Sunday, January 25, 2015

Abysmals v. Seekers

What we have today is support by nearly every significant State and political institution of Abysmals over Seekers.  Down over Up. So divided, it is no surprise that middle class conservatives have become so neutered in terms of political funding and judicial support.

Consider:  Even assuming global warming, climate change, and environmental pollution are valid concerns, why are all the proposals made by elites and their followers so ridiculous and counterproductive? An obvious solution to materials out of balance is to wean the world towards a smaller human population.  So why, if elites are not corrupt and their followers are not stupid, do they move production to nations with dirtier factories? Why do all the proposed solutions seem bent to promote even more power by the corrupt and the ignorant over the decent and faithful?  Why are our borders broken to the point of incenting and inviting third world breeders and Muslims?  The unescapable implication is that our elites and their followers lust far more for power and pleasure than they seek sustainability, fairness, or enlightenment.

What can rebalance the sway of an alliance of corrupt elites and their ignorant and cheaply bribed followers?  Without some inspiration higher than greed, pleasure, pain and fear, we have no chance. Can the Source of such inspiration be real, or must it be mere additional misdirection for nefarious purposes?  In a sense, we become what we hope and believe, what we seek and sanctify.   If we choose to sanctify depravity and deceit, we will reap it.  If we choose to disrespect middle class families and individual independence, we will promote a boot of greed and lust against every throat. 

Our choice is not a quantitative choice between left and right or totalitarianism and anarchy, for there is no pure version of either.  Our choice is a qualitative choice for a spiritually evolving framework that can help us seek either to foster gangster corruption (Marx and Mohammad) or individual responsibility and dignity (Jefferson and Jesus).  Between sociopathic down (Abysmals) and spiritual up (Seekers).

An obvous check and balance against the well funded alliance of the corrupt and the ignorant would abide in un-neutered churches and local schools.  Once gov was used to cast God out of them, the path was cleared for the worst among us to divide and rule us. As we come to forsake, discredit, and expel belief in spiritual values of faith, family, and fidelity, so shall we embrace the spiritual degeneration of evil, despair, and false equivocation and deconstruction by a thousand ceremonies of legalism.  So shall our corrupting markets and crony media, unguided by popular deference to any assimilating faith, come to fund and promote the worst of deceivers and manipulators to campaign to divide and rule us.  Every gay and gaia legalism of the corrupt and visionless faithless is being shaped and contrived to replace all families with the rule of the most hideous.  Well funded Abysmals are misdirecting and using our best intentions against Seekers.


Problem:  How can we get gov off our backs, if we need gov to regulate or dissolve salad bowl multiculturalism, to help us assimilate?  Once we let diversity get out of hand, how now can we smelt it without gov?  How can we melt pockets of Sharia without gov that can outlaw its depredations?


All possible things do "happen," but in image-ination, not in man-ifestation.  In manifestation is where perspectives of consciousness feed back, to avail unfolding, creative renormalization and reconciliation.  Manifestation avails appreciation; imagination avails apprehension.  Not all that is apprehended to the imagination of a perspective is processed into appreciaton of manifestation by that perspective.  Because all possible things happen in imagination, imagination is more encompassing than manifestation.  An infinity of possibilities abides in Mind, not in measured manifestation.  Imagining an infinity of actual manifestatons of possible worlds is a trick for deluding a scientifically measuring bent or perspective of mind to believe that mind is not the encompassment, instead to believe a subjective delusion:  That an Objective Reality abides that is somehow "really" more than a renormalized reconciliation of Subjective Mind.

What may reasonably be intuited, concerning the character or qualitative properties of a Holism that seems to evidence capacity to sponsor an unfolding expression of a system of measurable manifestations?  What may reasonably be intuited, concerning measurable manifestations that are continuously and contextually renormalized and reconciled, in accordance with rules that are interpretable as applying in common to every point of potential perspective and recordation?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

List of Obama's "Accomplishments"

List of Obama's "Accomplishments":

1) Race -- inflamed racial animosities and divided Americans. (

2) Diversity -- failed to confront multicultural arguments that keep America divided into SCZ zones; has deemed gov-regulated redistributive equality (worldwide) more important than productive jobs. (

3) Culture -- fomented culture that condones replacing can-do manliness with metrosexual wussy whininess; has sissified children by deploying gay defenders against "bullying" people for inappropriate pda's. (;; Mimi's Moms | Teaching Tolerance; Pop Culture Has Made Us A Nation Of Wusses)

4) Drugs -- promoted chooming as cool. (

5) Health Care -- Lied and lied and lied.

