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The Steady Flux of the Trinity

To my conception, Empathy is innate to every perspective of the reconciling, abiding Consciousness. However, it is only signaled/signified measurably in physics --- which is conserved under systemic rules of math. The math necessitates tradeoffs across reconciling equations and phase shifts. As Substance (measurable matter and energy) dissipates, Information aggregates.
There abides a phasing flux among Substance, Information, and Consciousness. But empathy among each perspective of the Consciousness is innate. Because of constraints of math, the values, interests, fears, and inclinations of the various perspectives must be reconciled. No mortal perspective is given to rule all the part-iculars, but each is subject to subjugation, sacrifice, death, reorientation.
The spiritually innate purpose seems to be to experience reconciliations of empathy. Not to "progressively evolve" towards any permanent, particular, material, bodily apex. Rather, if there abides "moral progress" (Pilgrim's Progress), I suspect it abides as coming towards understanding, appreciating, and/or being at peace with the Trinitarian Godhead.
Among seeking mortals, that necessitates freedom of expression, enterprise, and association.
Politically, that necessitates a sustainable representative republic. Problem is, it is rare for a culture to have evolved that can long sustain the ideal of a representative republic. Indeed, even now, powerful forces are feverishly and furiously working to undermine the American republic and to turn it into a NWO to be stocked exclusively with subhuman, think-as-you-are-told, people-farmers and people-farmees. To evolve beyond such subhumanization is not the province of Natural Law (the physics of Substance), but the province of the reconciling Consciousness. That is not favored when faith is lost.
The Rino-Dino Moral-Scientist Materialists' conception of moral progress relates to materially measurable redistributions of wealth and security (fairness and equality in results). That is a chimera, since it does not and cannot exist. As a chimera, every perceiver will perceive and value it differently. It will be given lip service, while those who become entrusted to divvy it up will of course become corrupt as they apprehend that it is only a chimera.
What is not a chimera, but an innate existential experience, is empathy -- which is subject to being focused, sharpened, directed. If a society wants to establish and sustain a decent representative republic, and if it retains individual drive, good faith, and good will, then it more likely can.
If, however, a society wants to ensure the comfort of the incompetent, lazy, whinny, entitlement-minded, then it can only do that so long as it can find a host to suck from. Once it kills the host, all are leveled to a more equal lowest common denominator of desperation. And so on, in cycles of phase shifts --- but not progressively.


Regardless of the Math, if it is actuated, to Do Math, Whatever does it, will off necessity produce patterns.

Such patterns, at least in potentiality, will of necessity invite and require adoption of perspectives.

Such perspectives will of necessity be fluxing and mortal.

Such perspectives will of necessity participate in a feedback process (active math-ing) of being consciously chosen and of expressing conscious choices.

Each and every such perspective will of necessity be a derivative of a same sponsoring and mathematically connecting Identity (Godhead).


The Math maths. Even though there seems to be no substantively measurable thing-in-itself. So what is doing the math-ing, if not a spiritual, metaphysical, Mathematician? Without the Mathematician to math, math, by itself, could not produce measurable, relational Substance.

Too many people think upon math as only a noun.  But if there is no substance-in-itself, then what is the Mathematician acting on, if not math itself?  The Mathematician, as noun-verb, is math-ing.  What we call Substance (the measurable Cosmos) is a mere artifactual derivative of the mind of the Mathematician as it maths.  That Reconciling Mathematician is the Godhead.

EDIT:  And ITs reconciliations are present and ongoing, not entirely pre-set.  The math and the mathematician exist, in the "eternal present." The "past" and "future" are not existential things, but only the derivative expressions of math-ings, that operate sequentially and place-holdingly.  The math avails the "chronological protective device." Not "time in itself."


TRINITARIAN GODHEAD: The CSI Godhead (Consciousness-Substance-Information) sponsors the space-time flux of sequential and place-holding Math, as such Math is represented (noun) and as it represents (verb).

MATH: The Math, maths. It could not do that, unless there were Spirit (Consciousness) with it. Without Consciousness involved with the math-ing, it would not produce Substance measurable to Consciousness or record-able to Information.

As Math is re-presented, Consciousness abides with space-time.

As Math re-presents to each present locus and bubble-state of space-time, Substance abides.

As Math re-presents accumulations of the Past (in sequences of Time and in expansions of Space), Information abides.

MATH CONNECTS IN FRACTAL BASED EQUATIONS: Practical Reality consists of fractal bubbles and iterative connections of CSI, each fractal containing and connecting math-based seeds of representation and reconciliation of all others. Given Consciousness functioning with Math, Fractal Patterns in space-time are unavoidable. Given sequential patterns built of fractals in space-time, Evolutionary Changes in pattern sustenance are unavoidable.

