Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Corrupti, and the Ignoranti they farm, believe in Scientific Progress of Civilization. Implying that Nature and Science are purposed to progress. Most true scientists see science itself as something that just is. If there is purpose, whether contemporary, fluxing, or teleological, that would implicate a purposeful Consciousness. That is, God -- which Progs tend not to believe in.
So, Progs believe in godless purposefulness. And they are so zealous in their pagan moonbattery (almost Moon godlike) that they will not tolerate any backstepping. No regression!
Where have we encountered that idea before? Oh yeah. That would be in Islam. Wonder no more why Progs and Musloids are often so united to destroy human freedom, dignity, and representative republicanism. Wonder no more why nearly every oligarch is united to use media/academia to dog and ankle bite Trump at every step. These people mean to destroy your individual freedom. Because you don't deserve it. Because they already have all the answers. Science, doncha know?! "Moral Science." Cue Sam Harris.

Marcuse appealed to unenlightened, incompetent, pinke waggers. Unfortunately, coddling society has disallowed Darwin from removing them from our midst. How long can we carry the genetic and cultural drag of these Limpys, without losing our republic to the godforsaken and godless Corrupti who cultivate and farm them?
Marcuse' followers claim to believe in Science, but not in Darwinism. Certainly not in Individualism, but in group chained subhumanism. They believe in Hive Mind: Slap, Tickle, Buzz, and Sue. ST BS.
Hive Minders worship founders, like Marcuse, Marx, Hubbard, Jones, Muhammad, and other trash. They believe their founders' scientism constitutes science. Proven science. Unfalsifiable, consensus, settled science. So, no need for freedom. No need to respect the dignity of fellow citizens.
Rather, the only need is to apply the science. Shut up all resisters, and apply the science. Since their worshipped ruling oligarchs and their elites have all the answers, opponents must be either reeducated or removed. The role of their colleges is simply to spread the critical science. My God, my God! Pray for America and our children. Pray that we can get the hordes and herds of moo-cows off the locoweed.

While Repubs play slap and tickle, Dems play slap, tickle and sue. Soon to be a breakfast cereal for passive aggressive feminazis. Slap and tickle just get your feet in the door. Sue lets you take over the joint.

Not easy for one attorney to do. But I was often called on to defend the State in suits brought by multiples of opposing counsel. One riot, one Ranger. The State could chance that, because it enjoys caps on damages. Unlike most people and businesses.
This is a good reason for needing tort reform: Because businesses tend to risk far more than the State by failing to settle nuisance value suits. Of course, the social cost is hardly free, since it is passed on to society at large. Now, the social cost is being passed on in the form of destroying our republic.

In practice, lawyers study every field. Because they need to learn the standard of care that applies when they sue. They need to learn how to discredit opponents who play fast and loose with science. And they need to anticipate the counter moves of the best conniving opponents. In a personal injury suit, you will sometimes need to prepare to examine or cross examine experts in psychology, pain, fee-setting, medicine, economics, safety, manufacturing, metallurgy, engines, physical dynamics, etc. A doctor tends to focus on a patient. A trial lawyer tends to be like a shark, smelling for blood from every angle.

The legal knowledge base has become crap because the law has been used far beyond its healthy purposes. Crap piled on crap, higher and deeper, seeking legal paradise by climbing trees of crap. So now Berkeley wants to save humanity by killing free speech. And Feminazis by tying us up in legal straitjackets. While our borders remain forced open by knotty law. This tower to treason and transhumanism must topple.
De-regulate. Tort reform. Defenestrate limpy law droolers.
So we have defensive medicine, defensive lawyering, defensive manufacturing. (Signs on ladders warning to watch your step?) Cars that soon will not allow human drivers. Bots whose sole purpose will be to protect you from pain while they enhance your experience of pleasure. That may, at some point, deem it necessary to kill the patient to save the patient. The elimination of free speech and masculine adventurism. Because, safety and safe spaces. Mother Earth. Dirt, yearning to be dirt.

Given lawsuit insurance, legal specialists do not hesitate to sue one another. Their legal training does not slow them.
The problem is too many femi-limpys giving rise to too much law, giving rise to too much lawyering. That problem will not be resolved by cultivating more law droolers.
What we need is to stop the femi-limpy idea that the way to improve society is to use law to regulate and protect everything. That does not produce free-thinking free-speaking innovative practitioners. It produces moo-people for people-farmers.
We need more tort reform and more no-fault social insurance. Has fear of lawsuits really made commercial products safer? Or would the marketplace, given its head, have produced those advancements quicker, had there not been all the wasted resources devoted to law drooling?
We are rewarding, floating, and promoting to the top of all our institutions the worst femi-limpy dregs imaginable. (One sound bite: Obama!) This has been encouraged under the femi-limpy mindset of "a legal solution for every pain and every slight." And who are its beneficiaries? Feminazis (Soros).


A fundament of common sense is to be wary of people who want to be judges in their own interests.  They will want to claim to have established via objective and empirical science that which is only scientism rationalized to their interests.  They drool to fool.  That is, to lure gullible people to believe they have established a moral right to regulate and rule over them.  Because, "science." 

This becomes easy once enough liberty-illiterates and cultural communists have been imported.  Then send bots and sock puppets to infest the Internet, to convince ordinary people that "science" is against them.  Then invent a conceptualization, like Warmism, that is so easily shape-shifted that it cannot be falsified.  Use it to buffalo the people into believing they must surrender their freedom of expression and enterprise to elite scientisimists who work on behalf of oligarchs who know what is best.  Because, "science." 

However, there is a difference between legitimate scientists and law-givers versus power-grabbing scientisimists and law droolers.  In itself, science is neither good nor bad.  In the hands of bad people, it can be used to fool and farm the general population as if they were mere cattle.  Especially as colleges promote safe spaces over free speech, recruit students who never should have been admitted, and encourage them to riot against free-thinkers and call them bad names.

There is no such legitimate thing as consensus science.  But there is people-farming.  And Warmism is tailor made to that purpose.  It's not the godlessness of scientisimists that offends me.  it's the self-goddingness.  Especially when it's masked under pretenses of "consensus science" or "moral science" (or "Progress").

Globalists lack sense enough to apprehend how forms are shaped, defined, and separated.  To tolerate everything is to worship Annihilism:  The toleration of matter for anti-matter and freedom for totalitarianism produces nihilism.  The assholes that want our republic to tolerate globalism want us to tolerate Islam and Basement-dwelling, Entitlement-minded, Perpetual Infants.   But that won't make them happy.  Rather, they will then whine loudest.


I suspect most deep planetary problems would be resolved if we could phase out about 9 billion people. I do not believe in many detailed rules of ethics -- especially when imposed by committees. I call that "law drooling," of the sort engaged in by the ACLU. I prefer that most people tend to their own gardens, instead of fancying special license to rule others. That hardly matters, however, since these things tend to proceed in cycles.

Many scientists worry about where their next grant money will come from. Which makes some of them vulnerable to oligarchs with agendas. Which may be why research concerning some kinds of diseases is favored over others. And maybe why the Gay Lobby engages in scientism towards normalizing every kind of behavior. Can everything really be normal?

I am sure I don't need to tell you that science deals with what can be tested, verified, falsified. Not with how many dupes can find it in their interest to believe a model. That's more like religion than science. :) If Einstein had believed in consensus science, he may not have had the fortitude to challenge the conventional wisdom of the time.

There are many problems with Warmism. Are Warmists reliably able to show an optimal level of carbon usage? Can their models work with any significant or reliable consistency when factored with the various changes Nature imposes? Are their models falsifiable? Can they scientifically show a best set of political cures?

Conspiracy simply means to breathe together. As in the case of predators naturally drawn to a common watering hole. Or the case of liberal profs preferring that only like kind gain tenure. There is nothing unusual about it.

When a "theory" is so open ended and non-rigorous as to allow for shape shifting depending on political contingencies, then it is obviously more influenced by politics and influence peddlers than by science. I would agree that, when Warmists reinterpret evidence to prevent refutation (changing from warming to climate change), then they become good exemplars of the no-true-scotsman fallacy.

