Sunday, October 6, 2013


CLUMPING: As vibrations of Will clump and focusPerspectives, the potential for relations between and among such vibrations and perspectives charges a field of space-time, that is Derivatively Expressed all around and in respect of them.

NO VACUUM: Thus, the field, derivative and in respect of vibrations and perspectives, is not really a vacuum. Rather, it is charged in potentiality. However, it is charged so minutely as to be Beyond Individual Measure of such charges.

Thus, POTENTIALITY would CHARGE the field, the vibrating clumpings, and the singular unit, such that iterations upon iterations would generally be repulsed and attracted, outbound from the Singular Unit. The Unit and its Field would seem to have no particular locus in space-time, for space-time may not even exist, except in relational respect of the Singular Unit and its Field.

NO PRIVILEGED UP OR DOWN: Thus, no particular Iteration would be privileged to know which way was up or down, expanding or contracting. What would seem to be apparent to and from any particular Iteration would be that particulars away from it would seem to be relatively accelerating in distance. However, this appearance would be the same, regardless of whether all matter were accelerating outbound while proportionately expanding, or whether all matter were accelerating inbound while proportionately contracting. Either way, at some point along the acceleration, an iteration would seem either to dissipate or to contract, to such a phase-shifting point as no longer to support a perspective of consciousness in respect of it that could be apart from that of the Singular Unit.

ROTATION AS REFERENTIAL BASIS FOR GRIDDING: However, if a Point of Origination for a Universal Bubble is assumed, then it would seem odd if all that seems relationally to be further outbound were sensed as rotating clockwise, while all that seemed further inbound were sensed as rotating counterclockwise. Would such be internally consistent with a generally outbound expansion from a common point of origin? No. The increasing acceleration could still be attributed either to increased outbound acceleration or increased inbound contraction. So then, could such odd observation of rotational tendencies, in connection with differentials in red shifts in electromagnetic radiation, provide a referential basis for gridding one's relative locus in respect of a presumed common point of origin? No. The shift would be to the red, either way, and the CAUSE of the differential could still not be known to be because of acceleration outbound or inbound, assuming compensatory proportionate expansion or contraction among all forms of mathematical expression.

SIZE IN ITSELF: In itself, as a whole, the Singular Unit and its Field and collection of clumps of dissipating and replacing Vibrations, is SIZELESS. In relationships among the Unit, Field, and iterations of Vibrations, interfunctionings are measurable. However, such measures cannot be Mathematically pinned to a Grid in respect of an unchanging or Favored Point in Space-Time.


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