Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zombie Laugh

Bi-political International Predators:

Nearly everyone looks to government for selfish purposes; nearly everyone aligns with the best gang to achieve selfish purposes. The only class with much inclination to look more to what government should be like in order to support godly purposes is the class that has learned to sustain a niche without need of envy or avarice. This is the middle class, and it ignores rumblings among other classes at its peril. Presently, the middle class has slipped perilously close to being neutered from preserving any system that is friendly to human freedom and dignity.

Consider who has access to political and economic influence, and then look at the vacuous chasm between those who work day to day to meet essential needs versus those whose work consists mainly in feeding everyone else with lies while keeping them “barefoot” and “pregnant” with debt for preserving their children. This is nothing more than a plan for hogs to raise pigs; or for bi-political elites to fool illegal laborers into perpetual serfdom, while neutering any middle class.

If we still had a respectable middle class, it would buffer between the lower class, whose tendency to aggrandize envy relies on numbers, and the upper class, whose wealth leverages its position. There will always be a dynamic balance between classes of envy versus classes of wealth. The only thing buffering the pursuit of decent civilization is the middle class. Neuter the middle class and all pursuit of higher meaning goes out the window.

What forces have coalesced to neuter America’s middle class? Well, respect for spiritual values has been displaced by deliberate, even evil, ignoring of “God.” In God’s place, our children have been indoctrinated to look only to materiality and government. In looking to materiality, we have lost concern for what is just. Instead, we align based on whether we are (lower class) envious or (upper class) avaricious of the economic position of others. “Justice” becomes a matter of what your chosen gang can do for you, materially.

In this godless mix, there has arisen the apex competitor: the bi-political conniver, who feigns to care for justice and the well being of others, but in reality merely plays to win the game of materiality. For this, what plays best? Well, it helps to act as if your plans are for the benefit of those you wish to enlist in your service. For but one example, enact a national, “free” health care plan. Lie to say it will not add a dime to the deficit. Leave borders open, to entice illegal labor. Bleed the middle class and all non-apex players to pay for the health, welfare, and education of illegal immigrants. In this way, guarantee an unrelenting supply of new, easily misled voters. Meanwhile, align with like minded, bi-political internationalists to acquire control of all major institutions of banking and indoctrination. Beguile useful idiots about how much better off everyone will be once god is displaced, government rules, and the unfair distribution of wealth is ended (not!). For those useful idiots who wake up, throw them under the bus. Restrict speech to approved parameters of p.c. And render the Constitution meaningless. (After all, what merely vain constitution can resist the new god – unchecked Big Gov, owned by bi-political international elites?)

Among apex thugs, one needing power to preserve his alliance, who once silences speech opposing his thuggery, will not be able to preserve power without thereafter severely limiting all speech to a narrow range for what is acceptable to thug powers that be, i.e., “politically correct” speech.

What can restore a government of checks and balances, to keep the classes of envy and of avarice under check? Answer: A virtuous middle class. What can restore a virtuous middle class electorate within a republic founded on representative governance? Answer: Proportionately increasing taxation of the economic consumption of political influence, with proceeds not for redistributing wealth but for building and defending common infrastructure. What can empower a virtuous middle class to wrest control away from forces of indecency? Answer: Restored faith in a God who wishes for us to become avatars of decent freedom and dignity.

But, because everyone is interdependent, no one will avert attention away from government for very long. Everyone tends to be in continuous posture of upset and defensiveness for preserving competitive alliances. For those not at constant alert, the niche with which they align is easily displaced. For a virtuous middle class, as oft noted,: The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Sometimes, soul trying vigilance.

