Sunday, January 25, 2015

Abysmals v. Seekers

What we have today is support by nearly every significant State and political institution of Abysmals over Seekers.  Down over Up. So divided, it is no surprise that middle class conservatives have become so neutered in terms of political funding and judicial support.

Consider:  Even assuming global warming, climate change, and environmental pollution are valid concerns, why are all the proposals made by elites and their followers so ridiculous and counterproductive? An obvious solution to materials out of balance is to wean the world towards a smaller human population.  So why, if elites are not corrupt and their followers are not stupid, do they move production to nations with dirtier factories? Why do all the proposed solutions seem bent to promote even more power by the corrupt and the ignorant over the decent and faithful?  Why are our borders broken to the point of incenting and inviting third world breeders and Muslims?  The unescapable implication is that our elites and their followers lust far more for power and pleasure than they seek sustainability, fairness, or enlightenment.

What can rebalance the sway of an alliance of corrupt elites and their ignorant and cheaply bribed followers?  Without some inspiration higher than greed, pleasure, pain and fear, we have no chance. Can the Source of such inspiration be real, or must it be mere additional misdirection for nefarious purposes?  In a sense, we become what we hope and believe, what we seek and sanctify.   If we choose to sanctify depravity and deceit, we will reap it.  If we choose to disrespect middle class families and individual independence, we will promote a boot of greed and lust against every throat. 

Our choice is not a quantitative choice between left and right or totalitarianism and anarchy, for there is no pure version of either.  Our choice is a qualitative choice for a spiritually evolving framework that can help us seek either to foster gangster corruption (Marx and Mohammad) or individual responsibility and dignity (Jefferson and Jesus).  Between sociopathic down (Abysmals) and spiritual up (Seekers).

An obvous check and balance against the well funded alliance of the corrupt and the ignorant would abide in un-neutered churches and local schools.  Once gov was used to cast God out of them, the path was cleared for the worst among us to divide and rule us. As we come to forsake, discredit, and expel belief in spiritual values of faith, family, and fidelity, so shall we embrace the spiritual degeneration of evil, despair, and false equivocation and deconstruction by a thousand ceremonies of legalism.  So shall our corrupting markets and crony media, unguided by popular deference to any assimilating faith, come to fund and promote the worst of deceivers and manipulators to campaign to divide and rule us.  Every gay and gaia legalism of the corrupt and visionless faithless is being shaped and contrived to replace all families with the rule of the most hideous.  Well funded Abysmals are misdirecting and using our best intentions against Seekers.


Problem:  How can we get gov off our backs, if we need gov to regulate or dissolve salad bowl multiculturalism, to help us assimilate?  Once we let diversity get out of hand, how now can we smelt it without gov?  How can we melt pockets of Sharia without gov that can outlaw its depredations?


All possible things do "happen," but in image-ination, not in man-ifestation.  In manifestation is where perspectives of consciousness feed back, to avail unfolding, creative renormalization and reconciliation.  Manifestation avails appreciation; imagination avails apprehension.  Not all that is apprehended to the imagination of a perspective is processed into appreciaton of manifestation by that perspective.  Because all possible things happen in imagination, imagination is more encompassing than manifestation.  An infinity of possibilities abides in Mind, not in measured manifestation.  Imagining an infinity of actual manifestatons of possible worlds is a trick for deluding a scientifically measuring bent or perspective of mind to believe that mind is not the encompassment, instead to believe a subjective delusion:  That an Objective Reality abides that is somehow "really" more than a renormalized reconciliation of Subjective Mind.

What may reasonably be intuited, concerning the character or qualitative properties of a Holism that seems to evidence capacity to sponsor an unfolding expression of a system of measurable manifestations?  What may reasonably be intuited, concerning measurable manifestations that are continuously and contextually renormalized and reconciled, in accordance with rules that are interpretable as applying in common to every point of potential perspective and recordation?


Anonymous said...

Obama has corrupt billionaires as accomplices. There is no sin that they, with control over the liberal mindset, believe they cannot paper over. Indeed, with their control, nearly all publicity can be turned into good publicity. Say a person were a small time scumbag, reviled by everyone and with no redeeming traits. If such a one became a billionaire's project of interest, imagine the money and the following that could be made from book and appearance deals. Under a billionaire's sponsorship and an elitist's repackaging, imagine the tickets that could be sold to meet Che Guevara or Charlie Manson. A lot of youth and groupies would swoon. ObamaGirl could be CheGirl. Especially with good shoes and a cool t-shirt. Stalin would be cooler than the Stones and Sympathy for the Devil.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the gullibility of the typical metrosexual. Soros doesn't. He funded Ferguson and promoted Sharpton. Sharpton has visited the Whitehouse nearly a hundred times. Divisive race baiting is calculated. People are being seeded and farmed. Their seeds are made soft for farming by public education and crony media. Many churches have joined the procession. Many are on board with gov replacing them for disbursing "charity." To what do decent people turn to preserve their self respect?