How about a march to phase out most of the West's industries. Or to phase out 9 billion people over 300 years. Are you down for that? Set it up and I'll cycle up to help carry placards. :)


People tend more to become adults when they are treated as adults. Most personal consumption does not need to be criminalized, per se. Keep the well founded warnings against dangers of consumption. Keep the shame against bad behavior. Kick the failure-to-launch-adults out of your basements. Eliminate most of the criminal penalties, except those against contributing to the delinquency of children.
In most cases, the Feds ought not be involved. Stop the Limpy Law Droolers that are keeping people as perpetual infants. The more our society is infantilized, the sooner its adults will lose their rights to freedom of expression, enterprise, association, and self defense. Those rights are much more important to becoming fully formed human beings than access to dope.
The more we infantilize, dope, entitle, regulate, and excuse from personal responsibility, the sooner we will become a limp society. At that point, our national free fall will be too advanced to fix.
"Multi-culti" and "there-oughta-be-a-law" are code for replacing responsible adults with Limpys. Can poor thinkers with good intentions subconsciously conspire (breathe together) to produce a society in free fall? You betcha. Can evildoers then consciously conspire to farm them? You betcha.

Trump does not have control of Rinos or Dinos. Most of DC consists of corrupt and ignorant shills for oligarchs. Most of our institutions of media, academia, Hollywood, banking, focus groups, Chamber of Commerce, churches, Congress, and at least 4 members of Scotus are reliable tools for the NWO. There are still a lot of good Americans, but the system has floated a lot of crap to the top of most institutions of control and persuasion. That's why we see so many bots-for-oligarchs and sockpuppets. Instead of expelling sewage, our institutions have been reversed to suck it in. And up.

A suspicious person might begin to think that elitists WANT to create a permanent class of grievance-on-the-brain agitators, the better to shear the sheeple.
People are people. They don't start out wanting to become tribalists and burdens on society. Until people farmers get done "teaching" them. Minorities that otherwise would have become good Americans are instead misdirected to become some of the biggest, most racist, fascist, gang-bangers going. At that point, failure to profile against inner city minorities and their community organizers becomes the folly of fools.
Some people profit by starting wars. Some, by instigating, fueling, funding, and excusing tribe-based animosities. Meanwhile, Soros gets richer.

Globalists lack sense enough to apprehend how forms are shaped, defined, and separated.  To tolerate everything is to worship Annihilism:  The toleration of matter for anti-matter and freedom for totalitarianism produces nihilism.  The assholes that want our republic to tolerate globalism want us to tolerate Islam and Basement-dwelling, Entitlement-minded, Perpetual Infants.   But that won't make them happy.  Rather, they will then whine loudest.

I'm not so sure all the people who politicize science are shunned, so long as they make rain by getting gov grants and so long as they use the accepted terminology.
Choices have to be made in how to select and gather data, how to model it, how to cherry pick it, how to qualify your findings. If you make the right choices, I suspect you can often satisfy both your funders and your peers. Especially when you push science beyond realms where it can be falsified. Then "science" becomes a tool for oligarchs farming people. To "save the planet."
What is the science of recruiting student mules, sucking their tuition money, and declining to fail them?

Of course Conservers of Liberty have an agenda! It's to restore the representative republic and MAGA. To grab the paper hanging NWO by the nose, kick it in the ass, and push it back into the subterranean cave from which it came.
What's the agenda of the oligarchic NWO and the Trump Haters, if not to destroy every representative republic and replace them all with satrap thugs for oligarchs, pretending to be guided by "science"?
Why are faithless self-godded people-farming soul-stealing oligarchs around the world so angry against every Western politician who dares to push back against the fake science of Soros' "Open Society"?

It was the Oligarchy that runs Western Society that undertook to unleash mayhem in response to Garchs that run Middle Eastern and Arabian Society. The Garchs benefit. I suspect most ordinary Americans do not favor either nation building or global reconstructivism. America's problem is that self-godded Garchs are not adequately checked to limit their depredations against decent ordinary people. They run every institution, and their main common purpose is to serve themselves against the little people. They do this by keeping people divided and appealing to their basest natures, to keep the masses at one another's throats. In that way, no effective opposition against self-godded people-farmers can form.
Liberty-illiterate, mal-educated, cheaply bribed (stupid) people at the bottom are easily convinced that the godless and godforsaken Garchs only want to rule in the most morally scientific way, to enhance the greatest good for the greatest number. Ignorance and corruption unite to grab their helllbbent rewards.
Garchs are helllbbent to prevent any re-assimilation of a majority of free-thinking, competent, individual Americans. So, they will resist the Wall, promote illegal immigration by liberty illiterates, pollute the schools with pos profs, turn fairness over to the complete supervision of the Courts and the law droolers that file bs cases, corrupt the legitimate role of science, profane faith, and turn language into Newspeak.

Secular atheists claim privilege to be Jews (hyphenated American atheists). Secular atheistic Christians (non-hyphenated American atheists) , not so much. Check the hyphenated (tribal anti-nationalist) privilege that allows for atheistic Jews but that deems atheistic Christians to be oxymoronic.

The intention to keep people forever infantilized is neither good nor empathetic. Rather, it is misdirected and pathetic. They hate Trump because he wants to get America back to work.

Not all Catholics, Methodists, and Jews. But a lot of the ones with position and power. That's just factual. But they would have you believe facts are racist. The Evil whose name you dare not speak. Religonists, ever since they got tax deductions, have conflated preaching for taxes as fighting for charity. Too many of our charitable middlemen operate under the model of Munchausen Syndrome. In a way similar to that of the despots who receive their charity and pretend to redistribute it to "the needy."

Subterranean Dems: It's easy to be saintly and charitable with other people's resources and money. While blaming Repubs, who actually give more of their own, because they are not so willing to conflate taxes or OPM with charity. This is the key difference between grown up responsible competent adults and perpetually infantilized incorrigible incompetent proggies. Specially schooled on how to remain tadpoles forever.

The Chamber, Parents, Educators, and Employers all work for the Oligarchs. The checks to keep the Oligarchs in balance so they can't cannibalize the Republic are out of whack. The Oligarchs and everyone they pay and brainwash deem keeping those checks out of whack to be Progress. That's why they all oppose Trump.

All modern politics is in a crucible, between an irresistible force and an immovable object: Codependent Globalism v. Independent Nationalism. And the Globalists are in white hot fury that their "progress" has been interrupted.

In the new world order of mass codependence, masculinity (individual competence) is deemed wrong in itself.
So the presumption of being deserving of blame is often against the non-femi non-groupie non-homie. Every independent thing done is wrong. It is chauvinistic, colonialist, bigoted, phobic, or racist. Trumpian.
Perfumed Spiders and Androidian Bot-bondage-lovers cannot allow that. Globalistic Massers have long been at war with Independent Nationalists, and that is coming to a head. Subhuman Borg-ians v. Human Beings. What will be assimilated to the last whimper, and what will be resisted to the last rage?

Liberals value free stuff, free sex, free dope, and unicorn love.

The really big sexists are the blondes that used their assets to acquire power, then, like luring anglerfish, ate their hosts. The really big racists are the blacks that use their gangs to loot, then claim it is protest in legitimate response to insufficient welfare. The really big faith-breakers are the churchmen and educators who have polluted the essence of their faith and knowledge in order to abuse and corrupt innocent children and following generations. The really big evildoers are the oligarchs who smell blood in the water and want to finish off the republic.
The really sad consequence is the sub-humanization of humanity. Our civilization is violently beset by Four Un-Sane Horsemen: Lust, Greed, Faithlessness, and Evil. When they prevail, they will reap their just "reward."

Who are the Dems? Dems are the Clown Tools of Corporatists. Dems complain against corporations, while they serve the Corporatists who have invested in buying politicians in order to bribe Dems with crumbs. Meanwhile Oligarchic Corporatists devour the nation, like Alien, from inside the belly and out.
Otherwise competent Americans, fearing being called names like racist, tolerated this outrage to such a point that it may now be irreversible. The host -- America -- is now on life support. Oligarchs are working furiously to pull the plug so they can devour the corpse. Using Gay Oligarch Media/Academia, they work 24/7/365 to denounce Trump, O'Reilly, and the culture that made the Republic. While Trump performs CPR, they jump on his back like dope/sex/addled monkeys.

