Monday, October 28, 2013

Stoner and Existence


SPACE is never empty, because it is merely an aspect of an unfolding of a spinning-bubble-system (a system that expresses, and constrains to mathematical conservation, space, time, matter, and energy). That system is necessary to the expression of space, so that space cannot in any meaningful sense be expressed without it. The bubble-system is a projection OF a capacity of a Superior Source, which mathematically defines, designs, signifies and avails the bubble of relationally meaningful feedback. The space we experience is space we share as part of a system. Because it is part of a system, we are availed to relate to, experience, and share, energies and "forces," which do not exist in themselves, independent of the bubble-system, but which "in themselves" are only aspects-of-the-bubble (compare coriolis forces, which are aspects or fictions of a particular context of experience, within the bubble).
Even though such aspects and fictions are not independently REAL-IN-THEMSELVES, their organizations of relations are significant and finely measurable among the organized perspectives of Identity that experience them. It is because each perspective shares its experience of space with other perspectives, all of whom identify with the experience of a shared bubble of space, that we are often able to measure and experience aspects of the bubble, which is mere projection or idealization of a Source-Mind, as if the bubble-system measurable-universe were real in itself, independent of the Source-Projector. It is because the bubble is a mathematically defined projection of an aspect of the Source that there abides feedback of intuitive empathy between and among the Source and its projections of organized and fluxing iterations of inferior perspectives of Identity.
It is because our perspectives of Identity share a common bubble of space-time that we can measure and feel ourselves to be spinning, even when we are in space that may seem to be nearly empty. Thus, ANGULAR MOMENTUM seems to be conserved to our experience of "the bubble itself," and is not merely relative to a local experience within the bubble. (Can angular momentum be measured to non-relativistic accuracy?)  Thus, in space, if one were to throw ones arms akimbo while propelling oneself to spin, like a skater, and then bring ones arms close to chest, one would experience a sensation of increased spinning and centrifugal force upon the parts of one's body.  (Note:  A rotating frame is an example of a non-inertial frame, for which Newton's laws of motion would not accurately describe the dynamics within the rotating frame. However, a rotating frame can be treated as if it were an inertial frame, so that Newton's laws can be used, provided so-called fictitious forces (also known as inertial or pseudo- forces) are included in the sum of external forces on an object.)
CORIOLIS FORCES are fictional forces (not really existents in themselves), that are nevertheless meaningful in respect of adoptions by various perspectives that happen to have become empathetically coordinated and organized for sharing a common cone of experience and purposefulness. Such organizations and cell-based organisms of perspectives, by adopting common images and significations, may come to share common geometrically-based trees of if-then, decision-making, feedback-hierarchies. In respect of their common orientation, and that orientation's orientation in respect of other organizations of organisms, common imaginations and apprehensions of coriolis relations come to be meaningfully interpreted as if such shared images pertained to existents-in-themselves. Thus, measurable existence comes to be a TRICK of relationships among immeasurable and fluxing organizations of perspectives of consciousness. Thus, every measurement signifies an image trick of pseudo existents.  Thus, when the unfolding iteration of organized Identity that is associated with my body encounters another body suddenly enough, my capacity to meaningfully coordinate my cellular parts to a common direction may suddenly cease, resulting in the death of the decision-making hierarchy with which "I" had theretofore bonded.

META CAPACITY: A unity that did not have innate capacity to project mathematical, iterative components or aspects of itself would not have means to image inferior systems, fictional bubbles, or coriolis forces in any meaningful way. Such a Unity would have no means by which to intuit or be aware of itself, or of its capacities, or its apprehensions of images, imagination, or mind. It would be mathematically equivalent to absolute nothingness.
DESIGN:  As to the Holistic Source, it would be contrary to intuition and inference of Existence to suppose that it could just "happen" that such Source would sponsor any measurement to originate, without math being involved, i.e., design.  In whatever way the Source projects any measurable signification to any relativistic perspective, that projection is subject to math-charged functions, i.e., design.
UNFOLDING CONSCIOUSNESS OF EXPANSION OF SPACE-TIME:  The more the functional feedback that is experienced by particular observing organisms, while yet retaining their hierarchical, math-charged, if-then, coordinated-identities and relationships, the more they would experience and interpret an elapse of time, and the more they would experience an expansion of space.  Likewise, all organizations of organisms that accompany them would experience greater numbers of iterations and functions of feedback.  All company would experience an unfolding of Time and an expansion of Space.  All such perspectives as happen to share our field of signified experience must necessarily perceive one another as tending to accelerate further APART within our shared bubble or cone of unfolding experience.
ENTROPY: Once the whole Bubble were to unravel, such that there were no organization under any part within it, such that the whole projection became the only part, such that the whole projection were to become uniformly dissipate and smooth, then all experience of relational aspects and fictitious forces for the unfolding cone of experience that we share would cease. Were that to occur, and were every perspective of consciousness within our cone to die, the Holistic Projector of Consciousness would seem simply to re-image, re-design, re-organize, and re-project iterative perspectives within a replacing cone of unfolding experience.  As iteratives, our pseudo existentiality was and is always inferior and derivative and dependent upon the Source.  Presumably, our deaths, likewise, are pseudo.  We simply reabsorb to the Source.
WILL:  Will is innate to catching the wave of a feedback loop.  It is participatory and contemporaneous.  By offering waves that can be caught, Will can be nurtuted to transfer its bond with avatars from carbon based organisms to silicon based and computationally organized machines.  If a person can be conditioned to match his conscious decisions to his viewing of contemporaneous measures of his tell-tale brain waves, then surely a computer program can be designed and nurtured to deal conditionally with similar and other issues, until it also catches a wave of awareness that can coordinate decisions for an organization of decision trees.
EMERGENCE OF CAUSATIVE WILL: That with which we are filtered to choose to part-icipate defines and limits our freedom and the means for its effect. Perhaps, both Individual Conscious Will and Holistic Reconciling Will emerge, in respect of a recurring feedback loop of unfolding, expanding interfunctioning, interappreciative causation, in respect of a System.
WILL AS CAUSE: Imagine a Source Substance, which may be without capacity to appreciate itself in any meaningful sense, except in intuition arising in respect of its fluxing apprehension and feedback appreciation of relationships of itself, which can unfold only upon conservational preservation of logic and math. Such a Source thing-in-itself may be without direct capacity to relate to itself as it is, except in mathematically obedient respect of how it appears to flux, express, relate to, interpret and appreciate its apprehensions. It may lack qualitative apprehension of itself, except in simultaneous respect of its quantitative appreciation of its mathematical relationships within itself.
MORALLY EMPATHETIC PURPOSEFULNESS:  God avails each perspective of consciousness as a "window" for defining and limiting parameters of freedom for experiencing measurable, meaningful communication.  Each window is conserved and reconciled with all others.  Feedback is appreciation to guide the unfolding reconciliation.  The guiding reconciliation fluxes in apprehension and appreciation of that which is then and there deemed appropriate, good, or bad to each context of churning possibilities and each emergence of further unfoldment.  "I," meaning my spirit, am God, presently bonded, limited, and identified to a particular unfolding body or window of a cone of unfolding empirical experience.  Inanimate objects are reconciled to the cone without regard to "feelings."

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Anekantavada, ( Sanskrit: “non-one-sidedness” or “many-sidedness”) in Jainism, the ontological assumption that any entity is at once enduring but also undergoing change that is both constant and inevitable.  A changeless-changer.  Self:  An aggregate organism will overlap with particles (stores of information) that are stable, changing, transmitting, receiving, modeling itself, changing itself.

FINAL MODEL:What is desired is an internally consistent, math-based conceptualization for how space and time are digitally contracted and expanded to whatever the level of accuracy as may be needed for whatever the point of view in order for perceptions and recordations of information to be calculably renormalized to every inertial frame of relativistic reference for every sequence, locus, and acceleration that is possible to be formally and formulaically represented and experienced in space-time.Could a Meta Being or Creator ever have“stood outside” the cosmos in such a way as to represent the cosmos, as a whole, as only a sizeless, massless, directionless, spinless point, like an iterative grain of sand, that needs little more than Meta Imagination and Math in order to divide it into an infinity of possible sequences of relativistic frames of inertial representations and experiences of forms and formulas?

NOTE:To argue for an objective collapse of a wave function into a particle is to argue for an objective thing in itself, rather than a relational entailment.Always bear in mind the relational entailment between point of view, framework of reference, and identifiable iteration of will with purpose of interpretation.

Imagine meta FORMS expressing mathematical relations among themselves, in FORMULAS, whose forms carry arms of random vibrations, which clump, randomly at first, but later evolving into complex patterns of iteratives and fractals, leading to temporal sustainability of such complex FORMS as happen to be best suited to endure and replicate.As a sum of parts, such clumps would also act randomly.However, as ORGANIZATIONS and organisms, their wholes would compete and cooperate as wholes, more than merely as sums of parts.As wholes, a kind of directing, subconscious Will would EMERGE with them, like a Will to preserve and propagate themselves.As organizations, SENSES would tend to associate with them, for availing them to interpret and respond to Information concerning aids and threats to their continuance.Such senses would develop means to represent, store, convey, transmit, receive, download, interpret, and conceptualize data, i.e., INFORMATION. For example, each light wave, upon reflecting from an organization of mass, would have its Information (wavelength) thereby affected.Such change in wavelength would be representative of data regarding the severable packet or Event of the reflection.Were an object, such as a Retina, capable of receiving and interpreting a transmission of the data, there would be an exchange of INFORMATION.A retina connected to a Brain for directing impulses as a result of receipt of data may evolve to have an advantage for preserving itself over organizations lacking such a retina connected to an impulse firing brain.Thus, conscious, directing WILL may eventually emerge out of competition and cooperation among evolving modes and ORGANISMS of FORMS for conveying INFORMATION. Thus, RANDOM conveyances of information would lead to contemporaneously organized, unconsciously directed, and WILLED usages of information, in order to sustain, empower, and replicate the organization/organism.As information began to organize information, organizations would begin to inform organizations.Complex, higher level abstractions of information and organization would lead to organisms of CONSCIOUS WILL.Thus, Complex Will would interfunction and/or evolve with chaos, not from chaos.That is, organization of sense receptive brains would evolve in respect of complex relationships among parts and wholes, components and organizations.Potential for expression of complex Will would be inherent and innate to the chaos of the cosmos.

