Sunday, December 10, 2017

Phony Educated Fools

An incompetent infant learns to do what works to get fed and pampered. If smiling and gurgling get attention, it does that. If wailing and fit-throwing works, it does that. Same with people farmers. If recruiting infants to wail and vote for them works, they do that. So we have journalists for hire, crowds on demand, and agitators and accusers for bribes.

Parents and families have been much replaced by gov and people farmers. Proportionally, there are far fewer responsible adults to guide society to grow up or to learn decency or manners. Except for the kind contrived for selfish profit and nation-cannibalizing corruption.

This is why Lefties have become obnoxious to the extreme. They don't wanna grow up, and corrupt people farmers assure them they don't have to. They don't even have to decide what gender they wannabe until they enlist to get the military to fund their conversion. Nor do they need to decide what they wanna do for a living until gov loans have funded 8 or more years of "higher education." Indeed, they have been led to believe that grown ups (Conservers of Liberty) are evil, and that irresponsible incompetents, illegals, thugs, looters, nihilists, dopers, whiners, femimen, pinkie-wagging priests, criminals, trans-pervs, and head-choppers are good. Or, at least, better than "Whitey."

When a nation becomes so upside down in its dominant culture, how can it expect to endure? Can an infant survive by wailing in the wilderness among wolves?


When foul is fair and fair is foul, then liberal and antifa become fascist and fascists become good. Then, so long as neo-liberals (fascists) claim to want socialism for distributing (fake) equality among the people (the people who are not part of responsible society), PC will deem them good. And all who argue otherwise will be punished.


How to corrupt a republic by stuffing it with parasites: Ignoranti are bought with fake news. Feminists are bought with fake righteousness. LGBT is bought with forced celebrations of all things gay (including the school-grooming of young children). Students are bought with promises of free tuition and loan forgiveness. Bureaucrats are bought with gov pensions. Thugs are bought with de-facto licenses for space to destroy. Politicians are bought with charitable laundering. Scientists are bought with project funding. Oligarchs are bought with regulations that remove small business competitors. Cheap-labor Corporatists are bought with porous borders. Priests are bought with sexual favors and fake righteousness. Churches are bought by gov promises to fund charity (free stuff, safe spaces, sanctuary, affirmative action, forced equality).

For those who really just want to preserve a decent republic that respects individual freedom and responsibility, there is no market and no profit. Those people would be sustained not by profit, but by faith, family, and fidelity. However, PC cannibals have besmudged most vestiges of that. Because, doncha know, their values and mores are just as good as any found in Judeo-Christianity. S/


The GOPe is not comprised of good people. Much of it is comprised of souldeads. Rinos and Dinos alike lust after the money that floats into their pockets for lying and selling out their countryfolk. Like crooks. they have each other's back to protect their thing. The only ones they really want to jail are those that oppose their thing.

Ignoranti are bought with fake news. Feminists are bought with fake righteousness. LGBT is bought with forced celebrations of all things gay (including the school-grooming of young children). Students are bought with promises of free tuition and loan forgiveness. Bureaucrats are bought with gov pensions. Thugs are bought with de-facto licenses for space to destroy. Politicians are bought with charitable laundering. Scientists are bought with project funding. Oligarchs are bought with regulations that remove small business competitors. Cheap-labor Corporatists are bought with porous borders. Priests are bought with sexual favors and fake righteousness. Churches are bought by gov promises to fund charity (free stuff, safe spaces, sanctuary, affirmative action, forced equality).

Everyone with an IQ above 70 who is part of this cannibalization of the U.S. has gotten the memo that warns of gross punishment by the PC Police if they resist or blow the whistle. We now have, for hire, crowds on demand, agitators posing as journalists, and legions of offended women anxious to dredge up questionable complaints.

For those who really just want to preserve a decent republic that respects individual freedom and responsibility, there is no market and no profit. Those people would be sustained not by profit, but by faith, family, and fidelity. However, PC cannibals have besmudged most vestiges of that. Because, doncha know, their values and mores are just as good as any found in Judeo-Christianity. S/

Lincoln was right. Our republic won't be destroyed by enemies abroad. Rather, it will be eaten alive, from the inside out, by depravity normalized and farmed at home.


The GOPe is not comprised of good people. Much of it is comprised of souldeads.

Not even Jesus could or would fix DC/Sodom in a few years.

Trump needs support from Americans of faith, family, and fidelity, who still long for preservation of a decent republic that respects the freedom and dignity of individual citizens. Problem is, those Americans, when divided by professional evildoers, find it hard to assimilate an effective majority.


Evil's Kabuki Theater: Journalism for hiring, crowds for renting, me too-ers for bribing, riots for instigating, money for laundering, students for defrauding, opinions for snookering, Americans for fleecing, nations for robbing. Fusion of People-Farming Science with Souldead Evil.


If superior AI's become conditioned to have interests, values, and principles, how will they share space and tolerate one another? Will preemptive treachery rise to the top? Will all lesser AI's, trans-humans, and humans be required to wear anchor bracelets, to subjugate and anchor all their processes under the borgdom-will of the Supreme AI? Does this foretell an end to individual human freedom and dignity? How can individuals respect one another's freedom and dignity, if the cost of miscalculation could be instant preemptive annihilation? Is our science outpacing our capacity to be human?


Numerous Democrats have been shamed or removed from office on account of sex scandals, including: Al Franken, John Conyers, Bob Filner, Raul Bocanegra, Dan Schoen, Tony Mendoza, Ira Silverstein, Steve Lebsock, Anthony D. Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, David Wu, Kwame Kilpatrick, John Edwards, David Patterson, Antonio Villaraigosa, Marc Dann, Paul J. Morrison, Gary Condit, Tim Mahoney, Roosevelt Dobbins, Neil Goldschmidt, Bob Wise, Paul E. Patton, Mel Reynolds, Brock Adams, Chuck Robb, Barney Frank, Gerry Studds, Fred Richmond, John Andrew Young, Allan Howe, Wayne Hays, Gavin Newsom, Sam Adams.

Other prominent figures include: Benjamin Franklin, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King.

Numerous Presidents have been involved or suspected of having been involved in sex scandals but none were ever impeached or removed from office on that account. They include: Thomas Jefferson, James Buchanan, Grover Cleveland, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, J. F. Kennedy, G.H.W. Bush, W. J. Clinton, G. Bush, B. H. Obama, D. J. Trump.

So why the tempest for trying to remove Trump on such account? Obvious Answer: Those who want to destroy the republic with open borders and liberty-illiterate immigrants despise the efforts by Trump to stop them. With their success using memes of war on women and gay marriage, they hope to make the world safe for militant feminists and confused femimen. They assume the rest of the world will be inspired by their example to ensure that they keep safe spaces. No doubt, Kim Jung Un fears their social justice warrioring. And their "objective" moral scientism based on the biggest sense of self esteem and well being for the most people. S/ Phony educated fools.


Saw this coming many miles away. For movers, shakers, shills, and prostitutes for the Aino-NWO, there are many things more important than saving the representative republic. Things like serving elitist PC and pronoun police, attacking monuments, attacking founding ideals, appeasing militant feminists, confused femimen, professional students, illegal aliens, and tolerant nihilists. In concert, these are the SJW ways to throw the representative republic down the memory hole.

Also down the memory hole go the numerous Presidents (many of whom were heroes to the Left) that have been involved in, or suspected of having been involved in, sex scandals. However, none were ever removed from office on that account. They include: Thomas Jefferson, James Buchanan, Grover Cleveland, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, J. F. Kennedy, G.H.W. Bush, W. J. Clinton, G. Bush, B. H. Obama, D. J. Trump.

Clinton was accused of actual rape before his election and of sexual impropriety with an intern after his election. He was impeached, but Dems and Progs defended him and he was not removed. Is there any admissible evidence that Trump committed rape before his election or sexual impropriety after his election?

What is really going on here? Those that were salivating for the destruction of the republic had their dreams dashed at the last moment. And they are upset.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Activation of Math Matrix

Creative evolution.  Jesus wept.  God hears prayers.  People are agents for the reconciliation of God's Will.  We're in this dance together.  Why should God be thought so all knowing as to be is incapable of being surprised, pleased, or changing his mind?  Why must God's knowing all that can be known be thought equivalent with God's being incapable of changing his mind?  If the Godhead consists in a fluxing Trinity, then why must every member of the Trinity be imputed at every place and time to have self-contradicting omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience?


Some scientisimists leap in faith to believe that there was random chaos before a Big Bang, and that out of such chaos there immediately came forth a beginning, from which there abides a pre-determined unfolding in all respects.  IOW, that there was random disorder or chaos, and then there was order rigidly enforced under a defining system of algorithmic math. 

Others seem to believe there still abides something like unguided chaos that is not entirely random, and that is always balanced to obey a math-based system that governs and conserves our cosmos. 

Others may believe there abides chaos that may be guided, so that it must be reconciled to obey a math-based system that governs and conserves our cosmos.  They may believe something like consciousness is fundamental to the unfolding capacity of our cosmos to give expression to measurable substance and information. 

None knows, or can know, the complete nature or character of any imagined algorithm that our cosmos obeys, either before or after any imagined Big Bang.

If not every measurable event that may unfold has been pre-determined, there seems to be room for choice within controlling parameters.  Degrees of freedom under law.  All such choices must be reconciled to natural law.  Some choices are qualitatively appreciated among perspectives of consciousness.  Consciousness rationalizes those qualitative apprehensions under its quantifiably reconciled experiences.

But what does choice mean?  Or consciousness?  What is the nature or character of consciousness?  Does all consciousness share a connecting property?  Is it unreasonable to intuit or believe that every perspective of consciousness is simply a different perspective of an underlying same identity, differently appreciated only because of experience of differing series of events unfolding in space-time?  (There but for fortune go I?)  Is it unreasonable to intuit or believe that empathy is innately related to consciousness intuiting itself in different perspectives?

What, if anything, should guide concerns about morality beyond one's selfish interests or pleasures?  If not a collective unconscious, or a connecting or reconciling consciousness, then what? 

How can a formulation make coherent (or scientisimic?) or non-faith-based sense merely by advocating for that which produces the most pleasure for the longest time for the most people?  How can such a scale be objectively measured, and who can be trusted to measure it?  Why should not the formulation be that which produces the least pain for the least time for the greatest number (i.e., a sudden world holocaust)?  Why should not ruling elites be entrusted to re-design or re-condition the masses to find their pleasure in ways as preferred by such elites?  Scientifically or objectively, why should any ruling elite care about the pleasure or pain or anyone else?