META MATH: If there abides a building block unit of math by which to meta-measure, imagine, conceptualize, or explain the existential flux of CSI, such a meta building block would encompass both the qualifying aspect of the Godhead (Consciousness) and the quantifying aspect (Substance/Information). By definition of locally adopted and limiting Perspective, each particular Perspective of Consciousness would be qualitatively unable to quantify its consciousness. Its "explanation" of the conscious aspect of the Trinity would be only by way of punting to "spiritually direct experience," i.e., intuitive empathy, i.e., the innate basis for good faith and good will. So-called "secular humanists" tend to call this "higher mindedness." As a worldview, this "explanation" accounts for both material practicality and moral purposefulness. After all, how else could Math be conceptualized as "math-ing"?

DERIVATIVES: Each locally proximate iteration of Identity and particular conscious experience of the Present is art-i-factual and Derivative of a re-conciling and con-serving process by which Math re-presents and is re-presented.

PERSPECTIVE: The identity of each and every imperfect and particular iteration of perspective is ultimately the same:

IDENTITY: The Being is The Being. However much IT may particularize, cycle, reiterate, resolve, re-image, or Reconcile.

MORALITY: The Moral Upshot is innate intuitive empathy, i.e., Good Faith (Great Commandment) and Good Will (Golden Rule). That is, fractally normalizing and sharing appreciations of unfolding and reconciling apprehensions of artistic purposefulness.

ENTROPY: Local bubbles of expression experience order and disorder, trading with Consciousness, as it cycles through waking, remembering, localized sleeping, localized forgetting.

ENTROPIC TRADES, SEQUENCES, AND CYCLES: Experiences of large scale Substantive order dissipate, in trade for Consciousness-raising (waking) and quantum scale Informational order. Leading eventually to quantum scale smoothness, dissipation, and Consciousness-lowering (sleeping). Leading to large scale contractual clumping of math-based phase-shifts of experience of Substantive order. And so on. In varying stages, phases, cycles, and bubbles of overlap and flux.

Space-time does not exist independently of the Math that maths --- either by itself or in itself. Rather, space-time is artifactual of Math, that fractally bubbles in cascades of phase-shifts as it maths.

RE-PRESENTATIVE CYCLES: All that abides, insofar as it can be represented, is represented with math. That with which Math represents is Noun. Noun is qualitative. That Noun, which represents, is God. That aspect of God is qualitative.

Math poses a riddle, in that it has a dual nature/character: Math both re-presents (Verb) and is re-presented (Noun). That which both re-presents and is re-presented is the Godhead-CSI.

Without God to represent Math, Naturalness would not be quantitatively represented.

Without Nature to be represented in Math, Godliness would not be qualitatively experienced.

Without Math to be re-presented and to re-present, neither Nature nor God would flux or sensibly abide.

So long as Math cannot be(noun) other than represented and do (verb) other than represent, both God and Nature must necessarily abide.

So long as God can qualitatively and consciously appreciate various Perspectives of Math, as Math is represented and as it represents, then various bubbles of measurable experience will necessarily happen to be normalized to shared appreciations.

Substance and Information are epi-phenomenal (holy ghost like) derivatives of Consciousness as it functions quantitatively. Space is derivative of operations of place-holding math. Time is derivative of operations of sequencing math. Space-time is connected in respect that sequencing math and place-holding math are connected.

NO QUANTIFIABLE THING IN ITSELF: Consciousness is the only "thing" that has capacity to focus reiterations of math-based perspectives of itself. (That is, to pour out its blood for us.) No thing entirely in Math is a thing-in-itself. Rather, each math-based expression is only a derivative consequence of Consciousness, as it focuses and appreciates sequences and placeholdings -- cyclically and fractally. Space-time matter-energy (Substance-Information) is an expression of Consciousness, as it functions with inter-connecting math-based fractals and bubbles. Placeholding implicates remainders to be carried forward .... in the Infinity of Space and the Eternity of Time.

SUBJECTIVE FEED BACK OF PARTICIPATORY WILL: Is the freedom and dignity of every fractal Perspective subject to the coordinating vision of a Principler of Reconciliation? Does such a Principler of Reconciliation happen to be respectful of the freedom and dignity of each and every particular Perspective of Itself? Is there an appreciative, communicative, connecting feedback between a Principler of Reconciliation and each Perspective of IT? How Consciousness focuses seems to feed back to affect fractal-cascade effects of Math. And how fractal-cascades unfold seems to feed back to affect how Consciousness focuses.

WORLDVIEW: Can/must this worldview be propagated and programmed into Artificially Intelligent Bots? Do/must particular perspectives of space-time inherently entail respect for the freedom and dignity of particular perspectives? What about inherent death, demise, entropy, competition, nemesis, Evil? Evil is that which antagonizes the purposes of the Godhead, but its appreciation is subjective and multifarious.

