Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthright of Humanity

In a way, slavey is the freedom to be indifferent; the freedom not to care to make choices for oneself. If an absurdist-existentialist were seriously principled, why should he care to teach his comprehension of existential absurdity to anyone else? How much should he authentically care about how little he cares?  If consciousness is a fundament of reality, and if consciousness has no choice but to choose to care, then does that not implicate a fundamental, forced, spiritual choice about the quality of faith that one should adopt or not adopt in order to guide, justify, or rationalize one's life in a meaningful, principled wayIf consciousness is assumed to be demonstrably and merely impotent, acausal, absurd, epiphenomenal byproduct of that which is measurably Quantifiable as the Substance of Physics, then why does that which collapses fields into particles depend for its determination on local expressions of immeasurable qualities of Consciousness?

If indifferent physics is all that exists, then how can such physics consistently be considered as being accompanied with a "rule of survival of the niche-fittest to replicate," given that any judgment about the "fittest" is a mere after-the-fact-labeling for a result, rather than a describing of any physical, causal agent in itself? That is --- unless the singular big-bang source of all fields and particles of physics is considered to be "the real causal agent," having pre-packaged and pre-designed all that unfolds. In that case, however, "survival of the fittest" is not itself the mechanism, but only a description of an illusion that derives from the mechanism, i,e, the originating big bang. In that case, the randomness of quantum physics is also illusory, even though it's predetermination can only be inferred, on faith, and not proven.

TEST OF INTRINSIC MORAL WORTH VERSUS ENHANCEMENT OF MORAL WILL: It may be that this life is not a "test," but it does seem to be guided by an interfunctioning of purpose-driven consciousness. If so, whatever is guiding our physical unfoldment and evolution seems also, based on feedback process, to be guiding the evolution for how information and knowledge are organized for acquiring potentiality. Perhaps, that organization of knowledge continues to inure to the capacity of whatever forms are availed for perspectives of consciousness to continue to identify and bond with each succeeding hereafter.

So long as consciousness abides, the differentiality of our perspectives of IT may be more illusory than real, and the physics we presume to measure may be mere significations of feedback or afterglow of Something that is more qualitatively spiritual and less quantifiably measurable than we often apprehend. In other words, we may be the expressions of an Origin that melded the informationally Indifferent with the purposefully Caring. In that case, our humanity depends on our respect for, and preservation of, freedom to care.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Oasis of Stasis

Why does the seeming success of worldwide technology still leave so many with so much anomie?

One sometimes apprehends the larger patterns and vortexes of nature, associating with interfunctioning expressions of consciousness. One may apprehend what tends to unfold, as particular forms of consciousness become so successful and prevalent that many are no longer inspired or entertained by the potentials of such forms, leading them to retire, drop out, and numb their brains to alcohol, drugs, depression, or to seek others willing to assume responsibility over them, to carry them, drug them, or arrange their vainly hoped for final exit.

Crowding leads to collectivism, to apathy, to numbness, to slouching towards spiritual death. Thus, consciousness dynamically balances and cycles through bouts of inspiration versus depression. Does, can, should, or will consciousness seek an oasis of stasis, that may, at least temporarily, slow the manic-depressive cycling of strum and drang?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Slavery is Freedom

That America's politicians lie is of secondary import to whether and how they represent America's interests versus their world views. The institution of the Fed has greased and deepened grooves and associations that are pushing a nigh irrisistible force of entangling co-dependency of all countries and cultures. Given the vestment of interests and powers drawn in the wake of those who use and serve the Fed, few can resist the Fed as it eats into every expression of independent individualism, and as its apologists rationalize such as righteousness.

I had hoped, by now, that more Americans would have become roused to the urgent need to present to the world an example of liberty, and become roused to the danger to liberty that is posed by Fed apologists for entangling "free" trade with NWO despots. Instead, our economists tend to tell us that increased economic entanglement with despots increases freedom. Slavery is freedom!

So, our electorate is never really offered a choice between a candidate who would restore or defend American exceptionalism versus a candidate who simply mouths soothing half truths while using code to assure those vested in the NWO not to worry. Now that our electorate has lost its collective mind, lack of funding for a representative of American exceptionalism is hardly our main problem. Even were a charismatic and funded teacher to arise, the NWO vestments would not retire without much sweat and tears.

Part of the job of whomever occupies the presidency is to mouth lullabies to indiviudalists, while taking their slings and arrows in stride, while bundling more and more fasces into the NWO. The international NWO is the new, agglomerating, one-party agent of collectivism. Islam and Marxism are merely different masks for how the NWO pretends to present itself; there is no happy Umma or Utopia in the offing. The minds of most Americans are now farmed into the cud-chewing collective. Pretenses of minor disputes within the NWO are merely the bread and circuses, sound and fury, porn and drugs to the main action, under the surface.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Of Gays, Glands, Gaia, and God

Of Gays, Glands, Gaia, and God:

Gays seem to imagine a time when dna can be machine produced to specs. Thus, sex will no longer be needed. Nor, for that matter, will Gays any longer be needed. Rather, machines will be one flesh, one writhing Borg. When the Borg gets that efficient, I wonder how much "tolerance" and "fairness" it will extend to deviants? When the machine has potential simply to redirect or turn the switch on or off with regard to the desires of its components, I wonder what will become of the fairness argument? I rather doubt Gays will be writing the program for the Borg. In their zeal to destroy liberty to refuse their coercing programming, Gays are writing a program that will destroy their own liberty.
Regarding “equality” in tax treatments between marriages and gay unions: The private Fed deploys money policy against the world, to induce governments to tax and spend under polices and laws that reach into and affect nearly every aspect of human life. To suggest that tax policy must or should be “equal” or neutral in every, or any, aspect is to ignore reality.
Regarding gay absolutism: I'm not advocating a one-size-fits-all notion about sexuality. Indeed, for some countries, I would endorse arguments for the gay agenda, especially to push totalitarian societies towards more tolerance. That would be for Iran and China. For top-down societies, it’s natural for people who believe they have the absolutely best moral code to gravitate towards totalitarianism. Problem is, gayness for the masses, when perceived as an absolute right for the masses, once absolute rule is established, tends to impede the absolute rule of the controllers. After all, rulers are ensconced claiming to know best. A gay agenda among the masses, once it were to undermine a republic, would never be tolerated to weaken a replacing rule by elites. How much gayness is tolerated in Iran, where the regime knows best?

Regarding America: If the U.S. becomes a top-down nation run by those-who-know-best, and — except for sex, porn, and drugs— abandons the ideal of a framework for availing individual liberty, then the gay agenda, for some, may also become advisable for the U.S. But that would only be as a temporary stepping stone. For sustaining America as a republic that respects an ideal of individual liberty, the absolutist gay agenda lives on borrowed time. The more the gay agenda relies on absolutism rather than on grace, the sooner its time draws to a close, and the sooner America as a land of liberty falls.

I have gay and bi friends, although they tend not to be gay absolutists. My problem with gay absolutists is their frequent unwillingness to think about more than their glands and their oft insistence on a “right” to require everyone else to watch their parades of gland glows. I don’t see many intimate PDA’s by married couples in restaurants or other public places, and I don’t quite see why “rights” to treat the public to such PDA’s should be such a political or public priority.

Regarding false logic of Glands, Gaia, and God: One’s identity is tied to more than merely one’s expression of entranced sexuality or drug stupor. One’s genes do not dictate every aspect of one’s self expression. Rather, the unfolding context of one’s experiences have much to do with training one’s genes and establishing the grooves for how one’s impulses eventually become set in the chemistry and electrical wiring of synaptic connections that become associated with one’s habits. The body chemistry of individuals tends to become consistent with the range of expression their societies avail. We become what we do. Moral character consists in willing what one does in order to better guide what one becomes.

To an idealist for the freedom of the human mind, the test of moral character is to ask: Given a context, what moral framework or code would best establish and sustain a decent civilization for lovers of liberty? That test will not produce the same answers for every culture, time, and place. That test can be appropriate to an Idealist, but is often discounted by overawed worshipers. Those who are overawed by Glands, Gaia, or God tend to fall too deep into wannas and traumas to be amenable to logic, reason, or consistent moral principle.

Like every other material-based know-it-all philosophy and agenda, the absolutist gay agenda promotes itself by justifying the subjugation of the masses ... "for their own good." Consider: How would the next generation be shaped, were the gay agenda to be uncritically adopted? To my lights, hope to sustain The American Ideal already grows faint. Putting a know-it-all agenda in charge would just bring us that much closer to snuffing out the lamp of liberty and the hopes of the next generation.

Excepting interpretations of sequences of apparently material based interactions, there are very few non-trivial "facts" of which I purport to "know it all."  Rather, I have ideal-based beliefs, based on receptivity to feedback, intuition, insight, perhaps innate instinct of consciousness. I purport no philosophy of knowledge of morality flowing from Glands, Gaia, or God, but only beliefs, flowing from innate, spiritual idealism of consciousness.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wanting to be Told what to Think

A lot of folks want to be indoctrinated and engineered socially. The majority has thinking-fatigue. There's just too much, too many distractions, and too many pleasure servings for anyone to want to be bothered about principles or thinking. Unless told what to think by NWO rulers, "The Farmed" have given up on any philosophy or idea to guide them in what they should believe. Should they believe sex and pedophilia for kids is good, bad, or indifferent? They don’t quite know. Should they believe it was wrong for Adrian Lamo to risk Private Manning’s security? Or should they believe it was wrong for Jullian Assange to risk the security of lives and governments that were put to risk by the leaks Assange greased? Those farmed by the NWO have no hope of a consistent philosophy by which to guide what they should believe about who should be rewarded or punished, or what sort of society or governance they should seek. To the modern majority, liberty is about gorging on pleasures.

This is why there is a growing unease in America. Americans are riven between those who cluelessly support, or actually want, a NWO to rule them and tell them what to think, versus those who do not. As things stand, wiki leaks seem most to have hurt competing tentacles of the NWO, but not the NWO process itself. To hurt the NWO process itself would necessitate restoration of America’s independence from The Fed. However, the NWO process has such a death grip against all institutions of liberty, so escape, even if possible, will cost dearly.