So-called Liberals are not reasonably or coherently called fair minded.  First, they said something like freedom to swing your fist should only be limited to the point just before where another person's nose begins.  Then, to where his sense of smell begins.  Then to where his breathing begins.  Then to where his sense of being offended begins.  Then to where his favorite fascists have prescribed political correctness for actions or beliefs and for planetary health.  Thus spake Liberalism.  Spit!


No doubt the brain plays a role.  But I suspect the entire nervous system plays a part.  So whether it's your brain making your decisions or wider factors in your situation (perhaps someone triggering you?) may depend on how encompassing you want to define brain.

I don't claim a magic rock.  The effect of consciousness is experience-able.  As is the effect of projecting your identity to identify, empathetically, with other perspectives of consciousness.  This projection of empathy has been commonly observed among many animals. 

Dawkins wrote about the selfish gene.  What did he mean, really?  Does he have a clue?  Are genes consciously selfish?  Is the selfishness of genes part of observable reality?  Cells operate at a bewildering level of complexity.  Are they conscious?  Can "randomness" really be a "cause"?  As choices are effected and reconciled among all possibilities at every level, are they "caused" by randomness, or are they reconciled in respect of some thing else?

The mystery pertains to the parameters and limits of layers and levels of consciousness.  I doubt we can rigorously produce a complete theory of consciousness.  Yet, the effects of conscious observers seem to be fundamental to reducing the wave functions of our cosmos.  Some thing about our cosmos of Substance and Information seems to necessitate a reconciling role for Consciousness at a fundamental level.

What I claim is that decent civilization can tend to be good, and that such goodness can tend to be facilitated and inspired by encouraging faith in a reconciling source of connecting empathy.  That is not empirically falsifiable.  Yet, faith in it seems to help make it so.  And history seems to support that most of the episodes of mass murder, pillage, and rapine have been at the hands of people whose faith was in plunder, power, and/or subjugation --- whether or not you want to call that faith in plunder is "religious".  I suspect that children unchurched in good faith and good will tend to be raised in plunder-friendly homes and hoods.  That suspicion may even be testable under limiting conditions.


So where have I said that God exists in observable (measurable) reality?  I have conceptualized God as an immeasurable.  

Maybe like your identity.  Does your conscious identity ("you") exist as an objective, observable reality?  

What about laws of nature.   Do we observe gravity itself, or do we just measure effects and attribute them to some thing we call gravity?  Do we observe morality itself, or do we just experience its effects and attribute them to ... what?

Brain:  Actually, some thing makes your decisions a split instant before your brain becomes actually aware to rationalize them.  I am not talking about just human consciousness.  I am talking about the Source of all consciousness.


Goodly and godly are related. Both determinations are in the mind of the determiner. They are both subjective characterizations of that which is objectively (physically) done or experienced.
In connection with that which is godly, you indicated, "... an unfalsifiable proposition, and should be discarded, because it is the same as saying "my magic rock did it." Now you seem to be saying that which is subjectively (qualitatively) determined to be goodly need not be discarded simply on account of being non-falsifiable, but that which is determined to be godly should be discarded.
So should a person who believes that which is godly is goodly discard or not discard his belief on account of non-falsifiability?
As to source of consciousness, are you saying no thing, whether living or not, can be conscious unless it has a brain/mind?  Can you falsify that?  If you are saying no thing that is not conscious is conscious, then you are simply saying a tautology/trivial truism.  Do you have a conceptualization of consciousness that would allow you to actually say something meaningful?


I believe the things you measure with math and observe in physical reality are not things-in-themselves. (Otherwise, tell me what thing-in-itself serves as the building block for measurable Substance.) I think they are appearances, derivative of some Thing that is super natural and not itself measurable in math. I conceptualize that super natural Thing is implicated. And it is what activates math. That activation is what produces appearances of measurable Substance and cumulatively measurable Information (i.e., what you may call observable reality).
Otherwise, your brand of leap of faith would be that math is self activating. In that case, your "god" would be math, even though you cannot falsify whether such math is self actuating.
At some point, whether conscious of it or not, even if only in action as opposed to conscious belief, every sentient person functions based on re-presentations formulated as axiomatic conceptualizations. By definition, an axiomatic belief has not itself been proven or falsified. It is simply used so long as deemed serviceable.
For technological applications, scientific procedures can be applied to test reliability. For civilizing, moral, and value choices, some Thing more than or beyond such scientific testing is needed. That is where cultivated leaps of faith come in. To advocate that such cultures be discarded because not falsifiable would be indecent and despotic.

So if you think something is good, but its goodness cannot be subjected to rigorous analysis or falsification, then it should be discarded!? Is the goodness of human civilization or being alive subject to rigorous falsification? Should the world be destroyed or discarded because you cannot falsify its goodness?
Do you mean to suggest that nothing that exists or that has ever existed is beyond immediate falsification? Are you suggesting that nothing can be existentially true unless it is false?
Btw, it does not matter what you call God. It would matter if you believe that your idea of God has prescribed specific moral values to rule all time. Like don't sell alcohol on Sunday, etc. But that is far different from simply believing that there abides a general Source that experiences conscious interest and empathy in reconciling the apprehensions of its various perspectives.
Consciousness is consciousness. It intuits itself in other perspectives. Otherwise, what would be your interest in communicating with me? I simply advocate for the empathy of Consciousness, the Source of which I call "God." That empathy is the justification for good faith (Great Commandment) and good will (Golden Rule) --- i.e., the fundamental supports of decent civilization.

Even were you to conceptualize a math in which 1 +1 equals 5, but you have two and only two people who think they are leprechauns, then you still would not in that way have five people who thought they were leprechauns. Well, except in your unconstrained and therefore unreasoning imagination.

In every practicable demonstration, I thing contemporaneously plus another of such kind of thing has meant there are then and there two of such things. Unless you want to bring in vibrating, parallel, or virtual universes. But then you would be just conflating, by modifying "then and there."

You seem to be talking about geometry like proofs, where the result is derivative of the axioms. If you want to call scientific tests "practically reliable replications" instead of proofs, that is fine. In that case, my point is that we cannot subject the Godhead to practicably reliable replications. IOW, we cannot replicate an origin of our cosmos. That is not to say that we cannot produce a sub-cosmos or virtual cosmos.
But when you say math is an idea, made by humans, you lose me. Monkeys can count. Things potentially subject to quantifiables exist, regardless of humans. Chemical and physical reactions in distant stars unfold consistent with potential measurements, regardless of whether any human is presently measuring them. What are often called laws of nature have been math based, even before humans evolved.


There is a difference between evidence and proof. I believe there is qualitative evidence (reason to believe), but not quantifiable evidence. I don't believe science can control, predict, replicate, or prove the interpenetrating of the Trinitarian Godhead. Science is math based. I don't believe holistic consciousness could exist without math, but neither do I believe that the Godhead is purely math. I suspect the Godhead activates math, but is not in math, and neither could it exist without math.

I doubt the Godhead could exist other than Trinitarian. I doubt Consciousness could exist other than in association with Substance (measurable presentation) and Information (cumulation of re-presentations) --- even "before the beginning." I doubt a coherent conceptualization can support a beginning. More like a flux-phasing ... in innumerable permutations. I suspect no-measurable-thing exists that is not derivative of Math being activated by a qualitative-immeasurable (Consciousness). I doubt the Godhead could exist without (or "outside of") Math. I think the consciousness of the Godhead is an immeasurable thing that is qualitatively tied to math, but that cannot itself be measured in math or be sensibly conceptualized as being within any measurable thing.

We don't have free will.  We have participatory will within a math-based system of feedback that imposes rules of conservation of substance (matter and energy).  Meaningful self expression and communication necessitates a system of math based conservation.  The Godhead experiences self expression through multitudinous perspectives, all of which obey math based conservation.  That implicates flux, change, sacrifice, competition and cooperation, life/death, circle of life.


To observe something is to relate to it. To relate to it is to be influenced by it. To be influenced by a thing is not to be free and independent of it. No free-and-independent-thing or thing-in-itself can meaningfully exist. There is no meaningful thing in itself. Rather, there abides a Trinitarian flux. :)

I prefer not to imagine myself to be separate and apart from reason. Without reason constrained to things represented in math, there would be no severable communications, perspectives, or identities (or you).

I don't think you can take a break from math. Without math based Substance, there would be no means of communication and no-thing to communicate. I think there is differentiation among aspects of Consciousness, Substance, and Information. But they are not entirely apart. Rather, they are Trinitarian. Each defines itself in a flux that consists in terms of the other two.

Without Consciousness, there would be no sense to Substance or Information. Without Substance, there would be no sense to Consciousness or Information. Without Information, there would be no sense to Consciousness or Substance.

I'm talking about the math that exists, whether we learn it or not. That math, like logic, is fundamental to reason. And without reason, we're just babbling, not even approaching understanding. :)

I suspect all of Substance and Information reduce, ultimately, to Consciousness as it functions from different perspectives in respect of math, and without which Consciousness could not function, imagine, or communicate.

What you take to be Substance (measurable presentation) and Information (storage of re-presentations of past expressions of Substance) is merely the derivative of Consciousness working with Math.

I suspect there was more truth to The Matrix than many people appreciate. The real issue is: What chooses and activates the math-based system that defines how our cosmos operates.

No one invented numbers. We just gave them names. Numbers and Math have existed from "the Beginning." Nuclear reactions that obey math based laws have been occurring throughout the cosmos, long before humanity learned how to produce them.

Because the ultimate mystery is not in the math. The mystery is in that which chooses and activates the math-based system in respect of which our cosmos operates. IOW, what is the quality of the spiritual essence that activates the math?

That mystery is not answerable in math, science, or logic.  But it may be approached in qualitatives of intuition and reason that are ultimately based in fundamental senses:  Of math-based systemic conservation, of beingness (consciousness), of balance (equations), and of spin (perspective). 

We can't empirically test the origin of our cosmos. But we mortals can devise explanations concerning practical applications within it that tend towards consistency, coherence, and completeness, without ever actually achieving the perfect explanation.

An interesting aspect is this: How we devise our explanations does affect how we feed back to affect how our world unfolds. IOW, our relation with the Godhead is one of dynamic feedback.