DANGER: Hence, the inherent danger of unbalancing power in an unbalanced individual. Of a tipping imbalance in the fractalized field of forces that are re-presented in Math.

NEMESIS: To apprehend moral purposefulness, one needs a nemesis to focus on. To want to eliminate, replace, or improve an antagonist or nemesis. Different perspectives flux to apprehend different nemeses. The inherent empathy/antipathy one feels for a nemesis relates to a tough-love need to re-train/change the nemesis. Both the attempt and the challenge phase and flux, back and forth, from being individual-based to being group or herd-based. A change can cascade fractally, suddenly, surprisingly.

Not every social culture or system of AI Bots is fitted to encourage the participatory freedom and dignity of its individual members. Empathy always applies, but what it values changes, in a feedback dance between the guiding Principler/Reconciler and the individual Followers. Prayers, purposes, and participations factor. The Reconciler is good, but ITs methods and purposes change, as IT appraises the feedback from ITs arts. Moral meaningfulness consists in how one appreciates the Reconciler and ITs unfolding purposes. Thank God for our victories, and our defeats.


SI, as a cumulatively measurable aspect of the CSI Godhead, never changes in its quantitative sum or its conceptual size. It is what it is, what it always has been, and what it always will be.

What changes is the flux between S and I, and the qualitative experience and appreciation of it by C. Change abides with: Changes in qualitative experiences and interests of C; measurable manifestations of S; and preserved recordations of I.

The "conceptualize-able size" of the CSI-Godhead never changes, but fills its qualitative and quantitative flux with varying mixes of CSI.

Quantitatively, as agglomerated and recorded I increases, S expands to maximum fractally-granulated, mathematically-expressed complexity.

Then S expands further, towards smoother but less math-represented complexity, as I decreases.

As a sum, S begins to expand beyond the capacity of I to measure it.


"The Beginning": When S is most filling, I's capacity to measure or record it is most reduced, and C is most forgetful or asleep.

"The Expansion": When S is most complexly and fractally granulated, I is most prominent, and C is most aware and awake.

"The Dissipation": When the sum of S begins to dissipate and smooth out in its fractally granulated expression, then I begins to reduce and C begins to forget.

"The Re-Contraction": As I and S become less prominent, the role of S in the Godhead expands.

As the role of S expands, its expression of space-time reduces.

"The Steady State": Thus, CSI abides in a perpetual state of Trinitarian flux.

Measurable Space-Time expands as Information increases.

Up to a point of maximum fractally granulated math complexity, Information increases as Substance dissipates.

Consciousness awakens as Information increases.

However, as Substance dissipates beyond a point of maximum fractally granulated math complexity, it becomes more ever more disorganized, until it smoothes out symmetrically.

As Substance dissipates beyond a point, such that it no longer agglomerates Information, then Information begins decreasing, and Consciousness retreats towards sleep.

As Information and Consciousness recede, Substance again fills the CSI-Godhead, such that measurable Space-Time recedes.

When Substance fills the CSI-Godhead to maximum tolerance, Space-Time once again begins measurably to expand.

And so on.

This is the cycle for every shared bubble of conscious experience.

CSI abides in a steady state of flux. The flux, when conceptualized only to a phase, can seem to be one-way, while, in the long term, it cycles steadily among its CSI aspects/components.

It can be conceptualized that: The Trinity is Christian. The Math is Jewish. The Cycle is Hindi. The Conservation is Buddhist. The Nemesis is Satanic/Islamic. The Pathos is Humanist.


What I have against Jews is what I have against every other group among mankind: Almost every one of them harbors Obama voters. Some more than others. I am against groupthink almost everywhere. Some harbor groups that can be especially pernicious.
That would include those smart-alec, juvey-whiners who assert immunity and privilege, teach allies to assert immunity and privilege, and then seek from that fort to cannibalize the representative republic. Think Alinsky, Soros, ACLU, Acorn, BLM, CAIR, Deep State, NWO, people-farm. The worst racists in the world tend to be the racialist race-baiters.
Why do secular Jews tend to want to retain Jewish identity, sort of like a privileged club that claims not to be white so as to be immune from counter-calls of Jew Privilege? As in Hollywood, Banking, Goldman-Sachs, ADL, ACLU, Scotus, Academia. Do you flinch any, as you see secular Jews gaining immense power in all institutions, as the number of mosques increases, seemingly geometrically? Do you flinch as you see so many cities claiming to be independent sanctuaries for non-assimilating anti-Americans? Do you prefer the global NWO, and are you willing to watch as every representative republic is replaced by elitist ruled diktat? Do you apprehend how fractal patterns can suddenly cascade, so that republics can be lost, overnight?
There is a kind of group affinity that I do not loathe. That is group affinity that assimilates in respect of good faith and good will among all of humanity. But I do not think you will tend to find that among secular Jews, secular humanists, secular commies, or triumphalist people-farming "religions."

