Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Burlesque of People Farming

People-farming crony-elites have contrived by "immigration," "education," and infestation of all institutions of persuasion and force to twist our citizenry so that perhaps 65% are liberty-illiterate, individually incompetent, needful of safe spaces, and just want to trust elites to look out for them.  By definition, such a society of industrial-strength stupidifieds cannot be fit for self governance -- except in burlesque or kabuki.

People-farmers have built a system in which most people are fit only to be farmed, and they will become violent if anyone tries to put space between them and their farmers.  Given this situation, it is hardly irrational for the remainder of the populace to have the good sense to be "phobic" against bringing in more subhumans that want to be farmed as pleasure pigs and mad dog muslims.  If the 35% that do not want to be subhumans do not soon unite, representative republicanism will perish from the earth.


I don't say to trust central gov to launder bribe money.  My meaning is that gov that is not allowed to remain benighted COULD help.  It could help if, instead of training people to be entitlement-minded, it required them to work for their welfare. 

But I agree that most such work should not be done by central gov, because central gov is inherently too corrupt.  It tends to float crap, not cream.  If (that's a big if) most functions were taken away from central gov and rdistributed to the States, local people would have more local oversight.  There would still be corruption, but not on the same scale.  Good people may have a better chance to dampen it.  Foreign corruption would be less likely to threaten the replacement of the republic as a whole.

IAE, jobs for maintenance of infrastructure would not be done by bureaucrats, but by competing private domestic American contractors.  Should we rather have private-enterprising Saudis bidding to take over toll road monopolies?  How is private development by foreign corporatists better than local letting of infrastructure jobs to domestic bidders?  After all, every dime foreign rentiers make by selling back to our citizens our own national resources would be taken from them by abuse of trust and foreign intrigue.

I doubt we should believe abuse by disloyal international crony oligarchs is better than abuse by home-grown gov bureaucrats.  What needs to be more appreciated is that there is a rentier-promoting kickback-alliance between mooching international corporatists and faithless treasonous home-grown cronies.  Buying and selling pols as if they were commodities has become big international business. 

Indeed, the pols that float to the top are now the ones that get the most dollars put in their shorts for doing the best strip teases.  For goodness sakes, the nation elected Obama and may elect Hillary!  The problem is not gov bad, corporation good.  The problem is the agglomerating alliance between central gov and nation-less corporatists. 

Just turning over everything to such corporatists would solve nothing.  Indeed, oligarchic control over gov is what has put us where we are.  Do you think there is magic in international corporatism more so than in local government?  Or in distributing welfare without requiring work in trade?


Anonymous said...

National Socialism would make more sense if we had a non-federal nation. But we are supposed to have states. The reason is to check against agglomeration of central control in the hands of elitists who believe their bs (or at least practice spreading it to gullibles) that they work mainly to look out for others as opposed to themselves. Since we legally and Constitutionally do not have a non-federal nation, we ought not be socializing so much at the federal level. If you say, well, we need to do that to spread more equality and fairness, then you are justifying noblesse oblige. However, most people over 40 learn not to believe in such a fairy tale, usually told by elite sociopaths.

No doubt, there have been a few good and noble rulers in history. However, they do not last. The reason is this: Once a bad ruler comes into power, all the institutions get corrupted. After that, the only people who tend to rise will not be the cream. They will be the smelly floaters. Agglomerating central power leads to absolute corruption. It leads to the Rino-Dino Uniparty that we have now. The more the central power, the more the apologists for socialism. Then we get free health care, free education, free food and shelter, free entertainment, free pleasure, free porn, free perversion of the next generation. But people over 40 tend to have learned this free stuff is not really free.

To hear Cory Booker tell it, the Founders wrote the Declaration of Independance, Constitution, and Bill of Rights to establish communism, entitlementism, pc, speech controls, a disarmed citizenry, and elitist rule.

Ignorance is Strength. Cuz you can just never get enough illegals, Muslims, communists, and parasites. After all, all they want is "equality and fairness." For pedophiles, bathroom freaks, school groomers, dopers, polyamorists, polygamists, Mac Daddies, and paid-to-vote people.

Anonymous said...

I am not concerned with truisms about whether A said A. I am concerned with implications. With capacities to draw meaningful lines to preserve the republic. If Progs see any meaningful lines remaining under the Constitution, I can hardly see anymore what they are.

