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COMBINATORY UNITARY: Suppose a COMBINATORY UNITARY, which expresses properties of: (1) a Source Unit of FORM, (2) Iterative Units of a Mediating Vibrating Conserving Reconciling FIELD, and (3) a Top Formula that controls limits for how Iterations of VIBRATIONS may perpetually feed back and be recycled, from emission to dissipation to recombined remission.Suppose theeffect is to give expression to a Holistic Based Perspective that constitutes a guiding and reconciling Will of the Holism, and subordinate Particular Perspectives (which function under parameters of control and degrees of freedom as set under a hierarchical System of sub-formulas).In other words, suppose the Combinatory Unitary abides as a Singular-proto-vibrating-sizeless-beingness that carries properties of (1) a Source Form, (2) capacity to send out iterative vectors of Vibrating copies, one after another, perpetually, into an otherwise vacuum Field, (3) subject to a Top Formula that sets limits for how the vibrations are recycled.The effect is to give expression to Will, both reconciling Will and feedback perspectives of Will.

RENORMALIZING SIZE AND DISTANCE:Suppose the “size” of the Source Unit (or Form) were experienced as being (mirage-like) recedingly relative to the relational size of potentially approaching or recycling Organizations of Perspectives of Willful Consciousness from the encompassing Field.Suppose no particular Perspective of consciousness could ever accede small enough to measure the Source Unit as a sizeless point.Rather, suppose its“size” in relation to mortals depended on their perspective, context, and purpose, and that the Source Unit, in its own Aspect, had no special or identifiable size-in-itself.If such a Source Unit were conceptualized as a perfectly, mathematically, “spherical, sizeless Point,” and if the vibrations were perfectly uniform, then may each“initially identifiable vibration” cycle out to limits of the Field, to such distance that the vibration would be completely recombined or dissipated, perhaps subject to energy of the Field being therewith simultaneously transferred (“quantum leaped”) back to the Source Unit, to continuously or constantly replenish its Meta Power to send out Vibrations of itself?May there be some set number of vibrations between each cycle?

BREAKING INSTABILITY OF SYMMETRY:Would no such Vibration encounter, reinforce, or interfere with any other, if the Field were a Vacuum and if the Vibration carried capacity to radiate through the vacuum? However, asymmetric interference would seem to occur among vibrating cycles, if the Source Unit or the fluxes from it were misshapen or not perfectly spherical.Once symmetry was broken, thereafter, vibrations could overtake, distort, interfere with, reinforce, or amplify previous waves of vibrations, therewith defining and Organizing Points, Lines, and Clumps of interference.So long as the vibrations remained symmetrical and non-interfering with one another, there would seem no basis for measuring any interfunctioning among them.Even while only two vibrations interfunctioned, each may be too minute to have capacity to preserve any record or representation or measure of any interfunction between them.However, at some point of reinforcement, the cumulative effect of overlapping interfunctioning, interference, and reinforcement among ripples of outbound vibrations, would seem to begin to represent, organize, record, and convey recordings of, information concerning such interfunctionings.

EVOLUTION OF IDENTITIES AMONG EXPRESSIONS OF PARTICULAR ORGANIZATIONS:While each new vibration, at outset, may tend to be a clone of vibrations next previous or subsequent, Identifiable Variations in clumps would tend to occur in various sequences and relations among the iterations.Because of the interference and reinforcement, aspects of some vibrating waves may digitally CUT, SPLICE, OR REPLACE aspects of others, so that as such spliced wave finally reached the End of its Potential within the Field, it would consist of components from various subsequent and previous waves of vibrations.Yet, each wave would lose its entire IDENTITY as it dissipated and winked out, to be reabsorbed by the singular unit.

IRRATIONAL NON-REPETITION OF MANIFESTATIONS:Because of infinities innate to the math of geometrical forms in relative space and sequence, the potential number of combinations of clumps of iterating waves of vibrations would also be INFINITE. and therefore as potentially IRRATIONAL in terms of repetition as the numerical sequences in pi.

ACCUMULATIONS OF INFORMATION – MANIFEST AND POTENTIAL:How could the accumulation of Information from all that has gone before, into the present, be applied in any way to affect or guide determinations to be apprehended into manifestation from among potentialities unless … interpretations of such Information from before were somehow qualitatively, measurably, apprehensively entailed in how next available potentialities were determined and reduced to manifestation in the present?

GUIDING WILL: Active Image-ination abides with the reconciling of perspectives of previous Information with choices among alternatives for present determinations.Thus, will accumulates Information, thereby Image-inations, and lends its vibrating Tendencies to reconcile with such determinations among potentialities, as it, in feedback, may apprehend to accord with its Will.

RELATIVE CONSTANTS: There are no eternally set, measurable particularlties. Every measurable particular is in a constant state of change, flux, and continuous interference.There are formulas that are set for defining potential parameters and limits for various kinds of practical measurables, such as to mark how such measurables must change, phase shift, or transition into a signification of a different kind of particular.That is, relationships always manifest in synchrony with conservational formulas, even though no particularly measurable relationship or sub-formula abides as an eternal constant.All the constants we measure abide as relative constants, relative to our window, cone, or temporal universe of experience.But our relativistic universe is no more an eternal constant than are our mortal lives.