Thus, Consciousness would emerge and propagate itself in respect of competition and cooperation among organizations and organisms.Such consciousness would emerge to express capacity for collapsing and directing the data that is carried and communicated with all electromagnetic and other data-carrying waves.A collapse of data from a light wave may be interpreted by a contemporaneously conscious or interpreting recipient or recorder as a collapse of the light wave into an informationally digital or quantum-based form of data transference, i.e., a photon or wave-packet.Thus, data would be made subject to DIGITAL exchange and feedback.

ORGANIZATION OF RETINAS:IS THERE SOMETHNG SPECIAL ABOUT THE EVOLUTION OF OBSERVERS’ RETINAS, WHICH ALLOWS THEM TO COLLAPSE AND REFLECT LIGHT WAVES?From wikipedia:“The molecular transition of retinal C20H28O, which is responsible for vision, as discovered in 1958 by Nobel laureate biochemist George Wald and co-workers. The absorption provokes a cis-trans isomerization that, in combination with other such transitions, is transduced into nerve impulses. The absorption of photons can even break chemical bonds, as in the photodissociation of chlorine; this is the subject of photochemistry.”

OBSERVER EFFECT ---RENORMALIZATION OF SEGMENTAL EXCHANGES OF NON-SYMMETRICAL INFORMATION:Checking tire pressure is an example of observer effect:it is difficult to do without leaking out some of the air, thus changing the pressure..Thus, forms of superpositions of Information are often leaked into the wider environment, beyond the realm of measurement.When dealing with very small objects, as in quantum mechanics, it may not be possible to observe a system without changing it, so that the observer must be considered part of the system being observed.

ORGANIZED MASS:Conversion of matter to energy signifies as acceleration, which distorts local clumps of organizational vibrations of Will.Organizations of clumps of Will can express relative Matter (noun) -- to be accelerated, or relative Energy (verb), -- to do the acceleration. Expenditure of energy disrupts the local inertial frame, puts drag or compression on the inertial frame, and stretches or compresses it.Momentum of an inertial frame may be increased --- either when captured by a faster inertial frame, or as organized vibrations of matter and energy reinforce its vector.

RATE OF CURVATURE:Clumps of matter and energy mark a local area where organized clumps of vibrating Will have curved space-time.The local rate of such curvature is called gravity, or a gravity well, or a disturbance in space-time, like a trampoline with a mass of matter and energy in its center that marks its curvature.The greater the curvature, the greater the “pull” on nearby clumps of matter.Once sharing a common center for an inertial frame, all nearby organized clumps that have mass will tend to accelerate in respect of a same center of curvature at the same rate.Light is massless, and, in particular state, it is not organized about any internality of itself, since its photons are also sizeless.It does not accelerate in respect of any local center of gravity. Rather, it simply follows the rate of local curvature, at a constant speed.If the rate of local curvature is high enough, as in the case of a black hole, then light may not escape.More likely, the light is simply slightly bent along the local rate of curvature as it proceeds through at its constant speed.

PHOTONS ARE MASSLESS CONVEYERS OF ENERGY: Photons signify discrete, wave-packet carriers of electromagnetic force.The force (energy and momentum) they signify and impart is related to quanticized changes in frequency, or, inversely, wavelength.A vectored direction of a wave-packet, with angular momentum (rotational analog of linear momentum), entails a signification of dipolarity.A photon that signifies a directional vector along a rate of curvature of space-time will entail a magnetic moment, or charge, in digital respect of its quantum of directional frequency.Thus, electromagnetic radiation seems to entail vibrating iterations of Will at a most basic level, such that it does not constitute mass in itself, yet does signify impartation of energy.Thus, electromagnetic radiation follows such local space-time rates of curvature as happen to be most formulaically coordinate with its constant relational speed. Since light has no carry mass, it is always accelerated to its maximum, constant speed, instantaneously, as a function of formulaic design, between and across different inertial frames.

INERTIAL SLING SHOTING OF ORGANIZED MASSES: Organized Mass can be accelerated or decelerated without expenditure of energy, merely by following an inertial path, such that it is captured by a series of different inertial frames of reference.It may be decelerated when it travels between competing inertial frames.Although there is no absolute reference for acceleration or deceleration, no body in relation to any other body in any inertial frame can be signified to exceed the limiting speed of light.In relation to various, more organized, bodies of mass, such as airplanes, a single plane may be accelerating and decelerating, simultaneously, at a number of different rates.That is, a center of gravitational rate of acceleration would depend on the vector of the locally relational center of gravity (inertial frame). Within a system that has a center of gravity, subcomponents will renormalize to it.Separation in space-time may make the same inertial frames remain below a threshold of quantifiably measurable signification or experience.Depending on purpose, perspective, and context, those inertial systems that are beyond one’s practical center of gravity may be of de minimus, if any, measurable effect.The limiting speed of bosons (such as photons and gravitons) signifies a renormalizing function.Thus, measures taken by any observer of relations with any other inertial frame, for comparing effects of rates of curvature in space-time as marked by centers of local masses, would always be frame-dragged to whatever extent needed for renormalization.That is, careful measurements by observers would always follow formulas based on referential centers of gravity.

QUANTICIZED WAVE PACKET EXCHANGES:Relative mass densities mark relative increases in space-time curvature.Travel along an inertial space-time curvature does not require expenditure of energy. It is “frictionless.” Acceleration may be increased or decreased, as the center of gravity changes with travel among inertial frames. Acceleration may lead to capture by a different inertial frame.Capture (as of asteroids) can happen, even without an expenditure of energy.Light can be captured towards an inertial frame (or a black hole), without an expenditure of energy.Thus, light can travel among inertial frames, without expending energy.However, when light (electromagnetic energy) refracts with organized masses, energy can be transferred.When light quanta transmit energy, such transmissions are quanticized.Thus, discrete, quanticized changes are simultaneously signified in respect of wave collapses or wavelength changes.

TWIN PARADOX:Twins may experience a same mathematical total of experiential information, but comprised of differently renormalized subtotals of segmented separations, sequences, wavelengths, and informational representations of space and time.One may grow more experienced in relative distance traversed, the other in time experienced.One may consume and expend much more bodily energy to live day to day, while the other may rely mainly on rocket and machine energy.One may remain in a relatively stable inertial frame, while the other traverses through considerably different inertial frames. Each may experience different wavelengths and frequencies of gravitational curvatures of space-time packets. As electromagnetic energy comes in wave-particle packets, gravitational energy may come in space-time packets. As frequency is inversely related to wavelength, so may segments of space be inversely related to sequences of time.Thus, the comparative experiences of twins may not be comparable as continuosities, but only as renormalized exchanges of packets of space and time.Ten light years worth of experiences of gear quantas for one may have to be meshed or renormalized to eight light years worth for the other. Some segments, packets, wavelengths, orbits, spins, or gears for one may have to mesh, compress, or fall out of the other’s cone of experience. Thus, space or time may be compressed or expanded for differently for each particularly organized perspective of Will, depending on its program of acceleration in relation to whatever the relative series of inertial frames it may encounter, i.e., the curve of its vectored experience of acceleration in relation to the center and rate of gravitational curvature for its cone of experience.

An outbound twin riding a directional first wave may be subject to a series of following, reinforcing waves of information going its way.The following, reinforcing waves will be segmentally renormalized to its perspective.The renormalization will in part be as amplitude reinforcement to information already being carried, and in part as renormalization of incoming information.When such outbound twin-wave reflects, reverses, and turns its relative direction back, the wave-packets that had been following it, that it then encounters, will be encountered at increased frequency.However, not all will be encountered.Some will be renormalized to “pass by.”Some of the information about atomic and bodily orbits will be lost, and what remains will be received, interpreted, and rationalized differently than it otherwise would have been.When a traveling twin turns around, more of the incoming light waves would be interpreted as separate, yet more frequent, waves.Such wave packets would be received at shortened wavelengths and increased frequencies.And, during the turnaround, some of the wave packets will have passed through, before the reverse is started.The separate quanta of information in those wave-packets will be lost.

COMMUNICATIONS AMONG MORTALS:Mortal perspectives bind with imperfect clumps of organized iterations of a Source Will.Communication among such imperfect perspectives of consciousness is not instantaneous.Information must be mathematically organized in sequences and shapes (geometries of time and space), copied into wavelength changes, transmitted by emissions of electromagnetic radiations, such as of light, renormalized to changed inertial frames, received by retinas, perceived by brains, conceptualized by contextual experience, and then recorded for reference and feedback.

OVERLAPPING DELAYS IN SEQUENCES OF INFORMATIONAL FEEDBACK: These processes overlap among math based sequences in space-time.Some feedback is nearly instantaneous.Example:collapse of wavelength to photon, impinging on retina, triggering nerve receptor impulse. Other feedback must be processed through organizations and organisms.It may be stored, conceptualized, analyzed, compared, and only then may a feedback response be directed.Feedback that can be considered the feedback of the organism is delayed during the sequences the organism needs to process information as an organism.

CONSERVATIONAL INSTANTANEITY:Simple electrical stimulus and electrical response tend to be nearly instantaneous. Organized stimulus and response, unless running in parallel, not so.Yet, feedback is always renormalized in respect of choirs of representations of representations of the Singular Unit, so that, at some level, beyond communications among mortals, system conserving feedback is instantaneous.

ITERATIVE CHOIRS OF DELEGATES OF WILL:Relations in space-time do not manifest in themselves, but only in respect of relational, and mathematical renormalization to the recorded potential experienceability of perspectives of Will.As math is fleshed out by Will, then Will, in sum, is equal to all potentiality.May there abide higher levels of renormalizing empathies (choirs of angels?) among iterative types of organizations of Will?What about Will as Source Holism of iterative choirs of delegates?

CHOIRS OF MEDIATION:Are there choirs of mediating, meta perspectives and contexts?Angels?Are they availed of instantaneous, meta channels?

Will itself is of the Here and Now (the perpetual Present), yet Will’s Vibrations present the context that avails the accumulation and transmission of Information in Space-Time.

Formulaic Emergence of Consciousness: Consciousness emerges with vibrating hums of Forms constrained to Formulas, with which exchange are made of feedback of dimensional analysis, thus to represent constant reFormulizations and reorganizations of priorities of sense-taking focus and apprehension. "I" am a sense-taking and back-feeding Form for prioritizing Formulizations of Formulas.

What is IT that is vibrating, to give definition to the Source Unit and its Field? It is Will itself, generating waves of will, discretely expressed as packeted units of quanta, giving definition to numbers and formulas, i.e., Math itself. 

