Thursday, November 17, 2016

NWO Agenda

FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION:  Amend the Constitution to forbid the Federal Government from imposing fines or force against any non-federally licensed or non-publically owned corporation or business that decides, for whatever reason, to decline to serve anyone.  IOW, allow more freedom of association for small businesses.

UNFORCED CHARITY:  End tax deductions for charities.  The corruption behind various foundations like the one of the Clintons and churches that shill for cronycrat collectivism and taxation as "charity" has outweighed their good.  Let charitable people be charitable because they want to, not because they see opportunity for corruption.

RESET STATE BALANCE OF POWER:  Repeal the 17th Amendment.

OLIGARCHIC OWNERSHIP OF POLITICIANS:  Cut off the head of the Medusa that launders bribes to corrupt representatives:  End taxes on domestic businesses.  Replace with progressive tax on yearly personal consumption.  Attribute most lobbying expenditures to the "consumption" of the agent(s) that authorize the expenditure.  Prohibit foreign lobbying via special favors or laundered bribes.  Don't tax exports of durable products.  Do tax exports of moneys.  Don't tax imports of moneys.  Do tax imports of durable goods.  Use tax revenues for infrastructure "workfare" and to share revenue to states on a basis roughly proportionate with population.

THE FED:  Put Ron Paul in charge of auditing it.

SCOTUS:  Get some ropes and horses to help it pull its collective head out of its posterior, especially concerning the First Amendment and the "free exercise" of religion.

UNHINGED OFFICIALS:  Integrate a way somehow for popular recall of a bad President.  We have learned how ineffective impeachment is as a check on power once a corrupt Oligarchy acquires control over most institutions and politicians.  We have learned that a Uniparty Congress is without capacity to impeach a President the Establishment does not want to be impeached.


The greater need is to learn who voted and whether they were legal citizens and residents at the time, and whether they also voted in other states. The absolute count is probably less important.

The last sanctuary city standing will not be able to avoid becoming purely Islamic. Reality bites.

I expect Trump, like most Conservers of Liberty, appreciates the Serenity Prayer. One step at a time. Context AND Judgment. Evidently, that is a foreign concept to Progs, who seem to think if you let one illegal in, you have to invite them all. As I said, they tend to suffer from PIS -- Perpetual Infant Syndrome. Secondary to swallowing too much Special High Intensity Training and indoctrination in school.

Deporting illegals is only white-identity rubbish to a Prog Racist. To Americans, its American-identity common sense.
Building walls is necessary because otherwise, the next time a Prog is elected, the number of Beast Trains would be increased to overwhelm the American Demographic of liberty literates with Prog illiterates in liberty.
I certainly am anti-immigrant to liberty-illiterates! There is no constitutional right to pollute the American Ideal or to flood and destroy the republic. You really do need to progress beyond the diapers.
Yes, most people in the rest of the world are collectivist Lefties. That's why they are liberty-illiterates. That's why they aren't suitable to contribute to the American Ideal. That's why allowing them to flood the U.S. would destroy the American Ideal as surely as it destroyed California. That's why, if you like liberty-illiterates, you should move to one of their paradises. If you like your liberty-illiteracy, you can keep your liberty-illiteracy. It's easy. Just move.
Conservers of Liberty would prefer that the U.S. allow immigration only by others that incline to be Conservers of Liberty. That is the key. Not your racist ideas about color, etc.

How did California turn so rotten blue so fast? Is there any reliable way to estimate how many residents voted in California that were not citizens? Why is it that Progs must rely for their bragging rights on a team that played outside the rules?

Americans with guns and common sense are the last bastion. Until Trump, our gov was a bastion for Establishmentarians that contributed to worldwide idiocy, corruption, and violence.


From what I have seen, "neo-con" tends to be conflated with chicken hawk.  I have no problem with vigorous defense of the republic, even with defense of outposts reasonably needed to help ensure against future aggressions by despotic people farmers. 

A problem relates to how to draw the line at colonial empire building of a kind that inevitably threatens the republic at home.  Another problem relates to how to avoid throwing money and lives down an abyss by trying to grow foreign republics in cultural soil that is entirely unsuited to the effort.

