Friday, April 14, 2017

Regarding feminazi and girlyman fairness and equality

Libs talk, Conservatives do. Libs esteem themselves as they fancy themselves. Libs confound language, conflating freedom with fascism and fascism with egalitarianism. Libs think Christianity is bad and Islam is good. Libs "loves them a fascist despot." Especially a despot who owns some judges and can dictate regulations -- right down to the toenails. Libs run from actual debate, shrieking. Libs melt under the First Amendment. Libs think taxing others is charity. Libs think trading liberty for group redistribution is a good thing. Libs think Communism will work if it is done right. Libs care so much by their protests that they always leave messes. Libs feel. They feel your ass, your wallet, your children, your pets. Libs dope. They live in lalaland. They read fiction, romance, howling, horror, super heroes, zombies, anime, comic books. Not math, real science, real history, economics. Libs groom children. Libs love to promote the fondling, degradation, mal-education, and addiction of children. Libs never launch themselves from your basement. Libs congratulate and godify themselves. Libs are incapable of wiping themselves. And of defending principles. Libs dumb down the culture and degrade the gene pool. All this was explained long ago: By their fruits (and dingle berries) shall ye know them.


Among other things, money is power, stored energy, to trick or demand the services of other people. Centrally organized power is power to leverage money with concerted focus and legitimized secrecy (conspiracy with trade secrets and national secrets). The common temptation and pattern is to use money and organization to enserf other people and patterns. Patterns of fractals often cascade with sudden and surprising transformations and phase shifts. Big blogs, businesses, and concerns often rise and fall, suddenly.

Some people tend to be higher-minded, in that they seek to preserve a humanity of decent, independent, competent, free-thinking, free-enterprising, persons. But, unless they too can organize, they become impotent against the default temptation.

So how can such people be inspired to assimilate or join for the common good and against the common temptation? What can motivate or pay such people, to keep them from tricking, conniving, and selling out their comrades? Once they organize to preserve their own dignity by reducing the dignity of opponents, how can they not become the sub-humanizing despots that they sought to avoid?

How can such comrades retain individual dignity by giving up their individuality in order to organize or bait a comradeship, corporation, commune, nation, gang, race, or scam? Without an anticipated payoff, people just aren't by nature that giving.

So, when good people organize to use the methods of people-farmers against them, how do they themselves avoid becoming people-farmers? How do they organize to preserve individual dignity against organized despotism? Must they force people to be free by first enslaving them --- as is done for children and liberty-illiterates by parents, colonizers, and nation-builders? Or should they rope off parts of the world that are homes for incorrigible people-farmers, slavers, and liberty-illiterates?

Absent a self-healing organizing Constitution, philosophy, theosophy, or moral science, how can good people assimilate or organize with effect? Without faith, family, and fidelity, they are dust to the wind. Fertilizer for the common temptation.

Moral science is a chimera, a delusion. Consensus moral science is an oxymoronic chimera. Man receiving precise and direct understanding of God is kool- aid ridiculous. The best mankind can do seems to be to be receptive in general good faith and good will to an innate feedback of empathy with and for the common Source of Consciousness and its various forms of perspective. Not science, but in-form-ed empathy. Tough love --- by the sweat of your brow.

Maybe the requisite tough love cannot take firm root until all alternatives have so discredited themselves that they no longer can fool their followers. Individual commenters can help expedite that process of discredit. The buttered comment effect.


If all guns were banned, the people would be mere pawns for oligarchs, who would make them mere fodder for oligarchic war games. People would be subhumanized, to be raised and farmed to serve the needs and desires of elitists.


How much would fairness and equality be enhanced, if all important decisions were taken away from the people and given to elitists who prance about pretending to know best? Answer: Not applicable. Once people are subhumanized, they are no longer human for the purpose of being capable of pursuing either fairness or equality.

The empathy of feminazis and girlymen tends to be horribly unenlightened.

The Problem With Feminazis and Girlymen: They want gov to make everyone be nice. So they listen to elite strongmen or scientists who promise to impose a best system of law enforced niceness. Problem is, when you force people to act nice or to give charity, they aren't really learning or doing either. Because their character is not in it, they will have learned neither niceness nor charity. As soon as they are sure no one is watching, they will take off the masks and revert to uncivilized, barbaric, selfishness.

They are not really keen on electing officials to enforce laws of niceness, fairness, or equality. Principles of niceness be dammed, they are keen on electing and appointing officials who will work the system in favor of their tribe, race, gender, orientation, ethnicity, union. Officials who will enforce laws only selectively, to reward in-crowd merits and punish out-crowd demerits.

