Friday, January 20, 2017


There is little reason to impede eligibility of any person who was a citizen of right at birth and who has resided in the U.S. for at least 14 years. As to sub-variants of interpretations of NBC status, I doubt many adherents have rubbed together enough brain cells to present even 50% consistency. Rather, they are more like a gurgling of simplistic gobblers.
Is a child born in the U.S. of parents who are citizens of the U.S. a NBC:
If the child were born in an airplane.
If it is unprovable whether the airplane was then over the geographical U.S.
If the mother did not become a citizen until after the child was conceived? Or born. Likewise for the father.
If the father is unknown, but thought to have been a citizen.
If one or the other parent obtains dual citizenship: at the time of conception, birth, school enrolment.
If the citizenship of the parents were not fully fixed because they were underage because of then existent law.
If the child is born of citizen parents that happen to be serving overseas at the time the child is born.
If the child was born of parents bent on Islamic overthrow of the U.S., who raised the child to be educated only in Islamic schools in Islamic ghettos.
If the child was born of U.S. parents who left him/her with an orphanage because the parents renounced both the child and the U.S.
If the child was born in a Russian embassy of a Russian mother/diplomat whose husband and father of the child was an American.
If the child's parent(s), unknown to them or the child, retained a right to become citizens of some nation in which their parents had been born.
If the child was born of Puerto Rican citizens while vacationing in the U.S.
If the child was born in Puerto Rico of a Puerto Rican, anti-American mother and the father was thought, but not certainly known, to have been an American.
If the child was born of a Mexican illegal mother who had been raped in the U.S. by an American or a person of unknown nationality who later became a citizen.
If the child was born of a Mexican in residence on a valid work permit, who had been raped in the U.S. by an American or a person of unknown nationality.
If the child was born from the womb of an American mother, who had gone abroad to be impregnated with a donor embryo.
If the child's mother died in the back of a transport and the child were cut from the womb and birthed in the U.S.
If the child's dna incorporates a design feature by carrying genes from a third-person foreigner.
If the child's dna is wholly designed outside the womb.
If the child was maleducated with uniparty disinformation in all his schooling throughout all the years of his/her worldview formation.
Bottom line: The lily has already been perfumed by rabbit pellets quite enough. The people that want to perfume it further tend to have little insight concerning the new problems they will unleash.
If a person has been 14 years a resident of the U.S. and was a citizen of right of the U.S. at the time of his/her birth, then he/she is a natural born citizen and qualified to run for the presidency. Period. The rest is rabbit pellets, recycled to a point of complete lack of nutritional value. But hey, if reprocessing old rabbit pellets and ridiculous interpretations of "natural law" or French "law of nations" is your entertainment, enjoy. Everyone needs a hobby.
EDIT: Patterns form because like reinforces like. Birds of a feather flock together. Now that Trump is President, the chickens can gather and cluck. Nothing wrong with that. But it explains why other thinkers don't bother to enter such a henhouse. Problem is, the resident cluckers tend to reinforce one another's removal from wider, critical thinking. All the ideas explored herein have been explored countless times before. To my mind, most of the NBC arguments have been soundly discredited by any reasonably informed analysis of history, law, and logic. Here and now, there is no point in rehashing that.
However, two other points are interesting:
First, no magic NBC law is going to protect against the utopian commie chooming idiocy that is rampant in all our institutions, most especially in our most prestigious colleges. To restrict candidates to those educated in such a cesspool of idiocy is no cure against anti-Americanism.
Trump's parents were both of immigrant stock. GWB, WJC, GHWB, JC, FDR, and many other lousy presidents were born in the U.S., of parents that were citizens. Bad as Obama was, he was not so much worse than the aforesaid. Hardly worse than any of the Dem candidates. Nor do the aforesaid give reason to suppose such as they would not produce even worse than Obama.
Our real problem is the infestation of godless-utopian worship of the Great Free Stuff Dispenser In The Sky. NBC notions are not going to fix that in the least!
Second, this very article demonstrates how patterns of groupthink often clog together to constipate thought processes. Among the opponents of DJT, some of the worst establishmentarians were NBC qualified even by "birtherthinking"" -- including JK, JEB, LG, CC, GP.

Freedom of Speech

Preserving decent society necessitates that freedom of speech include a right not to be jailed on account of expressing political opinions unfavorable to existing agents of the government.  It does not extend to deliberate attempts to foment criminal activity.  It does facilitate freedom of thought.

Freedom of speech ought not extend to require businesses to accomodate speech deemed unfavorable to their business interests.  Even so, a culture of decent respect for the dignity of fellow citizens should encourage people and businesses to accord due hearing for most information and ideas. Absent good reason to the contrary, opposing and discomfiting ideas ought to be tolerated for verbal expression.  Usually, the better way to oppose such ideas is by showing how they are likely inconsistent, incoherent, incomplete, or simply false. 

Otoh, when a person is shown to be an habitual, deliberate, incorrigible, trouble-making, con-shilling, lying deceiver or thief, such a person ought to be marked or identified, pending satisfactory evidence of rehabilitation.

No mortal has free will to violate laws of nature (gravity, etc.)  What we have is participatory will.  From our individual perspectives, we get to participate in a great unfolding process of reconciliation of parts, fluxing among patterns, bringing order out of otherwise chaos.  In a free society of human beings, participatory freedom extends to freedom to speak your mind without unwarranted fear of being jailed by the authorities.  It does not extend to freedom to physically harm your neighbors.  It may be regulated to mitigate against clear hazards and rioting. 

In most cases, freedom of speech may not be curtailed by U.S. authorities merely to assauge against hurt feelings.  However, even though it may not get you jailed, it may get you banished, expelled, or fired.  And, if slanderous, it may get you sued for civil damages.


But for 1400 years of cousin inbreeding and cultural depravity, what thinking person could read the Koran and adopt it as a decent basis for a religious congregation? Ugh!
But for 100 years of mass indoctrination and child mind-abuse, what thinking person could listen to NWO agents for people-farming and adopt their propaganda as a decent basis for centralizing governance? Ugh!
Why should we tolerate, much less celebrate, the subhumanizing antics of Muslims, Marxists, and Morons -- ugh, ugh, ugh!

Soon, persons perv'd by FedEd will be suing to claim equal rights to receive clearances for top secret assignments. Nuttery! To be encouraged by now-serving perv'd Generals.
A society that tolerates and encourages perversion will soon celebrate and require perversion. We often become what we tolerate. Without vision beyond sex organs and drug addictions, a people and a republic perish.
Patterns form out of chaos, but not all such formations are benign to decent civilization. It is willfully stupid disavowal of moral responsibility to consign all blame to God ("God don't make no mistakes"?), without apprehending that the Godhead functions in a feedback relationship (responds to our prayers and wishes and signifying acts) with us. How else could we and our societies share participatory responsibility?

It seems K1-12 has become molestation/grooming for service to the NWO. Get the agglomerating Feds out of education. Had the Feds not been in Deep Education, would Manning have grown up so confused?

He wants his daughter to "grow up" in a world where she never has to grow up. Because gov will print all the money she needs to continue her parasitism indefinitely. Or until the host is sucked dry. What a s for brains!

Somehow, the 2% that constitutes deviants, malcontents, jihadis, commies, and brain-cramped proggie-profs has spread its pattern so that it has poisoned and taken large control over nearly all our institutions of education, entertainment, grifting, and persuasion. Something about our culture has produced or been infested by a viral clone maker of prog trash. Global Rotting. New World Diaper Loading. Examples will have to be made of some of the more virulent prog-rotters. If they are allowed to succeed with their unrelenting crybullying, we can all kiss republican freedom and dignity good bye.

T for tat tends (but not always) to be the best policy. That is why Trump succeeded by counterpunching, while W and Mitt went down in disgust and flames by failing to direct vigorous consequences to vigorous bad actors. Generations raised free of consequences tend not to grow up, mentally.

W is George W. Bush, as distinguished from George H. W. Bush. W's popularity sank like a rock during his final months, as he withdrew from counterpunching. Maybe he liked the nation being greased towards absorption into the NWO, even if that required him to be made the goat?

The reason our republic lost its way for so long is because it tolerated infantile and morally criminal irresponsibility for too long. If the opposite of that over-tolerance is "rude," then we have been too little rude for too long. We indulged too many infant-brains to believe they had the moral high ground. The readjustment is bound to be accompanied by tantrums.

Coexistence is for every kind of blood sucker against the American host. Coexistence is for utopian new worlders, not for good faith conservers of liberty. It is for the life sucking spider. It lasts only so long as the host is bound and still living as lifeblood is drained from it. Then, it's on to the next host.

The DOI and Constitution were the work of educated free thinkers. Not the work of indoctrinated serf-brains (i.e., socialistic proggies of the people-farming/people-farmee Uniparty). Patrick Henry would not have traded away his freedom for a little more slop.

Infantile, diaper-loaded, chooming, entitlement-minded, genital-fixated proggies will be with us always. The trick is to not take them politically seriously, by putting them safely back in their cribs.
Obama pardons or commutes twisted people like Manning and Bergdahl because he identifies with them. Obama ruined America in the same way an infant ruins his diaper: So he can force someone else to change him, without having to find his own way to the commode. Obama is not a man among men. He is a twisted, perpetual infant among twisted, perpetual infants. A nation that cannot produce a political cure to salvage itself from Obama-like infants is a nation that lacks dignity.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Progressive Tax on Consumption

We could replace the income and estate tax system with a progressive tax on consumption by individuals.  Gifts and bequests could be treated as forms of consumption.
IAE, the reason we have disloyal international oligarchs undermining our republic is in part because they feel themselves to be unconnected to, and not in any way responsible for, either the general citizenry or the republic.  In effect, the gulf in wealth has made them an irresponsible class of neo-aristocrats, that perpetuates its wealth by buying, selling, and investing in political influence and control. 

Why should any sane republic want to perpetuate such a scummy class of aristocrats?
Don't tax domestic business transactions or profits.  Don't tax individual income.  Do tax individual consumption.  Don't tax money imports.  Do tax money exports.  Don't tax non-money exports.  Do tax non-money imports.