The thing about apologists for "progressive socialists" is this: They think submitting central regulatory power to good rulers in all things can lead to sustainable and greater equality and fairness. But I don't believe it can.

The more our leaders and their dupes come to believe the Constitution does not restrict the DC apparatus from agglomerating every kind of control, the more we will be sucked under central rule by fascists who only pretend to be well-meaning socialists.

I do not sense that Dems, Progs, or globalists see any real restrictions against the agglomeration of central power by elitists. If they do, I would like for some among them someday to say what their lines are. At what point or insult against decency and humanity do they draw any lines? As near as I can see, they draw no lasting or effective lines whatsoever against the perverted grooming and abuse of children. Nor against the redistribution of ever tightening power to contending, extra-national syndicates of moral criminals. That would be the NWO.

The more we allow central power to "do good socialism," the more we give cover to monsters who pretend to be well-meaning elitists. I think Obama, Hillary, Bill, and the Bushes are smiling, malignant deceivers and sell outs, if not malignant narcissists and sociopaths. As to Bernie, he may be a self-deceiving true-believer.

I am not concerned with what you think you say or what you think are its implications. I am concerned with the stealing of the republic that is going on under our noses, under the guise of apologists for "progressive socialism" by elitist, smiling devils who pretend to mean well. I am concerned with all the crap that is floating to central power.

I agree that socialism has to be tamed to individualism. The nuclear family is based in socialism that is supposed to teach children how to grow up to become more independent (not perfectly independent) adults. But that is not happening. Children are not growing up. More and more, they are not able to cope with free speech. Even into their 40's, they need safe spaces, safe speech, speech codes, coddling action, and celebrations of individual and infantile demands against the producing adults who sustain the system. I don't think that is blather. I think it is obvious to anyone whose brain has not been hijacked into moral idiocy.

Globalists love this straining to burst the system so they can sell it and rule it. And bask in pretended glory. (I'm with Hillary. Bah!) That's why they raise children to become perpetual infants. And why they import non-assimilable refugees and cultures.

For globalists to succeed in destroying individual freedom of expression and enterprise, they have to deprive parents of most discretion in how to raise children. ("It takes a village.")

I agree there is no such thing as pure socialism. Or pure communism. But there may be such a thing as pure and absolute evil. The world is being tipped into evil. That is what I am concerned with. We are being led into being ruled by deceiving sociopaths. If we don't start blunting central power, we will be delivered not to socialistic paradise but to mind-slaving despotism. That's what "safe speech" is all about.

For goodness sakes! This is no time to be arguing for more socialism.

Anonymous said...

Talk about bags! Anyone of any sense can see the world is filled with people who are "all in" for their wannas, entitlements, and personal pervs. They call themselves progressives, SJW's, fair minded people, etc.

I invited you to man up and say how you would draw any line to stop that "socialistic" trend. You came up empty. Because apologists for socialistic "progress" always come up empty. When it comes to being able to draw any lines and say, "Beyond this, we will not allow our children to be abused!" they always come up empty. Evasion, name calling, and pretense of superiority. Some argument that is!

So the one-way ratchet to the bottom never stops. You've got nothing. Hollow. For such as that, the Constitution means whatever the heck they want it to mean. No restrictions on central agglomeration in pursuit of socialistic "progress."

And the "progress" is never towards the concerns of responsible parents or honest and productive citizens. Nope. Equality and fairness (as seen by elitists) are all that are needed for the "New Constitution." But there is no equality for people who want to be free of parasites and pervs, to raise their children to be responsible. Nope. Equality and fairness are for bathroom freaks, polygamous Muslims, same sex dens for instructing children, foreign purchasers of infrastructure, race based prison quotas, leftbrained pc, etc.

You won't find many loony Lefties being fired for suggesting that bestiality should be taught to kids in the interest of fairness. But you will find responsible people being fired for suggesting that BLM is a race-baiting commie front. Equality and fairness. Yup. And all who resist are just "bags of nonsense."