The wannas of Feminazis and Girlymen do not nurture decent civilization, fairness, or equality. Rather, they grease the path to utter despotism. Despotism that will eventually bite its useful idiots and salt its own economy.

Moral: You can use law to organize society to give people the opportunity to be nice, but you can't use gov or law to force people to be nice or charitable. When you use gov to try to force people to be nice and charitable, what you accomplish is only to teach them to be two-faced connivers and parasites. When you use law to take away the freedom and dignity of adult citizens and replace it with the diktat of expert elitists and make-believe moral scientists, you wind up with a citizenry of incompetent, whinny sheeple, and passive-aggressive pretend-victims. That is, Feminazis and Girlymen, entirely incapable of sustaining or defending a sensible or representative republic.

Indeed, such unenlightened Feminazis and Girlymen will crowd out nearly all competent citizens. When they are done, their country will be ripe for picking by despots and invading jihadis and barbarians.

When citizens are allowed to learn enlightened empathy, there is much less need for busybody law drooling. That is the genius of the First and Second Amendments -- Snowflakes be dammmed.


Regarding feminazi and girlyman fairness and equality:

We need a crash program funded to develop a device to make tricorder analyses of privilege/handicap status, so society can more fairly impose affirmative redistributions of equality.  The score should be factored with tax calculations.  The higher the score, the greater the tax.
Suggested Factors:
Right handed +1; Uncoordinated +0; Left handed -1
Stem Degree +3; No College +0; Humanities/Social Science Degree -3
Above 130 /+3; Above 115 /+2; 100 /+1; 85/-1; 60/-2; 45/-3
Gorgeous +3; Cute +2; Plain +0; Ugly -1; Repulsive -2; Scary -3
Superior +3; Fit +2; Average +0; Weak/Slow/Poor Vision/Hearing -1; Arthritic -2; Blind/Deaf/Paralyzed -3
Male +2; Female +1; Gay +0; Trans -1; Bi or Hermaphrodite -2
Full head of dark or blond hair +2; Patchy Hair +1; Bald +0; Red Haired -1; Orange Haired -2
Eye Color:
Green or Blue +1; Brown +0; Black -1
Skin Complexion:
Lily White +3; Light White +2; Dark White +1 Yellow +0; Red -1; Brown -2; Black -3
Religious Tribalism:
Jewish +2; Christian +1; Atheist +0;  Hindi -1; Islamic -2
Oriental +2; Non-Hispanic North American, European, Australian or New Zealander +1; Hispanic +0; Middle Eastern -1; African -2
Fact Grounded +3; Shy, Integrated +2; Lively, Imaginative +0; Delusionary -1; Psychotic -2; Deranged and Dangerous -3
Family Support:
Mother, Father, Siblings, Relatives, Friends +1; Orphan +0; Two Daddies or Mommies -1
Maximum and Minimum Total Scores:  +28 to  -28.
A tri-quarter analysis should be made each year for every taxpayer.  For example, an average, plain, uncoordinated, non-college, male (+2), Christian (+1), brown eyed, red skinned (-1), red haired (-1) fact grounded (+3) Texas orphan would score a +4.  So, he should multiply his annual tax by 1 and 4/28.  Otoh, a black eyed, black skinned, orange haired, hermaphroditic, paralyzed, scary looking, 45 IQ, deranged African Muslim with a degree in critical social studies and two daddies, living in the U.S., would score minus 28.  So, he should multiply his annual tax by 1 minus 28/28.  IOW, he would owe no taxes.
 This is because you don't tax what you want more of.  It's all about the principles.  S/


We will never have principled, conservative Representatives or Judges until the balance of power is reset so that that godless lying international Oligarchs are not given unchecked and free reign to buy and sell politicians, gov favors, and governments. Until then, every reform will simply recede and fail under new contrivances. They don't call it the Rainbow (Mirage?) Coalition for nothing.

Dems don't really believe in either a living Constitution or a Republic. They believe in a dying Constitution, and they want to help it die -- the sooner the better. So they can spread the "love" of the NWO of "fairness and equality."
When a body changes so fast it cannot sustain itself, that's not called living. That's called decaying and dying.
Political doctors that want the U.S. to live need to control changes so they do not kill decency, freedom, and dignity. Too many are instead trying to replace faith, family, and fidelity with "answers" dictated by "moral scientists" and "elitists" who "know best." Their "answers" are open borders, pansexualism, thrills-in-pills, marrying the gov, one world currency, mutual back scratching between politicians and international oligarchic corporatists, and lowest-common-denominator desperate-cheap-labor -- worldwide. Fed nothing but oligarchic-owned media/academia indoctrination -- 24/7/365.