Unless tasered or starved, sharks in service of the NWO process will not back off without extracting many pounds of flesh. This will not pass without much gnashing of teeth. The black hole (Fed?) that's draining all but the stoutest of the fortitude and vigilance to defend liberty is not so much a premeditated conspiracy as a hydraulically increasing swirl of consolidation of power. Either way, liberty is all but dead if the challenge is not soon identified. The suction is not diminishing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

They're Coming To Take Me Away

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carol_Quigley:

"In addition, other secret societies are briefly discussed in Tragedy and Hope, including a consortium of the leaders of the central banks of several countries, who formed the Bank for International Settlements:

The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the worlds' central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups.

In 1971, Gary Allen, a spokesman for the John Birch Society, published None Dare Call It Conspiracy, which became a bestseller. Allen cited Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope as an authoritative source on conspiracies throughout his book. Like Skousen, Allen understood the various conspiracies in Quigley’s book to be branches of one large conspiracy, and also connected them to the Bilderbergers and to Richard Nixon. The John Birch Society continues to cite Quigley as a primary source for their view of history."


NOTES:  I came across the site shown below, bottom. It posits some interesting ideas. I'm not prepared to say they are wrong. There's an uneasiness building among Tea Partiers, as they sense a masquerade. However, this guy, Griffin, has a quirky background (with laetrile -- see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G._Edward_Griffin).

Some of this stuff is laughable. Some seems conspiracy nutty. But some of it leaves me uneasy. After all, why wouldn't a conspiratorial group spread a lot of stories, to make you think they all must be crazy, even though some are not? In that situation, how can one tell the difference, when all the sources of information are beholden to powerful owners?

See http://info-wars.org/2011/04/22/g-edward-griffin-the-collectivist-conspiracy/:

"Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University Professor and mentor to former president Bill Clinton, explained in his books Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, how the elite maintained a silent dictatorship while fooling people into thinking they had political freedom, by creating squabbles between the two parties in terms of slogans and leadership, while all the time controlling both from the top down and pursuing the same agenda."

"... Republicans and Democrats agree on the most important topics, such as US foreign policy, endless wars in the Middle East, and the dominance of the private banking system over the economy ..."

"Griffin also talks at length on a myriad of other important subjects, such as the move towards a Chinese-style censored Internet, the demonization of the John Birch Society as a racist extremist group, the Hegelian dialectic, the power of tax-exempt foundations and the Council on Foreign Relations, the movement towards world government, and the question of whether the elite are really worried about the growing awareness of their agenda amongst Americans."


NOTES:  There does seem to be general acknowledgment of a NWO movement, but I doubt it's a NWO dictator movement. Maybe more like a confluent happenstance of smothering brothers. Whatever. To me, it's ominous that both parties are always giving us "choices" among candidates who always perpetuate the decline and absorption of America into a lowest common denominator of collectivist rule. Keeping borders porous; choking energy independence; corrupting currency; breaking the traditional family; training students to accept prevailing media wisdom; etc. I don't know how the dissolving of America could have been brought about any faster, even were there a direct conspiracy.

See http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=19716.

Marxism Under Any Name Smells As Sweet

Pushed to extremes, models based entirely on so-called material facts, because they are necessarily incomplete, often become as pressed to serve the fascist pounding of square pegs into round holes as any fascist religion. A perspective of consciousness may consider all of reality as if it were explicable through a model of dialectic materialism, which often occupies or translates into much the same locus for modeling as empirical science or economic determinism. Such models promote the quantitative over the qualitative. They discount any model that would consider the qualitative to abide, at least at a level of co-dependent dignity as the quantitative. They consider that facts are superior to will, as opposed to will (by interfunctioning through various perspectives) being on a par with facts. Those economists, mechanics, engineers, and grand unifying theorists who tend to consider that every aspect of reality is entirely reducible to substance-based facts often become easily tipped into approving the total rule of materially-objectivist elites over the masses, much as any good Marxist.  OBL, having been trained as a civil materials engineer, easily blended his mind to accept the fascism of Islam as a religious brand of collectivist Marxism.

One may model a third alternative to religious and Marxist fascism.  That alternative need not be fascist; it could be based in immaterial idealism, as opposed to material-minded subjugationism.  In immaterial idealism, evolution can be modeled as being guided by empathy within forms of consciousness.  After all, if evolution is not guided by empathy within and among perspectives of consciousness, then whatever evolution shows to be fittest or strongest is "right." If so, might makes right, and discussion about what is right becomes useless, apart from discussing who or what has power. In that case, those without power could hardly claim "moral standing" to complain against any abuse that a more powerful force may throw at them.

Otherwise, to idealize that quantitative, fact-driven analysis should entirely dictate the quality of all that we should do is to idealize that we should best behave as a society of fact-crunching robots. That is an ideal that entirely discounts and devalues the world of the non-objective, subjective, qualitative state of will and becomingness. It is the inhuman ideal of a know-it-all, fascistic materialist, who lacks appreciation of the world of will, for whom the best of all possible worlds would be a dead world of pure objectivism, devoid of the often unreconciled communications and conflicts among perspectives of will. The alternative to the ideal of empathy among perspectives of consciousness, that is, materialism, discounts the natural, temporal right of each conscious individual to his or her own perspective, against all the forces of heaven and hell.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of Law

Judges tend not to be willing to find as frivolous those claims that are filed by attorneys who contribute to their elections. Lawyers tend not to seek sanctions against pro se claimants who live on welfare, get jollies by playing the system, have nothing to lose, and are willing to file false claims of grievance. Threats don't work against people satisfied to live off the system, who've nothing to lose. Occasionally, a little guy will have a valid claim and want redress. For him, "loser pays" would convert a small action into high stakes poker, where it's easy to run off those who lack funds to call bets. Over time, loser pays favors the house with the most resources, and has little to do with leveling the playing field for small cases.

