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"To the Memory of Capt. Nathan Hale" by Eneas Munson, Sr. :

Hate of oppression’s arbitrary plan, The love of freedom, and the rights of man; A strong desire to save from slavery’s chain The future millions of the western main, And hand down safe, from men’s invention cleared, The sacred truths which all the just revered; For ends like these, I wish to draw my breath,’ He bravely cried, ‘or dare encounter death.’ And when a cruel wretch pronounced his doom, Replied, ‘Tis well, —for all is peace to come; The sacred cause for which I drew my sword Shall yet prevail, and peace shall be restored. I’ve served with zeal the land that gave me birth, Fulfilled my course, and done my work on earth; Have ever aimed to tread that shining road That leads a mortal to the blessed God. I die resigned, and quit life’s empty stage, For brighter worlds my every wish engage; And while my body slumbers in the dust, My soul shall join the assemblies of the just.

The great success of Western Civilization (freedom of thought and enterprise) has brought us to unsustainable levels of Political Correctness, Entitlement Theory, and Religion of Victim-Mongering. We are become a great herd of “mollypaths,” i.e., easy prey for psychopaths, who are gathering quickly to thin our herds.

If we wish to sustain Western Civilization, we must surpass our vision-less mollypathism.

We must define and enforce defensible borders --- in geography, language, and culture.

We must not allow ourselves to be overrun by unassimilable faux-immigrants. Cultural Creep: Beyond a tipping point, illegal immigration by massing Hispanics will sink American culture and common language and turn our meanings upside down, turning indolence into merit, unfairness into fairness, and p.c. mind control into education.

We must not allow ourselves to be overrun by unassimilable faux-religion. Sharia Creep: Beyond a tipping point, seditious preaching by massing religious fascists will sink American ethos and turn our morality upside down, turning dictate into justice, rote regurgitation into wisdom, and mind enslavement into charity.

We must not allow ourselves to be overrun by unassimilable faux-equality. Socialist Creep: Beyond a tipping point, socialistic indoctrination by powerfully connected and wealthy pirates and henchmen bent on farming the proletariat will sink our Bill of Rights and turn American laws upside down, turning disloyalty into loyalty, regulated graft into free markets, and enforced equality into liberty.

Presently, liberals, libertarians, and bluebloods promote the irreversible empowering of all three forms of Creep --- Cultural, Sharia, and Socialistic. Those who will take the most fascistic advantage of such Creepism are Race-Bigots, Religion-Intolerants, and Economy-Dictators. The only defenders against such Creepism tend to be Extreme Moderates and Social Conservatives. But, allied against them are both the mollypaths and the fascists they enable.

If Extreme Moderates and Social Conservatives wish to make common cause to sustain Western freedom of thought and enterprise, we must surpass mollypathism. Simply put, mollypaths are not on the side of sustainable freedom of thought and enterprise. The path America is presently on, i.e., “reaching across the aisle” to mollypaths, cannot suffice.

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"The refusal of Bush critics to acknowledge the historic and barbaric cruelty of President Bush's adversaries raises serious questions about their own moral commitments"

These people are mollycoddling dangerous psychopaths and sociopaths. There must be some genetic or cultural explanation for why we find ourselves so top heavy with mollycoddlers. Call them "MOLLYPATHS," because their efforts may as well be allied with the efforts of psychopaths and sociopaths.

When we get our next 9-11, we must not allow the country to go back to the mollycoddling mall. Rather, we must get in the faces of mollypaths and shame them as never before, as Neville Chamberlain was shamed.

Europe took an insane chance, disarming before Hitler. But Europe had America to re-arm it. America does not have a New-America to re-arm it. If we go down, we will have done it to ourselves. And the way we will have done it is by whimpering out to mollypaths. We need better insight into the mollypath mind, and soon!


HMHaanpaa ("I do not follow this topic because it has been out of control for so long. Avoiding situations is the only hope a person has so as not to become a statistic. We keep building more and bigger facilities for more and more law avoiders with no end in sight.")

We have more criminals for the same reason we have more terrorists: Liberals, Libertines, and Bluebloods mollycoddle and support them. They would rather a named killer or terrorist be paroled than that his unnamed future victims be protected. They would rather play an Inside Game than reform the Chicago Way. They would rather enable stupendous chasms in wealth and power than bring billionaire pirates to justice.

Support criminals, get rap crap, get more criminals. Support terrorists, get movies romanticizing Che, get more terrorists. Support unlimited power to purchase political influence, get Soros' "Open Society," reap the whirlwind.

When we are trying to defend society against sociopaths, this pattern of behavior becomes simply stupid. Libs, Libertines, and Bluebloods are "molly-paths." Its time to stop mollycoddling molly-paths. Get in their faces!


True Grit ---"What a maroon you are - we have suffered thru 8 years of a rogue administration who hAS lied us into war, caused countless deaths, betrayed the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not to mention betrayed a CIA officer, instituted torture as part of national policy...."

Have you served in the military? I don't get your "lied us into war." Please define lie (use your own definition) and then explain how Bush lied us into war.
Re --- "caused countless deaths": Have you considered how many deaths Bush has likely saved, in respect of our not having been attacked since 9-11?
Re --- "betrayed the Constitution": I may give this one to you, but only in the sense that Bush, and every other President for the past 40 years (especially Dems!) has failed to enforce our borders and to lead us to a sane energy policy. Unlike what I suspect of Dems, I am not aware of Bush's having sold out military secrets.
Re --- "betrayed a CIA officer": Surely you do not mean Valerie Plame, the desk jockey with the self-inflated husband who was "outed" by Armitage (Dem). Come on, man!
Re: "instituted torture": Are you quite sure no Dem ever authorized waterboarding? Are you quite sure Obama will not authorize it, should stakes become high enough? Are you quite sure your giving aid and comfort to our enemy is not inciting them to engage in real torture, Daniel Pearl style? Did you read what the goons of Mumbai did? Do you not see any connection in their real torture and your undermining of American efforts?
If "torture" concerns your "true grittiness" so much, what are you doing to bat it down where it is most heinous? And why are you helping to encourage our enemies to engage in it? Given your unsupported laundry list, I recommend you get treatment for BDS, asap. Good luck with that.


True Grit, Were you to constrict Franklin to his time and place, you may be right. But Federalists among the Founders supported the Alien and Sedition Act. Nor are Dems immune from modifying ideals to fit facts on the ground: FDR encamped many Japanese citizens.

Regardless, none of our leaders of yore lived in a time of WMD mixed with suicide-bombing, mind-dead creed-fascists. The plain fact is, psychopaths and their twisted true believers are unlikely candidates for rehabilitation, yet often have superior skills for positioning themselves to inflict maximum pain and destruction. Psychopaths' skills are exploding, while mollypaths sing pollyanna slogans from the past.

Mollypaths may as well be cheerleaders for psychopaths. (Give me a "b". Give me a "u".... What's that spell? Bush Is Evil. Gooooo .... Mollypaths!)

Frankin, perhaps the smartest man of his age, is not for us to shrink to tying himself to a never-changing position, notwithstanding great changes in facts on the ground.

Let's see what your Obama guy does. If he fails to protect the country, he is toast.