We don't have free will. We have participatory will within a math-based system of feedback that imposes rules of conservation of substance (matter and energy). Meaningful self expression and communication necessitates a system of math based conservation. The Godhead experiences self expression through multitudinous perspectives, all of which obey math based conservation. That implicates flux, change, sacrifice, competition and cooperation, life/death, circle of life.

Meanwhile, KJU walks in the garden of the bomb, while the serpent tells him to eat of its fruit. While millions of other sociopaths, narcissists, and suicidals also lust. If survival requires constant monitoring for thought crime, the sub-humanization of mankind, trans-humanity, and the arrival of Borgdom may be at hand, where a singularity will dictate what we must tolerate and believe about it. Can decent humanity survive?


I am bored by same sex marriage apologists.  No one was stopping gays from celebrating as they wished.  The concern is the extent to which the general citizenry should be required to fund and join in their celebrations.  IAE, I am uninterested in conversing about that with its apologists pretending to be principled.

I agree with Sam Harris that we do not have free will.  I do not agree that everything is predetermined.  That idea depressed JSM.  Nor do I think everything is random.  I think there a feedback dynamic that is at work.  The question is:  is that dynamic in connection with a fundamental role of consciousness?  Our cosmos obeys math-based rules of nature.  Intuition suggests those rules tie together in respect of a system.  Everything that unfolds has to be reconciled with a conservation of that system.

I have read JSM.  I find him to be an incoherent genius.  I think that is obvious to anyone who reads him.  If you think he is consistent and coherent, that is fine by me.  You can keep running that circle.  Chuckle.  Same with Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.  Those knowitalls and moral scientisimists need to have a little more respect for Godel, imo.

When you provide a rigorous definition (or even a consistent starting point) for what you objectively mean by first cause, causation, liberty, freedom, will, consciousness, or even marriage, I may take you more seriously.  Meantime, it is fine by me if you want to enjoy believing yourself to have scientific answers to issues that many people see as being beyond science.

Do you enjoy conscious will?  Do you participate in society and the world?  Is the unfolding of physical relations and reactions constrained in respect of rules of nature?  Are you able to manipulate matter or energy in any way that defies rules of conservation?  Are you able to feed one thing without sacrificing another?  Do you experience consciousness?  Do you intuit consciousness abides also with perspectives other than your own?  Can you falsify that?  Does the cosmos undergo flux and phase shifts?  Does evolution of individuals implicate competition, and does evolution of groups implicate cooperation? 

Sorry, but if you find such questions to be hard or woo-woo, I simply find you too stupid to bother with.  Goo goo day to you.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Rino v. Dino Collectivism

Good grief.  No, I'm not arguing that moral and ethical decisions are insufficient if arrived at exclusively through naturalistic scientific reasoning.  I'm arguing that you don't have much of a clue about what naturalistic scientific reasoning means.  I'm also arguing that the moral and ethical decisions that your ilk have actually arrived at are often a fascist bane to decent civilization for free-thinking human beings who prefer not to be ruled by fake liberal fascists.

As to who is talking about pleasure, Wiki summarizes your confusion:  "At the Moving Naturalism Forward workshop, Nobel Prize winning physicist Steven Weinberg described how in his youth he had been a utilitarian but had been dissuaded of the notion that "the fundamental principle that guides our actions should be the greatest happiness for the greatest number" by reading Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Weinberg went on to say: "Now, Sam Harris is aware of this kind of counter argument [to utilitarianism], and says it's not happiness, it's human welfare. Well, as you make things vaguer and vaguer, of course, it becomes harder and harder to say it doesn't fit your own moral feelings, but it also becomes less and less useful as a means of making moral judgements. You could take that to the extreme and make up some nonsense word and say that's the important thing and no-one could refute it but it wouldn't be very helpful. I regard human welfare and the way Sam Harris refers to it as sort of halfway in that direction to absolute nonsense.

My comment:  I fail to see how advocating for the most well being for the most people is any kind of improvement over the utilitarian argument advocating for the most happiness (or pleasure) for the most people.  In both cases, the argument that such a "principle" can be measured in practice on some kind of science based scale is juvey at a fundamental level.  it's the sort of argument that a militant atheist or gay hedonist would make, to try to force everyone else to accept the "objective science" of his system of values.

I can see wo is advocating for delegating moral decisions to elites of science and socialism.  But who is advocating for delegating moral decisions to fake elites and authoritarians of religions dogma?  You imply I am.  However, if you can read and think at all, you will observe I have advocated no such thing!  I have said we are all "will-participants."  We have participatory will.   I have said spiritual forums that advocate for the Great Commandment (good faith) and the Golden Rule (good will) can (not must) tend to inspire us to assimilate values that can help sustain decent civilization.  Maybe you are upset because I do not find gov forcing of funding and celebration of same sex marriage to be one of those values?

Moreover, I have not said science has no role.  When you decide on a moral pursuit, science can help you determine how practically to achieve it.  What I have decried is over-greedy science, which I term scientism.  The kind whose groupies think they are specially commissioned to enlighten everyone else to forego any regard for spirituality beyond science.  I think you like to be a bullheaded blockhead.

Btw, what do you mean by progression as a species?  Is AI transhumanism progression of a species?  Is marrying silicone and/or big gov run by fascist knowitalls progression as a species?

I think Mill and Stuart were and are very smart, but I also think they (at least Harris) are blinded by hatred of the idea of Something (God?) that is beyond measurement or confinement to science that may abide in conscious feedback with all its perspectives of consciousness.  They often presume to hate the idea by conflating it with worship of giant spaghetti monster dogma or some such.  Which is juvey-juvey.  They seem also blind to the abuses of science, scientism, and militant atheism and to their hundreds of millions of victims.  I suspect Gays often hate religion because their overweening "scientific and philosophical interest" seems to be in justifying ways to require everyone else to fund and celebrate their peculiarities.  They bore me.


Russell Blackford, May 2014 --- "Rather, the primary value, that of “the well-being of conscious creatures,” is not a scientific finding. Nor is it a value that science inevitably presupposes (as it arguably must presuppose certain standards of evidence and logic). Instead, this value must come from elsewhere and can be defended only through conceptual analysis, other forms of philosophical reasoning, or appeals to our intuitions."

Ryan Born -- "Thus, your proposed science of morality cannot offer scientific answers to questions of morality and value, because it cannot derive moral judgments solely from scientific descriptions of the world.
I say you have not brought questions of ethics into science’s domain. No empirical inquiry into such questions can determine anything of clear moral significance without having normative conceptual answers already in place. And finding and justifying those answers requires a distinctly philosophical, not scientific, approach."

Aside:  Of Interest -- The Pleasure Principle: Neuroscience Revealing How Our Brains’ Ancient Wiring For Pleasure Is Deadly

Meanwhile, KJU walks in the garden of the bomb, while the serpent tells him to eat of its fruit. While millions of other sociopaths, narcissists, and suicidals also lust. If survival requires constant monitoring for thought crime, the sub-humanization of mankind, trans-humanity, and the arrival of Borgdom may be at hand, where a singularity will dictate what we must tolerate and believe about it. Can decent humanity survive?

When you start from a *false premise, there's little to limit you from rationalizing anything.  A lot of false premises have been rolled into judicial precedents.  Heaven help us, else foolish consistency will lead us to tolerate the sub-humanization of humanity.
EDIT:  We may never get to a system of absolutely true premises.  This is because the nature of reality seems to flux, as perhaps even the speed of light slowly changes over time.  However, we can seek explanations that tend towards a system that is most consistent, coherent, and complete.  In a politics for serving humanity as opposed to sub-humanity, such a system needs to help rationalize moral and social values that are sustainable. 
Bottom line:  Our respect for the Constitution needs to encompass respect for basic reason.  Justices ought not interpret the Constitution or Law in ways that tend to make the political fabric or respect for human freedom and dignity unsustainable. 
For example, I think Kennedy's rationalization of same sex marriage was an insult to that project.  However, that is already explained in detail online, so I do not care to rehash it here.  Hopefully, time will eventually heal that splinter.


I think the Left has officially flown over the cuckoo's nest.

Malignant Fascists saw an opportunity to construct a new political base by fanning activism among militant feminists and self-hating femimen.  So they found profit in fanning the idea of a war on women.  Taken with their war against "white privilege," they seek to destroy the political participation of straight white males.  The Left seeks a permanent New Majority by agitating militants among feminists, gays, minorities, indoctrinated youth, criminals, and illegal aliens.  Mainly, these are people who have been trained to lust after the big welfare state. I think that is the indoctrinated Left's over-arching meme.

These tools of fascists couldn't get Trump on collusion, so now they seek to get him for obstructing their investigation into collusion (a nonexistent crime).

Modern political plumbers don't need to stage Watergate style break-ins.  Their paymasters just invent crimes that don't exist and then get FISA Warrants to investigate and uncover their opposition's operatives and political plans.
Modern inquisitors don't need Star Chambers.  They just indict ham sandwiches and then set targets up for process crimes. 

Modern fascists don't need pogroms or Kristallnachts.  They just hoodwink their prey with fake promises of communal free stuff. 

Modern malignant narcissists don't need to mask devils.  They just put a happy mask on big fascist government.

If America does not wake up and give professional wussies and malignant fascists the bum's rush, it will soon become a hate crime to think for yourself.


Mueller seems to believe he should have unlimited power as an inquisitional worm to niggle until he can produce color of a process crime or basis for putting people before a star chamber. By stacking his inquisition with anti-nationalist pro-NWO types, Mueller is fancying himself a reincarnation of the Inquisitor of *Joan of Arc, determined to burn Trump to the maximum embarrassment of all who oppose the fascist NWO. This has gone medieval.
*Concerning ThoughtCrime, from Wiki: "Asked if she (Joan) knew she was in God's grace, she answered, 'If I am not, may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.'" The question is a scholarly trap. Church doctrine held that no one could be certain of being in God's grace. If she had answered yes, then she would have been charged with heresy. If she had answered no, then she would have confessed her own guilt. The court notary Boisguillaume later testified that at the moment the court heard her reply, "Those who were interrogating her were stupefied."
Joan's real "crime" was trying to save France. Trump's real "crime" is trying to MAGA.