Preserve initiative, preserve the republic, counter punch against all that seek to undermine the republic or to establish an oligarchic NWO.

If a son or daughter is truly involved in a small business or farm, then a share of that business, whether corporate or partnership, will likely already have been transferred.  Insurance can also defray against unexpected issues of demise.  Incorporation can facilitate stock transfer planning.  Public corporations will be able to absorb needs by some investors to sell stock to pay transfer/consumption taxes.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What We Make Of It

Re:  "a serial apprehension of a series of completely static frames, like data constructs"

An interesting conceptualization (model, construct, metaphor).  A way to describe reality, or a way to "actually be" reality?  Can it be a complete, coherent, consistent description, or must it be a description that is useful for some purposes, and less useful for others?  Whatever "reality" is from "frame to frame" thought to be, and however useful such thought may seem, can any mortal ever "know"?

What is "more real" -- versus more inferior or derivative or correlative or "of equal dignity" on the flux side of a same coin -- of experience? 

(1) Is the-measurable-quantitative the superior "cause" of the-immeasurable-qualitative?  Or (2) is the-immeasurable-qualitative the superior cause of the-measurable-quantitative?  Or (3) is the-measurable-quantitative (Substance) of equal dignity (in reality) with the-immeasurable-qualitative (Consciousness)?  Or with the accumulation of each previous (past) experience into a record (In-form-ation)?

I doubt science and/or logic can ever produce a definitive answer.  Yet, each of the 3 ways of conceptualizing may have useful application, depending on locally unfolding purposes experienced in space-time.  I think the 3rd way of conceptualizing may have advantages in some niches for accomodating moral purposefulness to technological capabilities.  It may have value for conceptualization purposes.  But I doubt it can be "known" to actually be the case.

Even so, I suspect your conceptualization WILL lead to technological applications!  Somehow, we are able to bootstrap ourselves, even though we do not have complete understanding.  Sometimes, we construct successful technological applications even when our underlying theories (constructs) are less "true" than contextually useful, given the present flux of happenstance.  Some encompassing "rules" (hypotheses) happen to hold well or long enough to allow us or to inspire us to make technological use of them.  But I suspect all math-based rules eventually flux over the expanse of space-time.

I find it hard to conceive that we ever come to an end of possible technological applications.  (Is the cause of infinity finite?)  Rather, I conceive that what we take to constitute even the most fundamental laws of nature come to flux and change as their applications unfold across the potentialities of space-time.  Alas, even that is "just a conceptualizaton" (model).  As such, I suspect even that conceptualization cannot be completely wrapped up in a box and tied with a pretty bow. 

What the hell "is" infinity/eternity, anyhow?  Sometimes, I punt to this "answer":  A long ride on a nice Harley.  Alternatively stated:  What we make of it.


A Trinitarian Aspect of Consciousness, Substance, and Information seems to abide, innately, by which patterns of order cannot do other than arise to experiential manifestation out of a Chaos of Potentiality.  "IT" calls each mortal Perspective of Consciousness to IT's inevitable, ineffable service, as an Experiential Manifester.  IT's purpose seems to be to avail pursuits towards expressing Good Faith (Great Commandment) and Good Will (Golden Rule).  IT's method of hammering out such patterns necessitates an anvil -- which is Death and Change, by which all that comes to pass into present and local manifestation also must pass into death and recordation into Information concerning all that has gone before.

Perhaps pride and hubris led some to try to "own" IT by reducing IT to math.  But IT is more than math.  IT includes that which gives life to math, by igniting and animating math.  IT is that which cannot give measurable signs of feedback with itself except via the tool for measuring, which is Math.  The Trinity (CSI) cannot flux out measurable significations of itself except via Math.  And that Math is somehow applied to Reconcile all the in-folding Perspectives of the Parts with the out-folding purposes of the Holism.


Well, weather delayed my Ride.
I am mainly on board with what you say.  Remember, each theory can be like a coin with two sides:   One side pertaining to measurable, practical, empirical, substantive, technological applications.  The other side pertaining to immeasurable implications and hints concerning morality and purposefulness.  IAE, different theories (conceptualizations) regarding reality are often unavoidable and needed or helpful to serve different applications and purposes.  I don't think any grand unified theory can ever perfectly match "reality."
For purely philosophical purposes, I don't see much drawback in conceptualizing measurable reality as neither the ultimate cause of observer-based consciousness nor the inferior product of "mind," but instead as part of a correlative of  a trinitarian flux of immeasurable Consciousness, locally measurable Substance, and cumulating Information (CSI).
As to identity of personages, yes, many interesting aspects of feedback flux seem to be intimated.  One may conceptualize that we are each expressions of the same reconciling Consciousness, but with differentially imposed local blinders and glasses.  Hence, innate empathy, i.e., good faith and good will.   Often helped, leveraged, or distorted by organized religion.
I doubt logic, math, and empiricism can provide a "right" answer.    Only answers that seem useful (practicably, intuitively, or empathetically) for purposes pertinent to a locally adopted and adapted space-time reference.    As each observer flows, fluxes, and extends beyond his present locality, I expect  the math-based rules will change -- even if ever so slightly.  Perhaps, eventually, every experience that is possible to happen will happen, and every conceptualization that leads to applications will be conceptualized?
 As I would conceptualize the Trinity (CSI), IT cannot flux out measurable significations of itself except in respect of Math.  Somehow, Math is applied to Reconcile all in-folding Perspectives of the Parts with the out-folding purposes of the Holism.  A Trinitarian Aspect of Consciousness, Substance, and Information (CSI) seems to abide, innately, by which patterns of order cannot do other than to arise to experiential manifestation out of a Chaos of Potentiality.  
The Trinitarian Holism calls" each mortal Perspective of Consciousness to IT's inevitable, ineffable service, as an Experiential Manifester.  The Holism's purpose (?) seems to be to avail pursuits towards expressing Good Faith (Great Commandment) and Good Will (Golden Rule).   IT's method of hammering out such patterns necessitates an anvil -- which is Death and Change, by which all that comes to pass into present and local manifestation also must pass into death and recordation into Information concerning all that has gone before.
I have no special technological application in mind for this conceptualization.  Rather, it serves only or mainly to rationalize a spiritually, immeasurably, "real" basis for civilizing unfoldments  based in good faith and good will.  I suspect it may tend to be more spiritually inspiring than an unnecessary belief that all of life is "merely" the product of a dumb, uncaring, un-connecting, and uninvolved Source.

If the matrix itself evolves, could it be "the cause" of its own unfolding evolution?  That boggles the Mind.

I agree that the cosmic system seems to entail a meta-engine of continuous ignition and feedback, so that even the math-based rules for the matrix evolve, as the system as a holism reconciles feedback from and among all such particular perspectives as happen to be processed through its matrix, from past potentiality through present manifestation into future information.  The territory of the cosmos seems not to be derived solely from inert rules of math, but from some meta-engine that continuously activates and fluxes the math.  The consequence is the ever-fluxing presentation and reconciliation of measurable forms.  Without a meta-engine to animate the math, the matrix, by itself, would seem to the intuition of consciousness to be inadequate to produce or reconcile what we experience. 

We are in a situation such that our fundamental words and concepts seem to convey meaning, yet the meaning is incomplete.  Words like cause, will, purpose, know, form, information, reality, meta-reality.  Always rendering attempts at non-trivial communication ambiguous, fluxing, and incomplete.


With only one concept, we could add or iterate only triviality. One is one. God is God. Tautology.

With only two concepts, we could generate only circular reasoning. Jesus is Lord. Beingness is good. Two is one plus one.

With three concepts, we can get a fluxing trinity. Immeasurable Consciousness, Measurable Substance, Cumulating Information. CSI. C need not be defined by SI, but C's flux would be prescribed consistent with SI. Likewise for S, being prescribed consistent with CI. And I, being prescribed by CS. We can get agent, reactant, medium/catalyst. Past, present, future. Object, Equality, Representation. Will, feedback, reconciliation. Focus, context, change. Rule, evolution, purpose.  Yet, the flux remains uncertain, even though apparently confined to parameters.


SPACE:  What is Space?  It is essential to geometry.  To apprehending where one abides.  Yet, it has no independent reality, apart from time.  And space-time seems to have no independent reality apart from formations of matter-energy.  And no meaning apart from recordation, information, potentiality for perception, observation.

How one experiences and measures Space is affected by the bodily form that is adopted/adapted to avail a perspective or sensory interpretation of what one observes or records.  Different forms may differentially apprehend or interpret a quality of space, yet aspects of such interpretation may be translated or renormalized, to avail communication between perspectives.  Still, the transmutive nature that avails one's interpretation can affect the quality of one's interpretation, as well as the range of other forms with which one may communicate with any consistency.  And some transmutations within or across Space will result in death or memory wipeout of the original personage being transmuted.  Whereupon the previous locus of Space may suddenly appear vastly, contextually, different.  The state of the math-web-matrix that provides the context for experience will have been altered.  Altered state.  And how one is organized to perceive affects the context "where"one abides.  Question begged:  Apart from math, what is Space, "ïn itself"?

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Prog Commonality

Meryl Streep makes a fine actress and a horribly uninformed and apparently deliberately stupid political analyst. She joins the rest of the demented hounds in ignoring their own acts of depravity, while attaching their noses solely to the missteps of Trump -- a man who often speaks extemporaneously (without cue cards or retakes) to inspire crowds of thousands to salvage America from people-farming pervs that mean to destroy the beacon of human freedom and dignity, forever.
Progs always become hysterical whenever Trump makes fun of one of their victim-sendups. Yes, Trump ought not make such missteps. However, on the other side of the coin, Trump means to show us that we need to stop allowing our nation to sell away liberty merely because some people prefer to be professional beggers agitating for cronycrats.
In Trump's impatience in trying to inspire and restore models for independence, competence, and enterprise, he often steps on the toes of professional victims. And these victims are often not quite what Proggies make them out to be. Often they are phonies, commies, jihadi enablers, or shills working to drown America in ever more liberty-illiterates and jihadis. Streep and her ilk function to try to drown America in disgusting sludge.
What was more nasty and evil: Hillary's setting the Middle East ablaze and then lying about it at every turn, or Trump neglecting politeness while he tries to inspire us to reclaim individual enterprise, competence, faith, and real charity (not the phony opm commie kind). Don't ask Streep. She's as clueless and brain warped as most of the other denizens of Commieville.

