midst of a far greater trial.

To think Obama would not dare make a recess appointment to Scotus would be the height of stupidity, corruption, or both. Obama loathes mainstream America. He would most certainly take the opportunity to put a parting finger in the eye of the republic. To give him that opportunity would be tantamount to giving jihadis the keys to our major cities. Treason to the founding ideals.

Catch 22 is how cronycrats train the system to train themselves and their victims for the funny people farm.
The most important rule is this: If you think you DO need psychological help, you don't. If you think you DON'T need psychological help, you do.
That Rule has numerous sub-permutations:
If you think you need a loan, you don't. If you think you don't need a loan, you do.
If you want to get out of combat duty, you're sane, so you can't. If you don't want to get out of combat duty, you're crazy, but you have to apply, so you still can't.
If you mislead investors, you will be driven out of business, unless you mislead so many so much that the gov wants in on the act, so it bails you out.
Per Catch 22, if Orr flew combat missions, he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to, he was sane and had to.
"They don't have to show us Catch-22," the old woman answered. "The law says they don't have to."
"What law says they don't have to?"
The law apparently says psychologists don't have to prove you're crazy to prescribe regulations for the funny farm. Because if you claim not to need their funny farm, you obviously do.

Especially so long as Soros et al fund the divisiveness. They WANT strife, stress, separation. That is preparatory to destroying nations to replace with worldwide corporate fascism. Fascists care about ruling. When they tell the little people they care about them, they are lying through big

Yes, establishmentarian political psychological analysis is such a respected field. S/ Why, these establishmentarian types were so insightful about Stalin and Hitler, so we should of course defer to them. S/
We don't need Freud to see how filled you are to the brim with bs. We need more Mike Rowe, less wussiewuss creasycrease.

Empathy for the dignity of other creatures seems to be an innate aspect of beingness. However, with practice, it can be deadened and replaced. A way to do that is to promote one's narcissistic desire to collectivize and rule others over one's regard for their free and separate dignity. With that, Progs have much practice. For despots, empathy is a one way street, from the

The establishment run NPR is not content to in-form us. It wants to form and farm us. It is not content with talking points. It wants farming points. There are consequences for going off the farm.

In a better world, Rico laws should be applied against people like Soros. IAE, there seems to be too much room for abuse. The only forfeited property should be the equity of the criminal. More should be done to protect the interests of innocent contractors, unless it can be shown that they were not innocent of the corruption being Rico'd. Too often, the law takes a wrecking ball approach, and then entrusts it to corrupt or pig-minded gov employees.
Other wrecking ball provisions have included "three strikes" life sentences, school suspensions for bringing a paring knife to slice a lunch apple or hugging another student or helping a student with asthma or pointing a finger like a gun, terminations of employment for expressing opinions on Facebook, etc. This is what happens when faith and families are undermined and gov and ACLU lawyers and PC enforcers try to fill the void.

Too many naifs and useful idiots actually believe Obama and Soros care about them and look out for them. Too many Blacks think Obama identifies with them solely because they are Black. But I doubt Obama or Soros give a fig about them or their minority status. Rather, I suspect what they care about is revenge against all that resist them or that have in any way insulted them. What they care about is the power to punish those they think have disrespected them. When they act gracious, it is only to plot a best time to strike. Even as their candidate was making her concession speech, they were plotting how to undermine the next President.
From the start, what Obama and Soros wanted to do was to hollow out the representative republic, to take all its resources, wealth, and power, and to stamp a big FU on all the people that identify with the representative republic. They have gotten as far as they have because so few fair minded Americans understand the minds of sociopaths. Rather, they think people like Obama and Soros are as fair minded as any typical working class American. Big mistake.

So, how stupid are Lefties (not left handed people)?
Lefties are so stupid they think Hillary meant to redistribute wealth from the billionaires that funded her to the poor. (Actually, she meant to help the billionaires siphon wealth and resources from the middle class and America by continuing the exportation of jobs under some facsimile of the TPP, while leaving a few droppings here and there for the freshly imported poor (useful voting idiots).)
Lefties are so stupid they have to go into deep debt to go to college to learn useless crap so they can spend their lives protesting for a living (as useful protesting idiots).
Lefties are so stupid that they think the way to teach people how to grow up and become productive contributors to society is to replace families with more laws, more civil "servants" that can't be fired, and more central gov (that will always be owned and operated of, by, and for mooching cronycrats).
Lefties are so stupid that they want to kill the host republic from which they suck blood.
Lefties are so stupid that they want to help cronycrats import unlimited numbers of jihadis, to help destroy the representative republic that has sheltered Lefties.
Lefties are so stupid that they think being nice to jihadis and cronycrats will make them kinder for the long run.
Lefties are so stupid that they think Utopianism is based more in science than in religion.
Lefties are so stupid that they do not know that the fascists that farm them mean to abandon them once their usefulness has ended.
Lefties are so stupid that they fail to learn how they have been had until they reach 60 years of age (if ever).
If you think Hillary cared about you, you might be a Leftie.
If you think Obama meant to make the representative republic stronger and better, you might be a Leftie.


Suppose your kids gathered up the feral cats in your neighborhood, released them in your home, then said you must pay for their food, shelter, healthcare, and rehabilitation. Would you let them impose that obligation on you?

 Lefties don't like democracy or republicanism. They like rule by smart elitists, with lots of elitely thought out laws and regulations to ensure fairness, equality, and security are distributed out to the masses -- right down to their toenails and cow farts. Respect for individual freedom of thought, expression, religion, or enterprise -- not so much. PC and hate speech regulations -- you betcha. Microagressions punished -- absolutely. Reeducation camps and gulags to get peoples' minds right -- for the greater good. No more manspreading, and no more macho self reliance, individual competence, or personal as opposed to collective responsibility. All for the cause, and nothing outside the cause. Because no one loves and respects you quite like a Lefty. S/ Lefties: Seldom right, but always infantile and fascist.