Better slogans for a new age (?): Freedom within law, liberty with order, autonomy subject to defensible borders! Don't be a mollypath --- you're just empowering psychopaths, )


There must be some sort of "brain freezing virus" or susceptibility to "mommy-overindulgence" to which Leftists minds are more exposed than most. Otherwise, what could possibly explain the hysterical handwringing by Leftists: about Israeli settlers vs. Palestinian bomb throwers; or about waterboarding of captured sources of high level enemy information, while at the same time losing no sleep whatsoever about abortions gone wild? What could explain Leftists' tremulous angst about the incarceration of captured enemy combatants vs. oblivious unconcern for safety of persons in whose neighborhoods such enemies would otherwise be released? What could explain Leftists' fascination with appearance, yet ignorance of reality?

Can we please just open up a big free room for vice and video games, to entice and divert all Pinnochio-Leftists so they can be led to devote themselves entirely to make-believe lands they know best?


Manning ("I favor the things Larrey Anderson identifies as religious rituals (higher fuel efficiency, pollution controls, etc.). I think limiting the freedom of some people to pollute is fair if it causes a cleaner environment for everyone. Moderation, of course, is important. Now, am I a religious fanatic?"):

Well, one man's religious fanaticism is another man's respect for God and Country.

I think Government should lead when it can lead responsibly. After all, who else can provide leadership when we otherwise would sink to "the tragedy of the commons"? Problem: Our Government has morphed to become less like a Responsible Adult than a Sociopathic or Narcissistic Child, launched from simple religious fealty, on to psychogenic addiction, on to towards full blown lunacy.

Ideally, Government could help us not just avoid calamities, but could also gently steer or inspire us to greater appreciation of common values, such as: clear skies, more varied environment, less monopolization of environment by human beings, more energy independence from sociopathic countries, more protection from special interest influence over legislators, and more protection for Constitutional integrity and national borders.

Responsible Government could gently steer us with better tax policies, such as in respect of: fuel taxes, sales taxes, and progressive taxes on political contributions.

The problem is, our Culture has allowed our Government to become so removed and so embedded with corruption that it cannot be trusted. Our Government, in many respects, is NOT RESPONSIBLE! Rather, Beltway Government is in bed with Big-Time Ponzi and Market-Cornering Opportunists. To turn over great gobs of money to such people is to invite electoral masochism on a grand scale.

What parent should trust a child who behaved as our Government, which has: Failed to respect or protect our borders, enriched our enemies, enabled Ponzi schemes for friends, and undermined common decency?

Our "child" (Government) needs tough love and intervention. We simply can no longer trust its fear mongering or feed its habits and fellow addicts. We need "The Dog Whisperer," to help show us how to put this Government on a much shorter leash.

Problem: The addicts are gone wild, off their leashes, and the adults will not regain control until the antics of the addicts brings them down and they can be re-fitted with appropriate standards of decency or shorter leashes (i.e., Atlas Shrugs).

Meantime, don't mollycoddle or unduly feed the monster! To do so is not especially supported by science, but only in faith, which, by now, is to approach religious lunacy.

We won't reclaim our "child" until we get him off his addictions.
Simply put: Do not believe the addict's schemes.


Equal Is As Equal Does --- :

Well, look to root causes, for crying out loud! Dems would not be so corrupt if Repubs were not so mean! Repubs make such a thing about working hard, looking good, and being a success. But, you know whut? Not everyone is born with energy, looks, or talent. So, why should Dems be penalized just because of accidents of birth? To compete, fairness requires that Dems not be held to the same standards. Dems should be entitled to lie, cheat, and steal, sort of as a class form of affirmative action, or reparations. Aren't Dems as good as Repubs? Shouldn't they have as much? How else they gonna get it? Criticizing Dems for being corrupt is like making fun of old people for being wrinkled. All people are equally entitled! You must be stupid! Haven't you ever read Marcuse?
Mollypaths, being the natural prey and useful idiots of psychopaths, tend natrually to ally with psychopaths against responsible society. Because mollypaths tend to have disproportionately less practical experience than booklearning, their “knowledge” tends not to be grounded in reality. Once brainwashed in respect of their unbalanced conditioning, few seem to escape the mollypathic worldview. David Horowitz is an exception.

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War Against Psychopaths

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Comments: War Against Psychopaths:

Comment by Dlanor, at

There is war going on, worldwide.

Everyone except Liberals and their sympathizers knows who are the aggressors. The aggressors are psychopathic “leaders” and their lust-blinded minions, scenting and ravening after power. Yet, Libs think psychopaths and their mesmerized minions are just upset on account of root causes, i.e., affronts and insults of conservatives.

Psychopaths, to kill free thought and demolish America (“burst the bubble”) in order to consolidate holds on power, worldwide, are using techniques of extra-national financial piracy (Soros), terrorism (Iran and Saudi Arabia), and direct military threats and actions (Putin). Such psychopaths need not indoctrinate a Fifth Column, because the work of indoctrination has already been done.

The Fifth Column, i.e., “Liberals” (useful dolts) and their media are busily killing free thought with “Ministry of Truth” fervor, i.e., college and corporate speech codes, selective definition and enforcement of “hate crime” legislation, and mob-militant acting-out, to enforce all manner of political correctness and emasculation of traditional family values, without which no assimilation of society can be conserved.

Demonstrably, smart psychopaths have great, asymmetric advantages for hacking to the top of any power structure, to preside over libs, idealogues, and other useful idiots. Reading through the history of the world, studying leaders of nations ruled by extremists, one soon apprehends how much of history consists in the study of psychopaths.

The miracle of America was consolidated when George Washington voluntarily declined a third term as President. Liberty lovers have conserved his example ever since. But the price of American liberty has been the dearest blood of each succeeding generation.

Except, perhaps, by studying history, one cannot very well appreciate liberty without having shed blood for it. Modern sheltered “Liberals” simply lack the maturity that comes of study or experience to apprehend when the root cause of evil is psychopathic will to power, rather than the slights or affronts of conservators.

Our newest and most sheltered generation, more so than most, now finds allayed against its liberty such insidious and monstrous forces as have rarely been encountered.

Modern Libs, in dangerous immaturity, project their childish philosophies onto psychopaths, conceiting thereby to understand them. Not even the patience of Job suffices to explain to modern Libs the error of their ways. Few children, especially over-sheltered children, sit still to be told they are behaving as children. But, correction comes soon, from sterner authority.

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Re: The Augur’s Words --- see;

Absolute Moral Imperative by which to escape moral irresolution: Pursue empathy for the ongoing Source of the good!
Free Thought Experiment:

Conceptualize a Mathematical System of interacting, algorithmic laws, such that, in respect of such System --- EXCEPTING That Which Creates And Animates Such System ---such laws are: complete, consistent, continuous, consecutive, connected, competitive, cooperative, cohesive, coherent, and constant. That is, the laws interact in respect of controlling (finite) parameters, even though their number of possible permutations may be infinite (unbounded).

Now imagine “YOU” (a somehow conscious identity of indiscernibles), in appreciation of such system, could choose or be coaxed to “individualize yourself” by “jumping into” and making yourself mortally subject to such mix of laws. Regardless of “where,” “when,” or how often you jumped into the fray, you would perceive yourself as the central, mortal protagonist. All other protagonists you therein perceived as accompanying you would also perceive, and be perceived, as being subject to the same system of laws to which you thus became subject --- even though each may experience a unique perspective.

The being’ness of each would be interdependent upon, and empathetic of, laws motivating all. The very existence of each perspective of such system would be contingent upon that Potentate which potentialized, created, and animated that which avails the perspectives of all.

While accepting mortal subjectivity to such system (i.e., declining suicide), no subject thereto could comprehend the Potentate --- which authors and remains exceptional to such system.