There's no avoiding that there're people with no scruples. Those best able to keep up with constant churning of rules tend not to be little guys. Nor are little guys likely represented well among those who write rules, unless substantial rewards are given to their well heeled advocates. In that case, justice for individuals is purchased by imposing large burdens against society as a whole. And those advocates learn how to impose such burdens! For some time, one avenue for imposing such burdens has been to use discovery process to become such a nuisance that firms pay protection money just to get relief. In a discovery battle, it tends to be big companies that can be most harassed, since they have most by way of documents to sift through.

Write all the rules you want, and evolution will absorb and re-game them. Tampering with rules will not make negligence-based lawsuits an efficient or accurate way to reset "fairness." In many cases, it'd be more honest to have contesting opponents have issues decided by panels of judges for beauty contests. A way to trim lawsuit abuse would be to trim back negligence-based causes of action and rely more on rugged individualism, a social safety net, and the law of contracts and criminal law.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of Idealists, Fascists, and Materialists

Of Idealists, Fascists, and Materialists:  A kind of spiritual idealism founded America. An idealism that sought to answer the question: What is needed to establish and defend a decent civilization? In turn, that question led to: What is necessary to assimilate citizens who will defend one another's freedom of expression and enterprise? That idealism is now being first milked and then shunted aside. It is being replaced by philosophies that, except in meanness, are unsustainable. Those philosophies are based, not on mutual respect and empathy,but on how shall the weak be farmed, and who shall farm them.

There are two ways for psychopaths to farm ordinary people. One is for a psychopath or narcissist to convince people that he is so specially elite that he is a messenger who knows what God wants, and that God wants the people to be subjugated to his message as an elitist gnostic. This it the philosophy of the religious fascist, and it devalues the capacity of every other person to heed his own better angels. The second is for a psychopath or narcissist to convince people that they have no need of individual freedom or dignity, but that it is only their material, i.e., economic, wants that are important. This is the philosophy of the Marxist materialist, who measures everything, but knows the value of nothing. Most important facts are deeply colored by whether or how the interpreter's philosophy is based on some mix of (1) American idealism, (2) religious fascism, or (3) Marxist materialism. How prevailing powers within a society interpret facts deeply affects whether those facts come to be "true."

The idealism that founded America did not come, directly, out of Africa or Asia. It came out of Northern Europe. It came out of Anglo Saxons and descendents of the Vikings. It is not particularly relevant whether that was because of genetics, race, or social conditioning. In any event, it was because of a long line of evolution, perhaps guided. That idealism found so much success that it attracted people of other continents, nations, cultures, religions, and races. Eventually, that idealism became so successful that it thought it could afford extreme forms of tolerance. Thus, immigrating cultures came no longer to be required to assimilate. Instead, they come to exaggerate their contribution to the American dream, to replace the American ideal of independence with the subjugating and collectivist ideals of the religious fascist and the Marxist materialist. Americans, to sustain their previous standards of living --- even while providing welfare for unassimilated, codependent, collectivist types --- find they must work harder and procreate less. The cultures bent on replacing Americans often have few ideals based on self improvement, and are content to live on welfare and procreate more. It takes no genius to see what will come to pass in just a few generations: The culture that gave the world American idealism will be replaced by cultures that subjugate, collectivize, and farm human minds.

International cronies have noticed this game. It is a game in which the most shallow and corrupt tend to exploit the biggest advantages. They have learned how to game the tolerant trust of Americans, who wrongly, perhaps fatally, projected that other nations and peoples share the American ideal. They do not. It makes little difference whether the reason for that is based in geography, resources. culture, history, or genetics. The fact is, their ideals are not the American ideal.

So, now we have Ainos controlling both our main political parties, as well as our banking, industry, media, academia, politicians, and appointed judges. Because this confluence of Ainos controls so much that is so subliminally powerful, they come even to convince the smartest among us that American idealism is dead, that values based on individual freedom and respect for families are repressive and outmoded, that it is good that the collective and organized community (under the guidance of our elite farmers of the farmed) should take over the moral rearing of our children, that third graders need to be taught why Johnny should have two mommies, that the most important challenge for our forces of national defense is how to recruit gays, that government has no interest in encouraging a next generation of traditional American families, that national borders are outmoded, and that one world community should be encouraged, based on free trade.

Worse, we have Ainos convincing even smart Americans that the best and only way to extend America's time is to play the Aino game of economics. This is the notion that moral values based on what is needed to preserve human freedom are irrelevant. It is the notion that pure fiscal conservatism, by spreading wealth, will also spread freedom. Even as we see power being centralized and technologically enhanced, with middle management and middle classes being stripped of control (even over their own expression and enterprise), with p.c. advancing everywhere, and with Google helping the Chinese preserve their brand of "free enterprise." Few ask: How in the devil are traditional American idealists going to compete against international cronies by playing the crony game, without becoming soldiers for the undermining of America? How are we going to right the things done by Dinos merely by electing Rinos? How are we going to restore individual freedom, if the only value being represented is so called fiscal conservatism? The chance of a fiscal conservative riding in to save us, on a white horse and wearing a cowboy hat, is as delusional as imagining humans have power to call Jesus to return.