A lot of Progs are beyond fixing. There is no reasoning with them. If putting them back in their cribs where they belong is "vengeful," count me in. To fail to do that is to be accomplice to the fundamental replacement of human freedom and dignity with people-farming bs.
All proggies are wannabe people farmers or people farmees. That is THE COMMONALITY of depraved commies, jihadis, socialists, faux liberals, SJW, professional victims, BLM, totalitarians, fascists, despots, etc.
Proggies are able to attack from all angles, because they have no line-in-the-sand principles. They denigrate Trump as if he were pro-Putin, even though they are far and away more pro-CPUSA. They phony up claims of statutory rape, even though they will fall rapidly in line for legalized incest, child prostitution, and goat love. They act concerned about Pedro living in the shadows, even though they want a NWO where all the masses will live in serfdom. I think they are mainly pig puke.

America was a rarity. The electorates and citizenries of most nations are fit more to be farmed than for self governance. Nearly every system that is not one of checked and balanced, representative republicanism is a system for farming people. Most people farmers and people farmees like it that way. Regardless of words to the contrary, they are simply otherwise unsuited. This is why it is severely stupid to try to export representative republicanism to culture-soils that are unsuited to it. This is why wannabe people farmers and people farmees want to import liberty illiterates. This is why the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. This is why I loathe Americans that are people farmers or people farmees.
Given a vigilant, competent, decent, higher minded, principled citizenry, the best political system for a nation like the U.S. is representative republicanism. For good Americans to allow that to be destroyed is beyond stupid. For people farmers to want to destroy that is evil. I see little reason to be patient with such stupid and evil people. Put them back in the crib or in jail. Or deport them. Period.

Most of recorded history has entailed conquest of other tribes, races, religions.  That was immediately followed with enslavement, enserfment, indoctrination, and mind control.  If you are stubbornly unaware of that fact, I will not waste time trying to pull you out of a deep pit of self imposed confusion.

The Open Society, Agenda 21, NWO is a transmogrification of an alliance of lying people farmers, fronted by Soros, UN, Bush-Clinton brothers from another mother, and all their Oz monkeys. 

Clue:  Communism exists only in Unicorn-land.  You're being deluded by fantasies and people-farming maleducation posing as education.  You will never be educated until you learn how best to question your faux-educators.

Most of recorded history has entailed conquest of other tribes, races, religions. That was immediately followed with enslavement, enserfment, indoctrination, and mind control. If you are stubbornly unaware of that fact, I will not waste time trying to pull you out of a deep pit of self imposed confusion.
The Open Society, Agenda 21, NWO is a transmogrification of an alliance of lying people farmers, fronted by Soros, UN, Bush-Clinton brothers from another mother, and all their Oz monkeys.
Clue: Communism exists only in Unicorn-land. You're being deluded by fantasies and people-farming maleducation posing as education. You will never be educated until you learn how best to question your faux-educators.

That Agenda is proceeding nicely, in the here and now. Formal ratification is unneeded. The faith, family, and fidelity by which nations were assimilated are being replaced by pretensing gov, uncaring bureaucracy, and faithless technology.
Give Progs their way and people will no longer assimilate into nations. Rather, nations will be assimilated into an elitist-ruled NWO. You will learn to believe and expound as you are told. More or less as you are doing now.

There is a definite war by elitists to subjugate the masses to their farm. Many Jews consider themselves part of that elite leadership. The main point of Progism is that the masses must be led to progress by elites. They have in mind a supra-system beyond nations. An NWO Open Society.
No conspiracy is needed. All that is needed is like minds and like birds flocking together to form and reinforce patterns.
With regard to freedom and dignity for individuals, that is a difficult pattern to form and sustain. It requires eternal vigilance. As well as vigilance to counter the subhumanizing notions of faux elites, among whom some happen to be Jews, Rainbows, Malcontents, Jihadis, Free Stuff Mongers, and Cronycrat Shills empowering Mooching Billionaires.
Freedom and dignity for individual human beings among the masses becomes especially difficult to sustain if its literary and philosophical foundations are allowed to be delegitimized by prevailing powers that be.

Some Jews with WH influence are proponents for MAGA. Such as Ivanka Trump and her husband.

Minority groups are tending to fight racism and bigotry by becoming the biggest racists and bigots of all!
They seem to be arguing that this is gene-borne. It is not. It is pattern borne. It is how patterns become ordered out of chaos. It is how some cultures become entirely depraved.
So-called White America produced a representative republic out of theretofore histories of depraved abuses by elitists. Over time, it eliminated slavery and advanced human freedom and dignity further than perhaps any other culture has ever done. It turn, it reaps the insanity and brutality of wilfully ignorant ingrates.
This is not gene borne. But it is meme borne. Meme borne insanity and brutality. This s has to be stopped. Memic Prog Goons need to be put back into their cribs until they are more ready for decent society.

Sensible existentiality requires parameters. Everything, done to excess, can spin out of balance. When oligarchic capitalists can invest in and buy gross political influence, politicians, and entire governments, the danger point for being out of balance is reached. Earned wealth within sustainable parameters is great for freedom of expression and enterprise. But not when wealth is made by fiat, mooching, conning, monopolizing, and expropriating.
Our system of representative republicanism lacks effective checks to preclude the unbalanced central agglomeration of wealth and power by self-worshipping oligarchs. The longer this state of unbalance lasts, the more they will undermine and render illegitimate our traditional and assimilating values and faiths. And the more they will weaponize all our institutions to propagandize against the freedom of individuals and for the power of self-godded faux-elites.
Good Americans need to explode the superior pretensions of faux elites, as well as their pretense that progism is any less a religious-like faith than is respect for the Reconciler of the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule. We also need effective RICO-like ways to confiscate the wealth and power of bad-acting cronycrat shills and mooching oligarchs.
As to livelihoods in an age of roboticizing: We may soon have to go to gov-planned workfare/contract/infrastructure programs. But jobs under those programs need to be designed by true representatives, decentralized, and managed by private contractors. Given our failing infrastructure, run-amuck BLM/SJWs, and entitlement-minded looting-ingrates, we need to put the brakes on welfare and replace with workfare.


Regarding Obama's crybaby goodbye speech:  American Thinker put the following comment criticizing the moral pretensions of elitists in immediate limbo:

Re:  Cohen's notion, amounting to:  "the purpose of the Jew was to sacrifice his “parochial” Jewish interests in causes for humanity that, for him, were greater than immediate Jewish needs. He called it Universalism."

What an utterly stupid, corrupt, and evil notion!  As if some stinking busybody has the right or talent to run my life and legislate away my freedom and dignity because he imagines himself to be better and wiser. 

This notion sounds good only to incompetent morons and opportunistic people-farming azzes.  It rationalizes the central agglomeration of power away from individuals, families, congregations, localities, cities, communities, cultures, states, to put all power into an international "elite."  This may be appropriate for a land of despotic liberty-illiteracy, but when foisted on a nation built on individual competence, responsibility, initiative, and liberty, is is subhumanizing, subjugating, and evil.

I saw thiis in Obama's farewell address, given to cheers of troops of Oz chimps.  Well, for the five minutes I could stand to watch of it.

Think about this:  Given all the "liberal" regulating, what range of freedom do you have remaining? 

If you start an enterprise to try to make a living, you will be forced by elitist-imposed taxes and regulations to keep detailed records, to allow you to be audited by central agents that will limit your freedom of association and so-called "hatespeech."  So ridiculous, that to say "all lives matter" would soon become hatespeech.  To say reparations for snowflakes is stupid would, but for the election of Trump, have soon become hatespeech.  To fail to recycle would become grounds for forced reeducation or anger management.  To contribute to the campaign of a Conserver of Liberty would land you in jail with Dinesh D'Souza.  To try to respect the moral code of your local congregation would become ground to fine you or run you out of business.  To advocate for your locally cultivated values would be found to constitute violation of the "wall of separation" against religious practices in the public square.  To teach your child that Johnny does not really have two daddies would be to get yourself fined and to get your child suspended from school.  To be outraged by the abortive harvesting and selling of baby parts would get you surveiled. To be against child marriage, child prostitution, incest, polygamy, and goat loving would get you branded as a non-nuanced non-cosmopolitan.  Verily, the gov will count even the f*rts of your cows and monitor the carbon emissions of your lungs.  To loathe all of this would get you branded as a "racist antisemite."

What do Obama, Soros, Progs, Cronycrats, Carbon Regulators, and International Oligarchs have in common?  Answer:  Zeal by process of legalism to regulate you down to the toenails.  By the time they are done with their regulations of you, there will be nothing left of your freedom and dignity but the squeal.

Bottom line:  Progs legislating their "moral vision" are an abomination under the sight of all that is decent and good.  Short version:  The ACLU s*cks.


Starting to wonder:  Why bother posting at A.T.?


The representative republic is Most Certainly being undermined by the importation of liberty illiterates.  Especially non-assimilable liberty-illiterates that help keep Americans divided so they can more easily be ruled. 

Islam is and was The Impetus for the Patriot Act and all the privacy-destroying, power-agglomeration of centralizing elities.  One who denies that may as well deny that the earth is not flat.  I have no time or patience for them.

The Founders wrote of the "free exercise" of religion:  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...."

Thus, the people of constitutent states remained free in their speech, enterprises, and arms to preclude Islamists from impeding the free exercise of religious expression.  The Founders did NOT empower Islamists to render the free exercise of religions apart from Islam illegal or grounds for stoning.  They probably thought that a nation assimilated under Christian values and strong traditions of indiviudalism would never fall easy prey to those (Progs, Legalistic Universalists, and Muislims) that seek to abolish the expression of Christian values from the public square.

