Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Defending the Representative Republic

Liberals are like infants.  Their diapers have to be changed often.  That does not mean that anyone should encourage them to continue to need their diapers changed in perpetuity.  Had Hillary been elected, the representative republic, insofar as it is meant to serve decent, responsible adults rather than infants for being farmed by oligarchs, would have been buried for a millenneum.  That is how close we came to losing the republic!

Now is not the time for returning to what almost cost us the republic,i.e., coddling infantile Dems.  Now is the time to call on Dems and their enablers, apologists, wieniemen, and profs to grow the heck up.  We need to figure out what is so fundamentally wrong with our institutions that allowed us to come so close to falling for despotism under the phony wienie promises of entitlementism.  On any reasoned look at nearly all our institutions, it becomes evident that they have been corrupted and infested to the core.  Now is the time to begin taking stock so the mess can be cleaned up and the infants can be taught and pushed to grow up.

The way is twofold:  One, repeat truths to Lib wienies until some sink in.  Two, punish the faithless oligarchs that seek to grow and farm swarms of perpetual infants.  Do this by raising righteous consciousness to identify which among them are the faithless enemies of human freedom and dignity, then by confiscating their gains when ill gotten.  Example:  Tax the heck out of corporate lobbying for mooch favors from the gov.  Confiscate the properties used by corporate moochers to snare the masses. 

Decent, competent Americans must unite to defend the republic that is their righteous inheritance.


If a Muslim from Saudi Arabia with an expatriate American mother were to attend an American school, claim to be an American, be sponsored to attend Harvard, network with Chicago organizers, and run for the Presidency, could he go non-transparent and then brand Americans as "racists" if they demand to check his timeline and documentation? In effect, that is what the MSM/NWO/Oligarchy has polluted the minds of American college students, deviants, choomers, pervs, profs, and lofos to believe.
I suspect Obama was qualified. What I detest is his use of the MSM/NWO to lead students, snots, punks, and knowitalls to presume everyone who wants to see his papers to be hicks and/or racists. As if expecting a candidate for the Presidency to be transparent about his qualifications were some kind of pagan sin against Reason and Gaia. To add insult, Obama promised to be the most transparent administration! If this is not how to condition people to subhumanize themselves into cattle, what is? That's what this was: A way to instruct the people to know their place and accept rule under their "betters." Progs -- wth are they good for? Nasty little snots.


What does "the U.S. economy" mean? Does it mean the economy that is run by, and serves, the class of amoral disloyal oligarchs? What does "the U.S. economy" mean in respect of the viability of Joe Blow for obtaining decent employment in the U.S., for making the U.S. less vulnerable to fascists abroad, and for availing redistributions of earnings based on merit and work as opposed to rent seeking and looting? Eff Ford.


My intuition of the so-called Trump Doctrine: Defend the freedom and dignity of all Americans against being degraded by infusions of the lowest common denominator of defilers of freedom and dignity from the rest of the world. Highly admirable, imo. If residents prefer to trade their freedom under the American Ideal for the so-called equality, security, diversity, and fascist rule of the rest of the NWO world, let them emigrate.
This does NOT entail importing lcd liberty illiterates, nor does it entail entangling ourselves with them abroad. Restore the free Republic. Don't, by trying with Empire to export Americanism to non-receptive cultures (tar babies), wind up adopting their despotism and sacrificing our freedom.

Memetic Drag, similar to genetic drag. We are enriching and empowering the worst among us. This happens in civil service. It also happens in the general citizenry. Our courts and representatives have conferred many benefits even to invading non-citizens. Our system floats crap, but no longer raises cream.
Political cannibals like the Clintons are in it to suck out the riches, not to pass on a better society to progeny. The Clinton-Obama-Soros-NWO Oligarchic Way is to import, plant and water the seeds of louts that do little more than vote for a living.