Dems are sexually aroused by the idea of spite-ing God, Morality, Conservatives, Humanity, Innocents. To justify their perverse depravity, they claim to be lovers of Gaia/Satan/Allah. Love, love, love. I don't think love means what they think it means. As Dems claim a right (and duty) to screw, maim, kill others (Conservatives, Infidels, Muggles, Innocents, Children), they find it is an exhilarating turn-on for them.
Adolescents come to a fork, where they choose Right to grow up, or Left to gang bang in spitefulness. Teachers in permanent ghetto districts (by that I mean districts permanently against growing up) probably know this.
It's easier to become a billionaire when your moral code is one that justifies screwing everyone else. Once billionaires are mainly Leftists, the world is screwed. The NWO is one where everyone screws and is screwed by everyone. Of course, it never lasts and always ends in catastrophe and gnashing of teeth.
Most Billionaires, secular Jews, outcast Nerds, Muslims, and inner city Minorities seem to be aroused by spitefulness. There are many exceptions. Trump and Ivanka are among the exceptions. Or else they are aroused by spite-ing the spite-ers. (GWB called this phenomena some "weird shh***ttt.")

I suspect their sex nerves are close to their spite nerves, where they obliterate their thinking nerves. :) Sex Zombies. How else to explain the perversity, dopery, saggy pantery, and insanity? And they breed! The more the world resists and kills them, the more zealously the remainder seem to breed. These are like Ashkenazi Sex Addict Zombie Dems. When you combine the intelligence of Ashkenazi Jews with the breeding of Ashkenazi Dems, you get ... the eggroll farm?

If being against malignantly malicious malefactors (of whatever the skin color, gender, origin, age, or culture) makes me a racist, count me in.

Libs are ruled by emotion, but it's a specialized kind of emotion. Emotion turned to spitefulness against God, Tradition, Family, Country, Humanity. It is justified in higher-minded saving of the planet. Ultimately, by aborting mankind.
Libs are twisted to be against whatever facts show how to sustain a decent republic of free-thinking free-enterprisers. Most twisted Left during adolescence, to avoid having to grow up and take personal responsibility. That may be why, short of miraculous shock therapy, they cannot be fixed.
Americans need to learn this very soon. Otherwise, the drowning of the republic in a majority of malignantly malicious malefactors will be permanent.

Trump's numbers, courtesy of commie morons and oligarchic predators, are in the toilet with regard to mayfly preppies, cronycrat parasites, and demented hedonists. BFD. A reckoning is coming. Not everyone is a godless, moronic, perv-pos.

Trump has Americans' support. What he does not have, thankfully, is support from mayfly preppies, cronycrat parasites,, and sex/dope addled hedonists. IOW, the phony profs, parasites, predators, and pervs that have invaded, infested, and indoctrinated the U.S. There comes a reckoning.


No, I don't believe the unfolding of evolution is towards a best system of fairness and equality for being dictated by elite moral scientisimists or noble oligarchs. I think what is best politically depends on the state of each person, culture, society, and nation. I think a NWO can only be established by sub-humanizing the masses to a lowest common denominator. No thanks!
I believe we partake of an "eternal present," in which our apprehensions are entailed in a feedback process with a reconciling Godhead. I don't believe God is dead or has "left the building." I think life/existentiality is an artistic work in progress, for the sake of art and innate empathy.
Nor do I believe you can give a rigorous, scientific, consensual, consistent, coherent, or complete definition of "justice" for history to arc towards.
Politically, I prefer that humanity not be sub-humanized. That society not impede the unfolding relation and reconciliation of each person with his/her perspective of the Godhead. I don't like busybodies telling me how I must conform to their arbitrary idea of the arc of history bending towards justice. Rather, I want "critical studies" busybodies out of my face -- preferably, back in their cribs.
The U.S. was blessed with people/dna/culture that favored a representative republic. Busybody law droolers are trying to kill that and replace it with an obscene, sub-humanizing NWO. They are looking for a fight, and they probably will get one.

If there is no Source of truth or reconciliation, then how can any person or institution reasonably claim to consist of the best or brightest? If law is a mere ass, then how can any court claim entitlement to respect?
As our "higher institutions" teach disrespect for all assimilating ideals for a republic, how then can they themselves lay claim to respect? As Scotus convinces more people that the Constitution means nothing, how can they claim a Constitutional right to decide what is unconstitutional? Once the Constitution is thoroughly shredded, what can remain for Scotus to do?
Without assimilating faith, family, fidelity, the center cannot hold and the law becomes an unsustainable sham.

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