Bottom line: If liberty is to be restored to America's land and economy, then Americans must restore and assimilate in defense of the meta-land of their spiritual idealism. As things stand, too many Americans are so confused by derision of religious values that they have forgotten that many values of idealism in fact are essential. That is, if the dream of America is not to perish under the rest of the world's corruption to religious fascism and economic materialism.

Until then, the more opportunists see that Americans have been trained not to resist being farmed, the more people will be attracted to farm Americans. The more people are attracted to farm Americans, the less the value that will be held for human dignity, and the more humanity will slip towards inhumanity. Traditional Americans are now being farmed high and low. Wolves on all sides sense opportunity to organize and cage us, and then to tell us we are on the road to fiscal security.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conscience or Caeser

Force of Conscience or Caeser:

Is the force of government so different from the force of an alliance of private interests or corporations? Government professes to be in the general interest, while a private alliance professes to be in the interest only of its alliance. Such alliance, by pushing de facto industry standards, may enhance efficiency even as it erects barriers to keep out would be competitors. Eventually, such alliance of cronies, by bribing officials, may push for government to help it erect barriers. At that point, much of government will have become owned by cronies, and the electorate will be divided between those who are farmed by the rules and those who farm the rules. Mindless force, either by government or by consortiums of private interests, evolves and organizes, to drive out the freedom and dignity of individuals. Organizations of consortiums of business and municipal corporations are not, in themselves, conscious, but they do find and follow grooves, almost purposefully, even if blindly. So, the question: Is insistence on small government really that important, considering that the abuses of private consortiums would fill many of the same holes?

Well, there is this: At least, with less governmental regulation, an independent citizenry can trade labor and talent with less fear that the community will make them outlaws. Further, a citizenry educated to remain passionately vigilant of its need to keep Caesar down to size will be freer to enlist its talents towards such charities and enterprises as tend to be more conducive to tenders’ purposes. Unless propped up by crony-bribed government, or by a spider web of international cronies, those private consortiums that grow set in their ways, away from innovation and deeper into co-dependent barrier-raising, will fall, in due time, from accumulation of too much protection of deadwood.  When government is propped up by webs of cronies, the web of control not only tightens, but tightens under cover of pretending to be looking out for us.

To reduce the globally unsustainable amount of "political warming" (hot air), it's an ideal worth respecting to assign government to no more than is fundamentally necessary in order to sustain a decent society or nation – meaning a nation whose leaders respect that it becomes a debilitating habit for citizens to clamor for entitlements, that are to be enforced by useful idiots and users of useful idiots. Problem is: Once the greater number of the voting citizenry no longer holds dear such ideal, the protection of unsustainable rot and corruption accumulates exponentially. Then, it’s once again back through the wilderness, all the way back to bondage.

Americans' existential crisis consists in this: We've slept while most of our institutions of education and governance have been gathered into consortiums for propping up corrupts and stupids, and for crowning them as if they were saints and geniuses. In almost magical pretense (such as via conversions and calculations by economists and accountants), we actually translate such proppings into “material facts,” so we can pretend to add up progress, production, or “value” – as some sort of GDP. Indeed, we may have slept too long! If so, we can at least strive to bury a record here and there, for a future generation to rediscover from the ashes, as a caution not to ignore meta-facts that endure for the ages.

Moral consciousness seems to follow a sort of pilgrim’s progress, such that the feedback and burden of stupidity seems essential in order to teach us to value anything that's more worthwhile or permanent. Is there anything more permanent than a mountain, and less material than a whisper? I think there is. However, it won’t be found in “facts” of dialectic materialism. Rather, it will be found in the apprehension that all of materialism consists of various expressions of a trick of Three Card Monty, derivative of an empathetic dance of digitally signed feedback between holistic Consciousness and its various and particular perspectives. (The Higgs Boson may better be modeled not as a material particle, but as a mathematical constraint on what we presume to be, or function as if they were, material particles.)

Consciousness abides with the interrelations of God and perspectives; Empathy abides with the qualitatively immeasurable upshots of such interrelations; Matter is the derivative and digitally measurable afterglow of such interrelations of holistic and perspectivistic Consciousness; and Morality abides in our various valuations of empathy. As consciousness leads us to value civilization that avails decent expression and communication among free individuals, so shall we be guided by such idealization. Meantime, all perspectives of consciousness journey as pilgrims.