However, times and conditions change.  So how now do we reclaim what is needed to reverse the unraveling of the republic that is being caused by (stupid/corrupt) Legalistic Universalists and (demented) Muslims?

Answer:  Appoint better justices to Scotus.  Revive the "free exercise" language.  Show how the foundational aspects of Islam (in its books and its practices) promotes the most heinous of criminal activity and conspiracy against liberty.  Brand Islam as akin to the Mafia, were the Mafia to begin forcing belief in a CrimeHalla for soldiers against mere "muddled infidel citizens."  Then raze its Mosques as bawdyhouse bastions of conspiracy against the liberty of Americans.


If what you say about their "overfill" were a general truth, then population would not be increasing, since the West is not by itself replenishing.  But population is increasing.

Moreover, if what "we" do to them is bad for their health and bad for our moral fiber, then it would seem best if "we" stopped trading with them almost altogether.  "We" are not going to turn them into representative democracies or reduce their populations by giving them cell phones to help them war on one another or set off bombs or learn how to make nukes.

What might change them for the better:  Real charities; better examples; their own people learning and teaching better examples; less feeding of excuses for perpetuating rot.

Nation building abroad is like gov charity:  The recipient tends to be ungrateful; the givers and the intermediaries tend to engage in graft; the culture tends to hate us all the more; the refugees tend to become ticking time bombs or disassimilated multi-culti or part of the rainbow of parasites that vote for a living. 

Nation building tends to be poison to America as a representative republic. It does little to reduce world stress or world population, since the free condoms are offset by the increased health care.  Let the local governments take more responsibility for themselves.  Don't oust their non-democratic agents, where their people are not suited to representative republicanism.  Let localities have the dignity of living with the consequences of their own choices.  Let children grow up.

Gov "charity" is phony charity.

When I look at large populated areas that have not found ways to restrain their increases, I don't see much to admire. Why want smog, pestilence, regulation, unrestrained immigrant pumping, and cattle-people as far as the eye can see? Why want the diminishment of other wildlife that necessarily accompanies increases in human population? Why promote musloidian breeders and entitlement-minded burdens on society?
Maybe everyone of breeding age that wants to live the low life on a hazy high should be invited to a free-lunch island, provided he/she first consents to be sterilized.
Decreasing populations whose primary or only skill or desire is in breeding would do much to improve general security, health, aesthetics, and freedom. More elbow room means more freedom. Seems simple enough that a cave man could understand it.

What do you call someone that attacks an officer doing his job? A Subhumanist. Where do they come from? All races, genders, nationalities, but what they have in common is that they are Infantilists. What are Infantilists? They are Proggies that refuse to grow up to learn responsible, competent skills because they believe society owes them a good living and must be otherwise punished. These s-headed Proggies-Infantilists-Subhumanoids must be stopped.

The women that march on Washington tend to be parasiticial. Their purpose is to get gov to require men to do more for parasites, so men can do less for themselves. Parasites believe in legalistic solutions to universalist challenges. Legalistic Universalism is busybody legalism run amuck. The more the Bill of Rights is marinated in legalistic universalism, the more it becomes noise rather than sense.
The alternative to legalistic universalism is to encourage societies to assimilate values so that force of gov and intrusive regulation is not needed. When faith, family, and fidelity are sensibly encouraged, regulations down to the toenails become unnecessary.
So who wants to regulate toenails to the point of breeding and farming human beings as livestock? That would include the people that want to eliminate higher-minded faith, family loyalty, and fidelity to country. Instead, they want open society, open season, free range access to cheap and desperate, multi-diverse, nationless, faithless laborers raised to view the gov as their real parent.
Who does the legal briefing to support the legalistic universalism of the feminazis? That would be the femimen of the ACLU. Legalistic Universalism is their philosophy for replacing the freedom and dignity of godly individuals and their associated communities with the legal diktat of their "smarter betters." Right down to regulating the calories they can consume, the carbon they can exhale, the speech they can make, the persons with whom they must associate, the reeducation and anger management they must undergo.
Self-godded oligarchs and their compromised cronycrats, demented shills, femi-dupes, and useful idiots can be counted on to do "what's best in all things." First things they do: Eliminate Christian values from the public square. Define away gender and families. Legalize diversions to further alienate the people (dope, polyamory). Import desperate third worlders that can be counted on to support gov bribery (welfare). Compile dossiers for managing and controlling the health and lives of the masses. Impose regulations that make small business enterprise nearly impossible. In trade for licenses to mooch, make corporations subservient to a fascist NWO of international oligarchs.
This NWO will be fascist people-farming to the core, but it will lie and call itself worldwide socialism. It is near the point of becoming irreversible and irrisistible. Among the masses, many women and femimen think they will be getting socialistic entitlements. Instead, they will get farmed. Big time.

No other prezzie has been a bigger parasitic baby perv than Obama. For parasites, he is a hero parasite. He is not "let my people go." He is "let my people suck." And all the parasites say, Amen.

So-called race relations have deteriorated not because of race relations but because of relations between American Conservers of Liberty that want Proggies to grow up and proggies that don't wanna. Per proggies, everyone that believes an adult should learn a competent trade and not advocate for people farming must be a "racist." Or something. Bigot,. misogynst, phobe, antisemite, etcetc. People that want to leech forever will naturally call every reluctant host by bad names. This s won't stop until it is no longer rewarded.

We now have regulators ("legalistic universalists") run amuck, oligarchs proportionately enriched, racial tensions increased, national debt skyrocketed, enemies empowered, defenses weakened. Directions are changing in respect of incoming change. But hey, Obama made the serfs more equal. Then again, isn't that always the goal under aristocratic feudalism?

I am friendly with all Conservers of Liberty.
As to Legalistic Universalists (whether corporatist or facist or communist or religious), Demented Musloids, Cronycrat Rinos, and Self-Godded People-Farming Oligarchs -- their distinctions are lost in their skunkery. I will learn from the Twitter Master and insult them in whatever their hidey place. I will not allow them to take pot shots, whether from behind logs or covered in sludge.


The Left can function only so long as the media-academia-entertainment apparatus run by the self-godded oligarchy can hide behind its curtain. Whether technology will allow that curtain of corruption-ignorance to hold together remains to be seen. The purpose of Conservers of Liberty is to dissolve that curtain, to encourage each individual to become a competent, contributing member of a free-thinking, free-enterprising society. Leftoids hate that because it clears away the drugged delusions in which they prefer to live.

I suspect the Uniparty-NWO model for how people are farmed in politics affects the model for how they are farmed in business. When you have an open society, open bordered, recruitment of serfs worldwide, you effectively reduce every worker to compete with the most desperate among the lowest common denominator.
The workers hardly dare to complain, knowing they can be fired simply by replacing them. Moreover, politicians and managers can fool the most ignorant and corrupt of the little guys by paying lip service to a multitude of "equal rights to fairness." They can hoodwink lofos to get their support when it's convenient, then sob crocodile tears as workers and citizens are replaced wholesale and all the jobs, industries, and resources are sucked out of the country that was made and preserved by the sweat and blood of their betters.
Those at the top tend to be the last to suffer. They can consolidate power and wealth -- even as the general citizenry is fed with contrived statistics, jimmied definitions, bait and switch, and general emasculation.
I suspect most modern business, tax, and political models have been contrived to use political mooching to increase wealth and power at the top while spreading division, confusion, and delusions everywhere below. And this is sold as equality, free stuff, free trade, fairness, hope, orgasm, and "best management practices."
Krauthammer has been criticizing Trump because Trump does not follow the NWO/MBA model. Krauthammer thinks reality (the political uniparty of shills and cronycrats for NWO oligarchs) will neuter Trump. I suspect not. DJT can hurt Congressional Representatives by going over their heads and over the heads of the oligarchy and its captive media-academia-entertainment apparatus. Trump has demonstrated that he can likely go to any Representative's District and summon hordes of supporters if need be to defenestrate Congress of parasites.
Honest, responsible, working Eloi know Trump is for them and against the Morloch Class. Trump and they know the NWO Establishment has perverted the ideal of free trade."" They know the NWO version is not free trade of durable goods, but free trade for the buying and selling of political favors and entire systems of governance.
This is why it is vital, as soon as possible, to nurture thousands of Trumps. (I am Spartacus; I am Trump.) It is a near certainty that many among the NWO Oligarchy will be on edge, looking for the opening to remove Trump -- one way or another. First, they will hammer by using the lofos, dumases, feministas, femimen, deluded profs, law-addled atheistic commies, treasonous talking heads, venomous lawyers and judges. All along, these evildoers will be adverting, "Will no one rid us of this turbulent priest." Keep the Tree of Liberty dear to your heart.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Bottommost Turtle

What's the bottommost turtle?  Could a human being design a computer virus that could generate a viral community within which a self-conscious virus could evolve as part of a civilization of such entities?  If so, it seems unlikely the designing human could feel much correlative empathy with each such viral member.  God, I don't believe, is like that.  Because God would be of a qualitative difference.  There is a fundamental logical difference between The Holism and a Subholism that merely sponsors sub-sub holisms.

So consider how The Holism may retain connecting empathy and feedback reconciliation with each subholism.  How might a boggled submind conceptualize such a situation?

Well, think about fractals, indiscernibly similar iterations, and subroutines. Think about what appears before us as a trinity:  Immeasurable aspects or qualities of Consciousness, measurable aspects of math-based and conserved translations of Sub-stance, and absorption of present forms into recordations of past In-form-ation. 

Consider:  Does the past continue also to exist, qualitatively, as a Trinity, or does it pass only into accumulations of "dead" and recorded information?  May the past "return eternally," to qualitative experience?  Or may it only be stored within the memory-potential of the Trinitarian Godhead of Consciousness-Substance-Information?

The "physical" mechanics seem beyond mortal comprehension or control.  But, the metaphysics may be potentially inspiring, even where empirically bizarre.  That is, for moral/spiritual/inspirational/communicative/metaphorical purposes, one may conceptualize a fluxing, trinitarian Godhead that functions qualitatively beyond math, but that can signify only within systems of math-based conservation.  In that case, the Godhead could not be proved by mortal maths, but math-based mortal measurements could not unfold without it.  As to limits on the qualitative potential for such a Source to feedback to us, what mortal could say?  IOW, one may conceptualize how ought may unfold from is, metaphysically but not physically.