Of perpetual infants and gov te ats: Schools have become daycare centers for babysitting and indoctrinating students, who are in that way precluded from ever growing up to become free-thinking competent individuals with good civic judgment. Gov jobs are much the same, taking over the function of warehousing incompetents and watering incompetents in order periodically to harvest their votes.
So what would be accomplished by taking away gov "jobs" (means for allocating welfare) from such people? Well, the "work" they then would do would consist of little more than applying for welfare. Welfare would be distributed to them whether or not they "worked" in a gov job. The difference is, without the gov makework job, they would have more idle time to do the devil's work.
This is not to argue that phony gov jobs ought not be shed. It is to argue that gov job welfare needs to be replaced in many instances by workfare. How to convert gov phony work to real work? Well, we have real needs concerning infrastructure. Decrepit roads, bridges, waterways, beaches, parks, slums. Bid reconstructive maintenance work out to private contractors, and let them hire and fire employees. Free enterprising contractors from quota and pc nonsense. Let them hire people who compete to become the best at what they do. Replace unaccountable public governance with accountable private "governance." To do that effectively, it is necessary to end pc, quotas, affirmative action, reparations, snowflake whining.
But deal the mooching oligarchs out. Rico them. Share revenue with, and decentralize to, the States. Revitalize the political influence of the middle class (the responsible class), let them elect responsible representatives, and let them ensure such representatives bid out reconstruction and rehabilitation contracts responsibly.
Those measures are for general infrastructure. For rehabilitation of needy individuals, a three course treatment would be called for: (1) A social safety net (not a hammock); (2) opportunity for everyone to compete to offer his services to private contractors; and for those who fall in the cracks, (3) revitalize respect for private charity. IOW, do not conflate the general public treasury with individual private charity. Encourage churches and volunteer clubs to return to doing charity directly, instead of by bastardizing "charity" by agitating for gov handouts for individuals, races, genders,orientations, etc.
Once gov is put out of the mother hen business of providing charity in individual cases, then churches and volunteer clubs will grow new muscles. Let the mother hens return to churches and volunteer clubs, where they can do actual, substantial good! Let them teach incompetents how to fish, instead of just handing fish out to them. Not to "act white," but to act grown up.


If you wanna see fascist groupthink up close and personal, just put the wimmin and sensitive femimen in charge of the university.


Again, the article posits an increase in bullying and lays the cause against Trump. I have recapitulated things I believe to be obvious.

Moreover, the election was a stressor that entailed a fundamental choice:   Whether to try to restore the representative republic or to bury it in fascist globalism. With all the funding in the established oligarchs, it was spent to agitate people. Hillary ran on agitation. Trump did jujitsu with it and used it to get free publicity. But his platform has always been to make America great again for all Americans. I think this is the controlling background, and I think it is obvious.

Now, if you interpret the unfolding News to show otherwise, perhaps you could explain why you seem to think Trump should be held responsible for any increase in hostile bullying? What do you think Trump should do, or should not have done? Should he have let his opposition drive the narrative? Should he have simply not addressed their points? Should he not seek to enforce the border? Did you have a better path in mind for Trump to have defeated the Dem Machine, in a way that would have reduced the tensions caused by the Dems? Do you have an actual point?

Obama and Clinton are the cause of the increase in bullying and mayhem. They have divided Americans so that there is bullying all around, from every race to every race. That is what they wanted, so they could amass power to "cure" the ill they caused. Trump is the cure, not the cause.
America will become great again, for ALL Americans. And when it does, it will be because Trump and people like him restored goodfaith, good will, and mutual respect among fellow lovers of individual freedom and responsibility. No thanks at all to porgie porgs, msm, NYT, or commienation.

I am not long on patience with people I perceive to be averse to thinking. The article was about bullying and blamed it on Trump. I have in comments in this very article explained why the bullying is better laid at the door of the Progs that live by dividing and ruling. That woulld include Obama and Hillary, and their funder, Soros. Clinton has to do with the climate of division and race baiting. That climate has been heating ever since Obama was elected, and ever since he made common cause with Hillary. This is too simple.


Trump took issue with individuals, and you conflate as if he was hatefully attacking entire races and cultures. Your Gold Star Daddy, Khizr Muazzam Khan, married to Ghazala Khan, is involved in helping Saudis become immigrants or citizens.
In which of these tweets was Trump wrong:
31 July 2016 -- Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our "leaders" to eradicate it!
31 July 2016 -- I was viciously attacked by Mr. Khan at the Democratic Convention. Am I not allowed to respond? Hillary voted for the Iraq war, not me!
1 Aug 2016 -- This story is not about Mr. Khan, who is all over the place doing interviews, but rather RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM and the U.S. Get smart!
I submit that Trump was correct in every case. It was the Dems that cynically used Khan as if he was representative of every Muslim.
Quotes from
Khan suggested that Trump's Muslim ban and Mexican border wall proposals are unconstitutional.He waved his pocket copy of the Constitution. But, in fact, "there's simply no sense in which a border wall violates the Constitution." There is also "nothing unconstitutional about deporting people who are in the United States illegally."
Khizr M. Khan used to work for Hogan & Hartson and Lovells, which has ties to the Clinton Foundation. Accordingly, "Hogan Lovells LLP, another U.S. firm hired by the Saudis, is registered to work for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia through 2016, disclosures show. Robert Kyle, a lobbyist from the firm, has bundled $50,850 for Clinton’s campaign."
Hillary cynically used Khan to mislead lofo Libs to believe a ban or slowdown for the purpose of vetting against radical Muslims would be unconstitutional. She knew that was incorrect or she is an idiot. But she advanced that argument behind Khan because she contrived so that, with the help of the MSM, Trump would lose if he fought back with the truth. Typical Lib bunk.
Given your lead with Khan, and your strawman argumentation, I hold no illusions that you can be pulled up from your nonsense. Enjoy your delusionworld.
Note: An irony evidently escaped Prog MSM. Per Wikipedia, another Ghazala Khan, a Danish woman, was shot and killed in Denmark by her brother after she had married against the will of the family. The murder of Ghazala had been ordered by her father to save the family honour, making it a so‐called honour killing.