Begin by knowing the enemy: the bi-political, international elitist (aka apex predator). Otherwise, it becomes a distinction without a difference to alternate between electing dinos vs. rinos. Either way, bi-political, international elitists will give us the zombie laugh, and just keep coming back at us, with “compassionate,” “free” plans for our health and new bookkeeping tricks for wresting trillions of dollars in control.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Irreducibility of the Ineffable to the Effable

Irreducibility of the Ineffable to the Effable:
(Measurement Problem)

The “ultimate particle” (or Higgs Boson?) (or Indiscernible Unit of Potential?) may be like nothing more than a fundamental “living equation” that requires constant and continuous conservation on all (3) sides or perspectives of its “consciousness” of equality. Such equality is mathematically conservational, in that it may balance any purest subtraction (were such possible) between any two sides to zero. In existentiality, however, the multiplication of 1 times 1 times 1 is One. Yet, the equation is not tautological because the fundamental terms on each side are not interchangeable in qualitative aspect.

For the three equal sides, consider:

1) PROBABILITY FIELD (“God,” Great Spirit, Aether, or Void, establishing “universal ground” for virtual and indiscernible units, for facilitating random resonance of information within, between, through, and among parts and waves);
2) PARTICLE(s) (“Jesus” establishing particular, singular, discrete and organizeable units of perspective, seed, or point of view, for storing organizations of memory of, and choices about, information within parts); and
3) WAVEs (“Holy Ghost” establishing relative, plural grounds for summing and combining locally and continuously chosen standards or fuzzily shared frames of reference, for determining the transmission, communication, anticipation, or intuition of information between parts).

Among such sides, mathematically, Side 1 equals Side 2 equals Side 3. Qualitatively, however, each side is different in aspect of “consciousness” or associated, emotive purposefulness.

In any given relationship, each experience of ultimate “unit (or units) of potential” may be considered, related, or intuitively received from any of 3 different aspects or perspectives: Holistic, Particular, or Additive.

Regarding the manner by which any of the 3 aspects of a seed or unit of potential may relate to a particular recorder, observer, or experiential context, such is determined by the Higher Consciousness that arises in respect of all 3 aspects.

When a particular person or aspect of perspective experiences or measures any effect, his perception is really artifactual of, and connected to sensation being fed back after, a consensus and synchronization being effected among the 3 aspects of Higher Consciousness. Yet, he experiences the sensation “internally, subjectively, and locally,” as if it were product of his own decisions and interactions, independent of other perspectives of the One and same Higher Consciousness.

Thus, the equality of the 3 aspects respects a math that is both beyond and superior to our lower level logical law of the excluded middle. Such higher math has an ineffable aspect which cannot be entirely unified for us in a way that is tautologically consistent with our lower level math.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


End of Progress

Ideas run through societies, often in trends or cycles. They may simply be ripe for the times, or the product of something more calculating. From both left and right, ideas are coalescing that will effect a dissolution of middle class, independent-mindedness.

Certainly, the collectivist left has been no friend of the middle class. But neither has the political right. Rather, the right tends to advocate free trade to such an extreme as to demonstrate little concern for the effect on domestic workers or the preservation of national independence. The effect has been to consolidate power, reduce pay to workers, and render middle classes largely irrelevant. International corporations are learning to bypass concerns about governments controlling corporations. Instead, they proceed directly to invest in corporations controlling governments -- i.e., direct buying of politicians, not altogether unlike bribery or Gangster Capitalism.

In effect, we are “progressing” to political rule by only a few potentates, with everyone else, even academic elites and journalists, learning to be group thinking, go along, happy faces on sticks. Our dear leader says Fox is not a news channel, and all the elite donkeys bray right along. The middle class, in the sense of potent and independent thinkers, is dissolving. What remains will be the controllers and those they control.

What does this bode for break through improvements in civil society? How will vibrancy in ideas and in social mobility fare, once the middle class is laid low, worldwide? After all, during this time of governmental intrusiveness and economic retrenchment, who wants to stick their necks out? Worried people “invest” in gold, businesses downsize, and middle management flattens out. The good leave (or die), and those who carry on fear being downsized on account of whomever may seek to hatchet them by trumping up race-baiting complaints to human resources personnel.