As I understand the term, a neo-con tends to  try to build nations by telling people that freedom is being spread, when closer to fact what is being spread is elitist rule.  Such a neo-con would be more con than conservative.

I am with those that declaim the wastage of blood and treasure to try to build empires or promote freedom in lands grossly contaminated by long histories of Islam. 

Islam is like a tarbaby.  (Tarbaby is an apt and useful description, but madness is often programmed in pc bots to put all comments that use it in limbo.  Brer Rabbit and Uncle Remus are unwelcome in pc land.)  The more contact we have with Islam, the gooier and dirtier we become.  Islamic societies use our charity to install and reinforce despots.  They kickback and launder bribes to buy our politicians.  Our involvement with them does not make them more like us, but it does make us more like them. 

I would prefer not to deal or trade with Islamic contaminated lands until their rotten cultures die on the vine.  Yes, that would leave the market to other nations, but it is a market that will soon enough bite them in the nether regions.

For Jews to be over represented in neo-connery is just another way for Jews to be over represented in attempts to blanket the world under an elitist NWO that would smother the freedom and dignity of everyday people.


Whatever those "conservatives" mean to conserve, it isn't liberty for ordinary Americans. They put a foul stench on the word conservative. That's why I try always to qualify that I am not a go-along conservative with elitists. I am a conserver of liberty. Otherwise, there is too much mis-communication under the word conservative. Otherwise, there is too little of liberty, both in so called liberals and in so called conservatives.

Liberal Jews are very grossly over represented in DC, Hollywood, media, academia, Scotus (Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan), ADL, ACLU, NAACP, think tanks. That is the problem.
The philosophy that the masses in a representative republic should surrender their freedom and dignity to the better leadership of knowitall elitist rulers is a bane against the American Ideal. It does, however, fit nicely with alliances with various destabilizing and collectivizing memes and programs. And with Soros' open society and anti-American funding.

They tried for a monopoly on power to define Truth and Justice and ended up cornering the market on idiocy and indecency. Unfortunately for them, competent free thinkers aren't interested in buying. Anti-Israelis will continue, however, to be a howling and dangerous nuisance. F the ACLU, ADL, CAIR, MB, CPUSA and all their fellow-traveling, anti-freedom-and-dignity, howling, NWO elitists. It's a new day.

Compare the wars, violence, mayhem, mutilation, and sociopathy that is inspired and required by Islam, Communism, Collectivism, and Progism versus most variations of Christianity.  How many bloody borders of the modern world are in Islamic nations?  How many outrages are committed by Islamic killers?  How many Westerners are being lured to participate with ISIS?

I will continue to look more into this, for comparison purposes.  I suspect there is very little to be admired in moral wusses that condone tolerance for a faith that stirs up so much evil.  On what moral precept do so-called Christians want to build up the self esteem of those that promote a faith that contributes to so much evil in the world?  Are they unable to judge evil?  Do they not know evil when they see it?  Are they blind to how they are useful idiots for cronycrats bent on replacing every representative republic of free thinkers with NWO people farms?

What is the fruit of this kind of batty tolerance?  If you love someone that does shameful things, should you not better shame him to teach him his error, rather than pretend all is well with what he is about?

If my child is on a shameful path and I love him as myself, should I encourage his shameful path?  Even if his shameful path endangers my neighbors and contributes to the delinquency of other children? 

If Progs are so superior, why are their progeny usually the ones that are most intolerant, quickest to condemn, quickest to project their own faults onto others, most likely to bait races, and intolerant of opposing ideas?  And why do they work so hard to help billionaires and jihadis acquire power to dictate pc against the freedom and dignity of all others?

