Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On Levels of Sensation


Parts, Sum, Whole
Program of Program of Program
Author of Author of Author
Incomplete Perspective of Incomplete Perspective of Incomplete Perspective
Sensations of sensations of sensations
Representations of representations of representations
Spheres of Being overlapping with Spheres of Being overlapping with Spheres of Being
Recordings and Communications of Interpretations of Sensations
Approbations of Appreciations of Apprehensions
Ideas of Images of Perceptions
Identities reconciling Identities reconciling Identities
Complexity Coalescing out of Chaos
Consciousness of  Information concerning Substance
Qualitative experience of Quantitative of Qualitative-Quantitative

Apprehend:  contemporaneously sense
Appraise:  reflexively evaluate
Approbate: participatorily advise and consent

Sense, Evaluate, Participate
Divide, Add, Analyze
Extract, Phase, Change
Measure, Induce, Intuit
Experience, Sentiment, Purposefulness
Dress, Address, Redress
Circulation of Correlation and Cause
Know, Believe, Doubt
God, Godforsaken, Godless
Regression, Shift, Return
Infinity, Eternity, Essence
Existence, Being, Identity
Empiricism, Intuition, Morality
Reflexive apprehension of Reflexive apprehension of Reflexive
Changeless Changing Changer
Essence, Expression, Experience
Self Interest, Weighted Sentiment, Unfolding Moral Principle
Relative, Absolute, Relational-Absolute
Substance, Catalyst, Transistence
Being, Becoming, Existing
Chronology, Measuring Perspective, Rationalizing Interpretation
Measuring, Modeling, Molding
Perception, Interpretation, Communication
Caring, Rationalizing, Projecting
Evolution, Participation, Guidance
Recorder, Participator, Reconciler
Matter, Medium, Form
Math, Computer, Self Participating Programmer
Apprehension, Observation, Causation
Truth, Beauty, Purpose
Self, Society, Soul
Seek, Subjugate, Surrender
Manifestation, Potential, Choice
Measured, Rationalized, Renormalized
Determined, Random, Guided
Nothing, Everything, Math
Measurable, Immeasurable, Intuitable
Renormalization of Experience, Reconciliation of Values, Synchronization of Expressions
Conservation of Equational Transitions
Music, Noise, Time Keeping

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