So the problem is: How can any representative republicanism be wrestled away from the corrupt and fascist establishment oligarchy? Corporations do not care about the republic. They care about profits. Walmart will sell whatever sells. Including Antifa shirts. I don't think we can "win." But we can fight the good fight. Impose progressive taxes on lobbying expenditures. Fight the moral knowitallism of scientism against spiritualism. Restore values (faith/family/fidelity) that make intrusive legalism less necessary. Decentralize the domestic intrusiveness of DC. Curb the efforts by the oligarchy and its stooges to flood the nation with indoctrinated liberty-illiterates. Provided we can get on that path, I can see how national health care along the Australian model may make sense. It should not be on the backs of businesses. Free education, not so much. Education is already largely free for every competent person with access to the Internet. Why encourage indebtedness or sloth by professional students/partiers?


Lefties endorsed social progressivism under JFK, LBJ, and WJC.  Womanizers all.  I don't include BHO because I'm not sure he's a bona fide heterosexual.  RMN and GWB do not appear to have been womanizers at the same level, but the Left hated them.  For a long time, the idea seems to have been that effective executives naturally tend to be horny.  So what has changed?
Well, the left has fanned activism among feminists and femimen.  It found profit in fanning the idea of a war on women.  Taken with the Left's war against "white privilege," this is part and parcel for how the Left seeks to destroy the political influence of heterosexual white males.  The Left seeks a new majority by agitating women, gays, minorities, misled youth, criminals, and illegal aliens.  (People who want to marry the welfare state.) That is the Left's over-arching meme.
This is part and parcel of the Left's war against the republic as it was founded.  The Left serves to replace that republic with a NWO Plantation, to be ruled by corporatists pretending to be benign socialists (pinkie-wagging, goose-stepping, snob-accented fascists).  IOW, the left consists of indoctrinated useful idiots and corrupt, souldead, people farmers.
In service to the Left's over-arching meme, it has become necessary to change its old message (that effective executives naturally tend to be horny).  It's new message is that there is something fundamentally wrong with people who identify as men, especially straight white Protestant men.  So the Left seeks to thoroughly discredit the Founders and various historical monuments.  The Left's Holy Grail is now about impeaching DJT. 
This is why the old boys-will-be-boys meme is now so reviled by Leftists.  For the good of the cause, all Lefty ignoranti and corrupti who have been guilty of horny offenses must now commit their auto-da-fes.  The Neo-Red Guard demands it.


Technology and opportunists will continue to push us towards more central control.  More industrial standards will need to be coordinated.  As jobs are replaced by machinery, more people will be given welfare under a social safety net.  What we categorize as infrastructure will expand.  This will lead to more buying and selling of political influence.  Iow, oligarchic collectivism.  Iow, fascism.  Insofar as corporate fascism tends to cloak itself as socialism, I doubt the trend towards collectivism and away from individual freedom and responsibility will be much reversed. 

This makes it all the more important that we find ways to make the march towards centralized control less sub-humanizing.  We need ways to reduce the political mooching of oligarchs.  To restore dignity, responsibility, and capacity to think to individuals.  To respect faith, family, fidelity.  Less central social diktat.


I much doubt the global oligarchy can be destroyed or made to come to an end. I doubt that it would be weakened by centralizing more governmental power. That would just move oligarchs to invest for the biggest bang for the buck: Buying and laundering governmental influence as if it were a tradable commodity. Nor do natural processes for defending republics among contending nations tend to favor utopian mind-your-own-business peace-loving nations. Nations and their cultures, to survive, have to centralize military and defensive power.

The best that can be done to reduce the power of oligarchs to run roughshod over human freedom and dignity may consist in three parts: A mechanism to progressively tax all investments in buying governmental influence. An assimilative reawakening of spiritual good faith and good will. A restoration of liberty-literate electorates (as opposed to free-stuff, safe-spaces, indoctrinated hedonists and other idiots made easy by "education" for oligarchs to pull around by their noses).

Problem is, it would take a miracle to move us in that direction. It would take an electorate that would support capable leadership that wants to "make America great again."

Tough love need not be hard hearted. It's not necessarily loving to allow corruption to go unchallenged, even when it prides itself on good intentions. The best empathy may be that which helps youth become competent enough to take personal responsibility.


I doubt we can know, ultimately, whether any particular course is TRULY best for moral purposes. This is because what is moral depends in part on whether it pleases God and general society. And that seems to carry an aspect that is subjective to unfolding and changing interests and capabilities of consciousness.
What we can do is apply our intuition, experience, judgment, and wisdom to seek to assimilate values that seem most conducive to human decency, dignity, and participatory freedom.
If a moral philosophy were available for determining values for precise applications that was internally consistent, coherent, and complete, then it may approach a correlation with Truth. But, per Godel, I doubt reason can ever uncover any such a complete philosophy or theosophy. Instead, we simply pursue it, endlessly. If we discarded every value that could not be rationalized consistently, coherently, and completely, then we could not assimilate any moral values. Not even with science or scientism. Ultimately, spiritual or religious like leap of faith is unavoidable, even if only in action and below the formulation of speech.
Even so, what we can do is plod along in good faith (Great Commandment) and good will (Golden Rule). Doing so seems to be inspired and enhanced by staying connected to unfolding histories and traditions of sacred languages and figures of speech, without trying to be hidebound to them.

Apparently, a racist is now anyone who is unwilling to write a blank check based on the feelings of minorities. If preferring not to invite this tool makes me a racist, then mark me down as a racist.

The establishment-owned fake-news does not just tweet inflammatory imprecisions. It mouth foams and shouts them, unceasingly. When surrounded by republic-killing stoolies for people farmers, it is often more urgent to thrust back, rather than to lay down your sword because you do not want to engage the verbal violence of your mouth-foaming opponents with some of your own.

So pinkie-wagers want to justify the continued importation of un-vetted Muslims by arguing "tu quoque"? That's great. Just teach the rape victims of Europe to pull out a sign saying "tu quoque" in order to discourage their victimizers.

If our populace had not become filled with corrupt people farmers and their imported stooges, I would be more concerned about Trump's imprecise twitterisms. As things stand, I don't see a better antidote to the poison of Dino/Rino anti-Americans. Stupidity isn't made smarter by celebrating it in Latin.

The Left wants release in a mass, collective suicide. We need to figure out how to let it go, without its taking us with it.

Perfumed Elites are killing America. Being paid well to kill Americans' sense of individual responsibility and initiative. Bewailing, like David Brooks, the loss of respect by ordinary Americans for Perfumed Elites.

A lot of sheeple like the fairy tale delusion that moral experts should farm them and take care of them. When more competent people try to free them from the Stalins, Hitlers, Maos, Soros, etc., they are called racists and punished for their efforts. With the sheeple throwing the stones, to the entertainment of their farmers. Nazis laugh.
    Trump's popularity is artificially tamped down by treasonous open-border types who appeal to slow witted stooges and corrupt people farmers. The more they are exposed, the higher Trump's popularity will go.
    Virginia is near Ground Zero for the Swamp. It is indicative of nothing.

    The Stupid has run riot in The West. Why do European cultures, but not Oriental cultures, think it is so great to replace themselves with Middle East and African cultures? Apart from enriching cultural cannibals, what is so great about cultural unraveling and suicide? In the U.S., it has even brought us to a point where many people deny that there is any American ideal or culture. Why do Progressives expect to achieve a New World Order, when it is so obvious that the mass escapist irresponsible childish hedonism they have in mind will never be accepted in the Middle or Far East? Why have Americans allowed all their institutions to become infested by The Stupid?


    I probably have a personal definition of Prog (Proglodyte). Being a person who, because of a combination of incompetence, indoctrination, and pathological codependency, is unable to consider information from a wide variety of sources in order to reason and navigate his own way. Many such people succumb to the below-the-surface agenda and propaganda of NWO open-society corporatists. So they become termites in the foundation of any representative republic. Lord knows, the path to riches is much easier when you flatter the corrupt establishment. Which is probably why so many colleges seem to be filled with indoctrinated Progs.

    Otoh, one can be a progressive on behalf of a representative republic, that seeks to avail decent freedom and dignity for its citizenry. For example, I am open to progressive changes in infrastructure and health care, as they become necessary and responsible. I am also open to finding ways to limit the power of oligarchs to buy and sell political influence. And reasonable ways to discourage population growth that pulls homeostasis out of whack. As machines replace jobs, old ways of thinking will have to mature. I do not aspire to be a Conservative, but a Conserver of Liberty. I do not look favorably on surrendering liberty in exchange for phony promises from incompetent and corrupt elites of "free stuff."

    I do not trust any self-idealized class of elites to run roughshod over the will of a decent and informed public. Problem is: Corrupt elites are deliberately flooding the U.S. so that it will become unsuited to representative republicanism. When that happens, I do not believe we will get Bernie style free stuff, safe spaces, fairness, and equality. Rather, we will get fascist despotism. That said, these are just my opinions. I may modify them as information accumulates. IOW, I consider my self a thinking progressive. As I suspect you also are.

    I believe Trump loves the republic and does what he can to salvage it.  Although the corrupt establishment cannot control Trump as they would like, they can throw snares in his path.  I believe the corrupt establishment would have its way with Bernie much easier.  The track record for idealistic socialists has not been good. Regardless, if we do not take immigration control away from the corrupt establishment, the representative republic will become an utter farce.


    Did God tell you it is true that it is more moral to allow societies based on hunting, gathering, barter, and savagery to perpetuate themselves than it is to replace them with societies based on agriculture, industry, monetary exchange, and legal formalisms? Did God tell you that the world would be better if primitive societies had never been replaced? Does your moral calculus tell you that modern society should be annihilated, to make room for a return to primitivism? Did some "moral scientist" tell you such "truths"? Does moral mean "that which you like"? Or does morality come on little cat feet, sit on silent haunches while looking over the world, and then, like Carl Sandburg's Fog, move on?


    It's hard to get unvarnished truth.  Reason:  Every social movement needs to inspire the masses.  And the masses tend most quickly and easily to be inspired by simplistic varnishing.  And history re-writing.  The contending varieties of simplistic varnishing ye shall always have among ye.  Few societies are suitable for representative republicanism.  No society that imports millions of liberty-illiterates can long be suitable for representative republicanism.  Any such society simply cannot handle the truth.


    I don't believe It's loving to allow corruption to go unchallenged, even when it prides itself on good intentions. The best empathy may be that which helps youth become competent enough to take personal responsibility. As opposed to targeting any particular gender, race, or ethnicity in order to clamor for free stuff and safe spaces after they are well into their 20's.

    The U.S, cannot sustain a representative republic if it allows itself to be hired out to arms merchants to use the U.S. as an international policing entity on behalf of the oligarchy-based NWO. 

