Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Psychology of Totalitarianism

Psychology of Totalitarianism:

Obama cannot reasonably be said to be merely stupid or shallow. More fundamentally, he is viciously stubborn. To comprehensively change or reduce America to his satisfaction, he can be EXPECTED to go so far as to hold our national security hostage. Is that not his message, repeatedly written in subtext, as he represses our energy independence, helps to enrich Arabs, declines to take effective measures to neutralize Iranian nuclear ambitions, doles out military information, etc. etc. etc.

Habits of Nature

Habits of Nature:

“Reality” is experienced and related to based on feedback. Reality is both something to be found and something to be made. What holds Reality together is a meta-binding aspect among all layers and levels of consciousness. That aspect is of God.

Unless Mass or Matter are expressions of Something else, with meta-powers or potentials beyond the rule of materialistic logic or math, how could either Mass or Matter in themselves carry potential to function to express or create Consciousness?

As Consciousness chooses, changes, or increases its capacities, the potential direction of its experience of Reality changes. Relative to pertinent levels of Consciousness, Reality is not set; perhaps not even fundamental laws of nature are eternally set.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Race Baiters

From A.T. -- JRG3 said, "Until the contemporary black gets over his anger at himself and his rebellion against society, which leads him into the hell of violence, drugs and casual sex, and chooses to excel through his God given wit and wisdom, he and America will continue to suffer."


And note that contemporaries have resources aplenty. It's not like anyone has to walk miles to borrow books. Every American has freedom (paid heavily for!), as well as knowledge (which is power) ripe for the picking, all along the Internet.

So what's holding our angry contemporary African American Marxists back? Well, take Obama. He's not concerned with lifting all boats. No, he is more fundamentally concerned about equality of results. He is unwilling to lift any ordinary American's boat until all are lifted to the same level. Well, that is a load too heavy.

But there is this whole notion that fairness cannot proceed, except collectively and comprehensively. Every person of any creed or color who buys into this is immediately saddled with one hell of a load. Unfortunately, most who are not white males (i.e., goats) are buying into this.

So who is selling it? Well, some heavy hitters: MSM, Academia, GE, Soros, Unions, Acorn, etc.

I am a white male (though 1/16th Native American). Folks can take from me all day long. But at the end of the day, that will not increase their self respect or individual freedom and dignity. They will still know what they are: People perpetuating a defective philosophy. Why? Because they refuse to step up to the freedom God already gave them. I can't help much with that.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea Party Movement

Tea Party Movement:

Like the Tea Party Movement, all systems of social values are much like organisms. Some will evolve, survive, flourish, and surpass, and others will be fleeting and unsustainable. America’s values system is being so thoroughly multi-cultured and divided that it may soon be rendered unreliable, unworthy, uncompetitive, un-assimilative, and unsustainable. In losing gluing values, we are inviting those organizations of perspectives of consciousness that are happy to rule losers.

As in “six degrees of Kevin Bacon,” consciousness constantly and continuously seeks to reorganize, reshape, and re-experience unfolding perspectives. Consciousness, in its empathies, is always interconnected in fluxing and overlapping layers, levels, and corporate hierarchies – independent of states and nations. In its centers of power, consciousness is “moving on” from America as we have known it.

This is not especially a good thing. Better would be for Americans to coordinate their founders’ vision of respect for each individual’s self-evident freedom of conscience and enterprise, in ways that would more likely help us remain superior to alternative visions.

Among hellish alternatives are included visions that humanity should be made to consist of abject creatures whose minds are thoroughly subjugated to ruling cliques’ snake oil salesmanship regarding despotic Allah or Big Gov Commune. Washington D.C. and other political power centers have become rife with bi-political crooks who have insinuated themselves into networks of hierarchical power by being utterly disposed to confabulating and selling big lies. The greater the emotional embrace of the big lie, the better the signal to the brokers who promote its rulers. Those with greatest proficiency for dishonest acting recognize and promote one another.

Consciousness may prefer more honest empathies among perspectives, but it needs our agencies. In that, Americans have for too long been either blind or awol. In “scientific” hubris, we too complacently forget that no mortal perspective of consciousness is automatically free of great evil. No degree of corruption in D.C. surprises me anymore. I suspect the FBI already has grounds to arrest both Holder and Obama. Good luck waiting on that.


