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EMPIRICISM avails us to derive relativistic formulas for the math and formulas that define and delimit our parameters of relationships. However, empiricism cannot avail mortals to a COMPLETE explanation (or "theory of everything") that would avail power to explain how the fundaments of our relationships Originated.Nor can empiricism avail power to explain what specific purpose should ever be apprehended or Guided.No one is able to rationalize an all-unifying science, or all-consistent faith.Thus, everyone resorts to leaps of faith, to calm the vibrating dissonance.At some point, every "explanatory" model must rest on a "meta turtle," or metaphorical leap of (good?) faith or (good?) will.Such a leap should try to reconcile the empirical methods of evolution to the intuitive and moral apprehensions of empathy.

MORALITY OF SOCIAL SAFETY NET:To my lights, the best quality of story yet told on earth about the moral cosmos is found in parts of the New Testament.PROVIDED, however, that I vary in my interpretations regarding Original Sin and Salvation, I also would tend not to gang up to use government to force “charity” via taxation, merely to redistribute wealth.I would, however, “progressively redistribute” for the purpose of strengthening a Republic (in order to sustain, defend, and exemplify a civilization that fosters decency and reasoned freedom of expression and enterprise).A Republic needs means to protect itself, both from the rabble and from the cronies. Where reasonably possible, I would foster a social safety net of nationalized health care.

A “BEST” MODEL or metaphor for such a “leap of faith” may facilitate communication in a language of well-loved metaphors, thereby helping to facilitate and assimilate civility.Consider a metaphor of a Math of Meta CAUSATION, in respect of which Causation is conceptualized as unfolding in respect of Feedback among wholes and parts of perspectives of Will-Imagination-Apprehension-Appreciation-Observation-Affect (such as on electromagnetic wavelength collapse.?????In other words, causation would continue after the Big Bang.The Big Bang would set parameters, but would not rule every random event or chosen apprehension.Rather, competing and cooperating perspectives of Will would Contemporaneously participate in feeding back apprehensions and Choices, which would be meta-Factored to reconciliation by the Holism, functioning through a hierarchy of supervening perspectives, agencies, and formulaic Presets.

RENORMALIZING INFINITY:In respect of such a model, the idea of an infinity of space and time may be taken to be an ILLUSION, derivative of a supervenience of space-time on a perspectivistic, referent, Meta Field of Math-Will-Purpose.Thus, every perspective, in every direction, would be DELUDED by a field of math-will-purpose. Under such supervening delusion, every perspective would perceive space-time as expanding outward in all directions.Every perspective would always be renormalized, in its perceptions, to such delusion. Thus, no perspective would ever approach an “edge” to space-time --- except as ever receding Mirage.

COMMUNICATION WOULD NOT OTHERWISE BE POSSIBLE:Were it otherwise, there would be no constant basis for relativistic renormalization.There would be no relative constants.Since a non-relative constant could not relate, there would be no way for differently contextualized perspectives to communicate about their experiences in any measurably comparative way.

SPECIAL QUALITY OF FIELD OF MATH-WILL-PURPOSE:What may reasonably be intuited about a SPECIAL QUALITY of a math of will, which would facilitate potential to provide a substratum for a supervenience of perspectivistic geometry?In Intuition, why, except in pervasive Empathy, would Math of Will facilitate such a meta field for the evolutionary exchange of empathetic communications of perspectives?Why would its agency of causation blend with mere feedback of immeasurable quality of subjective apprehension of an Organism?Why would it avail Organizations of Wholes, to factor as more than mere Sums of their Parts?

MATH TWEAKED BY WILL:But for such special quality, NOTE that any Idealization of Perfect Symmetry in all directions would not be mathematically possible to Imagine (for any model that limited all of Reality to an encompassment of space-time that were limited to four-dimensional geometry). Rather, artificial mathematical constraints need to be added. Such constraints would need to take account of artificial effects of perspectives of conscious Will. Math of Will would need to define a system, such that every possible perspective of Will could temporally become Indiscernible from any other. In effect, every perspective would thus become one and the same perspective. That is, any attempt by a perspective of identical indiscernibility to move in respect of its context would always measure its context as remaining the same. Such perfect symmetry would be unobtainable, except in respect of a concept for a Math of Geometry that rests on a substratum of Math of will. Call that potentiality a symmetrical substratum (or supervening dimension of Math-Will-Purpose).