 Dems need a longer infancy period and will not read and abide by the tried and true instruction manual of faith, family, and fidelity until all else has failed them.

Modern Leftism

"You guys"?!  There you go again!  Projecting your group identity politics as if it were coming from Conservers of Liberty instead of from faux Libs, such as yourself.  I am a Stots-Irish-Native American married to a Russian German.  My relatives, nephews, and nieces include numerous American Indians, Blacks, Samoans, and Croatians. I never owned slaves and I never want slaves.  I consider every American of any color, gender, or orientation who respects the American Ideal as my equal. 

Otoh, I consider group-identity Progs to be lowlife, racist, projecting, anti-American infants that would sell out their birthright of freedom for a little more free stuff, free condoms, free sex, free college, and "right" to commoditize children.

Part of your confusion may stem from failing to appreciate the distinction between internal freedom for Americans and external defense and national policy, to preserve that freedom against the lowest depravities that are common throughout of the rest of the world. 

What gives you away is when you would equate national defense, per se, to big gov liberalism.  Now, if Trump shows to be an idiotic or corrupt neo-nation builder among Islamic nations, then you may have a point.  But that is not my reading of what Trump is about. I doubt he would have been so foolish as to squander lives and treasure trying to seed and build democratic ideas in lands infested through and through with Islam.

Look, a national republic, to be a nation, has to defend its borders and its society.  That is a no-brainer.  That entails national policy, including policies for defense, tariffs, trade, etc.  Faux liberals lie when they talk about "free trade."  There is no more free trade than there is free lunch.  Do you "free trade" with scum, or do you routinely bathe to wash if off?  Oligarchic, communistic, socialistic, mercantilistic, and Islamic nations are scum.  There is no such thing as free trade with them, or with gangs that would steal the shirt off your back.  You're trying to pawn off a chimera.  I'll be charitable and attribute it to naivete more so than to being an ignorant or corrupt paid shill.


*Quoting you:  "He won the primary and then the presidency by promising to build a taxpayer funded wall to keep immigrants out,create a taxpayer funded force to deport millions of immigrants and engage in a variety of protectionist policies. I.e. he is promising to "bring jobs back" not by deregulation but by tariffs and other punishment of private enterprise."


He is more confused than Daffy Duck. Defending borders is now leftwing big gov? What a joke. So preserving the nation is somehow anti-American? These dufuses give Orwell a run for his money. Next, he will tell us ignorance is strength, Communists are Americans, and Muslims are stout defenders of the free exercise of religion. S/


Your thinking is hidebound to deficient metaphors. Trump is first and foremost an American. To understand Trump, you need better understanding of the American Ideal.
The American Ideal has little to do with studied faithlessness concerning ideas of leftwing/rightwing. The American Revolution was not like those of France or Germany. For a real American, there is not leftwing/rightwing. Rather, there is right and there is wrong.* There is individual freedom and there is collective totalitarianism. Collectivism that leads towards totalitarianism, whether it be in the flavor of communism or fascism, is wrong.
The American Ideal has to do with this: What will help preserve a representative republic that accords decent respect for the freedom and dignity of individual Americans. And concerning that, there is plenty to celebrate.
*Snippets from http://www.americanrhetoric.co...
"This is the issue of this election: whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves."
"You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down: [up] man's old -- old-aged dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. And regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course."
"There is no foundation like the rock of honesty and fairness,and when you begin to build your life on that rock, with the cement of the faith in God that you have, then you have a real start."
"Give up your dreams of freedom because to save our own skins, we're willing to make a deal with your slave masters." Alexander Hamilton said, "A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one."


The article seems to ignore the meta-driver: Ordinary Americans wanting their nation back. As if by ignoring that burning desire, to try to put that desire back on a back burner.
I hope the election was less about heating up special gang-banging interests and more about nationalism in order to free the energies of competent individuals and save the representative republic. I would hope saving the national republic was finally seen as more important than saving global rule by people-farming elitists.


Faithless globalists have been trying to erase nations and move to a one-world society ruled by elite corporatists for a long time. They exert enormous control over every institution of persuasive significance. They will continue their sidewinding "progress." They will never stop kissing while stabbing. Always, behind their kisses are fangs of rentiers, snakes, and blood suckers.


Do recounts ever flip for Republicans? What are the odds? Do Republicans ever find boxes of previously uncounted votes?



Lefties don't like democracy or republicanism. They like rule by smart elitists, with lots of elitely thought out laws and regulations to ensure fairness, equality, and security are distributed out to the masses -- right down to their toenails and cow farts. Respect for individual freedom of thought, expression, religion, or enterprise -- not so much. PC and hate speech regulations -- you betcha. Microagressions punished -- absolutely. Reeducation camps and gulags to get peoples' minds right -- for the greater good. No more manspreading, and no more macho self reliance, individual competence, or personal as opposed to collective responsibility. All for the cause, and nothing outside the cause. Because no one loves and respects you quite like a Lefty. S/ Lefties: Seldom right, but always infantile and fascist.


You're hung up on a misleading, outdated paradigm.  Rightwing leftwing makes little sense.  Like trying to recite a distinction that makes a difference with regard to Hitlerian national socialism and Stalinist international communism.  They were both totalitarian systems and they both used different mixes of capitalism and corporatism.

The better political scale relates to individual freedom versus collectivist totalitarianism.  For example, I am not a conservative.  Rather, I am a Conserver of Liberty.  On most issues, the test for me is this:  Given our situation, how best can individual freedom and dignity be decently preserved?