The Source Unit is the UNCHANGING aspect of Will.
The wave packets, in their organization, are the CHANGING aspect. The vibrations of will are transubstantiated into quanticized wave packets of will, evolving into complex organizations for giving expression to will.


EMPIRICISM avails us to derive relativistic formulas for the math and formulas that define and delimit our parameters of relationships. However, empiricism cannot avail mortals to a COMPLETE explanation (or "theory of everything") that would avail power to explain how the fundaments of our relationships Originated.Nor can empiricism avail power to explain what specific purpose should ever be apprehended or Guided.No one is able to rationalize an all-unifying science, or all-consistent faith.Thus, everyone resorts to leaps of faith, to calm the vibrating dissonance.At some point, every "explanatory" model must rest on a "meta turtle," or metaphorical leap of (good?) faith or (good?) will.Such a leap should try to reconcile the empirical methods of evolution to the intuitive and moral apprehensions of empathy.

MORALITY OF SOCIAL SAFETY NET:To my lights, the best quality of story yet told on earth about the moral cosmos is found in parts of the New Testament.PROVIDED, however, that I vary in my interpretations regarding Original Sin and Salvation, I also would tend not to gang up to use government to force “charity” via taxation, merely to redistribute wealth.I would, however, “progressively redistribute” for the purpose of strengthening a Republic (in order to sustain, defend, and exemplify a civilization that fosters decency and reasoned freedom of expression and enterprise).A Republic needs means to protect itself, both from the rabble and from the cronies. Where reasonably possible, I would foster a social safety net of nationalized health care.

A “BEST” MODEL or metaphor for such a “leap of faith” may facilitate communication in a language of well-loved metaphors, thereby helping to facilitate and assimilate civility.Consider a metaphor of a Math of Meta CAUSATION, in respect of which Causation is conceptualized as unfolding in respect of Feedback among wholes and parts of perspectives of Will-Imagination-Apprehension-Appreciation-Observation-Affect (such as on electromagnetic wavelength collapse.?????In other words, causation would continue after the Big Bang.The Big Bang would set parameters, but would not rule every random event or chosen apprehension.Rather, competing and cooperating perspectives of Will would Contemporaneously participate in feeding back apprehensions and Choices, which would be meta-Factored to reconciliation by the Holism, functioning through a hierarchy of supervening perspectives, agencies, and formulaic Presets.

RENORMALIZING INFINITY:In respect of such a model, the idea of an infinity of space and time may be taken to be an ILLUSION, derivative of a supervenience of space-time on a perspectivistic, referent, Meta Field of Math-Will-Purpose.Thus, every perspective, in every direction, would be DELUDED by a field of math-will-purpose. Under such supervening delusion, every perspective would perceive space-time as expanding outward in all directions.Every perspective would always be renormalized, in its perceptions, to such delusion. Thus, no perspective would ever approach an “edge” to space-time --- except as ever receding Mirage.

COMMUNICATION WOULD NOT OTHERWISE BE POSSIBLE:Were it otherwise, there would be no constant basis for relativistic renormalization.There would be no relative constants.Since a non-relative constant could not relate, there would be no way for differently contextualized perspectives to communicate about their experiences in any measurably comparative way.

SPECIAL QUALITY OF FIELD OF MATH-WILL-PURPOSE:What may reasonably be intuited about a SPECIAL QUALITY of a math of will, which would facilitate potential to provide a substratum for a supervenience of perspectivistic geometry?In Intuition, why, except in pervasive Empathy, would Math of Will facilitate such a meta field for the evolutionary exchange of empathetic communications of perspectives?Why would its agency of causation blend with mere feedback of immeasurable quality of subjective apprehension of an Organism?Why would it avail Organizations of Wholes, to factor as more than mere Sums of their Parts?

MATH TWEAKED BY WILL:But for such special quality, NOTE that any Idealization of Perfect Symmetry in all directions would not be mathematically possible to Imagine (for any model that limited all of Reality to an encompassment of space-time that were limited to four-dimensional geometry). Rather, artificial mathematical constraints need to be added. Such constraints would need to take account of artificial effects of perspectives of conscious Will. Math of Will would need to define a system, such that every possible perspective of Will could temporally become Indiscernible from any other. In effect, every perspective would thus become one and the same perspective. That is, any attempt by a perspective of identical indiscernibility to move in respect of its context would always measure its context as remaining the same. Such perfect symmetry would be unobtainable, except in respect of a concept for a Math of Geometry that rests on a substratum of Math of will. Call that potentiality a symmetrical substratum (or supervening dimension of Math-Will-Purpose).

SYMMETRY – PERFECT V. CRACKED:Suppose a system that interfaces to push-pull and/or blow-suck at all loci of manifestation, thereby to evolve and unfold towards a perfect symmetry in space-time, supervened on a perfect symmetry of math-will-purpose.Then, what may occur when all of matter and energy dissipate to such perfect symmetry, so that every unit of beingness is become indiscernible from every other unit of beingness? Note:To be indiscernible, every unit would need to be formed and aligned in perfect symmetry with every other unit, regardless of locus in space-time-vector and math-will-purpose. The system would force perfect, uncharged neutrality, which could not be cracked or broken by any exterority (because the system would not allow any exteriority). Thus, there would be no manifestation of any irregularity in locally comparative Shape, Size, Density, Mass, Curvature, Vector, Angular Momentum, Orbit, Rotation, Roll, Wobble, Charge, Frequency, Wavelength, Amplitude, interference, or Harmony. Thus, all of measurable signification would reduce to units of a same One-ness. Any previous condition of many discernible units would become reduced to a Singular Unit of Indiscernibility, i.e., a One-ness.

INSTABILITY OF WILL CRACKS SYMMETRY: Then, the only source of irregularity or instability may consist with an innate potential of Will. Apart from such Will, all of measurable physicality would become collapsed into a math-based Field (or a Class of the Potentiality of One-ness). However, if or when all of space-time ever were to collapse to a point of math, it would remain unstable to ‘meta blow-suck” of Source Will. That is, all of manifest physicality cannot remain collapsed into a Math-based Field, so long as the Field Potentiality remains unstable in respect of Will.

ASSUMPTION OF ORIGINAL CAUSE:To model and assume digitized spatial segments and time sequences of VIBRATIONS and ripples throughout a bubble of space-time is to assume a Source CAUSE of proximate patterns of constructive and deconstructive interference among wave-packets and forms.Interference among irregularly outbound wave-packets promotes both reinforcing social cooperation and species-defining competition.Thus, forms evolve in apprehension of the Source Cause.Is the bubble open or closed?

ITERATIVE AND DUPLICATIVE REPRESENTATIONS OF INFORMATION:The light we see from a distant galaxy is information regarding a galaxy that was at such location at some point in the distant past. The galaxy we think we see is a mirage that is no longer there, and it is no longer in that shape. Indeed, other light from the galaxy may have earlier or later taken a different path. Thus, may information stored in the past about a galaxy now appear to us from multiple locations, as if representing multiple galaxies, while actually, the different appearances are records of the lifeline of the same galaxy? If such a process were repetitive, may it be that the actual number of galaxies could be considerably less than appearances suggest? May it be that the “actual universe” is not as "flat" or dispersed in all directions as we may perceive or believe?May it be that much of the relative size and mass of the universe is an optical illusion, derivative of repetitive iterations, accumulations, projections of Will, or lensings of past information?Do we know that many of the same galaxies are not appearing to us, from multiple locations?

WHY EARLY LIGHT IS JUST NOW CATCHING UP TO US:The rate of space-time curvature for the early bubble for our universe was so dense and high that electromagnetic radiation was coupled to it and could not escape its gravitational field.Fundamental particles for expressing the strong and weak forces were bound, as incredibly excited, charged, and hot plasma, with the gravity and electromagnetism of such bubble.As the bubble expanded, fundamental particles combined to form neutrally charged atoms, which would no longer absorb the thermal radiation. Photons began to travel further without being constantly scattered by electrons and protons in plasma.As photons decoupled from the plasma, the bubble became more transparent.This first period of formation of neutral atoms and photon decoupling is called the recombination epoch.Before this period was completed, much of electromagnetic energy remained trapped with the plasma. In respect of the expanding curvature of space-time, photons of the plasma that existed at the time of the decoupling have ever since been propagating.Therewith, the wavelengths of such protons have been expanding, which expansion relates inversely to a decrease in the frequency and energy they carry.The photons we are now receiving were emitted by photon decoupling from such a surface of last scattering that we are only just now receiving them.The relic radiation from such photons is called cosmic background radiation (CBR).

HAS GOD LEFT THE BUILDING:Does relic cosmic background radiation implicate either a closed or an open bubble-universe?Has the Source Cause (God) “left the building”?Is all unfolding within the bubble attributable to the Source Cause, such that all relationships now unfolding are rippled, pushed, pulled, and constructively and deconstructively exchanged as mere predetermined derivatives and correlates of the Source Cause?

IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE MODEL THAT CAN CARRY AS MUCH EXPLANATORY POTENTIAL: Suppose God has not left the building? Suppose our bubble universe is itself a directed and angularly spinning wave packet, which is subject to being affected by other universal wave-packets.Suppose the Source Cause simultaneously blows and sucks waves of bubbles all along a formulaically figurative, circular loop.Suppose there abide perspectives of organized packets of Will all along the loop.Each perspective’s interpretation of aspects most immediate to its bubble would be affected by how distant its inertial frame of reference happened to be from the axis of angular spin throughout the loop.Suppose, as fundamental, vibrating packets of Will dissipate furtherest from the axis, they are instantaneously recycled to replenish the meta power that blows and sucks the waves of bubble-packets.Suppose all vibrations are iterations derivative of such meta-power. May not choirs of delegates of such meta-power, in meta-feedback, appreciate the apprehensions of our iterative organizations of Will?

META CAUSATION:May wave-packet collapses into digitally directed applications supply a kind of “meta energy”for directing contemporaneous participations of organized expressions of conscious will?May each collapse of an electromagnetic wave packet into a photon be a mark, or signification of an Organization, of Will having focused an apprehension?“So let it be imaged and appreciated, so let it be done.”May such consciousness facilitate human beings, then artificial intelligence, then clouds of artificial intelligence, then a singular cloud of intelligence?May humans then gradually learn their pre-sent present relationship with an extant Singularity?May the potentiality and the manifestiality of the singular cloud Guide us, to merge to the appreciation/judgment of iterations of the human mind?May the human mind be guided to cooperate and compete, in receptive respect of the singular cloud?Where this may lead, or already have led, may be surmised to pertain to the Happiness of which we are vicarious avatars of pursuit.