In this muck, we end up not just with a post turtle at the top, but with post turtles all the way up, and then all the way back down again -- that is, until this unstable tower of post turtles falls apart, dropping us into the next cycle of competition among investment bankers.

From a sermon preached the Rev. William McD. Tully, Rector:
How can a gigantic investment bank have its most profitable quarter ever, two quarters ago, and now essentially be out of business, worth nothing? Upon what did that value once stand? I asked a lot of people this week what is it that we valued one day and didn’t the next. And the answer, pretty much, came back sounding like turtles—turtles all the way down.

After awhile, one may ask: Has the middle class become the hunted foe against which our main political parties are aligned?






Every perspective of consciousness may be a perspective of the same holistic consciousness, different only in aspect. The different kinds of perspectives that are possible within parameters of an Algorithm assigned for each Universe may be limited, such that “there is nothing new under the sun.” Each perspective of consciousness may somehow connect, and often resonate, to feel much the same as all other perspectives, such that, “as we do unto the least of us, so shall we do to ourselves.”

A being of moral sentience may ask: Will there someday be greater fulfillment in greater empathy? Will we progress to wean ourselves away from oft needing to hate an essence of one another, instead us to substitute a better empathy? Or will God, through us, necessarily continue to need to experience hate, fear, wrath, discord, upset, and evil? In other words, is Holistic Consciousness manic-depressive, pathetically-schizo, between good and evil? I hope and believe not, but I do not know.


Space, time, matter, and energy cannot exist independenly. Rather, each depends for its functional expression upon a holistic field, of which it is derivative. That field is a meta-field, existing in the mind of God, being expressed in the logos of God. Such logos conforms our universe to an Algorithm, consisting in various layers and levels of functions and equations. The logos of God is Math. The holistic field is derivative of nothing more than potential of higher Consciousness (aka, God) expressing perspectives subject to mathematical parameters.

That higher Consciousness has capacity to assume varying partial perspectives that are derivative of itself, to coordinate or re-normalize communicative feedback (i.e., information) between such perspectives, and to synchronize and relate feedback from each such perspective to itself.

Space, time, matter, and energy do not exist in themselves, but only as byproduct illusions, or informational feedback among partial perspectives, as moderated through a holistic Consciousness. As byproducts of illusions, space, time, matter, and energy are useful constructs or conventions for signifying exchanges and organizations of information, consistent with a ruling Algorithm.

Each partial perspective of consciousness experiences and expresses a point of view for organizing information within a frame or field of reference, within which it necessarily finds definition for itself, so far as it can re-normalize its measurements, to be at a “center.” As each such perspective observes its measurements, it sequentially accumulates and organizes information in such a way as to experience being at the center of its own informational field of experience.

Each such perspective senses itself as being limited between a finite, creative beginning and an entropic end to its own time of experience. Each perspective of consciousness begins at a meta-center of God, which meta-center, in that respect, is the same for all. But, in respect of availing potential for variation in interpretation and communication of qualities, each perspective is different. The potential of each of us is derivative of the same meta-centerpoint of God. For us, all else is derivative, or illusion.

Units of potential do not exist as units in themselves, but only insofar as they are renormalized to the experience of some point of view. Information does not exist as Information In Itself, but only as Information for the potential appreciation of some identifiable focus, perspective, point of view … or Holism. Except in derivative service to each necessarily limited frame of reference, there is no three or four dimensional grid or system of coordinates for locating every particle of matter or energy in space or time. I may be in communication with a material organization of information, plot it, be able to travel to it, and it to me … but no grid actually exists in itself. Rather, information for any such grid loci for particles exists, ultimately, subject to the holistic consciousness of God.


Among partial perspectives which are in communication with one another, how accurately may the quality, measure, and content of each perspective of consciousness be coordinated or renormalized to a common frame of reference? I suspect the accuracy may proceed up to the informational carrying capacity of whatever purpose or standard may be chosen as a common goal or referent, however incomplete or arbitrary. Subject to such implicit limits, accurate communication may thus be re-normalized.