On the other hand, howsoever the Potentate may comprehend each such mortal, such comprehension may consist, or be mathematically leveraged, in ways or means beyond the system availed to its mortalized participants.

Yet, conscious empathy may accompany all, in “mathematics directly intuited” --- beyond illusions of physicality. In humble, mutual awe of such Potentate, meaningful competition and cooperation may be inspired among all --- in symbols and signs of “physics” --- regardless of whether more specifically articulated in words reaching to transcend illusions of physics.

The superior, moral, and meta-meaning would be in empathy, suggesting our self-chosen illusion of freedom in individuality is valued enough to be worth its price.

Neither "space" nor "time" exist independently in themselves, and "space-time" is more a construct for calculational purposes than a physical thing that can actually be grided or sensed in any absolute sense.

Thus, any effort by a particular form or state of being to relate its sensations in respect of either space or time to space-time becomes inherently and ambiguously unstable, dependent upon frame of perspective and mind state of purpose.

Thus, regardless of where in space or when in time Consciousness may interpret or sense itself in relation to any frame of reference, space-time will not present to its range of senses, however augmented, as an unambiguous void.

No particular perspective of Consciousness that is self aware will ever be presented with any unambiguous sensation of approaching a pure void. Rather, all will experience and sense themselves as being surrounded by “physics.”
I conceive that the real “Ground of Being” is not constituted in fields of physics, but in fields of math.

Imagine a mathematical niche that has no independent reality in itself, but finds expression only in derivation from a “Mind-for-Math” (God).

Every perspective of consciousness of Mind-for-Math that happens to find expression in respect of such niche shares its niche with every other such perspective.

None of these perspectives exists “physically” apart from their mathematical niche, which functions as their shared universe, even though such universe has no independent reality in itself. Because physicality is not real in itself, neither are space, time, matter, or energy.

Rather, our separate perspectives are “real” only in derivative respect of a capacity of Mind-of-Math to compartmentalize consciousness of mathematical perspectives of matrixed sequences. (Of whether God keeps meta-time, meta-chronology, or meta-learning, what particular perspective can conceit to speak?) Among themselves, perspectives do not reconcile any independent, physical reality, but only a shared mathematical reality, which is availed by “grace” of Mind-for Math.

Every particular “perspective” (whether conscious, subconscious, unconscious, recording, sensate, reactive, or emerging) must experience the derivative (illusory) “physicality” of its experiences as being consistent with the mathematical rules it happens to share with other perspectives.

For each such perspective to obey and relate consistently to the mathematical parameters which happen to be shared among perspectives made to seem to occupy separate physical loci, the mathematical rules must avail differential marking (broken symmetry) among loci (space-time). Each perspective must relate consistently to the mathematical universe being shared, even as it experiences relative differentiation (in kinds and degrees) from its perspective. Each, in respect of its own relative locus of perspective, must reconcile parameters for the commonality (whole) with the differentiation (parts).

Such parameter-reconciliation (between wholes and parts, field-waves and particles) entails a differentially stretched experience or relational interpretation, by each perspective, of the sum of the “physics” of all others. This entails that each perspective will experience all others as aging at different, albeit reconcilable, rates. Thus, each perspective will experience its own chronological reconciliation.

At collapsed loci (points of shared intersection), interpretations of sequences of events will be shared. Among non-intersecting perspectives, sequences need not necessarily be interpreted as having occurred in the same order. After all, “physical events” do not independently exist in themselves, but only in virtue of their having collapsed to the measurement of some “perspective” (whether of consciousness or unconsciousness).

Perhaps, the “Twin Paradox” of Relativity is “resolvable” in respect that each twin’s derivative experience of collapsed physicality (aka, “mathematical field of reference”) never intersects in exact completeness with that of the other twin; rather, their experiences intersect only in partiality, which synchronously and continuously necessitates mathematical recalibration and reconciliation.

Neither twin has a “real age,” nor a “real physicality.” Rather, each is an experience of a different perspective of the consciousness of a Mind-for-Math. In respect of fundamental rules of math that are assigned or associated to each perspective, each twin will only interpret his/her apparent age, relatively.

Each twin will happen to share in an encompassing field of math, in respect of which each one’s experiences are synchronized. In respect of such common frame of mathematical reference, one twin will be interpreted, in relation to movements of the other, to have traversed more of that which translates into aging.

Thus, “I,” as a perspective of consciousness, lack reality independent of God. I have free will and moral worth, but only derivative of the grace and will of God. Even though we are derivative of the one Will-to-Math, or, perhaps because we are so derivative, I can empathize in moral respect of the pleasure, pain, motives, rationalizations, and awe of my fellow perspectives.

Holistically, during the tenure of a “universe of math,” the rules of math for the “physics” that are fundamental to such universe need not change. However, particular chronological perspectives of such rules do change, even “die.”

What would be our condition, were we ever to receive access, at will, to all the fundamental rules of our mathematical field of existence (as well as, perhaps, to all their implications)? Would our Ground of Being be dead? Or alive?


To the extent Consciousness is superior to physics, it cannot be completely explained in terms of physics. And, to the extent Consciousness has capacity to identify or split in respect of different compartments or perspectives of illusions of physics, it cannot be completely explained in terms of one particular perspective of physics.

A particular mortal perspective cannot communicate or represent its perspective of consciousness or of physics or of “the world” to any other perspective, except in trivial or incomplete and figurative terms of personal emotional content.

By establishing and acting in respect of each intersecting relationship of communication, each participant, sequencing in time and space, can get an intuitive or “empathetic flavor” for the other’s emotional experience.

But, there is no “real world” or “physical existence” or “particulate reality” or “experience of consciousness” that could be represented or signified between them because (1) to begin with, there is no “world” or “physical existence” that exists in itself, and (2) each perspective, to the extent it has been conceptualized to be different, is, by definition, different.

Excepting communication of tautologies, trivialities, and commonly governing mathematical relationships, we do not communicate External Content about “the world” to one another. Rather, by our verbal acts for attempting communication, we only act out our imprecise, emotional, empathetic, Internal Content (“feelings”) --- which does not diminish “communication” of intuitive, empathetic, non-trivial values that are possible between us.

While we cannot communicate “the world” between us, we can work together to discover measureable laws that limit the system of mathematical functions and parameters with which our perspectives in common participate and press their “wills.” That is, we can discover, “bookmark,” measure, and communicate the relationships that govern the system of mathematics with which each of our perspectives happens to have become identified.

Regardless, to discover such mathematical laws that may in common govern our illusory experiences of “physics” is not to discover or communicate any actual physical thing or “particle” that really exists in any common “world.”

Even the mathematical laws that we do share in common only “exist” derivative of a truism: That this is the mathematical system our separate perspectives of consciousness, for whatever reason beyond discernment in physics, “just happen” to have in common come to identify with and interact with.

Challenge to Logical Positivists --- coordinate consistent, non-trivial definitions for: morality; alive; conscious; physical; random; evolution; existent; nothingness.

Bottom line intuition: That which is most morally meaningful or inspiring cannot be expressed apart from metaphor or free of logical ambiguity. This is because Our Ground of Being may be mathematical, for which the Source exists not in independent physics, but in an ambiguous, metaphysical “Mind of God.” This often frustrates those who wish to learn how to be God, but less so those who stand in awe of God. Among them, for scientists, moralists, and poets, there need be little frustration.


Quotes by Max Planck:

Religion belongs to that realm that is inviolable before the law of causation and therefore is closed to science.

