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WHAT ABIDES AS INNATE TO EXISTENTIALITY: WILL is innate, as are perspectives of will, as is meta empathy among such perspectives of will as are in inherent competition and cooperation, to surpass along the unfoldment of evolution. A reasoned idea of moral empathy needs to factor the innate need of perspectives of will to pursue and communicate surpassing unfoldments of evolution. Because surpassage is part of our inherent condition of beingness, there is no set, linear end, final objective for any formulation of moral purposefulness. The teleology appears to be for perpetual seeking, not for end times finding.

UNFOLDING EXPRESSIONS OF MORAL CHOICES: Each adoption of an avatar or perspective of will rationalizes and feeds back, through its centrally organized processing unit (cpu), i.e., brain. The Field wills an organized, focused action by an organism, whose brain then coordinates an organized rationalization, as if the brain had been first to intend an action of signification, rather than the Field having intended the brain. Morality has to reconcile with the unfolding evolution of expressions of competing and cooperating perspectives of will. Morality reconciles unfoldments of ego, empathy, and evolution. The Rule of Morality: The principle that should be a categorical imperative, a moral law of all signification, is a qualitatively subjective one: Be Empathetic!

INNATE MORALITY: Morality is as categorically innate and unavoidable as God. We propose and make temporal judgments and feedback. We care, even as we kill. Manmade laws are only temporal aids to practice, as crutches and helpmates along the path of our beingness. By our apprehensions and actions, we "vote," as we deem that which is Good v. Evil. Our votes are factored, hence, our evaluations color the qualitatives of reality. In that relation, good and evil are derivatively real. God reconciles. I would differ from Kant, in that I see necessary evolution as not being categorically or necessarily moral. To say what seems to be fair now is often to fail to weigh or speculate what may be fair were alternatives to come to pass, upon a sacrifice of the now.

INNATE INCOMPLETENESS OF RATIONALIZATIONS OF SETTINGS: Set theory can never be complete in accounting for all phenomena, because each newly organized signification that encompasses a set must simultaneously give expression to the organization as a whole, therewith rendering the whole as something greater than the sum of its parts. That is the way and will of the world. The Field that wills to present an organization, as an organization, simultaneously harbors the will to manifest, represent, and record information for potentializing the qualitative interpretation of expressionism that will unfold in respect of the organization.

UNFOLDING ADEQUACY: Will is always adequate to the qualitative expression of each new organization because no new organization can emerge without the merging bond of will, whether as perspective or as potentializing potentate.

INCOMPLETENESS OF NON-TRIVIAL TRUTHS: The truth availed to mortals seems to be uncertain incompleteness about whether a truth about the original, perpetual, permanent, existential emergence of consciousness may be available to any consciousness, much less to mortal or human consciousness.

MEANING OF WILL: Will, as iterative of tendencies from vibrations and observers. Will, as innate capacity to appreciate. Will, as innate drive to focus, adopt, identify, appreciate, and change.

BIRTH: Original sin -- limitation that necessarily accompanies the adoption of an identity of self, i.e., a perspective of will. Without such "sin," we would have no severable perspective of being. Without such "sin," God would lack our feedback and company. LIFE: Dignity and morality -- moral beings as ends, worthy of empathy, not merely means! Strive to be worthy of beingness. DEATH: Salvation-- sublimation and reasbsorption of particular perspectives of will, in preparation for potential recycling or reincarnation.

WILL TO POWER tends to be redundant of will, which, by definition, seeks power, either for a perspective which it has adopted for experiencing consciousness of itself, or for a perspective, organism, or organization to whose purpose it seeks to devote and sacrifice itself. Will wants to pursue a receding idealization, not to capture a final, end-of-times stagnation. Cosmic possibilities for qualities, quantities, and combinations of meta digitized vibrations of will are INFINITE, such that the cosmos seems to be as beyond rationalizable repetition as are patterns of numbers in the calculation of pi. May the COSMIC MIND have capacity to delete memories and information, without necessarily having eternally to repeat patterns for their expression?

NO MATTER, NEVER MIND: Meta vibrations of will produce holons and organizations encompassing parts. An organism may organize interpretations of Phenomena of sensations, derivative of relations among relations, among representations of representations. Thus, Iterations of will bind with that which avails the manifestation of organizations of parts, interfunctioning with organizations of parts. Thus, there abides a Quality with which an Organization potentializes more than a mere Summation of its Parts, with ever emerging traces of significations of Will, as Will perpetually merges and emerges, in its particularized and quanticized severances of expressionism.

Thus, the organization of a system adds a Quality to the Quantitative Sum of the parts to its set. Thus, Infinity is charged with potential for relationships to be experienced among charges and perspectives of Will.

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