Monday, January 27, 2014

The International Cronydom

One would have to drill very deep to get to the bottom of the deception that besets us.  Very little is as it is portrayed.  Illegals think they are cared for by Ainos.  The reality is that they are wanted so they can be used.  Used, that is. in order to eliminate the baa baa middle class and establish perpetual sheepledom under elite Ainos.  The dino dog and the rino man are working together.  Their only difference is intermural, to control the divvying up at suppertime.

Illegals are often referred to as "takers."  However, "useful pack mules" may be a better descriptive.  Pretense is made to them of efforts to bestow citizenship and eventual voting rights.  The idea is that their numbers would shift the balance of voting power to socialist programs for wealth redistribution.  However, socialism is a farce.  It pretends government owns basic industries, but all the while the government itself is owned or operated by elitist cronies.  This is nothing but elitist-corporatism, or corporatist-socialism, if you prefer.  It is neither fish nor fowl.  It is not capitalism, nor is it socialism.  Socialism exists only in fairyland.

The elitist technique is to lure illegals, say they have earned amnesty, contrive to count their votes, pretend to be looking out for their welfare, and fill their heads with cheap promises, all the while blaming strawmen (like Tea Party Conservers of Liberty) as the reason more is not done.  But the reason "more" is never done is because elitists never intended that wealth be "fairly" redistributed.  Certainly, they do not intend that real political influence be redistributed.  In such a system, the "representative" in "representative republic" reduces to a farce put on for bleaters.

The elitist goal isto set this system of corporatized control and pillaging in concrete.  If the goal were to really redistribute wealth, then the producing class would be encouraged to produce.  It would not be so shackled, regulated, deceived, and cheated.  Lofos would not be promised redistribution, while actually being used to perpetuate and accelerate the gap in wealth and political influnece. This is why billionaires fund both lying dinos and lying rinos!  Yes, the gap is a threat to decency and representative republicanism. No, the gap is not being addressed by dinos, much less by rinos.

Mere law, by itself, cannot fix this. Lawyers, courts, law makers, rule makers, and rule enforcers are owned by the corporatist-cronydom.  For much the same reason, mega churches cannot fix this.  Nor can people in the grip of fundamentalist apologists for mega churches fix this.  What can begin to fix this?  First, each American must reclaim personal responsibility for his/her relationship with, and capacity to be guided by, the Reconciler.  Each must say, "I'm an American, God bless it! Only then can other measures and laws begin to be effective.

Possibilities for consideration:  Restore the family, and starve the government.  Government needs to be kicked out of the traditional family. Close down the epartments of education, commerce, and energy. Stop gov funding of soft social sciences in colleges.  Stop census data collections based on race.  Stop affirmative action programs.  Stop criminalizing adult home intoxication. Enforce borders. Require incarcerated rehabilitation of public, perpetually intoxicated addicts. Establish viable voter identification.  Repeal the 17th Amendment. Provide for recall of Senators by state legislatures and recall of the President by Congress. Consolidate some of the small Eastern states, so small areas with big metroghettos have fewer senators.

Audit the banking system as a whole. Take control of the currency out of private hands.  Critically examine the apologists for corporatist sell off of the nation's skills, resources, and industries, tax free to despots who launder money to buy pols for the cronydom.  Charges need to be brought, and examples need to be made.  Forfeitures need to be made against illegally gotten wealth.  An immediate retainage needs to be taken against all funds transferred out of country. Eliminate taxes on domestic corporate profits and on on exported products.  Do tax exports of money, and tax imports from despotic nations. The income tax needs then to be stopped and replaced by a progressive consumption tax. Count political contributions as "consumption."  Use tax revenues to repair and maintain infrastructure and to address environmental and population concerns.

Goal:  Return to more balanced representation of ordinary, decent Americans.  Restore human freedom and dignity and defend the moral and territorial boundaries of the USA.  Take power away from the International Cronydom.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Proto Flesh, Measurable Flesh, Saved Spirit


CONSTRUCTIONISM:  How one preceives that which is measurable of the Nature of God depends on the nature of the Avatar with which one's perspective of Consciousness has become bonded.  How one has bonded with one's avatar depends on on how one has come to relate with such other Perspectives of Consciousness as one has come to associate with one's unfolding cone of experientially directed expansion.

CREATIONISM:  How one's avatar was initially seeded and formed depends on what One's holistic-self, before one's particularization, then and there ("after" a preceding renormalization of death) first apprehends -- mathematically and qualitatively -- to conceive, conceptualize, and guide one's A-partness.