The history of all times and nations teaches us that exactly in the naïve, unshakable belief, furnished by religion in active life of believers, originate the most intense motives for the most significant creative performance, not only in the field of arts and sciences but also in politics.

Under these conditions it is no wonder, that the movement of atheists (Gottlosenbewegung), which declares religion to be just a deliberate illusion, invented by power-seeking priests, and which has for the pious belief in a higher power nothing but words of mockery, eagerly makes use of progressive scientific knowledge and in a presumed unity with it, expands in an ever-faster pace its disintegrating action on all nations of the earth and on all social levels. I do not need to explain in any more detail that after its victory not only all the most precious treasures of our culture would vanish, but -- which is even worse -- also any prospects at a better future.

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.


As John Scotus Erigena put it to Frankish king Charles the Bald in the year 840 A.D., "We do not know what God is. God himself doesn't know what He is because He is not anything. Literally God is not, because He transcends being."


MIND OF GOD: Leibniz had arrived at a radically different understanding of the universe and the things found in it. According to his Monadology, all things that humans ordinarily understand as interactions between individuals and all things that humans ordinarily understand as relations among individuals (such as their relative positions in space and time) have their being in the mind of God but not in the Universe where we perceive them to be.


Matter, energy, space and time are made manifest, interdependent, interrelation-al, perceived by awareness’s, and harmonized within limits made manifest in rules of inertia. We seem unable to know, in a direct perceptual sense, whether such harmonization of manifestations exists independently, or whether it is “caused” by some kind of un-seeable, metaphysical mush, beyond our abilities to scientifically measure or predict. But, we can, and do, sense identity, animation, drive, spirit. We cannot exist without experiencing purpose. In so sensing, we “know” we have moral goals; that there is more to existence than directly meets our abilities to see, hear, feel, smell, or taste. So sensing, it seems not a great leap to intuit, envision, or receive revelations regarding, a more perfect, guiding, harmonizing, comforting spirit. That spiritual “oneness” is what Jesus melded into.


Perhaps the “real distance” between my compartmentalized perspective of Will and yours may be nothing more than such imagery as is required in order for each of us to resonate in respect of an “anthropic illusion” of separateness of experience of the other.

Each preserves his experience of separateness of identity or perspective only so long as every aspect of his “physicality” coordinates in resonating respect of such illusion.


"The first real AI would be something that we don't even understand," says Wright, "because we didn't program it. It will be more dissimilar in the way it thinks, than we are to a mouse."


See also:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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We do not have capitalism or socialism. We have a “MIXED SYSTEM,” which only pretends to be a mix of free markets and of social, governmental regulation. In present devolvement, our political parties and periodic elections are more for farce and diversion, bread and circuses, than for anything very meaningful.

Our “free markets” are often stacked by “something-not-quite-governmental,” to be run by favorite (kickback) pretty boys, by enacting regulations designed, directly or indirectly, to limit, control, or steer competition.

Our “socialistic regulation” emerges less to help “the people” than to help hogs, snarfling behind the scenes, through revolving doors.

Without bloody revolution, how do we rid ourselves of being ruled, through a charade of fronting tools, by psychopathic, internationally irresponsible, snarfling hogs?

Bush was a tool. Obama will be a tool. The present system has morphed away from free markets and socially responsible regulation and tipped to an abomination, to be run by tools, for ghouls, against fools.

Still, it is not primarily our economy that we must recover. Rather, we must recover basis more than blind faith to once again have trust in one another. Those among us who would do that must make ourselves independently worthy of being trusted.

What Intellectual Samurai or Magnificent Seven can lead and deliver us from our presently accursed system to a bona fide mixed system? How do we suddenly make the leap to say "NO" to: false consciousness, false education, false entertainment, false drugs, false morality, false media, and false leadership? How do we, as one, open our eyes, free our minds, and transcend our oppressors?

Only in response to humble, willing receptivity to a higher source of personal intuition and purpose will a viable path beckon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Never Ending Story

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Never Ending Story (of Math) — struggle between will to power (competition) vs. will to math (cooperation):

ALL OF NATURE IS MATH: (I believe) Manifesting conceptualized, algorithmically-leveraged, mathematical functions potential-izes inferences (quantum fuzz?) in respect of competition to emerge in respect of such functions.
EVOLUTION OF PHYSICAL REALITY: A particular observer's measuring of a perspective of physical reality is derivative of one set of mathematical functions operating on and measuring another. The "physicality" is merely byproduct of program-feedback receptivity of a compartmentalized morphology of mathematical functions to interpretative translation.
While the "ultimate causation" of change or evolution in the morphology may be discussed in respect of various perspectives and factors, no particular list or explication of factors can ever encompass or complete a holistically consistent, coherent, and coordinate model or explanation.
One factor would seem to be competition and/or cooperation among cohabitants of mathematical niches for expressing consciousness. Another factor would seem to be perspective of consciousness or will, beyond physical appearance or measurement. Another factor would seem to be competition and/or cooperation among such perspectivistic sources of spiritual will ("Elohim"). Another factor would seem to be synchronization in respect of the Holism.
The combination of such factors does not reduce (as any "physical closure" or "formula complete in itself" or "natural theory for explaining everything") to mere math or nature, absent a dualistic dancing with Consciousness (God).
If all such factors can be directed by, or reduced to, one unifying source of control, such reductive source, by definition, is irremediably beyond the power of any particular part, as a part, to direct or comprehend. As a particular perspective, I may only comprehend such perspectives and parameters as are inadequate to encompass and complete the whole.
If some holistic aspect of myself comprehends me, it does not judge or convey such comprehension to me during such chronological sequence as I am being manifested as a particular perspective.
MATH MANIFESTS TO CONSCIOUSNESS AND COMMUNITIES: As an inference emerges into conscious, manifest apprehension of a receptive perspective, such inference will often also happen to have emerged into the communicable apprehension of numerous or similar perspectives of consciousness.
SEPARATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS: No perspective of Consciousness can temporally will or choose (or be explicitly or randomly directed) to become, in any way, mathematically sequenced or compartmentalized apart from the underlying Unity of Consciousness without simultaneously coming to experience an interpretation of such mathematical separation in temporal association with figurative representation, i.e., "physicality." That is, no birth into physicality is independently "physical"; rather, its physicality is secondary or derivative of algorithmic functioning, in a dualistic dance with what might as well be termed "Consciousness" (or "God," or Mind of God --- of which we are availed no complete understanding).
MEASUREMENT PROBLEM: To exercise consciousness to compartmentalize perspectives is to simultaneously implicate mathematical operations. No compartmentalized form emerges into manifestation, absent a meaningful, representative sensing or measuring of it. Such sensing or measuring may be conceptualized as an expression of “Consciousness” (whatever that is).
MATH AND CONSCIOUSNESS SHARE AN UNBOUNDED ASPECT: Platonic shapes dimly inferred and imagined collapse into the appreciative focus of such perspectives of consciousness as happen (or will) to be receptive. And so on .... unbounded.

RELATIONALITY OF PHYSICS: But, such physical shapes and worlds do not exist in themselves.

MANIFEST EXISTENCE: Rather, such platonic shapes and forms become focused and collapsed into “existence,” i.e., into the manifest, relational experience of such perspectives of consciousness as happen to be, or to become, communicably attuned. “Physical” experience is byproduct of consciousness’ experiencing of, or bringing of (or “collapsing” of) imagination into platonic focus.
Simply put, no "physical particle" or dimensional FORM “collapses” into existence or emerges into geometric manifestation, to function or be interpreted as such in any relational, appreciative, or meaningful way, absent some at least “potential-izing consciousness” or means by which to record, sense, observe, mathematically represent, algorithmically leverage, and/or conceptualize such form.
RELEVANT PATTERN EXISTENCE: No identifiably mathematical pattern reacts with another pattern, as such, unless some Aspect associated with one somehow interprets (or is "conscious" of) the other, as mathematical pattern.