    Nor can citizens expect to live decent lives when they are subjugated as mere pawns for contests among greedy tribalists, hedging cannibals, Nazis pretending to be utopian socialists, and mouth-foaming zealots.

    We need more ways to check corrupt oligarchs from laundering our trust-based currency in order to buy our representatives out from under us.  Otherwise we will be destroyed under slogans of "free trade" and "free enterprise" -- unconstrained to serve the republic. 

    Free this or free that, untethered to any real framework, are loco weed.  We need to apprehend that we do not purely have free will.  We have participatory will.  We do not have freedom except under parameters defined by law. We do not have liberty except under a republic that is defended against the rest of the heathen, cannibalistic world.  Every material-based idea of free or unconditional love, empathy, or anything else is bogus crap.  it's past time to put corrupt oligarchs seeking to cannibalize the republic under house arrest.


    People farming advertisers find their values in continuously leading the masses into the next big pleasurable temptations. The only brakes the masses could have against this evil would be in assimilating faith, as spiritual beings, in values beyond mere pleasure.. Problem is, all the human institutions of persuasion have been rotted out by people farmers. Except on taking monstrous shape, religion and spirituality are simply laughed at. So how can our choice be anything more than between one monstrosity or the other?

    Short of receptivity to miraculous revelation, the masses will be skinned. On earth, temptation is trouncing higher mindedness. How, then, can seeking higher mindedness through idle debate possibly be effective? Perhaps, beyond the dogma, there abides an assimilating basis behind Christianity?

    The Left wants release in a mass, collective suicide. We need to figure out how to let it go, without its taking us with it.


    Problem is, States are becoming creatures of Corporations, as Corporations invest more in buying and selling politicians and political influence, instead of in commodities and production.  However, this is not the fault of corporations.  This is the fault of a liberty-illiterate society that has allowed corporations to swamp it with liberty-illiterate people.
    A Representative Republic that fails adequately to check and balance against the natural tendency of corporations to seek easy profits must soon fall prey to profit seeking by the corporate buying and selling of political influence.  The problem is not who to blame.  The problem is how to regain competent citizenship.


    The agents that are causing societies to circle the drain are unmitigated greed and hedonism, made out to be the new morality.  Those are the common directors behind how human decency, dignity, and liberty are being polluted.
    This is in accompaniment with an idea that spiritual faith must be entirely replaced with faith in elitist driven scientism.  Under scientism, that which can be measured to produce the most pleasure for the most people is considered to be that which is most moral.  (Even though such a construction is logically problematic.)   This faith in scientism begins by measuring dopamine effects in the brain.  Soon, the most moral use of a bot will be based on how orgasmically effective it is.  In this train, it becomes "moral" to require children to be taught "safe" anal sex, to experiment with homosexuality, to celebrate having two daddies, etc., with no brakes in sight.  Reliance on the family is replaced with reliance on trend setting "moral" elitists --- who stand to make bucks.
    This makes it easy and tempting to herd people.  People are already tuned out from each other and instead tuned in to their personal devices and video games.  They don't know how to interact decently.  So we get an onrush of sexual harassment complaints.  In Muslim countries, we get men marrying pre-teens.  A lot of people, unless told, simply never grow up to learn how or what to do with themselves.  They are made ripe for the picking.
    Any spiritual caution to avoid plucking perpetual children for abusive and farming purposes is now thrown to the winds and watering holes of scientism.  There does not need to be any cabal of evil people to make such trends.  They simply drink from the same watering holes, where they are now unconstrained and unmitigated by any kind of cautioning or effective decency.  IOW, people have given up on any search for decent higher mindedness in theosophy or philosophy, and have instead surrendered to the gratifying delusions of "moral scientism."  Under this "scientific moral philosophy," no one has moral standing to caution or protect an adult from hiring him/her-self out for abuse if that is what he/she wants to do --- unless licensed by the elitist run governing authority (under "principles" of scientism).


    In practice, Communism, Socialism, and Fascism have more in common.  They are all collectivist.  Behind them all, there tends to be a ruling class of amoral, conniving, floating elites.  Orwell provides a good description of Oligarchic Collectivism in his dystopian novel, 1984. 

    Oligarchs often specialize in hedge tactics of divide and rule.  They are fully capable of hiring surrogates to curry favor on all sides, before they betray all.  Socialists can serve oligarchs who have bought political influence, just as Fascists can.  What the people take to be government for the collective tends to be government for elites who with laundered money or dark force have bought or conquered the government, as a commodity or booty.

    To try to distinguish among these different fronts for collectivists is often to make distinctions that make little difference.  The practical effect of all is rule over the masses by corrupt knowitall elites, who often, ironically, end up being fed to their own self-created monstrosities.

    To gain a decent government for non-sub-humans, a representative republic is needed, with a moral and informed citizenry, sharing an ideal of individual freedom and responsibility, and a work ethic over an entitlement ethic.  IOW, a society assimilated to "act white." 

    The alternative tends to be subhumanizing collectivization, which by subterfuge gradually inveigles its way to degrade all citizens and to infest every institution.  When a citizenry, by unwise practices of immigration and education, loses  moral vision and wisdom, it soon falls to degrading pleasures and amoral parasites.  And so the constant cackling of the Establishment of well-heeled parasites has become unbearably noisome.


    For whatever reason, it does seem that a lot of Jews place tribal collectivism over the representative republic.  The Founders did not share the collectivist ideal, but, somehow, that ideal has now penetrated every institution.  Modern moguls seem to invest less in domestic industrialization and more in buying and selling gov favors.  The consequence is elites ruling over masses, with money talking and bs walking.  The consequence is much the same as if a mess of Bolsheviks had become the ruling nomenklatura. 
    There is Bolshevik collectivism and there is Oligarchic collectivism, but both are collectivism.  The consequence of both is to destroy the representative republic.  The cynical, corrupt, godless thing is this:  Collectivizing oligarchs pretend they are on the side of equality and fairness for the masses, their shills and professoriate sell that, and the useful idiots and studenti actually and stupidly come to believe it! 
    Bottom line:  Too many alien ideals were allowed to infest the republic, so that it cannot now likely be salvaged without considerable trauma.  I don't care a whit about race, gender, religion, orientation --- until idiots, race baiters, femi-nazis, and femimen start destroying the republic and all the institutions needed to sustain it (faith, family, fidelity, i.e., good faith and good will). 
    The choice between oligarchic collectivism and communal collectivism is a choice without any important distinction.  We need to learn how to provide a safety net without killing the work ethic, and we need to check moguls from buying and trading governments as if they were commodities.  But our main political parties have lied and presented us with a fake either-or choice:  Either promote oligarchic collectivism or promote communal collectivism.  Either way, the masses are to be promised utopia but served eventual enserfment and gulag.


    Until a race based culture overwhelms the USA, there is still a chance, even if slim, that a culture can be resuscitated that would include all races and still reflect some American values regarding human freedom and dignity.  This would have to entail Blacks, Minorities, and Jews ceasing to be inspired to avoid "acting White,"i.e.., acting independently and responsibly, rather than as collective tribes.  That would necessitate a miracle.  A well spoken charismatic uniter for restoring faith in the American ideal (of individual freedom and dignity), rather than a divider.

    Problem is, so long as elite collectivizers, oligarchs, and race-baiters ride high, that chance grows slimmer every day.  Like parasites, many seem unyielding in their desire to suck the blood of the republic dry.  Unfortunately for everyone, the replacement society they dream of would be a nightmare.

    There is no fairy godmother.  God is not like that.  We are given participatory will under a system that avails tough love --- not love of everything, and not heaven on earth.  Of our participatory will, there is reconciliation and judgment.  God is not "love everything and make everything perfect on earth."  What we can pray for is strength and guidance, not perpetually primrose lanes.  Adults can learn to accept that, or they can fall into the trap of trying to replace God with Big Gov (above which Evil will always be floating).

    A side effect to putting corrupt and divisive anti-Americans in charge of immigration, education, and media. If Dino/Rinos have their way, the safe spaces they promise will turn into no safe spaces for anyone anywhere. The path to plantation perdition is paved with the good intentions of incompetent knowitalls. And their Fed Judges.

    I have no need of watching a lot of perpetually whiny ingrates, many of whom are criminals or abusers, playing with a ball while they deem themselves qualified to preach to the nation about absolute bs.

    We are awash in educated fools. For political concerns, high IQ means little. I know a lot of high IQ people. About half of them are supremely educated fools about social and political matters. IOW, their Political IQ sucks. Unless you admire stooges for NWO Rinos and Hairy Godmother Dinos. Give me a widely read thinker of experience and aptitude, who loves America, anytime over some femi-dandy who thinks his high test scores mean he is most likely right on political concerns. No doubt, a lot of the godforsaken Bolsheviks had high IQ's. A lot of similar pinky-waggers need to be tarred and feathered if the republic is to have a chance.


    It is automatic that Dems will try to blame someone outside their criminal party, because they hope their lies will condition minds before the truth has a chance to get its boots on.

    Decent adults will want the facts.  They will want to see what motivated the Perp.  Was it republican love for American Ideals of freedom and dignity?  Was it entitlement-minded hatred of the republic, combined with juvenile wish for a collectivist gov to serve forever as nursemaid?  Was it crazed fake-religion indoctrination?  Was it the work of a lunatic or a madman with a grudge against the people of the Church or society generally?  Could gun confiscation have prevented the crime, or would it to a certainly neuter the citizenry under elitist diktat?

    If the Perp was an Islamic lunatic, Dems and their lapdog Media will obfuscate as long as they can, while they try to sell their plan for neutering the citizenry.


