Tuesday, March 24, 2015


TRINITARIAN GODHEAD:  The Source-Essence-Purposer-Reconciler abides as a trinitarian flux that expresses Substance, Information and Consciousness. In aspect of Substance, its sponsor may be conceptualized as the creating Father. In aspect of Information, its sponsor may be conceptualized as the accompanying Holy Ghost.  In aspect of the Particular Exemplar of Consciousness, its sponsor may be conceptualized as the guiding Jesus.  That our existentiality entails a trinitarian flux of Substance, Information and Consciousness is self evident.  Substance disperses, Information collects, and Consciousness (identities and memories) changes. The world of present manifestation in Substance is the world that is presented and created by the Godhead. Jesus' kingdom would not be of this world of present manifestation. Jesus' kingdom would be of the always receding, guiding potentiality of substance and information in Consciousness. In Jesus' kingdom, the battles are among empathies and ideas.  In the kingdom of manifested substance, there is no avoiding that the battles are in flesh and blood.

DIGITALITY:  We communicate in what may be represented or conceptualized as digitally signified and chronologized quantitatives. The digits by which signification is cnceptualized and availed are special in that they have no experiential existentiality in the absence of perspectives of Consciousness, whose perspectivistic conceptualizations are made, renormalized, and reconciled in respect of such active digitalization.  The digitalization is such that no one aspect of the Trinity can abide without entailment with the other two.  Changes in levels and layers of identities and memories of Consciousness entail the collection of Information and the dispersal of Substance.  Consciousness entails the collection of Information over the dispersal of Substance.  (C < --> I/S.) The collection of Information entails the constant changing and renormalization of perspectives of Consciousness times the dispersal of Substance.  (I < --> CS.)  The dispersal of Substance entails the changing of Consciousness times the collection of Information.   (S < --> CI.)  The unfolding flux of C,S and I as a whole entails the cooperative operation of each component.  CSI functions to our perspectives as a Trinity.  The Trinity's expression of Quantiatives requires quanticized conservation:  Sacrifice and transition; pain and pleasure; death and life; framework and change.

GODHEAD:  The Source Essence that programs Digitalization facilitates: SUBSTANCE that obeys conservation; INFORMATION that avails access to recordations of sequences of transitions; and local recordations of representations and Perspectives of CONSCIOUS MEMORIALIZATION that renormalize to locus within context.  In other words, the Godhead synchronizes a flux of Substance, Information and Consciousness.

JESUS:  Consciousness as we relate to it that has special moral insight above all others into both the Substance and the Information is the "only begotten Son" -- the apex for seeking to understand the Changeless-Changer.

EXEMPLAR:  The way of evolution entails pleasure and pain.   The Exemplar needed to exemplify both.  To become an exemplar for humanity, He needed to experience the heights of joy and the depths of pain.  This is less because men and mortals are purely evil than because they are incomplete, imperfect, and in need of guidance in how to face all potentials to our limits.

SIN:  To be in a state of sin need not be conceptualized as evil, per se.  It may be conceptualized as signifying a state of karmic cosmological evolution.  Suffering and pleasuring are less to atone for sin or to reward joy than to facilitate reconciliation to moral purposefulness.  To be in a state of sin may be conceptualized as being in a state such that the Godhead (Changeless-Changer) is attuned and available to guide our communications to the pursuit of meaningful dignity.

SALVATION:  Regarding heaven or hell, the issue of concern need not be how a body saves into spirit, but how does spirit pursue morally purposeful expression in a body.

POTENTIALITY:  Consider Jesus, Shakespeare, Newton, Franklin, Jefferson, Mozart, Einstein, Turing.  Is it not astonishing what can be expressed from the digital potential of the mind of God?  But for Jesus, what would have come of moral philosophy throughout the world?

PURPOSE:  Investigate how intelligent and powerful each individual can be guided to become, while still preserving a civilization that can trust enough to avail decent freedom and dignity without annihilating itself.


Anonymous said...