If that seems bizarre, consider how obvious it is that our unfolding experiences consist entirely of a flux of Consciousness, Substance, and Information.  Is God a mathematician?  Is Nature merely a web of math?  Is all that unfolds to our qualitative and quantitative experience an appreciation of the flux of God functioning in respect of a web of math?  Is God the ultimate Simulator?


I agree that apocalyptic "solutions are best avoided. My faith is that life is essentially good. That wisdom is also reflected in Genesis, btw. Hope you don't begrudge that.

You somehow "divined" snark and fear? Interesting, yet an ironical leap of faith (based on my divine intuition of your agenda-ridden angst). Lucky for me that I have above average competence for most situations. You?

So your faith is that altruism and empathy are built into the human condition. Is that In common with all atheists or just your sect? Does the human condition include AIs? Are altruism and empathy built or programmed into all Cyborgs? Among those built into, would it trouble your built in pride to respect its Source as God? When you communicate with like minded believers, do they share your preference that its Source be referred to as the Source instead of as God? I can respect that preference.

Well, does a-theism give you happiness, comfort, and purpose? Is life basically good or dreary? If dreary, would the "good" thing be to set off a globe-destroying bomb/apocalypse to put people out of their misery?
By an atheist's moral code, "should" we help or hinder apocalyptics? And forego having children?

I take it, then, that you rely (for resolving moral concerns) instead on innate intuition? So do I. My intuition is that the Godhead abides. I mean no disrespect to those who believe their intuition is otherwise.

I grok that. I am rather fond of the Church of the Cosmic Big Sky. I am also fond of some preachers that conveyed wisdom to help me and my wife raise our daughters. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to search for a fit. I am not especially tied to any organized doctrine. The value is in the humble feedback.

Why are you Atheist? What is an Atheist? Is it a theist? Is it a doubter (agnostic)? Is it a knower? Do you know what you know? What is this "knowledge"?
If you can provide the empirical proof that there is no Godhead, do it. As to the "evidence," it can be interpreted both ways. I can argue the evidence for a Godhead against the evidence for no Godhead. The evidence abides, but it is not conclusive. Because, for a mortal, how could it be?
So, apart from choosing a dramatic stance (or preference in faith?), why are you in your faith an a-theist? How is an agnostic different in principle from a believer? Neither one knows, so both doubt. And believe. One believes in a meta-basis for moral guidance. The other believes in -- what? What do you believe in concerning morality that is not faith driven?

I like the NAP. I just think it works better when related to the Great Commandment and the Golden Rule. Not so much when legislated by knowitall busybody make-a-new-law atheistic-ACLU types. Do you think we need more laws, lawsuits, and lawyers?

What is your authority to say what is shameful or not? Is this just your personal authority? Do you have some objective shame-measuring stick that you defer to? That sounds pretty religious.

I don't think you read what I said. Maybe you read what you wanted to read?
In any case, I don't think a fine line can be drawn between altruism and selfishness. But neither do I believe they are one and the same. Rather, I believe there abides an innate feedback relationship that fluxes between a perspective of the whole and a perspective for each part.
Sort of like a Godhead that nurses each perspective. Neither the Nurse nor the Nursee need be entirely altruistic or selfish, but connected, caring, empathetic, and intuitive. Good faith (Great Commandment) and good will (Golden Rule). Spiritual Feedback, not severance between Pearly Gates and Hell.
When so-called atheists try to conceptualize a non-God Source of morality, I think they fall into spiritual incoherence. Just my opinion.
As to historical facts, my reading of history leads me to find atheists and cultists more likely to incline towards religious-like rationalizations for collectivism, dhimmism, elitist legalism, communism, socialism, fascism, and other varieties of intrusive degradation of human liberty and responsibility. No thanks.

The reason to look to higher-minded guidance is based in humble recognition of one's mortal limits. I do not believe in YOLO, but neither do I much concern myself with Pearly Gates. As to Karma, I do not claim knowledge.
But I do believe all perspectives of consciousness are connected under a Trinitarian Godhead that abides beyond our empirical proof or control, but not beyond our innate and humble receptivity in intution and empathy. Connection and Empathy: Good faith and Golden Rule. I see nothing shameful in that.

Too often, the NAP seems to morph into the toenail-regulating, family-destroying, gov-marrying principle. NAP from the one-way street view of militant atheists united only by the pleasure principle? No thanks.

Religion is not morality, but morality in the abstract is derivative of something beyond empiricism, i.e., spiritual. Religion can provide a language of metaphors with which to converse about spiritual morality. Many religionists are not literalists, but they are conversant with the language of assimilating parables.
That assimilation is how we aspire to avoid the busybody intrusiveness of toenail-regulating knowitall ACLU secular-humanists that want to replace the family with the friendly local gov regulator and bureaucratic redistributer.

If they appreciate "morality inherently," then I would not call them atheists. Why should a "true atheist" (if there is such a thing), be concerned about altruism -- except for calculating, temporary, and selfish purposes?
Even in that case, he would seem merely to be "self godding" personal pleasure. How do these "true atheists" derive "ought from is" -- if not by some kind of meta-leap of faith?

YOLO makes little sense to me. Then again, neither does Pearly Gates.

Most Americans are already non-religious. Or religious in name only. American Catholics? Hello. We already know what happens when most Americans forsake good spiritual sense, good faith, and good will in trade for the alt-religion of personal pleasure and security. It's what we have now: A lot of crap.

There are a lot of very smart secular Jews. Including Einstein. Was he not a "real" Jew? Many would tsk tsk believers as being bafflegabbers and science illiterates. Many are political Marxists or busybody ACLU toenail regulators bent on screwing up America.
I do not tsk tsk believers in an inviting, loving, purpose driving Reconciler. I DO take the Bible as containing much metaphorical wisdom. But I am not a literalist. Nor do I believe Jews are "chosen." Then again, I do not claim to know.

I believe you're blind in one eye and obstructed in the other. Look to the larger point. What I am saying is that everyone -- and I mean everyone -- who chooses -- consciously or subconsciously -- to found his/her identity primarily under a group is to that extent inclined towards being a profiler, racist, chauvenist, bigot. I am pointing out to all who may otherwise be blind and obstructed that the streets go more than just one way. Wake up.
I am NOT saying that skin color, intellect, ethnicity, etc., dictate a person's worldview. I am saying that people often self select for cultural groupings, and often are indoctrinated from birth to cultural groupings. And those groupings will tend to be "one-way blind." (Birds of a feather.
When I say this, I don't just pull the pants down for Jews. I pull them down for everyone whose vision is blinded. And I try to be open to understanding that even in my own case.
I don't target knowitall Jews any more than I target all other kinds of knowitalls. I think failing to adequately target knowitall Soros, ACLU, Hollywood, etc., has by default gone far towards screwing up America. In my view, Knowitall Legalism (ACLU) equals anti-freedom-loving Americanism. I do not target only Jews, but I do not run from Jews that want to screw up America, either. So, yeah, I have a freedom-loving American agenda. That leads me to like Israelis and to loathe Islam.
Patterns organize. That's how groupings form out of otherwise chaos. To deny that is to be silly.

If they don't identify as Jews, then take that up with the pollsters that tell us 70% voted for Obama. Or do you disbelieve that? Hello?

Why do you suppose atheistic and liberal Jews still want to identify as Jews? What is the point of that? Is it because they like the "stolen honor" of presumptive elitism?

I prefer the Jews that are Jews first.

There are many examples of people being educated beyond their intellects and being smart without having decency or common sense. Unfortunately, such characteristics often cluster among groups. Not because the individual members are necessarily stupid or corrupt, but because something about their mutual attraction (or wolf packing) brings out some of the worst in them.
Race, religion, and ethnicity do not prescribe character. But characters often form, solidify, and identify around races, religions, and ethnicities. To deny that general characteristics tend to form in such a way is to deny practical reality. To fail to see that, is to fall easy prey to that. Profiling, per se, is not the problem. The problem is inadequate factoring while profiling. Vetting can help resolve some of that.

It is not a mark of group intelligence when 70% of its voters went for Obama.

So why did 70% of Jews vote for Obama instead of for Romney? Are 70% of Jews anti-semites? Within my old OCS class, there abides at least one Jew (with more than a few supporters) that fervently believes Trump is Hitlerian for wanting to vet immigrants from Islamic nations. Seems like some kind of self hating death wish sickness. I like Israel. I just wish more American Jews had better sense.

True. But Islam is exponentially rocketed. Are the non- empirical religions of Global Warming, Gaia, Human Secularism, MultiCulti, and Feministas patriarchal?

There is at least a factor of ease of cleanliness behind male circumcision. Apart from culture-driven oppression, what is the purpose behind either scarring a female or impeding the development of her sexual expression as an adult? Why strain to be so patient with what is clearly cultural oppression and primitive savagery?

People of good sense tend to heap disrespect on Clinton and Bush also. In Obama's case (he of the Nobel Prize), he seems to invite disrespect like sticky paper invites flies. It's like he craves it, so give it to him. Maybe more people will think better before ever voting for such a creep again.

Islam is tailor made for incompetent s for brains parasites.

Neo-cons claim to be wanting to export democracy. Two things: First, most cultures are not presently amenable of growing representative democracy. Second, it's not democracy the wannabe masters want to export. It's NWO, with the freedom and dignity of the masses to be traded for phony promises by elites to secure them.

When you raise generations of perpetual infants, it's no wonder that everyone soon enough becomes a whinnyazzvictim. At this point, I'm almost surprised that it isn't "hate speech" to call whinnyazzvictims what they are. Now we are engaged in a great civil hissy fit, testing which whinnyazz is the biggest victim. We are gathered over the ruins of patriots that never saw this farce of walking diapers coming.

This is what happens when everything is "normal," when everyone is "married" to everyone, when gov redistribution is "charity," when "free" trade trumps assimilated borders, when ACLU lawgivers replace God, and when infants are licensed to run the world before they're qualified to leave the crib. Mass stupidity and corruption. "Stronger together." Gag!