[Edit: A lot of people are fascinated by con artists, salesmen, tv preachers, and trial advocates. They WANT to learn how to inspire as well as mislead people. They are willing to be conned by rock star cons so they can themselves become better cons. This is part of the human condition and it is not entirely avoidable. The ONLY thing that can temper it is receptivity to higher assimilated values. In that, however, our schools, churches, and respected leaders are callously and corruptly failing us. In exalting evil, it is no wonder that many people have turned from respect for Jesus and instead have embraced Mohammad, Che, Marx, Obama, and Elmer Gantry.]

Anonymous said...

We have had generations raised on entitlements. Shoes and fashion for progwomen. Fantasy for femimen. Comic book artists, entitlement baiters, and fantasy writers have become near billionaires. Their admirers have zero understanding of reality. Zero vision. When crotch grabbing Michael Jackson thrilled the metrosexuals as a machobadass and when Moore, Jon Liebowitz, Bieber, Spears, Cyrus, Hilton, Kardashian, and Dunham became exemplars -- that's when America became Neverland for Eternal Twinkies.

The admirers of these people have as much chance of growing up as Obama has. Slim or none. They will have to rot out. Imagine taking one of them by the hand, even at age 21, to try out for the volunteer military. Very few of them would be accepted. Except in appealing to fellow squealers, they have no practical talent or discipline. They are not just unemployed. Except for welfare or makework, they are unemployable. They will not be rehabilitated in a single lifetime. I doubt a crash will jump start America. We have simply taken on board too much rot. In previous challenges, we had assimilated faith in God, ourselves, and our families to fall back on. Now, we have a laughingstock: Big Gov Stashman. Keynes has risen as Santa Claus.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fascist Mengele is force feeding a prescription for a two class world. "Check your white privilege" is code, meaning abandon hope all ye of the middle class. Give up your pretensions of advancing through individual merit, talent, and energy. Embrace welfare for the able bodied -- the slick road to gross corruption. The more the corruption, the more the rationalization of gov connivery and people farming, the more the way is paved for the "new" world system of feudal plantations. Our godless masters and their brownshirts have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Decent civilization cannot be founded on faithless deconstruction of families and decomposition of cultural fidelities. As the political-economic way up for the non-sell-out middle class is blocked, so also is the way blocked for the transmission of decent mores through the generations. Our leaders connive to hoodwink followers by appealing to their basest appetites instead of inspiring them to reach for their better angels. As our "objective indexes" are polluted with contrived statistics, classes of corruption and ignorance will control speech with political correctness that can only pleasure them for a short time before it spills most everyone's guts. Alas, Babylon.

Anonymous said...

Which viable candidate inspires me with cause to care? It's getting harder to believe that what we do has much relevance to gov, or that what gov does is relevant to much that we do. As more people are retired from the work force, and as their gov listens less and less to them, more and more people will just do what they want, regardless of gov. People will jump the borders, file fake claims for benefits, and take advantage of those who are weak in mind and body. Those who act responsibly will be told to check their white privilege. Gangsterism will flourish. Survivors will stockpile. Gov backed gangs will punish hoarders. Drones will monitor. People will lash out and destroy drones and monitors. Pols will make corrupt promises. People will not believe them. As people lose faith in God or one another, they will secede -- individually or in tribes or states.

Our upper class has broken faith with God and man. Our middle class is being farmed and neutered. Our lower class is misdirected, spoiled, addicted and helpless. Most will do as they want and are able. Progs who talk most about feelings will have feelings for no one but themselves. People who make fairy promises will be ignored or tarred. Survivors will live in interesting times. As conditions worsen, they may ripen for caravan raiders who justify themselves in supernatural hallucinations. As the devil divides, he rules and never sleeps.

Anonymous said...

The profs and book writers who educate our youth tend to live under astonishingly naive assumptions. So long as the education of our youth is entrusted to such people, it will be a slog to recover common sense. I'm listening to the audible book, A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy, by Robert Goodin and Philip Pettit. It's a serviceable compendium of many of the political ideas of a lot of thinkers. Towards the end, however, there is offered an assumption whose ramifications seem not especially well thought out: An assumption that youth of today who despair of not having important protest causes of the 1960's are in fact availed of even more pressing and obvious concerns to which to devote themselves.