Suppose, in the way Information is re-normalized to present to the interpretation and sensation of myself and my companions, I experience my universe as accelerating in its expanding at its fringes so fast that ever more of some bits and parts of such Information necessarily recede from any possible illumination or reflection back to me, because of the way the essence and body for my perspective of consciousness are organized. Even so, I suspect some higher or better adapted perspective of consciousness, of a different aspect, perhaps of an overlapping Algorithm, may yet retain, beyond my appreciation, capacity to continue to receive, sense, and interpret, some quality of the Author or organization of such Information.


Our beingness as partial perspectives necessarily limits each of us in our experiences and measurements to only a finite interpretation of the holistic potential of God, even though we may, however vaguely, sense that there is more to existence than what can be experienced from any present form. In other words, God limits each partial perspective’s experience to a finite frame of reference. However, God may preserve a holistic interpretion of the information of each such perspective. An aspect of God may be accumulating such information, to avail expressions of perspectives of consciousness to reincarnate, into ever new experiences of “universe,” to be birthed consecutively out of each previous old.


No unit of potential exists in itself. Every unit of potential exists only as information, in the services of some perspective of consciousness, for the purpose of changing its organization as Information, in feedback service to that perspective’s purpose, which itself is in feedback to God’s purpose. Such units of potential as are organized for leading to the expression of molten iron at the core of earth are in service to act with properties of iron, in service of God, for forming our perceptions of bodies and energies in motion.


The organization of Information is not to make a dead universe more organized as a body of dead physics. For that false purpose, information, depending on perspective or purpose, could just as well be considered as becoming more organized, or less organized. However, from perspective of God, the informational experience is a universal-feedback meta-empirical-test, for facilitating God’s learning or entertainment.


Freedom and dignity are about availing expression of our empathy. Organizing and focusing of perspectives for empathy gives rise to organizing of life forms for focusing of perspectives of consciousness. The Resonance-In-Itself (God) is the “empathy-lover.” It acts outside the Algorithm it established to rule our universe, but consistent with it. That is, the Algorithm does not determine God. God produces no perspective that is beyond God’s limits (if any). Our perspectives of empathy are epiphenomenal of the Algorithm, but not epiphenomenal of God. Our empathy is our after the fact appreciation or feeling of the consciousness of God.


Each unit of potential exists only as an equation, subject to capacity of each such equation to “resonate.” The equation for the most fundamental unit of potential cannot itself be “physically” split, because it does not exist as a physical particle, but only as an unsplittable, mathematical equation (or organization of information). Equations for units of resonance and for collections of such units must always balance, in incremental quantum leaps. The resonations effect changes in organizations of equations --- within, between, and among such equations. Resonance can be measured for expressing particle polarity, synchronicity, binding, exclusivity, charge, attraction, repulsion, spin, or wave function. When accumulations of units of potential are split, organizations within such accumulations are interpreted as resonating “outwards.” Each fundamental Unit’s essential potential remains the same in sum, although internally it may be measured to express different collections of ratios of quarks, leptons, or other incremental units of expression. That is, the Unit of Potential is the fundamental Unit, every such Unit has a same absolute value in respect of the ruling Algorithm, but every such unit, “internally,” may express varying sequences of composite, incremental units of expression. Although the Unit itself is not splittable, its internal organization may be caused to change in its relative expression and resonance, sometimes violently.


God never produces more units for transmitting potential empathy, resonance, or information than God can organize. If there is excess, it must “wink out” in black holes, but spread the information among the remainder.

Is each black hole a birth of a new God? Was our “big bang” a birth of our God? Does our God’s consciousness, as Holistic God, eventually reincarnate or “spread out,” to be inhabited or absorbed by subsequent or other Gods? Does all potential exist, both now and in following or future sequences? Is “eternal return” precluded only by “random” expressions of Godly consciousness? Or is what is “random” only an aspect of perspective?