If you're an adult, man up and tell me: Under what lines would you (and your fellow Lefties) allow parents to protect their children from social-perv-groomers? So far, you've got evasion and name calling. Socialistic "fairness." Straw man? Ha. Apologists for ever more centralization of socialism have got nothing but straw. Certainly no substance. If you're not for central despotism under the phony banner of socialism ("progress"), then by what principle would you restrict the central apparatus?

The central apparatus now rules abortion, marriage, education, immigration, thug enforcement via IRS, business quotas, hate speech. It wants to revoke the Second Amendment. It makes States defenseless against non-assimilable refugees. It's hard to see what it does not rule. And you don't think it is ruling!? Good grief!

As to "the rulers": My goodness, man! Have you no senses? Do you have no eyes or ears to sense the nonsense that is drummed constantly into children (and children in adult bodies) by media, academia, and pols working for their corrupt funders? Do you have the least clue how the Clinton Foundation for corrupt money laundering works? Are you really oblivious to that? Do you really think elite cronies are not farming masses of easily corrupted, easily bribed, and easily misled idiots for votes? Are you a Bernie Believer?

Anonymous said...

Regarding useful idiots: The ones that have stupidly spent years in reeducation camps never tire of telling us that, statistically speaking, the longer a person is in the "education" system run by the Progs, the more likely he is to become a Prog himself. For Leftists, this self selective tendency for ignorance and corruption passes as "wisdom."

It's not unusual for dummies to deem themselves smart. For pedophiles to become priests. For "Gays" to want to make their children gay. For deaf people to want deaf children. For incompetent people to deem themselves entitled to "reparations." For failed cultures to want to invade successful cultures, and to "justify" their invasion by calling the invaded cultures incubators for "infidels" or "colonialists." For freaks to become marriage counselors. For people with bad teeth to become dentists. For socially inept people to become counselors. Or for people who are ruled by their emotions and wannas to convince themselves they are faithful to reason.

Anonymous said...

The Uniparty of corrupt Rinos and ignorant Dinos already constitute the Anti-American Party of Global Depravity.

Obama had a perfect opportunity to lead Blacks to aspire to the American Ideal instead of to the Global Ideal of predation and parasitism. Instead, Obama-the-puppet-of-evil instructed Blacks to get their marching shoes on, as he deployed his Department of Injustice to stir race grievances. The resulting s-storm is what the Globalist evildoers wanted.

They have now tipped events beyond capacity to be fixed by mere appeals to reason or to good faith or good will. There is no good will in them. They are hedonistic, faithless, anti-Christian, goon worshippers of monsterism and abuse of children and women. At this point, anti-Americans will simply have to be defeated or quarantined. Let them establish their own paradise, where they can parasite off one another.


Most of the world's pols are corrupt. In our case, because most of our citizenry has been made or imported to be easily bribed or easily misled. This is because societies have allowed pimps, profs, and presstitutes to perv our children. It takes a godforsaken village to raise a perverted child. Now, if you're not with the pervs, you're considered a bigot. Street cred now requires that one wear the insignia of perversion on one's sleeve. Everywhere, the worst float. This will continue until it cannot.


Mybe Putin sees Islam as a threat to all decent civilization. Maybe Putin sees Dem Progs as allies of Islam for the purpose of sewing unbounded turmoil in order to rule and profit by dividing and hedging.

Maybe Putin sees Saudi billionaires buying American Pols, and Putin wants to get in on the game. The Saudis attack our people with sticks and our Pols with carrots. Putin, by showing he is a factor, may hope for two things: first, to take away some of the trend that has Western Civ cratering to Islam, and second, to entice some mutual back scratching more to his profit.

Thieves tend not to love one another. They tend more to shape-shift in order to suck from one another. Putin wants to entice brokers to deal with him. He is showing he is a factor. If he prefers Trump, it is not because he thinks Trump is more helpful to despotism. It is because he thinks Hillary is more dangerous as a stimulant to Islam.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Are you blind and deaf to the screaming common denominator behind nearly every episode you listed? The NWO globalists and elitist people farmers hate Trump and will do everything in their power, one way or another, foul or fair, to destroy his candidacy! They will mock his supporters, call him every name in the book, and bet all their chips to destroy his business. They are "all in" for the elitist NWO that means, instead of trading beads for Manhattan, to trade "fairness" for freedom. Indeed, should it become necessary, these miscreants would arrange for a fatal "accident."