The assumption is that people who are rich in inheritance, wealth, health, self esteem, connections, opportunities and credit have a duty or responsibility to spread such advantages around, for no other reason than that many people are very poor in all such concerns. Shades of Obamanation!

While I am certainly not against empathy or redistribution, I think such concerns are best based on additional factors, instead of being assumed to be entitlements. Common sense factors of guidance that should be accorded more consideration include:

- Don't assume that reducing poverty and increasing power and wealth of everyone, including unappreciative cronies and bums, is never a net bad thing.
- Don't hoodwink naive college kids with simplistic ideas of good, gov-forced redistribution.
- Don't turn "human rights" into a fraud for siphoning riches among cronies and despots.
- Don't bend a free republic to the rule of wealth-spreading, teary-eyed crocodiles who are looking more to enserf labor than to spread human security or liberty.
- Don't tax good and productive people and societies in order to enrich despots, sloths, and incorrigible banana republics.
- Don't solidify never-dying marriages of competition-stifling cronies and bureaucratic drones.
- Don't rush to spread industries from clean factories to pollution-spreading, low-standard, serf markets.
- Don't turn the world into a two class sewer of cronies and serfs.
- Don't encourage any notion that the world owes anyone a living.
- Put priority on private enterprise, and use gov, education, and spiritual guidance to constrain enterprise only to check oligarchs from agglomerating excessive crony control over the politics of the republic.
- Encourage entrepreneurs to spread know-how, but check them from selling out or kicking back graft concerning any republic's collective labor, resources, or defense technologies.
- Rely on human self interest and natural private empathies to spread wealth and health, more so than tax-forced, gov-fascism under crony-despots.
- Don't lead churches to colonize govs for charitable purposes.
- Elevate meta-moral philosophy for individuals over tax-funded and politically-enforced collective philosophy.
- Don't empower cronies to force taxpayers to spread "charity" to societies controlled by despots and vig-taking cronies.
- Don't assume any system of components can be tinkered with, while keeping relations among other parts constant or the same.
- Don't be a dumas, naive, or corrupt elitist.

Unfortunately, such factors of common sense seem in main to be lost to most of our colleges, profs, and students, who are anxious to earn credit for devoting themselves to protest causes.

Anonymous said...

The calculations of interest to crony billionaires relate not to lives lost or ruined, but to how financial benefit can be finagled. No one becomes a made billionaire without cracking a few eggs. They are looking for political horses to back, and truth will be the first casualty in the media they control. Whatever horse they want for a figurehead, that horse will be assured that their financial institutions will have hisherits 6. Indeed, the a s s chosen as their horse will hardly need do more than read as instructed from totus. No horse will pass entry who does not show complete servitude to hisherits master, whose name tends not to be spoken.

While politics is important, decent civilization is more important. Ways need to be found to impose decent, sustainable balance against billionaire rentiers and souls sold to Satan, who take by hedging off stirred up evil. Once Texas is turned blue, the American Dream will give way to nightmare.

Anonymous said...

I really want to see a campaign ad that shows Hillary's oldies and goodies.

Quotes ("Just Words"):

- We came, we saw, he died.
- What difference at this point does it make?
- I have to confess that it's crossed my mind that you could not be a Republican and a Christian.
- Who is trying to find out? These women are trash. Nobody's going to believe them.
- I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president.

Anonymous said...

I think we realize Inhumanity cannot be good because we intuit (despite frequent denials and rebellions) an innate role for the Reconciler -- even without formal instruction. It's beyond me to appreciate in any specificity how our situation could be otherwise. Even vaunted atheists cannot, without fracking into discordant personalities, avoid choosing a moral code of some kind. Deny God howsoever they will, they cannot avoid deference to some notion of a meta Source of mores, however cognitively dissonant it may be conceptualized to be.

That the Reconciler is a personal God is evident in that every observation, recordation, and experience is renormalized to an individual perspective that is communicable within a shared context. No individual participant is given to perceive, measure or record the "real" end of the cosmos (or even of a rainbow).

Rather, we are availed to tinker. We do not peek at the cosmos without it peeking back. We do not think or laugh about the cosmos without it guiding our thoughts and laughing back. We can be happy soldiers. When we want God to laugh, we can offer Him our plans instead of our prayers. Or, if we want to be indecent, we can make Obama our intercessor for praying to a manmade faux god, i.e., the state.

Anonymous said...

