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X axis – Number of wavelengths of vibrations of Source Unit(of Will-PurposePursuit-Consciousness-God)

Y axis— Hierarchical Level of Formula-defining-parametersof Vibrational Field (of Inertial Field-Context-Information-Holy Ghost)

Z axis – Frequency of Iterations of Vibrations (of Will-Perspective-Substance-Jesus)

The z axis seems best conceptualized as being dotted, to denote levels of excitations in quantum leaps, thus numbered sequentially. The x/ y axes seem to be continuous, because the math of chronology, sequence, and spatial relation in space-time appears to be continuous.

NO EDGE:There is no Edge to the Observable Cosmos because everything that everyone senses is duplicatively, repetitively reiterated in a way that renormalizes to prevent the presentation of any Edge to any perception or measurement.Every attempt to take an observation towards an Edge is in correlation with anyone else who makes such an attempt, such that the idea of an Edge recedes, like a mirage.

DÉJÀ VU:There may be a strange analog of déjà vu, not necessarily of having experienced an event previously, but of experiencing it presently, multiple times, simultaneously, in numerous different iterations or loci.What my friend appears to be experiencing here and now, he may also be experiencing, simultaneously, in different qualitative flavors, but in mathematically correlative ways, countless times in different contexts. As may I.

VICARIOUS FEEDBACK OF CAUSALITY May these other experiences, if mathematically equivalent, be “qualitatively equivalent?”If so, then must qualitatively experiential feedback be non-causal, like mere floss, floating as epiphenomena?

GUIDED CAUSALITY:Guided Causality would seems to consist with flow down under a system of hierarchical forms and formulizations.It would be Guided in respect of feedback, as a consequence of Higher Levels of experience sensing or interpreting the qualitative experiences of lower levels.Upward feedback of such qualitative experience would factor into the synchronization of the system.Highest level would meta sense the qualities of our separated lower level experiences, supervened on its control of a substratum of synchronization.

AVATARS OF COMBINATORY UNITARY:Feedback yields a quality of empathetic, vicarious, purposeful appreciation of causality and meaningfulness.Thus, under guidance of the Combinatory Unitary, the system continues, as Guiding Cause.We are of it. Our perspectives are vicarious avatars. Their iterative experiences of quality are real to it. And the unfolding is not entirely preset.


STRATAS OF MATH:Regardless of locus of Perspective, there will be strata of math relational vectors. Math of Geometry (Space).Math of Chronology (Time).Math of Vector (Substance, i.e., Matter and Energy)(Conservational exchanges of discretes, i.e., quantifiably relational substance).Mathematically comparative locus can only be idealized on an imaginary 3 D axis, graphing Geometry, Chronology, and Vector.

RENORMALIZATION:For every Perspective, at every locus of intersection of Geometry, Chronology, and Vector, those three strata of dimensions of math must be renormalized. No mortal perspective can step or record outside, or even to the edge of, Space, Time, of Substance.

AXIS OF WILL-IMAGINATION-APPREHENSION:To idealize a Qualitatively comparable locus would necessitate addition of an axis for Organization of Will-Imagination-Apprehension.

DISCRETE SEPARATIONS AMONG PERSPECTIVES:Appearances of Separation occur in association with experiences of fluxes in relations among mathematically measurable relational vectors of Space, Time, and Substance.Not as a result of pinning any Substance, Motion, or Perspective to or beyond any locus in respect of any Standard Grid.

HEURISTICS OF TRINITIES OF SPACE-TIME-VECTOR AND MATH-WILL-PURPOSE:Space-time avails relativistic signification of space or time, but only by way of perpetual renormalization, and not by way of anything that is space-time in itself.As Space (wavelength) decreases, Frequency (energy) increases, and Time (age) increases. As Time decreases, Frequency decreases, and Space increases. Potentially, either Space or Time can be made to reduce to a Mathematical Point, but not both at the same time and place.Math is part of their substrata.The other part of their substrata is Will (imagination, apprehension, pursuit). Together, the substratum is Math-Will-Purpose.Math-Will-PURPOSE does not measure itself, but it can be experientially coordinated, and it avails a substratum for taking relative measurements of loci of Geometry-Chronology-Vector.

IMPLICATED META IS NOT EMPIRICALLY TESTABLE: Meta aspects as to the time of Origination of Space-Time-Vector and the participatory guiding of Math-Will-Purpose cannot be reliably related in respect of an empirically testable and provable theory.

MIRAGE OF UNBOUNDED UNIVERSE:There cannot be any measurable Vibration (or Ripple) outside the Combined Field of Space-Time-Substance, nor up to any“edge” or boundary for such Field.No measurable or experienceable vibrations can originate or be defined, except in compatibility with the Field.In consequence, the relationship among the Unitary Form, the Field of Iterative Vibrations, and the Vibrations themselves, must be a receding, renormalizing relationship, like a mirage or a rainbow. One cannot approach a rainbow in itself, but one can only seem to approach a rainbow within parameters of renormalizing tradeoff.Every Perspective from an Inertial Frame within a Field of Vibrations will necessarily view every other inertial frame or field as being renormalized to it.None will see or move to or beyond any Edge of the Universe.

RENORMALIZATION OF PROPORTIONATE CHANGES IN UNIVERSE:Any expansion or contraction of space-time must be proportionately renormalized to every relativistic perspective.No relational perspective can relate to any thing-in-itself standard.

COMBINATORY UNITARY WITH TRINITY OF ASPECTS:Each relational perspective CAN relate to parameter-fluxing aspects and qualities of a Combinatory Unitary.That is, the only constants for sake of reference that are available to a mortal within the Combinatory Unitary are constants that are relativistic and renormalizing in their operations.Thus, no mortal can step outside the renormalization of relations among a Trinity of Space-Time-Vector, nor outside Perspective-Context-Purpose, nor outside Math-Organization-Will.


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