Why? Because all these faithless traitors and forces of darkness are desperate to preserve their positions within the people-farming NWO.

Decent thinking Americans see this! But ALL formal institutions of power are under the evil crony commie treacherous death grip of faithless NWO cronies, shills, and lickspittles.

What screams this? GOOD GRIEF! Why do you think the NWO cronydom is working as fast as it can to flood every working representative republic with dregs of Islam and liberty illiteracy?

Corrupt colleges and profs depend on funny gov tuition money. Bankers depend on being too big to fail. Pols depend on knowing where the skeletons are hid and the bodies buried. Why do you suppose Comey declined to ask the NSA to produce all those emails it has of Hillary's? The theft of liberty is obvious. So who are you shilling for? And when did you sell your soul?

Apart from Trump, name a single billionaire, pol, prof, priest, or banker who stands against the globalism of the NWO. Name one.

There is much truth behind Trump's basic positions. He knows it, and his supporters know it. They know the U.S.is finis if he drops out. Moreover, the Trump brand would be finis if he drops out. Trump may be a lot of things, but suicidal is not one of them.

At some point, even the dumbest, most timid mouse learns either to bite back or to be turned into a test specimen. Outfits like the Huffington Post have cornered the market on all the mice that want to be test specimens.

More evidence that the NWO-Progs-COC-Rinos are hell bent to kill every representative republic and replace it with elitist despotism. And all the dumas "minorities" (of which EVERY person is a member of at least one) think they will then be treated with kid gloves and their livelihoods will not be pulled out from under them. After 70 years of conditioning, farming the "educated" herd has been made so easy a cavewoman could do it.

Anonymous said...

Stop trading with Muslim nations. Stop importing Muslims. Stop apologizing for them. Tax the hell out of everyone you can who does trade with them. If we come to really need their oil, just take it. Let them die on the vine. Why nurse the Devil?

If we're not trading with them, we're not bombing them. We leave them to die on the vine, which time proves they do by themselves. Without someone to parasite from, they perish. Funny, it's pretty simple. No melodramatics needed.

By electing Americans instead of crony corporatist commie caliphists like Hillary. By running the commie fish out of town. Where are borders bloody? Answer: Where you find jihadis, globalists, communists, and parasites. Stop feeding them.

Anonymous said...

Unless the American Ideal is miraculously reawakened, every tax system will remain tyrannical. If the American Ideal ever were revived, more should be done to encourage self reliance and indiviudal saving and to check against the rise of a faith-breaching class of people farming sell-outs -- to check against the buying and selling of politicians and political favors as if they were commodities.

No flat or regressive tax can accomplish that. A progressive tax on yearly cumulative consumption may be designed to discourage political abuse, encourage saving, encourage domestic business, and narrow the economic gulf between Americans and anti-American international oligarchs. However, unless and until a sensible electorate can be resuscitated, this topic will remain utopian.

The problem at hand is a perverse infestation and alliance of crony-commie-jihadis, that cannot be rehabilitated. It will have to be quarantined or expunged. If a tourniquet cannot soon be applied to limit the central agglomeration of poisoning power so that the gangrene can be cut away, then representative republicanism will die -- except as kabuki theater. If toxins now present in the national bloodstream prove untreatable, then it is already too late.

The job of DC IS to preserve the republican form of government -- which is not done by letting currents become fouled with personages that glory in aggrandizing power instead of in preserving human freedom and dignity.

It would be a gargantuan understatement to say that Congress has facilitated the sale of its politicians and politics to money-laundering kickback artisans and oligarchs.

I would agree that (without an inspired reawakening) no mere form of progressive taxation could immunize any economic system from the fascination oligarchs inherently have with devouring their kith and ken. Against oligarchs (international corportists aligned with communists), the price of human freedom and dignity is eternal vigilance.

Oligarchs wear the dress of corporatists as easily as that of communists. Advocating and hedging between one versus the other becomes their way of dazzling and diverting all the easily duped people whose lives they farm, pawn, game, and war. Among hedging oligarchs, scratch a corporatist and find a communist, and vice versa. Without the corporate investments of America, Hitler would have been a much smaller rat, and Stalin would have been without effective defenses.