Caught between the Chicago North Side and the Chicago South Side, how do we tell which one is the enemy?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people don't think in abstractions. They think in linear absolutes. They think one can make "progress" towards infinity. They need and feel safer with authorities giving them authoritarian rules, and then conditioning to them. Thinking too much leads to uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. It's easier simply to pledge to a chief-priest-elitist. So, pledge to elitist history. No, to biology. No, to physics. No, to free trade. No, to philosophy of grand cycles. No, to the God-Allah of proper sex-diet-clothing-banking-war. Problem is, a lot of chief-priests are like anti-matter to one another. Maybe there's a valley in the sky for common sense wisdom, like a Galt's Gulch in the Imagination. Or an American Ideal.

Anonymous said...

The only "absolute" Progs seem to believe in is their girlish entitlement to immediate gratification. They believe that is an an absolute that can be consistently maintained by everyone. Of course, it cannot, as every grown up knows.

So, Muslim head cutters are to be patiently and absolutely tolerated, while American soldiers are berated as terrorists. Progs absolutely believe we must tolerate those who absolutely do not tolerate us. They believe in scolding the defender to put down his gun, in the face of the knife-wielding head cutter. And not just scolding, but actual hand tying. I seem to recall a policy of forcing release of battlefield combatants in the absence of quick charges brought based on affidavits showing probable cause. A naggle-field of pinkie wagging lawyers -- what could go wrong? Maybe that is why combatants tend now to be killed rather than captured. It seems men were too successful for too long in defending the metrosexual gene pool. So, now we have a cyclical oversupply of sickos. While men were defending the country, metrosexuals were grooming the meme pool.

Anonymous said...

To inspire our endeavors, we need to look beyond the dead history of our biology. We need also to look to that to which it is worth to aspire. Look to what is needed to inspire, establish, sustain, and guide decent civilization that avails human freedom and dignity. If you look only to biology, or even to robotics, then you reduce humanity to a mere thing. What is the worth of that?

Anonymous said...

Most toddlers do fine with one another unless and until they are taught to hate. To be more clear and correct, it may be better to say that people are not born with innate sense for how to confront and defeat sociopaths. For that, it seems necessary to acquire wisdom from good mentors to help guide one through the trials of hard knocks and sociopaths. Instead, Obama was guided to learn from sociopaths how to twist and use people -- especially twisted sisters and girlymen.

Anonymous said...

Muslims DEMAND sociopathic leadership. There is no excuse in claiming not to be a sociopath when one always works to empower sociopathy. Because of that, all Muslims who are beyond the age of innocence are guilty! They cannot be excused for worshipping an idea of God if their idea of god is sociopathy. Neither can the so-called adults who voted for the transparent fascist Prezzy be excused. Either root them out or rack them under.

Anonymous said...

People tend not to be born with good sense. They acquire good sense by associaton with good people and by accepting the lessons of the school of hard knocks. When they fail to alter their associations, they harden into hard heads. Obama has always sought out not just the hard heads, but the choomers and farmers of the hard heads. Obama's idea of god is to try to put a finger in the eye of a decent God. His idea of god is a monstrosity of perversion. Regardless of his literalistic beliefs, his emotional bent is to the service and worship of perversion. Emotionally, he is his own brand of Muslim. He has power because so many "no limits" Obamagirlymen have been corrupted to follow lying choomers who are devoid of conscience. Obama understands their need to be coddled and ruled. Because he "gets it," they swoon. At least, until what lies beneath shows its true colors.

Anonymous said...

Lenin, Stalin and Hitler were able to come to rule because they built a cohort based on fear, greed, and depravity. People who lack a good spiritual and moral backbone tend to be easy prey for such sociopaths. People who see nothing wrong with farming other people like cattle attach themselves to star farmers. Once such sociopathic farmers are established, no individual can dare to confront them and survive, much less flourish. In this way, a conspiracy among a small band of ruthless and fascistic sociopaths can establish dictatorial control over nations and cultures whose power and wealth structures are diversely spread, even when their people are otherwise charitably minded.

People can be conditioned to admire and worship sociopaths and cults of personality. That is what Mohammad accomplished. Muslim cultures have been conditioned to WANT to be ruled under ruthless sociopathy. Because Muslims want to empower brutal sociopaths, it is little excuse for them to say they themselves are not sociopaths. They have willingly turned secular fascism into a faux religion. Other people can be bent by fear and greed to be ruled by sociopaths, but Muslims have been conditioned to DEMAND such rule. Obama is colluding with hell on earth.

