Friday, May 22, 2009



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A recent AT article defines terminology for describing how we are being swamped and ripped by a social, political, and economic tsumani. The article does not seem to have been meant to propose alternative suggestions. Without an alternative plan, merely to advocate for "just say no" does not work. Regardless of terminology, all of this odious central planning that is swamping us seems to be channeling from two related and parallel currents: (1) Controllers are becoming more powerful, with more powerful tools for telescoping power; (2) and sheep are being multiplyied far faster than thinkers.

Reason 1 relates to Controlling Progressives ("C-Rinos and C-Dinos"), while Reason 2 relates to Sheep Progressives ("S-Rinos and S-Dinos"). Such C and S Progressives are made for each other, but there is no substantive place in their politics for Conservators of Decent Civilization. Simply put, Progressives are hell bent towards a N.W.O. that will genuflect to pretended attempts at Conservation of the planet, while crushing all attempts at Conservation of civilizing freedom and dignity.

An alternative society would be one that accomodates respect for each responsible person's freedom and dignity. But hope for any such alternative is sinking fast. Our situation is comparable to that of early 1900's Galveston, when a mighty hurricane swamped its seawall. Now, globalism is the new tsumani for swamping ALL islands of freedom and dignity. Broken b0rders, broken education, whore media, advances in advertising and mind control, advances in communicaton and behavioral monitoring, concentrations in corporate power (hard to compete against Walmart), undermining of respect for customs and traditonal authorities, replacing of God or Higher Consciousness with "Scientific-State" --- these are the handmaidens for the the new world order.

No workable alternative is presented just by saying no to all such handmaidens. Because these are powerful handmaidens. Among decent people, those who want to preserve islands of civilizing freedom and dignity had best get an alternative act together --- soon.

In speaking of Conservatives, I am reminded of Howard Beale: You've got to say, I'm a human being! G-dda***t!

We need to turn back the spigot by which we are being flooded with sheep. Newsflash: It is immoral, not moral, to allow the voting franchise to be so universally extended as to allow easily manipulable herds to be recruited by crass controllers in order to swamp responsible society. To fail to resist such human tsumani is to surrender hope of decent human civilization.

I have been away on business, but I saw a call from AT for support. Well, we need to support voices like AT. We need to get our conservative act ORGANIZED and appreciate which aspects of N.W.O are worthwhile vs. which are handmaidens to Evil. We need to educate those sheep who can be educated, and stop allowing our voices and votes to be drowned out under a flood of newly enfranchised S-Progressives being farmed by C-Progressives.