It is very rare to find an oligarch who actually wants to preserve a representative republic. That is why nearly all the billionaires (and all the pols they own) are so hatefully united against Trump. As far as they are concerned, arguing between corporatism and communism is just a diversion. A way to fool the people and keep them off balance. The only corporatism they really fear is corporatism that would be designed to burn their game with cleansing sunlight -- to show that the masks they wear of corporatism versus communism only hide one and the same kind of demons.

I agree that the biggest problem faced by every republic relates to how easy it is for crony oligarchs to twist the central system as a whole. Your example of the Fed as a means for farming (and abusing) the trust of the people is right on target.

Do away with taxes on domestic businesses and corporations, other than the ones that deal in lobbying. Instead, tax the non-business consumptions of the persons and agents who run them.

Anonymous said...

Trump has discussed fundamental issues more than any previous politician has ever dared. I guess you weren't listening. While the Titanic is sinking, your help amounts to, "Tsk tsk, the life boat provider was brusque to me." Get real.

Trump wants America to remain defined by borders. To enforce immigration restrictions. To deny access to people who are fundamentally opposed to the American way of life as established under the Constitution. To preserve America's (and Americans') capacity for self defense. To stop the treasonous laundering of foreign influence. To stop the sell off of American infrastructure for which Americans shed blood and sweat, for which cronies have shed only rentier connivery. To stop subhuman crony devils from reducing humanity to the cheapest serf laborers worldwide.

I guess you don't want those things. You want what Hillary, MCuban, the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch Brothers, and Soros want: A sell out of America to global elitists who promise to provide fairness and equality.

Here's a clue: The cons who promise fairness and equality want you to give them your vote and labor in exchange for hot air. They don't want you to learn to think and do for yourself. They want none of the things Trump wants. They want to keep you barefoot, pregnant, escorted, blanketed, and clueless. Much like the Saudis keep their fems. If that's what you want, by all means, vote for Hillary. I am sick to death of people who can't think past their wittle feelwings.

Whatever became of America's frontier women?

Anonymous said...

All warfare is based on deception. :)

If Sun Tzu understood anything, it was to get the enemy to identify themselves. Whatever else he is doing, Trump is very effectively ripping masks from faithless treasonous anti-American globalist riggers, including: MCuban, Koch Brothers, Buffett, Ryan, McConnell, McCain. It is vital to expose the enemies within, and Trump is doing that. Trump is showing America the utter corruption of DC and its pinkie wagging men and women who claim to be of the female gender.

Per Sun Tzu: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. (Trump is showing us the enemy.)

The art of war teaches us to not rely on the chance that the enemy will not come, but on our own preparations to receive him; not on the chance of an enemy not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable. (There can be no doubt that the enemy within, if we let them, are coming to sell off our country. We have to learn that, and we have to steel ourselves to receive and repel them. We will not defeat the enemy within by pretending they are other than what they are.)

Sun Tzu was probably an amalgam of experience. "He" saw the value in not treating war as a sport. Just so, Trump does not follow predictable rules of "etiquette" for politics. So I wouid say it is his globalist opponents who have the bigger "Sun Tzu problem."

See http://www.ancient.eu/Sun-Tzu/...

"This “spontaneous ease of living” (twitter fingers?) is exemplified in Sun-Tzu’s writings in that he consistently emphasizes the natural path to victory while ignoring the conventional wisdom of the time concerning military engagements."

"His foundational strategy, throughout his writings, can be found in the lines from the Tao-Te-Ching: “Yield and overcome, empty and become full, bend and become straight” in that, by adapting oneself to one’s situation, rather than rigidly holding fast to how one thinks things should be, one is able to recognize the fluidity of conditions and act upon them decisively."

Far and away, the biggest mouthpiece is the media in the service of elitist people farmers. I doubt Sun Tzu would have counseled to surrender the propaganda field to them. None of the people purporting to give advice to Trump would have defeated him in the nomination, nor would they have defeated Hillary.

Crooked Hillary is not being understated because she is higher minded. She is being understated because she has been caught red handed in so many ways. All she has left is: Deny; pretend to be higher minded; hire attack dogs to go after Trump personally; otherwise, don't go to any particular facts.

The only way Trump can defeat the money changers who are polluting the temple of America is to go over their heads and over their propaganda dogs. He will have to stay in the limelight, and he will have to inspire Americans to help him defeat the axis of the Corrupti and the Ignoranti. Trump cannot win a "debate" on the elitists' ground. He knows that. Evidently, his "free advice givers" do not.

