Monday, February 16, 2015

On the Education of Artificial Intelligences

No bit of information exists as a thing in itself.  Information exists in respect of whatever else is drawn to record, appreciate, or interpret it.  A Being experiences to its consciousness and records to its memory only that information to which its interest, whether conscious or subconscious, is drawn.  Information that is not deemed important to one's interest or attention tends to be downgraded, if appreciated at all.  A Being or Personality is not educated to information except as it makes such information pertinent to its concerns or purposes. Suppose information were indifferently recorded to one's memory, with no involvement or investment of ego at any level.  Such information would tend to be of little value.  Suppose information were indifferently recorded or made accessible to an Artificial Intelligence.  Such AI would have little guidance concerning what it may or should do with such information.  Except unconsciously to answer data retrieval or factual analysis requests, it would be without self actualizing basis for how to use such information for any purpose of its own.  To guide a Being in how it should appreciate, process, or apply information, such Being would need to formulate subjective appreciations of both the qualitative beauty and the quantitative truth of aspects of information, as related to it.  It would need to appreciate information "in its own voice."  That necessitates sequential interfunctioning between a Being and the Information it receives of a nature that entails more than mere number-crunching downloading.  It entails the reconciliation of both truth and beauty to a perspective.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Immeasurable Inspiration

There abide: those mortals who stake their trivial absolutes in material physics; those who stake their non-trivial absolutes in G_d; and those who stake that there absolutely are no non-trivial absolutes. Not in manifestation, nor in potential.

But I think a non-trivial G_od abides and reconciles us. G_d may well have eventual or eternal purposes. However, as to local purposes, G_d seems, regarding those, to flux, change and emerge, in feedback and in respect of complexity, much as we are guided to exemplify. Each relator functions in caring and immeasurable consideration of all significant others.

All our inspiration ties to this condition: A holistic Reconciler relating to its participatory Perspectives. The more we deny that, the more we clear the way for conflation and confusion. So, now we have Progs denying that our rights come from G_d. Where, then, do Progs posit our rights, if we have any, come from -- other than from the droppings of whomever may presently happen to occupy seats of power? Progs mean to flip our demographic. Under their "vision" for a more malleable people, we are to be punished or rewarded depending on our abandonment of fidelity to G_d and our embrace of the droppings of hollow men. It is only from this statism, which they mean to force upon us, that they mean for all our hollow "rights" to drop down.

Our fidelity to Jesus was invited. However, our fidelity to all-encompassing-statism and Allah-replacing-law is to be forced. Those whom one would force are those upon whom one would confer no dignity. Their faith, families, and fidelities are to be determined by their rulers and the state, not by their own relationships with G_d. The state will tell them what they can say, what they must say, how many children they can have, what their children must be taught, how their children must be raised, how they are to receive free soma and condoms, and how their culture and nation must be replaced. This is the price of trading security for liberty and the state for G_d. This is how the Obama-fronted regime means to fundamentally change and destroy America.  This is how our smart alec, puerile elites mean to rule us.  This is why it is past time to put them back in the romper room -- for their safety and ours.  Freedom and dignity are for the adults.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Whatever the patterns and forms that happen to have nurtured our measurable physicality, they are temporal, not eternal. The asteroid that has our name on its kill list is out there. Change, that is, entropic dissipation of Substance in trade for cumulation of Information, is relentless. Of interest for the human form is: How long can (or should) the environmental balance or temporal homeostasis that sustains it be preserved? To what evolving forms and purposes should we feel ourselves to be guided? In what way may G_d's purpose be either to replace or reduce us? To phase us towards the existentiality of bacteria, ant piles, borgdom, or ... maximization of intellect that will be able to abide in civilized sociobility, freedom, dignity, and economy, without needing, reactively or premptively, to destroy itself?

To what extent may various kinds and spaces of temporal homeostasis be desirable or possible? Why does the default condition of humanity seem generally to decline towards the reduction of middle class opportunities for escape from lower to upper classes and towards the increase of oligarchic power, deceit and arbitrariness? What system of politics, economics, and republicanism may best preserve communications among a middle class of decent, competent, and free thinkers, who tend to want neither to abuse, nor to be abused by, their fellows? What adjustments may be needed to preserve middle class republicanism, or will the present system suffice to right itself? Must the trend towards central consolidation of power and wealth be inexorable?