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Polyamory is directly contrary to so-called Whitey Culture, where familial relationships are meant to raise children to treat other persons as dignified human beings, rather than as subhuman things. Counter-White Culture leads to people marrying the State, for their children to be raised by the State, to serve the oligarchs who run the State. Counter-White Culture produces nothing but people-farmees for people-farmers. People who dream of Socialism (fairness and equality), but who produce only Despotic Oligarchism. They wear the fine clothes of Communism, but carry the heavy chains of Fascism.
Re: "Verbiage where DNA is used to suggest how deeply fixed racism is in the psyches of white persons"
Crap! This sub-marginal, adolescent "reasoning" is about as moral and reasonable as "reasoning" or arguing that the mark of Cain is in the skin of black persons. Enough of this crap!
Why show any patience with such argumentation? Dunce adolescents who argue thusly need to be grabbed by the ear, drug to the wall, turned to face the corner, and not permitted to rejoin decent society until they start to show some sign of human reason.


Intersectionality is what you see when mosquitoes, worms, flies, and other parasites join forces to suck a big cow dry of blood. Otherwise, such parasites, individually, would be incompetent to bring down big game. This has nothing to do with morality, but everything to do with criminal opportunism.


Dems have hypocrisy privilege, because they are beyond hypocrisy. They cannot be hypocritical regarding their principles, because they have no principles. And if they did, they wouldn't care. The social-justice-warrior cant is just a masque to cover their hypocrisy privilege. They dream in parasite paradise.

What we have is less a politically partisan environment than it is a perpetually tantrum environment -- cyclically locked in by toddler parents and the godless foxes that farm and display them.
The toddlers dream of commie sugar plums in their heads, while the foxes give them sex galore up the wazoo.
But they all come to the same zoo from the same farm system. Until they unite against the one guy who wants to fire both the zoo keepers and their prize exhibitions.


Lefties are permanent children, and permanent children are commies in their minds. In their actions, however, they are heathen hedonists.


The concepts of trade without money, money without nations, and nations without laws are the concepts of Stone Age idiocy.


Lefties believe an incoherent concoction. That there can be sustenance without work, liberty without laws, security without risk, society without grown ups, love without commitment, meaningfulness without sacrifice, enlightenment without abstention. But for the oligarchic-sponsored academia and media, who but fools would bounce off walls to keep such beliefs?

Faith-breaking Leftists believe nothing is more important than their own feelings, pleasure, avoidance of pain, and avoidance of sacrifice, and they hate anyone who disagrees.

The Singer/Twilight Zone of Moral Calculation: Suppose an ordinary person with no surviving relatives or close friends were found asleep and you had a drug that would end his mortal existentiality, which certainly will be fraught with much pain, painlessly. And suppose being a dispenser of euthanasia gave you pleasure. Certainly, then. the moral calculus should make it just and right that you dispense with every such person you happen to come across. And, the police/prosecutors who prove it would be immoral to bring charges against you. S/
You have to be really smart and work really hard to be as smart and moral as a Lefty. Next, this guy will be advocating to groom children to make moral calculations about whether they should engage in intercourse with animals. No harm, and the animal likes it? (What an effing pos moron!) Imagine this self-godding guy with his finger on the Biggest Bomb imaginable.

The faith of postmodernists is in themselves or their icons, only. Their own pleasures and needs trump everything -- including the innocence of children and the republic built by their parents. They care about fairness and equality for others only when it is part of a gang-banging movement to get opm, often for their gang. A civilization that produces such a generation is entrusting its future to its shh*tttt.

The Prog Religion is to dhimmi everyone who does not believe the apex of human justice and enlightenment is in the search for the biggest, longest, most mind blowing orgasmic release --- where every orifice, child and goat is fair play. Social Justice Warrioring at its finest. Especially when Whities, Conservatives, and Americans are made to watch as everything they bled and sweated for is thrown to the flames. Evil ratchets, relentlessly. Progs are fascinated by Muslims' fascination for 72 virgins (or raisins, as the case may be).

    Postmodernists made a religion out of "fairness and equality," even though their definitions of such, as applied, are untethered to logic, reason, consistency, coherency, good faith, or good will.  Instead, they are tethered to their wannas, their wishful thinking, their adolescent spitefulness. 
    They no longer believe in any other Source of guiding feedback or reconciliation.  They are not so much faithless or godless as they are self-godded.  This is because they either lost faith in a godhead or became spiteful at God. 

    So, to whom do they turn, to further their self-godding pleasures, conditionings, addictions, and spites?  Well, that would be to the Oligarchy.  The powers that own and run all the institutions of persuasive significance.  The Oligarchy owns DC, and DC funds the Postmodernists that serve its godforsaken religion.  It is easier to become an oligarch when one becomes an accomplished actor, yet feels little loyalty or empathy for the little pawns, widgets, and sheeple.  IOW,  high functioning, malignantly narcissistic, sociopathy.  Like Soros, Alinsky, Hillary, Obama, Stalin, ACLU, ADL, BLM, ACORN, CPUSA, CAIR, the Democrat Party.

    What is the effect?  The effect is a filter/pump/hedge/tipping system that favors the sewage of godless selfishness, generational child abuse, pansexualized dopery, civilizational cannibalization, and the destruction of every representative republic that aspired to be based on principles of human decency, freedom, and dignity.