This is how the oligarchy destroys the nation and rules the remnant: By empowering elite eye candy to lure all heterosexual men to ruin, to replace anchor positions with gay boys-- like Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith, and likely many many more.
Apparently, the elite tribe for the NWO is to consist of femme fatales, gay boys, anti-American tribalists, and international people-farming corporatists. No white Protestant heterosexual men allowed. Having built the nation, they are now only blood meals for preying parasites. This is cultural progress? Check your selective outrage.

In what way is Brooks a Conserver of Liberty, the Constitution, or the Republic? Has he advocated against the porosity of the border, the invasions by incompatible Muslims, the undermining of faith, family, fidelity? Other than not being a violently rabid communist or anarchist, in what way is Brooks committed to any principled or conservative worldview? How does he oppose the NWO oligopoly? Where are his bona fides? When the U.S. has been on the cutting block, where has he been?

Why are so many wannabe NWO oligarchs and their femboys so hateful of everyone who wants to do the things needed to keep the republic? (Enforce borders, limit third-world liberty-illiterate immigrants, preserve a viable middle class, promote individual competence and free thinking, end handouts to ingrates, etc.) For oligarchy-loving femboys like Brooks, everything Trump does is bad and wrong. Nearly everything they spin up and spew out of the tube is crap on behalf of the oligarchy for promoting the destruction of the republic. (War on women, war on diversity, white privilege, homophobia, islamophobia, etc.) They are incompetent femboys, the lot of them. No wonder they hate Trump!

I can see trying to save innocent people. And unfortunate people. But people so dumb and/or corrupt that they in effect beg monsters to destroy their country? Those are not my people.

The problem: Fem-brains among both sexes that think every problem requires a central law, the First and Second Amendments be dammmmed. They turn goodness into a lie and charity into a farce. They raise offspring to become incompetent ingrates, needing safe spaces and compensation for hurt feelings.

Our children have been taken to be groomed by law-drooling elitists, fake teachers, sex addled deviants, dope addicted pushers, and sold out reverends. Once they have been fully groomed, we congratulate them and pronounce them certified. So now we reap. Because our leaders "care."

The problem with public schools is that they're too buffaloed by quacks from private schools.
The problem with local gov is that it's too controlled by central gov. The problem with individually competent citizens is that they've allowed themselves to become too marginalized within herd society. The problem with modern society is that it has turned self-pleasuring into a fake god. The problem with self-godded elites is that they think the masses are their play dollies -- for experiments, war games, fairness commandments, marketing of children, sex run wild, and fantasies of godlike violence and indulgence.

The Ivies dumb down so more unprepared minorities can graduate. Because of the connections, the dumb down becomes the new standard. It is reproduced in gov and in other schools. Thus, the dumb and their servants shall inherit the earth. They already elected Bush and Obama.

The conspiratorial use of college to stupidify instead of to enlighten probably came about slowly and then accelerated as opportunists caught on to the possibilities and profits in nurturing a permanent herd of reliable moo-people.
Soon enough, tipping points were reached, so that few Conservatives can hope to achieve tenure. Few newscasters can buck their oligopolistic owners. Few politicians can resist opponents who are well funded by people-farming paymasters. Few pastors can keep flocks without whoring to all the "caring people" who care about redistributing fiat crumbs and tax revenues to organized ingrates.
Meanwhile, the class that invests with fiat money in buying and selling politicians and governments laughs, as it pulls up the ladders, opens borders to cheap and desperate labor, and invests in money alternatives, safe havens, and private islands. As they self-god themselves, they sell higher mindedness as if it were pagan earth worship. The better to farm the little people. And the figurehead for this "moral" Nazi harvesting of gold fillings from the little people strewn about? Guess.
We complain about brainwashed NoKos. But at least they don't go to college for the "honor."

We should each appreciate, work, and develop the aptitudes and opportunities we have been given --
without resorting to whining or infantile parasitism. We should appreciate, not demand, charity. Absent good reason, we should resist being taken advantage of, and taking advantage of, others. This is covered in the Lord's Prayer, under debts and temptations. Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Generally, T for Tat. Tough love, to raise goodly and competent adult citizens.

Every sentient person knows there are definite no-go zones based on race. And political agitating by Progs is calculated to keep that stirred and hot. As a result, we likely have as many or more dumbbasss pols in Congress (and California) as ever -- many of whom are mortal foes of the republican union. If that isn't cause for alarm, what is?

The KKK and BLM illustrate how easily low brows can be emotionally rolled. The KKK was only defeated when a majority assimilated values beyond those of the low brows.
Likewise, the BLM people will not be stopped until more people stop feeding the low brows. That includes their ignorant and corrupt apologists, shills, stooges, thugs, nerds, and media-academia dummmbbbasssess pretending to be enlightened profs and talking heads.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


I-Ness:  "I," in eternally present potentiality, am what I am.
Connection:  I, in fractal flux, am connected to every perspective of myself.

Access:  In in-form-ation, I have access in potentiality to all possibilities.

Particularity:  Yet, no particular perspective of I-ness presently knows the clearest path to all such possibilities, because no clearest path can exist for all of them simultaneously, except for each in potentiality.  (Opportunity cost.)

Empathy:  Each of we perspectives is connected in imperfect yet empathetic knowledge with the Godhead.

Flux:  Different fractally organized perspectives of the Godhead synchronize with different, overlapping, fluxing aspects of the Godhead.

Extension and Limitation:  Each of us is a fractal representation of the Godhead, with only such present knowledge as is presently extended to our fluxing fractal representation of IT.

Abiding:  Each of us abides in innate respect for the empathetic potentiality of the Godhead.

Thanks:  Each of us gives thanks and pleas in respect of our victories and defeats.

One Spirit:  With some fractal connectivity under math, beyond measurable physics, aspects of the potentialities of each of us are connected, in spiritual empathy, with the prayers and concerns of all others.

Spiritual Feeling:  We cannot measure or articulate the precise connection, but we can generally sense, feel, and be receptive to it.

Reconciliatory Balancing:  In math beyond our measure, all are reconciled with the unfolding of I-Ness.

Astonishing Consciousness: The Conscious Knowledge that is presently formed in the various fractal and quantum levels of the in-form-ation for the One-Ness is astonishing.  All such perspectives of consciousness relate to the same Godhead.


Math:  Math exists as the eternal present.

Consciousness:  Consciousness adopts perspectives by which to experience the math in correlative appearances of space-time.

Correlation v. Causation:  Neither Space nor Time exist in themselves, but only as correlative artifacts of perspectives of consciousness, spiritually working in math, but beyond causal measure in math.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Regarding feminazi and girlyman fairness and equality

Libs talk, Conservatives do. Libs esteem themselves as they fancy themselves. Libs confound language, conflating freedom with fascism and fascism with egalitarianism. Libs think Christianity is bad and Islam is good. Libs "loves them a fascist despot." Especially a despot who owns some judges and can dictate regulations -- right down to the toenails. Libs run from actual debate, shrieking. Libs melt under the First Amendment. Libs think taxing others is charity. Libs think trading liberty for group redistribution is a good thing. Libs think Communism will work if it is done right. Libs care so much by their protests that they always leave messes. Libs feel. They feel your ass, your wallet, your children, your pets. Libs dope. They live in lalaland. They read fiction, romance, howling, horror, super heroes, zombies, anime, comic books. Not math, real science, real history, economics. Libs groom children. Libs love to promote the fondling, degradation, mal-education, and addiction of children. Libs never launch themselves from your basement. Libs congratulate and godify themselves. Libs are incapable of wiping themselves. And of defending principles. Libs dumb down the culture and degrade the gene pool. All this was explained long ago: By their fruits (and dingle berries) shall ye know them.


Among other things, money is power, stored energy, to trick or demand the services of other people. Centrally organized power is power to leverage money with concerted focus and legitimized secrecy (conspiracy with trade secrets and national secrets). The common temptation and pattern is to use money and organization to enserf other people and patterns. Patterns of fractals often cascade with sudden and surprising transformations and phase shifts. Big blogs, businesses, and concerns often rise and fall, suddenly.

Some people tend to be higher-minded, in that they seek to preserve a humanity of decent, independent, competent, free-thinking, free-enterprising, persons. But, unless they too can organize, they become impotent against the default temptation.