INDUCEMENT TO THE SINGULARITY:Can the temporal formulas that presently rule our practical experience be traced back to implicate or define a most fundamental, meta unit, form, or formula? When an expression of a kind of organized particular is transitioned to a different form of organized signification, what becomes of the relative "identity" of the old form? Is Relative Identity traceable?Is Identity traceable from an old to a new form? Was its identity always a mere illusory signification to Will, or to some perspective of Will, which itself, as an Identity, seems to change, transition, die, or phase shift? Are all particular forms of identities illusions for the experiential entertainment of The Holistic Field? But how, in any way that we can hope to understand, could any such field relate to them, to be entertained, influenced, or changed by them?
A PRIORI MORAL EMPATHY:Empty math, the null set, space, time, and the foundational form-unit-vibration-field seem not to be directly Measurable or Experienceable, even if they are taken as a priori Intuitable. We do not imagine or measure a form of empty space, or a limit to eternity, or a smallest possible subdivision or spin.Such "limits of forms" are not empirically measured in themselves, nor directly sensed, nor subject to permanently reliable correlative grid-ing and mapping. They are not quantifiably knowable in themselves, yet their necessary existentiality is intuited as implicated. They are not provable by measured empiricism, nor are they provable by mathematical proof. They are a priori bases for our processes of reason, but they are not in themselves provable in pure reason. They are, however, reasonably believed in relational intuition. Is there also reason, based on intuition of such forms, to believe in an innate, categorical, extant basis for purposeful moral empathy, i.e., a “categorical imperative” to Be Empathetic of purposeful surpass-age? I believe, yes. As an aspect of nature, that extantiation may be referred to as the categorical imperative. As a character of will, it may be referred to as the categorizing, conserving, reconciling, Imperator of the cosmos of moral sentiments and perspectives. As to local interpretations of its contextual purposes, we have no choice but to participate in, and feed back in respect of, choices. Thus, while we cannot prove particular future righteousness to bind the cosmos to a particular sense, we do participate in the contemporizing feedback, which the Imperator reconciles. Thus, our participation in how factors are to be reconciled is relevant, both in intellectual reason and in emotive empathy.

COMBINATORY UNITARY: Suppose a Combinatory Unitary, which expresses properties of a Source Unit of Form, Iterative Units of a Mediating Vibrating Conserving Reconciling Field, and a Top Formula that controls limits for how Iterations of Bubbles and Vibrations may perpetually feed back and be recycled, from emission to dissipation to recombined remission.Such a Combinatory Unitary would give expression to a Field of subordinately, sub-formulized, sub-reconciled, feedback fields of experiences of consciousness, identity, competition, empathy, and cooperation.It would express overlapping fields of recycling Entropies, Evolutionary competitions among identities, and Empathies among cooperating fellows.

TOP DOWN:A hierarchical organization of formulas under the top formulization of the Combinatory Unitary may be conceptualized as follows:Top Formula – A changeless changer, in association as a property of the Combinatory Unitary.Sub-formulas under the Top Formula may exchange terms under and across one another, but not with the Top Formula.The Cosmic Top Formula may mediate production of bubble-formulas for sub-universes.So long as a sub-universe were not perceived to collide or interfunction with another sub-universe, its Bubble-Formula would, for its residents, be like a top formula.

UNDER THE BUBBLE: Under that Bubble Formula, sub-formulas may abide for expressing Relative Constants, derivative of patterns of interference as expressed and renormalized in association with a Field of Vibrations emitted in respect of a Source Form for the Bubble.Vibrations may split into various kinds of wave packets that cannot be split further, but that may be convertible, depending on interference encountered.Fundamental forces may be shaped, as for a strong force, for binding fundamental wave packets, a weak force for emitting random radiation, a gravitational force for defining and renormalizing inertial frames of reference, and an electromagnetic force, for charging and renormalizing various kinds of expressions of electronic, magnetic, and photonic energies.All sub-formulas for controlling parameters for such various forces may interfunction to give renormalizing expression to a four dimensional field of space-time.In respect of such formulas, relative measures may be taken, such as of speeds and frequencies of light, of entropic expansions of inertial frames of space-time, and of complex evolution and organization of organizations and organisms of information.Every such formula and sub-formula would renormalize and trade relative measures of dimensions, forms, energies, information, organizations of information, Will, and organized perspectives of Will.

CONSERVED EXCHANGES AMONG FORMULAS: Underlying every conservatory formula and every measured pattern of vibrating wave packets, there would be aspects of Math-Will-Purposefulness, availing an infinity of patterns of patterns, forms of forms, informations of informations, formulas of formulas, fractals of fractals, recombinations of recombinations, substances of substances, potentials of potentials, infinities of infinities, symmetries of symmetries, measures of measures, vibrations of vibrations, vectors of vectors, representations of representations, organizations of organizations, machines of machines, computers of computers, calculations of calculations, complexities of complexities, organisms of organisms, identities of identities, wills of wills, perspectives of perspectives, empathies of empathies, purposes of purposes, evolutions of evolutions, entropies of entropies, dissipations of dissipations, cycles of cycles, fields of fields, organized clouds and nets of organized clouds and nets, hierarchies of clouds and nets, hierarchies of leveraged formulas of forms of leveraged formulas of forms, abstractions of abstractions, and consciousness of consciousness.

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