    So, hardly anyone (unless institutionally licensed as an aggrieved, special tribalist) who is not a demented tool for the Oligarchy is awarded tenure, influence, employment, or promotion.  Everyone who is a competent, responsible, faithful, free-thinking citizen of the republic is labeled an Uncle Tom, an Acting Whitey, a White Privileged, an apostate, a bigot, etc.  They are shamed, shunned, sued, and sacked. Thought control is the "new freedom."

    The nation has been infested, indoctrinated, and invaded by mad cows on locoweed.  Unless these mad cows are dealt with, the republic cannot stand.  Their plague has reached a tipping point.  The cascade into pure unreason and social insanity, absent intervention of a miracle manned by goodly Americans, will be shocking, sudden, and violent. 

    If so, any peace will rise from the ashes, and it will be the peace of the utterly subjugated, mind enslaved, sub-humanized, meek sheeple for the NWO of elitist dictators of "fairness and equality."

    Who expects to rule this godforsaken NWO?  That would be the most corrupt, cynical, money-laundering, money-fiating, oligarchic, corporatist buyers and sellers of political systems, governments, and favor-kickbacking lawmakers.  As serviced by institutionally licensed, aggrieved, atheistic, special tribalists.  Largely immunized from their own epithets and laws, and specially licensed to prance among and groom the perpetual children.  Thus, the republic would be replaced by the reverse sewage pump.  Howl.

    If there is no Source of truth or reconciliation, then how can any person or institution reasonably claim to consist of the best or brightest? If law is a mere ass, then how can any court claim entitlement to respect?

    As our "higher institutions" teach disrespect for all assimilating ideals for a republic, how then can they themselves lay claim to respect? As Scotus convinces more people that the Constitution means nothing, how can they claim a Constitutional right to decide what is unconstitutional? Once the Constitution is thoroughly shredded, what can remain for Scotus to do?

    Without assimilating faith, family, fidelity, the center cannot hold and the law becomes an unsustainable sham.


    I am not a Conservative. I am a Conserver of Liberty. I believe in a social safety net as an investment in a republican form of gov, not as charity. I believe in charity and in tough love that seeks to bring children out of spite and into productive competence. I believe in taxing political lobbying under a progressive consumption tax. I believe church and charitable contributions should be taxed as forms of consumption. I believe churches should be doing charitable acts. I do not believe gov taxing opm to make redistributions under a gang-banging elected regime is charity. I do not believe in conditioning generations to remain as perpetually ungrateful, dependent, incompetent adolescents. I do not believe in gov "jobs" that pay people who have learned "critical studies" nonsense to license them to impose their nonsense on the rest of society.

    If we want "social good," we need to take power away from central, people-farming, self-godded oligarchs. Political power needs to be decentralized, checked, and balanced. Individual freedom of expression, association, and enterprise needs to be restored. The gov/ACLU needs to be stopped from continuing to establish the central secular religion of "Progressivism." The agglomeration of power -- given the unraveling of assimilating faith, family, and fidelity --- favors the accelerating rush towards the worldwide people farm under despotic oligarchs. There's your authoritarianism, bigly!


    No, I don't believe the unfolding of evolution is towards a best system of fairness and equality for being dictated by elite moral scientisimists or noble oligarchs.  I think what is best politically depends on the state of each person, culture, society, and nation.  I think a NWO can only be established by sub-humanizing the masses to a lowest common denominator.  No thanks!

    I believe we partake of an "eternal present," in which our apprehensions are entailed in a feedback process with a reconciling Godhead.  I don't believe God is dead or has "left the building."  I think life/existentiality is an artistic work in progress, for the sake of art and innate empathy.

    Nor do I believe you can give a rigorous, scientific, consensual, consistent, coherent, or complete definition of "justice" for history to arc towards.

    Politically, I prefer that humanity not be sub-humanized.  That society not impede the unfolding relation and reconciliation of each person with his/her perspective of the Godhead.  I don't like busybodies telling me how I must conform to their arbitrary idea of the arc of history bending towards justice.  Rather, I want "critical studies" busybodies out of my face -- preferably, back in their cribs.

    The U.S. was blessed with people/dna/culture that favored a representative republic.  Busybody law droolers are trying to kill that and replace it with an obscene, sub-humanizing NWO.  They are looking for a fight, and they probably will get one.


    Dinos would be liars if they were not immunized by their idiocy; Rinos are liars.  Both are corrupt servants, sold out in the pay of Oligarchs.  Both pretend to protect fairness, but both want to shackle everyone to the worldwide serfdom. 
    Dinos rationalize their talking points through the "moral scientists" that are paid by the Oligarchs.  Dinos call their system socialism, but it is really worldwide fascist oligarchism.
    Rinos rationalize their talking points through the "***free trade economists" that are paid by the Oligarchs.  Rinos call their system free trade, but it is really worldwide fascist oligarchism.
    Both Dinos and Rinos work to reduce the world and its masses to a lowest common denominator of desperate and cheap laboring serfs.
    Apart from Trump, how many denizens of DC want to MAGA, really?  Apart from Trump, where is the two-party system, really?
    ***Free Trade might make more sense if its theorists were more openly to recognize its limits.  First, that, because of "friction" (borders, language, culture), there is not quite any such a thing as free trade.  Second, free trade, as a meme, is made more useful to corrupt oligarchs when it rationalizes trading in political influence (mooching) by buying politicians and governments.  Third, a phony idol of free trade is not good reason to surrender the republic or its Constitution to a subhumanizing NWO.
    At least four members of Scotus should have their heads in stocks in the public square, to have rotten tomatoes flung at them for treasonously advancing the ruin of the republic.  Figuratively, of course.

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