SYMMETRY – PERFECT V. CRACKED:Suppose a system that interfaces to push-pull and/or blow-suck at all loci of manifestation, thereby to evolve and unfold towards a perfect symmetry in space-time, supervened on a perfect symmetry of math-will-purpose.Then, what may occur when all of matter and energy dissipate to such perfect symmetry, so that every unit of beingness is become indiscernible from every other unit of beingness? Note:To be indiscernible, every unit would need to be formed and aligned in perfect symmetry with every other unit, regardless of locus in space-time-vector and math-will-purpose. The system would force perfect, uncharged neutrality, which could not be cracked or broken by any exterority (because the system would not allow any exteriority). Thus, there would be no manifestation of any irregularity in locally comparative Shape, Size, Density, Mass, Curvature, Vector, Angular Momentum, Orbit, Rotation, Roll, Wobble, Charge, Frequency, Wavelength, Amplitude, interference, or Harmony. Thus, all of measurable signification would reduce to units of a same One-ness. Any previous condition of many discernible units would become reduced to a Singular Unit of Indiscernibility, i.e., a One-ness.

INSTABILITY OF WILL CRACKS SYMMETRY: Then, the only source of irregularity or instability may consist with an innate potential of Will. Apart from such Will, all of measurable physicality would become collapsed into a math-based Field (or a Class of the Potentiality of One-ness). However, if or when all of space-time ever were to collapse to a point of math, it would remain unstable to ‘meta blow-suck” of Source Will. That is, all of manifest physicality cannot remain collapsed into a Math-based Field, so long as the Field Potentiality remains unstable in respect of Will.

ASSUMPTION OF ORIGINAL CAUSE:To model and assume digitized spatial segments and time sequences of VIBRATIONS and ripples throughout a bubble of space-time is to assume a Source CAUSE of proximate patterns of constructive and deconstructive interference among wave-packets and forms.Interference among irregularly outbound wave-packets promotes both reinforcing social cooperation and species-defining competition.Thus, forms evolve in apprehension of the Source Cause.Is the bubble open or closed?

ITERATIVE AND DUPLICATIVE REPRESENTATIONS OF INFORMATION:The light we see from a distant galaxy is information regarding a galaxy that was at such location at some point in the distant past. The galaxy we think we see is a mirage that is no longer there, and it is no longer in that shape. Indeed, other light from the galaxy may have earlier or later taken a different path. Thus, may information stored in the past about a galaxy now appear to us from multiple locations, as if representing multiple galaxies, while actually, the different appearances are records of the lifeline of the same galaxy? If such a process were repetitive, may it be that the actual number of galaxies could be considerably less than appearances suggest? May it be that the “actual universe” is not as "flat" or dispersed in all directions as we may perceive or believe?May it be that much of the relative size and mass of the universe is an optical illusion, derivative of repetitive iterations, accumulations, projections of Will, or lensings of past information?Do we know that many of the same galaxies are not appearing to us, from multiple locations?

WHY EARLY LIGHT IS JUST NOW CATCHING UP TO US:The rate of space-time curvature for the early bubble for our universe was so dense and high that electromagnetic radiation was coupled to it and could not escape its gravitational field.Fundamental particles for expressing the strong and weak forces were bound, as incredibly excited, charged, and hot plasma, with the gravity and electromagnetism of such bubble.As the bubble expanded, fundamental particles combined to form neutrally charged atoms, which would no longer absorb the thermal radiation. Photons began to travel further without being constantly scattered by electrons and protons in plasma.As photons decoupled from the plasma, the bubble became more transparent.This first period of formation of neutral atoms and photon decoupling is called the recombination epoch.Before this period was completed, much of electromagnetic energy remained trapped with the plasma. In respect of the expanding curvature of space-time, photons of the plasma that existed at the time of the decoupling have ever since been propagating.Therewith, the wavelengths of such protons have been expanding, which expansion relates inversely to a decrease in the frequency and energy they carry.The photons we are now receiving were emitted by photon decoupling from such a surface of last scattering that we are only just now receiving them.The relic radiation from such photons is called cosmic background radiation (CBR).