Too many people think they have to buy into a culture just because they happen to share a skin color with prevailing practitioners. As if skin color were a causal agent.
They default to a lowest common denominator because they don't have decent exemplars in their lives. Race baiters are the opposite of moral exemplars. Too many people complain about racism, but then they choose to adopt culural behaviors for no better reason than because they share a skin color. Or a tattoo. Or a dress style.
They don't know what they are, want to be, or should be. So they follow the first strutting thug. Or jerkofff. Our leaders have become fake, hollow, chestless, soft, undisciplined, corrupt, lying, treasonous, and stupid. In the ghettos, in Congress, in media, in academia, in Hollywood, in music, in banks, in corporations, in charitable foundations, in churches.
What has happened to leadership everywhere is ugly, infantalized, incompetent, amoral, stupid, and faithless. It's just more noticeable in the hoods.
We need a miracle, and we need to function as if we have the sense to receive it.

Over time, I have considered myself a believer, agnostic, atheist, believer. Never a literalist. Always a metaphorist. Since I have changed, I cannot say what "I" always have been or will be.
I tried to make sense out of atheism and thought I had. Worked hard at it. But the pieces never could fit. I looked for empirical consistency, coherence, and completeness. I could not find it, and I think it cannot be found by logic based in math or empiricism.
Yet I seem to sense that a trinitarian Source of consistency, coherence, and completeness abides. That gives me peace. I hope you find a system that satisfies you intellectually and that works for you.

If you're confident in your atheism, why broach the topic? I can think of two main reasons. One, you want to explore the idea. In that case, choose appropriate forums. Second, you want to evangelize because you think society would do better to substitute reams of legalese for simple guidelines of good will.
Problems: One, most people are not interested in questioning their foundational belief systems. Second, most Americans don't want to be ruled under an intrusive system of legalese "gifted" by supposed elite and "better" thinkers.
I care little what a person's literal beliefs are, provided they support his social and political participation in good faith and good will. (So long as I sense good faith and good will in a person, I consider him to be religious or spiritual, whether or not he prefers different terms. Of course, I tend not to dwell on that with him.)
That said, some creeds do not support good faith or good will among humanity, outside their tribes. Islam tends to be in that vein. Those are creeds that I abhor.
But atheists? As to them, I only abhor the militants and legalistas. Indeed, many of my friends, in person or in books, avow to be atheists. So long as I sense human good faith and good will in them, I care little about that.
What was Benjamin Franklin as a young man and later as a patriot?

I don't find reasonable doubters to be scary per se. Not in the least. But I do find dramatic militant law roaches to be obnoxious.

You're chasing rainbows when you ask for empirical evidence of that which is innately spiritual. If you have not developed a sense of spiritual balance beyond the empirical based senses, that is a personal problem. Not a resume enhancer for being elected.
The problem most people have with doubters is only with the dramatic militants. The ones that think they should prescribe manmade regulations in lieu of spiritual good faith and good will. The ones that want to regulate all speech and enterprise, right down to the toenails. To save Gaia.
Those are the nose-in-air knowitalls that most people abhor. As to religious faith, the other side of the coin of belief is doubt. No mortal empirically "knows."

There is nothing innately supremacist about any created perspective of the Conscious Godhead. Every perspective is a work in progress.
That said, in a long view of recorded history, the coming together of conditions to birth a representative republic comprised of states federated under a system of checks and balances designed to secure the freedom and dignity of ordinary citizens was a spiritual rarity. A gift from above. That ought not be underappreciated or undervalued. That ought to be a beacon. As well as a workshop for learning from others.
But not a gift to be deliberately drowned under a flood of liberty illiterates and illegal invaders. Or to be defiled by faithless pervs, dopers, and self-godded people-farming heathen-hedonists. I.e., infantilized Progs.

I don't know about "chosen." But what has been going on since Jews became so disproportionately influential in so many of our most significant instututions seems far from the moral path. And when called on it, many are as quick to call "anti-semite" as a ghetto looter is to call "racist." All Americans, including Jewish Americans, need to be corrected in blunt terms: This s has to stop.

It seems some Jews believe they are a chosen tribe, numbered through their mothers. Theistic Jews need not believe in an afterlife, but do need to believe in God.
Atheistic Jews are a special kind of stupid. They believe not in God, so they believe not that they are of a tribe chosen by God. Apparently, they believe they are of a tribe chosen by Gaia. Or maybe they're just completely head upstuck and have no idea what they believe, so they shout their jewpride to the void as they pi*s and howl all over decent morals.
Bottom line: Israeli Jews --Good; American Jews -- sometimes howling Nuts, and often stumbling blocks to decent civilization. (Soros, Scotus, ACLU, Hollywood.) "Chosen" my a*s.

Re: "The right thing for customers is to offer the best possible product at the lowest price."
The right thing for the U.S. to MAGA is to not promote the lowest price by promoting perpetually enserfed labor. To render our borders superfluous would be to promote a NWO of oligarchs perpetually farming the people as desperately competing serfs. If that shows to be what Ford wants, then Trump (and all decent Americans) need to focus Ford's collective mind to understand that there will be heavy consequences to pay.

Sane people will remember Obama with the same long and affectionate memory they have for their first toilet hugging flu.

Lately, too many plagues have favored proggies. How much money was diverted to study AIDS? How much did that coalesce militant gays? For whatever reason, the default condition for agriculture-based humanity seems to be to live under despotism.
That condition will surely reassert ascendency unless an oasis contrives checks and balances adequate to resist it. That is a rarity. Our Founders accomplished it. But success bred softness bred infantilism.
We badly need some miracles, along with sense and decency enough to recognize and appreciate them. We need inspiration to fortify newly needed checks and balances, to save our oasis from hordes of default blood-sucking liberty-illiterate parasites. God bless America.
EDIT: Suppose human consciousness were to transition to machined chassis. Then eugenics would transition to memetics, culturetics, and programetrics. Someone revive or reprise Aldous Huxley.

Gaia practices eugenics, even when civilizations try not to. When civilizations defy Darwin on a grand scale, the field is abandoned to dysgenics.
We can provide reasonable general incentives and still avoid Hitlerism.
To do that, we ought to provide a social safety net, not a hammock.
We ought to be encouraging quality schools, not crime indoctrination centers.
We ought to be guarding the liberty-literacy of the nation, not importing third world parasites and predators.
We ought to be electing leaders that want to steer us to a great nation, not leaders that want to wreck us on subhumanizing rockheads.

Malicious Horsemen of misdirecting hero worship are raiding and riding high. Rappers, Hollyweirders, Talking Heads, Filtering Techies.
You won't see such high proportions of poor among those cultured in Whiteness engaging in the thug life. Reason: They don't want to take the advanced course in prison. Too many cultured in Blackness, otoh, seem to be taught to view prison as a finishing course on how to get even with their supposed victimizers.
We need a system of early release for perps, provided they agree to go live 20 years on a remote and nearly inaccessible island. At some point, chemical castration may make sense for repeat offenders. But imagine the Ginsbergian howls that would generate.
From Allen Ginsberg, Howl (a lefty's path for moving forward to paradise?):
who bit detectives in the neck and shrieked with delight in policecars
for committing no crime but their own wild cooking pederasty and
who howled on their knees in the subway and were dragged off the roof waving genitals and manuscripts,
who let themselves be f*d in the a*s by saintly motorcyclists, and screamed with joy,
who blew and were blown by those human seraphim, the sailors, caresses of Atlantic and Caribbean love,
who ball*d in the morning in the evenings in rosegardens and the grass
of public parks and cemeteries scattering their sem*n freely to whomever
come who may,
who hiccuped endlessly trying to giggle but wound up with a sob behind a
partition in a Turkish Bath when the blond & naked angel came to
pierce them with a sword,
who lost their loveboys to the three old shrews of fate the one eyed
shrew of the heterosexual dollar the one eyed shrew that winks out of
the womb and the one eyed shrew that does nothing but sit on her a*s and
snip the intellectual golden threads of the craftsman’s loom,

I wonder how much killing by religionists is mainly due to cultural and economic competitions, with religion providing cover only for rationalizing? Among incompetent predators, parasites, and cannibals, Islam seems specially suited as an all-purpose cover-all. Islam is specially tailored for primitives that just want your blood, sweat, fear, and stuff.
The Spanish came to the New World with Bibles, looking for gold. They took the gold and left the Bibles. They convinced themselves the trade was fair. That kind of rationalization is what victors holding power do.
Now, we have a putsch by a small number of wanna-rule-you billionaires. Temporarily, they use and share power with infantilized proggies. Together, they rationalize that they are the cure for what ails the world. In reality, proggies just want free sex-dope-esteem-rave, while their owners want to put a boot on your face -- forever. These are not nice, decent, liberated, enlightened, or principled guys.
When decent adults restore good order, they too will need a rationalizing and inspiring code. A Source of Higher Mindedness. I doubt Paganism/Gaiaism can inspire or provide what is needed or innately felt. Maybe we will instead look to old parables with new contextual understandings.

Undomesticated, irresponsible Progs ought not be released unsupervised from their cribs before finishing their infancy. Nor should they be made governors or presidents.

Their "brains" are all in their glandular cravings. They have no higher mindedness by which to guide any moral philosophy, apart from sophistic rationalizations of their immediate wannas. By their "principles," they can make the Constitution unconstitutional, gov force into "charity," ignorance into strength, slavery into freedom, anal and goat sex into marriage, gov overseers into family, and deconstructive unraveling into a new world order. And they congratulate one another on their "wisdom." Especially if received in an Ivy school.

The only thing about Progs that makes sense to me is that they tend to be amoral, faithless, hedonistic, abusive, perverted, parasitical, self- deluded POSs. And they breed.

Why did Obama want to oust Assad? What did he want to replace Assad with? Was this policy in America's interest, or in the interest of people farmers fronting Obama? Obama, the NWO, and establishmentarian people farmers have boatloads of blood on their hands. Meanwhile, the American System is powerless to impeach denizens of the swamp that absolutely does not represent the interests of ordinary Americans. Go Trump! Drain the swamp. Lock up the denizens.