The people I take to be Conservers of Liberty HAVE advocated for fines for employing illegals.  It's the cronycrat oligarchs that fund the Bernie Sanders halfwits that want the cheap labor and feel no love of country or of representative republicanism that erect roadblocks at every turn to forestall effective enforcement of the border.

We Conservers of Liberty want the border enforced.  And we want whatever tools in the kit are needed to accomplish that purpose.  And we think it takes a lot of chutzpah for a modern "Liberal" to pretend to be in any way concerned with human liberty as opposed to human cattle farming.


Early Leftism may have been explainable on account of the suffering of the masses. But the key to modern Leftism is the failure of its adherents to grow up on account of excessive and often infantile sheltering. This is manifested in every aspect of their lives, including aspects of sexual and familial relations and allocations of individual and social responsibility.
This is likely why modern Western Lefties are so tolerantly fascinated with homosexuality, pedophilia, polygamy, group orgies, choom parties, sado-masochism, sadistic games, fringe religion, sadistic religion, sadistic gov, elitist fascism, flag burning, pants drooping, baby dropping, rap booming, and whiny howling.
When a niche becomes so successful that it can afford to entertain genetic and memetic drag, how long will it have before such drag ruins its success? Answer: Absent mature spiritual insight, it will not have long. We need to judge better. We need to judge (profile) those that likely stand for nothing that is higher minded, and we need to judge those with whom we can likely assimilate to bring forth a humane civilization that accords decent respect for one another's freedom and dignity. Dominus vobiscum.

Hamilton was born within the British Empire and made a lateral move within it from the British West Indies, whereupon he attended King's College in NYC before the U.S. was even a confederation, much less a separate nation. He, like many of the Founders, was a British Citizen. Strictly speaking, he was no more an immigrant to the U.S. than any of the other Founders.
Moreover, both he and LaFayette were attracted to the American Ideal of individual liberty. Neither did LaFayette come to the U.S. intending to establish a permanent residence. So, in that sense, he also was not an immigrant. (An immigrant is a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence.)
Regardless, in neither case did Hamiltion or LaFayette come to the U.S. for the purpose of asserting any claim of entitlement to be supported in indolence by the rest of society. They were not invaders who snuck into the country against the wishes of the general residents.
Neither Hamilton nor LaFayette asserted that everyone in the world had some innate right to come to establish permanent residency in the U.S. It would take an idiot of a Prog to argue for any such a right based on the example of either of them. Just as it took a Prog Muslim (Khan) to argue similarly based on his nutso interpretation of his pocket Constitution.

Do-gooder be-fairers have pushed to put too much power in the central fed gov. Nowadays, the 14th A means whatever the heck a progie wants to say it means. Every issue of Big Momma intrusive fascist "fairness" is "justified" via the 14A. The 14A has been so far abused that the Constitution is in danger of being swallowed. No doubt, thenext big proggie putcsh will be to"legitimize" pedophiles and polygamists. Eff the 14th A.
We need a COS to revitalize the 10A. If creampuffs wanna whine about "fairness" in order to undermine faith, family, fidelity, then let them do it at the State levels. I am so tired of mommaboy basementwussies wanting to legislate every issue of "fairness" as a fed case. Putting the whiny infants in charge is no way to run either a household or a federal republic. Eff the ACLU.

It would be stupid for Trump to engage the area of "Gay Rights."  It is a Constitutional matter that would now require a Constitutional Amendment to change. That's the realm for a COS. For Trump to spend political capital in that realm would be to squander his opportunity to proceed with plans to MAGA.
If we could rewind history, Scotus should not have intruded in this area. But it did. The only chance to change it now is to appoint better justices and wait, or to seek a Constitutional Amendment. Mere legislation cannot accomplish much now, and, even if it could, it would cost political capital. There are far more dire threats that need immediate attention.

Scotus screwed this topic. The Feds have no business intruding in this area. 10th Amendment.
The ACLU coalition with commies, atheists, hedonists, and people-farmers kept Congress and Scotus active in this area, which should always have been for the States.
The more that unholy coalition gets its way, the more desecration it makes of faith, family, fidelity, i.e., the fundaments by which any decent society is assimilated, without which society is reduced to rutting cattle for entertaining and servicing elites.

Globalist elites want to rule. They don't want to be checked by liberty literates. Wannabe rulers want enough liberty illiterates to vote for elitist rule and globalism so they never have to listen to voters again.
They will bastardize the voting process to "move on" to a NWO where the votes of the masses will not matter. Since that is their goal, since they do not believe in democracy except as a means to destroy democracy, there is no outrage they will not countenance if it moves them "forward" in their pursuit of the NWO for ruling the masses. Collectivism, as it becomes more powerful, becomes ever more bloody.
The goal of wannabe rulers is not to make the masses equal, but to make the masses politically irrelevant. The proggies that vote for globalism are in effect voting to make themselves irrelevant, except as perpetually dependent infants. It's too bad they insist on taking most other people with them. They share that kind of madness with jihadis, as well as with the suicidal parent that takes his children to the grave with him or her,

I would not want for a neighbor or fellow citizen anyone that believes his most sacred duty and purpose is tied to the following:
- Disallowing music, pork, dogs, and unaccompanied women in the presence of men;
- Instructing everyone else to disallow music, pork, dogs, and unaccompanied women in the presence of men;
- Or forcing people that allow music, pork, dogs, and unaccompanied women in the presence of men to choose between paying a special tax, subjugating themselves beneath him, or being killed.
I would not want for a neighbor anyone that believes such things and also that he should deceive others regarding his intentions until he has acquired enough support and resources suddenly to enforce them. I do not care whether such a neighbor called such things the markings of religion. I do not want such a fundamentally polluted and indecent mind for a neighbor. Nor do I want for a neighbor anyone so stupid as to think such people are tolerable.
I want for my representatives and their agents people that understand that I want a republic that defends human freedom of thought, expression, and enterprise against all those that believe their most sacred duty and purpose is tied to disallowing music, pork, dogs, and unaccompanied women in the presence of men. Or any other things as stupid and subhuman. IOW, I do not wish to tolerate that which is fundamentally ungodly and intolerable, because it is subhuman and mind enslaving.