So how can such people be inspired to assimilate or join for the common good and against the common temptation? What can motivate or pay such people, to keep them from tricking, conniving, and selling out their comrades? Once they organize to preserve their own dignity by reducing the dignity of opponents, how can they not become the sub-humanizing despots that they sought to avoid?

How can such comrades retain individual dignity by giving up their individuality in order to organize or bait a comradeship, corporation, commune, nation, gang, race, or scam? Without an anticipated payoff, people just aren't by nature that giving.

So, when good people organize to use the methods of people-farmers against them, how do they themselves avoid becoming people-farmers? How do they organize to preserve individual dignity against organized despotism? Must they force people to be free by first enslaving them --- as is done for children and liberty-illiterates by parents, colonizers, and nation-builders? Or should they rope off parts of the world that are homes for incorrigible people-farmers, slavers, and liberty-illiterates?

Absent a self-healing organizing Constitution, philosophy, theosophy, or moral science, how can good people assimilate or organize with effect? Without faith, family, and fidelity, they are dust to the wind. Fertilizer for the common temptation.

Moral science is a chimera, a delusion. Consensus moral science is an oxymoronic chimera. Man receiving precise and direct understanding of God is kool- aid ridiculous. The best mankind can do seems to be to be receptive in general good faith and good will to an innate feedback of empathy with and for the common Source of Consciousness and its various forms of perspective. Not science, but in-form-ed empathy. Tough love --- by the sweat of your brow.

Maybe the requisite tough love cannot take firm root until all alternatives have so discredited themselves that they no longer can fool their followers. Individual commenters can help expedite that process of discredit. The buttered comment effect.


If all guns were banned, the people would be mere pawns for oligarchs, who would make them mere fodder for oligarchic war games. People would be subhumanized, to be raised and farmed to serve the needs and desires of elitists.


How much would fairness and equality be enhanced, if all important decisions were taken away from the people and given to elitists who prance about pretending to know best? Answer: Not applicable. Once people are subhumanized, they are no longer human for the purpose of being capable of pursuing either fairness or equality.

The empathy of feminazis and girlymen tends to be horribly unenlightened.

The Problem With Feminazis and Girlymen: They want gov to make everyone be nice. So they listen to elite strongmen or scientists who promise to impose a best system of law enforced niceness. Problem is, when you force people to act nice or to give charity, they aren't really learning or doing either. Because their character is not in it, they will have learned neither niceness nor charity. As soon as they are sure no one is watching, they will take off the masks and revert to uncivilized, barbaric, selfishness.

They are not really keen on electing officials to enforce laws of niceness, fairness, or equality. Principles of niceness be dammed, they are keen on electing and appointing officials who will work the system in favor of their tribe, race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, union. Officials who will enforce laws only selectively, to reward in-crowd merits and punish out-crowd demerits.

The wannas of Feminazis and Girlymen do not nurture decent civilization, fairness, or equality. Rather, they grease the path to utter despotism. Despotism that will eventually bite its useful idiots and salt its own economy.

Moral: You can use law to organize society to give people the opportunity to be nice, but you can't use gov or law to force people to be nice or charitable. When you use gov to try to force people to be nice and charitable, what you accomplish is only to teach them to be two-faced connivers and parasites. When you use law to take away the freedom and dignity of adult citizens and replace it with the diktat of expert elitists and make-believe moral scientists, you wind up with a citizenry of incompetent, whinny sheeple, and passive-aggressive pretend-victims. That is, Feminazis and Girlymen, entirely incapable of sustaining or defending a sensible or representative republic.

Indeed, such unenlightened Feminazis and Girlymen will crowd out nearly all competent citizens. When they are done, their country will be ripe for picking by despots and invading jihadis and barbarians.

When citizens are allowed to learn enlightened empathy, there is much less need for busybody law drooling. That is the genius of the First and Second Amendments -- Snowflakes be dammmed.


Regarding feminazi and girlyman fairness and equality:

We need a crash program funded to develop a device to make tricorder analyses of privilege/handicap status, so society can more fairly impose affirmative redistributions of equality.  The score should be factored with tax calculations.  The higher the score, the greater the tax.
Suggested Factors:
Right handed +1; Uncoordinated +0; Left handed -1
Stem Degree +3; No College +0; Humanities/Social Science Degree -3
Above 130 /+3; Above 115 /+2; 100 /+1; 85/-1; 60/-2; 45/-3
Gorgeous +3; Cute +2; Plain +0; Ugly -1; Repulsive -2; Scary -3
Superior +3; Fit +2; Average +0; Weak/Slow/Poor Vision/Hearing -1; Arthritic -2; Blind/Deaf/Paralyzed -3
Male +2; Female +1; Gay +0; Trans -1; Bi or Hermaphrodite -2
Full head of dark or blond hair +2; Patchy Hair +1; Bald +0; Red Haired -1; Orange Haired -2
Eye Color:
Green or Blue +1; Brown +0; Black -1
Skin Complexion:
Lily White +3; Light White +2; Dark White +1 Yellow +0; Red -1; Brown -2; Black -3
Religious Tribalism:
Jewish +2; Christian +1; Atheist +0;  Hindi -1; Islamic -2
Oriental +2; Non-Hispanic North American, European, Australian or New Zealander +1; Hispanic +0; Middle Eastern -1; African -2
Fact Grounded +3; Shy, Integrated +2; Lively, Imaginative +0; Delusionary -1; Psychotic -2; Deranged and Dangerous -3
Family Support:
Mother, Father, Siblings, Relatives, Friends +1; Orphan +0; Two Daddies or Mommies -1
Maximum and Minimum Total Scores:  +28 to  -28.
A tri-quarter analysis should be made each year for every taxpayer.  For example, an average, plain, uncoordinated, non-college, male (+2), Christian (+1), brown eyed, red skinned (-1), red haired (-1) fact grounded (+3) Texas orphan would score a +4.  So, he should multiply his annual tax by 1 and 4/28.  Otoh, a black eyed, black skinned, orange haired, hermaphroditic, paralyzed, scary looking, 45 IQ, deranged African Muslim with a degree in critical social studies and two daddies, living in the U.S., would score minus 28.  So, he should multiply his annual tax by 1 minus 28/28.  IOW, he would owe no taxes.
 This is because you don't tax what you want more of.  It's all about the principles.  S/


We will never have principled, conservative Representatives or Judges until the balance of power is reset so that that godless lying international Oligarchs are not given unchecked and free reign to buy and sell politicians, gov favors, and governments. Until then, every reform will simply recede and fail under new contrivances. They don't call it the Rainbow (Mirage?) Coalition for nothing.

Dems don't really believe in either a living Constitution or a Republic. They believe in a dying Constitution, and they want to help it die -- the sooner the better. So they can spread the "love" of the NWO of "fairness and equality."
When a body changes so fast it cannot sustain itself, that's not called living. That's called decaying and dying.
Political doctors that want the U.S. to live need to control changes so they do not kill decency, freedom, and dignity. Too many are instead trying to replace faith, family, and fidelity with "answers" dictated by "moral scientists" and "elitists" who "know best." Their "answers" are open borders, pansexualism, thrills-in-pills, marrying the gov, one world currency, mutual back scratching between politicians and international oligarchic corporatists, and lowest-common-denominator desperate-cheap-labor -- worldwide. Fed nothing but oligarchic-owned media/academia indoctrination -- 24/7/365.


I think we need a committee to come up with a lot of additional categories. The people with moles, skin tags, curly hair, long noses, flat heads, big bottoms, and screechy voices will feel neglected. We need some profs to settle the science.  S/


Lefties tend to live exclusively in a swirl of hypocrisy, lies, self deceit, and self justification. They respect little that is objective, in order to right themselves or to keep to a true course. They renormalize everything, so that their perspective is taken to be the only normal one. Given enough of them, while their host survives, nothing is agreed to be normal -- except abnormality. The reckoning comes when their host dies from an excess of "diversity."

Bottom line: Lefties do not want to MAGA. Which is why nothing Trump does is good to them. Little whiny snots.

What are prayers, if not a kind of deal making with the Almighty?
The Left knows neither what it wants, nor what is sustainable. Its principles are all in its unsustainable imagination, in lalaland.
Now, if you want to suggest a better course of negotiation to achieve real goals and purposes that would help MAGA, then I'm listening. But if you just want to whine, you can join with the other adolescent lefties and talk to the hand.


