Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thing In Itself Identity

NO SELF, IN ITSELF:  There is no particular self, separate and apart from the cosmic field, as a thing in itself.  Not in present manifestation, nor in potential.  There is no potential to sense, see, or smell, apart from  potential for expression of relations that can sponsor that whichi is to be sensed, seen, and smelled.

IMMEASURABLE SOURCE FOR INTUITION OF REALITY BEYOND THE MEASURABLE:  People tend too much simply to assume each human body is an entirely separate body and consciousness, unrelated and unconnected to other apparently separate bodies and perspectives of consciousness.  Yes, something about occupying and adopting the apparently separate perspective that is associated with a body leads one in all empirical measures to confirm such separateness.  However, empiricism is not the end-all-be-all for apprehending and appreciating existentiality.  There seems also to abide an innate yet immeasurable source of intuition of purposefulness.  People of a scientific, empirical bent tend often to want to pretend that all that cannot be empirically modeled and measured must be non-existent.  This denial of a non-measurable yet intuitive source of inspiration, creation, will, and immeasurable yet intuited moral purposefulness (spiritual based oughts) is a fundamental misstep that tends necessarily to lead to unnecessary misery.

NO ARCHIMEDIAN FULCRUM BY WHICH TO "CLOSE" THE COSMOS OR TO REDUCE ALL OF POTENTIALITY TO PRESENT EXPLANATION, CONTROL, PREDICTION, OR PRESCRIPTION:  There is no separate particle, body, or particular perspective of consciousness that abides as a measurable thing-in-itself (or Archimedian fulcrum).  The very idea is an absurd contradiction in terms, for measurement itself requires relationalism and connectivity, i.e., a field of connection.  Such field of encompassment and reconciliation is not static, frozen, or reducible to any present measure.  The idea that empirical science can or should ever prove that individual human identity, empathy, purposefulness, justice, and morality are confined to the perimeters of separate bodies is the absurd idea of desperate madmen.  Yet, many philosophers of psychology, sociology, economics, and politics contrive to seek some model (or unholy grail) whereby to confine all discussion of moral purposefulness --- as if human beings were little more than separately analyzable widgets.  Many seem to have little appreciation concerning what "IT" is that they are pursuing -- other than to assume that IT must be nothing more than some bounded thing that "emerges" solely from and within the present perimeter of each organism's particular body.  These are scientific cowboys, ghost chasing a red eyed herd across endless skies.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Faux Free Trade

A professoriate of fair-ie castle makers in the sky seems to have duped an alliance of globalists. An ox (slogan of free trade) has been yoked to an ass (slogan of global fairness). It seems time to burst some fair-ie assumptions. More depth is needed concerning notions of Gaia Based Globalism versus Christian Based Nationalism, free trade versus smart trade, and crony enserfment and pollution versus human freedom and dignity.

Instead of nation based colonialism, we now seem to have corporate based colonialism. Somehow, corporate cronies have convinced neo-colonials to accept a "kinder and gentler" form of colonialism, the effect of which is to erase national borders so that laborers all over the world have to compete by low bidding the value of their work to their crony corporate oligarchic masters. Thus, America's doctors, engineers, pilots, and technological workers (and even crony corporatists) are being bid down and replaced in their own country by lowest bidding foreigners and persons of no loyalty to western ideals of freedom and dignity. Thus, nations are neutered while worldwide labor competes to lower its standard of living, even as pollution and destruction of water sources soars.

In light of increasong poverty, pollution, terrorism, erasure of national borders, and fake representative republics, are more people today really better off than they were 25 years ago? Is the turn towards erasure of republics really making people freer and wealthier? Or is it putting more and more people under thumbs of crony, re-colonizing, corporate masters? Are all boats of individual wealth and freedom being lifted? Or are people being duped to trade their national identities and freedom and dignity for a mess of pottage that is advertised by false advocates of fairness, ecology, and technology? Are screws being tightened, to put most of the world under the rule of godless, country-less, corporate cornies bent on ruling everyone else?

Without national boundaries for respecting citizenship and trade, what mechanism is there to protect ordinary people, with regard to their cultural identities, skills, trades, industries, dignity, and freedom? Without nations, there are no bulwarks to protect against enserfment of the masses to a corporate cronydom. What could be done to reverse the trend that is demolishing human freedom and dignity? Things to consider: Enforce national borders. Limit immigration. Limit transfers of technology so it does not pass so easily to enemies of the western ideal of freedom and dignity. Impose smart trade policies and tariffs that would defend the freedom and dignity of each nation's laborers. Invite incoming industrialists and incent them to pay local laboreres enough so that they can afford to buy locally produced products. Some products require production in several steps at several locales. Such production can be factored among trade-aligned nations.

This is not nativism, isolationism, or national protectionism. It is protection of human freedom and dignity against international, crony, authoritative oligarchism. Words tend to be smithed to personal interest. Are politicians who are bought by cronies communicating their purposes with words that make sense? Or are cronies twisting words and laws into doublespeak and despotism? What's so "free" about trade that demands destruction of national identities as part of the deal? Is the world being lifted, or is America being dissolved?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How does a godless oligarchy tighten its screws? It does not have to consciously conspire, although it's seminars for how to agglomerate
wealth do push that effect. All it needs is for its members to follow
some simple, common rules. Much as patterns emerge among murmuring
and flocking birds, simple oligarchic behaviors facilitate the emergence
of certain patterns of fundamental change. In effect, opportunity
combined with simple habits of individual greed generate algorithms, by which complex patterns of abuse occur against those who are less fortunate.

In the West, the emerging consequence is as follows:
- oligarchs make endowments to fund the advancement of profs who are bent towards spreading contrived and diversionary pretense among the masses;
- they contrive to "scientifically educate" the masses to look for their
moral instruction to the government (which is controlled by oligarchs), instead of to a reconciling spirit;
- they "scientifically" re-define fundaments of the social constitution to mean whatever they would mean in an Orwellian paradise;
- enserfers teach the masses to deploy government as their "liberator," to liberate themselves from the hang ups of traditional family responsibilities;
- oligarchs pretend to be concerned about the environment, in order to regulate, confine, and harness the activities of all workers;
- the attention of the masses is diverted from taxing oligarchic wealth and consumption to taxing middle class income;
- Oz-monkey agents are deployed far and wide to punish middle class evaders of an income tax code that no one can understand because it is not meant to be understandable, but only to be enforceable;
- the most wealthy learn to pretend to want to spread wealth, by increasing the number of welfare recipients, while blaming the reduction in size of per capita benefits on resisters among the middle class;
- the masses are encouraged to revile border protectors as isolationist nativists, while oligarchs import cheap labor in order to monopolize the labor market;
- the most wealthy acquire control over all media and institutions of mass persuasion;
- they acquire hedge control over all major currencies and stocks;
- they lie to assure the masses we are all in the same boat and all receiving the best care possible under the circumstances, which they blame would improve if only the middle class would stop interfering;
- they evade responsibility for the most incapable of losers by conditioning them to love being pimped into addiction, so they can be shunted aside to live under overpasses or to be satisfied with substandard care.