Given unfit individuals, what is the niche that must evolve to support them? If we reason backwards, that would.seem to be a niche largely built by better preceding generations. If acceptable to reason backwards, the individuals most fit for our present niche are those that would have been less fit for the niche of 50, 75, or 150 years ago.
"Fittest" is hardly a term of rigor. Less so when the context can only vaguely be appreciated.
EDIT: "Fittest" seems to entail a subjective value judgment. For such judgment to have communicable meaning, a common Source of values is implicated. What is fittest seems to entail a process of feedback and reconciliation that is complicated by a mix of factors that are both measurably finite (quantifiable) and immeasurably infinite (qualifiable). Beyond our paygrade, the Godhead fluxes to present its aspects to us among three faces: Ineffable consciousness, proximately measurable substance, and cumulating in-form-ation. Whatever it unfolds, we call "evolution." But to pretend the unfolding can be entirely or rigorously "explained" by science concerning just one of its three faces (Substance) is little more than hubristic scientism.



- Meta Consciousness is the immeasurable stuff whose idealizations interfunction with an innate field of math to project that which its inferior perspectives observe to abide as measurables of Substance.
- Substance consists of those locally renormalized measurables that are signified to and experienced by perspectives adapted to their unfolding localities.
- Information consists of past cumulations of Substance now availed as sequentialized records and representations.

Consciousness functions (idealizes, conceptualizes, observes, appreciates, feeds back) in the present based on cumulations of Information from the past to transition presentations of Substance that flow from potentiality to manifestation to recorded history.  C,S, I are interdependents, each abiding as a fluxing face of the Godhead.

Substance is the placeholding signification of present Consciousness.
Information is the sequential storehouse of the knowledge of Consciousness.
Consciousness is that without which there would abide no meaningful Substance or Information.

- Substance itself would not exist without means for signifying it and then storing it.  It itself is not Conscious, but it is the signification of Consciousness.
- Consciousness itself is not measurable, but is the innate companion of all that is measurable.
- Information itself is not the rule of math, but is the aura of the innate field of Math.

The Godhead is that through which, as companion to field of Math, all that is potential (of the past and future) is subject to idealization or manifestation (of the present).


So your solution is to talk everyone out of believing in a spiritual source for higher mindedness? You think pure Gov, without a citizenry assimilated to any faith based values, would be an improvement? You know, I doubt you have much of a worthwhile appreciation of history. I hope you don't teach it. Pity the students.
Btw, Islam is no more a religion than secular humanism or moon howling. Not in any sense for which there could be a "free exercise." Islam is the result of a raving epileptic psychopath and his wolfpack of followers and their mind slaves.
Your problem is, much as you seem to hate religion, you will never escape from your fact-devoid faith in atheism as a moral alternative. An alternative that history has shown to be morally bankrupt. Or had you not noticed? When atheists ban assimilations of faith based values, they inevitably try to fill the void with mountains of intrusive, spirit killing, freedom deadening regulations. And that always comes quickly to gulags and ruin.
You need to find a nice quiet island where you can take your fellow travelers and construct your Walden III. Or is it up to IV now? I've lost count.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

NWO Agenda

FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION:  Amend the Constitution to forbid the Federal Government from imposing fines or force against any non-federally licensed or non-publically owned corporation or business that decides, for whatever reason, to decline to serve anyone.  IOW, allow more freedom of association for small businesses.

UNFORCED CHARITY:  End tax deductions for charities.  The corruption behind various foundations like the one of the Clintons and churches that shill for cronycrat collectivism and taxation as "charity" has outweighed their good.  Let charitable people be charitable because they want to, not because they see opportunity for corruption.

RESET STATE BALANCE OF POWER:  Repeal the 17th Amendment.

OLIGARCHIC OWNERSHIP OF POLITICIANS:  Cut off the head of the Medusa that launders bribes to corrupt representatives:  End taxes on domestic businesses.  Replace with progressive tax on yearly personal consumption.  Attribute most lobbying expenditures to the "consumption" of the agent(s) that authorize the expenditure.  Prohibit foreign lobbying via special favors or laundered bribes.  Don't tax exports of durable products.  Do tax exports of moneys.  Don't tax imports of moneys.  Do tax imports of durable goods.  Use tax revenues for infrastructure "workfare" and to share revenue to states on a basis roughly proportionate with population.

THE FED:  Put Ron Paul in charge of auditing it.

SCOTUS:  Get some ropes and horses to help it pull its collective head out of its posterior, especially concerning the First Amendment and the "free exercise" of religion.

UNHINGED OFFICIALS:  Integrate a way somehow for popular recall of a bad President.  We have learned how ineffective impeachment is as a check on power once a corrupt Oligarchy acquires control over most institutions and politicians.  We have learned that a Uniparty Congress is without capacity to impeach a President the Establishment does not want to be impeached.


The greater need is to learn who voted and whether they were legal citizens and residents at the time, and whether they also voted in other states. The absolute count is probably less important.

The last sanctuary city standing will not be able to avoid becoming purely Islamic. Reality bites.

I expect Trump, like most Conservers of Liberty, appreciates the Serenity Prayer. One step at a time. Context AND Judgment. Evidently, that is a foreign concept to Progs, who seem to think if you let one illegal in, you have to invite them all. As I said, they tend to suffer from PIS -- Perpetual Infant Syndrome. Secondary to swallowing too much Special High Intensity Training and indoctrination in school.

