Thursday, August 27, 2009




Consider that Potential (God?) which cannot be measured in itself, but only in its relational expressions. Perhaps every unit, perspective, and combination of perspectives of that Potential is a sort of “holon” (“whole-part”), sharing constraint of its Identity to an Equation, which respects values for holding or representing: Consciousness, Relational capacity (Empathy?), and Shared directional orientation (Entropy?) for expanding exressions of a shared system of Space, Time, Matter, and Energy … as a set of units constrained to varying integer proportions. Perhaps every unit and perspective of that Potential shares and obeys the same mathematical limitations and relations.

Consider as if there are four main “dimensions,” of which all other dimensions are derivative. Consider the four main dimensions as Space (S), Time (T), Matter (M), and Energy (E). Consider that for some purposes such dimensions may be reducible to two, i.e., Space-Time (S-T) and Matter-Energy (M-E), each implicating the other. Consider that such relations among said dimensions as may be expressed to conscious experience or in measurably recordable information may also be as follows:
if there IS: 1s, 1T, AND 1M, THEN THERE MUST BE “W” E; AND
if there IS: 1E, 1T, AND 1M, THEN THERE MUST BE “X” S; AND
if there IS: 1E, is, AND 1T, THEN THERE MUST BE “Y” M; AND
if there IS: 1E, is, AND 1M, THEN THERE MUST BE “Z” T.

In other words, an Algorithm for prescribing mathematical relations among such four main dimensions need not posit a direct, one-on-one correllation between and among each of the four, so long as there is a higher level Pattern that controls their inter and intra expression.

Further, the Algorithm may facilitate Potential’s (God’s?) simultaneous ruling (or igniting) of any number of derivative potentials or sub-equations, so that each change in each higher level Equation may simultaneously, as in quantum leaps, resonate to affect all entangled or linked derivatives --- many of which, in their equations, may lack switches, capacities, or degrees of freedom for storing or delaying responsive choices.

Even Equations for Perspectives of Potential that may otherwise interpret their “physical representations of stored information” as being separated by a considerable distance in space or in space-time may experience entanglements conducive to instantaneous or simultaneous resonance in certain changes.

For example, it may not be the “same photon particle" that appears to speed across an apparently long and connected path in space-time. Rather, the perception of such photon moving about across great expanses of space may be artifactual of switched resonances among sympathetically (empathetically?) aligned or entangled equations for units of potential.

1) May some sort of plank or quantum unit for each of such four dimensions as defines our physics be measurably and directly related to the Algorithm that constrains our universe?
2) Is there a “smallest” mathematical value for relating among and to Space, or Time, or Mass, or Energy?
3) May such value somehow relate to various of “absolute” mathematical values we seem to have found, such as with regard to amenability of photons to gravity, charge of electrons, resistence of combinations of quarks to being split, or density of nuclear plasma?
4) May we “split” the appearance of even such “absolute” values, so long as the effect is “virtually” made up for by somehow re-averaging to unity?

Even if our meta potentials are expressed in respect of an apparent physics that obeys a calculus for “Discrete” quantum leaps and integer integrals, may appearances of wavelike “Continuosity” in space, time, and physical experience be merely artifactual in respect of a “higher math” for our meta-potentials? May our here-and-now rationalizing be in respect of some sort of higher calculus of continuity? Is all of Being derivative of a Mathematician (God?) of unique capacities for playing with Math?



“Spooky action at a distance” may be perceived or measured in respect that each perception of action is entangled (or polarized) with a mirror side of a same shared Equation (or derivative of a controlling Algorithm). So long as thus entangled, no one “thing” can change in manifestation of appearance for its side of the equation except in mathematical simultaniety with its polarized counterpart of the other.

Each change that is manifested in how each unit of Potential expresses itself occurs in balanced, integral, quantum leaps. There is no physical expression of time or chronology “during” a quantum leap.

An Algorithm that constrains parameters for our entire physical expresson of “universe” may, in some respects, operate in respect of one granular series of quantum leaps. So long as that Algorithm exists, it may, in some physical respect, operate as “ground” for storing and preserving some sort of condensed sum of all information about a chronology of meta-choices, perhaps subject to evaluation by God as a holism.

Each unit “thinks” to “choose,” but only expresses the result of its thinking in quantum leaps, always balanced in relations among equations and their dependent derivatives and modes of simultaneous expression.

Any “gap” between quantum leaps may entail “meta-processing” of meta feedback between perspectives of the Potential, as in feedback between the perspective of the whole versus the fluxing condensate or sum of the perspectives of the parts.