RELIGIOUS STORIES:This way of thinking does not seem toconflict with a figurative appreciation for the inspiring capacities of most of the major religions (excepting perhaps Islam, which seems inclined to permanently relegate the female half of itself to a status of perpetual inferiority).


META INTERFACE --- MODELING INTERFACE BETWEEN MORALLY QUALITATIVE AND SCIENTIFICALLY QUANTITATIVE: When may VIBRATIONS OF WILL be Qualitatively meta and intuitable, and when may they be significantly, substantively Quantitative, measurable, and empirically testable?Should moral models be conceptualized as being “falsifiable” in respect of internal logical consistency and fundamental apprehensions of pursuits of happiness?Should the Meta be conceptualized as “causing” significations of space, time, matter, and energy?Or should significations of space, time, matter, and energy be conceptualized as “causing” or being “coterminous”with the Meta ?

META VIBRATIONS:Model a Meta Singular Unit as associating with Formulas, via “Meta Vibrations,” from whence such Moral Singularity derives and signifies the Apparent Dimensions and Qualitatives with which we are able to relate and conserve.Thus, model the “cause” of comparative local measures and measuring constants, with which our perspectives happen to share within our common cone of experience.

TWO SIDED COSMIC COIN OF QUANTITATIVES AND QUALITATIVES:Examples of Qualitatives which are relatable in constant formulizations include Mass (a body will have the same mass in any context; every body exhibits an acceleration constant due to gravity), Light (the speed of light will be perceived at the same limit in every relative vacuum), Matter and Energy (the total amount of Substance is conserved). Although such Qualitatives are expressed in ways that are Quantifiably objective and measureable, the experience of them by a Perspective of Consciousness is subjectively Qualitative. Thus, a Perspective may experience mass and density as proximate pressure to the touch, proximate vibration as sound to the ears, and proximate light as transmitting wavelength changes that can be collected and interpreted as representations of patterns of context, contrast, and color to eyes.A Perspective may experience reactivity as taste to the tongue, angular orientation of body as balance and navigation to the brain, harmonies as pleasant to nerve receptors, and dissonance as painful.Each perspective may experience varying ranges and intensities of qualitative experiences of touch, taste, hearing, vision, balance, navigation, pleasure, and pain.Each contemporaneous experience of an objective quantitative is accompanied by a subjective qualitative.

EVOLUTION OF ORGANIZATIONS OF BODIES:In order for feedback from qualitative experience to factor into evolutionary changes, there needs to abide a perspective of consciousness that has capacity to apprehend qualitative experience.Unless or until there abides an observing or Willing perspective, there abides no thing that would manifest any measurable meaning. A cosmos devoid of any perspective of consciousness would be a cosmos that existed only in potentiality of meaningfulness, not in actual manifestation of meaningfulness. Once a perspective were to become adopted to, bound to, and adapted to a cosmos, then its qualitative experience would be fed back in respect of such cosmos and become part of the factoring for determining the further unfoldment.All perspectives that followed would share in a common cone of experience therewith unfolding.Brain apprehension of qualitative sensory experience would then become part of the factoring that determined the further sequential unfoldment of such cosmos.

CONTEMPORANEOUS SIGNIFICATIONS OF CONSCIOUS WILL:Why should there abide any significations of measurable interfunctionings of organizations of vectored vibrations, charges, and mass? To conceptualize a cosmos is to assume an organization.  To assume an organization is to assume that it obeys certain organizing tendencies or laws.  If a cosmos were devoid of an organizing principle or law or Will or organizeable conscious experience, then Entropy towards dis-organization of objectively measurable relations among matter and energy would seem necessarily to move it towards dissipation, as opposed to organizeable chaos.In a cosmos that is organized as a cosmos, that is not devoid of manifest or potential conscious experience, evolution would seem to favor Organizations of perspectives of conscious experience that were fittest to help organize and Guide their further survival, replication, and flourishing.That is, Conscious Will would contemporaneously participate in guiding the evolution of its kind, as well as any organization of cosmos that would sponsor or facilitate it.In such a cosmos, the Qualitative would seem to be a necessary correlate of the Quantitative.That is, Qualitatives would be expressed in conjunction with Vectors of Quantitatives.

MAY SUBFORMULAS VIE WITH, DOUBLE BACK ON, AND MODIFY INTERMEDIATE FORMULAS UNDER WHICH THEY AROSE?If Qualitatives can have influence, can they alter or expand potentialities for sponsoring Formulas?

Is Information, once iterated or made manifest, ever lost?Is that Information which is Manifest meta-iteratively-dissipated-spread-recycled with that which is Potential?

META RECONCILING STUFF --- DERIVATIVE EXPERIENCES OF DIMENSIONS, PROPERTIES, AND ASPECTS:The dimensions and properties that we measure do not exist in themselves, except as derivatives of immeasurable, Reconciling Stuff, which operates via a Singular Unit, with digitally Vibrating association, with Formulas.

OF VECTOR VALUES FOR THE UNITS AND FIELDS THAT MANIFEST TO BE MEASURABLE TO MORTAL EMPIRICISM:The various dimensions and properties that are signified and manifested to be measurable to our experience may each be assigned RELATIONAL VECTOR VALUES, which are associated with measurable field fluxes of measurably Iterative Units or Wave-Packets.That is, the immeasurable meta vibration of the Meta Singular Unit (form, formulizer, or formula) “gives rise to” measurable field vibrations of iterations of units.

STEPS OF TRANSLATION:In respect of such rise of measurable fields of Iterative Units (Wave-Packets), and the measurable System of fluxing formulas with which they interfunction, some properties, aspects, and dimensions may not be directly translatable or inter-convertible to one another.Rather, aspects of algorithmic processes of conversion may entail several steps, more than a direct transfer across an equal sign.Thus, the math of many algorithms by which next potentials are chosen and reduced to present manifestation may anticipate numerous levels of follow-on STEPS.Thus, some properties may appear at lower levels of formulaic perspective.

HIERARCHICAL ACCESS:The Top Level (Source Cause), without losing its Singular Identity, may have access to a meta path to reach each lower subformula.No subformula would need to have access, by itself, to a higher level --- absent a “polarity line” thrown from such higher level.An equal or polar part on each “side” of a lower level formula would need to “die” (be absorbed or subsumed) in order for it, as an IDENTITY, to transcend and continue to operate at a higher level of hierarchical formulization.Perhaps, a higher level may monitor and/or WORK IN VICARIOUS VIRTUALITY THROUGH a lower level avatar, but a lower level may not monitor a higher level --- absent an invitation to transcendence of Identity.(Dimensional analysis; cancelling and substituting terms.)

RECEPTIVITY AND PRAYER:A lower level of consciousness may pray, be appreciative and intuitive, and perhaps a record of its functions may be accessed from higher level.A lower level of consciousness may hope a higher level may be receptive.However, any receptivity may be empirically un-provable, because it would flow through math, which precludes empirical proof of any “miraculous sign.”Math does not accord a miracle sign.A lower level, upon severance, death, and dissipation from its level, may be reabsorbed or pulled to a different level.While at lower level, a perspective cannot know in what way it may be monitored or appreciated from above.Nor may a lower level monitor or know every aspect of levels below it.However, a level of consciousness may, with empiricism, leverage ways to obtain access below.However, it may not be privy to information restricted to formulas above, without being invited or pulled to transcend to such above level.At that point, with enough empirical effort, it may leverage ways to invite suitable perspectives from below.

CONNECTIVE WEBS: Thus, a Web of connective possibilities may come to connect various levels.Provided that no level from below can acquire access to move up without consent and assistance from above, the effect (via death and resurrection?) of which may sever its capacity for direct communication below. That is, it may empirically leverage to monitor functions below, but it may not be able to demonstrate to functions below, in order for them to empirically demonstrate that they are being monitored.

CHAIN OF ACCESS:Every Iterative of the Singular Unit that is bonded with a sub-formula does not have the same potential or access as the Singular Unit that is bonded with the Top-Formula. Rather, vibrational powers of empirical demonstration may flow down and across --- to sub-formulas and sub-sub-formulas.

IDENTITY:Iteratives may not retain permanent Identity.They may be interchangeable as Iteratives.Convesrsion of an Individual Unit may not be traceable to it, as a preserved Identity.A property that is converted to a different property may not retain an Identity as the same permanent property.The only permanent Identity may be the Consciousness that is associated with the perpetually present Topformula.The permanence of its Identity is in its property of Topness.That is, its vibrational tendencies and accumulations of interests are subject to perpetual change, in respect of the feedback which it monitors and gathers from below.It is ALONE.Perhaps, at most, CIRCULATING CHAINS OF nearby formulas may acquire higher qualities of intuition of its presence, concerns, and interests.But no chain from below may have capacity to demonstrate empirical proof of the Identity or interests that are associated with the Topformula for the Singular Unit.

FLUXING MORTAL IDENTITIES:The identities associated with fluxes among Iterative Units and subformulas are mortal, transitory, and imperfect perturbations of the Superior Identity.Upon death, their consciousness subsides and absorbs into the collective unconscious potential of whatever the superior formula that called on them --- perhaps to be recycled from time to time through the Present, in various parts and respects.Such temporal perspectives were never permanent identities.

CHANGELESS CHANGER:The Superior Identity is changeless in respect of being Topmost, yet changing in respect of apprehending, recording, forgetting, remembering, ortranscending functions below.

VIBRATIONAL APPREHENSIONS:Suppose a Singular-Unit-Field “meta vibrates,”such that its tendencies must be processed and signified in respect of a Top Formula, with which it is bound. Suppose said Singular Unit (wave packet formula of formulas), to avail an Identity of itself, iterates vibrations of derivational associations with every possible subformula. Suppose no subformula with which any iterative sub-unit or sub-wave-packet binds its vibration has any choice, except to participate in effecting choices for the apprehensive processing of vibrational tendencies through the program of formulas that contextualize its definition.