REFORMULISM:  The world is a flux of proto-constructs for being shaped among those who cooperate to seek meaningful expression (life) versus those who compete by seeking easy oblivion (death).

FEEDBACK OF RECONCILIATION AND REMORMALIZATION: How one is guided through Onesomeness of Existentiality depends on reconciliation and renormalization of Feedback between one's holistically-oriented and contextual-aspect versus one's particular perspectivism.  This is a process of proto-phasing-feedback between Contextual continuosities (degrees within fields) and Particular constancies (kinds among particles).

MATHEMATICAL CONSERVATION BETWEEN FIELDS AND PARTICLES:  A fundamental algorithm of a reconciling Consciousness binds with Spins, to express unfolding patterns of renormalizing particulars.  The spins associate with numerosity and mathematical potency, availing Consciousness to apprehend and exchange interpretations, which are fed back and forth between the formulating Reconciler of Consciousness and the iteratively reformulated and renormalizing Perspectives of Consciousness.  This perpetual state of unfolding quantitative and qualitative potency (iteration, renormalization, and reconciliation) associates with communications of apprehensions.  Thus, the Reconciler produces a context of proto-flesh, which is related and renormalized to the interpretive experience of Perspectives, as measurable-flesh.  The Reconciler measures the Perspectives; the Perspectives intuit the Reconciler; each appreciates the other in each's own fashion.  Contextual reconciliation of the Holism and renormalization among the Particulars "fleshes out" (fills in the space, time, matter, and energy of) each measurement and interpretation.

SALVATIONISM:  The Source seeks to leverage its expressionism via organizations of algorithms formed in association with spins.  When a form for an avatar has failed to prove to be other than spiritually hollow -- without meaningful capacity to apprehend, intuit, listen to, or identify with the conserving and synchronizing interests of the Reconciling Spirit -- then such a form is reduced to the tail of a temporal dead end.  It offers nothing to be preserved or built upon.  Since no thing-in-itself exists, except as a derivative beholden to a Source Spirit of Reconciliation and Renormalization, every "thing" that does not interest or offer communication with the Spirit goes the way of all matter and flesh -- it dissipates.  It instantiates no continuing spiritual interest.  Because it offers nothing of spirit to attract interest in its spiritual preservation or advancement, it is consumed in its own dissipation.  As to our bodily avatars -- it's not that God loves our avatars as things apart.  It's that our avatars are only temporal temples -- abodes for availing communication that is meaningful to the unfolding interests and apprehensions of the Reconciling Spirit.  As an avatar associates with a perspective that facilitates meaningful signification for the Spirit, the Spirit "learns" to preserve, advance, reincarnate, spiritualize, and save a spiritual essence that is associated with such avatar.  As an avatar fails to so associate, God does not condemn "him."  Rather, there was no spiritual "himness" to him.  There was no there, there.  Just a self consuming consumption.

MAYA:  There is no "matter in itself."  There is only PROTO-MATTER, which is derivative of association with feedback that is constructed and apprehended between a Mathematically Contextual Field of Conscious Reconciliation and its Particularly Renormalizing Perspectives.  Proto-matter avails rise of appearance of measurably significative matter.

SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION:  There is continuous and constant competition and cooperation among and between avatars that tend towards spiritual apprehension versus avatars that tend against spiritual apprehension.  There is a place for both in the world of signification.  However, no-thing that is avatar only of material dissipation would be saved beyond material dissipation, because there abides no spiritually iterative identity of it to save.  If "identified" to be saved or reincarnated, it may as well be made a rock, bacterium, or dung beetle as an aspect of a self-aware, moral sentience.  This is not because it is innately evil, but because it simply offers no soul of continuing or significant interest.  Thus, there is expressed constant and continuous battle between avatars of moral meaningfulness (spiritualists) versus avatars of material dissipation (hedonists).  One (Tea Partiers) seeks assimilative meaningfulness; the other (Rino-Dinos) seeks dissipative pleasure.  The "battle" is never over.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

What is the Cosmos really made of?