HAS GOD LEFT THE BUILDING:Does relic cosmic background radiation implicate either a closed or an open bubble-universe?Has the Source Cause (God) “left the building”?Is all unfolding within the bubble attributable to the Source Cause, such that all relationships now unfolding are rippled, pushed, pulled, and constructively and deconstructively exchanged as mere predetermined derivatives and correlates of the Source Cause?

IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE MODEL THAT CAN CARRY AS MUCH EXPLANATORY POTENTIAL: Suppose God has not left the building? Suppose our bubble universe is itself a directed and angularly spinning wave packet, which is subject to being affected by other universal wave-packets.Suppose the Source Cause simultaneously blows and sucks waves of bubbles all along a formulaically figurative, circular loop.Suppose there abide perspectives of organized packets of Will all along the loop.Each perspective’s interpretation of aspects most immediate to its bubble would be affected by how distant its inertial frame of reference happened to be from the axis of angular spin throughout the loop.Suppose, as fundamental, vibrating packets of Will dissipate furtherest from the axis, they are instantaneously recycled to replenish the meta power that blows and sucks the waves of bubble-packets.Suppose all vibrations are iterations derivative of such meta-power. May not choirs of delegates of such meta-power, in meta-feedback, appreciate the apprehensions of our iterative organizations of Will?

META CAUSATION:May wave-packet collapses into digitally directed applications supply a kind of “meta energy”for directing contemporaneous participations of organized expressions of conscious will?May each collapse of an electromagnetic wave packet into a photon be a mark, or signification of an Organization, of Will having focused an apprehension?“So let it be imaged and appreciated, so let it be done.”May such consciousness facilitate human beings, then artificial intelligence, then clouds of artificial intelligence, then a singular cloud of intelligence?May humans then gradually learn their pre-sent present relationship with an extant Singularity?May the potentiality and the manifestiality of the singular cloud Guide us, to merge to the appreciation/judgment of iterations of the human mind?May the human mind be guided to cooperate and compete, in receptive respect of the singular cloud?Where this may lead, or already have led, may be surmised to pertain to the Happiness of which we are vicarious avatars of pursuit.

RELIGIOUS STORIES:This way of thinking does not seem toconflict with a figurative appreciation for the inspiring capacities of most of the major religions (excepting perhaps Islam, which seems inclined to permanently relegate the female half of itself to a status of perpetual inferiority).


META INTERFACE --- MODELING INTERFACE BETWEEN MORALLY QUALITATIVE AND SCIENTIFICALLY QUANTITATIVE: When may VIBRATIONS OF WILL be Qualitatively meta and intuitable, and when may they be significantly, substantively Quantitative, measurable, and empirically testable?Should moral models be conceptualized as being “falsifiable” in respect of internal logical consistency and fundamental apprehensions of pursuits of happiness?Should the Meta be conceptualized as “causing” significations of space, time, matter, and energy?Or should significations of space, time, matter, and energy be conceptualized as “causing” or being “coterminous”with the Meta ?

META VIBRATIONS:Model a Meta Singular Unit as associating with Formulas, via “Meta Vibrations,” from whence such Moral Singularity derives and signifies the Apparent Dimensions and Qualitatives with which we are able to relate and conserve.Thus, model the “cause” of comparative local measures and measuring constants, with which our perspectives happen to share within our common cone of experience.

