Monday, March 30, 2015

Rainbow Gravity -- Philosophical Intuitions



As you probably know, a new idea in physics relates to "rainbow gravity." whereby the effect of gravity is felt differently by different wavelengths of electromagnetic energy. For scientists, experiments are underway to seek testable measurables for relating to this idea.

For philosophers of intuitive but untestable aspects of our existentiality, the choice of word of "rainbow" would seem interesting. For observers who reside within a rainbow-producing system, every attempt to catch the end of the rainbow recedes and regresses until the rainbow melts back into the background. For astronomers who seek to map the cosmos, every attempt to find and see the furtherest star recedes, and every point of reference seems to share a common condition such that its observations tend to show the same densities in all directions. There does not seem to be any real center to the cosmos. Nor perhaps any real beginning ("Big Bang").

This phenomenon may be conceptualized as an uncanny renormalization of every measurable within every context to the separate focal point of each individual observer and recorder. One begins to wonder how much one can trust one's senses to identify what is "really out there." One may even begin to doubt whether not only time, but also recorded chronologies of events (i.e., information), are "just" stubborn illusions that are somehow renormalized to each perspective, but not carrying forward any "reality in themselves."

What may a concept of "rainbow gravity" implicate to "reasonable" philosophical intuition concerning the apparently constant and continuous renormalization of observations and recordations to perspectives and foci? What may it implicate regarding a "beginning to time" or a lack of any "real beginning"? Like the receding rainbow, does information recede, regress, and become lost or "forgotten" to whatever extent is needed to facilitate each interpretation that is renormalized to each perspective-context within a shared bubble of experience?

It is one thing for a recording device or observing perspective (person) that functions within a context to record or apprehend as if there must have been some kind of chronological beginning to whatever the nature or character of the bubble that happens to sustain it. It is another thing for a perspective to believe that such beginning must be of a reality that is more than mere renormalization to its situation.

It is one thing to postulate, as a convenient conceptualization for a purpose of renormalitive calculation, that there was a beginning point of infinite density. It is another thing to believe that such a beginning point of infinite density ever existed as a "thing in itself." It may be that the apparently unfolding sequence of measurable events does not exist independently, but only artifactual to perceptual interpretations that happen to be renormalized in respect of a shared bubble.

If so, it would be a very strange bubble, because it would not seem to exist as a thing in itself, either. This "bubble" does not coherently seem to have any center-favored, focal-point of reference in time, space, or space-time. Every point that may be randomly chosen as a point of measuring reference seems to appear only as a function of a recorder or observer of information that interprets events as they unfold around it in a way that "just so happens" to renormalize all measurements to its perspective and context. This "bubble" seems to be more like a web of no-thing, more like a digitally-actuating and renormalizing math, i.e., a self-programming programmer, i.e. the
Essence-Source-Sponsor of a trinitarian participatory-feedback-flux of Consciousness (Son), Substance (Father) and Information (Holy Ghost).

At least, that's where my moral perplexity seems to lead me "at this point."


"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable."

"There is another theory, which states that this has already happened."

Douglas Adams - The Restaurant at the Edge of the Universe

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


TRINITARIAN GODHEAD:  The Source-Essence-Purposer-Reconciler abides as a trinitarian flux that expresses Substance, Information and Consciousness. In aspect of Substance, its sponsor may be conceptualized as the creating Father. In aspect of Information, its sponsor may be conceptualized as the accompanying Holy Ghost.  In aspect of the Particular Exemplar of Consciousness, its sponsor may be conceptualized as the guiding Jesus.  That our existentiality entails a trinitarian flux of Substance, Information and Consciousness is self evident.  Substance disperses, Information collects, and Consciousness (identities and memories) changes. The world of present manifestation in Substance is the world that is presented and created by the Godhead. Jesus' kingdom would not be of this world of present manifestation. Jesus' kingdom would be of the always receding, guiding potentiality of substance and information in Consciousness. In Jesus' kingdom, the battles are among empathies and ideas.  In the kingdom of manifested substance, there is no avoiding that the battles are in flesh and blood.