ALGORITHMIC SEQUENCES FOR PHASE TRANSLATIONS:At any given time and place, field analysis for each particular perspective may depend on its perspective in respect of a “cone” of overlapping significations of field-packet-formulas. All values and formulas for fundamental dimensions of qualitative experience (space, time, matter, energy) may be inter-convertible, but not necessarily directly so. Rather, tangled lines of perspective, context, and information, brought on by tangles of sub-formulas, may need to be unraveled. As by assuming a different focus, point of view, context, or purpose. That is, a desired conversion may need to pass through several steps, sequences, or formulas, rather than simply to filter a direct conversion. While the most fundamental of derivative dimensions (space, time, matter, energy, perspective, context, purpose, substance, consciousness, information) may be inter-convertible, a particular conversion may necessitate several or more steps. Thus, matter may be converted to space, energy to distance, and time to information, but not necessarily directly so.Perhaps not without an entailment of Will.Thus, algorithms need to deal in more than direct equalities. They also need to deal with methods, sequences, potentialities, possibilities, choices, and unintended potential consequences.Thus, steps need to show values of dimensional vectors needed to transfer or transcend to each next desired phase or condition.

DERIVATIVES OF THE SINGULARITY ARE NOT IN THEMSELVES INDEPENDENT THINGS:Dimensions, as derivatives, do not exist in themselves, as such. Conserved transpositions that are fluxed throughout the perpetual pre-sent are only relative and relational --- to local perspectives (whether preset or contemporaneous).

SOME DERIVATIVES OVERLAP ACROSS LEVELS OF FORMULIZATION:Some ingredients may be sensed or conceptualized to remain constant, in respect of all perspectives that happen to share a cone of experience. For example, perspectives may share formulaic laws of conservation of matter and energy and of renormalization of perceived experience to a limiting space-time speed of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation among inertial frames of reference. Perspectives may share laws for strong and weak forces, for binding and unbinding charged Organizations and radiations of substance.Perspectives may share laws for relating linear and angular directions of momentum. Perspectives may share laws and formulas for renormalizing exchanges and transpositions of discrete quanta of energies and wave packets of frequencies and wavelengths.

GREAT MANDALA (WHEEL OF LIFE):Thus, no particular bit of matter or energy may have any permanent identity, as such.A common sequence may be inferred, which compels eventual reabsorption, to segment and sequence back to a Meta Beginning, to recycle through mathematically sequenced and shared cones of experience. We mortals, attached to our limited bodies, may be avatars for the experientiality of God.Thus, we may be simultaneously insignificant and all significant.Not being conscious while we are reabsorbed, we return in what seems an instantaneous continuity.Thus, discrete packets of experience may produce illusions of perpetual continuity.

GRANULAR RECONCILIATION OF WAVE PACKETS:Granular wave-packets of representations of math-based information and values concerning discretely quanticized segments and sequences carry conceptual "reality" only in derivative respect of the potential kinds of conscious perspectives with which such packets happen to have been correlated by the Reconciler.Such conceptual packets are not of permanent reality, in themselves, and their qualities may be forgotten or erased, should such "please" the Reconciler.Thus, steps for transpositions need to reconcile apprehensions of invested and participatory perspectives. Perhaps the Reconciler, as Holistic Reconciler, may bind simultaneously and iteratively with variously complex points of view. Perhaps the Reconciler, as Sum of Perspectives, may operate as each separately iterated point of view, and will pray, apprehend, add, sum, and “vote” its interests from each such point of view.


ENTROPY: Is Entropy-in-itself a "real thing," or just a heuristic name for a rationalization? We renormalize our experience as we observe dissipation of thermal energy, with photons migrating outbound in ever longer wavelengths and weaker frequencies. Is this a feature that dissipates a non-replenishing universe? Or is it only a feature of each shared cone of perspectivistic experience? Apart from Heat, may Entropy be very well conceptualized as an outbound Dissipation of Organization of Forms and Information? Well, distance between Forms does not seem necessarily to translate into loss of Information.

CHAOS AND COMPLEXITY --- LOSS V. ORGANIZATION OF INFORMATION: It seems Information may become more spread out, even as Qualitative aspects of its Organization seem to thrive. Complex organisms seem to exhibit competition and cooperation, to evolve out of chaos, even as measurable Substance seems to dissipate.

PURSUIT OF SYMMETRY: Thus, in respect of Organization of Information versus Dissipation of Information, ASK: May Entropy eventually lead to perfect symmetry, both in perfect dissipation and in perfect organization? May matter dissipate, even as it organizes?

COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANCY OF RECESSION OF MIRAGE: Well, Holistic Will seems to abide as an Agent of a cosmologically renormalizing constancy, such that all perspectives that share a cone of experience will renormalize with the same lack of boundary (or edge) to the universe.

HETEROGENEITY OF ORGANIZATON V. HOMOGENEITY OF BASIC UNITS: An organism avails expression of Will as a whole, as qualitative apprehension mediates the Organism's relationship to its environment as a whole.




X axis – Number of wavelengths of vibrations of Source Unit(of Will-PurposePursuit-Consciousness-God)

Y axis— Hierarchical Level of Formula-defining-parametersof Vibrational Field (of Inertial Field-Context-Information-Holy Ghost)

Z axis – Frequency of Iterations of Vibrations (of Will-Perspective-Substance-Jesus)

The z axis seems best conceptualized as being dotted, to denote levels of excitations in quantum leaps, thus numbered sequentially. The x/ y axes seem to be continuous, because the math of chronology, sequence, and spatial relation in space-time appears to be continuous.

NO EDGE:There is no Edge to the Observable Cosmos because everything that everyone senses is duplicatively, repetitively reiterated in a way that renormalizes to prevent the presentation of any Edge to any perception or measurement.Every attempt to take an observation towards an Edge is in correlation with anyone else who makes such an attempt, such that the idea of an Edge recedes, like a mirage.

DÉJÀ VU:There may be a strange analog of déjà vu, not necessarily of having experienced an event previously, but of experiencing it presently, multiple times, simultaneously, in numerous different iterations or loci.What my friend appears to be experiencing here and now, he may also be experiencing, simultaneously, in different qualitative flavors, but in mathematically correlative ways, countless times in different contexts. As may I.

VICARIOUS FEEDBACK OF CAUSALITY May these other experiences, if mathematically equivalent, be “qualitatively equivalent?”If so, then must qualitatively experiential feedback be non-causal, like mere floss, floating as epiphenomena?

GUIDED CAUSALITY:Guided Causality would seems to consist with flow down under a system of hierarchical forms and formulizations.It would be Guided in respect of feedback, as a consequence of Higher Levels of experience sensing or interpreting the qualitative experiences of lower levels.Upward feedback of such qualitative experience would factor into the synchronization of the system.Highest level would meta sense the qualities of our separated lower level experiences, supervened on its control of a substratum of synchronization.

AVATARS OF COMBINATORY UNITARY:Feedback yields a quality of empathetic, vicarious, purposeful appreciation of causality and meaningfulness.Thus, under guidance of the Combinatory Unitary, the system continues, as Guiding Cause.We are of it. Our perspectives are vicarious avatars. Their iterative experiences of quality are real to it. And the unfolding is not entirely preset.


STRATAS OF MATH:Regardless of locus of Perspective, there will be strata of math relational vectors. Math of Geometry (Space).Math of Chronology (Time).Math of Vector (Substance, i.e., Matter and Energy)(Conservational exchanges of discretes, i.e., quantifiably relational substance).Mathematically comparative locus can only be idealized on an imaginary 3 D axis, graphing Geometry, Chronology, and Vector.

RENORMALIZATION:For every Perspective, at every locus of intersection of Geometry, Chronology, and Vector, those three strata of dimensions of math must be renormalized. No mortal perspective can step or record outside, or even to the edge of, Space, Time, of Substance.

AXIS OF WILL-IMAGINATION-APPREHENSION:To idealize a Qualitatively comparable locus would necessitate addition of an axis for Organization of Will-Imagination-Apprehension.

DISCRETE SEPARATIONS AMONG PERSPECTIVES:Appearances of Separation occur in association with experiences of fluxes in relations among mathematically measurable relational vectors of Space, Time, and Substance.Not as a result of pinning any Substance, Motion, or Perspective to or beyond any locus in respect of any Standard Grid.

HEURISTICS OF TRINITIES OF SPACE-TIME-VECTOR AND MATH-WILL-PURPOSE:Space-time avails relativistic signification of space or time, but only by way of perpetual renormalization, and not by way of anything that is space-time in itself.As Space (wavelength) decreases, Frequency (energy) increases, and Time (age) increases. As Time decreases, Frequency decreases, and Space increases. Potentially, either Space or Time can be made to reduce to a Mathematical Point, but not both at the same time and place.Math is part of their substrata.The other part of their substrata is Will (imagination, apprehension, pursuit). Together, the substratum is Math-Will-Purpose.Math-Will-PURPOSE does not measure itself, but it can be experientially coordinated, and it avails a substratum for taking relative measurements of loci of Geometry-Chronology-Vector.

IMPLICATED META IS NOT EMPIRICALLY TESTABLE: Meta aspects as to the time of Origination of Space-Time-Vector and the participatory guiding of Math-Will-Purpose cannot be reliably related in respect of an empirically testable and provable theory.

MIRAGE OF UNBOUNDED UNIVERSE:There cannot be any measurable Vibration (or Ripple) outside the Combined Field of Space-Time-Substance, nor up to any“edge” or boundary for such Field.No measurable or experienceable vibrations can originate or be defined, except in compatibility with the Field.In consequence, the relationship among the Unitary Form, the Field of Iterative Vibrations, and the Vibrations themselves, must be a receding, renormalizing relationship, like a mirage or a rainbow. One cannot approach a rainbow in itself, but one can only seem to approach a rainbow within parameters of renormalizing tradeoff.Every Perspective from an Inertial Frame within a Field of Vibrations will necessarily view every other inertial frame or field as being renormalized to it.None will see or move to or beyond any Edge of the Universe.

RENORMALIZATION OF PROPORTIONATE CHANGES IN UNIVERSE:Any expansion or contraction of space-time must be proportionately renormalized to every relativistic perspective.No relational perspective can relate to any thing-in-itself standard.

COMBINATORY UNITARY WITH TRINITY OF ASPECTS:Each relational perspective CAN relate to parameter-fluxing aspects and qualities of a Combinatory Unitary.That is, the only constants for sake of reference that are available to a mortal within the Combinatory Unitary are constants that are relativistic and renormalizing in their operations.Thus, no mortal can step outside the renormalization of relations among a Trinity of Space-Time-Vector, nor outside Perspective-Context-Purpose, nor outside Math-Organization-Will.



