Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conscience or Caeser

Force of Conscience or Caeser:

Is the force of government so different from the force of an alliance of private interests or corporations? Government professes to be in the general interest, while a private alliance professes to be in the interest only of its alliance. Such alliance, by pushing de facto industry standards, may enhance efficiency even as it erects barriers to keep out would be competitors. Eventually, such alliance of cronies, by bribing officials, may push for government to help it erect barriers. At that point, much of government will have become owned by cronies, and the electorate will be divided between those who are farmed by the rules and those who farm the rules. Mindless force, either by government or by consortiums of private interests, evolves and organizes, to drive out the freedom and dignity of individuals. Organizations of consortiums of business and municipal corporations are not, in themselves, conscious, but they do find and follow grooves, almost purposefully, even if blindly. So, the question: Is insistence on small government really that important, considering that the abuses of private consortiums would fill many of the same holes?

Well, there is this: At least, with less governmental regulation, an independent citizenry can trade labor and talent with less fear that the community will make them outlaws. Further, a citizenry educated to remain passionately vigilant of its need to keep Caesar down to size will be freer to enlist its talents towards such charities and enterprises as tend to be more conducive to tenders’ purposes. Unless propped up by crony-bribed government, or by a spider web of international cronies, those private consortiums that grow set in their ways, away from innovation and deeper into co-dependent barrier-raising, will fall, in due time, from accumulation of too much protection of deadwood.  When government is propped up by webs of cronies, the web of control not only tightens, but tightens under cover of pretending to be looking out for us.

To reduce the globally unsustainable amount of "political warming" (hot air), it's an ideal worth respecting to assign government to no more than is fundamentally necessary in order to sustain a decent society or nation – meaning a nation whose leaders respect that it becomes a debilitating habit for citizens to clamor for entitlements, that are to be enforced by useful idiots and users of useful idiots. Problem is: Once the greater number of the voting citizenry no longer holds dear such ideal, the protection of unsustainable rot and corruption accumulates exponentially. Then, it’s once again back through the wilderness, all the way back to bondage.

Americans' existential crisis consists in this: We've slept while most of our institutions of education and governance have been gathered into consortiums for propping up corrupts and stupids, and for crowning them as if they were saints and geniuses. In almost magical pretense (such as via conversions and calculations by economists and accountants), we actually translate such proppings into “material facts,” so we can pretend to add up progress, production, or “value” – as some sort of GDP. Indeed, we may have slept too long! If so, we can at least strive to bury a record here and there, for a future generation to rediscover from the ashes, as a caution not to ignore meta-facts that endure for the ages.

Moral consciousness seems to follow a sort of pilgrim’s progress, such that the feedback and burden of stupidity seems essential in order to teach us to value anything that's more worthwhile or permanent. Is there anything more permanent than a mountain, and less material than a whisper? I think there is. However, it won’t be found in “facts” of dialectic materialism. Rather, it will be found in the apprehension that all of materialism consists of various expressions of a trick of Three Card Monty, derivative of an empathetic dance of digitally signed feedback between holistic Consciousness and its various and particular perspectives. (The Higgs Boson may better be modeled not as a material particle, but as a mathematical constraint on what we presume to be, or function as if they were, material particles.)

Consciousness abides with the interrelations of God and perspectives; Empathy abides with the qualitatively immeasurable upshots of such interrelations; Matter is the derivative and digitally measurable afterglow of such interrelations of holistic and perspectivistic Consciousness; and Morality abides in our various valuations of empathy. As consciousness leads us to value civilization that avails decent expression and communication among free individuals, so shall we be guided by such idealization. Meantime, all perspectives of consciousness journey as pilgrims.


There abide fundamental choices about how one should view the world.  A religious fascist (Islamist) idealizes that, by making this world a hell for others, he can make a world to come into his ideal; that is, a religious fascist tries to subjugate others in order to make himself higher.  A materialist (Marxist) tries to idealize the world to make it fit what he considers himself to be entitled to; that is, a materialist considers that he is the higher consciousness.  An idealist (traditional American) tries to form himself to fit what his senses and insights tell him should be his ideals; that is, an idealist tries to fit himself to higher consciousness.  If one can discern a person's fundamental orientation (or mix thereof), one may better predict how such person will interpret his "facts."


Anonymous said...

When it comes to defining and enforcing principles, blueblood Rinos are about as impotent as Marxist Dinos. Both kinds of Ainos are good at calculating what other people should do, in order to make life good for Ainos. When you change the ox being gored, neither kind of Aino can defend principles. Indeed, in many ways they are allied, even sponsored by some of the same crony money, which knows when to buy insurance when playing 21. Their impotency when it comes to principles is precisely why they are both so abhorrent of anything that smacks of individual independence and the kind of family values that are requisite to sustain decent civilization. For conservers of small government and decent civilization to expect to be able to turn events by alternatively choosing between such Ainos, whose main differences consist in packaging and clientele, is precisely the kind of insanity that has brought our citizenry as a whole to where we are. The question you gotta ask yourself is, Do you like what you see? Well, do you? Just keep falling for the Aino line: We've gotta hold our noses and promote Rinos, because only they can defeat Dinos ... and those Dinos are so bad. Sarc. Flash: Rinos are fronting for the selling and cannibalizing of America every bit as fast as Dinos. When historians compare the Bush's against Clinton and Obama, which side will be found to have pushed America furtherest towards disaster? Which side most empowered international cronies, insulted our borders, corrupted our currency, hocked our nation, shipped out our industry, intruded over states' rights, and pushed more Big Brother intrusions against families? Simply put, the kind of Americans who founded and defended America are no longer welcome or represented. Until we figure that out, nothing will get done.

Anonymous said...

We must find our next Reagan. Meanwhile, count on the Aino Alliance to spend money big time to lay snares. Unprincipled Bluebloods can be counted on to play the good cop for a corrupt cop alliance. If we don't learn more about the enemy, we will not avoid being shot in the back. Translation: Years more of the picture of Dorian Gray grinning back at us.