The "fortune" of this century is to open up a lot of twisty turns. While I tend, where reasonably feasible, to favor "orignal intent" and strict constructionism, there seems no escaping of technology, nor much escaping that the words and concepts used by the Founders could no more be complete in themselves than can many words of today. In an age of rapid technological change, most fundamentally, given the accelerating rush to Artificial Intelligence, what should "person," conscious identity, soul, parent, family, or marriage mean? At some point, given genetic manipulation, what will gender mean? Should a fetus that receives alien genetic treatment or transplanted brain material be considered as a "natural born citizen"? There seems no escaping that fundamental terms will change in application ever more quickly over time. Terms such as residence, multiple residence, multiple citizenship, money, property, commerce, corporation, border, citizenship, rights, entitlements, representation and republic. Alvin Toffler wrote about some of this in 1970, in Future Shock. Given the rate of change since then, a short 1972 documentary seems almost quaint. https://video.search.yahoo.com/video/play;_ylt=A0LEVjDhkBFV5IUAP1EnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0ZjNuMHJ1BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwM18x?p=future+shock+movie&tnr=21&vid=6F69383C089F1456EE476F69383C089F1456EE47&l=596&turl=http%3A%2F%2Fts4.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DUN.608020636358869339%26pid%3D15.1&sigi=11rbq3b22&rurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dg-uHD2YeVhA&sigr=11bbmi6qr&tt=b&tit=Future+Shock+%281972%29+2%2F5&sigt=10nrfk761&back=https%3A%2F%2Fsearch.yahoo.com%2Fyhs%2Fsearch%3Fp%3Dfuture%2Bshock%2Bmovie%26ei%3DUTF-8%26hsimp%3Dyhs-001%26hspart%3Dmozilla&sigb=12usuj23e&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001.

If I can think of one guiding principle for a representative republic, it is this: Consider what is needed to facilitate the unfolding expression of a decent republic that maximizes the freedom of expression and enterprise of its citizens. However, such a homily, like the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule, forces little agreement in particular applications. Rather, it depends on how a society inculcates and assimilates its moral code in particular applications. Unfortunately, a salad-bowl society will not assimilate. The moral and political direction of a society so divided will be determined, much like cattle, largely by oligarchic owners of the institutionalized means of persuasion.

If America does not soon begin promoting leaders who will lead us to assimilate in respect of an American Ideal, the masses of the world will soon be reduced to the political influence of cattle.

Anonymous said...

Obama negotiates (recruits) with parasitical cultures, not on behalf of America, but on behalf of an alliance of parasites against America. Progs like Obama tend to be wilfully wrong headed, bent on justifying the non-justifiable. They tend to advocate as if a host, merely by negotiating with or talking to its parasites, could inspire them to transcend being parasites. However, Progs evolved as parasites against free-thinkers, That is their nature.

In regard to one another, both a host and its parasites can experiment with measures and memes for improving their chances of flourishing or surviving. But a parasite aganst free-thinkers will not become a non-parasite. Islam, like Prog'ism, evolved as a meme for aligning cultures of parasites against fatter and slower hosts, i.e., dhimmis. In its form as a parasitical meme, Islam cannot transcend gangster parasitism against free thinkers and still remain Islam.

If all the persons of the world were to become muslims (or Progs), their parasitical nature would necessitate that some sects evolve to claim to be "more equal than others." As a meme, Islam, unlike Christianity, cannot be itself and evolve to promote harmony, cooperation and mutual respect among all nations and human beings. To create a worldwide caliphate, Islam would have to reduce the masses to unthinking zombies, called in mass, numerous times each day, by the ugliest sound in the world, to be reinforced in indoctrination. To subjugate people to Islam is to destroy their humanity as independently thinking beings.

A decent society of human beings is replenished and carried forward by independently thinking parents having and raising children. A host society that allows the role of families to be replaced with high riding, militant, parasitical, homosexual bureaucrats or goat loving taliban, bent on de-defining families and pushing masses into permanently subservient roles, cannot long replenish, sustain or defend itself. It will be reduced to become the slave host of a hierarchy of goose-stepping, parasitical fascists -- regardless of whether the dominant party of its fascists becomes that of commies, nazis, muslims or oligarchs.

Islam, as Islam, cannot be reformed. However, its adherents could be rehabilitated to a different system of spiritual belief and/or cultural mores. That would necessitate surrounding Islam by dominating cultures that did not seek to dissipate or de-define their own assimilating mores. It would necessiate something like a spreading and assimilating of judeo-christian mores

However, that is not happening, because Prog oligarchs have come to believe judeo-christian mores are holding them back. Prog-oligarchs seek not to assimilate, but to divide and rule. To diversify and multi-acculturate. To ridicule and revile judeo-christian values. This creates voids that, far from reforming Islam, suck it in. In that way, Prog-oligarchs pave the way towards the permanent enslavement of the masses of humanity to non-thinking, violently feeling, blood sucking, parasites.