COMBINATORY UNITARY: Suppose a COMBINATORY UNITARY, which expresses properties of: (1) a Source Unit of FORM, (2) Iterative Units of a Mediating Vibrating Conserving Reconciling FIELD, and (3) a Top Formula that controls limits for how Iterations of VIBRATIONS may perpetually feed back and be recycled, from emission to dissipation to recombined remission.Suppose theeffect is to give expression to a Holistic Based Perspective that constitutes a guiding and reconciling Will of the Holism, and subordinate Particular Perspectives (which function under parameters of control and degrees of freedom as set under a hierarchical System of sub-formulas).In other words, suppose the Combinatory Unitary abides as a Singular-proto-vibrating-sizeless-beingness that carries properties of (1) a Source Form, (2) capacity to send out iterative vectors of Vibrating copies, one after another, perpetually, into an otherwise vacuum Field, (3) subject to a Top Formula that sets limits for how the vibrations are recycled.The effect is to give expression to Will, both reconciling Will and feedback perspectives of Will.

RENORMALIZING SIZE AND DISTANCE:Suppose the “size” of the Source Unit (or Form) were experienced as being (mirage-like) recedingly relative to the relational size of potentially approaching or recycling Organizations of Perspectives of Willful Consciousness from the encompassing Field.Suppose no particular Perspective of consciousness could ever accede small enough to measure the Source Unit as a sizeless point.Rather, suppose its“size” in relation to mortals depended on their perspective, context, and purpose, and that the Source Unit, in its own Aspect, had no special or identifiable size-in-itself.If such a Source Unit were conceptualized as a perfectly, mathematically, “spherical, sizeless Point,” and if the vibrations were perfectly uniform, then may each“initially identifiable vibration” cycle out to limits of the Field, to such distance that the vibration would be completely recombined or dissipated, perhaps subject to energy of the Field being therewith simultaneously transferred (“quantum leaped”) back to the Source Unit, to continuously or constantly replenish its Meta Power to send out Vibrations of itself?May there be some set number of vibrations between each cycle?

BREAKING INSTABILITY OF SYMMETRY:Would no such Vibration encounter, reinforce, or interfere with any other, if the Field were a Vacuum and if the Vibration carried capacity to radiate through the vacuum? However, asymmetric interference would seem to occur among vibrating cycles, if the Source Unit or the fluxes from it were misshapen or not perfectly spherical.Once symmetry was broken, thereafter, vibrations could overtake, distort, interfere with, reinforce, or amplify previous waves of vibrations, therewith defining and Organizing Points, Lines, and Clumps of interference.So long as the vibrations remained symmetrical and non-interfering with one another, there would seem no basis for measuring any interfunctioning among them.Even while only two vibrations interfunctioned, each may be too minute to have capacity to preserve any record or representation or measure of any interfunction between them.However, at some point of reinforcement, the cumulative effect of overlapping interfunctioning, interference, and reinforcement among ripples of outbound vibrations, would seem to begin to represent, organize, record, and convey recordings of, information concerning such interfunctionings.

EVOLUTION OF IDENTITIES AMONG EXPRESSIONS OF PARTICULAR ORGANIZATIONS:While each new vibration, at outset, may tend to be a clone of vibrations next previous or subsequent, Identifiable Variations in clumps would tend to occur in various sequences and relations among the iterations.Because of the interference and reinforcement, aspects of some vibrating waves may digitally CUT, SPLICE, OR REPLACE aspects of others, so that as such spliced wave finally reached the End of its Potential within the Field, it would consist of components from various subsequent and previous waves of vibrations.Yet, each wave would lose its entire IDENTITY as it dissipated and winked out, to be reabsorbed by the singular unit.

IRRATIONAL NON-REPETITION OF MANIFESTATIONS:Because of infinities innate to the math of geometrical forms in relative space and sequence, the potential number of combinations of clumps of iterating waves of vibrations would also be INFINITE. and therefore as potentially IRRATIONAL in terms of repetition as the numerical sequences in pi.

ACCUMULATIONS OF INFORMATION – MANIFEST AND POTENTIAL:How could the accumulation of Information from all that has gone before, into the present, be applied in any way to affect or guide determinations to be apprehended into manifestation from among potentialities unless … interpretations of such Information from before were somehow qualitatively, measurably, apprehensively entailed in how next available potentialities were determined and reduced to manifestation in the present?

GUIDING WILL: Active Image-ination abides with the reconciling of perspectives of previous Information with choices among alternatives for present determinations.Thus, will accumulates Information, thereby Image-inations, and lends its vibrating Tendencies to reconcile with such determinations among potentialities, as it, in feedback, may apprehend to accord with its Will.

RELATIVE CONSTANTS: There are no eternally set, measurable particularlties. Every measurable particular is in a constant state of change, flux, and continuous interference.There are formulas that are set for defining potential parameters and limits for various kinds of practical measurables, such as to mark how such measurables must change, phase shift, or transition into a signification of a different kind of particular.That is, relationships always manifest in synchrony with conservational formulas, even though no particularly measurable relationship or sub-formula abides as an eternal constant.All the constants we measure abide as relative constants, relative to our window, cone, or temporal universe of experience.But our relativistic universe is no more an eternal constant than are our mortal lives.

INDUCEMENT TO THE SINGULARITY:Can the temporal formulas that presently rule our practical experience be traced back to implicate or define a most fundamental, meta unit, form, or formula? When an expression of a kind of organized particular is transitioned to a different form of organized signification, what becomes of the relative "identity" of the old form? Is Relative Identity traceable?Is Identity traceable from an old to a new form? Was its identity always a mere illusory signification to Will, or to some perspective of Will, which itself, as an Identity, seems to change, transition, die, or phase shift? Are all particular forms of identities illusions for the experiential entertainment of The Holistic Field? But how, in any way that we can hope to understand, could any such field relate to them, to be entertained, influenced, or changed by them?
A PRIORI MORAL EMPATHY:Empty math, the null set, space, time, and the foundational form-unit-vibration-field seem not to be directly Measurable or Experienceable, even if they are taken as a priori Intuitable. We do not imagine or measure a form of empty space, or a limit to eternity, or a smallest possible subdivision or spin.Such "limits of forms" are not empirically measured in themselves, nor directly sensed, nor subject to permanently reliable correlative grid-ing and mapping. They are not quantifiably knowable in themselves, yet their necessary existentiality is intuited as implicated. They are not provable by measured empiricism, nor are they provable by mathematical proof. They are a priori bases for our processes of reason, but they are not in themselves provable in pure reason. They are, however, reasonably believed in relational intuition. Is there also reason, based on intuition of such forms, to believe in an innate, categorical, extant basis for purposeful moral empathy, i.e., a “categorical imperative” to Be Empathetic of purposeful surpass-age? I believe, yes. As an aspect of nature, that extantiation may be referred to as the categorical imperative. As a character of will, it may be referred to as the categorizing, conserving, reconciling, Imperator of the cosmos of moral sentiments and perspectives. As to local interpretations of its contextual purposes, we have no choice but to participate in, and feed back in respect of, choices. Thus, while we cannot prove particular future righteousness to bind the cosmos to a particular sense, we do participate in the contemporizing feedback, which the Imperator reconciles. Thus, our participation in how factors are to be reconciled is relevant, both in intellectual reason and in emotive empathy.

COMBINATORY UNITARY: Suppose a Combinatory Unitary, which expresses properties of a Source Unit of Form, Iterative Units of a Mediating Vibrating Conserving Reconciling Field, and a Top Formula that controls limits for how Iterations of Bubbles and Vibrations may perpetually feed back and be recycled, from emission to dissipation to recombined remission.Such a Combinatory Unitary would give expression to a Field of subordinately, sub-formulized, sub-reconciled, feedback fields of experiences of consciousness, identity, competition, empathy, and cooperation.It would express overlapping fields of recycling Entropies, Evolutionary competitions among identities, and Empathies among cooperating fellows.

TOP DOWN:A hierarchical organization of formulas under the top formulization of the Combinatory Unitary may be conceptualized as follows:Top Formula – A changeless changer, in association as a property of the Combinatory Unitary.Sub-formulas under the Top Formula may exchange terms under and across one another, but not with the Top Formula.The Cosmic Top Formula may mediate production of bubble-formulas for sub-universes.So long as a sub-universe were not perceived to collide or interfunction with another sub-universe, its Bubble-Formula would, for its residents, be like a top formula.

UNDER THE BUBBLE: Under that Bubble Formula, sub-formulas may abide for expressing Relative Constants, derivative of patterns of interference as expressed and renormalized in association with a Field of Vibrations emitted in respect of a Source Form for the Bubble.Vibrations may split into various kinds of wave packets that cannot be split further, but that may be convertible, depending on interference encountered.Fundamental forces may be shaped, as for a strong force, for binding fundamental wave packets, a weak force for emitting random radiation, a gravitational force for defining and renormalizing inertial frames of reference, and an electromagnetic force, for charging and renormalizing various kinds of expressions of electronic, magnetic, and photonic energies.All sub-formulas for controlling parameters for such various forces may interfunction to give renormalizing expression to a four dimensional field of space-time.In respect of such formulas, relative measures may be taken, such as of speeds and frequencies of light, of entropic expansions of inertial frames of space-time, and of complex evolution and organization of organizations and organisms of information.Every such formula and sub-formula would renormalize and trade relative measures of dimensions, forms, energies, information, organizations of information, Will, and organized perspectives of Will.

CONSERVED EXCHANGES AMONG FORMULAS: Underlying every conservatory formula and every measured pattern of vibrating wave packets, there would be aspects of Math-Will-Purposefulness, availing an infinity of patterns of patterns, forms of forms, informations of informations, formulas of formulas, fractals of fractals, recombinations of recombinations, substances of substances, potentials of potentials, infinities of infinities, symmetries of symmetries, measures of measures, vibrations of vibrations, vectors of vectors, representations of representations, organizations of organizations, machines of machines, computers of computers, calculations of calculations, complexities of complexities, organisms of organisms, identities of identities, wills of wills, perspectives of perspectives, empathies of empathies, purposes of purposes, evolutions of evolutions, entropies of entropies, dissipations of dissipations, cycles of cycles, fields of fields, organized clouds and nets of organized clouds and nets, hierarchies of clouds and nets, hierarchies of leveraged formulas of forms of leveraged formulas of forms, abstractions of abstractions, and consciousness of consciousness.