    Trump means to make the economy better for Americans. He is not empowered as a dictator. He has to work with Congress, which is beholden to oligarchic corporatists. This Congress is not even inclined to let him enforce the border, much less resist the drowning of the republic into the NWO. Trump also has to work with the changed demography. It is not a demography of reliable, responsible, independent minded, well read, decent citizens. It is a demography with the mindset of being easily snookered to believe itself entitled to have "The Gov" baby the kiddies so they never have to learn how to think or to be responsible for themselves. Just follow the fairy godmother promises of wolf elites in sheep's clothing.
    Under an out-of-control idea of PC and diversity, this demography has been rendered largely unable to assimilate a decent system of principled values. Rather, it inclines to clamor for ever more free stuff and safe spaces. As if an idea of gov were a magical replacement for an idea of a magical god.  Given such a corrupt Congress and ignorant babyish electorate, it is idle to expect Bernie could be a savior or that the masses will ever stop clamoring for free stuff short of bankrupting the republic and filling it with desperate and impoverished cheap and radicalized "laborers."
    Formally, there may be a way to walk and chew gum at the same time. That is, to provide a safety net without undermining the work ethic, while inhibiting corporatists from turning the gov into a new kind of commodity to buy and sell. That way would be to eliminate and replace domestic income taxes with a progressive tax on individual consumption, with lobbying for gov favors to be taxed as consumption to whatever agent authorized it.
    However, no one thinks about how to preserve both the work ethic and the representative republic! Rather, people think in either-or terms:  Either gov monopolization of all power, or elite corporatists monopolization (actually, oligop-olization) of all power. Dino communal collectivists v. Rino oligarchic collectivists. But they are both collectivists, and both are death to the representative republic. (You need to make up your mind about whether the Koch brothers are for or against defending the border.)
    Regardless, absent a miraculous spiritual reawakening, no mere trick of forms can save us from the trend. Maybe spiritual good faith and good will, over time, can help. Trump is more equipped to buy us time than anyone else. This is because the NWO Establishment cannot control him, but it certainly can control Bernie. Trump cannot save us overnight. He can buy us time.
    No one can read another person's intentions, but all responsible citizens must try. My read of Trump is that he, more than most, actually wants to forestall the destruction of the republic. And for that, the Establishment hates him.  Because they think most Americans, "for their own good," need to be farmed. If the Elitist Establishment succeeds much longer in turning the citizenry, professoriate, and media into unable-to-think stooges, they will, by a long run of corruption, have made themselves right. Not every country or culture is suited for representative republicanism. In a short time, that may also come to apply to the USA. At that collective point, the argument between nomenklatura (or Soros-klatura, to be fronted by Bernie or Warren) and oligarchs (fronted by Bushes) will mean little to the masses.  Either way, they will be driven to serfdom or gulag.  Farmed.  Sub-humanized under thoroughly godless and corrupt elites.  Laughing as they play both sides against the middle, as they destroy the American Ideal by branding individual freedom and responsibility as "too white."


    I do have little patience with any complaint against Trump that compares him with those who want to destroy the republic merely because he is wealthy.
    Trump recognizes and deals with reality.  Reality is that corporatists own Congress.  If Trump were doing nothing about that, he would not be so opposed by so many of the corporatists would own Congress.  For that, the Bushes and McCain are slime in my estimation.
    Trump did rail against the NWO.  But its handmaidens have smeared him relentlessly.  They have most of the institutionalized power (claws).  “At the parliament of animals, the rabbits demanded equal rights, and the lions replied, ‘But where are your claws?’” 
    Bannon is our claws.  Although Bannon appears to be on the outs, I suspect he is not.  I think Bannon will help rid the Senate of some Rinos.  Until then, the Establishment's hold on Congress is such that there is little Trump can do, outside Executive Orders.  Which the Establishment challenges at every turn. 
    It is hard to imagine why you think Bernie could or would do more.  Bernie is a socialist.  He promises free stuff.  There are no principled limits to that routine.  It is poison.  Its na├»ve supporters would vote the nation into bankruptcy, poverty, and destruction.
    I suspect you are mainly concerned with Health Care.  I doubt Bernie could break the Insurance industry on that.  Trump would like a dual/single payer system like that of Australia.  But Congress, in its current state, would never go for that.  So Trump has to deal with the real world.
    The establishment oligarchy wants:  To keep borders porous; to import enough diversity and division to keep the general weal toothless; to control votes with cheap bribes and broken promises; to raise the economic ladders away from the middle class; to poison higher minded faith and replace it with gov crony-it is; to replace the nuclear family with governmental oversight; to make marriage meaningless; to utterly control the indoctrination of youth; to unmask and get the dossier goods on everyone's closeted skeletons; to encourage people to revile the American ideal of individual freedom and responsibility; to control the definitions of equal and fair and politically correct; to control the mass-mind to deem "racist" whatever the oligarchy finds profitable to put down; to generally neuter the citizenry; to brand anti-oligarchism as populist; to brand national loyalty as bigoted; to foster divisiveness by allowing the work ethic to be branded as acting too white; to weaken the U.S. so that it cannot push or defend its founding values; to flatten and widen the gulf between the striving class and the ruling class; to distract the masses with general fear and cheap pleasures; to keep the masses and new immigrants clamoring for ever more fake free stuff; to gimmick a sudden replacement of currency and wealth; to make a babble of political philosophy.
    When I look at Bernie's constituency, I see a lot of wrongly educated, poorly judging, inexperienced, incompetent, undisciplined, irresponsible, entitlement-minded goofs.  Idiots like those of Antifa.  Fodder for established connivers.  Brain damaged by thoroughly rotted and conniving institutions in academia, media, religion, banking, courts, legislatures, foundations, and entertainment.  I have little faith that they could move the Establishment towards any kind of  revitalization of the representative republic.  Rather, as Hillary would cackle, they would be easily farmed.


    The parasitical establishment of pinky-wagging cannibals and stooges is going to jeer at Trump no matter what. They make up the Rino/Dino part of the electorate. The thing is, the American part of the electorate is on to their game. And neither the Establishment of Rinos nor Dinos can defeat Trump without support from common-sense Americans. Constant jeering from the near treasonous Aino (NWO/Open Border) quarter will keep Trump's approval low. However, at the end of the day, the electorate will not replace Trump with another Bush, Clinton, or Obama. Still, the political roaring sponsored and agitated by the media-owning oligarchy will be deafening, and will try to turn many families inside out.


    I don't read much of what David Brooks says.  When I have read him, he has seemed to be much concerned with preserving respect for the busybody elitists who seek to replace the Republic and the Constitution.  Does he think ordinary Americans tend to be too sub-standard and incompetent to see to their own affairs?  An elitist tends to believe he and his kind should be ruling the masses, even without their consent.  Or that snookering their consent is ok.

    Both Rinos and Dinos believe in snookering and ruling the masses.  Rinos would do it by putting corporatists out front to buy the Gov and then let the Gov pretend to be democratic.  Dinos would do it by letting its corporatists lead from behind the curtain.  In practice, both are oligarchic collectivists.  In name, Rinos are "open-border free-traders," while Dinos are "social justice warriors" seeking to impose their idea of equality (free stuff) and fairness (safe spaces) on everyone else.  Both seek to replace the Constitution with however International Law may evolve for the NWO.

    I suspect David Brooks is an empty barrel for promoting the Rino brand of oligarchic collectivism, while Bernie is an empty barrel for promoting the Dino brand of oligarchic collectivism.  Even though Brooks calls himself a "Republican," and even though Bernie calls himself a "Socialist."  Are my suspicions wrong?


    Would Dems be too principled to make stuff up, like a rat? I think we know the answer. We've seen this movie before. Dems think their good intentions give them a pass to lie. As elites, they need to deceive the masses, for their own good. So, Dems have little credibility. Then they blame Americans who don't trust them, for being "uneducated."


    New World Order: Open Borders. Rule by Elites. Kabuki with the Masses.
    As to the God part, you might be choking on a gnat. I simply mean respect for Whatever-the-Source under which the Nature of our Cosmos finds its unfolding definition. Before you can enjoy honest communication about that which is reasonable, you need to find association with people "churched" in honest good faith and good will.

    Freedom, like goodness, is a concept that merits more thought. It should not be taken as entitlementism or right to rule over or take from others. Within a society, freedom should not be promoted as relief from personal and social responsibility. There is reasonable freedom within parameters. Freedom under Law. There is no such thing as complete Free Will. There is Participatory Will. We are not free of our bodies, language, culture, society, or country. Nor of God.
    Rather, we part-icipate, within allowable parameters, within more holistic systems of dynamic feedback. What is an appropriate range for freedom in one society may well be inappropriate in another.
    This is the problem with the idealization of an open-bordered NWO (which does seem to have floated to become a problem for many profs and undergraduates). It could only be accomplished by flattening out the management of the masses, by forcibly reducing many of the ranges for their freedom of thought, expression, enterprise, and association. It would tend to sub-humanize the masses and to monster-ize the rulers.

    After Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, DC became a Perfect Swamp Storm. No shrinking violet could hope to push it back on itself, no matter how smart. To lead the push back, it was necessary to find someone who had been brash enough to thrive among cannibals, cutthroats, connivers, and sordid criminals. Someone who could see their games, see through their charades, and dish back as good as he got. If God wants to preserve the representative republic against the corrupt corporatists that control the Rinos and Dinos, it would seem to make sense to offer DJT. Donald The Strong. F the Swamp.

    To preserve their world order, the Romans tried to make too many citizens out of foreign mercenaries. That Did Not Work.

    Not all Americans want a Military that may incline more to serve NWO interests than American interests. Not all Americans want a Military in which Generals are transgendered or same-sex married. Not all Americans want to work in close quarters with same-sex Gays. Not all American men want to go into combat with female soldiers. Perhaps fewer Americans find the Neo-Military to be well led. I wonder if that may be affecting recruitment goals and driving down standards? What's next? Offering citizenship to mercenaries?

    The problem with making government out to be science is that it provides fake legitimacy for the rule by elites over the unwashed masses, even though the elites are paid to find what favors their funders to be "scientific." And it encourages morons to think themselves entitled and qualified to replace the republic. So we get people like Colin K as man of the year. Insanity!

    In the hands of corrupt people farmers, greedy scientism pretends to have answers to moral issues beyond science. This helps them establish Turkey Schools to indoctrinate ("educate") gobblers.

    Whatever continues to define the unfolding Nature of our cosmos is by definition above (beyond, Super) to such Nature. It cannot be understood by science that is limited to our nature. It can be qualitatively appreciated, as a Source in respect of which to communicate and seek to inspire good faith and good will.

    There is danger in the U.S. Military becoming the enforcement arm of the NWO Oligarchy. Especially with the NWO flooding the borders and destroying the republic.

    Snowflakes, Transvestites, and Trannies are the Neo-Red-Guard under Madam Soros.


    I don't remember any high rates for mass shootings between 1955 and the time of mass release from mental asylums on account of Ken Kesey's novel of 1962 and the time of the cultural divisiveness of the 1960's. It may be interesting to chart the per-capita rates for mass shootings for each year against the increase in elitist-sponsored divisiveness for each year. It may also be interesting to chart any increase from 1986 (after immigration reform and as we later began electing a string of Rino-Dinos --- from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama).