It's a complete waste of time to discuss politics with someone who is stupid or corrupt enough to want to surrender the republic and his and most everyone else's freedom to NWO open-society open-border oligarchs and their pretend-experts in exchange for their promise to rule fairly and equally. Better to plug their lying mouths, grab their pointy ears, and point their heads back to the crib corner.

Among people who are not brain twisted beyond redemption, I can defend Trump just fine. What I can't do is talk sense to the braindead (Brooks, et al). Nor do I have any inclination to waste time trying to untwist brains that are irretrievably twisted.
Trump has to preside in the real world, where incorrigible NWO swamp creatures also live. And they work for oligarchic goons who own media and blast crap at Americans 24/7/365. All of them were sold out and irretrievably against the republic and Trump before Trump ever took office. Go pizzzz up a rope.
By their love for the NWO and their anti-republicanism shall ye know them for the servants of people-farming evil that they are.

Lefties who claim to be serving the interests of fairness and equality are in fact serving the interests of those who seek power to farm and fleece the masses, worldwide. Lefties have already been fleeced of their decency and often their brains. Those who would dictate fairness and equality must dictate subhumanization for the masses. The feminazis and femimen of fairness and equality are flying monkeys against the free-thinking republic.

How is libertarianism on preserving representative republics? Or on faith, family, and fidelity? Without those, there is little ordered liberty.
With too little or too much law, there is no ordered liberty. There needs to be enough assimilation of faith, family, and fidelity to assimilate a nation. There needs to be enough law to define a nation. There needs to be enough checks and balances to defend the nation's citizenry from oligarchs who wish to buy and sell it.
Keeping the correct mix of ingredients needed for sustaining a representative republic is a rarity. I'm not sure Libertarians understand the best cook books for that. Maybe Conservers of Ordered Liberty would do better?

When ladders are availed for invaders and pulled up against citizens, you know an oligarchy has taken over your republic.


An old man, a boy and a donkey were going to town.  The boy rode on the donkey and the old man walked.
As they went along they passed some people who remarked "What a shame, the old man is walking, the boy is riding."  The man and boy thought maybe the critics were right, so they changed positions.
Later they passed some people who remarked "What a shame, he makes that little boy walk".  So they decided they'd both walk.
Soon they passed some more people who remarked "They're really stupid to walk when they have a decent donkey to ride."  So they both decided to ride the donkey.
They passed some people who shamed them by saying "How awful to put such a load on a poor donkey."  The boy and the man figured they were probably right, so they decide to carry the donkey.
As they crossed the bridge, they lost their grip on the donkey, the donkey fell into the river and drowned.
The moral of the story:  If you try to please everyone, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye.

  Obama was the perfect example of that.

    Trump is not in this to make friends and please everyone, he is smart enough to realize that is an impossibility;  but he is in it to pull America back out of the depths that Obama had plunged this country into.
  He is out to make America a priority and stop worrying about if he is going to hurt someones feelings along the way.
  He is in it to put the United States of America back on the map again as being THE world leader, not a country that has lost all credibility with it's allies and became a laughing stock to it's enemies.

    Saturday, April 8, 2017


    Polyamory is directly contrary to so-called Whitey Culture, where familial relationships are meant to raise children to treat other persons as dignified human beings, rather than as subhuman things. Counter-White Culture leads to people marrying the State, for their children to be raised by the State, to serve the oligarchs who run the State. Counter-White Culture produces nothing but people-farmees for people-farmers. People who dream of Socialism (fairness and equality), but who produce only Despotic Oligarchism. They wear the fine clothes of Communism, but carry the heavy chains of Fascism.
    Re: "Verbiage where DNA is used to suggest how deeply fixed racism is in the psyches of white persons"
    Crap! This sub-marginal, adolescent "reasoning" is about as moral and reasonable as "reasoning" or arguing that the mark of Cain is in the skin of black persons. Enough of this crap!
    Why show any patience with such argumentation? Dunce adolescents who argue thusly need to be grabbed by the ear, drug to the wall, turned to face the corner, and not permitted to rejoin decent society until they start to show some sign of human reason.


    Intersectionality is what you see when mosquitoes, worms, flies, and other parasites join forces to suck a big cow dry of blood. Otherwise, such parasites, individually, would be incompetent to bring down big game. This has nothing to do with morality, but everything to do with criminal opportunism.


    Dems have hypocrisy privilege, because they are beyond hypocrisy. They cannot be hypocritical regarding their principles, because they have no principles. And if they did, they wouldn't care. The social-justice-warrior cant is just a masque to cover their hypocrisy privilege. They dream in parasite paradise.

    What we have is less a politically partisan environment than it is a perpetually tantrum environment -- cyclically locked in by toddler parents and the godless foxes that farm and display them.
    The toddlers dream of commie sugar plums in their heads, while the foxes give them sex galore up the wazoo.
    But they all come to the same zoo from the same farm system. Until they unite against the one guy who wants to fire both the zoo keepers and their prize exhibitions.


    Lefties are permanent children, and permanent children are commies in their minds. In their actions, however, they are heathen hedonists.


    The concepts of trade without money, money without nations, and nations without laws are the concepts of Stone Age idiocy.


    Lefties believe an incoherent concoction. That there can be sustenance without work, liberty without laws, security without risk, society without grown ups, love without commitment, meaningfulness without sacrifice, enlightenment without abstention. But for the oligarchic-sponsored academia and media, who but fools would bounce off walls to keep such beliefs?

    Faith-breaking Leftists believe nothing is more important than their own feelings, pleasure, avoidance of pain, and avoidance of sacrifice, and they hate anyone who disagrees.

    The Singer/Twilight Zone of Moral Calculation: Suppose an ordinary person with no surviving relatives or close friends were found asleep and you had a drug that would end his mortal existentiality, which certainly will be fraught with much pain, painlessly. And suppose being a dispenser of euthanasia gave you pleasure. Certainly, then. the moral calculus should make it just and right that you dispense with every such person you happen to come across. And, the police/prosecutors who prove it would be immoral to bring charges against you. S/
    You have to be really smart and work really hard to be as smart and moral as a Lefty. Next, this guy will be advocating to groom children to make moral calculations about whether they should engage in intercourse with animals. No harm, and the animal likes it? (What an effing pos moron!) Imagine this self-godding guy with his finger on the Biggest Bomb imaginable.

    The faith of postmodernists is in themselves or their icons, only. Their own pleasures and needs trump everything -- including the innocence of children and the republic built by their parents. They care about fairness and equality for others only when it is part of a gang-banging movement to get opm, often for their gang. A civilization that produces such a generation is entrusting its future to its shh*tttt.

    The Prog Religion is to dhimmi everyone who does not believe the apex of human justice and enlightenment is in the search for the biggest, longest, most mind blowing orgasmic release --- where every orifice, child and goat is fair play. Social Justice Warrioring at its finest. Especially when Whities, Conservatives, and Americans are made to watch as everything they bled and sweated for is thrown to the flames. Evil ratchets, relentlessly. Progs are fascinated by Muslims' fascination for 72 virgins (or raisins, as the case may be).

      Postmodernists made a religion out of "fairness and equality," even though their definitions of such, as applied, are untethered to logic, reason, consistency, coherency, good faith, or good will.  Instead, they are tethered to their wannas, their wishful thinking, their adolescent spitefulness. 
      They no longer believe in any other Source of guiding feedback or reconciliation.  They are not so much faithless or godless as they are self-godded.  This is because they either lost faith in a godhead or became spiteful at God. 

      So, to whom do they turn, to further their self-godding pleasures, conditionings, addictions, and spites?  Well, that would be to the Oligarchy.  The powers that own and run all the institutions of persuasive significance.  The Oligarchy owns DC, and DC funds the Postmodernists that serve its godforsaken religion.  It is easier to become an oligarch when one becomes an accomplished actor, yet feels little loyalty or empathy for the little pawns, widgets, and sheeple.  IOW,  high functioning, malignantly narcissistic, sociopathy.  Like Soros, Alinsky, Hillary, Obama, Stalin, ACLU, ADL, BLM, ACORN, CPUSA, CAIR, the Democrat Party.

