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RENORMALIZATION TO PERPETUAL PRESENT --- THE RECONCILED-SYNCHRONIZED-CONSERVED HERE AND NOW:Atomic orbital time seems to provide a reliable standard unit of sequential reference for an inertial frame.And Relativity seems to allow renormalitive calculations across inertial frames. However, there seems not to be a standard, granular unit of time that applies to any measure across the Universe as a whole, by which to measure universal time passed from any reference point of “nowness.”So, what does it mean to suggest the universe, from earth perspective, appears as a whole to be “x” years in age?Would any present perspective from a different part of the universe derive the same x age, given renormalization?What may that mean?

NOWNESS: One may intuit that there seems to abide a cosmic NOWNESS.And, given accurate renormalization, it seems every perspective would measure the universe to be of the same age since the “Big Bang.”

SPACE-TIME CONTINUITY V. MATTER-ENERGY GRANULARITY:May it be best to consider severable “things” that are relationally measurable in space-time as being granular, while “space-time itself” is best considered as being mathematically continuous?Depending on utility of math model being deployed by Will, may space and time be modeled equally well, either as being discrete or as being continuous?When a basic unit is too small to be measured, it may give an impression to a perspective of Conscious Will that it is continuous, because the Perspective is incompetent to perceive the individual steps.For example, if discrete feedback is required to synchronize and reconcile a thing with its context, then the smallest moment of space-time needed to synchronize the feedback may be the level of granularity that is relevant to that relationship for that perspective.

TIME AS ILLUSION, SECONDARY TO SEQUENCES IN MATH-BASED FUNCTIONS, FORMULAS, AND OPERATIONS: Time can be measured to be only as discrete or continuous as the substances and processes used to measure it. What is thus measured is not an objective condition, but our normalized, inter-subjective detection of math-based relations among patterns of change. Zeno’s paradox may be resolved by recognizing that discrete segments and sequences may undergo renormalizing quantum leaps.

ZENO’S PARADOX:It may resolve Zeno’s paradox of the Dichotomy by questioning one of his assumptions:that between any two different points in space (or time), there is always another point. Without this assumption, there are only a finite number of distances between two points, so there is no infinite sequence of movements.Hence, the paradox seems to be resolved.That is, in any given inertial frame, there may be a smallest, discrete unit of space and a smallest discrete unit of time.Getting from any one segment or sequence to another may entail quantum leaps, rather than an infinite series of steps by halving.

What may be implied about the reality of space, time, matter, energy, and conscious perspective, if separations in space and time are reasonably to be conceptualized as Discrete, rather than Continuous?Then, it would seem that the ultimate building blocks of empirically measurable substance (matter and energy situated in relative space-time) would consist of units (or "points"), which in themselves were immeasurable, i.e., sizeless and without mass, but which, in fields of formulaic organization, would avail expression of contextually relative and measurable size, curvature, mass, location, direction, speed, i.e., vectors subject to conservational formulas.

SUPERVENIENCE AMONG LEVELS OF STRUCTURE AND IN HIERARCHY OF FORMULIZATIONS:A concept of Supervenience suggests that each change in state at a higher level of structure or formulization must correspond to a change in lower level states. Supervenience would assert that a lower-level process uniquely determines the higher-level process.Thus there abides a “many-to-one mapping” between lower-level processes and higher-level processes. It seems that a discrete structure may supervene upon a continuous substratum, and, vice versa, a continuous structure may supervene upon a discrete substratum.

SUSSING THE IMMEASURABLE REAL:The Singular Unit-Packet seems to be necessarily existent, i.e., “real.”Yet, in itself, it is meta, i.e., not measurable.Yet, as applied with formulas, it produces derivative appearances, which are in some ways, measurable.They are not "completely measurable" in themselves, for they do not exist in themselves, but only relationally -- to a perspective, subject to a relational context, for some purpose of being formed to a record or sensation.Thus, appearances are relationally measurable, for qualitative purposes, not for a purpose of permanent recordation of truth about reality.
They are measurable in respect of formulas under a calculus which can be contrived to whatever the level of accuracy as may be desired, so long as the quality being thus quantified does not transpose across a fuzzy state of becoming, to phase shift to a nonlinearly different quality.May its interface be “sussed”?
CONCEPTUALIZING TO PRACTICAL PURPOSES: In respect of what conceptual scheme may one best and most consistently map measurable reality, while inspiring or identifying that which constitutes moral and meaningful conduct?
- The Singular Unit -- A conception of a Form (geometrical math)
- Vibrations -- Iterative formulations that are digitally representable in mathematics
- Field -- Conserving mediator of mathematical relationships and transitional interfaces