There abide fundamental choices about how one should view the world.  A religious fascist (Islamist) idealizes that, by making this world a hell for others, he can make a world to come into his ideal; that is, a religious fascist tries to subjugate others in order to make himself higher.  A materialist (Marxist) tries to idealize the world to make it fit what he considers himself to be entitled to; that is, a materialist considers that he is the higher consciousness.  An idealist (traditional American) tries to form himself to fit what his senses and insights tell him should be his ideals; that is, an idealist tries to fit himself to higher consciousness.  If one can discern a person's fundamental orientation (or mix thereof), one may better predict how such person will interpret his "facts."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Up the Organization

Organizations are stupid.  By that, I mean that independent-minded human beings who are inclined to try to uncover a consistent philosophy or theology by which to guide their experiences tend not especially to be compatible with those whose pathologies incline them to exploit opportunities for self promotion.  A person of intellect who seeks fulfillment by advancing himself within a community or corporate organization will at some point encounter a need to compromise the principled against the expedient.  Currents are much more favorable the easier one adjusts one's principles to fit the stream of the management ethos for the organization.  That is, KUSD.  IOW, kiss up and spit down.  Eventually, organizations may form networks of interconnecting hierarchies, so that KUSD becomes an unavoidable, inhumane, soul stifling part of reality.  That is the mechanism that is entangling all of America.  Elite spiders are wrapping ordinary beings who are caught in their webs and then storing them for later exploitation.  Webs within world wide webs.  I don't know if there is any escape --- even for the spiders.  To modify a common dictum:  Speaking the principled truth by cutting the spider webs becomes a revolutionary act.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facts Are Stupid Things

I get that a lot of conservative blogs want to appeal to principled thinkers and avoid giving ammo to those who are looking for ways to discredit principled, conservative thought. While a conservative blog may not be a proper forum for deflecting the opposition's sludge back on itself, Conservatives do need some such outlet. Otherwise, we continue unarmed in a food fight --- one we are losing.

I sympathize with the ideals of avoiding name calling and being fact based in order to judge the person or idea, and not the stereotype. That's an ideal highly valued.  Unfortunately, it does not much apply to war. While we are not at war with our fellow citizens, we are in a befogged twilight zone, and those who would conserve the fundamental ideals of America appear to be losing --- big. While I don't advocate ignoring facts, I don't see how we can pretend to be objectively indifferent slaves to them. To keep us on retreat, the oppositon deploys a variety of fronts. Just surf the net to see the vile, name-calling methods of the advancing column of commies!

Reagan once noted that "facts are stupid things." However, it is only those facts that are least dependent upon human interpretation that seem most predictably "stupid." Is there anyone who does not delude himself that he can objectively subordinate meta values to science merely by cherrypicking in order to characterize as "facts" only that data that is consistent with his biases and priorities of pleasure? Can such "facts" really be divorced from how one is conditioned or inclined to apply one's insight, intuition, empathy, and receptivity to values that are dear to ones immediate self justification? Computerized organization of our "facts" will avail means to "justify" any desire. For those we promote to "lead from behind," we will select those with talent for sensing the unfolding, base desires of the masses, who have Soros-like command of media and "facts" to rationlize such desires.

To twist some common metaphors: Slavish devotion to minor facts may hobgoblin us, for, without vision, our moral science will be lost. First thing we do, let's kill all the facts. lol.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Trading Freedom for Informational Organization

Ain't it great how libertines find nothing to be alarmed about, when Rap Crap fills the culture and is celebrated in the White House? Yup, all America needs is some young Rinos to revise the Beatles' "Love is all you need" into "Fiscal conservatism is all you need." I guess a balanced budget law and a return to the gold standard are all America really needs. Not! What allowed America to flourish were borders that were not merely for constraining the govenment to its budget, but also to constrain America to policies of immigration and assimilation that would defend the nation's territory, morality, family, culture, and industry.

Now is the winter of our malice of information. Like organisms of biology, organisms of technology seem to turn and feed on themselves. The more our lives and decision making processes are supposedly eased by information organizing technology, the deeper those who man the reprocessing hierarchy are called upon to eat and reorganize our information. The result is often far from happiness or practical efficiency, and much closer to flash passions of presentation. More and more, we are being pressed into service for internationally-politically-correct bureaucrats. In such a system, the fittest for survival and promotion become the most malicious of eaters of details that are devoid of nutritional value. Executives running public agencies with billion dollar budgets are so watched that they become afraid to allow approval of minor expenditures that deviate in the slightest from bureaucratic regimentation. This soul-sucking system eventually turns all into blind slaves of a dead, pagan ideal of worthless, hierarchical oversight.

The information age seems not to be making us happier or smarter, but to be making us more cynical and meaner. Go back 35 years or more and compare the lifestyles of a typical American couple at age 35 with a similar couple today. Parents today must go to school longer, to learn less, to be less happy, to hold jobs that pay less in real dollars. Should we blame some immutable law of information-eating-information? or should we blame ourselves for having slept while crony, Obamalithic lilliputians have strapped down the American Gulliver, leaving us with neither privacy nor freedom to produce?