Deporting illegals is only white-identity rubbish to a Prog Racist. To Americans, its American-identity common sense.
Building walls is necessary because otherwise, the next time a Prog is elected, the number of Beast Trains would be increased to overwhelm the American Demographic of liberty literates with Prog illiterates in liberty.
I certainly am anti-immigrant to liberty-illiterates! There is no constitutional right to pollute the American Ideal or to flood and destroy the republic. You really do need to progress beyond the diapers.
Yes, most people in the rest of the world are collectivist Lefties. That's why they are liberty-illiterates. That's why they aren't suitable to contribute to the American Ideal. That's why allowing them to flood the U.S. would destroy the American Ideal as surely as it destroyed California. That's why, if you like liberty-illiterates, you should move to one of their paradises. If you like your liberty-illiteracy, you can keep your liberty-illiteracy. It's easy. Just move.
Conservers of Liberty would prefer that the U.S. allow immigration only by others that incline to be Conservers of Liberty. That is the key. Not your racist ideas about color, etc.

How did California turn so rotten blue so fast? Is there any reliable way to estimate how many residents voted in California that were not citizens? Why is it that Progs must rely for their bragging rights on a team that played outside the rules?

Americans with guns and common sense are the last bastion. Until Trump, our gov was a bastion for Establishmentarians that contributed to worldwide idiocy, corruption, and violence.


From what I have seen, "neo-con" tends to be conflated with chicken hawk.  I have no problem with vigorous defense of the republic, even with defense of outposts reasonably needed to help ensure against future aggressions by despotic people farmers. 

A problem relates to how to draw the line at colonial empire building of a kind that inevitably threatens the republic at home.  Another problem relates to how to avoid throwing money and lives down an abyss by trying to grow foreign republics in cultural soil that is entirely unsuited to the effort.

As I understand the term, a neo-con tends to  try to build nations by telling people that freedom is being spread, when closer to fact what is being spread is elitist rule.  Such a neo-con would be more con than conservative.

I am with those that declaim the wastage of blood and treasure to try to build empires or promote freedom in lands grossly contaminated by long histories of Islam. 

Islam is like a tarbaby.  (Tarbaby is an apt and useful description, but madness is often programmed in pc bots to put all comments that use it in limbo.  Brer Rabbit and Uncle Remus are unwelcome in pc land.)  The more contact we have with Islam, the gooier and dirtier we become.  Islamic societies use our charity to install and reinforce despots.  They kickback and launder bribes to buy our politicians.  Our involvement with them does not make them more like us, but it does make us more like them. 

I would prefer not to deal or trade with Islamic contaminated lands until their rotten cultures die on the vine.  Yes, that would leave the market to other nations, but it is a market that will soon enough bite them in the nether regions.

For Jews to be over represented in neo-connery is just another way for Jews to be over represented in attempts to blanket the world under an elitist NWO that would smother the freedom and dignity of everyday people.


Whatever those "conservatives" mean to conserve, it isn't liberty for ordinary Americans. They put a foul stench on the word conservative. That's why I try always to qualify that I am not a go-along conservative with elitists. I am a conserver of liberty. Otherwise, there is too much mis-communication under the word conservative. Otherwise, there is too little of liberty, both in so called liberals and in so called conservatives.

Liberal Jews are very grossly over represented in DC, Hollywood, media, academia, Scotus (Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan), ADL, ACLU, NAACP, think tanks. That is the problem.
The philosophy that the masses in a representative republic should surrender their freedom and dignity to the better leadership of knowitall elitist rulers is a bane against the American Ideal. It does, however, fit nicely with alliances with various destabilizing and collectivizing memes and programs. And with Soros' open society and anti-American funding.

They tried for a monopoly on power to define Truth and Justice and ended up cornering the market on idiocy and indecency. Unfortunately for them, competent free thinkers aren't interested in buying. Anti-Israelis will continue, however, to be a howling and dangerous nuisance. F the ACLU, ADL, CAIR, MB, CPUSA and all their fellow-traveling, anti-freedom-and-dignity, howling, NWO elitists. It's a new day.

Compare the wars, violence, mayhem, mutilation, and sociopathy that is inspired and required by Islam, Communism, Collectivism, and Progism versus most variations of Christianity.  How many bloody borders of the modern world are in Islamic nations?  How many outrages are committed by Islamic killers?  How many Westerners are being lured to participate with ISIS?

I will continue to look more into this, for comparison purposes.  I suspect there is very little to be admired in moral wusses that condone tolerance for a faith that stirs up so much evil.  On what moral precept do so-called Christians want to build up the self esteem of those that promote a faith that contributes to so much evil in the world?  Are they unable to judge evil?  Do they not know evil when they see it?  Are they blind to how they are useful idiots for cronycrats bent on replacing every representative republic of free thinkers with NWO people farms?

What is the fruit of this kind of batty tolerance?  If you love someone that does shameful things, should you not better shame him to teach him his error, rather than pretend all is well with what he is about?

If my child is on a shameful path and I love him as myself, should I encourage his shameful path?  Even if his shameful path endangers my neighbors and contributes to the delinquency of other children? 

If Progs are so superior, why are their progeny usually the ones that are most intolerant, quickest to condemn, quickest to project their own faults onto others, most likely to bait races, and intolerant of opposing ideas?  And why do they work so hard to help billionaires and jihadis acquire power to dictate pc against the freedom and dignity of all others?

My hypothesis:  Progs are adults that never grew out of adolescent dependence.  They remain in a state of incompetent delusion, being entirely dependent for their safe spaces on the exertions of better adults, yet soothing themselves with delusions of moral superiority.  Because their immature egos depend on deluding themselves that they are better than the adults they are so dependent on, they want to believe responsible adults are wrong about everything.  So, for a Prog, up is down, wrong is right, Islam is peaceable, and conservers of liberty are intolerant racists.  Sadly, faithless oligarchic cronycrats recruit them as useful idiots to help suck all the wealth and goodness out of otherwise decent republics.  Sort of like Soros picking the gold out of the teeth of carcasses.  So, Progs will help cronycrats flood us with divisive Muslims, to help hollow out the moral fiber of the republic.


