Sunday, October 6, 2013


ENTROPY: Is Entropy-in-itself a "real thing," or just a heuristic name for a rationalization? We renormalize our experience as we observe dissipation of thermal energy, with photons migrating outbound in ever longer wavelengths and weaker frequencies. Is this a feature that dissipates a non-replenishing universe? Or is it only a feature of each shared cone of perspectivistic experience? Apart from Heat, may Entropy be very well conceptualized as an outbound Dissipation of Organization of Forms and Information? Well, distance between Forms does not seem necessarily to translate into loss of Information.

CHAOS AND COMPLEXITY --- LOSS V. ORGANIZATION OF INFORMATION: It seems Information may become more spread out, even as Qualitative aspects of its Organization seem to thrive. Complex organisms seem to exhibit competition and cooperation, to evolve out of chaos, even as measurable Substance seems to dissipate.

PURSUIT OF SYMMETRY: Thus, in respect of Organization of Information versus Dissipation of Information, ASK: May Entropy eventually lead to perfect symmetry, both in perfect dissipation and in perfect organization? May matter dissipate, even as it organizes?

COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANCY OF RECESSION OF MIRAGE: Well, Holistic Will seems to abide as an Agent of a cosmologically renormalizing constancy, such that all perspectives that share a cone of experience will renormalize with the same lack of boundary (or edge) to the universe.

HETEROGENEITY OF ORGANIZATON V. HOMOGENEITY OF BASIC UNITS: An organism avails expression of Will as a whole, as qualitative apprehension mediates the Organism's relationship to its environment as a whole.


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