Saturday, April 15, 2017


I-Ness:  "I," in eternally present potentiality, am what I am.
Connection:  I, in fractal flux, am connected to every perspective of myself.

Access:  In in-form-ation, I have access in potentiality to all possibilities.

Particularity:  Yet, no particular perspective of I-ness presently knows the clearest path to all such possibilities, because no clearest path can exist for all of them simultaneously, except for each in potentiality.  (Opportunity cost.)

Empathy:  Each of we perspectives is connected in imperfect yet empathetic knowledge with the Godhead.

Flux:  Different fractally organized perspectives of the Godhead synchronize with different, overlapping, fluxing aspects of the Godhead.

Extension and Limitation:  Each of us is a fractal representation of the Godhead, with only such present knowledge as is presently extended to our fluxing fractal representation of IT.

Abiding:  Each of us abides in innate respect for the empathetic potentiality of the Godhead.

Thanks:  Each of us gives thanks and pleas in respect of our victories and defeats.

One Spirit:  With some fractal connectivity under math, beyond measurable physics, aspects of the potentialities of each of us are connected, in spiritual empathy, with the prayers and concerns of all others.

Spiritual Feeling:  We cannot measure or articulate the precise connection, but we can generally sense, feel, and be receptive to it.

Reconciliatory Balancing:  In math beyond our measure, all are reconciled with the unfolding of I-Ness.

Astonishing Consciousness: The Conscious Knowledge that is presently formed in the various fractal and quantum levels of the in-form-ation for the One-Ness is astonishing.  All such perspectives of consciousness relate to the same Godhead.


Math:  Math exists as the eternal present.

Consciousness:  Consciousness adopts perspectives by which to experience the math in correlative appearances of space-time.

Correlation v. Causation:  Neither Space nor Time exist in themselves, but only as correlative artifacts of perspectives of consciousness, spiritually working in math, but beyond causal measure in math.

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