EMERGENCE OF PLATONIC FORMS: Ultimately, how platonic forms happen to collapse relates (I intuit or believe) to a Supernatural-ity (NON-LOCAL HIDDEN VARIABLE), beyond empirical measure, i.e., to some unifying and/or synchronizing aspect among competing, cooperating, overlapping, holographic compartments of Consciousness. (Compare

PARAMETERS: What, if anything, may limit the number or range of possible, evolving worlds or collapsing perspectives of such Consciousness?

NATURE: Perhaps, “Nature” consists of “nothing more than” the relation of fundamental laws of mathematics and logic — as such natural laws ever emerge, manifest, focus, measure, and recede — in expressive respect of a DUALISTIC DANCE with perspectives of Consciousness.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Consciousness “itself” may exist or be expressive in respect of both a relational and a non-relational aspect, such non-relational aspect being beyond representation or modeling that is complete, consistent, and coherent in respect of any (“natural”) mathematical formula or (“physical”) dimensional graph or representation.

MATH: No human being understands the Feynman equations of physics, in respect of why such equations work or should work. Rather, “understanding” is limited to appreciating that such equations, relative to particular purposes and perspectives, do work. (“Shut up and calculate!” Our “understanding” of such mathematical formulas does not enhance our understanding of WHY such formulas work or should work.

COMPARTMENTS OF WILL: What becomes “physically manifest” (I believe) is what emerges in respect of interactions among perspectives of Consciousness, i.e., competitive “wills to power” and cooperative “wills to math.” Manifestations are interpreted to compete, evolve, and morph in respect of their competing “sponsors,” overlapping compartments, or holographic perspectives of Consciousness.
UNLIKE ANYTHING PHYSICAL (“God”?): Unifying Consciousness (God), in respect of existentially ultimate aspect, property, or character, may well be beyond and unlike anything we can imagine by referring only to our "physically" relational experience (as opposed to our innate, non-empirically verifiable intuition, supported indirectly by mathematical inference).
As far as we may know, God's assumption of mathematically compartmentalized and leveraged perspectives for idealizing mathematical functions may account for all the ingredients needed to account for all worlds.
DEATH: An assimilated perspective of Consciousness cannot retain its assimilated continuity while repealing present opportunity for continuation of the line of mathematical functions that brought it to its relational locus. That is, too sudden a breach in a line of functions will kill the assimilated continuity of their relational direction. Sudden change in mathematical parameters is not impossible, per se, but is impossible to each species of observer, relative to too sudden a change in relation to any such observer.
PROVERBS REGARDING IMAGINATION, MORALITY, AND THE SUPERNATURAL: " In My Father's house are many dwelling places." John 14:2 ( "Speak of the Devil and he shall appear." (
“Why then 'tis none to you; for there is nothing either good or
bad, but thinking makes it so.” (

Once a perspective of Consciousness has imaged, intuited, inferred, appreciated, sensed, or measured parameters for a locus relative to a dimensional or mathematical geometry, within such locus, there is no such thing as an absolute vacuum or “nothingness.”

Rather, such locus, once related to or by Consciousness, is teeming with existentially relational potential.

Suppose one represents one’s appreciation of such parameter-locus in respect of “fundamental particles” or quarks. Were one to suck all quarks out of such locus, one may have, on average, a “relative vacuum” of zero quarks. However, one would soon intuit and even measure effects of potential or “virtual quarks.” The vacuum of no quarks would, relative to the perspective considering it, be teeming with virtual potentials.

(I believe) This is in respect that neither physics nor particular building blocks (particles) of physics exist in themselves, but in respect of potential among communicating perspectives of Consciousness.

If humans, on average, detect the same number of ultimate particles of matter within our universe, it is in respect that our perspectives of Consciousness happen presently to be choosing (or to have been chosen) to relate and communicate in such respect for "our universe."

Ultimately, although "physical nothingness" does not exist-in-itself, neither does "physical somethingness" exist-in-itself. Rather, the existentiality of physics is only in respect of a "supernatural dancing" of Consciousness with Mathematics.
INDIRECT MATHEMATICAL PROOF: I remain unsure whether math may avail indirect proof, perhaps by demonstrating how descriptions relating to qualities of "choice, causation, determination, randomness, and/or pre-determination" are beyond rigorous objectivity, but are instead rigorously dependent upon locus of focus, sphere of influence, and/or mathematical model / frame of interpretive reference or purpose.
Universal EMPIRICISM DEMONSTRATES that no compartmentalized form emerges into manifestation, absent meaningful, representative sensing or measuring of it. To exercise conscious capacity to compartmentalize perspectives is to simultaneously implicate mathematical operations. Such sensing or measuring may be conceptualized as an expression of “Consciousness” (whatever that is).
LOGIC AND MATH DEMONSTRATE whether a particular or compartmentalized form should be considered to have emerged derivative of will, choice, causation, determination, randomness, or pre-determination. However, any such demonstration cannot be made in perfect proof. An event or manifestation, in itself, cannot be said to have arisen purely in respect of choice, randomness, or pre-determination. Rather, proof regarding any particular event may be made, if at all, only relative to purpose and perspective.
Regardless, for moral and inspirational purposes, it seems not inapposite to consider such (universal) “Consciousness” as being “God.” Even so, we can hardly “know” in any sense of completeness, consistency, or coherence what may be God’s ultimate (or even particular or compartmental) purposes or interests. Yet, we can humbly “listen” or intuit, as best we are able, to try to be receptive or consistent with higher moral guidance.
That alone (without need for literalistic or oppressive religion) may carry socializing implications, with regard to human and moral ambiguity, uncertainty, humility, insight, appreciation, dignity, freedom, initiative, creativity, civility, empathy, communication, and community (as opposed to purely socialistic BORG-DOM, dictatorial FASCISM, or stiflingly intrusive SHARIA), i.e., qualities necessary for meaningful, decent civilization to flourish, communicably.
"The Horsemen" (Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, and Harris) seem to disdain the uncertainty and ambiguity of value-belief-systems based on religious or spiritual metaphors, as if our "physical" existence were not permeated through and through with uncertain metaphors, and as if their own value-belief-systems were not similarly challenged.
“GOD’S” AWESOMENESS: Whatever the implicated Source, as "Consciousness," IT is something beyond physical representation, which has capacity, by “idealizing” nothing more than mathematical functions, to compartmentalize and leverage all that presents (in symmetry and broken symmetry) to our sensation, memory, and conceptualization.
Regardless, it would be absurdly without point for any of us to express capacity in our universe for the compartmentalizing of perspective were there no other or similarly compartmentalized perspective with which to sense, interact, empathize, or communicate.
Although "supernatural dancing" is beyond physical measurement, it is not beyond existentially intuitive empathy. That is, I am unconcerned that the concept lacks pertinence to physics; I am instead concerned that the concept has, I believe, pertinence to deeper morality and meaningfulness.
Regardless, I believe the story of supernatural dancing is a never-ending one.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Psychopathic Civilization

(Civilizations, as we call them, are largely the history of competing psychopaths ....)