To understand the MSM agenda it is only needed to think about the agenda of the faithless, self-godded, a-loyal, oligarchs and corporate elitists that own and run it. 

If you were one of them, what would you want?  Well, you would not care about nations, borders, cultures, or the freedom or dignity of the masses.  No, you would incline to train them to be of service.  You would indoctrinate, reward, train, bribe, and punish them, to mold and farm them to that purpose.  You would keep them safely outside your gates.  You would keep them divided, stressed, diverted.  You would make a "virtue" of unassimilated groupings of animosity.

Where needed, you would keep masses barefoot, pregnant, desperate.  You would want them to toss their humanity and decency to the side, as they compete for jobs under your largess.  You would open borders, so even the most educated would have to compete against the most desperate.  You would give them goats (white males with jobs and work ethic and spiritual sense of purposefulness) to blame, to focus them around chosen goats so they don't start seeing the monsters that rule them that are hiding in plain sight. You would make the goats to blame, rather than those that fund and direct evil. You would pretend to be the champion for the little people, if only the goats would fall completely in line with your "beneficence."

From this vantage, you would steadily and relentlessly harvest their produce and hollow out their resources.  You would lift the ladders, to ensure they could never depose you.  You would infiltrate all their institutions, to mold their trust, faith, and credit.  You would control their money at your fiat. You would control their spiritual faith by importing whatever jihadis may be needed to "get their minds right."  You would threaten, bribe, and coopt their civic and spiritual leaders. 

You would make them feel alone, unsupported, with no hope of resistance.  You would make them learn to love Big Brother.  You would make them shout against all that challenge Big Brother (or his jihadi agents of division) under the theory that resistance only makes things worse.

You would play this game against contending Big Brothers.  Together, the Big Brothers would form a NWO, where national boundaries were essentially meaningless.  Where fiefdoms and territories for spheres of influence were carved up, like a syndicate for up and coming subhuman gangsters.  Absent resistance from free-thinking adults of good faith and good will, you would run all political parties as a Uniparty.  Your agitations and organized protests for keeping the people divided would continue regardless of which phony political party may at any time be nominally in power.

Against this juggernaut of Evil, how may Goodwill and Goodfaith ever recover?  Well, without intuitive receptivity to an assimilating, empathetic Source of Goodwill, they won't.


You might think about how water flows downhill. That is a fact, not evil in itself. But if you see a baby in its path and fail to move the baby or divert the water, that is evil.
I am analogizing the representative republic to a vulnerable yet valuable baby. I agree with you that corporations tend to be concerned only with profits and not with preserving representative republics. When they see how their profit-making by buying politicians and mooching favors from the gov bleeds the representative republic that shelters them and their agents, yet they persist in the bleeding, that is evil.
I don't absolve Soros merely because he is a corporatist. Frankly, I find abhorrent the idea that economic profits for corporations should trump the ideal of making the republic great again.
It is not necessary to judge their evil to evaluate how far in advance they may have conspired. It is only necessary to notice how they in common see their opportunities to mooch and then take them, the survival of the republic be dammmed.
I never said they were motivated by long term purposeful planning. Only that they fall, in common, to short term advantage and pleasure taking. They are led by their pleasures and genitalia. No James Bond needed. That's your invention, not mine. Pretty simple: Stand for nothing, fall for everything.
Note: Pleasure taking builds on pleasure taking, leading to reams upon reams of IRS rules for creating tax dodges. Oligarchs don't even have to scheme. They hire accountants, lawyers, shills, representatives, profs, economists, and conspiracy-poo-pooers to do that for them.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Defending the Representative Republic

Liberals are like infants.  Their diapers have to be changed often.  That does not mean that anyone should encourage them to continue to need their diapers changed in perpetuity.  Had Hillary been elected, the representative republic, insofar as it is meant to serve decent, responsible adults rather than infants for being farmed by oligarchs, would have been buried for a millenneum.  That is how close we came to losing the republic!

Now is not the time for returning to what almost cost us the republic,i.e., coddling infantile Dems.  Now is the time to call on Dems and their enablers, apologists, wieniemen, and profs to grow the heck up.  We need to figure out what is so fundamentally wrong with our institutions that allowed us to come so close to falling for despotism under the phony wienie promises of entitlementism.  On any reasoned look at nearly all our institutions, it becomes evident that they have been corrupted and infested to the core.  Now is the time to begin taking stock so the mess can be cleaned up and the infants can be taught and pushed to grow up.

The way is twofold:  One, repeat truths to Lib wienies until some sink in.  Two, punish the faithless oligarchs that seek to grow and farm swarms of perpetual infants.  Do this by raising righteous consciousness to identify which among them are the faithless enemies of human freedom and dignity, then by confiscating their gains when ill gotten.  Example:  Tax the heck out of corporate lobbying for mooch favors from the gov.  Confiscate the properties used by corporate moochers to snare the masses. 

Decent, competent Americans must unite to defend the republic that is their righteous inheritance.


If a Muslim from Saudi Arabia with an expatriate American mother were to attend an American school, claim to be an American, be sponsored to attend Harvard, network with Chicago organizers, and run for the Presidency, could he go non-transparent and then brand Americans as "racists" if they demand to check his timeline and documentation? In effect, that is what the MSM/NWO/Oligarchy has polluted the minds of American college students, deviants, choomers, pervs, profs, and lofos to believe.
I suspect Obama was qualified. What I detest is his use of the MSM/NWO to lead students, snots, punks, and knowitalls to presume everyone who wants to see his papers to be hicks and/or racists. As if expecting a candidate for the Presidency to be transparent about his qualifications were some kind of pagan sin against Reason and Gaia. To add insult, Obama promised to be the most transparent administration! If this is not how to condition people to subhumanize themselves into cattle, what is? That's what this was: A way to instruct the people to know their place and accept rule under their "betters." Progs -- wth are they good for? Nasty little snots.


