Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Smoothly Rotating Free Trade

The globe cannot avail a utopian, evenly rotating economy for all people everywhere. There will always be natural and cultural breakers to regulate, slow, and stir the winds and waves of change. Human action can no more be smoothly rotating than the weather and wind. There will always be whirling differences among peoples in respect of relative competencies versus relative dependencies. Different geographical locations will sponsor different currents, natural resources, demographics, gene pools, traditions, values, languages, social proclivities, health priorities, and tax and redistributive systems. There will always be variations in human and cultural energies, interests, jealousies, apprehensions of crisis and chaos, and artistic and spiritual aspirations. There will always be producing nations and dysfunctional, jealous, whirling, chaotic, rampaging, and despotic nations. Different cultural locales will assimilate variations in individual initiative, competence, and social charity versus codependence, gangsterism, and despotic chaos.

Simply put, Americans cannot fix the chaos of the world by opening its borders to all denizens of chaos, nor by corrupt laundering that allows foreign sheiks and crony corporate money launderers to buy America's politicians. The ideal of borderless, smoothly rotating, free trade, free of crony corporatism, is no less utopian or dystopian than the ideals of international communism and worldwide caliphate.

Yet, humanity needs ideals. And there abide important differences among the various utopian ideals. For example, an ideal of free trade among peoples of representative republics tends to honor what is most essential for allowing each of us to be a human being: That is, broad freedom of individual expression --- which entails freedom of association, enterprise, dedication, and belief. The other two ideals, worldwide communism or caliphate, lead to inhumane confining and subjugation of human will, towards abusive totalitarianism. Such ideals tend to reduce us towards becoming subhumans. They tend to keep us in perpetual infantilism, as infants ruled by enfants terrible.  They may be suitable for some locales, cultures, and gene pools.  They are not suitable for Americans.