Soros’ crusade includes worldwide legalization of drugs, which would make it easier to rule humanity. One may be very capable, yet remain a cool, morally uninhibited, psychopath. Such predilection may sometimes be biological, associated with quality of brain-synapse signals, such as among amygdala, hippocampus, and corpus callosum.

Regarding Soros, see interesting test:

See also:;;

If you are an individual whose right orbital cortex is not functioning well, you're biologically disadvantaged in developing a conscience."

Outside of any effect they may have in predisposing an individual to violence, such brain deficits can only be detected through such relatively new functional brain imaging techniques as PET scans.

Raine says the USC-UCI study sheds light on a long-standing mystery in crime and punishment -- how some criminals appear so clearly to be a product of their background, while others seem to defy their seemingly benign upbringing.


In practice, mental health professionals rarely treat psychopathic personality disorders as they are considered untreatable and no interventions have proved to be effective. In England and Wales the diagnosis of dissocial personality disorder is grounds for detention in secure psychiatric hospitals under the Mental Health Act if they have committed serious crimes, but since such individuals are disruptive for other patients and not responsive to treatment this alternative to prison is not often used.
… psychopathy leans towards the hereditary whereas sociopathy tends towards the environmental.


Does Obama play the role of malignant narcissist to Soros’ psychopathy?


The malignant narcissist is inherently weak because he/she derives their ego functioning ability by constantly feeding off the emotions of other people (to build up their sense of self-worth to higher levels). This is why malignant narcissism is likened to a drug addiction. The drug addict (like the malignant narcissist) needs higher dosages of a drug to get the same after-effect. The narcissist (on the other-hand) needs to build up their sense of self-worth at increasingly higher levels to maintain the same level of ego-functioning. The malignant narcissist will go to extreme levels to build up their esteem, often resorting to antisocial behaviors and isolation of others (which is why antisocial, schizoid and paranoid personality disorders accompany this disease).



It is admittedly tempting to dismiss the reality of evil entirely due to its inherent subjectivity and relativity. As that wise bard William Shakespeare bade Hamlet speak: "For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." This recognition of the relativity of good and evil, and its basis in egoistic evaluations of right and wrong, positive and negative, has a time-honored tradition in Asian religion and Oriental philosophy. But as Jung said, the fact that the conceptions of "good" and "evil" are limited inventions of the human mind (ego consciousness), convenient cognitive categories into which we try to neatly sort the stuff of life, does not detract from the vital importance of properly discerning between them. For without such psychological distinctions, what ethics will serve to guide our daily behavior? On what moral ground can we stand in making the many minor and major day-to-day decisions modem life demands? To cite Justin Martyr on this matter: "'The worst evil of all is to say that neither good nor evil is anything in itself, but that they are only matters of human opinion."
… Carus responds: "Evil and good may be relative, but relativity does not imply non-existence. Relations are facts too."
Evil is a very real phenomenon. But it is not a "thing," with physical properties of its own apart from those human actions which comprise it; nor is it an "entity" with a will of its own, as the traditional doctrine of the devil advocates. Evil is a process in which we humans more or less inevitably participate. Indeed, it is a psychological--or spiritual, if you prefer--process of negation.
It says that while evil exists it can only exist by living off the good and cannot exist on its own." Of course, the same may be said of the "good," which cannot exist on its own either, without some reference and comparison to that' which is "evil."
… who then shall be the crowning connoisseur of good and evil? The individual? The community? The court?
Good can come from defiantly facing evil. But evil, alas, will always find another face.


PERSONAL COMMENT: To me, “evil” is that which impedes civilization that is stable, sustainable, and amenable of surpassage.


Some folks, despairing that modern representative governance is ill equipped to weed against mechanisms favoring the selection of psychopathic leaders, are beginning (tongue in cheek?) to advocate stochastocracy, or the random selection and replacement of political leaders.

However, before we throw the baby out with the bath water, alternative measures for preserving the legitimacy of representative governance would seem preferable. After all, why suppose psychopaths would not evolve in paths for evading even random selection of leaders, simply by corrupting randomness of the selection process?

So, before we “storm the Bastille” in order to impose stochastocracy, we may first prefer to seek alternative combinations of methods for filtering out political psychopaths.

Examples of alternative methods:
1) Outlaw use by psychopaths and politicians of income tax revenues for the purpose of redistributing wealth to their armies and supporters.
2) Impose progressive taxes on consumption of political resources (political contributions), to render the field of competition less leveraged in favor of established family elites of psychopaths.
3) Outlaw political contributions by all entities, except from individual, adult citizens.
4) Impose death taxes progressive enough to check against rising polyarchies and aristocracies of gross inequalities in wealth and influence.
5) Limit the voting franchise to responsible, experienced, educated, non-felonious, non-alien, adult citizens.
6) Protect borders and limit immigration, so no seditious demagogue can entice or bribe aliens to enter and vote in such numbers as to swamp democracy under a cult of personalty deluge.
7) Establish responsible means for preventing vote and voter fraud.
8) Reduce disparate power of individuals over monopolies on goods and ideas by imposing progressive taxes (on "consumption of political influence") and by taking action to bust monopolies; use tax revenues therefrom to fund jobs for servicing infrastructure and worker health.


Snippets from
THE PSYCHOPATH - The Mask of Sanity
The high incidence of sociopathy in human society has a profound effect on the rest of us who must live on this planet, too, even those of us who have not been clinically traumatized. The individuals who constitute this 4 percent drain our relationships, our bank accounts, our accomplishments, our self-esteem, our very peace on earth.
Most of us would not imagine any correspondence between conceiving an ethnic genocide and, say, guiltlessly lying to one's boss about a coworker. But the psychological correspondence is not only there; it is chilling. Simple and profound, the link is the absence of the inner mechanism that beats up on us, emotionally speaking, when we make a choice we view as immoral, unethical, neglectful, or selfish.
Most of us feel mildly guilty if we eat the last piece of cake in the kitchen, let alone what we would feel if we intentionally and methodically set about to hurt another person.
Those who have no conscience at all are a group unto themselves, whether they be homicidal tyrants or merely ruthless social snipers.
The presence or absence of conscience is a deep human division, arguably more significant than intelligence, race, or even gender.

What differentiates a sociopath who lives off the labors of others from one who occasionally robs convenience stores, or from one who is a contemporary robber baron - or what makes the difference betwen an ordinary bully and a sociopathic murderer - is nothing more than social status, drive, intellect, blood lust, or simple opportunity.

What distinguishes all of these people from the rest of us is an utterly empty hole in the psyche, where there should be the most evolved of all humanizing functions.


Snippets from
Psychopaths Ride the Curve
by Peterson F. Whalley, dean of Grantchester College, Cambridge
February 26, 2004
Representative liberal democracy is in crisis. It has been for some while but the crisis has now approached a threshold; further erosion will irrevocably shift the countries that enjoy this form of government into a terra incognita in which liberal democracy will have degenerated into a new form of autocracy, which we call "spinocracy". To retrieve liberal democracy now requires radical action.
Democracy is the only means yet devised for the control of power by psychopaths. This has provided an interregnum, a respite of perhaps 100–200 years. The psychopaths are slowly taking over again.
The massive over-representation of psychopaths among the powerful is strong evidence of a selection principle at work. That principle is the advantage psychopaths have over "normals" in the pursuit of power. Where there are large numbers of people there will, by chance, be relatively large numbers of psychos, but, in addition, where power is also concentrated, there will be disproportionately large numbers of them. New York and Washington are likely to have the largest concentrations of psychopaths on the planet.