I think we need a committee to come up with a lot of additional categories. The people with moles, skin tags, curly hair, long noses, flat heads, big bottoms, and screechy voices will feel neglected. We need some profs to settle the science.  S/


Lefties tend to live exclusively in a swirl of hypocrisy, lies, self deceit, and self justification. They respect little that is objective, in order to right themselves or to keep to a true course. They renormalize everything, so that their perspective is taken to be the only normal one. Given enough of them, while their host survives, nothing is agreed to be normal -- except abnormality. The reckoning comes when their host dies from an excess of "diversity."

Bottom line: Lefties do not want to MAGA. Which is why nothing Trump does is good to them. Little whiny snots.

What are prayers, if not a kind of deal making with the Almighty?
The Left knows neither what it wants, nor what is sustainable. Its principles are all in its unsustainable imagination, in lalaland.
Now, if you want to suggest a better course of negotiation to achieve real goals and purposes that would help MAGA, then I'm listening. But if you just want to whine, you can join with the other adolescent lefties and talk to the hand.


It's a complete waste of time to discuss politics with someone who is stupid or corrupt enough to want to surrender the republic and his and most everyone else's freedom to NWO open-society open-border oligarchs and their pretend-experts in exchange for their promise to rule fairly and equally. Better to plug their lying mouths, grab their pointy ears, and point their heads back to the crib corner.

Among people who are not brain twisted beyond redemption, I can defend Trump just fine. What I can't do is talk sense to the braindead (Brooks, et al). Nor do I have any inclination to waste time trying to untwist brains that are irretrievably twisted.
Trump has to preside in the real world, where incorrigible NWO swamp creatures also live. And they work for oligarchic goons who own media and blast crap at Americans 24/7/365. All of them were sold out and irretrievably against the republic and Trump before Trump ever took office. Go pizzzz up a rope.
By their love for the NWO and their anti-republicanism shall ye know them for the servants of people-farming evil that they are.

Lefties who claim to be serving the interests of fairness and equality are in fact serving the interests of those who seek power to farm and fleece the masses, worldwide. Lefties have already been fleeced of their decency and often their brains. Those who would dictate fairness and equality must dictate subhumanization for the masses. The feminazis and femimen of fairness and equality are flying monkeys against the free-thinking republic.

How is libertarianism on preserving representative republics? Or on faith, family, and fidelity? Without those, there is little ordered liberty.
With too little or too much law, there is no ordered liberty. There needs to be enough assimilation of faith, family, and fidelity to assimilate a nation. There needs to be enough law to define a nation. There needs to be enough checks and balances to defend the nation's citizenry from oligarchs who wish to buy and sell it.
Keeping the correct mix of ingredients needed for sustaining a representative republic is a rarity. I'm not sure Libertarians understand the best cook books for that. Maybe Conservers of Ordered Liberty would do better?

When ladders are availed for invaders and pulled up against citizens, you know an oligarchy has taken over your republic.


An old man, a boy and a donkey were going to town.  The boy rode on the donkey and the old man walked.
As they went along they passed some people who remarked "What a shame, the old man is walking, the boy is riding."  The man and boy thought maybe the critics were right, so they changed positions.
Later they passed some people who remarked "What a shame, he makes that little boy walk".  So they decided they'd both walk.
Soon they passed some more people who remarked "They're really stupid to walk when they have a decent donkey to ride."  So they both decided to ride the donkey.
They passed some people who shamed them by saying "How awful to put such a load on a poor donkey."  The boy and the man figured they were probably right, so they decide to carry the donkey.
As they crossed the bridge, they lost their grip on the donkey, the donkey fell into the river and drowned.
The moral of the story:  If you try to please everyone, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye.

  Obama was the perfect example of that.

    Trump is not in this to make friends and please everyone, he is smart enough to realize that is an impossibility;  but he is in it to pull America back out of the depths that Obama had plunged this country into.
  He is out to make America a priority and stop worrying about if he is going to hurt someones feelings along the way.
  He is in it to put the United States of America back on the map again as being THE world leader, not a country that has lost all credibility with it's allies and became a laughing stock to it's enemies.

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