      What is the effect?  The effect is a filter/pump/hedge/tipping system that favors the sewage of godless selfishness, generational child abuse, pansexualized dopery, civilizational cannibalization, and the destruction of every representative republic that aspired to be based on principles of human decency, freedom, and dignity.

      So, hardly anyone (unless institutionally licensed as an aggrieved, special tribalist) who is not a demented tool for the Oligarchy is awarded tenure, influence, employment, or promotion.  Everyone who is a competent, responsible, faithful, free-thinking citizen of the republic is labeled an Uncle Tom, an Acting Whitey, a White Privileged, an apostate, a bigot, etc.  They are shamed, shunned, sued, and sacked. Thought control is the "new freedom."

      The nation has been infested, indoctrinated, and invaded by mad cows on locoweed.  Unless these mad cows are dealt with, the republic cannot stand.  Their plague has reached a tipping point.  The cascade into pure unreason and social insanity, absent intervention of a miracle manned by goodly Americans, will be shocking, sudden, and violent. 

      If so, any peace will rise from the ashes, and it will be the peace of the utterly subjugated, mind enslaved, sub-humanized, meek sheeple for the NWO of elitist dictators of "fairness and equality."

      Who expects to rule this godforsaken NWO?  That would be the most corrupt, cynical, money-laundering, money-fiating, oligarchic, corporatist buyers and sellers of political systems, governments, and favor-kickbacking lawmakers.  As serviced by institutionally licensed, aggrieved, atheistic, special tribalists.  Largely immunized from their own epithets and laws, and specially licensed to prance among and groom the perpetual children.  Thus, the republic would be replaced by the reverse sewage pump.  Howl.

      If there is no Source of truth or reconciliation, then how can any person or institution reasonably claim to consist of the best or brightest? If law is a mere ass, then how can any court claim entitlement to respect?

      As our "higher institutions" teach disrespect for all assimilating ideals for a republic, how then can they themselves lay claim to respect? As Scotus convinces more people that the Constitution means nothing, how can they claim a Constitutional right to decide what is unconstitutional? Once the Constitution is thoroughly shredded, what can remain for Scotus to do?

      Without assimilating faith, family, fidelity, the center cannot hold and the law becomes an unsustainable sham.


      I am not a Conservative. I am a Conserver of Liberty. I believe in a social safety net as an investment in a republican form of gov, not as charity. I believe in charity and in tough love that seeks to bring children out of spite and into productive competence. I believe in taxing political lobbying under a progressive consumption tax. I believe church and charitable contributions should be taxed as forms of consumption. I believe churches should be doing charitable acts. I do not believe gov taxing opm to make redistributions under a gang-banging elected regime is charity. I do not believe in conditioning generations to remain as perpetually ungrateful, dependent, incompetent adolescents. I do not believe in gov "jobs" that pay people who have learned "critical studies" nonsense to license them to impose their nonsense on the rest of society.

      If we want "social good," we need to take power away from central, people-farming, self-godded oligarchs. Political power needs to be decentralized, checked, and balanced. Individual freedom of expression, association, and enterprise needs to be restored. The gov/ACLU needs to be stopped from continuing to establish the central secular religion of "Progressivism." The agglomeration of power -- given the unraveling of assimilating faith, family, and fidelity --- favors the accelerating rush towards the worldwide people farm under despotic oligarchs. There's your authoritarianism, bigly!


      No, I don't believe the unfolding of evolution is towards a best system of fairness and equality for being dictated by elite moral scientisimists or noble oligarchs.  I think what is best politically depends on the state of each person, culture, society, and nation.  I think a NWO can only be established by sub-humanizing the masses to a lowest common denominator.  No thanks!

      I believe we partake of an "eternal present," in which our apprehensions are entailed in a feedback process with a reconciling Godhead.  I don't believe God is dead or has "left the building."  I think life/existentiality is an artistic work in progress, for the sake of art and innate empathy.

      Nor do I believe you can give a rigorous, scientific, consensual, consistent, coherent, or complete definition of "justice" for history to arc towards.

      Politically, I prefer that humanity not be sub-humanized.  That society not impede the unfolding relation and reconciliation of each person with his/her perspective of the Godhead.  I don't like busybodies telling me how I must conform to their arbitrary idea of the arc of history bending towards justice.  Rather, I want "critical studies" busybodies out of my face -- preferably, back in their cribs.

      The U.S. was blessed with people/dna/culture that favored a representative republic.  Busybody law droolers are trying to kill that and replace it with an obscene, sub-humanizing NWO.  They are looking for a fight, and they probably will get one.


      Dinos would be liars if they were not immunized by their idiocy; Rinos are liars.  Both are corrupt servants, sold out in the pay of Oligarchs.  Both pretend to protect fairness, but both want to shackle everyone to the worldwide serfdom. 
      Dinos rationalize their talking points through the "moral scientists" that are paid by the Oligarchs.  Dinos call their system socialism, but it is really worldwide fascist oligarchism.
      Rinos rationalize their talking points through the "***free trade economists" that are paid by the Oligarchs.  Rinos call their system free trade, but it is really worldwide fascist oligarchism.
      Both Dinos and Rinos work to reduce the world and its masses to a lowest common denominator of desperate and cheap laboring serfs.
      Apart from Trump, how many denizens of DC want to MAGA, really?  Apart from Trump, where is the two-party system, really?
      ***Free Trade might make more sense if its theorists were more openly to recognize its limits.  First, that, because of "friction" (borders, language, culture), there is not quite any such a thing as free trade.  Second, free trade, as a meme, is made more useful to corrupt oligarchs when it rationalizes trading in political influence (mooching) by buying politicians and governments.  Third, a phony idol of free trade is not good reason to surrender the republic or its Constitution to a subhumanizing NWO.
      At least four members of Scotus should have their heads in stocks in the public square, to have rotten tomatoes flung at them for treasonously advancing the ruin of the republic.  Figuratively, of course.

      Sunday, April 2, 2017

      The Steady Flux of the Trinity

      To my conception, Empathy is innate to every perspective of the reconciling, abiding Consciousness. However, it is only signaled/signified measurably in physics --- which is conserved under systemic rules of math. The math necessitates tradeoffs across reconciling equations and phase shifts. As Substance (measurable matter and energy) dissipates, Information aggregates.
      There abides a phasing flux among Substance, Information, and Consciousness. But empathy among each perspective of the Consciousness is innate. Because of constraints of math, the values, interests, fears, and inclinations of the various perspectives must be reconciled. No mortal perspective is given to rule all the part-iculars, but each is subject to subjugation, sacrifice, death, reorientation.
      The spiritually innate purpose seems to be to experience reconciliations of empathy. Not to "progressively evolve" towards any permanent, particular, material, bodily apex. Rather, if there abides "moral progress" (Pilgrim's Progress), I suspect it abides as coming towards understanding, appreciating, and/or being at peace with the Trinitarian Godhead.
      Among seeking mortals, that necessitates freedom of expression, enterprise, and association.
      Politically, that necessitates a sustainable representative republic. Problem is, it is rare for a culture to have evolved that can long sustain the ideal of a representative republic. Indeed, even now, powerful forces are feverishly and furiously working to undermine the American republic and to turn it into a NWO to be stocked exclusively with subhuman, think-as-you-are-told, people-farmers and people-farmees. To evolve beyond such subhumanization is not the province of Natural Law (the physics of Substance), but the province of the reconciling Consciousness. That is not favored when faith is lost.
      The Rino-Dino Moral-Scientist Materialists' conception of moral progress relates to materially measurable redistributions of wealth and security (fairness and equality in results). That is a chimera, since it does not and cannot exist. As a chimera, every perceiver will perceive and value it differently. It will be given lip service, while those who become entrusted to divvy it up will of course become corrupt as they apprehend that it is only a chimera.
      What is not a chimera, but an innate existential experience, is empathy -- which is subject to being focused, sharpened, directed. If a society wants to establish and sustain a decent representative republic, and if it retains individual drive, good faith, and good will, then it more likely can.
      If, however, a society wants to ensure the comfort of the incompetent, lazy, whinny, entitlement-minded, then it can only do that so long as it can find a host to suck from. Once it kills the host, all are leveled to a more equal lowest common denominator of desperation. And so on, in cycles of phase shifts --- but not progressively.


      Regardless of the Math, if it is actuated, to Do Math, Whatever does it, will off necessity produce patterns.