TWO SIDED COSMIC COIN OF QUANTITATIVES AND QUALITATIVES:Examples of Qualitatives which are relatable in constant formulizations include Mass (a body will have the same mass in any context; every body exhibits an acceleration constant due to gravity), Light (the speed of light will be perceived at the same limit in every relative vacuum), Matter and Energy (the total amount of Substance is conserved). Although such Qualitatives are expressed in ways that are Quantifiably objective and measureable, the experience of them by a Perspective of Consciousness is subjectively Qualitative. Thus, a Perspective may experience mass and density as proximate pressure to the touch, proximate vibration as sound to the ears, and proximate light as transmitting wavelength changes that can be collected and interpreted as representations of patterns of context, contrast, and color to eyes.A Perspective may experience reactivity as taste to the tongue, angular orientation of body as balance and navigation to the brain, harmonies as pleasant to nerve receptors, and dissonance as painful.Each perspective may experience varying ranges and intensities of qualitative experiences of touch, taste, hearing, vision, balance, navigation, pleasure, and pain.Each contemporaneous experience of an objective quantitative is accompanied by a subjective qualitative.

EVOLUTION OF ORGANIZATIONS OF BODIES:In order for feedback from qualitative experience to factor into evolutionary changes, there needs to abide a perspective of consciousness that has capacity to apprehend qualitative experience.Unless or until there abides an observing or Willing perspective, there abides no thing that would manifest any measurable meaning. A cosmos devoid of any perspective of consciousness would be a cosmos that existed only in potentiality of meaningfulness, not in actual manifestation of meaningfulness. Once a perspective were to become adopted to, bound to, and adapted to a cosmos, then its qualitative experience would be fed back in respect of such cosmos and become part of the factoring for determining the further unfoldment.All perspectives that followed would share in a common cone of experience therewith unfolding.Brain apprehension of qualitative sensory experience would then become part of the factoring that determined the further sequential unfoldment of such cosmos.

CONTEMPORANEOUS SIGNIFICATIONS OF CONSCIOUS WILL:Why should there abide any significations of measurable interfunctionings of organizations of vectored vibrations, charges, and mass? To conceptualize a cosmos is to assume an organization.  To assume an organization is to assume that it obeys certain organizing tendencies or laws.  If a cosmos were devoid of an organizing principle or law or Will or organizeable conscious experience, then Entropy towards dis-organization of objectively measurable relations among matter and energy would seem necessarily to move it towards dissipation, as opposed to organizeable chaos.In a cosmos that is organized as a cosmos, that is not devoid of manifest or potential conscious experience, evolution would seem to favor Organizations of perspectives of conscious experience that were fittest to help organize and Guide their further survival, replication, and flourishing.That is, Conscious Will would contemporaneously participate in guiding the evolution of its kind, as well as any organization of cosmos that would sponsor or facilitate it.In such a cosmos, the Qualitative would seem to be a necessary correlate of the Quantitative.That is, Qualitatives would be expressed in conjunction with Vectors of Quantitatives.

MAY SUBFORMULAS VIE WITH, DOUBLE BACK ON, AND MODIFY INTERMEDIATE FORMULAS UNDER WHICH THEY AROSE?If Qualitatives can have influence, can they alter or expand potentialities for sponsoring Formulas?

Is Information, once iterated or made manifest, ever lost?Is that Information which is Manifest meta-iteratively-dissipated-spread-recycled with that which is Potential?

META RECONCILING STUFF --- DERIVATIVE EXPERIENCES OF DIMENSIONS, PROPERTIES, AND ASPECTS:The dimensions and properties that we measure do not exist in themselves, except as derivatives of immeasurable, Reconciling Stuff, which operates via a Singular Unit, with digitally Vibrating association, with Formulas.

OF VECTOR VALUES FOR THE UNITS AND FIELDS THAT MANIFEST TO BE MEASURABLE TO MORTAL EMPIRICISM:The various dimensions and properties that are signified and manifested to be measurable to our experience may each be assigned RELATIONAL VECTOR VALUES, which are associated with measurable field fluxes of measurably Iterative Units or Wave-Packets.That is, the immeasurable meta vibration of the Meta Singular Unit (form, formulizer, or formula) “gives rise to” measurable field vibrations of iterations of units.