Reward bad behavior and get more bad behavior. Psych 101.
There can be equal justice under law in a representative republic, but not in a commie gulag. There is no such thing as equality in riches among people. We each have unique talents. To rely on an arbitrary ruler of gov power to enforce subjective ideas of "equality" in economic distributions is to give total fascist control to Big Momma. It is amazing that our "education" system has filled so many heads with rubbish.

Major BS! Total taqiya. Like making kissy kiss while knifiing in the back. Obama had his DOJ encourage the harassment of Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, and the Baltimore P.D. Obama's funder, George Soros, is behind much of the stirring up of mistrust and hatred via BLM and the current wave of election protests!
Your act of claiming innocence for Obama in this is uninformed or disengenous. As disengenous as Hillary giving a gracious speech in defeat, even as she surely knew the Left would be unleashing massive post election protests designed to do anything other than to accept the legitimacy of the election.

Trump wants to preserve the U.S. and the American Ideal for ALL citizens. If other nations are inspired by our example, great. Trump does NOT see the U.S. as a dumping ground for every liberty-illiterate or jihadi that thinks he has a "right" to come here. No good American would takeTrump as giving the go-ahead to harass fellow citizens for no reason other than the color of their skin.
I think the writer has Trump confused with the race baiting haters on the Left, i.e., Obama, Soros, Hillary, Lynch, Ginsburg, Sharpton, Wright, Ayers, and onandonandon, infesting down through every institution. It is the Left that is doing all it can to feed this meme and to excite division and haterd. Why? Because that's how theoligarchic people farmers rule -- by divide and rule. And the Prog cattle people are too stupid to see what is right before their eyes!
Like Morgan Freeman said, if you want less racism and racial strife, stop talking about it. Stop feeding the Left's phonyazz meme. Instead, start talking about how to lead by example and by individual responsibility. IOW, MAGA. Libs need to get on the Trump Train, or crawl back to their mommies, safespaces, chewy dolls, choomies, sexstrutinggenderfluidity, familial irresponsibility, and fake "charities." We simply have no time for infants in adult bodies.

Socialism and Communism proceed under two common conceits: First, that merit is meaningless so everyone is entitlted to "objectively" equal shares. Second, that the subjective judgment of well meaning despots, fascists, busybodies, mommasboys, and femimen can be safely relied on to pursue such equality in distribution. Of course, this can never work voluntarily, because gov by nature is not voluntary and because people by nature do not sacrifice their interests for others. Especially not for louts, choomheads, thieves, or whiners.
The consequence is this: To make the delusion of collectivism "work," force and diktat are required. And those inevitably lead to deceit, phony promises, torture, depravity, ghetto, hood, and gulag.


Soros should be facing the gallows for high treason. Why does he feel safe enough to do his voodoo so blatantly? Well, because he knows he owns (with bribery and/or skeletons) enough of Congress to ensure his safety.
Is there any way to reduce the devil's money in politics? Punish it? Tax it? Rico it?
Unless Trump can assert power over his fellow billionaires, they will continue their putsch towards the destruction of every representative republic and replacement with fascist, despotic-led oligarchs. The rule not of law, but of oligarchic-criminals-too-big-to-punish.
Sadly, Trump is probably in more danger than Soros.
Soros has funded riots all during Obama's presidency. Had Hillary been elected, it would have been the same old, same old. Purpose: Divide and rule. Delegitimize the republic. Round up the doggies and put them all in their pens for the NWO. Drag a hundred dollar bill through a lofo park and you'll get people pushing to line up for the gulag. Geniuses these ain't. Decent people these ain't. They're porgie progs. Porgs. Down a peg from borgs.

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