MATHEMATICAL ONTOLOGY- Regarding the ontology of mathematical physics:If the physical world objectively possesses a mathematical structure, then may it follow that it also possesses a substructure of that structure?Are there “mathematical things”?


A locally shared sub-formula may avail appearances of aspects of shared grid mapping. The appearance of sharing may be conservable in respect of an intermediate, sub-summing formula, such that all locally relativistic transformations are shared at a same rate, such that all so sharing would seem to retain the same grid reference for digitized measurements. A need may not arise for re-normalizing or adjusting comparisions between local and distant frames of reference, except as connective formulas may traverse between a local sub-formula and a distant application of an intermediate formula or shift in inertial frame.

THE SINGULAR UNIT-PACKET:A singular Unit, whose Identity is ITERATED numerously among indiscernibles, is perpetually availed to the functioning of every presently fluxing sub-formula.

Its Number of Vibrational Iterations is limited only by the number of its applications to sub-formulas. The number of such sub-formula applications is limited only by the Top Formula. All sub-formulas are subsumed under the Top Formula. As a conserving equation, the Top Formula has Two Sides. Does that implicate that it is digitally based?

UNIFICATION TO ONE:May Reconciling Stuff consist of a Singular Digit, Value, or Unit, which itself is immeasurable in size or mass, which has no size or mass, which in essential Identity is of the Number One, which is iterated for whatever number of applications may be apt, for application by all sub-formulas of the Top Formula?

Do Iterations of bubbles and vibrations of the Singular Unit not, upon their application, measure to ANNIHILATE or cancel one another, because they do not exist as measurable things?

Does the Quality of their application with sub-formulas avail Emergence of in-form-ation of plural fields, of organizations and vector orientations, the interfunctionings of which avail the recordation, experience, interpretation, and communication of such information?Do such Emergent fields and vector values (in respect of emergent qualities of revolution, rotation, roll, and spin) (linear direction and angular momentum) come to avail expression of Charges (positive and negative), gravity (mass), attraction, repulsion, bindingness, cancellation (annihilation of organizations), and quantum leaps (digitized correlations and polarized movements)?

Thus, do such Units, if they exist in themselves, not interact, because they are of One? Does the Singularity not interact with itself?However, do Vibrational Iterations of the Source Singular Unit, in respect and relation to sub-formulas that are organized in respect of such iterations, interfunction and interact? Do interactions of Organizations of iterations of in-FORM-ation avail all dimensional qualities of relative and relational formulization and measure --- such as exclusivity (spin), mass (rate of responsiveness to gravitational curvature), location (space), orientation (linear and angular momentum), vector (matter), polarity, charge, radiation, amplitude, intensity, reactivity, wavelength, wave frequency (energy), and comparative sequential compression (time)?

Do special, shared, and intermediate levels of Form-ulas avail shared cosmic cones of relationally balanced experience?

If there abides a "set number" of vibrational iterations of the Singular Unit, in respect of the shared cone of cosmic experience that is availed to us, then it would be in respect of the number of applications of the Singular Unit that are availed to all the sub-formulas that produce the appearance of our shared cone of experience.

The relational fluxing of the sub-formulas is guided and reconciled in respect of an innate capacity of digitally appreciative feedback between the Source of the Top Formula and the perspectives availed among the sub-formulas.

Thus, each iteration of the Unit is Innately Relational to all others, and all seem to be subject to a digitizing heirarchy of fluxing formulas, under a Top Formula Algorithm.

The function of the sub-formulas is to avail appearances … of measurable discretes and continuosities among appearances of relational and fluxing organizations.