Anonymous said...

Round and round. Destabilize Libya and Egypt. Arm ISIS to fight Syria. Assist Iran in fighting ISiS. Encourage Saudi Arabia to disarm ISIS in Yemen. Then blame the discord on Israel.

The oligarchic model for pursuing power appears to be this: Inspire temporary cooperation among bands of parasites to unite and take down larger prey. Then employ tactics of divide and rule to prevent any competing parasite from acquiring dominant power. So, instead of Oceania, Eastasia and Westasia, we now have Corpceania, Shiasia, Sunniafrica, Commieasia and Zion. Permanent parasitic revolt against decent society, and a goat to blame it all on.

The game for each system of oligarchs is to keep the competition divided and fighting among themselves, to distract them from fighting at home. So kids are bred and indoctrinated as fodder, while oligarchs and arms merchants are empowered and enriched. The only way out is in judeo-christian values. However, the deadly blame game will continue so long as persons entrusted to be educators are remunerated enough to shill for it and to sell their souls to an oligarchy that despises any assimilation towards human decency.

Anonymous said...

If one were to define "smart" as being able to absorb new information in order to respond in ways that tend to be effective for pursuing goals that would be appreciated by a society of individually competent and decent thinkers, then, no, Obama is not smart at all. Rather, he is extremely corrupt. Indeed, he is quite hardened to stupidity that is rationalized among its pampered adherents as if it were smart.

On the other hand, if one were to define "smart" as having been early and easily conditioned to a single mindset (Marxist/Alinsky collectivism) -- regardless of how selfish and corrupt it is in practice and how ineffective for its avowed purposes it has time and time again been shown to be in history -- then Obama is quite smart. In other words, Obama is prodigiously smart at being stupid. This is a common feature among elitists whose educations exceed their intellects. It is also a common feature among advanced civilizations and economies that have suddenly collapsed when common sense gave sway to metrosexualized extravagance. See Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, and Daily Kos.

Anonymous said...

Disinformation, as a tactic, has "moved on" from military uses (Operation Fortitude) to political uses (astroturfing) to indoctrination uses (consensus chicanery, aka, neo-science). On a random scale, small time profs use chicanery science to get published. On an industrial/corporate scale, I wonder how much consensus chicanery is coordinated? The fact that dishonest chicanery tends often to be coordinated is evident simply by experimenting with what passes for moderation at a dishonest blog that purports to admire reason, say, I don't know, Mother Jones. There are so many "reasoners" and "scientists" who just really want to be people farmers!

Starlets seem to break into their business from the casting couch. Political opeartives from the roach couch. Profs from the progressive couch. For honest people who work hard, their reward is to bear the impost of "white privilege."

Anonymous said...

Politicians no longer work for the people. The people now work for the politicians (by voting for stuff that is paid for with fiat money), who work for oligarchs (if they want to get money to run their campaigns), who rule the institutions and the limited funding for research, for which profs and scientists must grovel. So now Bill Nye the Science Guy is made an Imam for issuing scientific fatwas on behalf of the establishment. And all researchers had better slant their data to rationalize the fatwas that are periodically issued as talking points by the Imams who have been recognized as the authoritative settlers on behalf of the establishment (if they know what's good for them). To anticipate the future, one needs to understand the essentials about industrial people farming.

Anonymous said...

We are fast approaching the day when children will be born with genetic contributions from several parents. If the child is born in America of an American mother and father, with genetic contribution from an Indonesian, would he be a "natural born citizen"? Must the Indonesian come to America when he "makes his contribution"? Obviously, the Founders did not consider that. Which gets us back to the question: To what extent did the Founders mean to delegate to Congress the power to establish the factors that distinguish between people who are born citizens versus people who must be naturalized to become citizens? Think: What would Scotus likely do with this kind of political thicket? Do you really think Scotus would want to attempt to lay down an iron clad casement on this topic?

Anonymous said...

To have gov under a meaningful Constitution, you need to have a clear majority of justices who are faithful to the Constitution. We no longer have that.

