Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Capitalism When There's Too Much Labor

When more labor was needed, then laborers, managers, and inventors had opportunity.  And entrepreneurs had to pay liveable wages.  Now, we have computerized tech and global competition.  Labor is either cheap, or else producers relocate where it is cheap.  This spikes the distribution, so the gulf widens between haves and have nots.  Given the apparently permanent oversupply of labor, wages will continue to go proportionately down, and the gulf will widen.  Advanced tech, machine labor, and robotics will help lower prices.  However, there will remain two big problems of distribution:  (1) How to spread buying power in order to avail needed consumerism and to balance political representation?  (2) How to spread buying power based in merit, rather than based in the moral hazard of mob demands of equal entitlementarianism?

What new jobs can allow us to remain a market-merit-based economy, rather than a bureaucratic-redistributionist economy?  Might a progressive tax on individual consumption help?  A government job corps, to make more service jobs?  Government taxation of the rich, with expenditures for infrastructure rebuilding and maintenance?  Well, there's a big problem:  We cannot finance large government expenditures while the cost of servicing interest on our national debt continues to accelerate.  If we tried, the main effect would be to enrich foreign cronies.  And it would do little proportionate good to increase taxes on the most wealthy, because they can and would more than recover.  After all, they own and operate processes for duping the masses, electing the cronies, writing the laws, and printing the money.  Pay more to the masses, and they will just print-kickback-hedge for more for themselves.

So how do we get populations down to levels such that labor will again be in demand, so we don't make Earth an overpopulated and impoverished eyesore? Do we just continue on the path we're on and let widespread disaster and nature thin the herd?  Dems and Repubs are proceeding in parallel along the same path to disaster:  Crony ownership of mass labor!  Repubs see the solution as allowing cronies to make even proportionately more money than they are.  Dems see the solution as putting governmental bureaucrats in charge of markets, with the bureaucrats to be ruled by politicians, and the politicians to be owned by investors in owning governments.  The "new capitalism" appears to consist in the buying and selling of politicians and governance, and both political parties cater to this NWO.

So we have an overabundance of labor, oligarchic consolidation of ownership of most institutions of society, and a widening gulf between those who are represented versus those who get easily distracted by cheap promises and demagogic gimmicks (like amnesty, drugs, gay marriage, wagging the dog, and free college education, i.e., indoctrination for wanting to be a eusocialitist).  Most of all, we have a citizenry well trained in abject stupidity.  This is not the way to social utopianism!  It's the way to the royally-ruled antpile.  The only hope would seem to abide in a spiritual awakening, to counter the prevailing secular stupidity.  However, institutions of any intelligent spiritual insight have been essentially coopted or gutted by the establishment, while Islam is waved in to continue the destruction.

So we're in a state of affairs for which we have little experience and apparently less insight.  In this state of affairs, austerity won't work, and governmental priming won't work.  Had we enlightened leadership and a well-informed citizenry of good faith and good will, we could overcome this multi-culti-beast of a problem.  However, what we have instead are massively inculcated stupidity and secular corruption, perhaps of a scale never before encountered. So, either prepare to be an ant, or stock up on gold, guns, and god.


Anonymous said...

Libertarians, instead of merely agitating about racial issues, want to cash in on fixations concerning drugs and gay sex. Is there any reason for the Libertarian movement, other than to saddle us with even more regulations in order to ensure equal indoctrination in, and enforcement of, strange proclivities (under their definition of "equal," of course)? How does setting us up for thousands of pages of new regulations to ensure equal distribution of entitlements to Gays help liberate us from Big Gov? This kind of false Libertarianism is just liberation from personal responsibility, i.e., lipstick on collectivism.

Anonymous said...

Too much feminine celebration of unearned equality and self esteem leads to some rather startling and non-self-sustaining spectacles, corrupting all sense of proportion, modesty, and decency in the next generation. The ACLU is a close ally of unbalanced feminization. For the ACLU to seek to establish equality in civilization via reams upon reams of "either-or" regulations is the modern equivalent of bleeding the political patient as an alternative to supporting an assimilative faith in a higher connector of empathy. The mountains of rules, adjustments, exceptions, and special favors to political allies and mules will be astonishing to behold. Good faith needs to be alert to ploys of adders who plot to ensnare it. The goodness of good will resides more with enduring strength than with tolerant gullibility.

Anonymous said...

World wide free traders tend to be lost in ideals and delusions, imagining that the world does not need national borders, that it is not important to preserve a free-thinking middle class so long as we have enough smart elites to do our thinking for us.So, they pursue "making the world safe for free trade." How? By trying to win a "war on terrorism," so all we little people will learn to agree that our safety does not require national borders or homeland industry. What is really being done is greasing the world for international, canopy predators and pleasure cruisers, of no loyalty to any nation, creed, or ethos of decency. They own the institutions and keep shoveling their BS at us. So long as they can print money and tax us to fund their treason and evil, it's hard to say when enough people will finally grow up, learn to call BS, and say Enough!

Anonymous said...

Require all personal retail transactions to be done with plastic, with a national Sales Tax taken out at the time. Allow no retail title to pass without some kind of plastic, cloud based trail. At the end of the year, send a progressive Consumption Tax bill based on the accumulated total of retail consumption. No other individual paperwork or filing required. Do not tax domestic corporations except on their political and foundational expenditures. Result: Paperwork would be simplified; savings would be encouraged; foundations that are nothing more than playgrounds for buying influence would be weakened; and taxes would be based more on wealth and means of purchase instead of on income. If not Constitutional, then pass an Amendment. Get rid of the Income Tax and all taxes on domestic corporations. The Income Tax is mainly a way for old wealth to consolidate political power by pulling the ladded up on new wealth.

Anonymous said...

Unless we want to be reduced to a worldwide common denominator (economically, culturally, politically, and morally), then we need to find ways to preserve America's borders, industry, and resources. If we are not willing to do that, then you will be right. If we were willing to do that, then wealth transfers out of country could be treated as a form of taxable consumption. If we are not willing to impose some kind of progressive tax, then the treatment of politicians and governments as markets to be cornered by an oligarchy of international cronies will continue and in fact escalate. Capitalism is evolving into a kind of crony capitalism that will all but eliminate middle class free enterprise that is not seeded in crime.