Within some units of potential, the quanta are in a self-annihilating expression of balance, as quanta and anti quanta. Such units still resonate insofar as their gravitatonal effects, but not insofar as other particular effects. That is, they exhibit gravitational energy, even as they show no other measureable feathre. In exerting “gravitational pushes,” these Dark Units of Potential balance like matter, but behave live pure (gravitational) energy in that they do not interact of resonate as particles.


Resonance among “units-as-units” is continuous, in their expressions as waves. But resonance among units with respect to their internal quanta is particular and discrete. Some Units of Potential resonate to express particles only as anti-particles. Their anti-particle aspects annihilate in their resonances, so that such units soon reduce to expressing only virtual particles, thus behaving as Dark particles.


“Gravity” is one of four fundamental forces, each of which is epiphenomenal of Information being organized by a Consciousness that is ever-“expanding” and organizing its experience. Insofar as gravity is derivative of a Higher Consciousness, then the perception or measurement of gravity follows an Algorithm which has been set in place by such Higher Consciousness, to rule our communications. The force of gravity could be rationalized just as well or accurately by considering it as a “pushing force,” rather than as a pulling force.

Forces may be conceptualized among four types: Gravity, EMR, Strong, and Weak. All such forces may be considered as being secondary to the expression of exchanges of resonance or changes “among,” “between,” and “within” fundamental units of potential or, more accurately, the equation which defines parameters for components of each such fundamental unit. (The units themselves have no real physical existence, except derivative of mind of God.)

Gravity Force may be conceptualized (or interpreted) as being the expression of a “pushing resonance” between such units, without respect to their internal structure.

EMR Force may be conceptualized as being the expression of resonance “between” such units, in respect of their internal structures of charge, polarity, and similarity of quarks.

Strong and Weak Forces may be conceptualized as expressions of resonance within such units, in respect only to their internal structures of charge, polarity, and similarity of quanta.

Each fundamental unit of potential, within its mathematical parameters, has potential restricted in different proportions to represent different kinds and numbers of component quarks, which necessarily give off, or associate with, qualities of space, time, chronology, density, spin, motion, polarity, charge, etc.

Each unit of potential, within itself, obeys quantum-mechanics math. Between themselves, the units coordinate and express their own kind of space-time geometrical-math.

If the concept of a “graviton” is essential to understanding the ruling Algorithm, it consists in such units, each of which varies in its internal structure. The math that controls the limiting value for each fundamental unit of potential gives effect to that which we call “gravity.”

Even though every unit, acting externally, upon and between other units, carries the same absolute amount of influence within the Algorithm, a particular unit that is “dense” because it sacrifices capacity to express internal space-time in exchange for mass-density of quanta will exhibit greater gravitational effects. In that way, the “graviton” may be conceptualized as a particle which is comprised of internal quanta.

Perhaps denser units tend to have greater capacity for organizing and preserving more of what we call Information. Perhaps information from all other units of potential, even diffuse units, “pushes away” from denser units.


GOD PARTICLE / Higgs Boson: Conception of a facilitator for the transfer and radiation of resonance.
INFORMATION: Relates to how units of potential and their internal and external resonances are organized in respect of their encompassing field and in obedience to their shared Algorithm. Because of original density and big bang, from holistic viewpoint, Information may transmit instantaneously.
GRAVITY: Relates to resonance between units, without reference to their internal structure.
EMR: Relates to resonance between units, with respect to their internal structure.
ATOMIC/NUCLEAR FORCE: Relates to resonance within units.
POLARITY: Relates to Action at a Distance ; artifactual of equational construction of Information.
Q: So, is gravity instantaneous, or does it limit to resonate in respect of the relational speed of light? (Yes)
Q: What about action at a distance? Answer: that is not a representation of gravity or EMR. It is a representation of polar identity within an equation.