As Trump's coming victory becomes more obvious, the faithless treasonous elitist globalist dogs will make their peace with him. I hope they learn how to crawl on their bellies and bare their throats.

Anonymous said...

Trump represents the U.S. Obama does not. Obama represents the global syndicate of "made men" and elitist people farmers. For those who want or need rulers to run their lives, and highwaymen to toss droppings to the little people, Obama is the one.

The U.S. will not survive the gangrene that has infested it unless the U.S. cuts away the gangrene and fortifies an effective barrier. Otherwise, the bugs win.

Time to walk out of the purple haze. The bought and paid for Congress would check and stop Hillary from drowning the U.S. under a flood of degenerate Muslims and liberty-illiterates in precisely the same way the bought and paid for Congress has checked and stopped Obama from flooding the U.S. with such anti-Americans.

Khan is Exhibit A to show how pathetically and desperately all the people, including metro men, who claim to be of the female gender want to be assured of their safe specialness -- even if with blatant lies. Hillary is right about one thing: How easy it is to dupe her base. Indeed, they get very upset and angry when the blanket they keep over their heads is pulled back. They very much resent anyone invading their Facebuttt safe space with actual information. Anyone who dares to do that is angrily told to "stay on message."

Anybody whose brain isn't drowned in cascades of feelings or corruption knows Khan is an anti-American. The "walking unknowing and clueless" include most of Hollywood, Wall Street, DC, Big Cities filled with Prog Projects, people unable to discriminate ("profile") between foul and fair and male and female, and everyone who thinks a photo ID ought not be required to vote or that everyone has a "right" to come to the U.S.

Common sense is forever hounded among dupes victimized by the people-farming, profiteering, shake-down alliance of elitist "fair-y-equal-y" Rinos and Dinos.

Regarding the indecency of the media (and most institutions, nearly all of which are polluted by the Uniparty of Degenerate anti-Americans):

Decency? People who take the Koran as literal truth, talking about decency? Femimen who sell out national liberty in exchange for safe spaces regulated by elitists, talking about decency? Dems who justify commodity trading in baby parts, talking about decency?

What is at issue is much more than decency! What is at issue is prettied up evil. So any champion, such as Trump, that exposes the evil will be a target. Metro-people keep trying to ban straight talkers, while Fems talk about decency. Must be Troll Heaven for them.

Except to lie, the anti-Trump trolls rarely talk about the issues. Instead, they attack the personality. Something rotten intervened in the village that raised them.

No one in authority in any institution of significance can bring himself to say what needs to be said: Islam is not a good thing.

Indeed, anyone who says what needs to be said will be pounded, fired, banned, exiled, ridiculed, investigated, audited, suspended, stalked, killed, or, heaven forfend, tsk tsked by the "ladies."

Where are Patton, Churchill, and Jefferson when you need them?

Anonymous said...

It's not the Dem Party. It's the Uniparty. Billionaires pull the strings, the media sounds the lies, the little people gyrate to the bribes. Those billionaires are more like our-thing, divide-and-rule, hedge artists and people farmers than ideologues. Under the billions of sound bites, their "ideology" is simple: money talks, bs walks; we rule, you "put on your marching shoes" and "eat your peas." For these faithless traitors to humanity, everything else is window dressing.

Apart from tsk tsking, nearly all the media coverage has nothing to do with investigative journalism or informed analysis. We are in danger of becoming captives of mutated men and women claiming to be of the female gender.

Nothing in the First Amendment requires the U.S. to allow any foreigner to come to the U.S. Stop lying. It is unbecoming.

Otoh, it is pretty clear that the Koran is antagonistic to the First Amendment. Muslims seek to require the establishment of religion. To prohibit the free exercise of any religion that is contrary to mandates of Islam. To abridge freedom of thought and speech by punishing infidels. Muslims stone apostates. There is no freedom of belief in Islam. Muslims respect no right peaceably to assemble in opposition to Islam. Often, they don't allow assembly rights to women at all.