We have greased a culture that conditions us to produce and elect addicts and pickpockets rather than stewards. At core, what ails us is a sickness of values, about which we are in denial. We are so deep in denial that most folks (libs, pro-choicers, libertarians, sex and drug liberators, and purely fiscal conservatives) just want to shunt values voters aside, as irrelevant. Well, values voters are inconvenient, but they are not irrelevant. What? We expect to entitle short term pleasures and then expect the electorate that gets addicted to being bribed with such pleasures to the point of sacrificing all else to suddenly get responsible and vote for sustainable government? Kidding, right? What's that smell? Oh, yeah. The country. It's burning.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Science and Elite Bureaucrats

Big Science and Insipid Bureaucrats:

There are various absolutes and rules that apply to our material and statistical interactions, and there are various clever and mathematically based technologies for exploiting such rules. We use controlled experiments to discover and tinker with such rules and technologies, and we call that "science." Wonderful! However, together with this process there is a very real feature that cannot much be penetrated by mortal science. We call it consciousness. Wail howsoever they will, mortal devotees of science will not penetrate the Source of that feature, either in its original genesis, or in its everyday involvement with each and every perspective of consciousness.

Yet IT exists. How, pray tell, is it "scientific" for anyone to proclaim that science can entirely account for consciousness, apart from the given that consciousness exists? What should we call consciousness, in any holistic sense? How is it that science should reasonably avail anyone to say that such Consciousness does not exist?
The problem with some scientists is that their single-minded focus on material empiricism alienates them to the Source of their own consciousness. The problem is not that most conservatives do not appreciate science. We do. (Recommend The Atheist and the God Particle.) The problem is that many statists have no clue that there are mortal limits to what the tool of science can fundamentally account for and technologically facilitate.
In their despair, statists bitterly cling to a false, utopian, Marxist, godless ideal of the State. They try to perfect freedom of the mind by imprisoning it with Big Gov. This is the scientific statist's mind disease. And its ravages are terrible to behold.
Islam simply goes Materialism and Marxism a step further: not to stop at fascist, statist repression of the mind, but to actually deaden the independent thinking mind. Ahhh. 72 brain dead virgins. Zombie heaven.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Gov vs. Private Enterprise

Big Gov vs. Private Enterprise:

For what concerns should Big Gov, collectivist, governmental solutions be brought to bear, rather than individualistic, private, or free enterprise solutions? How and to what extent? How should various concerns be promoted, protected, measured, or regulated? At what governmental level?


Preemption of lower levels of governmental regulation

Kinds of consumption, sales, vice, and wealth taxes and record keeping

Population, demographics, immigration assimilation, visas

Defense; military; police; fire; security; prisons; law enforcement

Public vice, obscenity, disorderliness, drunkenness

Respect for family values, self defense, bearing arms, familial obligations

Involvement of religious, spiritual, charitable institutions

Education; assimilative indoctrination

Safeguarding minors; wards of state; state chaperones and probation supervisors

Food, shelter, clothing

Health care; quarantines; hospitals; mental hospitals

Drug regulations, addiction rehabilitation

Lending; usury; bankruptcy

Corporate regulation, taxation, liability exposure limits, international protections

Work, labor, and safety codes and standards

Electrical codes and national building standards

Electrical, water, and trash utilities

News and media broadcasting; frequency allocations

Travel, roads, waterways, air lanes

Common motor, air, ship carriers and taxi franchises

Natural Catastrophes

Species, habitat, and environmental preservation, pollution

National independence; Energy development

Foreign alliances, combinations, relations; preemptive wars; treaties; trade; trade taxes


How can middle class energy, merit, and freedom of conscience best be protected and encouraged, without exposing our society, environment, and progeny to undue danger?

Right Makes Might


In consort with math, Consciousness enjoys a kind of “perfection.” That is, within infinity and eternity, Consciousness has all the power of consciousness that there is to have. A puzzle: without math, God is not a perfect nothing. With math, God is actively, consciously involved. It is with the self-fulfilling faith of our Consciousness that rightness eventually makes us mighty, whereby our meaningful interaction, communication, civilization, and empathies are enhanced.

That which Consciousness reconciles to civilizing fulfillment tends to rightness. Each of us is responsible to participate in the reconciliation of rightness, to help give experiential definition to that which is good versus evil. It is not that might makes right, but that RIGHT EVENTUALLY MAKES MIGHT.

Consciousness, in constantly, continuously testing, seeking, and fore-sensing, seeks ways to avail communications and civilizations that are fulfilling to Consciousness’ entertainment, appreciation, empathy, and intuition. In so proceeding, Consciousness may have no choice but to seek to make and effect choices. In making choices, Consciousness strives to separate the good from the bad, the sour from the sweet, the depressing from the fulfilling.

Yet, Consciousness may not “know” that which is infinitely or eternally evil. Rather, Consciousness may simply seek to effect that which it intuits and senses to be most fulfilling to IT’s ever changing and evolving purposes. Consciousness performs this function by somehow reconciling among perspectives that are holistic, particular, continuous, discrete, complete, and incomplete. Each participant, from each perspective, makes its judgments, and all function together to effect reconciliation. All play a role; history and tradition help guide. Right eventually makes might.