QUESTION: May the Top Formula support a Character, either of superior consciousness or of primitive apprehension? For what Purpose may it Conserve or Guide? How does it receive and process Feedback from sub-formulas, without itself being changed? Does it change or learn? Does it have a channel for instantaneous feedback?
SUPERVENIENCE OF UNCHANGING CHANGER:May there be an Unchanging Changer? An Unchanging Top of the System of Heirarchical Formulas? May it have meta capacity to flux sub-formulas on each side of its equal sign, without the top-formula itself needing to be fluxed, in order to flux them?

EMBODIMENTS OF FORMULAS:Iterations of the Meta cannot, as themselves, not even in aggregate, be directly measured or weighed. Rather, such weights, charges, and masses of which they avail signification are all derivative of how their iterations are formula-ized, and therewith avail Emergence to significations of quanta, with qualities, some of which are sensed and some of which are measured.


When a measurable relationship dissipates or "winks out" into apparent immeasurable nothingness, the relationship simply recurs elsewhere, sort of like through a wormhole, but still subject to the System of Algorithmic Formulas.The Singular-Meta-Field-Unit may be modeled as being presently everywhere, to instantaneously blow and suck bubble-packets and vibrations along a circular loop, to recycle organizations of Sub-Perspectives of Will between the Potential and the Manifest.It is omnipresent to the manifest, omni-imaginative to the potential, and omnipotent to the possible, for such sequential exchanges among quantifiable segments as are possible within such formulas as it adopts.It is omnivorous of perspectives of experience.Its moral pursuits are based in feedback of empathy and evolution.

The potential of Iterations of the Source Unit to influence and effect measurable relationships is guided and constrained to a System Algorithm that is presented with the Source Unit.

There seems little point to imagining all the Iterations of Units, in themselves, being collapsed into a small space, or even into a Singular Unit or Black Hole.

Regardless of proportionality in any collapse, the units being, in themselves, sizeless and massless, would not be meaningfully measured or conceptualized to have collapsed.

What is meaningful is only how they are relatively (and digitally?) deployed, supervened under the System Algorithm (Top Formula), for giving expression to sub-algorithms.Under such formulaic deployment, expression is given to exclusivity, vibration, frequency, reinforcement, interference, entanglement, alignment, directional vector, angular momentum, spin, charge, neutralization, and annihilation.It is not the meta-vibrations of iterations that are signified, but the INTERFACE effect of such vibrations taking on the signification to give expression to formulas.

In themselves, the iterations of units would not collapse into a Single Unit, unless all Perspectives of Consciousness were also collapsed into a Single Perspective. Were a single unit (as quick as math) the SAME UNIT, as a Single Identity of Indiscernibles, it could apply itself, digitally, to function as a placeholder, to flesh out (word made flesh) all apparent substance, so as to make relational formulations and organizations mathematically measurable in severalty, subject to perspective, context, and purpose.Each iteration of perspective would be dormant, while its formulative definition were unfilled, during which sequencing break it would be without capacity to notice that its experience of apparent continuity was really based in digitality.

CRACKED SYMMETRY – RELATIVISTIC SIGNIFICATION – FORMULIZATION REQUIRES SEPARATION OF PRESENTATION OF UNITY (HOLISM) IN COORDINATE ASPECTS (RELATIVISTIC PARTICULARS):If meta (real) units were in themselves aligned in perfect meta symmetry (property-less, sizeless, massless, directionless, chargeless, spinless, and indiscernible), then how, in relativity, could any sensed or recorded SIGNIFICATION or thing be relationally measured to orbit, radiate, emit a charge, traverse a distance, respond to gravity, or be tested to have organized? Such could not occur were such units, in themselves and by themselves, the fill of Reality. Some additional factor or aspect would need to avail such Units to assume such relational organizations, Aspects, and coordinate Properties (cracked symmetry) as would avail interpretations, sensations, and recordations of Information concerning measurable functions (such as relative weight, charge, size, direction, speed, revolution, rotation, and roll. Until some device or Formula were applied to crack symmetry and separate the fundamental Singularity into varying Aspects of presentation, in order to Mediate, Interface, and relate among them, to give expression and signification to a measurable Organization or form of comparable size and mass, then there would be nothing and no basis that could be said to have capacity to measure them or their organization ---such as for weight, charge, size, direction, speed, revolution, rotation, or roll.