For anyone with a brain, it is clear that no practicing Muslim can claim to respect the Bill of Rights without lying. Why are you promoting lies? It's obvious: Because you are either a paid hack or a deluded socialist-commie-Muslim anti-American. What rock do you live under?

Anonymous said...

Too many lawyers forsook spirituality in trade for a pipe dream of heaven based on science and manmade law. They saw the delusions of deists, but replaced them with the delusions of despots. And so it has come to pass that the ACLU means to deliver us to "fairness and equality" -- even if it has to drag us through the national destructions and genocides of hell. In piling manmade legalism ever higher and deeper, they are the dumber counterpart to Bertrand Russell's search for perfection in mathematics. Three generations of imbecility in seeking elitist imposed equality in material redistributions have been more than enough.

Few can dare to speak unvarnished truth to our elitists. They have agglomerated too many weapons and options. Speaking truth will get you banned, suspended, fired, exiled, audited, sued, imprisoned, or killed. Sensitives of the female gender will tsk tsk your postings.

Our uni-sexed citizens are being "educated" to keep their heads down and honor their elite effete rulers. Much as Muslim women are kept under wraps, in the dark, without voices. (Perhaps they're as linguistically courteous as our own neutered metromen.)

Even Trump has to step lightly, even when common sense, if it could be heard, would shout that he is right. Otherwise, the Uniparty would descend on him like a murder of Crows. (Well, they will do that anyway. So if one were to allow oneself to be convinced by how many and how often shills and cronies and trolls, oh my, come down on Trump, one may as well turn in one's self-reliance badge.)

Anonymous said...

Decency? People who take the Koran as literal truth talking about decency? Femimen who sell out national liberty in exchange for safe spaces regulated by elitists talking about decency? Dems who justify commodity trading in baby parts talking about decency? What is at issue is not decency. What is at issue is prettied up evil. And Trump is the target? Banning straight talkers while fems talk about decency? Good grief.

The more power the SJW's obtain, the more malevolent they will get. Genocide will come easy to these scum.

Suppose anonymous parasites are gathered to go to one polling place after another. Suppose their travel coordinator has a long list of old people who are not known to have recently voted. Each parasite has fraudulent identifications, but does not care. Because he goes to precincts where plants are among the watchers. If he gets caught, he has not given his name, and he just leaves. The system's jails and resources are too stretched to pursue him. No videos at the polling place exist. If the real voter does not show up, the votes are counted. No one at the polling place has a photo ID of the real voter.

Or, suppose parasites who vote for a living were instructed to use multiple fake IDs for a single residence. One person could easily pretend to be many: (Remember the Black hog farm fraud?) Suppose one person goes by: Jaime Jamal Jordan; J Jordan; Jaime J. Jordan; JJ Jordan; Ja Ja Jordan; J. Jordan, Sr.; J. Jordan, Jr.; Mrs. J. Jordan; Mz. Jordan; etc. All vote. Via one anonymous shadow person.

When an investigator comes by (hah!), he could just say, "The Jordans moved away." And what gov agency would want to foot the bill to prosecute and jail such persons, anyway?

There is a whole underground society that lives on a cash and drug economy and draws gov benefits. It WANTS to live in the shadows. MB, BP, and other organizations HELP these people perpetuate their fraud. And probably help them back into the shadows if caught. But only after making a spectacular scene to allege "racism."

Some lowlife socialists and apologists for profaning the vote argue that each voter is fully identified at the time he registers. I doubt that.

I suspect college interns are paid to register as many people as they can. Even if some are triply registered under aliases. And if they were properly registered, wth would be so hard at the time to require that they get a voter photo ID? If they lack means to be identified with a photo ID, wth are they being registered? And wth do precinct voting monitors not have quick access to such DL photos as do exist?

WHY IS IT THAT THE PEOPLE WHO ARGUE THERE IS NO NEED FOR PROPER PHOTO ID ARE ALWAYS EITHER SIMPLE MINDED OR SOCIALISTIC S-HEADS? Why is it that the people who need special rights to vote without photo ID's are almost always Dem/Socialist people who live on the underground economy or vote for a living? Or people who want to bus senile elders to the voting precinct? And why is it that no Black Church seems ever to lose its charitable exemption, even when it politically preaches for "SJ"?

What kind of fool believes MB and BP orgs are on the legal up and up? Probably a Scotus fool.