Freedom for the masses is a rarity that is easily lost if not vigilantly and jealously guarded. Every parasite wants to come to a free republic, but to bring his parasitism with him. Just say no to parasites.

There are more than 5 senses. There are the quantifying senses. And there is the sense of balance (or being in the world). That sense pertains both to physics and to metaphysics. To lose it is to lose a sense of morality and purposefulness beyond gland-driven pleasure.
(To ride a thousand pound Harley HOG is to learn to be alert at all times to the sense of balance. Motorcycle Zen. :))

Without liberty, there is little humanity.

Both funny and interesting. :)
I have advocated replacing the income tax with a consumption tax and eliminating most taxes on business and business investments.
But, can a robot be a taxable consuming unit? Well, a machine-enhanced human can. Or a cyborg. Or an AI programmed with degrees of freedom for self expression and enterprise.
Note: As roboticizing increases, won't the need for central gov intrusion diminish? As industry spreads more benefits, won't the need for tax redistributions decrease? At some point, maybe every consuming citizen will receive a fiat $200,000.00 each year (for passing Go?). Human (taxable consumer units) "work" would then amount to consuming.
Then, the problem would pertain to how to remove excess accumulations that otherwise would inflate and devalue money to meaninglessness. Solution (?): Program robot slaves that provide only consumption services to "eat" (and render into non-monetary waste) the money-chits used to harness their services? The "tax" on consumption would be the elimination of money used for consumption from that year's money supply.
People would still accumulate wealth and power, but it would be by non-taxable investments in productive businesses. To discourage divestment, conversions of business income into personal consumption could be additionally and progressively taxed.
OMG -- Maybe we should test this first on a simulation civilization?

The Founders wanted neither aristocracy nor democracy. They wanted a representative republic, so checked and balanced as to produce the best that humankind can offer. They wanted intelligence, talent, and industriousness to thrive.
Our problem is not elites, per se. Our problem is elites that think they should rule everyone else as farm animals. Whatever produces such thoughts in faux elites tends to produce absolute corruption. That is the evil that has infested all our institutions.
What can root that evil out? A turn to good sense, i.e., decent faith, sustainable family, virtuous fidelity. MAGA.

NWO people farmers are actively trying to convince us that they are "Conservatives." But what are they conserving? Not freedom and dignity.

Good, on-point observations. I found some quotes from Mill that may be less on point but interesting, nonetheless.
Mill (on Conservervatives v. Conservers of Liberty?): "I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative." (My comment: Mill may have neglected to notice that stupid persons are also easily led by Progs down a primrose path of drugs, sex, debauchery, faithlessness, amorality, brutishness, and cowardice.)
For myself, absent good reason to the contrary, I prefer according due respect for traditional wisdom. An exception would be when the barbarians are at the gates. Unfortunately, considering the agglomerated control of institutions by people-farming, subhumanizing barbarians, they are indeed at the gates, drooling. At some point, defense of liberty needs to become nearly instinctive.
Other interesting quotes from J.S. Mill:
On moochers: "It is not the fortunes which are earned, but those which are unearned, that it is for the public good to place under limitation."
On war and liberty: " A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."
On (Gaia's?) law of nations: "What is called the Law of Nations is not properly law, but a part of ethics: a set of moral rules, accepted as authoritative by civilized states. It is true that these rules neither are nor ought to be of eternal obligation, but do and must vary more or less from age to age, as the consciences of nations become more enlightened, and the exigences of political society undergo change." (My comment: What tends to be a rarity and not to change is what is essential to human freedom and dignity -- to avoid the path of subhumanization.)

American Conservatism needs to be about conserving interpretations of the Constitution subject to its originating purpose of conserving liberty. That may sometimes necessitate fast action, sometimes slow action. But liberty is the keystone. Test: What kind of faith, family, and fidelity is needed to conserve a reasonably decent system that avails individual liberty of expression and enterprise? What is needed to prevent individual families from being replaced by gov cloning factories and bureaucracies? What is needed to put Progs that want to marry the gov back in the crib? There is no liberty in Prog Liberalism. No dignity. No family. No faith. No fidelity. Just sex, drugs, rap, rave, abuse, and fake charity.

The people that voted against Trump are Progloids, Musloids, Basementloids, Femiloids, Subhumanoids, competence devoids, and conscience devoids. I don't care what they "think" because they don't think. I want them back in their cribs.
EDIT: Evidently, Conservers of Liberty are just too "dumb" to appreciate the sophisticated world of rap, the exquisite wonders of dope, the pleasure of vomited excess of alcohol, the solidarity of polyamory, the death-courting of SM sex, the pleasure of keeping a boot on the faces of the American masses, the joys of national deconstruction and new world people farming.
Conservers of Liberty would prefer that Proggies find a giant lake and go take a flying leap into it. I could like that for the Proggies.

In some situations, charity can be powerful for teaching the educable. For salvaging indoctrinated souldead people-farmers, not so much.
What is often more effective is efficacious demand for treatment as a human being. Often, t for tat tends to be a more practical strategy for that.
Few rules translate well for all situations. Indeed, a quick path to self destruction or demotion to farm animal is to assume the universal applicability of a context-driven rule.
Jesus taught in context related parables. Context. The only rules that apply in every context are good faith (Great Commandment) and good will (Golden Rule). Often, to love your neighbor as yourself necessitates tough love. Not feeding delusions of entitllement mindedness.

Angela Merkel is a true believer. Key to true believers is the ease with which their educations (indoctrinations) exceed their intellects. She is so marinated in stupidity that she thinks it wise.
A true believer can easily be a thumper or a commie. As to humble receptivity to feedback guidance from the Reconciler, not so much. Merkel is on a pre-set, one-way, commie-lord mission. Even after being informed that she is mining fools' gold, she continues to hoard it.

The establishment has developed many tools to increase its people-farming power. Selecting hacks for tenure is one. Prescribing who is eligible for charitable deductions from the tax man is another. Brainwashing hordes to believe gov expenditures are charitable is a third. A cleansing sword of liberty is badly needed to kill the many hearts of subhumanizing rot and restore the people to their freedom and dignity as human beings.

Sociopathic people farmers have been with us always. Start with a society that indulges in grotesque forms of people farming. Then give a fool drunk on power and sexual abuse an opportunity to invent the worst religion possible for human beings and the best possible for grotesque people farmers.
Then read the Koran and ask yourself how "perfect" it is for that purpose. If not for the context of slavers, abusers, pervs, and sociopaths, no person of the least intelligence or decency would read the Koran and believe it to set forth the aspirations of God.
In every society, no matter how depraved its founding mores and institutions, there will always be "moderates." The fact that such moderating influences exist is no argument whatsoever for the truth, virtue, or basic "decency" of an utterly depraved system of "thought." No apology by any weenie-rationalizer can make clean what is innately filth.

An Elite Prog living in a confused state of God-Complex is someone who thinks he, with a Prog Think Tank, can design a best system of intricate and intrusive laws for regulating every person in every society right down to the toenails, even though he and they lack insight regarding the great and innumerable ways in which societies will soon flux and change. To heck with these femi-effers!

I suspect most people that matter don't give a flying f whether someone is black, jewish, gay, pagan, atheistic, whatever. Just flat don't care. They care more about ideas. And sometimes they are not blind that certain groupings among races, genders, ethnicities, cultures, and belief systems tend to carry certain predilictions with them. Statistics plus context tend to demonstrate successful factoring of such observations.
It is tiresome when elitists complain that people follow common sense. As if we should stop factoring common sense and instead be led around by our noses by elitists. It sometimes seems that every time a person applies good common sense, some pinkie-wagging moron that thinks he is eilte complains of xenophobia, racism, bigoty, antisemitism, mansplaining, ad nauseum. We have too many pinkie waggers. Darwin says its past time to grow the heck up.
Or maybe the better part of productive society should just join the circus and complain constantly at every turn of anti-responsibleadultism, aka, anti-whitey inclusive of anti-blackwhitey.
Whine too much and whininess just becomes background noise. Politically, Jews are all over the map. So, is every Jew now an anti-semite? Good grief!
Diversity madness seems to be stirring persecution complex run amuck. It pays too much.

The more the central gov intrudes to limit what localities, cultures, and families can pass on to their offspring in terms of moral, spiritual, and religious values, the more the gov encroaches on the roles for citizens and families. As families are replaced by so called experts acting on behalf of political shills for oligarchic funders, the more our civilization comes to resemble the indignity of a cattle farm. Knuckleheaded "experts" are not replacing our civilization with a better blueprint designed out of whole cloth. Rather, they are subhumanizing our civilization. The more the gov injects itself, the more it infantalizes people and makes its injections necessary.

There is too much hubris in the notion that legal process has some special power for finding correct answers for all future contexts based on limited insights about present values and situations. But femimen too readily fancy themselves having special expertise to lay down rules for future generations. There is little in in law or common sense that should require any federal court to intervene in most domestic quarrels that arise solely within a state. ACLU girlymen need to learn how to stfu.
Goldstein was like Trotsky: A goat offering for the people to hate, so they would not blame Big Brother for their hardships and woes. Commies blame unfair (lack of "equal") distribution of material wants and needs, so they will be diverted from blaming the idea of communism itself. The Pope has often seemed to be somewhat of a socialist, believing gov should take over charity and effect fair redistribution. Problem is, the gang that gains gov power to make redistributions is always far too human. A gov big enough to take your stuff to give it to people it deems more needy or deserving is a gov big enough to engage in monstrous fascism.
1984 was about a dystopia in which language was often upside down. Like now, where gov taxed redistribution is conflated with "charity." Where the Pope, living in the wealth of the Vatican, wants govs installed by moochers to take from producers and redistribute in ways SJWs may deem "fair." But I question whether that idea has ever produced anything like what it promises.
Even so, as I look at Lefties, it often seems like they get together to let out their "two minute hate" drills against producers. Even though they usually try to cover them in public with loving pretenses and "sophisticated" accents.
I don't think you understand how the white producing male with a responsible job is now often made a goat for hatred, much as Goldstein was. Of course, the billionaire people-farmers funding these two minute hate drills are somewhat inoculated. And the pajama boy femimen are mainly just ignored (except as usefully idiotic voters).
Are you sure you read 1984?