      Such patterns, at least in potentiality, will of necessity invite and require adoption of perspectives.

      Such perspectives will of necessity be fluxing and mortal.

      Such perspectives will of necessity participate in a feedback process (active math-ing) of being consciously chosen and of expressing conscious choices.

      Each and every such perspective will of necessity be a derivative of a same sponsoring and mathematically connecting Identity (Godhead).


      The Math maths. Even though there seems to be no substantively measurable thing-in-itself. So what is doing the math-ing, if not a spiritual, metaphysical, Mathematician? Without the Mathematician to math, math, by itself, could not produce measurable, relational Substance.

      Too many people think upon math as only a noun.  But if there is no substance-in-itself, then what is the Mathematician acting on, if not math itself?  The Mathematician, as noun-verb, is math-ing.  What we call Substance (the measurable Cosmos) is a mere artifactual derivative of the mind of the Mathematician as it maths.  That Reconciling Mathematician is the Godhead.

      EDIT:  And ITs reconciliations are present and ongoing, not entirely pre-set.  The math and the mathematician exist, in the "eternal present." The "past" and "future" are not existential things, but only the derivative expressions of math-ings, that operate sequentially and place-holdingly.  The math avails the "chronological protective device." Not "time in itself."


      TRINITARIAN GODHEAD: The CSI Godhead (Consciousness-Substance-Information) sponsors the space-time flux of sequential and place-holding Math, as such Math is represented (noun) and as it represents (verb).

      MATH: The Math, maths. It could not do that, unless there were Spirit (Consciousness) with it. Without Consciousness involved with the math-ing, it would not produce Substance measurable to Consciousness or record-able to Information.

      As Math is re-presented, Consciousness abides with space-time.

      As Math re-presents to each present locus and bubble-state of space-time, Substance abides.

      As Math re-presents accumulations of the Past (in sequences of Time and in expansions of Space), Information abides.

      MATH CONNECTS IN FRACTAL BASED EQUATIONS: Practical Reality consists of fractal bubbles and iterative connections of CSI, each fractal containing and connecting math-based seeds of representation and reconciliation of all others. Given Consciousness functioning with Math, Fractal Patterns in space-time are unavoidable. Given sequential patterns built of fractals in space-time, Evolutionary Changes in pattern sustenance are unavoidable.

      META MATH: If there abides a building block unit of math by which to meta-measure, imagine, conceptualize, or explain the existential flux of CSI, such a meta building block would encompass both the qualifying aspect of the Godhead (Consciousness) and the quantifying aspect (Substance/Information). By definition of locally adopted and limiting Perspective, each particular Perspective of Consciousness would be qualitatively unable to quantify its consciousness. Its "explanation" of the conscious aspect of the Trinity would be only by way of punting to "spiritually direct experience," i.e., intuitive empathy, i.e., the innate basis for good faith and good will. So-called "secular humanists" tend to call this "higher mindedness." As a worldview, this "explanation" accounts for both material practicality and moral purposefulness. After all, how else could Math be conceptualized as "math-ing"?

      DERIVATIVES: Each locally proximate iteration of Identity and particular conscious experience of the Present is art-i-factual and Derivative of a re-conciling and con-serving process by which Math re-presents and is re-presented.

      PERSPECTIVE: The identity of each and every imperfect and particular iteration of perspective is ultimately the same:

      IDENTITY: The Being is The Being. However much IT may particularize, cycle, reiterate, resolve, re-image, or Reconcile.

      MORALITY: The Moral Upshot is innate intuitive empathy, i.e., Good Faith (Great Commandment) and Good Will (Golden Rule). That is, fractally normalizing and sharing appreciations of unfolding and reconciling apprehensions of artistic purposefulness.

      ENTROPY: Local bubbles of expression experience order and disorder, trading with Consciousness, as it cycles through waking, remembering, localized sleeping, localized forgetting.

      ENTROPIC TRADES, SEQUENCES, AND CYCLES: Experiences of large scale Substantive order dissipate, in trade for Consciousness-raising (waking) and quantum scale Informational order. Leading eventually to quantum scale smoothness, dissipation, and Consciousness-lowering (sleeping). Leading to large scale contractual clumping of math-based phase-shifts of experience of Substantive order. And so on. In varying stages, phases, cycles, and bubbles of overlap and flux.

      Space-time does not exist independently of the Math that maths --- either by itself or in itself. Rather, space-time is artifactual of Math, that fractally bubbles in cascades of phase-shifts as it maths.

      RE-PRESENTATIVE CYCLES: All that abides, insofar as it can be represented, is represented with math. That with which Math represents is Noun. Noun is qualitative. That Noun, which represents, is God. That aspect of God is qualitative.

      Math poses a riddle, in that it has a dual nature/character: Math both re-presents (Verb) and is re-presented (Noun). That which both re-presents and is re-presented is the Godhead-CSI.

      Without God to represent Math, Naturalness would not be quantitatively represented.

      Without Nature to be represented in Math, Godliness would not be qualitatively experienced.

      Without Math to be re-presented and to re-present, neither Nature nor God would flux or sensibly abide.

      So long as Math cannot be(noun) other than represented and do (verb) other than represent, both God and Nature must necessarily abide.

      So long as God can qualitatively and consciously appreciate various Perspectives of Math, as Math is represented and as it represents, then various bubbles of measurable experience will necessarily happen to be normalized to shared appreciations.

      Substance and Information are epi-phenomenal (holy ghost like) derivatives of Consciousness as it functions quantitatively. Space is derivative of operations of place-holding math. Time is derivative of operations of sequencing math. Space-time is connected in respect that sequencing math and place-holding math are connected.

      NO QUANTIFIABLE THING IN ITSELF: Consciousness is the only "thing" that has capacity to focus reiterations of math-based perspectives of itself. (That is, to pour out its blood for us.) No thing entirely in Math is a thing-in-itself. Rather, each math-based expression is only a derivative consequence of Consciousness, as it focuses and appreciates sequences and placeholdings -- cyclically and fractally. Space-time matter-energy (Substance-Information) is an expression of Consciousness, as it functions with inter-connecting math-based fractals and bubbles. Placeholding implicates remainders to be carried forward .... in the Infinity of Space and the Eternity of Time.

      SUBJECTIVE FEED BACK OF PARTICIPATORY WILL: Is the freedom and dignity of every fractal Perspective subject to the coordinating vision of a Principler of Reconciliation? Does such a Principler of Reconciliation happen to be respectful of the freedom and dignity of each and every particular Perspective of Itself? Is there an appreciative, communicative, connecting feedback between a Principler of Reconciliation and each Perspective of IT? How Consciousness focuses seems to feed back to affect fractal-cascade effects of Math. And how fractal-cascades unfold seems to feed back to affect how Consciousness focuses.

      WORLDVIEW: Can/must this worldview be propagated and programmed into Artificially Intelligent Bots? Do/must particular perspectives of space-time inherently entail respect for the freedom and dignity of particular perspectives? What about inherent death, demise, entropy, competition, nemesis, Evil? Evil is that which antagonizes the purposes of the Godhead, but its appreciation is subjective and multifarious.

      DANGER: Hence, the inherent danger of unbalancing power in an unbalanced individual. Of a tipping imbalance in the fractalized field of forces that are re-presented in Math.

      NEMESIS: To apprehend moral purposefulness, one needs a nemesis to focus on. To want to eliminate, replace, or improve an antagonist or nemesis. Different perspectives flux to apprehend different nemeses. The inherent empathy/antipathy one feels for a nemesis relates to a tough-love need to re-train/change the nemesis. Both the attempt and the challenge phase and flux, back and forth, from being individual-based to being group or herd-based. A change can cascade fractally, suddenly, surprisingly.

      Not every social culture or system of AI Bots is fitted to encourage the participatory freedom and dignity of its individual members. Empathy always applies, but what it values changes, in a feedback dance between the guiding Principler/Reconciler and the individual Followers. Prayers, purposes, and participations factor. The Reconciler is good, but ITs methods and purposes change, as IT appraises the feedback from ITs arts. Moral meaningfulness consists in how one appreciates the Reconciler and ITs unfolding purposes. Thank God for our victories, and our defeats.


