Friday, May 13, 2011

Trading Freedom for Informational Organization

Ain't it great how libertines find nothing to be alarmed about, when Rap Crap fills the culture and is celebrated in the White House? Yup, all America needs is some young Rinos to revise the Beatles' "Love is all you need" into "Fiscal conservatism is all you need." I guess a balanced budget law and a return to the gold standard are all America really needs. Not! What allowed America to flourish were borders that were not merely for constraining the govenment to its budget, but also to constrain America to policies of immigration and assimilation that would defend the nation's territory, morality, family, culture, and industry.

Now is the winter of our malice of information. Like organisms of biology, organisms of technology seem to turn and feed on themselves. The more our lives and decision making processes are supposedly eased by information organizing technology, the deeper those who man the reprocessing hierarchy are called upon to eat and reorganize our information. The result is often far from happiness or practical efficiency, and much closer to flash passions of presentation. More and more, we are being pressed into service for internationally-politically-correct bureaucrats. In such a system, the fittest for survival and promotion become the most malicious of eaters of details that are devoid of nutritional value. Executives running public agencies with billion dollar budgets are so watched that they become afraid to allow approval of minor expenditures that deviate in the slightest from bureaucratic regimentation. This soul-sucking system eventually turns all into blind slaves of a dead, pagan ideal of worthless, hierarchical oversight.

The information age seems not to be making us happier or smarter, but to be making us more cynical and meaner. Go back 35 years or more and compare the lifestyles of a typical American couple at age 35 with a similar couple today. Parents today must go to school longer, to learn less, to be less happy, to hold jobs that pay less in real dollars. Should we blame some immutable law of information-eating-information? or should we blame ourselves for having slept while crony, Obamalithic lilliputians have strapped down the American Gulliver, leaving us with neither privacy nor freedom to produce?

What could be better to pull the strings from the top down than an international, oligarchical party of Crony Marxist Capitalists, lying and operating at once under several loosely aligned fronts (Dino, Rino, Islamo)? Once all the strings are pulled good and tight, so that unregulated privacy is rendered obsolete, will anyone really have the Commune, Utopia, or Umma he was always taught to want? Until the strings are tight, too few can notice; once the strings are tight, who can escape? America desperately needs to elect conservers of liberty, who will defend the inextricably intertwined borders of an idealized America --- meaning borders that are territorial, moral, familial, cultural, and industrial. Although our chances are slim in practice, we can at least keep alive the ideal, so that some happy few might escape the black hole that shadows the unchecked pursuit of soulless, Marxist enslavement to a digitally intertwined world for a crony, one party totalitarianism.


Anonymous said...

Yup, Bill Clinton wants an independent agency to censor the internet. Really independent. Except not independent of international cronies who would run it. Brilliant. If you're a wise guy. How about a better idea: Put your rotten mitts on top of the table, where we can see them. Or, instead of hiring elitists to ensure proles get proper rations of pure Pravda, how about educating them in American exceptionalism and how to think for themselves? Nah. That would ruin the game of blaming the establishment while robbing the economy blind. Shyster is too good a word for this American Rasputin. He won't rest until America is done for. Check out his recent interview with Chris Wallace. Clinton wants to use his influence to "give back." Well, it all depends on what your definition of giving back is.

What do we want to raise, to "give back," in the garden that is America? If facts are fertilizer for our ambitions, then the orientation from which we interpret facts affects our dispositions. Are we disposed to produce a ball of drug crazed, sex addled zombies, or do we want to produce a next generation of decent human beings? Once we produce a generation of co-dependent collectivists and money-printing zombies, hope for anything better is likely lost. But dependent zombies are the base with which Ainos want to fill our electorate. To my intuition, it's more than mere opinion that the orientation that colors each interpretation of facts becomes a substantial and self fulfilling part of the facts that govern our relations. Call that meta fact. In any event, meta inclinations are deeply tied to facts we sew on the ground. It would be well to consider, as a matter of fact, how the drumbeat for instant gratification is dissolving hope for sustainable, decent civilization. The meta fact is, the "man from Hope" and the man from hopey-change want to "give back." That is to say: Let them control our sources of information, and let them make us dependent upon them, and they will give back ... eternal servitude ... to them and their likes.

Anonymous said...

In nature, predators mark their territory and then war against rivals who dare intrude. Predators don't tend to venture into gardens whose inhabitants are uninviting or hostile to outsider modes of predation. The lesson to a tribe that watches one of its own, as an outsider, venture into new territory and get slayed, tends to be to keep out. However, Obama,et al, insinuated themselves into power by feigning that there are no such things as outsiders. So, now the garden of America is wet with competing tribes of outsiders. Now, we have rampant competition among various, unassimilated tribes of new invitees. So, there is no "keep out" lesson that can be taught by assasinating leaders among these new tribes. Rather, until a new hierarchy is securely defined, there will be inter-tribal predations of opportunity.

Traditional Americans have foolishly invited entire, warring tribes into their garden, and now must either watch or participate as these new tribes war to restore some balance of nature. Example: Had a traditional American power structure slayed Osama, a lesson might have been taught. Coming from the Obama power structure, the lesson is more likely an invitation to a power contest. Like Obama said, he means to fundamentally change the garden of America. Those who thought he meant a free redistribution of entitlements will instead get a free wake up call. There are no free entitlements; only balances of predation.

Anonymous said...

Say you're a power player, playing a sick, twisted game to get yuks by testing limits for alternating hedges, controls, and squeezes over the pawns and peons of the world. Given enough control over institutions of finance, media, and academia, just imagine the sort of Stockman syndromes you could manipulate. You don't have to be the brains to be boss. Give enough control to the exit muscle for the digestive system, to allow you to back things up to the point of extreme discomfort, and whatever controls that muscle necessarily becomes boss. Hell, you can even get people to love Big Brother, for allowing occasional respites from pain. You can even turn people into radicals for your cause, as in the case of Patty Hearst. In this day and age, there is little to prevent such experiments from advancing to the level of respectable science. You thought Nazi science was over? Check out Obama: Choke down allowances to produce energy. Then allot relief to favored cronies. Then repeat as necessary. Just look at how revered this model has made Allah ... to billions of sad sacks. Now, the money grubbing human secularists are playing the same game, at their own meta level. Sad sacks will fall all over themselves to vote for this. Mmm mmm mmm.