Wednesday, October 2, 2013



1) Unconsciousness of unconsciousness of consciousness of modeling (most plants)2) Unconsciousness of consciousness of modeling (meat eating plants and dreaming animals)
3) Consciousness of modeling (animals' consciousness of surroundings)
4) Consciousness of consciousness of modeling (animal's consciousness of self)
5) Consciousness of consciousness of consciousness of modeling (animal's consciousness of other selves)
6) Enlightened Consciousness of modeling (consciousness of potential)
7) Holistic Reconciling Consciousness of modeling (consciousness of God)

ABSTRACT MODELING: A model/concept of unit/vibration/field can be considered from a standpoint that offers a meta basis for interrelationally considering measurable Substance, recordable Information, and/or presently experienceable Conscious Will. An abstract model is not an explanation of truth, but a model for a way of PURSUING TRUTH. A best model is hoped to be as least-metaphysically postulative and as most-internally consistent as possible. A best model would synthesize other models, with no cost to their rigor, and lead to potential insights for hypothecating submodels of practical application, testability, and falsifiability. A model that guides mores, even in respect of surpassage of evolution. A main moral is: Ego, evolve with empathy! A best model would pierce conceits of naming biological units as if they have eternally separate identities (or souls of consciousness). A best model would pierce notions of separate soul, original sin, and separate eternal salvation.

FALSIFYING MODELS AND PRACTICAL MODELS: A problem with falsifiability as a test is: we already intuit that any model that would purport to be a precise and complete map of non-trivial truth would necessarily be false, per Godel. And, a model may be incomplete or impractical for some purposes, yet highly practical for others. For most earthbound technologies, Newtonian concepts about physics work quite well. A non-trivial idea, concept, model, or formula that cannot be true unless it can be falsified (made false) could never be true for all practical purposes.


PRAGMATIC TEST --- A pragmatic test for a philosophy: What would be the results of an actual practice of the philosophy, with regard to practical issues and interests of a culture or humanity?

DIGITALITY allows the whole to receive severable impressions and variously reconciled conceptualizations.

SHARED CONE: The same information, design, or piece of art is presented, sensed, conceptualized and related differently to every perspective within a shared conceptual cone. Yet, they all share the same holism of Identity, albeit, from different creative perspectives.

SHARED POWER: None of the particular perspectives of consciousness has power in itself to effect a meta choice that woujld limit the whole, except as creatively and self fulfillingly made and reconciled by and to the Holism.

INFINITE QUALITATIVE POTENTIAL: Each different perspective or standpoint within the whole yields a potentially infinite variability of impressions to be fed back to the whole.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Consciousness is information representing and experiencing itself, as if in a stream of digitized feedback of constant ebb and flow, exchanging, communicating, substituting, and dimensionally analyzing.

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