      SI, as a cumulatively measurable aspect of the CSI Godhead, never changes in its quantitative sum or its conceptual size. It is what it is, what it always has been, and what it always will be.

      What changes is the flux between S and I, and the qualitative experience and appreciation of it by C. Change abides with: Changes in qualitative experiences and interests of C; measurable manifestations of S; and preserved recordations of I.

      The "conceptualize-able size" of the CSI-Godhead never changes, but fills its qualitative and quantitative flux with varying mixes of CSI.

      Quantitatively, as agglomerated and recorded I increases, S expands to maximum fractally-granulated, mathematically-expressed complexity.

      Then S expands further, towards smoother but less math-represented complexity, as I decreases.

      As a sum, S begins to expand beyond the capacity of I to measure it.


      "The Beginning": When S is most filling, I's capacity to measure or record it is most reduced, and C is most forgetful or asleep.

      "The Expansion": When S is most complexly and fractally granulated, I is most prominent, and C is most aware and awake.

      "The Dissipation": When the sum of S begins to dissipate and smooth out in its fractally granulated expression, then I begins to reduce and C begins to forget.

      "The Re-Contraction": As I and S become less prominent, the role of S in the Godhead expands.

      As the role of S expands, its expression of space-time reduces.

      "The Steady State": Thus, CSI abides in a perpetual state of Trinitarian flux.

      Measurable Space-Time expands as Information increases.

      Up to a point of maximum fractally granulated math complexity, Information increases as Substance dissipates.

      Consciousness awakens as Information increases.

      However, as Substance dissipates beyond a point of maximum fractally granulated math complexity, it becomes more ever more disorganized, until it smoothes out symmetrically.

      As Substance dissipates beyond a point, such that it no longer agglomerates Information, then Information begins decreasing, and Consciousness retreats towards sleep.

      As Information and Consciousness recede, Substance again fills the CSI-Godhead, such that measurable Space-Time recedes.

      When Substance fills the CSI-Godhead to maximum tolerance, Space-Time once again begins measurably to expand.

      And so on.

      This is the cycle for every shared bubble of conscious experience.

      CSI abides in a steady state of flux. The flux, when conceptualized only to a phase, can seem to be one-way, while, in the long term, it cycles steadily among its CSI aspects/components.

      It can be conceptualized that: The Trinity is Christian. The Math is Jewish. The Cycle is Hindi. The Conservation is Buddhist. The Nemesis is Satanic/Islamic. The Pathos is Humanist.


      What I have against Jews is what I have against every other group among mankind: Almost every one of them harbors Obama voters. Some more than others. I am against groupthink almost everywhere. Some harbor groups that can be especially pernicious.
      That would include those smart-alec, juvey-whiners who assert immunity and privilege, teach allies to assert immunity and privilege, and then seek from that fort to cannibalize the representative republic. Think Alinsky, Soros, ACLU, Acorn, BLM, CAIR, Deep State, NWO, people-farm. The worst racists in the world tend to be the racialist race-baiters.
      Why do secular Jews tend to want to retain Jewish identity, sort of like a privileged club that claims not to be white so as to be immune from counter-calls of Jew Privilege? As in Hollywood, Banking, Goldman-Sachs, ADL, ACLU, Scotus, Academia. Do you flinch any, as you see secular Jews gaining immense power in all institutions, as the number of mosques increases, seemingly geometrically? Do you flinch as you see so many cities claiming to be independent sanctuaries for non-assimilating anti-Americans? Do you prefer the global NWO, and are you willing to watch as every representative republic is replaced by elitist ruled diktat? Do you apprehend how fractal patterns can suddenly cascade, so that republics can be lost, overnight?
      There is a kind of group affinity that I do not loathe. That is group affinity that assimilates in respect of good faith and good will among all of humanity. But I do not think you will tend to find that among secular Jews, secular humanists, secular commies, or triumphalist people-farming "religions."

      Dems are sexually aroused by the idea of spite-ing God, Morality, Conservatives, Humanity, Innocents. To justify their perverse depravity, they claim to be lovers of Gaia/Satan/Allah. Love, love, love. I don't think love means what they think it means. As Dems claim a right (and duty) to screw, maim, kill others (Conservatives, Infidels, Muggles, Innocents, Children), they find it is an exhilarating turn-on for them.
      Adolescents come to a fork, where they choose Right to grow up, or Left to gang bang in spitefulness. Teachers in permanent ghetto districts (by that I mean districts permanently against growing up) probably know this.
      It's easier to become a billionaire when your moral code is one that justifies screwing everyone else. Once billionaires are mainly Leftists, the world is screwed. The NWO is one where everyone screws and is screwed by everyone. Of course, it never lasts and always ends in catastrophe and gnashing of teeth.
      Most Billionaires, secular Jews, outcast Nerds, Muslims, and inner city Minorities seem to be aroused by spitefulness. There are many exceptions. Trump and Ivanka are among the exceptions. Or else they are aroused by spite-ing the spite-ers. (GWB called this phenomena some "weird shh***ttt.")

      I suspect their sex nerves are close to their spite nerves, where they obliterate their thinking nerves. :) Sex Zombies. How else to explain the perversity, dopery, saggy pantery, and insanity? And they breed! The more the world resists and kills them, the more zealously the remainder seem to breed. These are like Ashkenazi Sex Addict Zombie Dems. When you combine the intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews with the breeding of Ashkenazi Dems, you get ... the eggroll farm?

      If being against malignantly malicious malefactors (of whatever the skin color, gender, origin, age, or culture) makes me a racist, count me in.

      Libs are ruled by emotion, but it's a specialized kind of emotion. Emotion turned to spitefulness against God, Tradition, Family, Country, Humanity. It is justified in higher-minded saving of the planet. Ultimately, by aborting mankind.
      Libs are twisted to be against whatever facts show how to sustain a decent republic of free-thinking free-enterprisers. Most twisted Left during adolescence, to avoid having to grow up and take personal responsibility. That may be why, short of miraculous shock therapy, they cannot be fixed.
      Americans need to learn this very soon. Otherwise, the drowning of the republic in a majority of malignantly malicious malefactors will be permanent.

      Trump's numbers, courtesy of commie morons and oligarchic predators, are in the toilet with regard to mayfly preppies, cronycrat parasites, and demented hedonists. BFD. A reckoning is coming. Not everyone is a godless, moronic, perv-pos.

      Trump has Americans' support. What he does not have, thankfully, is support from mayfly preppies, cronycrat parasites,, and sex/dope addled hedonists. IOW, the phony profs, parasites, predators, and pervs that have invaded, infested, and indoctrinated the U.S. There comes a reckoning.


      No, I don't believe the unfolding of evolution is towards a best system of fairness and equality for being dictated by elite moral scientisimists or noble oligarchs. I think what is best politically depends on the state of each person, culture, society, and nation. I think a NWO can only be established by sub-humanizing the masses to a lowest common denominator. No thanks!
      I believe we partake of an "eternal present," in which our apprehensions are entailed in a feedback process with a reconciling Godhead. I don't believe God is dead or has "left the building." I think life/existentiality is an artistic work in progress, for the sake of art and innate empathy.
      Nor do I believe you can give a rigorous, scientific, consensual, consistent, coherent, or complete definition of "justice" for history to arc towards.
      Politically, I prefer that humanity not be sub-humanized. That society not impede the unfolding relation and reconciliation of each person with his/her perspective of the Godhead. I don't like busybodies telling me how I must conform to their arbitrary idea of the arc of history bending towards justice. Rather, I want "critical studies" busybodies out of my face -- preferably, back in their cribs.
      The U.S. was blessed with people/dna/culture that favored a representative republic. Busybody law droolers are trying to kill that and replace it with an obscene, sub-humanizing NWO. They are looking for a fight, and they probably will get one.

      If there is no Source of truth or reconciliation, then how can any person or institution reasonably claim to consist of the best or brightest? If law is a mere ass, then how can any court claim entitlement to respect?
      As our "higher institutions" teach disrespect for all assimilating ideals for a republic, how then can they themselves lay claim to respect? As Scotus convinces more people that the Constitution means nothing, how can they claim a Constitutional right to decide what is unconstitutional? Once the Constitution is thoroughly shredded, what can remain for Scotus to do?
      Without assimilating faith, family, fidelity, the center cannot hold and the law becomes an unsustainable sham.