What does "the U.S. economy" mean? Does it mean the economy that is run by, and serves, the class of amoral disloyal oligarchs? What does "the U.S. economy" mean in respect of the viability of Joe Blow for obtaining decent employment in the U.S., for making the U.S. less vulnerable to fascists abroad, and for availing redistributions of earnings based on merit and work as opposed to rent seeking and looting? Eff Ford.


My intuition of the so-called Trump Doctrine: Defend the freedom and dignity of all Americans against being degraded by infusions of the lowest common denominator of defilers of freedom and dignity from the rest of the world. Highly admirable, imo. If residents prefer to trade their freedom under the American Ideal for the so-called equality, security, diversity, and fascist rule of the rest of the NWO world, let them emigrate.
This does NOT entail importing lcd liberty illiterates, nor does it entail entangling ourselves with them abroad. Restore the free Republic. Don't, by trying with Empire to export Americanism to non-receptive cultures (tar babies), wind up adopting their despotism and sacrificing our freedom.

Memetic Drag, similar to genetic drag. We are enriching and empowering the worst among us. This happens in civil service. It also happens in the general citizenry. Our courts and representatives have conferred many benefits even to invading non-citizens. Our system floats crap, but no longer raises cream.
Political cannibals like the Clintons are in it to suck out the riches, not to pass on a better society to progeny. The Clinton-Obama-Soros-NWO Oligarchic Way is to import, plant and water the seeds of louts that do little more than vote for a living.


Of perpetual infants and gov te ats: Schools have become daycare centers for babysitting and indoctrinating students, who are in that way precluded from ever growing up to become free-thinking competent individuals with good civic judgment. Gov jobs are much the same, taking over the function of warehousing incompetents and watering incompetents in order periodically to harvest their votes.
So what would be accomplished by taking away gov "jobs" (means for allocating welfare) from such people? Well, the "work" they then would do would consist of little more than applying for welfare. Welfare would be distributed to them whether or not they "worked" in a gov job. The difference is, without the gov makework job, they would have more idle time to do the devil's work.
This is not to argue that phony gov jobs ought not be shed. It is to argue that gov job welfare needs to be replaced in many instances by workfare. How to convert gov phony work to real work? Well, we have real needs concerning infrastructure. Decrepit roads, bridges, waterways, beaches, parks, slums. Bid reconstructive maintenance work out to private contractors, and let them hire and fire employees. Free enterprising contractors from quota and pc nonsense. Let them hire people who compete to become the best at what they do. Replace unaccountable public governance with accountable private "governance." To do that effectively, it is necessary to end pc, quotas, affirmative action, reparations, snowflake whining.
But deal the mooching oligarchs out. Rico them. Share revenue with, and decentralize to, the States. Revitalize the political influence of the middle class (the responsible class), let them elect responsible representatives, and let them ensure such representatives bid out reconstruction and rehabilitation contracts responsibly.
Those measures are for general infrastructure. For rehabilitation of needy individuals, a three course treatment would be called for: (1) A social safety net (not a hammock); (2) opportunity for everyone to compete to offer his services to private contractors; and for those who fall in the cracks, (3) revitalize respect for private charity. IOW, do not conflate the general public treasury with individual private charity. Encourage churches and volunteer clubs to return to doing charity directly, instead of by bastardizing "charity" by agitating for gov handouts for individuals, races, genders,orientations, etc.
Once gov is put out of the mother hen business of providing charity in individual cases, then churches and volunteer clubs will grow new muscles. Let the mother hens return to churches and volunteer clubs, where they can do actual, substantial good! Let them teach incompetents how to fish, instead of just handing fish out to them. Not to "act white," but to act grown up.


If you wanna see fascist groupthink up close and personal, just put the wimmin and sensitive femimen in charge of the university.


Again, the article posits an increase in bullying and lays the cause against Trump. I have recapitulated things I believe to be obvious.

Moreover, the election was a stressor that entailed a fundamental choice:   Whether to try to restore the representative republic or to bury it in fascist globalism. With all the funding in the established oligarchs, it was spent to agitate people. Hillary ran on agitation. Trump did jujitsu with it and used it to get free publicity. But his platform has always been to make America great again for all Americans. I think this is the controlling background, and I think it is obvious.

Now, if you interpret the unfolding News to show otherwise, perhaps you could explain why you seem to think Trump should be held responsible for any increase in hostile bullying? What do you think Trump should do, or should not have done? Should he have let his opposition drive the narrative? Should he have simply not addressed their points? Should he not seek to enforce the border? Did you have a better path in mind for Trump to have defeated the Dem Machine, in a way that would have reduced the tensions caused by the Dems? Do you have an actual point?

Obama and Clinton are the cause of the increase in bullying and mayhem. They have divided Americans so that there is bullying all around, from every race to every race. That is what they wanted, so they could amass power to "cure" the ill they caused. Trump is the cure, not the cause.
America will become great again, for ALL Americans. And when it does, it will be because Trump and people like him restored goodfaith, good will, and mutual respect among fellow lovers of individual freedom and responsibility. No thanks at all to porgie porgs, msm, NYT, or commienation.

I am not long on patience with people I perceive to be averse to thinking. The article was about bullying and blamed it on Trump. I have in comments in this very article explained why the bullying is better laid at the door of the Progs that live by dividing and ruling. That woulld include Obama and Hillary, and their funder, Soros. Clinton has to do with the climate of division and race baiting. That climate has been heating ever since Obama was elected, and ever since he made common cause with Hillary. This is too simple.