What could be better to pull the strings from the top down than an international, oligarchical party of Crony Marxist Capitalists, lying and operating at once under several loosely aligned fronts (Dino, Rino, Islamo)? Once all the strings are pulled good and tight, so that unregulated privacy is rendered obsolete, will anyone really have the Commune, Utopia, or Umma he was always taught to want? Until the strings are tight, too few can notice; once the strings are tight, who can escape? America desperately needs to elect conservers of liberty, who will defend the inextricably intertwined borders of an idealized America --- meaning borders that are territorial, moral, familial, cultural, and industrial. Although our chances are slim in practice, we can at least keep alive the ideal, so that some happy few might escape the black hole that shadows the unchecked pursuit of soulless, Marxist enslavement to a digitally intertwined world for a crony, one party totalitarianism.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Liberty Based Enterprise vs. Conformity Based Enterprise

Not all enterprise is based in the freedom of individuals just because it is based in capitalism. Rather, much of capitalism is based in the conditioning of individuals (by the state, the culture, or the corporation) to appease and conform to the party line, even when it lies. In other words, there is liberty based (free ranging) enterprise and there is conformity based (or managed) enterprise. (Actually, there will almost always be a blend, but the philosophical tilt may be considerable.) As economies become more interdependent, there comes a decided increase in tilt towards those enterprises that are deemed politically correct by those persons who control or direct the fashion of the government. Such tilts generate power, and as tentacles of power infiltrate every aspect and institution of society, that power will more often be flexed --- often without even needing to show the iron fist that is in the velvet glove.

By enterprise, I have in mind a broad sense, to encompass not only the choice whether to start a business, but also the choice whether, when, and to whom to sell one's labor.  Under the Chinese model, no enterpriser need be favored or allowed to succeed unless he plays to that which is approved by the party line. Every Chinese enterpriser knows the iron fist is never far from where it may feel needed in order to enforce the political lies that define the governing myths. No law of nature or economics ordains that an increase in general wealth and enterprise must necessarily result in an increase in personal liberty, dignity, or freedom of mind. For Americans, a question nags: Will the Chinese model of conformity (self deceit) based enterprise relegate the American model of liberty based (self authentic or "free") enterprise to the dust bin of history? While the Chinese model seems appropriate to the dehumanizing neighborhood in which it competes, can there remain room in this world to tolerate the freedom of the ideal (if not the actuality) of the American model of enterprise?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Journalism vs. Ghost Busting

A poor liar, whose imagination goes only to one lie at a time, tends to get tripped up and caught.  But what if one has confederates to help misdirect the general population with a multitude of contradictory lies?  Suppose this, suppose that.  How would anyone ever feel confident to trace back the truth about "What did the President know, and when did he know it?"  Obama is master at not letting anyone know who he really it.  No matter what comes down, he protects his plausible deniability.  Given the oligopolization of media, managing deception and disinformation has become something of a high tech science.  When it comes to international intrigue, the Fed, and relations between candidates and campaign donors, plausible reasons can now be found to believe just about anything.  In this environment, the advantage often goes to those who compete to manage ridicule and disinformation over those who compete to uncover the truth.  Depending on your financial interests, you may want to argue either that Bush knew all along where OBL was and just wanted to keep the war going for reasons known only to high level players in the NWO, or that Obama also knew and his handlers made the calculation that his reelection in order to continue serving as the front for his wolfpack depends on bringing the troops home soon, under cover of having killed OBL.  So long as our main founts of information remain beyond discernment for bringing forth the truth, the competition will be all about managing the message, not revealing the truth behind the message.  Instead of answering what is 2 plus 2, the question will be:  what would you like it to be?  Does this bode that our future will be mainly about how to psyche our own ghosts?  If journalism has died, has ghost busting taken its place?

Takers vs. Providers

As I compare various points of difference among friends and relatives who are Democrats or Republicans, one point keeps recurring to such an extent that I begin to believe it may carry discriminating worth. I begin to think that the base for Democrats consists largely of those who view political movements as means for taking from those who have, while the base for Republicans consists of those who view political movements as means for improving society in general. The basic Democrat is interested in how he can Take, in order to increase his short term share of wealth, power, pleasure, and esteem. He often couches this under a duplicitous concern for fairness.  The basic Republican is interested in how the general system can be improved, in order to Provide greater long term opportunities to an ever wider base, including his progeny. He often couches this under faith that society and the planet are best employed to service liberty and dignity.  Thus, as to their bases, Democrats promote Takers, while Republicans promote Providers.  Regardless, I am hardly confident that this point of discrimination extends to the actual and effective leaders and controllers of either party.  Rather, among America's leaders, Producers seem to be losing to Looters.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Guider vs. Creator

If it is possible for the GOP to be serious, it needs to take a side step on religion. It needs to back away from assertions about God as Creator and move towards God as Reconciler, Synchronizer, or Guider. The notion of a Reconciler avails every moral or political aspect of which we need to make reference, while the notion of a Creator defies intelligible approach in any practical sense. Science has to do with that which is preset according to particular rules, and then deriving those rules. The hand of a Guider (as in evolution driven by consciousness rather than by creationism), behind rules that are preset, may be intuited, but, perhaps by definition, will not be scientifically shown.  At outset, is it not contradictory to suppose we should seek to use science to prove that science does not control science?  Or that we should seek to derive rules by which to find or control the source or controller of all the rules that bind us?

When people empathize regarding the sovereign will of the collective, they are, in effect, being open to intuitive moral guidance regarding how they should participate as the will behind the collective unfolds. This is what we do when we "lead from behind": try to intuit or discern the best direction, as it unfolds for the herd. Necessarily implied, but oft unstated, is the belief that there does abide a best direction, and that each of us participates with the conscious effort to move towards it. Each perspective of consciousness is attuned to seeking the best direction, as simply a different lens for one consciousness, by which to reconcile the unfolding of that direction. The various Good Books simply avail metaphors by which to relate to that effort. Thus, we are blessed with guidance from above, but there is no mortal prophet to whose will all others should be subjugated --- at least, not in any materially practical or scientific sense.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Of Sheep, Sheep Dogs, Black Sheep, Shepards, and Wolves

Of Tools and Cronies
(and of sheep, sheep dogs, black sheep, shepards, and wolves):

One may model at least five ways of approaching problems: (1) popular (sheep), (2) traditional (sheep dog), (3) prodigal (black sheep), (4) principled (shepard), and (5) crony (wolf).