In very small groups psychopaths are rare, soon discovered and shunned (or jailed, or killed). In larger groups - typical of tribes - they are likewise rare, discovered, shunned but given some socially-acceptable function, like shamans. In larger societies they are much less rare, much harder to discover and, precisely because they are unfeeling and manipulative, often rise to assume political authority.

This, then, is what we assert the historical record shows. Civilizations, as we call them, are largely the history of competing psychopaths and the war of psychopaths against the normal humans.

This is pretty shocking. You mean Alexander the Great was a psychopath? Julius Caesar? Attila? Charlemagne? William the Conqueror? Napoleon? Peter the Great? Surely not!

This intuitive test of historical leaders seems to confirm our working hypothesis. But what about Cromwell? Washington?….Lincoln?

This is where it gets murky. Why? These names coincide with the rise of liberal representative democracy. In this form of government, to gain power you have to get people to vote for you. This radically undercuts the natural advantage of the psychopath. Unfortunately, as the population has grown and the selective advantage of psychopaths has gone to work we have entered an era in which the psychopaths have found ways to gain control.

Our analysis of and solution to this problem is basically that proposed by Karl Popper [*PERSONAL COMMENT – GEORGE SOROS IS A FAMOUS FORMER STUDENT OF KARL POPPER]. Representative democracy is to be preferred because it provides a method of preventing authoritarianism. Unfortunately, Popper's favoured solution - proportional representation - will not work. This is because it neglects the rise of psychopathic control of the system that governs the elected leaders - which is to say the giant private and public bureaucracies, especially the former.

As the electoral system has become increasingly a money game, elected politicians have turned to the largest sources of money - private business corporations. These are ideal breeding grounds for psychopaths.

The promotion process in large private and public bureaucracies embodies a selection principle that heavily favours the psychopathic personality. Psychopaths have no difficulty denigrating fellow workers or claiming credit for work done by others. They are the quintessential power-lunchers, breakfasters, stay-after-workers.


The majorities of managers and executives are likely to be normal. This is what makes the problem intractable. There's no way to weed out the psychopaths. Yet, we assert, as you go up the chain, the chances of encountering pseudo and genuine psychopaths increases.

Moreover, it is likely that psychopathy runs in families, not so much because of genetics as the subtle but pervasive influence of family mores and behaviours. The single biggest factor determining who is in the senior ranks of large organizations is socio-economic status, which means family. Which means that what is still relatively rare among most of the world's inhabitants becomes quite prevalent at the exalted levels occupies by the World's power elites.

As another intuitive test, think about the following list of names, from robber barons to contemporary high-profile figures: Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, Kurt Waldheim, Boutros-Boutros Ghali, Kofi Annan, Jeffrey Skilling, Chainsaw Al Dunlap, Martha Stewart.

Remarkably, political authority is quite like Puff the Magic Dragon: once those subject to authority cease to believe in it, it fades away.


There are now so many groups that have achieved or seek "equality" before the law that it's impossible to tell which is the "fundamental" equality. Am I equally obliged to the government of the land or to groups with which I identify? If bespectacled, fat bigots of anglo-saxon descent who demand the right to be smeared in marmite in public can't get charitable status, like thousands of other groups, do I organize a coup?
… that people's attitudes, which are what underlie any opinions they may give to pollsters or anyone else, are very unstable. Reported attitudes have been shown to be heavily influenced by such matters as: the tone of voice in which the questions were asked; the physical conditions in which written surveys were answered; etc.. In other words, factors that would not affect measured attitudes if they were really measuring anything worthwhile. This is all the more so if the elicited attitudes are about topics about which the subjects may not have thought very much, like the interest rate elasticity of government debt.

Focus groups have taken this sham to a new level. Focus groups don't even pretend to be "representative". Rather, the spin-doctor gurus search for meaningful revelations of the underlying angst of the populace as revealed by the verbal entrails of people at the mall with nothing better to do for a few hours.
… Americans now apparently grant the Courts more legitimacy than their Legislatures. This warms the hearts of psychopaths.
Next week, kiddies, we'll teach you how to cure all known disease.


Snippets from
The Road to Hell is paved with Free Market Capitalism, Imperialism and Psychopaths
Simon Davies & Donald Hunt
Mon, 10 Nov 2008 13:38 UTC
Expansion became an end in and of itself and its protagonists became "nothing but functionaries of violence [who] could only think in terms of power politics. They were the first who, as a class and supported by their everyday experience, would claim that power is the essence of every political structure."
The perpetual cycle of accumulation of property/capital begetting the accumulation of power begetting the accumulation of property, onwards forever, requires perpetual expansion. The great waves of change of the Industrial Revolution, the age of Imperialism and the age modern empire, whether under the guise of Cold War or War on Terror, have led to the ceding of all power to the financial/capitalist elite. Since the age of colonial imperialism this elite has succeeded, in complete accordance with its creed of perpetual accumulation of property and power, in gathering ever greater amounts of both.
… referred to "High society's admiration for the underworld....its step-by-step retreat on all questions of morality, and its growing taste for the anarchical cynicism of its offspring".
… published on

From The Psychopath - The Mask of Sanity
Imagine, if you can, not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.

And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.

Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless.

You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition.

In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world.

You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences will most likely remain undiscovered.


The entire fabric of Free Market Capitalist societies is governed by fear, an all pervading, overwhelming fear. A world where one is perpetually in competition, where what ever one has can be taken by the next man in his pursuit of property or through crime, where the fundamental basis of society is based upon the accumulation of unlimited capital and unlimited power for their own sakes, that is a world based on unlimited fear. A world entirely reflective of the psychopaths manipulation of the psyche of normal people.


Snippets from

Herman Daly

The US economist HERMAN DALY, delivered a paper to the Sustainable Development Commission in the UK in April this year in which he reiterated his idea of a Steady State Economy that can replace the "failed growth economy".

In this paper Daly was challenging the basis of free market capitalism as summarised by Arendt, the perpetual accumulation of property/capital. He implicitly acknowledges the fact that free market capitalism has to consume to grow and has to grow to survive. Logically this is not possible perpetually when one looks at the world as a finite system. He therefore proposes that a move away from the growth economy of the last 300 years to an economy that is stable, one that does not grow. On a global basis this would mean that the developed economies would have to use their resources more efficiently, allowing the developing economies a greater share of the world's resources until such time as they had achieved a reasonable quality of life amongst their citizens.

Daly proposes:-

A more equitable sharing of basic global resources

Reform of the tax systems to an ecologically based tax system

Limit the range of inequality in income distribution-a minimum income and a maximum income. Without aggregate growth poverty reduction requires redistribution. Complete equality is unfair; unlimited inequality is unfair. Seek fair limits to inequality.

Change the way we work so as to provide work for everybody rather than slavery for some and unemployment for others.

Re-regulate international trade. Limit the freedom of movement of capital, restrain globalisation.

Downgrade the IMF, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation to a new model designed for equality amongst nations.

Abolish fractional reserve banking. Give the control of money back to governments and away from banks.

Put scarce resources under public control and remove the private control on knowledge and information. Stop treating the scarce as if it were non scarce, and the non scarce as if it were scarce.

Stabalise world population.

Change national accounting to reflect reality so as to be able to see when growth ceases to benefit a nation as a whole.

Whether all Daly ideas are good ones is not really the point. What they serve to illustrate is that serious economists, (Daly used to be at the World Bank), do have ideas as to how our world could be run differently. So when you hear the liars telling you that this and that 'reform' is necessary to keep the existing system running hopefully now you can see through their lies and can tell anybody else who'll listen.