My hypothesis:  Progs are adults that never grew out of adolescent dependence.  They remain in a state of incompetent delusion, being entirely dependent for their safe spaces on the exertions of better adults, yet soothing themselves with delusions of moral superiority.  Because their immature egos depend on deluding themselves that they are better than the adults they are so dependent on, they want to believe responsible adults are wrong about everything.  So, for a Prog, up is down, wrong is right, Islam is peaceable, and conservers of liberty are intolerant racists.  Sadly, faithless oligarchic cronycrats recruit them as useful idiots to help suck all the wealth and goodness out of otherwise decent republics.  Sort of like Soros picking the gold out of the teeth of carcasses.  So, Progs will help cronycrats flood us with divisive Muslims, to help hollow out the moral fiber of the republic.


To understand the MSM agenda it is only needed to think about the agenda of the faithless, self-godded, a-loyal, oligarchs and corporate elitists that own and run it. 

If you were one of them, what would you want?  Well, you would not care about nations, borders, cultures, or the freedom or dignity of the masses.  No, you would incline to train them to be of service.  You would indoctrinate, reward, train, bribe, and punish them, to mold and farm them to that purpose.  You would keep them safely outside your gates.  You would keep them divided, stressed, diverted.  You would make a "virtue" of unassimilated groupings of animosity.

Where needed, you would keep masses barefoot, pregnant, desperate.  You would want them to toss their humanity and decency to the side, as they compete for jobs under your largess.  You would open borders, so even the most educated would have to compete against the most desperate.  You would give them goats (white males with jobs and work ethic and spiritual sense of purposefulness) to blame, to focus them around chosen goats so they don't start seeing the monsters that rule them that are hiding in plain sight. You would make the goats to blame, rather than those that fund and direct evil. You would pretend to be the champion for the little people, if only the goats would fall completely in line with your "beneficence."

From this vantage, you would steadily and relentlessly harvest their produce and hollow out their resources.  You would lift the ladders, to ensure they could never depose you.  You would infiltrate all their institutions, to mold their trust, faith, and credit.  You would control their money at your fiat. You would control their spiritual faith by importing whatever jihadis may be needed to "get their minds right."  You would threaten, bribe, and coopt their civic and spiritual leaders. 

You would make them feel alone, unsupported, with no hope of resistance.  You would make them learn to love Big Brother.  You would make them shout against all that challenge Big Brother (or his jihadi agents of division) under the theory that resistance only makes things worse.

You would play this game against contending Big Brothers.  Together, the Big Brothers would form a NWO, where national boundaries were essentially meaningless.  Where fiefdoms and territories for spheres of influence were carved up, like a syndicate for up and coming subhuman gangsters.  Absent resistance from free-thinking adults of good faith and good will, you would run all political parties as a Uniparty.  Your agitations and organized protests for keeping the people divided would continue regardless of which phony political party may at any time be nominally in power.

Against this juggernaut of Evil, how may Goodwill and Goodfaith ever recover?  Well, without intuitive receptivity to an assimilating, empathetic Source of Goodwill, they won't.


You might think about how water flows downhill. That is a fact, not evil in itself. But if you see a baby in its path and fail to move the baby or divert the water, that is evil.
I am analogizing the representative republic to a vulnerable yet valuable baby. I agree with you that corporations tend to be concerned only with profits and not with preserving representative republics. When they see how their profit-making by buying politicians and mooching favors from the gov bleeds the representative republic that shelters them and their agents, yet they persist in the bleeding, that is evil.
I don't absolve Soros merely because he is a corporatist. Frankly, I find abhorrent the idea that economic profits for corporations should trump the ideal of making the republic great again.
It is not necessary to judge their evil to evaluate how far in advance they may have conspired. It is only necessary to notice how they in common see their opportunities to mooch and then take them, the survival of the republic be dammmed.
I never said they were motivated by long term purposeful planning. Only that they fall, in common, to short term advantage and pleasure taking. They are led by their pleasures and genitalia. No James Bond needed. That's your invention, not mine. Pretty simple: Stand for nothing, fall for everything.
Note: Pleasure taking builds on pleasure taking, leading to reams upon reams of IRS rules for creating tax dodges. Oligarchs don't even have to scheme. They hire accountants, lawyers, shills, representatives, profs, economists, and conspiracy-poo-pooers to do that for them.

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