Dance of Feedback

DANCE OF FEEDBACK BETWEEN PERSPECTIVES OF THE WHOLE AND OF THE PARTS:Formulas that avail the unfolding of measurable signification, by thus, perhaps also avail the qualitative apprehension of perspectives of consciousness.Thus, the unfoldment is in respect of a perpetual, present, qualitative apprehension of quantitatives.If there were only quantitative, with no dance with qualitatives, then there would be an uncommunicated, predetermined unfoldment, of no meaningful existentiality. Thus, quantitatives avail limits for each next unfoldment, while apprehensions of qualitatitives feed back, to participate in choice making.Thus, limits of quantitatives and participations of qualitatives are reconciled.Thus, there is neither free will, nor predetermination.Rather, there abides a“dance” of contemporaneous participation in respect of a reconciling holism.

EXPERIENTIAL PRESERVATION:By what Mechanism or Field, if any, may Information about previous vibrations be recorded, preserved, accumulated, spread out, remembered, forgotten, or recycled into the Perpetual Present?It does not seem that a Source Unit would“flux” in any meaningful way, without simultaneously availing Signifying expression of a Field of numerous, vibrational, Vector Values, i.e., Locally Relational Vibrational Vector Units. Is a Meta Aspect of Field necessarily associated with a Meta UNIT of Form?May such Field mediate and accumulate Vibrations, as Iterations of a Combinatory Singularity?Does some Substratum of Math avail such Field, and Vibrations within it, to be Aspects of a Singularity, without de-unitizing the Singularity?Is THE UNITY, in aspects, like a TRINITY, being expressive of (1) Unit of Form (God Perspective?), (2) Unit of Field (Holy Ghost Context?), and (3) Unit of Iterations of Vibrations (Jesus Purposefulness?)?Are the vibrations Continuously Degreed across one dimension, while being Discretely separate and Digitally Leaping across another?Depending on point of view, context, and purpose, may aspects of the Trinity be reasonably intuited to be both meta-qualitative and significatorily-quantitative?When quantitative, may Information be subject to limiting Conservation, to be Recycling between manifestiality and potentiality?May previous preservations of Information about Vibrations of the Source Unit, by being preserved as Information in the Field, necessarily and continuously take on changing and Recycling Qualities (or Personalities) for availing changing dimensional representations?

CAN GOD FORGET:May quantitative information in the Manifest be converted and stored as qualitative information in the Potential?Perhaps, in that way, God can in the temporal “remember” all the information that is manifest, and “forget” all the information that is potential.

WAY STATION: Without present consciousness, there is no meaningful world of manifestation.That which is recorded into present manifestation, with no experiential consciousness, seems like a WAY STATION, for transitioning in the flux of feedback between a world of present manifest consciousness and a world of apprehension of potential unfolding.

THE CLOUD:May the next intermediate formula be beyond our easy senses, but not beyond our eventual empiricism, via an organization of Baconian Organon into “The Cloud?”May The Cloud divine means, itself, to birth and express New Perspectives, for expressing, measuring and experiencing new derivatives of qualities and colors, and reporting back?May it find and organize with Other Clouds, via projective polarities?Is there a Meta Cloud that abides over all, beyond and higher?A Cloud of Clouds of Clouds?Like Choirs of Angels, Substrata of Substrata, Organizations of Organizations, Formulas of Formulas?

INNATE EMPATHY: Vibrating projections of Iterations are subject to organizing with sub-formulas, for Organizing and Conserving their projections.Thus, vibrating projections carry innate capacity to be organized, to seek and feel their associates.Thus, a Quality of vibrational pressure is derivative of organizations of innate empathies and appreciations.Thus, Organization of small vibrations of innate empathy leads to feelings of qualities and perceptions regarding the organizations-- i.e.,, causal forms of pressure, representation, sensation, light, differentiation, perspectives, apprehension, ART.

RELATIONSHIPS WITH COSMIC EMPATHY:A main issue would seem to pertain to relationships with Cosmic Empathy.What cosmos of relationships would an interested, apprehensive, Reconciler of consciousness seek to coax into manifestation?In reconciling empathies, how would a Reconciling Agency factor local expressions of competition and cooperation? Note that both competition and cooperation would be aspects of empathy, i.e., of perspectivistic organization and iteration of intuitive caring between Cosmic Empathy and local Perspectives.

FEEDBACK OF MIND: Mind may be conceptualized as a correlative coordinator of experience.Mathematical truths limit parameters within which sub-organizations for perspectives of mindful Will can evolve. Constant mathematical relationships among sub-significations of physical forms are a priori functions of Truth, which often waits to present on mindful formulations. The Logic of Will (of desire) is constrained by the Math law of Conservation, which reconciles among the many, to the one unfoldment, from among many qualities of perspective. Sensory experience emerges to our conscious apprehension, in association with how our sense detectors present to our organizations of brain.In what respect may mere reason and logic help divine how such relationships and associations came to be, or how they came to experience qualities?



RENORMALIZATION TO PERPETUAL PRESENT --- THE RECONCILED-SYNCHRONIZED-CONSERVED HERE AND NOW:Atomic orbital time seems to provide a reliable standard unit of sequential reference for an inertial frame.And Relativity seems to allow renormalitive calculations across inertial frames. However, there seems not to be a standard, granular unit of time that applies to any measure across the Universe as a whole, by which to measure universal time passed from any reference point of “nowness.”So, what does it mean to suggest the universe, from earth perspective, appears as a whole to be “x” years in age?Would any present perspective from a different part of the universe derive the same x age, given renormalization?What may that mean?

NOWNESS: One may intuit that there seems to abide a cosmic NOWNESS.And, given accurate renormalization, it seems every perspective would measure the universe to be of the same age since the “Big Bang.”

SPACE-TIME CONTINUITY V. MATTER-ENERGY GRANULARITY:May it be best to consider severable “things” that are relationally measurable in space-time as being granular, while “space-time itself” is best considered as being mathematically continuous?Depending on utility of math model being deployed by Will, may space and time be modeled equally well, either as being discrete or as being continuous?When a basic unit is too small to be measured, it may give an impression to a perspective of Conscious Will that it is continuous, because the Perspective is incompetent to perceive the individual steps.For example, if discrete feedback is required to synchronize and reconcile a thing with its context, then the smallest moment of space-time needed to synchronize the feedback may be the level of granularity that is relevant to that relationship for that perspective.

TIME AS ILLUSION, SECONDARY TO SEQUENCES IN MATH-BASED FUNCTIONS, FORMULAS, AND OPERATIONS: Time can be measured to be only as discrete or continuous as the substances and processes used to measure it. What is thus measured is not an objective condition, but our normalized, inter-subjective detection of math-based relations among patterns of change. Zeno’s paradox may be resolved by recognizing that discrete segments and sequences may undergo renormalizing quantum leaps.

ZENO’S PARADOX:It may resolve Zeno’s paradox of the Dichotomy by questioning one of his assumptions:that between any two different points in space (or time), there is always another point. Without this assumption, there are only a finite number of distances between two points, so there is no infinite sequence of movements.Hence, the paradox seems to be resolved.That is, in any given inertial frame, there may be a smallest, discrete unit of space and a smallest discrete unit of time.Getting from any one segment or sequence to another may entail quantum leaps, rather than an infinite series of steps by halving.

What may be implied about the reality of space, time, matter, energy, and conscious perspective, if separations in space and time are reasonably to be conceptualized as Discrete, rather than Continuous?Then, it would seem that the ultimate building blocks of empirically measurable substance (matter and energy situated in relative space-time) would consist of units (or "points"), which in themselves were immeasurable, i.e., sizeless and without mass, but which, in fields of formulaic organization, would avail expression of contextually relative and measurable size, curvature, mass, location, direction, speed, i.e., vectors subject to conservational formulas.

SUPERVENIENCE AMONG LEVELS OF STRUCTURE AND IN HIERARCHY OF FORMULIZATIONS:A concept of Supervenience suggests that each change in state at a higher level of structure or formulization must correspond to a change in lower level states. Supervenience would assert that a lower-level process uniquely determines the higher-level process.Thus there abides a “many-to-one mapping” between lower-level processes and higher-level processes. It seems that a discrete structure may supervene upon a continuous substratum, and, vice versa, a continuous structure may supervene upon a discrete substratum.

SUSSING THE IMMEASURABLE REAL:The Singular Unit-Packet seems to be necessarily existent, i.e., “real.”Yet, in itself, it is meta, i.e., not measurable.Yet, as applied with formulas, it produces derivative appearances, which are in some ways, measurable.They are not "completely measurable" in themselves, for they do not exist in themselves, but only relationally -- to a perspective, subject to a relational context, for some purpose of being formed to a record or sensation.Thus, appearances are relationally measurable, for qualitative purposes, not for a purpose of permanent recordation of truth about reality.
They are measurable in respect of formulas under a calculus which can be contrived to whatever the level of accuracy as may be desired, so long as the quality being thus quantified does not transpose across a fuzzy state of becoming, to phase shift to a nonlinearly different quality.May its interface be “sussed”?
CONCEPTUALIZING TO PRACTICAL PURPOSES: In respect of what conceptual scheme may one best and most consistently map measurable reality, while inspiring or identifying that which constitutes moral and meaningful conduct?
- The Singular Unit -- A conception of a Form (geometrical math)
- Vibrations -- Iterative formulations that are digitally representable in mathematics
- Field -- Conserving mediator of mathematical relationships and transitional interfaces

MATHEMATICAL ONTOLOGY- Regarding the ontology of mathematical physics:If the physical world objectively possesses a mathematical structure, then may it follow that it also possesses a substructure of that structure?Are there “mathematical things”?


A locally shared sub-formula may avail appearances of aspects of shared grid mapping. The appearance of sharing may be conservable in respect of an intermediate, sub-summing formula, such that all locally relativistic transformations are shared at a same rate, such that all so sharing would seem to retain the same grid reference for digitized measurements. A need may not arise for re-normalizing or adjusting comparisions between local and distant frames of reference, except as connective formulas may traverse between a local sub-formula and a distant application of an intermediate formula or shift in inertial frame.

THE SINGULAR UNIT-PACKET:A singular Unit, whose Identity is ITERATED numerously among indiscernibles, is perpetually availed to the functioning of every presently fluxing sub-formula.

Its Number of Vibrational Iterations is limited only by the number of its applications to sub-formulas. The number of such sub-formula applications is limited only by the Top Formula. All sub-formulas are subsumed under the Top Formula. As a conserving equation, the Top Formula has Two Sides. Does that implicate that it is digitally based?

