Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Preservation, Destruction, and Rebirth

CONSCIOUSNESS --- OF ACTIVE WILL AND PRESET INFORMATION:  REGARDING HEAVEN (OR THE UTOPIAN REPUBLIC OR COMMUNE OF INDEPENDENTS ----  Suppose all that we experience is derivative of a field or cloud, comprised of one essence:  Meta Consciousness, which alternates between giving expression to two different forms:   (1) active Will to appreciate, and (2) preset Information. In that case, to what purpose or meaning may such Meta Consciousness be seeking to accomplish, unfold, appreciate, or guide?

If Substance is but a derivative or a placeholding delusion of an identification with a particular perspective in the context of an encompassing field, then is "heaven" the eternal present, as the Field of Consciousness (active Will and stored Information) proceeds along its path of unfolding purposefulness? May reaching towards heaven be as much a matter of subjectivity (orientation, attitude, emotion, and psychology) ... as one of objectivity (technology, science, rationality, or understanding)?

If substance is merely derivative, then, the power of positive thoughts and self fulfilling prophecies becomes all the greater in apprehension. If the mortal coil of substance and body is mere placeholding, for communication among perspectives of but one holistic consciousness, then what may result among a civilization whose members all come to apprehend or believe as much?

May our perspectives and identies of consciousness be somehow meta attached to our earthly context and vicinity? Does consciousness, when it assumes and identifies with a placeholding perspective, necessarily and continuously reincarnate? Do we each have a continuing stake in how our civilization unfolds, even beyond the decay and death of individual bodies? What level of spirituality may a society reach, as its members come to so apprehend? Would we each, then, appreciate both our Individual perspectives of will (parameters of freedom) and our interconnection as constituting only variants of the same Common and essential field of consciousness?

May we thus come to reconcile individual freedom with civic responsibility? Thus, would individuals come to wish not to harm the whole, while acting to provide the whole with a sort of spectator entertainment? Should a system pursuing "heaven" thus organize itself to facilitate the rewarding of individuals only to the extent they are, at least in potential, entertaining, without being harmful?

Preservation, Destruction, and Rebirth:

Are American Thinker and other conservative blogs merely managing a niche for an orderly retreat from American style freedom of expression and enterprise, towards an unstoppable new world order of interconnecting technologies and international monopolies, to be headed by chieftains of international corporations, in which there will remain only serfs who long to please their masters, with no vestige of any independent, free-thinking middle class? Guidelines for managing such an orderly retreat seem to be evolving: brook no calls to violence; stir no readers to actually undertake an active challenge against corporate powers that be; don't become a pest to Bilderbergers; be a mule for diverting attention to fantastical conspiracies, so real conspiracies against American freedom go unnoticed or discredited; string along the clueless with ambiguous and countermanding series of vain instructions.

Regardless, no NWO will long abide, because there will be backwash --- whether from underground hackers, EMP, Yellowstone eruption, or inter-tribal strife. Raw materials will continue to decay, break down, and be built back up again --- often from ever more complex cells. Sturm and drang seem to be essential parts of the circle of life and the empathetic pursuits of the field of consciousness. Thus, the field of consciousness assigns us, not to roost in comfort, but to engage in constant, creative destruction.

Perhaps, the field is not just about decency, but also about how to empower perspectives of consciousness to enter into closer communion with the holism. That entails technological progress: high powered, auxiliary brains and imaginations, with greater degrees and ranges of reason for asserting management over emotion. But, how is management to be kept of a meaningful circle of birth, rapture, joy, pleasure, boredom, indifference, pain, torment, death? How are body and mind to be expanded and made comfortable with the more extreme of expanding emotions?