What is Consciousness, your consciousness, qualia of I-ness? What may it mean to have an Identity of indiscernibles? Of what may such Identities be derivative? Do “I” ever experience a qualia of “you-ness”? Does some qualia of God retain a reincarnating interest in qualia of me?


The purpose or goal of God is:
To apply an Algorithm for our Universe to continuously seek decent, sustainable, fulfilling, surpassable, civilizing, facilitating Algorithms;
To organize knowledge and skill of field of consciousness of the present Algorithm into perceptive foci of consciousness of units of potential, so they can be applied in consideration of the next universal Algorithm;
To learn how to recreate a more sustainable and surpassable universe for availing civilized companionship;
To inspirit Algorithms for giving birth to algorithms, for giving birth to new Algorithms, and so on, so God can thus pursue “happiness.”


By investigating the Algorithm, one may seek to learn about: The core, essental, intuitive appreciation of decency; how to lead other foci who are fundamentally inclined to seek more decent civilization to it; how to harness the essential capacity of units of potential, to access “wormholes” into a next “progressive” Algorithm.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The TRINITY ((1)Holy Ghost, (2)Father, and (3)Son) of Qualities of Existential Essence of Holistic Consciousness: The (1) Aether (empathy-love-potentializing Holy Spirit), (2) Organizing Field (empathizer-lover creator-Deity), and (3) God-Particle (empathizing-beloved fulfiller-Companion) of Consciousness, for fulfilling the ongoing redemption of Information in the pursuit of happiness within the created Algorithm, under which our Mortal Perspectives are availed their Identities and idealizations for communicating and signifying in respect of a shared Universe.

GODHEAD: All Three Qualities of the existentiality of the One Divineness share the same essence, fully God in One being, in total and perfect unity. One raised to the third power still equals one. The Godhead’s raised power presents the Whole of Existence, even though each of the Trinity of Qualities is not separately independent in Itself. The Godhead comprehends the Algorithm completely.

RELATIONSHIP TO THE GODHEAD: We, while restricted to our human forms, receive intuition of the Algorithm as availed by the Godhead only dimly, but less dimly insofar as we are receptive to the higher Holistic Consciousness of the Godhead. After our creation, the Godhead was not satisfied. Only by working the relationship, opening our receptivity, is the Godhead assuaged to our value. The door for that relationship is opened through the ongoing Grace and quality of the Beloved.

“Our human love [consciousness?] is but a poor reflection of divine love [consciousness?]. We cannot observe this with our eyes, so all analogies from nature and humanity ultimately fail in illustrating the Trinity. Analogies from nature cannot reach up to heaven so that we can connect them to the Trinity. Our finite and limited mind cannot grasp this mystery, even after our minds have studied the doctrine for years.”
“Belief in the Trinity is not irrational, but transrational—above our puny minds to figure out, ultimately.”
“…linking military victory with truth is tenuous. Truth should win out through persuasion, not the sword.”

Saturday, October 3, 2009



HOLISTIC WILL: There is an Organization or Mind for the accumulation of Information about our universal field as a Whole, which, in how it synchronously relates to each different Perspective, is known or experienced only to Holistic Consciousness of Will (or Mind) of God.

PARTICULAR PERSPECTIVES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: As to each separate, feedback-processing, subjective-objective Perspective of such Consciousness, it is given expression concurrent or Coordinate with a Meta-Situation of synchronous and relative intermingling among all Units of Mathematical Potential.

FUNDAMENTAL UNIT OF POTENTIAL: Each fundamental Unit of Potential, in mathematical relationships consistent with a defining Algorithm, in various parameter and mathematically-limited proportions or functions, may be related, or experienced to relate, to avail and transmit the expression or communication of such Information as is derivatively Idealized as being organized for signifying geometrical forms, forces, and particles.