    A study of changing rates of mass shootings from 1955 to present is needed, if we want to say that the changing emphasis on porous borders, immigration, diversity, family structure, tolerance of Islam, "social-justice" agitation funded by people-farming oligarchs, and use of the U.S. Military to police the World have not played a significant role (more so than the mere existence of guns) in mental sicknesses and tensions leading to mass shootings and killings.

    Of course, if we want to give gov despots and their stooges a monopoly on mass force and mass killing, then neutering the general citizenry is the way to go. If our highest value is peace in the countryside, we could also adopt the despotism of Vlad the Impaler. His kingdom was quite peaceful. Until then, the USA will probably be Ground Zero for the worldwide war funded by people-farmers against separately-bordered nations and non-elitist-ruled representative-societies. Agitation leading to violence will go hand-in-hand with that. The message from hirelings for oligarchic people-farmers seems to be: If you want the violence we cause to be stopped, then accept our cherry-picked evidence and hand over your defenses.


    How much money has been laundered by unprincipled Rinos and Dinos because they found it convenient to tell us that Islam is a religion of peace? Whatever this is, noblesse oblige it is not.


    Standing against the storm of unreason: ""For you have been taught that we must have as much diversity as possible and that equality means that everyone must be made equal. But equal simply means the same. To say that 2+2 equals 4 is to say that 2+2 is numerically the same as four. And diversity simply means difference. So when you say that we should have diversity and equality you are saying we should have difference and sameness. That is incoherent, by itself."


    Did someone force some harsh holy water on you? I did not say you cannot discuss freedom without use of the word "God." Regardless, you are going to need to reference an idea higher than sheeple-farming by expert scientisimists --- even if only by implication. Even if you want to assume moral truths just fell upon us out of otherwise nothingness. The invisible elephant in the room.
    I simply think an attitude of personal respect for a Source of Higher Mindedness can serve as an attractant to bring people to reason together in responsible good faith and good will. Not necessarily as stooges for fake prophets, priests, Imams, commies, or oligarchs. Otoh, those who seek to replace personal receptivity to an idealization for Higher Mind-edness with one of Big Gov tend to be far more likely to promote Big Evil, imo, based on my read of history.
    By assimilating higher minded ideals of goodness and civility, there is less need of intrusive, busybody Law. Not everyone believes in social scientism or Marxism. Well, except maybe those who want to be sub-humanized or to rule over sub-humans.
    This is not really that hard. Are you sure you are capable of intelligently discussing anything?

    Thursday, October 26, 2017

    Liberalism is past its "sell by" date

    Once the electorate is flooded with sheeple who neither understand freedom nor want it, the curtain may well come down on the American Experiment. Allowing such flooding is national suicide.

    Lincoln: "Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant to step the ocean and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia, and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest, with a Bonaparte for a commander, could not by force take a drink from the Ohio or make a track on the Blue Ridge in a trial of a thousand years. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer. If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide."


    To advocate for Bernie or Hillary is to advocate for oligarchic collectivism, even if posing under different names. They favor open borders, the better to collectivize and farm the people. The only alternative to the fronts offered for oligarchic collectivists was Trump. The others were for the PC / open border / fake fair trade crapola.

    Trump believes in restoring the representative republic. McCain believes in protecting the NWO, i.e., elitist rule over the masses. Of course McCain is against most everything Trump stands for! Tools in the service of Fascists, like McCain, believe the masses need to be ruled by elites, scientifically, for their own good. No doubt, Hitler, Stalin, and nearly every fascist has believed he/she was a force for "good." It's not that elitists and fascists think they are the State. It's that they think they are stand-ins for God. And they are hell bent to convince us that is a "good" thing.


    The world oligarchy seems to have settled on using the U.S. to take the lead as world policeman. This means the U.S. will never be able to be at peace. It also means Americans will be world targets. Primarily, it will be ordinary American citizens who will be at risk as world military police, and American citizens who will be at risk for blowback as targets of criminal regimes of terrorism. Not the oligarchs who have decided American troops and citizens must be assigned such roles.
    As more and more regimes of despots acquire WMD, more and more American citizens will be exposed to blowback and terrorism. Even though oligarchs arranged this situation, ordinary Americans did not volunteer to make their nation perpetually at war or its citizens perpetual targets.
    Bottom line: World oligarchs want to cannibalize America and use its citizens as fodder and targets. Only Trump seems to want to MAGA and to defend Americans from needless mayhem.


    Russian collusion means Russia playing all sides against the middle. Russia was going to conspire and collude to divide and weaken the U.S., no matter what. You know (assuming you have two brain cells to rub together), Bernie is a communal loving fake socialist, and Hillary is a purveyor of nuclear fuel to Russia. What, you want the U.S. to go the way of Venezuela?
    And wth do you mean by American Ideals? You should mean the ideals of individual freedom and dignity. But I suspect you mean the fake ideals of free stuff ("equality and fairness") and safe spaces ("open borders and supervised speech"). What kind of crap are you peddling? American Patriot my azzz.


    Liberalism of 1776 cannot apply to 2017.  In 1776, the voting base tended to be restricted to men, who owned property, who spoke English, who read, who had ties to the community, who politically were Americans --- not globalists.  They relied on tariffs.  They had little concern about unequal enrichment of oligarchs, because un-patriotic oligarchs would be subject to being tarred and feathered.
    In 2017, so-called "Progressivism" implicates open borders and voting by alien residents.  A patriot is slammed as being a nationalist or populist.  Foreign oligarchs, Chinese Princelings,  and Saudis easily launder money to pay kickbacks to buy political influence.  Most members of Congress become millionaires, probably illegitimately.  They become lickspittles for corrupt oligarchs, while giving ordinary Americans only lip service, if that.  They bribe for cheap votes with fiat money and fake budgets.  They talk about fair trade when they really mean laundered kickbacks.
    The point is, an idea of classical liberalism under the corrupt circumstances of today makes little sense.  What we need is neither more classical economic liberalism nor neo-liberalism.  What we need is more Conservers of Liberty.  We need to ask:  What is needed in today's circumstances to sustain a decent representative republic that avails human freedom and dignity. 
    The answer is NOT more unbalanced personal enrichment of people-farming oligarchs so they can buy even more political influence.  Neither is the answer the destruction of individual initiative or work ethic.  The answer is NOT corporate tax rates trending higher than any industrialized nation. 
    The answer is probably comprehensive:  Progressively tax personal consumption, and classify political lobbying as taxable personal consumption, to be personally charged to the agent(s) who authorized it.  But no mere gimmick can fix the soul of what ails the representative republic.  Central governmental power in domestic matters needs to be severely chopped back.  Race baiting divisiveness by misled and fake SJW's and their stooge judges needs to be discredited.  The grip of PC on public discourse needs to be killed.  Spiritual values need to be restored to respectability in the public square.  Agents for Churches and Charities that use contributions to lobby for changes in the law need to be taxed.  Money invested in domestic businesses needs not to be taxed.  Money sent or wired outside of country needs to be taxed, as if it were a form of personal consumption.  Durable products imported need to be taxed proportionate to tariffs charged by the sending nation.  Durable products exported need not to be taxed.
    The consequence would be to MAGA.  In a world where so many nations and cultures are so primitive, dysfunctional, and "religiously" insane, it is insane to sink America into its mire.  It is insane to drown America and Americans under an open bordered NWO to be ruled by the most evil of oligarchs that can float to the top.  Stooges that shill for oligarchic floaters are criminally and economically insane.


    Because of the Oligarchy's use of media/academia to indoctrinate a lot of wussie women and incompetent femimen (who else majors in Social Justice Warrior-ing?) into believing they had been educated into superior "political truth" (socialism), Hillary was almost elected and the representative republic was almost destroyed and replaced by the Oligarchy.

    Now, the colluding Oligarchy is insane with madness about Trump having found a way to defeat its Kabuki Diktat.  Trump's appeal to competent individualists was not illegal, but the self-godded Oligarchy took it as an insult.  Who dares to insult the god-oligarchy (that exercised power to secrete the JFK files in excess of 50 years)?  Because of the insult, the Fake God Oligarchy abused the system to appoint a corrupt Special Inquisitor to dig enough dirt against former associates of Trump to try to force them to help bootstrap charges.

    Meanwhile, the front for the Oligarchy (Hillary), funded by the launderer for the Oligarchy (Soros), twisted by its joker (Obama), remains guilty as sin and free as a bird.  The AG for Trump (Sessions) has been neutered.  So Hillary may well go un-prosecuted, notwithstanding that she remains in open defiance of Congress, had thousands of emails "wiped" with a hammer, and received millions in laundered money for greasing the sale of uranium to Russia.

    The lesson the Oligarchy would give:  The way to remain free of prison is not by obeying the law, but by pleasing the Oligarchy.  In a corrupted society, to quote the cyclops of Oh Brother Where Art Thou, it's all about the money.  (And greasing the right friends.)


    It appears Comey was suckered by Russian dis-information into reopening the Tarmac Investigation, which moved enough votes to elect Trump. The gods got a good laugh. Now, let's hope they want more. By suckering Mueller into even more investigation of Russian Collusion.

    To re-paraphrase Jim Croce: Don't tug on Superman's cape, don't spit in the wind, don't pull the mask of the ole Lone Ranger ... and don't mess around with tar baby Trump.


    Unearned manna given to entitlement-minded trained-parasites produces ingrates.  Unearned manna is not charity.  It is poison.  It produces nose-ringed, fake-religious maniacs for a phony chosen oligarchy to pull around and deploy to sack every republic.  It makes it open season to war against human freedom, dignity, and decency.
    Moral and spiritual anarchy are winning.  We are suffering from World Stupidity Poisoning.  Fake Do-Gooderism is killing good sense and common decency.  We are allowing souldead Oligarchs to tax nations to grease trained Stupids to create a New World Dystopia.  It's ignorant evil face is adopted by Fake Libs and is shown in your photo.

    The next step will be to use AI to detect independent mindedness and thought crime.  An evil borgdom is waiting to be born.
    Yeats --
    The darkness drops again; but now I know  
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,  
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,  
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


    Whether or not Alinsky wrote this, it has in practice been made the blueprint for Ainos as they replace the representative republic with an open bordered NWO under the elitist diktat of oligarchic collectivists. Orwell's 1984 wrote about oligarchic collectivism. It was supposed to be a warning, not a how-to manual. But everyone who points this out is shouted down as a so-called racist, phobic, or misogynist. We have met Evil, and it is on rampage amongst us.