People constantly complain about Obama's shenanighans. But Obama is just not that smart. He would never be able to dream up all his cr*p, were most of it not payback to disloyal, unprincipled, international and foreign crony contributors (aka, "elites") and their agendas. I am more concerned with the non-allegiant cronies running roughshod over the republic than I am with Cruz' allegiance. Comparatively speaking, Cruz seems to be far more allegiant to the republic than most of the others among likely candidates.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there has been interesting and entertaining argumentation regarding the topic of undivided allegiance. However, I do not believe any ratio decidendi out of the Supreme Court has clearly resolved the issue of Cruz' eligibility in modern context. Another commenter, John+OB, referenced “Natural born Citizens: Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz” by Professor William A Jacobson at legalinsurrection.com. I find myself in agreement with John+OB, that "It is an arduously researched article, which concludes that all three are eligible to be President." It is hard to think of a question that has not already been addressed in that article. To me, the issue has been put to rest by the unfoldment of real politik.

Anonymous said...

If the Founders had wanted to convey the idea that a natural born citizen was one who, after the Adoption of the Constituton, was born a citizen with undivided allegiance, they could easily have said so. At the time, were not many colonialists dual citizens, even though having been born in America?

Suppose every enlightened republic adopted the "enlightened" position that only a person born in country and nurtured to retain undivided allegiance could be eligible to become head of state. In that case, no person (Queen Noor?) of dual citizenship could become a head of state anywhere. Suppose a child born in America has allegiance that is undivided only in the sense of a lie. That is, he was raised by parents of allegiance to no national scruples and then calcified in non-republican international-communism at an elite college. How then would his "undivided allegiance" have been "safeguarded"?

In this, I think Kuligowski is correct: The ship concerning undivided allegiance has sailed and foundered. If the people do not want a President of compromised or divided allegiance, they ought not elect one. Apart from that, I know of no way, simply by a formality, to ensure or safeguard that a candidate is allegiant. As things stand, we are perilously close to having an electoral demographic that WANTS its President to be allegiant to the fundamental change (destruction) and conversion of the republic into a fascist-socialism run by a cadre of elitists.

Edit: I suspect there are more natural born citizen students in the Ivies who fervently wish for American representative republicanism to be replaced by fascist socialism than most people would dare imagine. These people are natural born citizens, but they are the furtherest things from being safeguards for allegiance to the American Ideal. No doubt, many among these double-speaking new-speakers relish the election of Obama, followed by the use of the NBC clause to try to disqualify Cruz. Some things are simply indeterminant until the event.

Anonymous said...

Young people trained in institutions owned and operated by cronies tend to be used as fodder and useful idiots for unprincipled oligarchs and their shilling and shrilling corruptocrats. To see pollution and corruption of humanity up close and personal, look to the people and nations that are victims of Islam.

An immature mind gets stunned and then twisted by seeing reports of people: burned alive, beheaded, stoned, mutilated, required to die in burning buildings rather than shame themselves by exiting uncovered, confined to home unless blanketed and chaperoned by a male relative/chauffeur, dhimmied based on gender and religion, blamed if raped, credibility halved, and made to eat animals slaughtered under rules of halal for being bled out while conscious.

Mature minds, undespoiled by Stockholm indoctrination, tend to be more horrified than twisted when looking upon such atrocities. Mind twisting rulers have made an effective science out of the psychology of advertising and twisting minds, especially young minds. They are the targeted demographic.

Were Muslim cities not supplied and hosted by the West, it would be difficult to imagine the filth, pollution and depravity to which most Muslim cities would soon sink. They are not somehow more independently clean, humane or globe friendly. Rather, they tend to be filthy minded parasites. In trying to understand them, many Westerners are humane, tolerant, giving, energetic, fair, competent, and grown up.

It is the unprincipled oligarchs of the West, who fill the minds of youth with hatred for ordinary middle class producers, who are the driving force behind most of what the youth hate. They have perfected the trick of harvesting from evil while blaming it on goats that try to do good. Unfortunately, our youth follow along, baa'ing like sheep to shearing. Adults know the depravity of people like the Clintons, Gores and Obamas. Youth trapped in perpetual mental dhimmihood fall for the big lies. What they tend to produce is not a good and fair paradise of socialism, but a dystopian rule by Morlochs over Eloi.

Anonymous said...

Now, that is interesting. If the Founders intended Congress should be authorized to determine who is a citizen at birth versus who must be naturalized to become a citizen, then Congress could, with legislation, without an Amendment, provide that an anchor baby born of non-Americans is not a citizen unless and until naturalized. And that would be a good thing! However, given how much "progress" has been made in flipping the demographic, it is unlikely that any such legislation would ever see the light of day.