Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Conservation in the Spiritual

What is The Possible? For each instant of digital exchange for a perspective of consciousness, the realm of the expressible possible consists in all of infinity and eternity that does not then and there violate mathematical rules that conserve such perspective and with which the identity of such perspective bonds to an unfolding dance.
The role of math is to require that every measurable exchange must obey the rule of equational conservation. Measurables are always balanced to conservation. What often becomes out of spiritual balance is the sustainability of apprehensions and purposes among varying perspectives of consciousness, leading to a local expiration of some perspectives and expansion of others. For those who purpose to preserve a decent civilization for availing human freedom and dignity, things are locally spiraling out of whack.


Anonymous said...

I'm nearing retirement. When I began in the middle 70's, before advertising was allowed, the practice of law seemed still to be an honored profession. Substantive thinking was still honored. Then the floodgates opened. The Constitution became a "living thing." Living things are motivated more by feelings than by substantive, systematic thinking. Verdicts exploded. So did the value of having financial friends with benefits in influential places. For awhile, tort suits in some states may as well have been based on trying "who looks and talks prettiest" and "do you need help running up med bills and can you cry good on a dime?" No doubt, a lot of hurt people were cheated, and a lot of unhurt people were cheats. Now, the Constitution and the law mean what those in influential places "feel" it should mean. Look at the godless ACLU! It's as if they thought every stinking wrong should be defined in a code book written by elites, so we could dispense with common sense and spiritual regard for basic decency. Gay marriage! Wth? Is this the apex of legal achievement?! It's as if law and government should be entirely substituted for the family. Instead of police in the bedroom, we end up with judges crawling in homes and schools. Government employees engage in kinky sex, then take turns suing one another. The result is payoffs and promotional transfers, going to some of the worst dregs of society. Law! In a demented society, what is it good for? I'm not going to miss it. I no longer think legal practitioners or organizers of community whiners are honorable. Some are still respectable, but there have got to be better avenues for people of vision who want to live decent and honorable lives. Given the people now in charge of American governance, the most honorable avenue may be to form action groups for peaceably grinding parts of the system to a halt. We have acculturated a society that does not deserve what was sacrificed to provide for it, that can no longer be trusted to wield the power that has been accumulated and delivered to it, and whose leaders tend to be (fill in the blank -- use your imagination).

Anonymous said...

Communism only sounds like Christianity if one takes giving to charity and God as being equivalent to enacting laws to take other people's money to redistribute it in the exercise of one's desire to pretend to be faux-lord over others. That's neither charitable not Christian! It's theft and communism. The problem of communism is its implied abhorance of private property. Without respect for private property, incentives become perverse and absurd. Liberty cannot be disassociated from property. To renounce property leads directly to renouncing liberty, which is to renounce perhaps the most important aspect of being a human being. In short, to conflate laws for taking OPM in order to allow central elites to effect "fair" redistribution is not just indecent. It's subhuman.

Anonymous said...

Standing Wolf asked us to name 5 good things the Repubs have accomplished. I can think of one bad thing that trumps every false lie they ever told: amnesty. They sunk America in exchange for the cheap hardtack of cheap labor! Would Sitting Bull be amused? This is the face of the devil. How can any decent person who wants to sustain human freedom and dignity possibly support the party of Graham, Jindal, and Christie? Wake up! Let all the rot go. Let it sink. As the Rino Wall Street branch office supporters of Dims continue to fund OWS types who talk about fair redistribution, the real redistribution they are doing is shipping jobs to the Chinese (who are the real pros at two faced dragon duplicity)! Rino "free trade" is about free trade with duplicitous Chinese. Rino compassion is about swamping America with a cheap labor demographic (of which, as Carville smirks, 80 percent are stupid enough to be easily prodded around by cheap giveaways). Rino fairness is about cannibalizing America to redistribute to the world, to harness cheap labor worldwide. This is not hard to see. If people who can think could see an alternative, they would break from the evil alliance of Rino Dinos. If a decent party of conservers of human decency, liberty, and dignity were begun, support and leaders would come. People need to think about a platform for what would work to foster a republican federation that would facilitate human freedom and dignity. Not to think about how can I gang up with people of my race, creed, demographic in order to use government to steal OPM for my hyphenated homies. Let them eat one another. When they tire of that, let people of decency rebuild.