DIGITALITY:  We communicate in what may be represented or conceptualized as digitally signified and chronologized quantitatives. The digits by which signification is cnceptualized and availed are special in that they have no experiential existentiality in the absence of perspectives of Consciousness, whose perspectivistic conceptualizations are made, renormalized, and reconciled in respect of such active digitalization.  The digitalization is such that no one aspect of the Trinity can abide without entailment with the other two.  Changes in levels and layers of identities and memories of Consciousness entail the collection of Information and the dispersal of Substance.  Consciousness entails the collection of Information over the dispersal of Substance.  (C < --> I/S.) The collection of Information entails the constant changing and renormalization of perspectives of Consciousness times the dispersal of Substance.  (I < --> CS.)  The dispersal of Substance entails the changing of Consciousness times the collection of Information.   (S < --> CI.)  The unfolding flux of C,S and I as a whole entails the cooperative operation of each component.  CSI functions to our perspectives as a Trinity.  The Trinity's expression of Quantiatives requires quanticized conservation:  Sacrifice and transition; pain and pleasure; death and life; framework and change.

GODHEAD:  The Source Essence that programs Digitalization facilitates: SUBSTANCE that obeys conservation; INFORMATION that avails access to recordations of sequences of transitions; and local recordations of representations and Perspectives of CONSCIOUS MEMORIALIZATION that renormalize to locus within context.  In other words, the Godhead synchronizes a flux of Substance, Information and Consciousness.

JESUS:  Consciousness as we relate to it that has special moral insight above all others into both the Substance and the Information is the "only begotten Son" -- the apex for seeking to understand the Changeless-Changer.

EXEMPLAR:  The way of evolution entails pleasure and pain.   The Exemplar needed to exemplify both.  To become an exemplar for humanity, He needed to experience the heights of joy and the depths of pain.  This is less because men and mortals are purely evil than because they are incomplete, imperfect, and in need of guidance in how to face all potentials to our limits.

SIN:  To be in a state of sin need not be conceptualized as evil, per se.  It may be conceptualized as signifying a state of karmic cosmological evolution.  Suffering and pleasuring are less to atone for sin or to reward joy than to facilitate reconciliation to moral purposefulness.  To be in a state of sin may be conceptualized as being in a state such that the Godhead (Changeless-Changer) is attuned and available to guide our communications to the pursuit of meaningful dignity.

SALVATION:  Regarding heaven or hell, the issue of concern need not be how a body saves into spirit, but how does spirit pursue morally purposeful expression in a body.

POTENTIALITY:  Consider Jesus, Shakespeare, Newton, Franklin, Jefferson, Mozart, Einstein, Turing.  Is it not astonishing what can be expressed from the digital potential of the mind of God?  But for Jesus, what would have come of moral philosophy throughout the world?

PURPOSE:  Investigate how intelligent and powerful each individual can be guided to become, while still preserving a civilization that can trust enough to avail decent freedom and dignity without annihilating itself.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Social Cycles of Diminishing Returns

On Laws of Diminishing Returns for Types of Organizations:

Collectives tend to be organized to purposes.  Parts that are valued tend to be devoted to coordinate the various needs of each collective.  Parts can be developed to levels that maximize the capacity of an organism to pursue its purposes.  The maintenance of each part is contemporaneous with an opportunity cost concerning what could have been done with the energy that maintains the part had it been devoted to other purposes.  A society consists of member parts that direct various energies to facilitate various of the society's purposes.  Applying some of a society's energy sources to preserve the physical and mental health and competence of the members that contribute to its purposes facilitates the efficacy of the society.  Taking energy from a contributing part to indulge non-contributing functions of other parts diminishes the efficacy of a society.  When the efficacy of a society as a whole diminishes, the sense of well being of all its parts tends also to diminish.  This inefficacy produces diminishing returns for the well being of the society and all its members.  Individual parts sometimes conspire to work together as parasites to pursue subsets of well being at the expense of the well being of the system of the set as a hosting whole.  As parasites increase in activity, they reach points of diminishing returns, such that they ruin the health of the host.