6) Grooming Children -- (

7) Family -- failed to discourage the replacement of the family with the central gov, thinks central gov is not big enough; has helped to de-define marriage and to profane family friendly mores. (;

8) Morality -- promotedlying, conniving, baiting, bribing, prostituting. (;

9) Demographics -- has helped to condition lofos and livs to accept shallow sound bites in place of good faith investigations and responsible parenting and voting; promoted welfare breeding in cities of irresponsible people who make themselves burdens on decent society; has deployed non-democratic means to try to turn Texas demographics blue (;

10) Spiritual -- has profaned the Golden Rule by lying about and promoting Islam as a "religion of peace". (;

11) Human -- has undermined individual freedom and dignity to provide security by collectivizing metro-masses under the rule of crony fascists, at home and abroad. (;

12) Economic -- has continued converting the nation to a two-class society; has grossly increased national indebtedness; has continues the trend of exporting growth and good jobs abroad. (
13) Jobs -- moved economy to 30 hour work weeks at lower paying jobs. (

14) Inefficiency -- has replaced productive jobs with boondoggling gov incentives and redistributions (

15) Debt -- has done nothing to reduce gov spending or to convert more workers to effective private employment. (Central bank prophet fears QE warfare pushing world financial system out of control - Telegraph)

16) Immigration -- failed to enforce borders; enticed third-world border jumpers. (

17) Law Enforcement -- resorted frequently to using IRS and FBI as thug inciters and enforcers on behalf of race baiters and cronies. (;

18) National -- continued converting nation from a free republic to a crony ruled collective. (;

19) Governmental -- continued undermining of checks and balances and separation of powers by appointing judges who rule based on "empathy" and by usurping power with executive "pen," thereby agglomerating ever more power to the central gov. (;

20) Spying on Americans -- continued measures for increasing spying and dossiers on all people, including Americans; continued efforts to disarm and neuter Americans; continued to build agencies that force Americans to capitulate to gov threats and controls (

21) Environmental -- continued regulating and taxing to promote transition to environmental depredations (such as bird killing wind farms and mercury based light bulbs) and inefficiencies that in cumulative effect increase environmental insults (by incenting the exporting of jobs to unregulated third world countries, that then kickback to corrupt domestic politicians). (

22) Space -- (

23) National Defense -- continued replacing generals with crony apologists, hacks, dhimmis, and metrosexual promoters; armed ISIS via Benghazi; kills insurgents in preference to capturing them for intelligence gathering purposes; stupid ROE's; failed in will to try and fry enemy savages who act beyond the Geneva Convention. (; No Charges, No Trials, No Closure: Obama Quietly Frees Guantánamo Prisoners)

24) World -- continued to inflame world; told Mubarek time to go, resulting in MB empowerment; promised "flexibility" to Putin; seems to have green lighted nukes for Iran (;

SO ... what Prog will Dems run for Prezy in 2016 who will be different in any substantively significant way? With which of Obama's insults to ordinary Americans does Hillary take issue? If any, why has she not previously spoken up? And, what Rino will do anything to actually represent the American Ideal of individual liberty or the fundamental import of the middle class?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Stuff Happens

Commie atheists seem to dislike Jews because believing Jews believe in a reconciling godhead. Perhaps Muslims dislike Jews because they laughed at Muhammad, and they do not see God as a revenge-maddened monster. Commies would rather believe in an infinity of parallel, universal bubbles than in a providential reconciler that determines choices.

How does the reconciler determine choices? The possibilities seem to be:  Everything that is possible occurs in some world. Or some kind of preset random generator effects determinations within a closed bubble, in respect of which complex forms evolve in a process of replicative competition. Or existence implicates a Reconciling Being.

The emotional makeup of the people who deem themselves assured that no Reconciling Being abides seems to value not having anyone tell them what they should do with themselves, even though, behind cover of scientism, they reserve a claim to tell everyone else what they should do with themselves.

Whatever the determiner of choices among possibilities, I see no proof or even good reason to believe that its character, nature, or name is, "Stuff Happens." As to math and randomness: Statistics and geometry are branches of math. Whatever happens within a conservational system must of course accord with the maths of its conservation. Whatever the character or nature of the source-essence-reconciler and its determinations and predeterminations, they will of course abide by such math as is requisite to their conservational unfolding. Within God's system, nothing is expressed that is not consistent with conservation and unfolding renormalization. Whatever God chooses, man's understanding of statistics will approve.

In any event, neither a concept of multiple universes nor a concept of God is an "explanation" that is subject to quantitative proof as opposed to intuitive reason. The disadvantage of reviling a concept of a Caring Reconciler is that it pretends either that objective science should quantitatively determine our moral values or that each person "should" do as he can or will --- even though people who believe in a purely quantitative system of causation that is closed to qualitative apprehension can show no basis in purely objective science for why anything should be or be done. They are like children, spoiled of capacity to reason or appreciate beyond their quantitatives and their personal pleasures.

So, why are Jews often reviled? I think Muslims revile Jews for not having surrendered their humanity, as every craven Muslim is required to do. Commies revile believing Jews for not bowing to their elite scientists and social economists. Spoiled hedonists revile Jews for holding some traditions higher than immediate gratifications. Some people who think they are pure scientists revile all god believers for not being indoctrinated enough in the morally-stunting and unprovable idea of multiple separate and closed universes. Some Christians revile Jews out of a perverse reading of the Bible. As to some JINOs who are loyal to tribe but not to God or nation or American Ideals --- they can be reviled without bringing religion or anti-semiticism into it. Through all of this hatred and jealousy, the faithful Jew abides. Jews --- Imagine the world of corrupti and ignoranti without them.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Spiritual Protoplasm

The brain seems like a self programming protoplasm, like an expression of an even more fundamental, spiritual kind of protoplasm.  As if the world were the expression of a reconciler of self programming programs.  As if such were the building blocks for all interpretations, representations, and manifestations of the world.