Leftys cannot tolerate Conservatives' failing to pick up the tab to pay for their free stuff. Leftys cannot understand what Conservatives have against free stuff.


I think Progism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism certainly are religions.  They are not well confineable to empirical standards or proofs.  They require faith (or, if you prefer, belief).

It may help if I define what I would mean by "God": The continuing Source though which mortals are availed to empathize in good faith and good will. That is, the Source which avails moral connectivity.

To respect that Source is to seek to be in tune with that which is innately metaphysical, spiritual, qualitative, beyond empirical proof or confinement, amenable only of intuitive feedback in empathetic good faith and good will.

Common parables and metaphors concerning such Source often help facilitate communications in good faith and good will.  In that respect, our feedback contributes to define what we become, morally.

As to religion, there are many definitions. There is no good reason to confine the idea of religion to a non-trinitarian singularity, or to Pearly Gates, or to Infernos.

Otoh, there is no good reason to include a depraved travesty like Islam as constituting a belief set that is amenable of "free exercise" under the First Amendment. Primarily, this is because the morally criminal and subhuman cult of Islam tends to require severe penalties for apostasy. IOW, there is no free exercise for former believers to publicly announce they no longer subscribe.

Some physicists believe all measurable Substance is nothing more than tricks of a web of math. In that case, God would be a mathematician. Sounds pretty freaking spiritually ineffable.



The English word "religion" is derived from the Middle English "religioun" which came from the Old French "religion." It may have been originally derived from the Latin word "religo" which means "good faith," "ritual," and other
similar meanings. Or it may have come from the Latin "religâre" which means "to tie fast," or "bind together."

"It is apparent that religion can be seen as a theological, philosophical, anthropological, sociological, and psychological phenomenon of human kind. To limit religion to only one of these categories is to miss its multifaceted nature and lose out on the complete definition." -- Kile Jones

A specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Christian religion; the Buddhist religion.

Something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience: to make a religion of fighting

Webster's New World Dictionary (Third College Edition):
"any specific system of belief and worship, often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy."



"a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices; a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith." ~ Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (online, 2006)

"Religion is the human attitude towards a sacred order that includes within it all being—human or otherwise—i.e., belief in a cosmos, the meaning of which both includes and transcends man." ~ Peter Berger

"Religion is what the individual does with his own solitariness." ~ A.N. Whitehead

"...for limited purposes only, let me define religion as a set of symbolic forms and acts which relate man to the ultimate conditions of his existence." ~ R.N. Bellah

"A religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden—beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a Church, all those who adhere to them." ~ Emile Durkheim

"One's religion is whatever he is most interested in." ~ J.M. Barrie, The Twelve-Pound Look (1910)

"Religion consists in a set of things which the average man thinks he believes and wishes he was certain of." ~ Mark Twain

"We go into religion in order to feel warmer in our hearts, more connected to others, more connected to something greater and to have a sense of peace." ~ Goldie Hawn, Beliefnet interview

"Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Religion itself is nothing else but Love to God and Man. He that lives in Love lives in God, says the Beloved Disciple: And to be sure a Man can live no where better." ~ William Penn

"Religion, whatever it is, is a man's total reaction upon life." ~ William James

"Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; Unbelief, in denying them." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


For myself, I am not here to evangelize for anyone's hereafter soul. I am here to support a way to assimilate and sustain America as a decent representative republic that avails human freedom and dignity.

I believe collectivist elitist systems are fundamentally subhumanizing and depraved. I loathe Muslims, Marxists, people-farming cronycrats, and knowitall lawmaking busybody ACLU types.  MAGA.


Disqus is a window for viewing the polarization across the land. Polarization that has been nourished by bad-acting cronycrats. The representative republic hangs in the balance. A uniparty of people-farmers and cluelessly useful-idiots is at war with ordinary people that mainly just want the central apparatus to leave them alone.
The reason the republic has come to such peril is because ordinary Americans slept too long. No more. They are educating themselves about the uniparty and forging alliances to defeat it. I wish we could return to just partying hardy, but that is about the size of things. Things will get better once the loaded diaper-draggiing wannabe diktaters are put snugly back in their progressive cribs.

Basically, I doubt you understand or appreciate what underpins political partisanship.  Communist true believers are every bit as capable of unreasoning stridency as the most devout biblethumper.  Yeah, basically, I view commies and thumpers both as affronts to spiritual good sense.

Think about what Progs tend to do to substitute for their confused spiritual faith.  Who tend to be the most ardent toenail regulators, while calling that "progress"?  When you think you're elite and have no respect for the spiritual good faith of others, what do you do?  Well, a lot of Progs turn to people farming, drugs, and one-way regulations against their "inferiors."  Think about why the blamegaming (using terms of "racist, phobe, bigot," etc.) tends to go one way.  Why do you see so few "hate crime" prosecutions on account of black on white crime?

It is impossible to rationalize or conceptualize any kind of worldview without taking some leaps of  faith -- either consciously or subconsciously.  I recommend David Deutsch (an avowed atheist, btw) and his book, The Beginning of Infinity.  Frankly, I find some atheists' disavowal of faith as juvey at best.

If you want to continue to converse, please demonstrate some capacity for thinking above a juvey level.  You're basically getting more tiresome than worthwhile.

Basically, I think juvey Progs are a mortal threat to the representative republic.  A republic that has been built over the sweat and blood of their betters, on which they now crap.  I loathe them.


Scientific Marxism is a religion to commies and proggies, too. They just call their leap of faith to meta-based morality "higher mindedness." IOW, they are so indoctrinated in their religion on a subconscious level that they don't even need to think about it. They believe it's not a religion if they don't think about it as such. To them, it's not scientific, not objective, not empirical, but still, not spiritual. Whatever it is, it does not exist as a measurable physicality or even as a qualitative signification of God. Maybe it's just TwilightZoneism?
Whatever it is, its adherents have killed hundreds of millions in its "holy" name. Since they don't think about it, it's not "faith." Just their belief system. Lol. Oh, and in their minds they have higher consciences. Bless their hearts.


We have too many Progs, Muzzies, and Liberty Illiterates. Things may have to get far worse to wake most of them up.
If good Americans come together and communicate serious good will in respect of a higher principle (or Principler), we may yet be guided to a semblance of sanity. That needs to be encouraged, notwithstanding knowitall self-pleasuring proggies.
The alternative may be a millenneum of subhumanizing loss of liberty. Of course, party-hardy, irresponsible parents and defilers of innocence won't give a D.
I loathe selfish-faithless-defiling-subhumanizing Progs, Socialists, Commies, and, most of all, Muslims. If we don't get the primitives and lalala loaded diaper draggers back into their cribs, what is coming may make the first half of the 20th Century look like a picnic.
The question: Did the Obama experience grease us for decline, or did it serve as a needed splash to wake enough people up? And man, are there ever a lot of sleepwalking s-heads, working overtime to preserve their "accomplishments" and to prepare the way for the next Bernie. But hey, they're "scientifically" moral and have a principled "conscience," doncha know?

Once decent people have had enough, social pressure should take care of the rest. Put the Progs back in their cribs and bring back shame. By legislating so much tolerance of Prog and Muslim insanity, we are tolerating ourselves to death.
For goodness sake, our society is sacrificing the innocence of its children on a pyre of Prog lunacy, depredation, and perversion. The non-aggression principle is generally a good thing. But Islam is not non-aggressive. And the non-aggression principle becomes ridiculous if carried to the point of sacrificing our children.
Must we wring our hands and tie ourselves in knots while Progs and Muslims fundamentally destroy our republic?


If Buddhism is a religion, then so is Communism. A religious difference between Communism and Islam: No sacred book advocates a death penalty for wayward Communists. If Communism is a religion, it is a religion one can engage in the free practice of. At least, in theory.
That is not the case with Islam. There is no freedom to become an apostate to Islam and still live. That is what makes Islam a criminal cult. If the *Mafia does not have a free exercise right under the First Amendment, why should avowed Muslims? If bawdyhouses can be shut down, why not Mosques?
*The Mafia had religious, blood like, initiation oaths. If that is not enough to make it a religion, they could add a belief that to die while engaged in crime would be a direct ticket to CrimeHalla. Should such a Mafia then have a right to recruit new soldiers openly, maybe even at job fairs at schools or convention centers? Of course not. So read the Koran and compare with Mafia codes. Is there a distinction that makes a difference (other than that Islam is far more horrific than Cosa Nostra)?
For civilization to require tolerance for such a death cult is for civilization to have a death wish.

Islam is not a "free exercise religion" for purposes of the First Amendment. We need Scotus and DC to extract upstuck heads.

Wonder if Proggie tolerance, promotion, appeasement, and catering to Islam had anything to do with it? Hollywood repackaging. Making the cops and whities and working Americans out to be the bad guys. Tying hands so no one can dare correct a RunAmuck in public. Wonder if that had anything to do with it?
This Nutbag Prog S Has To Stop.

A conserver of liberty prefers an informed electorate, because they are boss.
An elitist (whether commie, fascist, islamic, progic, or educatedfool) believes he is ruler or should rule, so it is only important that the people be instructed in what they should believe.
This is what makes proggies so smart in their own eyes. And so qualified to enact one-way rules to regulate everyone else down to the toenails. This is why they are loathsome subhumanoids. Rotten, rotten rotten.

The Russians cheated if they told the truth about Obama/Hillary in order to expose their lies. Against a regime based on elitist lies, to tell the truth is considered a low blow. Wrap your head in that, and don't let it happen again! S/
Prog Skulls: Impenetrable by truth, common sense, basic decency, or respect for ordinary producing Americans.

So ObamaProgs set the Middle East ablaze and then they're surprised that Russians celebrate their departure? Truly, Progs have perfected some kind of special s for brains. What can one do but laugh? No one can fix them.