Consider that a trinitarian field avails expression to some aspects that are consciously caring, creating, preserving, changing, and active and other aspects that are inactive, inanimate, indifferent, decaying, preset. The awake and active aspects may tend to prefer to build decent, sustainable civilizations, while the asleep and inactive aspects may be preset towards eventual decay, remix, and creative destruction. Thus, Vishnu (preserver) yields to cycle to Shiva (destroyer) to cycle to Brahma (creator, changer), as civilization is preserved, destroyed, reborn, changed --- cycling through purpose, meaning, challenge, torment, and rebirth. Alas, our civilization will eventually cycle out, but from its ashes, newly meaningful civilizations will arise. Meantime, all who care will strive to preserve enlightenment, i.e., decent civilization that avails individual freedom of mind and enterprise.  Thus, enlightenment and heaven on earth abide as worthy aspirations.


Anonymous said...

Decency entails respect for modesty and privacy. However, the privacy ship has sailed. We now have in-line, parallel-computing functions, computing trillions of functions a second. Your passwords are not even child’s play. Gadaffi owns the twitter “ly” domain. OBL won’t go near a cell phone, because “they” can hear you, even when they’re off. Hackers have compromised large domain data bases for passwords, credit cards, social security ID numbers, and military secrets. Illegal aliens have coyote “friends with benefits” — able to provide faux identity cards — cheaply. Now, to save privacy, we must kill it. (Lol)

To ensure doppelgangers are not degrading your identity, you will have to surrender your identity — so that everything and everyone who is interested knows where you are and much of what you are doing, 24/7. Think pre-crime punishment, per Minority Report (Tom Cruise movie). To save our nation, and our individual identities, we will need national identity cards. No — make that national identity database matrixes. Your ID, credit card, driver’s license, resume, family history, and genetic code will be available, depending on level of authorized access, to everyone who sees your fingerprint, looks into your retina, scans the triangle of your eyes and nose, or decodes your voice recognition pattern. Anytime you want to buy something, you will gaze into a ubiquitous camera and state your order. The delivery and charge will be automatically processed against your default account. From the time you are born, a balance of credit-debit and merit-demerit points will be kept, and every transaction thereafter will be automatically applied against it.

Benefits: Hypocrisy, petty crimes, border jumpers, checkbooks, credit cards, ID cards, and fiends accessing nukes or WMD will be obsolete. Detriments: Challenges to the existing regime will be impossible; unstable characters will not be availed higher level access; socially unacceptable imagination will be stifled. Thus, the individual has met the Borg, the Borg has met the Matrix, and the Matrix has met the Men in Black. Thus, technology has made, or will make, freedom a communitarian thing. Population increase, centralization, and relative loss of freedom go hand in hand. American technology can hardly keep Americans free of the depredations of the rest of the world, when it is American technology that is making possible so much of the rest of the world’s centralizing reduction of any free-thinking middle class.

Thus, freedom will be made a delusion. If powers that be are entertained by your interests, your interests will be appreciated and facilitated under an illusion of freedom. If powers that be are not entertained, your range and degrees of deluded freedom will likewise be restricted. To thrive in the NWO, you must become a consummate blue-pill-taking sell-out. Regardless, you will always have Soma, X-box, and Hollywood.

Does the field of consciousness favor any general plan of decency, freedom, and communion? Where abides heaven?

Anonymous said...

Those of the West who long to embrace the Arabic and Iranian East have hubris to believe they are so enlightened that the East should surely, given proper chance, return the embrace. Judeo Christians and Hindus tend to think otherwise. So, what is it about multilateralists that leads them to think they have answers, if only others would lay down for the way to try them out? By what logic, experience, or history do multilateralists so confidently presume that rewarding, trading with, and enriching Seventh Century throwbacks and millenially inbred cousins will lead the world to a better order? Are multilateralists led by reason, or are they led by disloyal and narrow opportunism? When Middle Easterners survey multilateralists, does anyone suppose they do not see hubris, narrow materialism, and self delusion? Further, if the West would teach those of the Arabic and Iranian East a better way, how is the tolerating and rewarding of inbred and wilful ignorance and brutality consistent with that lesson? Our own house is falling from corruption within, while we enrich those who are enemies of our freedom. In such state, we hardly have standing to presume to adopt and teach those who are even more ignorant and barbaric than our opportunizing, multilateralist, buriers of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Will it take a new political party? No. First, it is unlikely that American style freedom and dignity will be saved. Things will necessarily change, and we will have to salvage what we can of the freedom and dignity that can remain. Second, a cohesive political party is too transparent and "out there." Thus, it is too easy for crony government and political corporatists to infiltrate and coopt. I suspect what will be needed are more underground, tea partying, independent cells of indians --- ones that can smile and smile, play the game, skate on ambiguities, stir the pot, and adventitiously tip the scales. The Progs have the Weathermen. Conservers of freedom may need to build up some Subterranean Homesick Bluesmen --- to work within the system, but non-transparently and underground (sort of like Operation Chaos). Dylan (with a little help from Rush) may thus be credited with both kinds of activists: Weathermen for Prog Equality Collectivism, as well as Subterraneans for Freedom Conserving Individualism.