RELATIVISTIC CONSTANTS:When one Thing (immeasurable in itself) parcels and presents itself in different Aspects or Phases or Properties, and such aspects are required to relate to one another in ways that obey relativistically constant formulas, then such Aspects may sense and measure their relational contexts by empirical reference to coordinately mapped changes among their contextual constituents. Thus, the Universe may be immeasurable as one substance (no mortal can measure time, space, or matter before the Big Bang), yet, after the Big Bang from Cracked Symmetry, be measurable in respect of the possible mixes of Aspects that it can present.

SYMMETRY:If the only Source Unit were propertyless and sizeless, then summing indiscernible iterations would not add size.Thus, it would seem meaningless to speculate on any possible effect of any simultaneously proportionate expansion or contraction of all indiscernible iterations of such Unit.So how may any iteration of any such unit be conserved to move, push, pull, attract, repel, organize, or bind in respect of any other? Well, Symmetry would have to be cracked, so that iterations became irregular and discernible.Once symmetry were cracked, so that vibrations and iterations of the Source Unit became discernible, then how may such Iterations of units be formul-ized and imag-ed, to organize and obey conservational relationships representable in formulas, based on values assigned to vectors and fields in math?How may such irregularly iterative representations be formalized to convey locally perspectivistic information,that could be interpreted to Wilful and sensory experiences of pressure, picture, color, vibration, and chemical flavor?

PARTICULAR SUBDIVISION NECESSITATES DISCERNIBILITY:Formulas for organizations that can be fluxed to re-pre-sent the conservation and impression of sensate information to our experience and memories must somehow be interfaced, associated, and bonded with Iterations of Aspects of the ultimate Unit of Reality.What would happen were all irregularity in such vibrational iterations to smooth and dissipate out?Then, it would seem such Iterations would revert to perfect indiscernibility and re-absorption into the Singular Source Unit.

SUPERVENIENCE OF LEVELS OF FORMULAS:So long as vibrational iterations retain aspects of discernibility, then they may be subject to complex re-organizations in respect of their properties of differentiation.What would avail them to represent qualities of measurably discernible difference would abide with the organization of such units in respect of locally relative frames of reference.Thus, the Source Unit would avail such organizations to be fluxed in obedience to predetermined and contemporaneously determined hierarchies or systems of formulas.Such formulas must entail means for representing and conveying expression of relationally discernible, vibrationally imperfect, iterations of the Source Unit.Otherwise, such units would remain without meaningful or measurable existentiality. Expression via such formulas must entail means of inform-ational recordation and apprehension among such various relativistic and reconciled perspectives as are locally coterminous with our shared state of affairs.

FORMULAS AT INCEPTION OF DISCERNIBILITY: Thus, the formulas and the aspects of vibrational iterations emerge into contemporaneous existentiality, secondary to cracked symmetry.But for their contextually conservational relation, the formulas and the units of imperfect iterations which they rule, would neither of them have size, mass, charge, direction, or purpose.Yet, taken together, their interfunctioning communicates informational expressions of mass. Thus, vibrationally imperfect iterations of the Source Unit associate with the inception of fundamental aspects, i.e., derivative units that are associated with dynamic formulas for defining organizations, translations, and measurables.

DIGITAL DISCRETES:Each alteration on one side of a formula entails a simultaneous, conservational, dualistic, quantum jump (exchange) on the other side of that level of formula. Thus, vectors of revolutions, rotations, and rolls appear to be derivative of discrete quantum leaps, which are controlled by whatever the Reconciling Source that actuates and guides parameters for the unfoldments that are made subject to such system of conserving formulas.Thus, information appears to be exchanged in discrete bits, in a way that correlates and renormalizes so as to sponsor locally qualitative expectations and interpretations of unfolding continuosities in space and time.


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