A-TOMS NECESSARILY COMPRISING UNITS OF POTENTIAL: Each such Unit of Potential may express a set of particular “a-toms” or quanta of forces or energy and/or particles of matter, but only in such mathematical forms and proportions as are algorithmically balanced and permitted, depending upon how many and what kinds of a-toms there are, in any incremental and quanticized way, that are then and there being given derivative expression "*within" an ideologically shared field of space-time.

ILLUSION OF SPACE-TIME: *Actually, the perception of being "within" space-time" is derivative, in that space-time is derivative of idealizations of perspectives from a meta-situation, whereby the idealization of each perspective must conform to the Algorithm. In other words, the appearance of "Natural Physics" is a consequence Idealizations ("perspectives of consciousness") relating to one another in respect of parameters availed by nothing more than pure math.

CHRONOLOGICAL SEQUENCING: A chronology of transitions and changes in the expression and communication of Information that is channelled among and through such units of potential occurs incrementally or granularly, in obedience to a ruling Algorithm.

INFORMATION: Information is preserved in respect of how each perspective perceives the mathematically place-holding signifiers of our Universe to be expanding and chronologically unfolding. We perceive our universe to Expand because the Information stored in Potential is expanding. When a unit of Potential “dies,” the information that is stored or focused in the equation that defines it is spread out and absorbed by other expanding equations.

DERIVATION OF PHYSICS: Physics is derivative of Holistic Consciousness availing feedback-interaction among limited Perspectives of such Consciousness, which depend utterly for regulating their separate Identities upon a ruling Algorithm. That is, Physics is secondary to Mind of God as IT employs a parameter-limiting Algorithm, which mortals must obey.

EQUATON CONTROLLING EVERY UNIT OF POTENTIAL: An equation for representing each and every Unit of Potential must explicate how each such unit is delegated with potential to: Relate, empathize, switch, polarize, attune, resonate, convey, and communicate informational receptivity about Degrees of Freedom for storing, manipulating, changing, releasing, directing, and creating Information … and feeding it back to the Whole.

EACH UNIT NECESSARILY RETAINS SOME CAPACITY TO IDEALIZE, REPSECT, OR RELATE TO ALL FUNDAMENTAL DIMENSIONS OF SPACE-TIME AND MATTER-ENERGY: Each Unit of Potential, in relating to all others that are then and there receptive to it, must have capacity to express Space, Time, Matter, and Energy subject to certain limits, provided that the interpretation of such representation may depend upon the receiving potential’s relationship, direction, movement, acceleration, medium, and expansion (into aether?).

EXPERIENCING CHOICE: Responding to Feedback by which to Choose what to Identify with, as one’s primary frame of reference and point of reference or view, affects how one interprets and perceives “The World.”

SELF-MEASUREMENT OF UNITS: It seems that each Unit of Potential can only be interpreted (or averaged to interpretation) consistent with its mathematical parameters. It seems no such Unit can know its own Measure, but, at most, only its Measure in how it relates to what it “perceives” or interprets of its relation to others, “choosing” which others are most significant to its “Purposes.”

RESPECT FOR MATHEMATICAL LAWS OF NATURE: Mathematically, each such Unit must always “Respect” limits (natural laws under a shared Algorithm) for the interpretation of its capacities. So, how is it that each and every such Unit always knows, deduces, induces, or adduces, in order to obey and “respect” the ruling Algorithm?

EXISTENCE AS IDEALIZATION: Existence may be better idealized not as circular, but as spherical. Or, better yet, as Algorithmic --- like a spherically-expanding, parameter-limiting, algorithmically-balanced Equation. Insofar as one’s Being’ness obeys an Algorithm, to “pass” an algorithmic limit to linear Continuosity may be to make a “quantum leap” to a new location, connecting to relate from a new Category of view line.

HOLISTIC WILL: There is an Organization or Mind for the accumulation of Information about our universal field as a Whole, which, in how it synchronously relates to each different Perspective, is known or experienced only to Holistic Consciousness of Will (or Mind) of God.