UNIFICATION TO ONE:May Reconciling Stuff consist of a Singular Digit, Value, or Unit, which itself is immeasurable in size or mass, which has no size or mass, which in essential Identity is of the Number One, which is iterated for whatever number of applications may be apt, for application by all sub-formulas of the Top Formula?

Do Iterations of bubbles and vibrations of the Singular Unit not, upon their application, measure to ANNIHILATE or cancel one another, because they do not exist as measurable things?

Does the Quality of their application with sub-formulas avail Emergence of in-form-ation of plural fields, of organizations and vector orientations, the interfunctionings of which avail the recordation, experience, interpretation, and communication of such information?Do such Emergent fields and vector values (in respect of emergent qualities of revolution, rotation, roll, and spin) (linear direction and angular momentum) come to avail expression of Charges (positive and negative), gravity (mass), attraction, repulsion, bindingness, cancellation (annihilation of organizations), and quantum leaps (digitized correlations and polarized movements)?

Thus, do such Units, if they exist in themselves, not interact, because they are of One? Does the Singularity not interact with itself?However, do Vibrational Iterations of the Source Singular Unit, in respect and relation to sub-formulas that are organized in respect of such iterations, interfunction and interact? Do interactions of Organizations of iterations of in-FORM-ation avail all dimensional qualities of relative and relational formulization and measure --- such as exclusivity (spin), mass (rate of responsiveness to gravitational curvature), location (space), orientation (linear and angular momentum), vector (matter), polarity, charge, radiation, amplitude, intensity, reactivity, wavelength, wave frequency (energy), and comparative sequential compression (time)?

Do special, shared, and intermediate levels of Form-ulas avail shared cosmic cones of relationally balanced experience?

If there abides a "set number" of vibrational iterations of the Singular Unit, in respect of the shared cone of cosmic experience that is availed to us, then it would be in respect of the number of applications of the Singular Unit that are availed to all the sub-formulas that produce the appearance of our shared cone of experience.

The relational fluxing of the sub-formulas is guided and reconciled in respect of an innate capacity of digitally appreciative feedback between the Source of the Top Formula and the perspectives availed among the sub-formulas.

Thus, each iteration of the Unit is Innately Relational to all others, and all seem to be subject to a digitizing heirarchy of fluxing formulas, under a Top Formula Algorithm.

The function of the sub-formulas is to avail appearances … of measurable discretes and continuosities among appearances of relational and fluxing organizations.

QUESTION: May the Top Formula support a Character, either of superior consciousness or of primitive apprehension? For what Purpose may it Conserve or Guide? How does it receive and process Feedback from sub-formulas, without itself being changed? Does it change or learn? Does it have a channel for instantaneous feedback?
SUPERVENIENCE OF UNCHANGING CHANGER:May there be an Unchanging Changer? An Unchanging Top of the System of Heirarchical Formulas? May it have meta capacity to flux sub-formulas on each side of its equal sign, without the top-formula itself needing to be fluxed, in order to flux them?

EMBODIMENTS OF FORMULAS:Iterations of the Meta cannot, as themselves, not even in aggregate, be directly measured or weighed. Rather, such weights, charges, and masses of which they avail signification are all derivative of how their iterations are formula-ized, and therewith avail Emergence to significations of quanta, with qualities, some of which are sensed and some of which are measured.


When a measurable relationship dissipates or "winks out" into apparent immeasurable nothingness, the relationship simply recurs elsewhere, sort of like through a wormhole, but still subject to the System of Algorithmic Formulas.The Singular-Meta-Field-Unit may be modeled as being presently everywhere, to instantaneously blow and suck bubble-packets and vibrations along a circular loop, to recycle organizations of Sub-Perspectives of Will between the Potential and the Manifest.It is omnipresent to the manifest, omni-imaginative to the potential, and omnipotent to the possible, for such sequential exchanges among quantifiable segments as are possible within such formulas as it adopts.It is omnivorous of perspectives of experience.Its moral pursuits are based in feedback of empathy and evolution.

The potential of Iterations of the Source Unit to influence and effect measurable relationships is guided and constrained to a System Algorithm that is presented with the Source Unit.

There seems little point to imagining all the Iterations of Units, in themselves, being collapsed into a small space, or even into a Singular Unit or Black Hole.

Regardless of proportionality in any collapse, the units being, in themselves, sizeless and massless, would not be meaningfully measured or conceptualized to have collapsed.

What is meaningful is only how they are relatively (and digitally?) deployed, supervened under the System Algorithm (Top Formula), for giving expression to sub-algorithms.Under such formulaic deployment, expression is given to exclusivity, vibration, frequency, reinforcement, interference, entanglement, alignment, directional vector, angular momentum, spin, charge, neutralization, and annihilation.It is not the meta-vibrations of iterations that are signified, but the INTERFACE effect of such vibrations taking on the signification to give expression to formulas.

In themselves, the iterations of units would not collapse into a Single Unit, unless all Perspectives of Consciousness were also collapsed into a Single Perspective. Were a single unit (as quick as math) the SAME UNIT, as a Single Identity of Indiscernibles, it could apply itself, digitally, to function as a placeholder, to flesh out (word made flesh) all apparent substance, so as to make relational formulations and organizations mathematically measurable in severalty, subject to perspective, context, and purpose.Each iteration of perspective would be dormant, while its formulative definition were unfilled, during which sequencing break it would be without capacity to notice that its experience of apparent continuity was really based in digitality.

CRACKED SYMMETRY – RELATIVISTIC SIGNIFICATION – FORMULIZATION REQUIRES SEPARATION OF PRESENTATION OF UNITY (HOLISM) IN COORDINATE ASPECTS (RELATIVISTIC PARTICULARS):If meta (real) units were in themselves aligned in perfect meta symmetry (property-less, sizeless, massless, directionless, chargeless, spinless, and indiscernible), then how, in relativity, could any sensed or recorded SIGNIFICATION or thing be relationally measured to orbit, radiate, emit a charge, traverse a distance, respond to gravity, or be tested to have organized? Such could not occur were such units, in themselves and by themselves, the fill of Reality. Some additional factor or aspect would need to avail such Units to assume such relational organizations, Aspects, and coordinate Properties (cracked symmetry) as would avail interpretations, sensations, and recordations of Information concerning measurable functions (such as relative weight, charge, size, direction, speed, revolution, rotation, and roll. Until some device or Formula were applied to crack symmetry and separate the fundamental Singularity into varying Aspects of presentation, in order to Mediate, Interface, and relate among them, to give expression and signification to a measurable Organization or form of comparable size and mass, then there would be nothing and no basis that could be said to have capacity to measure them or their organization ---such as for weight, charge, size, direction, speed, revolution, rotation, or roll.

RELATIVISTIC CONSTANTS:When one Thing (immeasurable in itself) parcels and presents itself in different Aspects or Phases or Properties, and such aspects are required to relate to one another in ways that obey relativistically constant formulas, then such Aspects may sense and measure their relational contexts by empirical reference to coordinately mapped changes among their contextual constituents. Thus, the Universe may be immeasurable as one substance (no mortal can measure time, space, or matter before the Big Bang), yet, after the Big Bang from Cracked Symmetry, be measurable in respect of the possible mixes of Aspects that it can present.

SYMMETRY:If the only Source Unit were propertyless and sizeless, then summing indiscernible iterations would not add size.Thus, it would seem meaningless to speculate on any possible effect of any simultaneously proportionate expansion or contraction of all indiscernible iterations of such Unit.So how may any iteration of any such unit be conserved to move, push, pull, attract, repel, organize, or bind in respect of any other? Well, Symmetry would have to be cracked, so that iterations became irregular and discernible.Once symmetry were cracked, so that vibrations and iterations of the Source Unit became discernible, then how may such Iterations of units be formul-ized and imag-ed, to organize and obey conservational relationships representable in formulas, based on values assigned to vectors and fields in math?How may such irregularly iterative representations be formalized to convey locally perspectivistic information,that could be interpreted to Wilful and sensory experiences of pressure, picture, color, vibration, and chemical flavor?

PARTICULAR SUBDIVISION NECESSITATES DISCERNIBILITY:Formulas for organizations that can be fluxed to re-pre-sent the conservation and impression of sensate information to our experience and memories must somehow be interfaced, associated, and bonded with Iterations of Aspects of the ultimate Unit of Reality.What would happen were all irregularity in such vibrational iterations to smooth and dissipate out?Then, it would seem such Iterations would revert to perfect indiscernibility and re-absorption into the Singular Source Unit.

SUPERVENIENCE OF LEVELS OF FORMULAS:So long as vibrational iterations retain aspects of discernibility, then they may be subject to complex re-organizations in respect of their properties of differentiation.What would avail them to represent qualities of measurably discernible difference would abide with the organization of such units in respect of locally relative frames of reference.Thus, the Source Unit would avail such organizations to be fluxed in obedience to predetermined and contemporaneously determined hierarchies or systems of formulas.Such formulas must entail means for representing and conveying expression of relationally discernible, vibrationally imperfect, iterations of the Source Unit.Otherwise, such units would remain without meaningful or measurable existentiality. Expression via such formulas must entail means of inform-ational recordation and apprehension among such various relativistic and reconciled perspectives as are locally coterminous with our shared state of affairs.

FORMULAS AT INCEPTION OF DISCERNIBILITY: Thus, the formulas and the aspects of vibrational iterations emerge into contemporaneous existentiality, secondary to cracked symmetry.But for their contextually conservational relation, the formulas and the units of imperfect iterations which they rule, would neither of them have size, mass, charge, direction, or purpose.Yet, taken together, their interfunctioning communicates informational expressions of mass. Thus, vibrationally imperfect iterations of the Source Unit associate with the inception of fundamental aspects, i.e., derivative units that are associated with dynamic formulas for defining organizations, translations, and measurables.

DIGITAL DISCRETES:Each alteration on one side of a formula entails a simultaneous, conservational, dualistic, quantum jump (exchange) on the other side of that level of formula. Thus, vectors of revolutions, rotations, and rolls appear to be derivative of discrete quantum leaps, which are controlled by whatever the Reconciling Source that actuates and guides parameters for the unfoldments that are made subject to such system of conserving formulas.Thus, information appears to be exchanged in discrete bits, in a way that correlates and renormalizes so as to sponsor locally qualitative expectations and interpretations of unfolding continuosities in space and time.