Societies often benefit by centralizing governance that can redistribute resources to better preserve the welfare and mental health of its needed members.  For awhile, increased devotion of resurces to purposes of centralization may enhance needed redistributions.  After awhile, a society may come to consist mainly of resource takers (redistributers and redistributees), to the neglect or weakening of resource producers.  Then, increases in centralization and regimentation tend to make the society inefficacious to its purpose of enhancing the well being of its members.  Centralization begins to produce diminishing and even destructive returns, sort of like an out of control dive by an airplane that has lost its engine.  Alliances of parasitic takers (redistributers and redistributees) begin to find ways to barricade themselves from the producing members of a society, so that producers cannot stop them from continuing to cannibalize and weaken the society as a whole.  The increasingly centralized empowerment of such parasites reaches an apex of selfish efficacy, and then puts the system as a whole into a nose dive of a collapse.  Even if the class of proudcers wakes to the the danger, the awakening often comes too late to avoid catastrophe.


I doubt there is any simple one on one causal relationship, but a complex sloshing brought on by hubristic over centralization and its inevitable spoliation of social trust. Waves of mass hysteria are brought on by out of whack central planning. Americans at home are producing fewer things other peoples want to buy. They can't eat bureaucracy and 2000 page laws. So capital went overseas. There, it produced potemkin villages that the natives could not afford to habitate. So, capital re-diverted to produce more cheap goods to sell to Westerners, leading to price deflation for Westerners. Eventually, foreigners may be first to experience inflation, in respect that dollars paid by Americans don't purchase much from an America that does not produce much.

Printed money tends mainly to be siphoned to crony capitalists. As America became non-competitive, there was less for cronies to invest in, in America. So they held their money or put it overseas or in art, gold, or jewelry --- the kinds of things the little people tend not to buy. Printing money is meant to ease America's debt on the backs of foreigners. So long as foreigners have little choice but to accept fiat dollars, and so long as investment in industry in America does not take off, the printed money does not compete to drive up prices at home. (So long as America ensures the peace, this does not seem unfair -- except that America is no longer so much in the peace insuring business.)

This will change, as surely as waves slosh back and forth. The crony hedgers (and their hired shills) who can control the timing of the sloshing tend to benefit at everyone else's expense. They've got you coming and going. Until they kill their own host. Meanwhile, they will monetize debt until it becomes unsustainable, either because no amount of fiat money can serve the interest, or because there is no industry adequate to distribute real buying power.

Printing money does not in itself cause deflation. It is the circumstances that lead to the current printing that are leading to deflation. For now.


Obama's program is one of treason to overturn the republic and to consolidate the rule of an establishment that hates the American Ideal.  His program is to change the republic from one that represents citizens who want to enjoy the freedom and dignity to express themselves without being intimidated by goons and thought police.  Obama wants the masses to be in equal servitude to elite rulers who have been "enlightened to know best."  The establishment of godforsaken elite rulers and their goons has been nearly completed.  Finishing touches are being put on the pacification of the ruled class.  Everything the regime does is filtered to this purpose, which is driven by red-eyed hatred of independent minded, self reliant, competent Americans. 

If Congress did not consist of shills ensconced for the same purpose, it should have removed Obama long ago.  The establishment has ensconced a Congress that is treasonous to the ideal of a free and representative republic. The mind-numbed electorate has ensconced a red eyed hater as President of America.  Obama has ensconced two Supreme Court Justices who cater to his program.  High level civil and military servants are likewise being replaced with servants of the anti-American establishment.  Each new regime drone is expected to establish like drones.  We are seeing geometrically increasing lines of drone dominos being placed and tipped to bury America and the West.  Trillions of dollars of fiat money are disseminated to the purpose.  Soon, mosques will likewise increase, geometrically. 