Friday, November 7, 2008

American Barracuda Party

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Comment by Dlanor at

American Barracuda Party:

We need a new GOP, in the image of The American Dynamic (individual freedom, initiative, and responsibility), not in the image of Blueblood elitists or their billionaire socialist cousins.

We need an ideology-for-defending-American-style-free-markets-and-enterprise. This means we cannot abide media becoming monopolized in international pirates bent on abetting the raping and pillaging of marketplaces of products and ideas.

Rather, we need an ideology for defending American style borders --- physically, spiritually, economically, and environmentally. This does not mean isolationism. It means defending a well defined, competitive, involved America.

We will not be able to move towards a better America by making baneful common cause with McCain, Rockefeller, and Noonan style Republicans. Rather, they must be banished. What we need instead are American Individualists --- wherever we can find and inspire them. We need Saracuda leaders. Hell, we need an American Barracuda Party!

If we truly represent faith in fundamentally sound American values, we can inspire and recruit — even among conservative Democrats.

As the Republican party now stands, it ain’t mine, no more.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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For George Bush and defenders of The American Dynamic (of human freedom, initiative, responsibility, and self reliance), few good deeds have gone unpunished. In one fell swoop, the security of home, church, traditional moral values, and freedom of individual expression have been shown to be highly endangered.

Racism did not impede Obama from getting elected, but naivete did get him elected. I only wish a black female Independent had inspired us before Obama. I expected moral shallowness from villains, derelicts, and dopers. But, for women, Catholics, and Jews, I am ashamed. What has just occurred, if not a stupendous betrayal --- by women, Catholics, and Jews --- of American common sense?

We have disgraced the franchise, yielded to the votes of illegals and felons, surrendered any effective means for validating legality of votes, and precluded any effective means for regulating sources of political contributions. Thus have we abjectly ceded to derelicts the capacity to surrender that which our forebears nourished in blood and sweat and bequeathed to us in love.

As individual freedom of expression will now be attacked, so also will individual security be attacked. More in sorrow than in anger, we find now before us a garden of American common sense that has overgrown with vicious weeds. Yet, there abides a resilient spirit. Evil affronts to human freedom and dignity will yet be brought to atonement.

For that, we can be happy warriors. See

"Government of the people" was just raped, having been held hostage to shameful media, financed and manipulated by international pirates.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marketplaces of Ideas

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Marketplaces of Ideas:

For more than 30 years, sentiments and word usages for re-modeling American ideals have been transmogrifying our media and academia, under a steady drip of communist influence. Meanwhile, Conservatives have been oblivious, operating on autopilot, entranced under an idea that everyone is interested in only one kind of marketplace game: getting the biggest ship for floating on a tide that raises all boats.

Conservatives have thought a capitalistic marketplace of evenly competitive ideas and businesses to be best for supporting individual freedom, dignity, responsibility, and initiative. But, what happens when markets become monopolized, when capital becomes leveraged out of all sense of proportion, and when financiers become free of national boundaries and constraints?

How, then, does capitalism avoid jumping the shark, to become the tool of pirates of international volatility? How, then, do small businesses and even large nations preserve parameters of freedom, once most of influential media, academia, politicians, regulators, and military-industrial complexes are bought and brought under control of a cohort of international, big-money pirates?

Democrats have been conditioned and deluded to idealize socialism, while Republicans have been conditioned to idealize capitalism. Meanwhile, such idealistic bubbles have been brought under reflexive control of financial, bubble-mastering pirates.

But, there never has been idealistically pure socialism or capitalism. Rather, there has always been a blend of disproportionate, opportunistic, individualistic competition (will to power) and communitarian cooperation (empathetic will to math).

Democrats and Republicans, alike, have been diverted, entranced, or asleep. Meanwhile, Western Civilization has become enshrouded under a cloak of international piracy.

Western Civilization will not regain freedom and dignity by inciting quarrels about whether capitalism is better than socialism. Rather, neither capitalism nor socialism will well survive power being monopolized in a cohort of international pirates.

Nations of peoples must reassert physical, moral, and financial boundaries. Progressive consumption taxes must be applied to reduce influence of international money-pirates. Human freedom and dignity depend upon it.

Otherwise, we shall continue to see: international monopolization of media, academia, politicians, and generals; invasive indoctrination of politically correct thought and expression; reign of terror and extra-national W.M.D. bandits; and abject surrender of individual free will.

Pirates who have become adept in crossing national boundaries tend hardly to be challenged to sidestep mere rules of law --- especially when peoples, to defend their own liberties, have been rendered oblivious to the need to define and enforce boundaries and laws.



Socialists desire evenness in material equality among individuals. Capitalists desire evenness in business opportunities, for preserving competition among markets.

Socialistic nomenklatura desire to regulate and control markets, in order to impose hegemony over, and equality among, individuals. Money mastering capitalists desire to monopolize and control markets, in order to impose hegemony and opportunities borne of volatility over inferior individuals and businesses.

Either way, Overlords (nomenklatura and money masters) enforce control, either by socialistic regulation, to force equality among subordinates, or by capitalistic monopolization, to force hegemony over equally impotent subordinates.

So, between nomenklatura and money masters, how can human freedom and dignity best be maintained?

Answer: (1) Preserve competitive markets by protecting against forcible, disproportionate deprivation of human freedom and dignity, by taxing money masters on their rates of consumption, progressively; (2) forbid political contributions by businesses; (3) allow individuals to make political contributions, but tax all political related expenditures as forms of consumption, subject to progressive taxation.

Danger: Absent action to restore some semblance or balance of power to the working class, human civilization is coming soon to a Point Of No Return.
The power of nomenklatura and money masters to control entire nations and spheres of influence is keyed to lock humanity into serfdom, from which there can be no likely escape.

Such key consists in controlling media and academia, indoctrination of youth, bribery of politicians, and threats against regulators. Once an international cohort of financial pirates of volatility has purchased and consolidated such control, it becomes, in essence, Ministry of Truth.

The path to such consolidation of control consists in erasing a nation’s physical borders, un-assimilating and rendering its social values and traditions impotent, insinuating its double-speakers and new-speakers into media and academia, and dumbing down or corrupting the general electorate. At that point, “government of the people” is reduced to farcical fraud.

Alert: To preserve any semblance of human freedom and dignity, it becomes ever more imperative to enact and enforce a system of progressive taxation on consumption, to prick the bubble of international monetary piracy.




Feasibility of a Progressive Consumption Tax --- see
AUGUST 25, 2005
A Consumption Tax

Some consumption taxes, like the retail sales tax and the value added tax, are best imposed with a single rate because taxing different commodities at different rates is a limited and inefficient approach to achieving progressivity. But there are other approaches to consumption taxation that would allow much greater progressivity at both ends of the income distribution, protecting the poor and imposing a higher rate of tax on the well-to-do.


Fed's Chief Gives Consumption Tax Cautious Backing --- see

Published: March 4, 2005
WASHINGTON, March 3 - Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman, cautiously endorsed a shift in the nation's tax system on Thursday from one that primarily taxes what people earn to one that taxes what they spend.



PROBLEM: A progressively confiscatory tax on accumulating consumption would encourage criminal, bookie, private coupon, and black market transactions among agents and subordinates.
Experience shows that general sales tax rates much above 10 percent are very hard to collect. They encourage smuggling, black markets, evasion, production for personal use, substitution for untaxed commodities and other activities that erode the tax base.