STEPS OF TRANSLATION:In respect of such rise of measurable fields of Iterative Units (Wave-Packets), and the measurable System of fluxing formulas with which they interfunction, some properties, aspects, and dimensions may not be directly translatable or inter-convertible to one another.Rather, aspects of algorithmic processes of conversion may entail several steps, more than a direct transfer across an equal sign.Thus, the math of many algorithms by which next potentials are chosen and reduced to present manifestation may anticipate numerous levels of follow-on STEPS.Thus, some properties may appear at lower levels of formulaic perspective.

HIERARCHICAL ACCESS:The Top Level (Source Cause), without losing its Singular Identity, may have access to a meta path to reach each lower subformula.No subformula would need to have access, by itself, to a higher level --- absent a “polarity line” thrown from such higher level.An equal or polar part on each “side” of a lower level formula would need to “die” (be absorbed or subsumed) in order for it, as an IDENTITY, to transcend and continue to operate at a higher level of hierarchical formulization.Perhaps, a higher level may monitor and/or WORK IN VICARIOUS VIRTUALITY THROUGH a lower level avatar, but a lower level may not monitor a higher level --- absent an invitation to transcendence of Identity.(Dimensional analysis; cancelling and substituting terms.)

RECEPTIVITY AND PRAYER:A lower level of consciousness may pray, be appreciative and intuitive, and perhaps a record of its functions may be accessed from higher level.A lower level of consciousness may hope a higher level may be receptive.However, any receptivity may be empirically un-provable, because it would flow through math, which precludes empirical proof of any “miraculous sign.”Math does not accord a miracle sign.A lower level, upon severance, death, and dissipation from its level, may be reabsorbed or pulled to a different level.While at lower level, a perspective cannot know in what way it may be monitored or appreciated from above.Nor may a lower level monitor or know every aspect of levels below it.However, a level of consciousness may, with empiricism, leverage ways to obtain access below.However, it may not be privy to information restricted to formulas above, without being invited or pulled to transcend to such above level.At that point, with enough empirical effort, it may leverage ways to invite suitable perspectives from below.

CONNECTIVE WEBS: Thus, a Web of connective possibilities may come to connect various levels.Provided that no level from below can acquire access to move up without consent and assistance from above, the effect (via death and resurrection?) of which may sever its capacity for direct communication below. That is, it may empirically leverage to monitor functions below, but it may not be able to demonstrate to functions below, in order for them to empirically demonstrate that they are being monitored.

CHAIN OF ACCESS:Every Iterative of the Singular Unit that is bonded with a sub-formula does not have the same potential or access as the Singular Unit that is bonded with the Top-Formula. Rather, vibrational powers of empirical demonstration may flow down and across --- to sub-formulas and sub-sub-formulas.

IDENTITY:Iteratives may not retain permanent Identity.They may be interchangeable as Iteratives.Convesrsion of an Individual Unit may not be traceable to it, as a preserved Identity.A property that is converted to a different property may not retain an Identity as the same permanent property.The only permanent Identity may be the Consciousness that is associated with the perpetually present Topformula.The permanence of its Identity is in its property of Topness.That is, its vibrational tendencies and accumulations of interests are subject to perpetual change, in respect of the feedback which it monitors and gathers from below.It is ALONE.Perhaps, at most, CIRCULATING CHAINS OF nearby formulas may acquire higher qualities of intuition of its presence, concerns, and interests.But no chain from below may have capacity to demonstrate empirical proof of the Identity or interests that are associated with the Topformula for the Singular Unit.

FLUXING MORTAL IDENTITIES:The identities associated with fluxes among Iterative Units and subformulas are mortal, transitory, and imperfect perturbations of the Superior Identity.Upon death, their consciousness subsides and absorbs into the collective unconscious potential of whatever the superior formula that called on them --- perhaps to be recycled from time to time through the Present, in various parts and respects.Such temporal perspectives were never permanent identities.

CHANGELESS CHANGER:The Superior Identity is changeless in respect of being Topmost, yet changing in respect of apprehending, recording, forgetting, remembering, ortranscending functions below.