Anonymous said...

Many people seek to raise their children and base their lives on values that are true --- at least to such an extent as not to tolerate that which would destroy such values. They intuit and believe that there do abide true values, which are worthy of eternal vigilance, even to the point of being willing to fight or die to preserve them. In this, there abides a problem: Under what system of parables or metaphors should such values best be nourished, and should such values be ordained primarily in spiritual forums or by decrees of whichever bums happen to have been elected in the last political cycle? The problem with entirely secular substitutes for the inculcation of civilizing values is that no one should assume such seas can be safely sailed for longer than the next political cycle.

Anonymous said...

To my intuition, it is artifice to presume that which presents as materially earthy or objectively informational is somehow ultimately apart from that which presents as subjectively aware. I suspect that objective Information and subjective Consciousness are only variants for the expression of Something more fundamentally unifying and reconciling. Each time one presumes a proper philosophy should consist in only one or the other --- either in scientific materialism or in subjective mysticism --- one blinds oneself to half of beingness. That mortals have not the minds for reconciling the two hardly means that there abides no Reconciler. The danger in paganism (or scientific realism or dialectical materialism?) is that it tends to blind one to half of that which merits being communicated.

Anonymous said...

From A.T. -- re: "She described her philosophy as Objectivism, seeing reality as primary, and was against subjectivism, which she saw as based on feelings and often used to manipulate truth. "

Well, I'm not quite confident how one is to "see" reality, apart from subjectively, nor how one is to discern what is objectively real, apart from reason, nor how egoism can be independent of one's subjective interests. I doubt Rand was qualified to instruct many people why they might have been objectively (really?) wrong in their subjective interests. Nor do I sense much real meaning in saying "existence exists" --- absent at least the always present potential for a subjective, conscious apprehension of existence. (Would it make good sense to think that "Verbs verb," apart from a way of thinking? See I don't quite get how "reality" is necessarily "primary" or superior over reason or consciousness, nor how such a way of thinking avails any necessarily better or more consistent, coherent, and complete an approach to moral or political philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Obama cares so much for workers that he mandates that businesses provide them with benefits they cannot afford. No doubt, social security will be set up to fail by pushing it to provide for designated significant friends with benefits, regardless of "marriage." (It's only fair, after all.) Then, Obama will tell the workers the business people were racists and phobes, but not to worry because the government will now provide all the employment. Then, Obama will tell the workers they cannot leave government employment, because all the racist, private employers have been outlawed. Then, when people do not produce because they expect entitlements from the government, Obama will tell them the inability of the government to provide for them is their own fault. Then, only those who praise Obama will get fed, and the property of all others will be confiscated. This is the oldest road to wealth for every new class of fascists, and it is always the road to servility for the middle class. Praise be upon the all caring Obama (pbuo). Meanwhile, Cooper and Maddow will smirk at us for being too stupid to see how much Der Leader cares for us. After all, the world would be so much better, if only we could rein in the final solution to the problem of the producing people. There is no way we walked into this nightmare without some serious architecture being preplaced by some very evil scum.