Friday, October 2, 2009

How We Reason And Self-Justify

How We Reason And Self-Justify:

Perhaps Yogi Berra should remind us that if we plan to get somewhere, it helps if we have a notion of where we want to go. That way, we might better evaluate how effective is our present course. If we aspire to go where decent civilization can be conserved for availing freedom and dignity, i.e., to a society of enlightened, middle class, conservative citizens, then we should consider how our aspiration is affected by how we are growing, managing, inspiring, and conserving (1) social mores, (2) scientific skills, (3) government, (4) population (i.e., environment), and (5) free trade. That is, how best may we reason about, and relate to, five main ideas: God, Science, Government, Cultural Communication, and Enterprising Participation?

REGARDING REASON: How do we best reason? Is it with Subjective Care or with Objective Indifference? Consider the caring of God versus the indifference of Nature. Consider also Field to Particle — factor that whole-Fields-Of-Reference (F.O.R.) interrelate with particular-Points-Of-View (P.O.V.).

Does it not seem that a conscious Observer may choose how to proceed in either of two main respects, in order to interpret or measure each event that arises — as if each event arose (1) in respect of feedback competition and cooperation among Caring perspectives of consciousness, or (2) in respect of Indifferent chance and necessity in the mixing of fields and particles, which somehow (magically?) “physically-exist-in-themselves?”

Does it not seem Incomplete to consider that any event must arise purely in respect of only one or the other of such ways of conceptualizing? For every perceived event, in order to interpret a role for Providential Caring versus Natural Indifference, must not the Interpreting Observer first choose or be conscious of a purpose, i.e., Moral versus Scientific?

Is it not beyond our scientific prowess to completely merge a concept of field waves with particular particles (“wavicles”)? If so, why should we expect to completely merge concepts of subjective morality and objective science (“sci-more”), or concepts of God’s Caring and Nature’s Indifference (“care-indiff”)?

Conceptualize how it may be that events only appear to be objectively determined in a disinterested way that is ruled only by chance and necessity: Is that not what one would expect, if there is only one Holistic Mind-Field, which is making and coordinating all apparent choices, chances, and necessities? True, “science works.” But it works in respect that God is coordinated.

Of a decision one’s brain senses as if it were being made independent of any exterior Field: One’s perspective of independence in each episode of such choice-making is derivative. That is, each decision is made a split second before the brain even avails feedback to allow it to be conscious of the decision. So, what is the true “seat of consciousness?” Is “Mind” something beyond brain?

Imagine a Source of light which is covered by a lamp shade, in which numerous small holes have been pricked. The light is projected through each of the holes, so that each beam may appear to have been of a different source. Similarly, conceptualize that there is only one Choice-Maker. That is, our separate brains are not choice makers, but only mathematical, geometrically shaped forms or avatars for accumulating and feeding Information (and feelings) back to the Real Choice Maker. We enjoy illusory feelings of disparate participation in choice-making, and such feelings are, in feedback, felt by God. We are not God, but each of us is a particular expression of the thoughts and feelings of God.

Self-evidently, at least to my intuition of self, I am, among others, of such a particular expression of God through which God wishes to avail, experience, communicate, and learn feelings of individual freedom and dignity. So, I believe God is working to avail us a decently sustainable civilization — at least for a range within space-time.

Regarding a culture for idealizing decency versus corruption: Liberals and Libertarians seem often disposed to believe there is no harm in questioning and overturning nearly every cultural tradition, especially when it gets in the way of one’s immediate gratification. Yet, even many Liberals and Libertarians, no doubt, are aware of the coarsening of human culture. So, how is it that they are aware, yet argue there is no harm (i.e., “victimless crime”)? Is it from moral blindness or from moral wilfulness, i.e., contagion of evil (absence or necessarily incomplete progress of God’s insights)?