Obama the Sociopathic Figurehead told us he wanted to fundamentally change us, in effect, to burn the Constitutional Republic to replace it with "fair rule" under "good rulers." These "good rulers" are international crony corporate oligarchs, and they have deployed all the institutions, resources, lies, bribes, and threats at their command in order to fundamentally change and bend America to their fascistic system. They have even bent church doctrine, such as that of Black Liberation Theology, whose secular counterpart abides with Critical Race Theory and Rules for Radicals.

To acquire a seat at the Table of the Takers, these oligarchs have surrendered all faith in any ideal of humanity or decency. Instead, their system is built on fear, greed, and depravity. To rule, their system replaces faith in God, loyalty to family, and fidelity to nation. It means to groom, farm, pervert, dehumanize, and abuse your purposes and your progeny -- sexually, economically, and spiritually. Our "good rulers" are servants of hell.

Anonymous said...

Absolute freedom makes no more sense than absolute slavery. Absolutism is the path for destroying common sense and for equating freedom with slavery. Western hedonists want absolute freedom, while Eastern jihadis want absolute subjugation. Their mix tends to produce absoute annihilation. Thus dies the Christian family and the American Ideal.

Like boiling water, people and their children are being stimulated beyond capacities to learn or retain semblance of decency. Our marketplaces are annihilating our moralplaces. We have been engrossed to the price of everything, even as we have lost sense of the value of anything. Our embrace of mass materialism over individual spiritualism has presented us with institutions that stimulate our escapism beyond hope of recovery. Emotion beyond reason, desire beyond discipline, debt beyond integrity, pleasure and pain beyond self, temptation and repression beyond responsibility, and education beyond intellect.

What we have today is support of Abysmals over Seekers. Dominance is being imposed through every significant state, political, scientific, economic, and business institution. Christian dignity and charity are being challenged as never before, by: reverends who want to be rulers, scientists who want to replace faith, and sharia-stockholm-syndrome-jihadis who want to replace both state and faith.

We are being stimulated and boiled by those who want to convince us that nothing can reasonably be intuited or appreciated concerning the character or qualitative properties of the Holism that sponsors us. Nothing, that is, beyond the "answers" as dictated by our knowitall scientists and morality-defining mullahs. Our wannabe mods and rulers do not want us to engage in free thinking, much less free speech or non-pc expression. Dignity is not for us. We are not reasonably to intuit concerning the purposes of the Source. Our hubristic rulers deem it not suitable for us to meditate or reflect for ourselves concerning the moral purposefulness that connects us with the Source of all measurable manifestations that are continuously and contextually renormalized and reconciled.

Because our monstrous rulers do not have faith in a moral and inviting Reconciler, it is their idea that the world must be saved from us by binding us all to a soul-stifling "comprehensive solution." That is, a Borgdom without families, i.e., a Brave New World (NWO) wherein everything and everyone is continuously monitored and audited in all measurable respects. We are to be told what to think, how to pray, how many times a day, what direction to face, what to do, where to report, what to eat, and when to die. With central and consolidated management and umma-governance, humanity is to be stimulated and boiled out of us.

Anonymous said...

It takes all kinds, and some wisdom is meant to be leavened with common sense as opposed to making a slogan an absolute blueprint, or a fishnet a tool for every purpose. Jesus spoke in parables because exact specifications for every moral challenge are beyond our comprehension. It would be interesting for deer to try that tactic on hungry wolves. That advice often works well when your enemy is a responsible grown up, whether male or female. But when your enemy is a psychologically screwed up, metrosexually gender-bent sociopath who is ruled by immediate gratifications, then you had best take that into account. Otherwise, I would not want you defending my family and home. Nor would I want to raise children by giving them their every demand. I sort of think that is how our metrosexual society came to elect Obama. Too often, Progs think in terms of fairy utopias, even as they deny any absolute Reconciler of moral purposefulness.

Anonymous said...

A responsible adult, such as an adult man, stands for more then his or her immediate feelings. The world is now in the grasp of people who are unable to discipline their immediate feelings in respect of any higher, assimilating, or sustainable purpose. So we are in the grip of spoiled women and girlymen. The consequence is that: women cannot be bothered even to consider the life of a fetus; greedbag cronies have no loyalty to any republic or system except based on advantage taking; children are immersed in self gratifying entitlements and drugs; parents willingly surrender their kids to the supervision of state bureaucrats; and clergymen put welfare lobbying for other people's money above charity.

Too much of anything leads to sickness. What the world has now is much too much girlyism. There is an imbalance in the force. We have too many pinky waggers. Boys are encouraged to want to be girls. A society that devalues men pushes boys to look for fulfillment in gangs. So we get black gangs, black muslims, and sociopathic muslims. And metrosexuals who think they have what it takes to set things right.