Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Waste Layers

You know, not every spouse or child of a mafiosi or drug lord is a violent criminal. Maybe crime manuals should ensure the words "violent intimidator" and "mafia family" do not occur in the same sentence. Major money is being parlayed to lay America wide open to infestation and disintegration. Our faux defenders are getting rich while laying us waste. Soon, everyone who tells the truth will have his lips enjoined or duct taped. The insanity that has been unleashed is blinding in its ferocity.

A good third party would be IU: Insanity Unleashed. Instead of fighting against Insanity, join it. Go to OWS with posters and placards and bullhorns shouting for equal health care for pets, reparations for cows, understanding for jihadis, open housing in every one's house, special traffic lanes for wheel chairs, days of rest for autos, drunk drivers' night out, etc. Get just as insane as you can, only promote it along with the other loons. If the crazies can be divided, maybe good sense can regain a footing. Otherwise, if things continue along the present course, rewarding the present goons, I'm not confident a revival of American financial power would be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

From A.T. -- Re: "With a contorted worldview and diminished capacity for rational thought, committed leftists view conservatives in harsh and barbaric terms. Conservatives are assumed to be racists, sexists, bigots, gun-toting, homophobic, fundamentalist weirdos who hate the poor and love the rich."

Bingo. When I see a liberal twit (whether male or female) gadding about, I used to think, charitably, that (s)he was doing the best (s)he could with what (s)he had. No more. Now, I realize that When a devoted liberal regularly sees a conservative, the liberal is trained to see evil. A liberal will see any subtle challenge to political position as personal affront, and therefore highest justification for stamping out by any and all means. While we argue with words, we learn late that the Left has been arguing with back stabs. How else has the Left learned how to raise mountains of stash, except by being willing to completely sell out America? How much of Obama's stash will be devoted to the politics of putting boots in people's faces? A candidate whose only talent is to get elected by such tactics will have few other tactics by which to govern. Romney is great with civil arguments. Whomever our candidate is, (s)he will need more than reason. Our candidate will need talent for holding out a mirror, so everyone, including Medusa, can be stunned by our opposition's besmudged hideousness. The Left sees the salvation of civilization in lawsuits brought by victim classes. By and large, American law has been dirtied up with invitations to louts to lay waste to the republic. Meanwhile, the Left remains nearly blind to the pestilence drawn when invitations to sue are so carelessly made.

Anonymous said...

Printing money in order to pay Americans so they can make demands without having to work only incentives foreign producers to meet the demands, and that only drives America deeper in debt. Eventually, foreigners learn we cannot produce much that is worth exchanging, and the value of the dollar plunges. This is a surefire way to destroy our industry as well as our economic system. After all, that's what Obama, aka OWS, wants. Yes, consumers can't spur demand if they don't have money. No, filling demand by means of foreign production does nothing to increase the will or skill of Americans to produce. Know-it-all, one-sided linear thinking that fails to address the moral hazard of socialistic entitlement-mindedness is killing us, but it's gone viral on LSM.

Anonymous said...

From A.T. -- Re: "one of the larger problems Americans will face in coming years is not a reduction of wealth, but rather a reduction of legitimate means by which to transfer such wealth to individuals"

Well, there's always soma, hole digging and refilling, urban squatting, rapping, raving, and howling. Instead of prisons, maybe we should have tax-free, voting-disenfranchised, vice centers, i.e., permanent ghettos for permanent derelicts: provide minimal food, shelter, clothing, policing, entertainment, and folding money; allow every conceivable vice that harms no one who does not want to be harmed, but restrict it to zoned areas (mainly in red states); require ankle bracelets so that those who are adjudged incorrigible can be confined to the general vice area; confine the repetitively violent to sealed off yards or implant them with neutralizers so a central observer can switch them on or off as needed; prohibit families and juveniles but require sterilization; require screened day passes or licenses for those non-inhabitants who want to visit. Maybe this could salve everyone who grew up wanting to be a burden on society. Confer voting rights for governance restricted to local parameters. Remove OWS to potemkin sites where they can crap in their tents to their heart's content. Within those parameters, let them rule themselves. Ahhh. Freedom for libertines!

Anonymous said...

Re: "He was elected democratically"

Is a vote by bribed louts, zombies, and dead people, intimidated by Panthers, encouraged by foreign or disloyal operatives and corrupt money, "democratic" in any way more substantive than form? Does it make sense to speak of democracy among an electorate that values being cared for and ruled by "elites" more than it values self respect? We have allowed our nation to be so opened to ignorant derelicts that we may not much longer have any legitimate reason to expect a democracy that respects its citizens as worthy individuals.

Anonymous said...

Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible; but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary." -- Reinhold Niebuhr

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Obama for a second. BLT is not much more than a minority-justifying creed of communist-Islam under a thin veneer. And Obama sat in its pews for 20 years. Watch what he does, who he appoints, and who he bows to. His words waft the stench of lies, though he may be oblivious because he lies so much to himself, never seeing his fallibility, never questioning his secularist program. Obama is a committed Marxist-Muslim who thinks we should be grateful for his consenting to rule. He sees himself as saviour of those who are oppressed by mean producers, but he means to save them in the way a spider would tie up its next meal --- with webs of regulations. Certainly, the producers he preys on do not see him as savior, though some may sense quick profit by distracting his sociopathy by sacrificing others. Obama's ideas of god and "progress" are based in pagan alliance with Gaia, conveniently repackaged under misapplied words of familiar texts. Basically, wisdom is not in him because the foundation for his philosophy sucks.

Anonymous said...

Jihadis are certifiable. Wherever reasonably possible, we ought to employ measures to deny them access to technologies for carrying out their fondest dreams. Using drones to take out people with a history of violence against Western Civilization is a good idea. Saddam was funding suicide artists against Israel. He likely would have committed genocide against the Kurds. He was building a supergun to fire on Israel. He was a big threat to stability in the oil markets. He needed to be taken out. Once that was done, we should have left. Ditto for the others.

I don't think we can ignore the decent nations that happen to live next to lunatic despots. I think we should help them where we can, without taking on more than we can chew. Sort of like how law enforcement ought to help decent people who live in areas where gangsters are on the march. Unless you stop them somewhere, they don't stop. I see Israel as doing us a service. Immigration policies in Europe and open borders at home will be the death of decency. In this day, the oceans by themselves will not protect us from soon having thugs at our borders. Actually, I suspect they already are in place amongst us.

We returned to our borders after WWI and retired most of our military. That did not turn out well. The notion of economic savings from a sudden peace dividend has always turned out to be the delusion of economists who know a lot about how to manipulate figures but very little about history. Electing Paul would be a big encouragement to every grandiose despot in the middle east, including some very powerful despots in China, Pakistan, Iran, and Russia. What despotic bully would resist easy pickings in their neighborhoods once Paul were elected? Taiwan. Kuwait. Former soviet satellites. South Korea. Israel. Watch the new Di Caprio movie about J. Edgar Hoover, concerning the early red riots in America. Look for anarchists, Islamists, communists, thugs, and odd trouble makers to be making common cause soon in Europe. Things may quickly degenerate into worldwide chaos. Especially once economies started failing and nations became unable to feed their peoples or stop panics and riots. Perception counts in a dangerous world. A nation that walks like a weenie, no matter how well intentioned, will get brutalized. I have little confidence that Paul or his followers have the least understanding of that. Does he have many followers old enough to know much history?