Popular is exemplified by the herd (baa) approach: that which the herd is presently approving or thinking is in fashionable good taste. Traditional is exemplified by those who seek safety not in numbers but in the tried and true. Prodigal is exemplified by those who test and find limits (empiricists). Principled is exemplified by those who care more for consistency and truth (science and higher values), who have faith that principled thinking can best lead them or society to new and better insights for approaching unfolding problems. Crony is exemplified by opportunists who stand for nothing higher than their own immediate gratification.

These five categories often sort themselves out among several political persuasions:  Dino, Conserver of Liberty, and Rino. Insofar as their political approaches, Collectivists would be most attracted to the Popular approach, Isolationists to the Traditional approach, and Independents to the Principled approach.

A Populist who is independent of principles and still a leader would be an elite manipulator of easily balked or stampeded baa sheep.  Think of comedian cows (sinister clarabelles, aka dupes to make noise and cut opportunities from the herd for wolfish hedge fund artists).  Populists are uncomfortable with principles independent of the herd fashion of the day, and thus avail every opportunity to get high while castigating Principalists for hypocrisy.  They are very insecure without the approval of a support group and tend quickly to throw anyone who threatens the support group into the fiery pit (Madow was nearly overcome with tears upon hearing Stewart approve of her).  A Traditionalist is independent of change and slow to be manipulated or to receive insights; he will resist leaders except to help control minds of a similar bent. A Principalist, who is independent of the herd and not slow to sense need or advantage in change, will seek to increase learning and opportunity among similarly inclined thinkers.

Herd minded feelers (baa sheep, moo cows, rap lovers, and other Populists) and Collectivists tend to comprise the base for Dinos; Principle minded thinkers and Independents tend to comprise the base for Conservers of Liberty; Tradition minded, slow to change Isolationists tend to sway back and forth between Dinos and Conservatives. So, then, who are the Rinos? The Rinos are the crony wolves and international bankers and corporatists --- who have no loyalty to the herd, to tradition, or to principles. Their loyalty is to the NWO --- so long as they expect it will reward fellow cronies and mafiosi.  As things stand, Principle minded Conservers of Liberty tend to be marginalized and unrepresented.  This is because Dinos and Rinos have perfected the financing and propaganda to keep the pretense going that they represent principled thinkers.

For Crony Capitalism to impose a new world syndicate, two things are needed:  (1) an institution run by cronies for controlling worldwide banking, and (2) a culture for mentoring each succeeding generation of replacement cronies.  The U.S. provides (1) in the form of the Fed; China provides (2) in the form of a nationwide hierarchy of corrupt cronyism.  Nearly everything that is happening in the world politically is about rebalancing the relations between (1) and (2).  Ask:  In every significant venture and rebalancing, who benefits more than China?  The NWO is not allowing American pols to look after American interests.  Everything is about creating vacuums to allow Chinese cronies to fill.  Reducing Iraq helped China, not America.  Choking American energy production helps China, not America.  Free trade helps China, not America.  Flooding America's borders helps China, not America.  In many cases, Western tolerance of Islam helps China, not America.  When it becomes necessary to put the Islamic spider back in its bottle,  that will be readily done by China, not America.

This game is so far down the road that not even real Americans are likely to be able to reverse it, even when they finally wake up to it.  At most, we will go down in glory, if not in whimpers.  If government of, by, and for the people must temporarily perish from earth, we will at least preserve it in our ideals.


NOTE:  Is not a feeler, in his empathy, an effective thinker?  Moreover, is he not principled, in respect of his empathy for the collective, i.e., his culture or country? So, in respect of what forms or ways of thinking should principles of empathy and of law or mores best be RECONCILED? One ought not say that all feelers of the weal of the collective fail to think or lead, nor that all thinkers regarding the best principles for the collective fail to feel. How then ought instinctive feelers and articulate thinkers reconcile, in a bipartisan way, so as to combine the best of the principled and the empathetic? How ought a liberty loving nation find common ground with the rest of the world order? Why should any particular nation lay down, to allow itself to be replaced by any other less-than-holistic nation? Why should any particular way of living allow itself to be replaced by “progress”? Why should conservers of liberty lay down to allow themselves to be replaced by elitist managers of collectives?

Our philosophies, formulas, and urgings regarding substance, empiricism, logic, and math seem always, when restricted to themselves, to lead to an UNRECONCILED incompleteness.  Indeed, one begins to suspect that --- for every conscious event and experience --- the potential, unfolding shapeliness, context, desireability, and quality of interpretation depends upon how each Independent perspective happens to interfunction as it seeks its reconciliation with the Collective.  Bottom line: Absent inculcation of respect for a caring and reconciling Meta Source, we seem less likely to sustain hope and inclination for pursuing meaningful reconciliation and cooperation among competing perspectives.