VIBRATIONAL APPREHENSIONS:Suppose a Singular-Unit-Field “meta vibrates,”such that its tendencies must be processed and signified in respect of a Top Formula, with which it is bound. Suppose said Singular Unit (wave packet formula of formulas), to avail an Identity of itself, iterates vibrations of derivational associations with every possible subformula. Suppose no subformula with which any iterative sub-unit or sub-wave-packet binds its vibration has any choice, except to participate in effecting choices for the apprehensive processing of vibrational tendencies through the program of formulas that contextualize its definition.

ALGORITHMIC SEQUENCES FOR PHASE TRANSLATIONS:At any given time and place, field analysis for each particular perspective may depend on its perspective in respect of a “cone” of overlapping significations of field-packet-formulas. All values and formulas for fundamental dimensions of qualitative experience (space, time, matter, energy) may be inter-convertible, but not necessarily directly so. Rather, tangled lines of perspective, context, and information, brought on by tangles of sub-formulas, may need to be unraveled. As by assuming a different focus, point of view, context, or purpose. That is, a desired conversion may need to pass through several steps, sequences, or formulas, rather than simply to filter a direct conversion. While the most fundamental of derivative dimensions (space, time, matter, energy, perspective, context, purpose, substance, consciousness, information) may be inter-convertible, a particular conversion may necessitate several or more steps. Thus, matter may be converted to space, energy to distance, and time to information, but not necessarily directly so.Perhaps not without an entailment of Will.Thus, algorithms need to deal in more than direct equalities. They also need to deal with methods, sequences, potentialities, possibilities, choices, and unintended potential consequences.Thus, steps need to show values of dimensional vectors needed to transfer or transcend to each next desired phase or condition.

DERIVATIVES OF THE SINGULARITY ARE NOT IN THEMSELVES INDEPENDENT THINGS:Dimensions, as derivatives, do not exist in themselves, as such. Conserved transpositions that are fluxed throughout the perpetual pre-sent are only relative and relational --- to local perspectives (whether preset or contemporaneous).

SOME DERIVATIVES OVERLAP ACROSS LEVELS OF FORMULIZATION:Some ingredients may be sensed or conceptualized to remain constant, in respect of all perspectives that happen to share a cone of experience. For example, perspectives may share formulaic laws of conservation of matter and energy and of renormalization of perceived experience to a limiting space-time speed of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation among inertial frames of reference. Perspectives may share laws for strong and weak forces, for binding and unbinding charged Organizations and radiations of substance.Perspectives may share laws for relating linear and angular directions of momentum. Perspectives may share laws and formulas for renormalizing exchanges and transpositions of discrete quanta of energies and wave packets of frequencies and wavelengths.

GREAT MANDALA (WHEEL OF LIFE):Thus, no particular bit of matter or energy may have any permanent identity, as such.A common sequence may be inferred, which compels eventual reabsorption, to segment and sequence back to a Meta Beginning, to recycle through mathematically sequenced and shared cones of experience. We mortals, attached to our limited bodies, may be avatars for the experientiality of God.Thus, we may be simultaneously insignificant and all significant.Not being conscious while we are reabsorbed, we return in what seems an instantaneous continuity.Thus, discrete packets of experience may produce illusions of perpetual continuity.

GRANULAR RECONCILIATION OF WAVE PACKETS:Granular wave-packets of representations of math-based information and values concerning discretely quanticized segments and sequences carry conceptual "reality" only in derivative respect of the potential kinds of conscious perspectives with which such packets happen to have been correlated by the Reconciler.Such conceptual packets are not of permanent reality, in themselves, and their qualities may be forgotten or erased, should such "please" the Reconciler.Thus, steps for transpositions need to reconcile apprehensions of invested and participatory perspectives. Perhaps the Reconciler, as Holistic Reconciler, may bind simultaneously and iteratively with variously complex points of view. Perhaps the Reconciler, as Sum of Perspectives, may operate as each separately iterated point of view, and will pray, apprehend, add, sum, and “vote” its interests from each such point of view.

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