Saturday, June 29, 2013


We don't sense "individual things." Rather, we experience pairs presented to perspectives, of which perspectives are fitted to apprehend interpretations.  Yet, such experience is accumulated as potential Information, formed to present Substance.  While one focuses to believe he is measuring one part-icle, he is actually interpreting that measure from a perspective within a field of context, which process ismultaneously yields a conserved and interpreted experience of the missing member of the pair.

Except in representative sense (as for words) and formulaic sense (as in words in the form of measurements and math), the Information our senses receive is not quite the same Information that was transmitted.  It cannot be, for at least three reasons.  First, Information about a thing does not exist as a precise thing in itself.  Second, the process of storing, conveying, communicating, receiving, interpreting, and confirming interpretation of Information entails transitions of representations of representations upon representations.  Even as descriptions and measurements, Information conveys to us what a thing is considered to be like (metaphorically), or how a thing measures in respect of an idea of a model for standard measures (modality).  Third, the very process of measuring, observing, and communicating a thing tends often to change the thing, even as it changes while it is being communicated.

Light does not itself take little pictures of things, radiate the pictures to our eyes, there to be received by a little homunculus in the cells of our eyes or brains.  A way to model (or metaphorically conceptualize) what is happening is to consider that a field is storing and processing math-based values and expressing such values in a way that is compatible to a way of interpreting such expression to second field field, with which the first is interfunctioning.  The part-icles are appearances that exist only in relation to such process; the part-icles are not, in themselves, otherwise existent.  The role of the ultimate Source which expresses the fields, however, is not itself modeled or measured, but intuited.

The Source, in availing fields that have capacity to interfunction in order to communicate part-icular perspectives of such interfunctioning, expresses its math-based part-icles in terms of paired correlates --- which may be stretched, compressed, and arranged in various overlapping, encompassing, and fluxing organizations of hierarchy and sequence.  No individual part-icle is actually communicated to any consciousness, because no individual part-icle can function independent of its membership that is equationally conserved to a pair.  Rather, what is communicated consists of such appearances, relationships, representations, and interpretations (i.e., METAPHORS) as are facilitated via the correlative dance of fields, as caused and guided by the Source.



Dlanor said...

I don't begrudge being taxed to reasonably fund the soldiers who defend our country. I don't begrudge being taxed to help support families that are raising the next generation, many of whom will become soldiers or help support social security. I do begrudge people who just want a free ride on my tax money based on an argument that my tax money cannot be applied to national defense or social security unless it is "equally" applied to finance the lifestyles of those who do not soldier, produce soldiers, or produce anything of social importance.

Dlanor said...

Does the Source yet will, or has it already willed? If all has been previously predetermined, then the only morality is in what was previously determined. Present morality, the, is a delusion, a ghost. If the unfolding expression of our morality is merely a ghost skimming on the past, then the past, at the point of predetermination, would seem "more real" than the present. If the past is "that real," then there seems little reason to believe that it, and its ghostly presentations of us, both our present and our future, is not still extant. If the past, present, and future are all predetermined, then how can any one of the three be "more real" than the others? Would not all be extant (perhaps less in the sense of Nietzsche's "eternal return" than in the sense of "never departing"). Would our experiences of consciousness not be like a record that plays an infinitely repeating sequence, each sequence being played perhaps half a beat behind its predecessor and half a beat in front of its follower? Would not our consciousness be entirely devoid of causal factoring, purely epiphenomena? Indeed, would not all appearance of interactivities be purely epiphenomenal, skimming along in the wake of the first cause?
In such case, all of Consciousness, Substance, and Information is mere ghost, preset in eternity. The past simply plays and replays and replays, with no need of a Big Crunch in order to support an Eternal Return.

However, some people find it less cognitively stressful to take a leap of faith to believe that "we only go around once," and then we rest, forever. But when you examine the basis for such leap of faith, it also tends to dissolve to cognitive dissonance. It seems no less cognitively dissonant to believe that the presetting of the past is "more real," or that "you only go around once," than it does to believe our present apprehensions are contemporaneously participating factors for the reconciliation of a process of determination that unfolds, rather than being entirely preset. That is, to believe that the Information about the past is set (as to algorithmic rediscovery) only as it passes out of the cosmic present, or universal nowness. Given the practical roles of science and conscious moral purposefulness, it seems qualitatively more reasonable to believe that our bodies are at least avatars for an unfolding, not entirely preset, morally synchronizing determination and factoring of participating perspectives for appreciating conscious will.

The Information about the past is accumulated and preserved, as represented by Substance, as expressed via derivations of interfunctioning, interfluxing values of fields. The quality of its experience is continuously subsumed to the local, present quality of contemporaneous experience. The past is represented in the accumulation of Information, for which the only need to play it abides with the present.

It must be that the past was not entirely preset, but became determined only as it was factored through the then present. For the past to have been preset before it was ever experienced in a present, such would implicate that the present and future were also then preset in pre-time. To have thus been predetermined implicates the experience of a predeterminer. Such a predeterminer would entail a pre-function, pre-Functioner, or both. For myself, it is too dissonant to believe there could be a prefunction without a Prefunctioner. And once there is a Prefunctioner, it is too dissonant to believe it meaningful or reasonable that such Pre-functioner would thereafter retain no interest and "leave the building."

Dlanor said...

There abides a unifying commonality about each perspective of consciousness, which is of a same emerging quality, everywhere, differing only in the local Information and present perspective of Substance with which it is being factored. Each dying perspective is replaced by a multitude of subsuming perspectives. That is the shared potential with which we can empathize, intuit, and be inspired, as we come together to seek in common to be receptive to IT. That subsuming potential of Consciousness is eternal and omnipresent. There is no subsuming consciousness which is more potent than subsuming consciousness. Subsuming consciousness presently reconciles all the present perspectives of consciousness there are, perhaps by "contracting out" among various presets and algorithms of presets of Information and Substance.

Dlanor said...

Ways need to be found and implemented for breaking and punishing the anti-American corporations that fund the lobbying and politicking that weakens borders, facilitates illegal voting, expands domestic regulatory powers, mal- indoctrinates America's youth, weakens institutions for assimilating traditional American valjes, and attempts to replace families with bureaucracies by defining deviancy down and rendering marriage meaningless. Primarily, these are corporations that pull strings across international borders. They need to be made to pay confiscatory taxes and penalties on all anti-American expenditures and activities that can be traced across borders.

Anonymous said...

Unless we want to be reduced to a worldwide common denominator (economically, culturally, politically, and morally), then we need to find ways to preserve America's borders, industry, and resources. If we are not willing to do that, then you will be right. If we were willing to do that, then wealth transfers out of country could be treated as a form of taxable consumption. If we are not willing to impose some kind of progressive tax, then the treatment of politicians and governments as markets to be cornered by an oligarchy of international cronies will continue and in fact escalate. Capitalism is evolving into a kind of crony capitalism that will all but eliminate middle class free enterprise that is not seeded in crime.