All the money and power in the world are being focused to the subjugation of middle class people everywhere.  Liberal and libertarian women and femimen have no clue concerning the quickening evil that they are greasing.  They are helping to drown the only people who could restore decency:  the people who apprehend the importance of faith in a Reconciler, loyalty to family, and fidelity to a representative republic.  Without faith, family and fidelity, most of humanity will be greased to serfdom.  But maybe the dope and sex will be good.


Obama is an atheist who greatly admires and sympathizes with Muslim totalitarianism. He likes the idea that those who mean to rule the State should hire elites to lead the masses to believe the State knows best in all things. He likes the idea of worship of the State. To obtain statist rule in the West, he seeks to de-define the family and replace the authority of parents with that of the State. To accomplish this, he holds out carrots. Those carrots include tolerance of whatever depravities are needed to induce support from lofos and addicts. To make such inducements palatable, he joins with those who try to discredit the idea of any higher Reconciler or that any moderation or self discipline in drug or sexual proclivities is needed. For political calculations, he does this while lying and claiming to be a Christian. Were the regime to obtain enough power, and were it to deem sticks to be needed and helpful to the consolidation of central statist control, its fronts, like Obama, would not hesitate to use sticks. Obama's fundamental principle is that people like himself should rule without having to dispute with any self-ruling middle class. Obama is to Mohammad as Allah is to the State.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On Levels of Sensation


Parts, Sum, Whole
Program of Program of Program
Author of Author of Author
Incomplete Perspective of Incomplete Perspective of Incomplete Perspective
Sensations of sensations of sensations
Representations of representations of representations
Spheres of Being overlapping with Spheres of Being overlapping with Spheres of Being
Recordings and Communications of Interpretations of Sensations
Approbations of Appreciations of Apprehensions
Ideas of Images of Perceptions
Identities reconciling Identities reconciling Identities
Complexity Coalescing out of Chaos
Consciousness of  Information concerning Substance
Qualitative experience of Quantitative of Qualitative-Quantitative

Apprehend:  contemporaneously sense
Appraise:  reflexively evaluate
Approbate: participatorily advise and consent

Sense, Evaluate, Participate
Divide, Add, Analyze
Extract, Phase, Change
Measure, Induce, Intuit
Experience, Sentiment, Purposefulness
Dress, Address, Redress
Circulation of Correlation and Cause
Know, Believe, Doubt
God, Godforsaken, Godless
Regression, Shift, Return
Infinity, Eternity, Essence
Existence, Being, Identity
Empiricism, Intuition, Morality
Reflexive apprehension of Reflexive apprehension of Reflexive
Changeless Changing Changer
Essence, Expression, Experience
Self Interest, Weighted Sentiment, Unfolding Moral Principle
Relative, Absolute, Relational-Absolute
Substance, Catalyst, Transistence
Being, Becoming, Existing
Chronology, Measuring Perspective, Rationalizing Interpretation
Measuring, Modeling, Molding
Perception, Interpretation, Communication
Caring, Rationalizing, Projecting
Evolution, Participation, Guidance
Recorder, Participator, Reconciler
Matter, Medium, Form
Math, Computer, Self Participating Programmer
Apprehension, Observation, Causation
Truth, Beauty, Purpose
Self, Society, Soul
Seek, Subjugate, Surrender
Manifestation, Potential, Choice
Measured, Rationalized, Renormalized
Determined, Random, Guided
Nothing, Everything, Math
Measurable, Immeasurable, Intuitable
Renormalization of Experience, Reconciliation of Values, Synchronization of Expressions
Conservation of Equational Transitions
Music, Noise, Time Keeping