Trump took issue with individuals, and you conflate as if he was hatefully attacking entire races and cultures. Your Gold Star Daddy, Khizr Muazzam Khan, married to Ghazala Khan, is involved in helping Saudis become immigrants or citizens.
In which of these tweets was Trump wrong:
31 July 2016 -- Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our "leaders" to eradicate it!
31 July 2016 -- I was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention. Am I not allowed to respond? Hillary voted for the Iraq war, not me!
1 Aug 2016 -- This story is not about Mr. Khan, who is all over the place doing interviews, but rather RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM and the U.S. Get smart!
I submit that Trump was correct in every case. It was the Dems that cynically used Khan as if he was representative of every Muslim.
Quotes from http://www.americanthinker.com...
Khan suggested that Trump's Muslim ban and Mexican border wall proposals are unconstitutional.He waved his pocket copy of the Constitution. But, in fact, "there's simply no sense in which a border wall violates the Constitution." There is also "nothing unconstitutional about deporting people who are in the United States illegally."
Khizr M. Khan used to work for Hogan & Hartson and Lovells, which has ties to the Clinton Foundation. Accordingly, "Hogan Lovells LLP, another U.S. firm hired by the Saudis, is registered to work for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia through 2016, disclosures show. Robert Kyle, a lobbyist from the firm, has bundled $50,850 for Clinton’s campaign."
Hillary cynically used Khan to mislead lofo Libs to believe a ban or slowdown for the purpose of vetting against radical Muslims would be unconstitutional. She knew that was incorrect or she is an idiot. But she advanced that argument behind Khan because she contrived so that, with the help of the MSM, Trump would lose if he fought back with the truth. Typical Lib bunk.
Given your lead with Khan, and your strawman argumentation, I hold no illusions that you can be pulled up from your nonsense. Enjoy your delusionworld.
Note: An irony evidently escaped Prog MSM. Per Wikipedia, another Ghazala Khan, a Danish woman, was shot and killed in Denmark by her brother after she had married against the will of the family. The murder of Ghazala had been ordered by her father to save the family honour, making it a so‐called honour killing.


Reward bad behavior and get more bad behavior. Psych 101.
There can be equal justice under law in a representative republic, but not in a commie gulag. There is no such thing as equality in riches among people. We each have unique talents. To rely on an arbitrary ruler of gov power to enforce subjective ideas of "equality" in economic distributions is to give total fascist control to Big Momma. It is amazing that our "education" system has filled so many heads with rubbish.

Major BS! Total taqiya. Like making kissy kiss while knifiing in the back. Obama had his DOJ encourage the harassment of Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, and the Baltimore P.D. Obama's funder, George Soros, is behind much of the stirring up of mistrust and hatred via BLM and the current wave of election protests!
Your act of claiming innocence for Obama in this is uninformed or disengenous. As disengenous as Hillary giving a gracious speech in defeat, even as she surely knew the Left would be unleashing massive post election protests designed to do anything other than to accept the legitimacy of the election.

Trump wants to preserve the U.S. and the American Ideal for ALL citizens. If other nations are inspired by our example, great. Trump does NOT see the U.S. as a dumping ground for every liberty-illiterate or jihadi that thinks he has a "right" to come here. No good American would takeTrump as giving the go-ahead to harass fellow citizens for no reason other than the color of their skin.
I think the writer has Trump confused with the race baiting haters on the Left, i.e., Obama, Soros, Hillary, Lynch, Ginsburg, Sharpton, Wright, Ayers, and onandonandon, infesting down through every institution. It is the Left that is doing all it can to feed this meme and to excite division and haterd. Why? Because that's how theoligarchic people farmers rule -- by divide and rule. And the Prog cattle people are too stupid to see what is right before their eyes!
Like Morgan Freeman said, if you want less racism and racial strife, stop talking about it. Stop feeding the Left's phonyazz meme. Instead, start talking about how to lead by example and by individual responsibility. IOW, MAGA. Libs need to get on the Trump Train, or crawl back to their mommies, safespaces, chewy dolls, choomies, sexstrutinggenderfluidity, familial irresponsibility, and fake "charities." We simply have no time for infants in adult bodies.

Socialism and Communism proceed under two common conceits: First, that merit is meaningless so everyone is entitlted to "objectively" equal shares. Second, that the subjective judgment of well meaning despots, fascists, busybodies, mommasboys, and femimen can be safely relied on to pursue such equality in distribution. Of course, this can never work voluntarily, because gov by nature is not voluntary and because people by nature do not sacrifice their interests for others. Especially not for louts, choomheads, thieves, or whiners.
The consequence is this: To make the delusion of collectivism "work," force and diktat are required. And those inevitably lead to deceit, phony promises, torture, depravity, ghetto, hood, and gulag.


Soros should be facing the gallows for high treason. Why does he feel safe enough to do his voodoo so blatantly? Well, because he knows he owns (with bribery and/or skeletons) enough of Congress to ensure his safety.
Is there any way to reduce the devil's money in politics? Punish it? Tax it? Rico it?
Unless Trump can assert power over his fellow billionaires, they will continue their putsch towards the destruction of every representative republic and replacement with fascist, despotic-led oligarchs. The rule not of law, but of oligarchic-criminals-too-big-to-punish.
Sadly, Trump is probably in more danger than Soros.
Soros has funded riots all during Obama's presidency. Had Hillary been elected, it would have been the same old, same old. Purpose: Divide and rule. Delegitimize the republic. Round up the doggies and put them all in their pens for the NWO. Drag a hundred dollar bill through a lofo park and you'll get people pushing to line up for the gulag. Geniuses these ain't. Decent people these ain't. They're porgie progs. Porgs. Down a peg from borgs.