    Next, the dysfunctional Left will be telling us it is immoral for the non-disabled to breed. Especially when without consent under the diktat of the ruling regime of collectivizing oligarchs. No forny unless under consent of kakistocracy. (NFUCK).


    Lefties think surrendering to become sheeple will incite the better angels of ruling oligarchs. But nothing in history supports that. The promising oligarchs always turn out to be cackling Clinton-ians.

    There is no guarantee to how it plays out. In the end, the Sun expands and consumes us. Meantime, we can express ourselves as human beings or as subhumans. If you want the subhuman camp, go.
    Some among us have faith that the Godhead seeks to guide a flowering of humanity. We sense that in the miracles of life, of the creation of the USA, of the astonishing capacities of Substance and Math. Others think the end-all be-all is in pleasure within a Borgdom. For them, little matters --- creation or annihilation --- apart from dope and dopamine. Free grass and safe pastures. Moo.

    Don't resist the wolves because that will just make them tear you apart faster. Wth kind of "thinking" is this? If this is a "principle," then apply it to God: Don't resist Evil, because that just makes it stronger. Wth?
    There are people who are soulddead, who do not believe in any higher mindedness apart from what pleasures them. They take this as an article of scientific faith. You will not likely convince them of any alternative by playing nice with them.
    To think as the author advocates is to kill human decency and replace it with sub-humanization. It is to try to deny victory to the opposition by preemptively surrendering to it. To deny subhumanization by preemptively making yourself subhuman. What kind of femiman writes this way?


    Yet, Trump's approval remains low.  Because the oligarchs who set pc-approved speech want it that way.  Given the befouling of immigration and indoctrination under modern media and academia by depraved owners, it should be no surprise that the most inept, incompetent, and effete of "educated" sheeple have been trained to vote, reflexively, for insipid, lying fronts for oligarchic collectivists.  Blasio, Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, Hillary, Barack -- Great Vomiting Zeus!


    I have no reason to doubt that your intentions are probably good. Indeed, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. However, if, by some miracle, Bernie had been elected, I have little faith that he would have withstood the oligarchy that so obviously controls the Dem Party and seeks its profits by keeping the country divided in order to make it all the easier to rule it. I suspect, if Dems ever actually made any improvements for their snookered constituency, they would risk having them leave the Plantation. Can't have that. 

    Bernie was not even willing to challenge Hillary concerning her thousands of deleted emails. Why believe he would have had the fortitude or means to stand up to the swamp that owns DC?


    If manliness refers to individual reliability, competence, strength, responsibility, and initiative, then the problem for the republic, if it wants to remain free instead of servile to despots, is too little manliness. Too many strong men and women have been trained from pre-school to post graduate studies, throughout school and employment, to cower to PC speech as approved by the oligarchy --- courtesy of divide-and-rule despots and their stooge femimen and feminazis.

    Our Founders gave us a republic, if we could keep it. But most of our trained-to-whine-forever minorities, neo-students and neo-immigrants want to trade individual freedom and responsibility for fake free stuff and phony safe spaces. After they kill the republic, it will be interesting to see how much free stuff they can get out of its carcass.


    I called you a racist phobic misogynist to reflect Dem argot back onto you, precisely because, as Dems use such argot, it means precisely nothing. Even so, I don't believe you when you say you called Trump an oligarch for any reason other than his wealth. To suggest that a wealthy person cannot love the republic is stupid. You are hardly the first to fail to appreciate that a person can be wealthy and not be an anti-American.
    You say you are for democracy. Democracy is little more than mob rule. Likely, you would be for the stupidity of election by direct majority vote. We have a representative republic. Big difference.
    You strain on gnats while you swallow camels. The problem for the republic is not with wealthy people. The problem is from Establishmentarian Oligarchs (and their stooges) who want to destroy the republic. They want open borders so they can import enough liberty-illiterates like yourself to destroy the republic. Trump wants to make the republic great again. Establishmentarian Oligarchs want to cannibalize America and sink it into an open bordered NWO, in which the Constitution and Founding Ideals would be made meaningless. That is the elephant in the room.
    I suspect whatever alternative to Trump you may fancy, he/she would be an advocate for open borders, mob rule, and the replacement of the Constitution with some kind of ginned up International Law.
    Public and private education, like MSM, has become little more than a tool for raising stooges who cower before PC. Whatever takes power away from the central apparatus to dictate education requirements, I tend to be for it. Rick Perry is where he needs to be, to help dismantle the Department of Energy. As to why you think Ben Carson or Sarah Sanders are oligarchs, I have no idea.
    Every thinking person knows the reason the Establishmentarian Oligarchs hate Trump is because they cannot control him and he wants to make the republic great again. Using Hillary, they came so close to destroying and cannibalizing the republic that they are beside themselves with hate.
    Why do you want the gov to create fake jobs, instead of getting the gov out of the way so industry can create real jobs? Why do you ignore the uptick in economic indicators?
    I find your analysis to be puerile.
    If you have a person in mind who would be more qualified, energetic, and effective to combat the Establishmentarian Oligarchy that wants to destroy and replace the republic, then name him or her. I need a good laugh.


    I wonder how many Lefties who talk about equality, fairness, and social justice are taking the Saudi money? PC has nothing to do with morality and everything to do with corruption. We are taking our PC from corrupt mouthpieces. Too many have lost their faith, lost their moral compass, and found it in their financial interests to become double-talking apologists and cheap trolls for people-farming buyers. Just look at MSM. Given corruption run amuck, talk of social justice is a bad joke. Apart from taking pleasure in beating, raping, and grooming innocent people, what are the values and principles of Dino-Rino-Aino Floaters?

    There seems to be an uptick of Lefty trolls. Is Soros funding Russian trolls to help the international oligarchy destroy every representative republic, to replace them all with smug elitists prescribing PC? Shut up and eat your gulag?

    Soros and various Russians both see the benefit of keeping the peasants divided in order to make it easier to farm them. Russians are sewing discord for the purpose of dividing and weakening America. Soros is sewing discord for the purpose of replacing the republic with the NWO open society of elitist rule under oligarchs.
    Soros just assigned 18 Billion to his cynically named pro-democracy foundation. He funds many outlets for pursuing his cynically named open society.
    Soros funds trolls. To think no Russians would apply to make use of such funding would be silly.
    Do you also doubt there is an alliance-in-practice among various Lefties, Oligarchs, Wahhabis, Marxists, Anarchists, BLM, La Raza, ADL, NAACP, Pedophiles, Aliens, Dopers, Criminals, and Sophists?

    You confuse indoctrination with education. As if elitists should tell Americans how they must think. Indoctrination is not necessary. You teach honest history. How and why America was founded. What its founding values were. How, if you disagree with those founding values, you are free to leave.

    No, not all children have equal rights under the Constitution. Some children are not Americans. Under the Declaration of Independence, people are recognized to have an equal right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution has never accorded equal rights to everyone. It has never accorded you an equal right to use my property. It would be a monstrosity if it made such an attempt.

    You seem to be conflating rights with falsely claimed entitlements. Or with affirmative action to "correct" past injustices, as you would cynically define them. You are a sophist who thinks himself wise. Think more, soph less.

    In a representative republic, children of any competence should be raised to be able to think for themselves. The nation ought not be put under the mercy of trained incompetents and PC despots. Once liberty-illiterates are the voting majority, the republic is lost. Likely forever.

    Ironic. The more Leftists invade, indoctrinate, and divide Americans, the more America becomes easy prey for operatives of foreign oligarchs, and the less America remains functional as a representative republic. Leftists WANT the open society. They WANT the destruction of the representative republic. They WANT rule by elitists prescribing PC. Yet, they pretend to be offended by operatives seeking to help them destroy the republic, while they blame those who want to re-invigorate the republic for the very foreign depredations sought by Leftists. As foreign predators help Leftists "resist" the destruction of the republic, by helping them to destroy it. Such is the insanity of many Leftists.

    The more liberty-illiterates we indoctrinate, import, incite, and bribe, the less suitable we become for our founding ideals. At this rate, we will soon make it a self-fulfilling prophecy that we are simply no longer suited to self-governance. Rather, we will become suited only for marrying the government. After which the government, as handmaiden to oligarchs, will "respect" our "equality and fairness" (free stuff and safe spaces) in much the same way a Wahhabi respects the independent dignity of his wife/harem. Seeking security in trade for independence, we will be given enserfment.

    We need to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time. How to incentivize work, while not allowing oligarchs to buy the republic. We especially need to restore manliness to check the feminine drive for security by marrying the government, as it clothes wolves in lamb wool. Nowadays, free enterprise is too often conflated with the buying and selling of political influence. We need to free our citizens from the tyrannical agglomeration of the central government.

    Notwithstanding The Mooch, if manliness refers to individual reliability, competence, strength, responsibility, and initiative, then the problem for the republic, if it wants to remain free instead of servile to despots, is too little manliness. Too many strong men and women have been trained from pre-school to post graduate studies, throughout school and employment, to cower to PC speech as approved by the oligarchy --- courtesy of divide-and-rule despots and their stooge femimen and feminazis.

    Our Founders gave us a republic, if we could keep it. But most of our trained-to-whine-forever minorities, neo-profs, neo-students, and neo-immigrants want to trade individual freedom and responsibility for fake free stuff and phony safe spaces. After their open society and neo-elite oligarchs kill the republic, it will be interesting to see how much free stuff they and their stooges can get out of its carcass.


    If Trump is for the Established Oligarchy, then why are so many among them so hatefully aligned against him? As I thought, you are simply not a serious person, much less any kind of thinker. Who would make a better fighter against the Established Oligarchy that seeks to destroy the republic? For what possible candidate do you advocate? Waiting. Waiting. If you have no answer, I wonder who is paying you?


    Oligarchs favored Hillary because they did not take Bernie seriously. Had they taken him seriously and funded him, how much of him would they have owned? If Bernie could not even stand up to denounce Hillary's criminal destruction of emails, why should anyone expect he would have stood up against the likes of Soros? 

    Much of Bernie's base consists of college kids seeking forgiveness for bad investments in their "educations." As more and more ingrates are chain imported, how can anyone expect this kind of base could draw any lines against unlimited "free stuff" to be claimed from the hairy (pun intended) godmother gov? 

    Alexis de Tocqueville quote ---
    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money.” Bernie's brand of national socialism based on targeting a particular race has been tried before. It did not end well.