Each choice occurs at a meta-level, then is expressed in Math, and then is translated and interpreted to the Physics of mortal perspectives of consciousness. In mortal “physics,” rationalization follows each choice: To rationalize the choice itself, and to live with and evaluate its consequences.

One’s physical form represents a “Placeholding Record” for the here and now, for preserving information about the life-path chronological-sequence of an interplay of choices being played out, in which one’s meta-perspective (Soul?) is a participant. In other words, the “Dualism” of (1) spirituality and (2) physicality is in respect that the appearance of physicality is artifactual of the preservaton of sequential information, since the original creation that we refer to as the “Big Bang” of our universe. Such Dualism represents a “fuzzy condensation” (or all cards to be face up on the playing table) for the reference of each meta-perspective that plays among all others that share our universe.

Our physical Brains (and cells) are placeholders that are shaped to record rationalizations that follow the (spiritually reasoned?) choices of our Minds. In changing the shapes of our “physics,” our spiritual-minds preserve information in order to “keep karmic score” for each succeeeding choice.

In “physics,” the karmic score is kept for various synchronizing, fluxing levels and overlays of perspectives of wholes and parts, the combining and interacting potentials of which continue to define the path of experience for each perspective. One’s physical brain correllates with the store of one’s information, as “ground” for inclining or prejudicing directions for one’s future of meta-choices.

Each Brain absorbs, records, or represents a Feedback result of each choice, “as if” each such choice were purely its own, as if each brain had its own separate Identity, which it identifies with the record of its physical manifestations.

Each particular perspective senses a complex interplay with other perspectives, yet lacks comprehension of the same detail of inclinations and purposes of each such other perspective. Each particular perspective may also Intuit possibilities of interplay with other perspectives that may be beyond its mathematical or precise correllaton or prediction.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thug Chutzpah

Thug Chutzpah:

As I begin another dreary day reading about the same thug-chutzpah that passes for representation in D.C., I find myself struck by the myriad of shameless shenanigans that are fronted as “objective reasoning,” or “science.” This is not a matter of parallel universes of conceptualization. It is a matter of ungodly fidelity to no higher purpose than each participant’s pursuit of pleasure and power. In such pursuit, the useful idiots are only the ideologues.

But Obama and his henchmen are far too worldly to be mere ideologues. Rather, they are well versed in what they take to be cynical truths: (1) that political thuggery is a game of skill, with plays proven to be effective for every situation; (2) that, with smoothly confident deployment of force and doublespeak, it is possible to fool some of the people all of the time; (3) that --- when a group of thugs can reduce an electoral majority to a perpetual state of ignorance, confusion, entitlement-envy, and practiced rationalization --- the producing class can be cowed and corralled into a permanent feed lot.

Heed the doublespeak of the Thugs Of Chutzpah:
1) Conservatives who want to know about the upbringing, family life, early conditioning, and education of their President should be ridiculed as “birthers,” because they have no further right to know. They should just get out of the way and let the Thugs “clean up.”
2) As taught in “elite” American colleges (see Horowitz’s “One Party Classroom”), the only objective, scientifically valid, higher purpose is to overcome the historical hegemony of the blue eyed, male, white devils. (You want CHUTZPAH? Read One Party Classroom to take a gander at what the “scientific” left takes as passing for political and social SCIENCE!)
3) Conservatives who conceive that their consciousness implicates a higher power and purpose are non-bright haters of science, led astray by the Discovery Institute.

Well, why does such ridicule work for Thugs Of Chutzpah?

I think ridicule works better for Thugs because their easily riled followers and troops consist of: persons reduced by their educations to fools; persons made corrupt in believing in no purpose higher than pleasure and power; persons of desperation who are easily corrupted by cheap financial favors and promises; and persons who are simply too ignorant and cosseted among fellow travelers ever to reach beyond the kool-aid of the Thugs.

There is much tragedy in this farce.

First, the Thugs Of Chutzpah, being unable and unwilling to feed themselves, will themselves fall off the carapace of the cowed producers, once the cowed producers stop producing and laze in the ranks of the entitlement-mongering, non-producing masses.

Second, the knowledge base of civilization will falter or fail, as “science” becomes twisted more and more to the “one party classroom.”

Unfortunately, the producing class only now is realizing that it looks to its present “representation” in Congress in vain. Rather, Congress is filled with the likes of those who idealize no higher purpose than their own pleasure and power. Their fidelity is to the KUSD hierarchy: kiss up and s*** down.

Among American Jews who idolize Obama, is it because they admire his chutzpah?

Bottom line: Ordinary Americans who idealize patriotism, principle, and purpose are only now learning that they are without representation in D.C. At long last, will their anger be heard, felt, and resolved? Pray it is so.