Sunday, March 13, 2011

Descendents of the Vikings

From the left, I keep reading rosy scenarios about how much more progressive, scientific, peaceful, rational, and happy are the nations now the descendents of the Vikings. Supposedly, we lackeys of America would be so much better off, if only we would put the hammer down on the values of religious hicks that evolved with the assimilation of a can-do America of days now past. We just need to relax and accept that our betters have only our best interests at heart. I can be critical of excess American jingoism and religious literalism of the past. As for swallowing the offerings of leftists without a closer look see, not so much. I would like to see some less biased and more comprehensive analysis of just how well these descendents of the Vikings are really doing. Are they replenishing their demographic? Can they defend their culture from being rotted out from within? Do they value the defense of any culture? What are their ideals, apart from "good delusions, happy days?" Are their children being raised to be responsible grown ups, with some understanding that the highest value and goal of humanity is not simply to exist in a state of passive, soma fed, moo cows? As cultures or nations, will they even exist 30 years from now? I sense room for improvement in America, not necessarily along the lines advocated by leftist lint lovers. America still has a chance to endure, because many Americans are still imbued with a sense of self reliance and individual potency. Does Europe have that chance?

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Anonymous said...

The raiding of America by looting Vikings and their ready made slaves is nearly complete. Producers are not on strike, but they have been routed. Given the lack of vision displayed by the inheritors of America's Producers, especially the lack of will for self defense, all that they can reap will soon be limited to that which Vikings and their slaves can sow. This has been accomplished with nary a "hateful" voice dared to be raised in anger --- for we have invited them.

Anonymous said...

For the Left to entice more and more people to become dependent upon government benefits is to make investments in government more and more enticing to those who have means to buy government and its politicians. The only way to restore America to government by the people is to reduce dependency on government, so that those who can afford to buy government cannot use it as a Trojan Horse to reestablish lordship over a neo class of peons.

To line up to take handouts from the Mafia is to become owned by the Mafia. The more the government does, the bigger it becomes, the more likely it will, in most important respects, become owned by nefarious interests. It is for those interests that the usefully idiotic Left pimps. In effect, the Left hates sucessful small business entrepreneurs, but embraces international crony capitalists. Thus, the Left always runs back to the plantation --- ignorantly, willingly, and corruptly sacrificing its children and reducing itself to become the main course to be barbqued --- whether by crony capitalists or crony nomenklatura. Always.