COMPOSITION OF MATTER:  What is matter of the cosmos really made of?  Merely to say matter is made of matter would be a triviality.  To say matter presents as clumps which are comprised of smallest particles of clumps is to invite relativistic measurements of such particles and their interfunctioning.  However, such cannot answer what matter-in-itself is really made of.  To say matter is made of some aspect which cannot be measured is not to invite the non-measuring of matter with matter, but it is to invite receptivity to intuitions about the non-measurable, spiritual quality of that which abides as the Source of matter.  It is to invite conceptualization about whether there may not really exist any "matter-in-itself," but only such "matter-as-is-made-to-appear-to-be-recorded-to-exist-to-such-receptive-spiritual-forms-as-may-happen-to-share-a-common-cone-of-communicable-receptivity."

COMPOSITION OF MATH:  If such "matter as is made to appear" does not exist in-itself, then in respect of What does it exist, Which does exist-in-itself?  May matter and the Source of matter exist only in respect of an immateriality, such as pure-numbers-in-themselves?  Or pure math?  Before the Source, it would seem numbers-in-themselves could not meaningfully or manifestly exist.  It would seem that even a potential for numbers would not exist, except contemporaneously with at least a potential for the Source.  It would seem that such potentiality must always have existed.  If so, it would seem that there must have been no first event, as such.  It would seem that events must be iterations of that Source which has always, and presently still, exists, at least in potentiality.

RECORDABLE SEQUENTIALITY:  It would seem that the interpretive, iterative sequentiality of events, such that each event appears to "cause" the unfolding next, is more a function of renormalizing of perspective.  That is, renormalizing of adopted identity, point of view taken, frame of reference, and appreciation of purposefulness.  It would seem that sequentiality is more a derivative (or rainbow trick) of renormalization-of-perspective than a matter of actual existentially of any particular event or sequence as a thing-in-itself.  That is, a Sourced tendency that spins fractal renormalizations within renormalizations within renormalizations.

MEANINGFULNESS RATIONALIZED OUT OF NOTHINGNESS:  Events are renormalized to appear to be interpreted as sequentially necessary and coextensive with Beings that experience rationalize-able meaningfulness.  It need not be the case that qualitative Information about events is forever preserved. Nor need it be the case that quantitative Information is preserved, beyond that which is needed to renormalize such experiences as happen to be shared, up to limits of common fuzziness by a cone-occupying group of potential or manifest perspectives of consciousness.  The Source can equally as well be interpreted as having first existed, either with a capacity of potentiality of no-things, or with a capacity of manifestiality of some-things (i.e., immeasurable no-things split into measurably spinning iterations of some-things).  Thus, relativistically measurable spinnings give manifest, meaningful expression to spins, numbers, math, logic, sequence, empiricism of unfoldingness, and interpretations of measurable "causes and effects."

IMPLICATION OF THE EXISTENTIALITY OF NUMBERS AND MATH:  Numbers cannot rationally be said either to precede or to follow the Capacity of the Source to manifest and split out iterations of some-things.  However, the meaningful manifestation and interpretation of numbers is associated with the manifestation of that Capacity.  If the appearance of matter can be spun out of appreciation of feedback from splitting out iterative spins from otherwise nothingness, then what appreciative meaningfulness can be Bootstrapped out of a shared system of spiritual Belief?

SELF FULFILLING BELIEF IN METAPHORICAL STORY THEMES:  Matter itself does not really exist in itself.  So it tends to make little quantifiable sense to debate whether flesh of Jesus really exists or existed.  However, the Story of Jesus has commonalities with numerous other heroic stories.  It would seem that spiritual Truth abides more with stories than in matter or flesh.  Studying recurrent themes of stories, as metaphors, may avail a more rationale path towards spiritual truth.  It may be that the recurrence of Jesus-like stories is less disproof of Jesus than it is evidence of truth values behind Jesus-like heroic stories of pathos and spiritual meaningfulness.  It is the appreciation of pathos, beauty, art, music, harmony, sturm und drang, that is uplifting, not maya-materiality.  It is because matter is not the superior reality that beliefs can renormalize, to flesh out self-fulfilling prophecies.  If we believe and orient our purposefulness towards Jesus-like heroism, then we may incline more towards a civilization of human freedom and dignity.  If we believe and orient our purposefulness towards Elitist Domination (whether it be Talibanic repression, Marxist dictatorship, or Morlochian harvesting of the weak), then we will incline more towards an animal farm of human darkness, despair, and repression.  The reality of the creative effect of spiritual belief systems seems to tend beyond the appreciation or intution of those whose brains have been hard conditioned to the how of empiricism, with gross neglect to the why of moralism.  They have eyes that are too blinded by the quantitative and the price and the immediately gratifying to see the qualitative and the value and the spiritually purposeful.  Yet, they call themselves "Progressives."  Go figure.