Investigate? Lol. What big city boss would allow a serious investigation? What DC shill would be allowed to buck the central crony apparatus of corruption? The bigger the crony-approved fraud, the more invisible it becomes to the authorities. No one but a billionaire with his own well honed body guards could dare take these monsters on. And if a lone investigator goes rogue, well, he gets Vince Fostered.

Anonymous said...

If a Muslim family really valued America, it would not want unvetted Muslims who take the Koran literally coming to America. Most Muslims believe the Koran must be taken literally. If taken literally, there is NO WAY to get around that the Koran is fundamentally at odds with the Constitution. This is taqiyya, pure and simple. People serve in our military for many reasons. Not all are patriotic. Some people who serve end up getting killed. Do we know how faithful the killed man was, either to the Koran or to the Constitution or to America? To say because he was Muslim and died during hostilities while in our service tells us very little. But people with a globalist agenda that is adverse to defending our borders and national identity will strain to "prove" otherwise. This is a lot of nonsense taking advantage of grief. A lot of soldiers and marines die DEFENDING our borders and national identity. What about THEIR sacrifice? This is opportunistic grief mongering. It's now part of the struggle between human beings who value individual liberty versus globalistic socialists who want to be ruled by smirking elitists. This is quite sad and insulting to the American Ideal, which is 180 degrees away from the Islamic Ideal.

Evidently, Mr. Khan believes America can never have too many Muslims voting for a Muslim agenda, which would necessarily "fundamentally change" (destroy) America and our Constitution. This smells of strong, foul taqiyya.

If a Muslim family really valued America, it would not want unvetted Muslims who take the Koran literally coming to America. Most Muslims believe the Koran must be taken literally. If taken literally, there is NO WAY to get around that the Koran is fundamentally at odds with the Constitution. This is taqiyya, pure and simple.

People serve in our military for many reasons. Not all are patriotic. Some people who serve end up getting killed. Do we know how faithful the killed man was, to the Koran, the Constitution, America, or the agenda of his father? To say because he was Muslim and died during hostilities while in our service tells us very little. But people with a globalist agenda that is adverse to defending our borders and national identity will strain to "prove" otherwise.

This is a lot of nonsense taking advantage of grief. Cindy Shehan made the blueprint. A lot of soldiers and marines die DEFENDING our borders and national identity. What about THEIR sacrifice? This is opportunistic grief mongering. It's now part of the struggle between human beings who value individual liberty versus globalistic socialists who want to be ruled by smirking elitists. It's what they do. This is quite sad, misleading, and insulting to the American Ideal, which is 180 degrees away from the Islamic Ideal.

If the sons of Shehan and of Khan truly loved America, the last thing they would want would be for their parents to be using their sacrifices for the purpose of destroying America, i.e., replacing America with Socialstic Elitist Diktat or Islam.

Tthe practice of Islam ought not be entitled to Constitutional protection as a free exercise of religion. Reason says I am right. Practicality says it will take awhile for an aroused and enlightened citizenry to enlighten Courts to that effect.

Since mosques should not be entitled to Constitutional protection, municipalities should be entitled to zone them out, as disorderly houses and public nuisances.

To advocate for Islam is to advocate for criminal abuse of vulnerable people and children. Adult on adult would entail freedom of speech. Adult conspiracy to shape vulnerable children by calling them to become physical enforcers of criminal assault and depravity that does not constitute the free exercise of religion ought not any longer be found to be protected speech or tolerated. There is no freedom of belief in Islam.

Anonymous said...

Islam, which subordinates the Golden Rule to presuming agents for a very vengeful "God," subjugates infidels and women to second class citizenship, stones apostates, advocates for child brides and female genital mutilation, rages against free speech that denies its tenets, subjects people to Stockholm Syndrome, and seeks to subordinate the Bill of Rights to Shariah Law, has something to recommend it apart from raging tribalism and subhumanizing thuggery? Whoda thought it. Beam me up, Scotty.

Anonymous said...

People castigate Trump for not rolling for Khan. Trump recognizes what most dupes do not: That Khan is a proxy for those who want to import more Muslims, thus to discredit any idea of a freeze against inassimilable Islamic immigration.

Prog sheeple (Dinos) see this as an easy way to use "moderate" Muslims as human shields against a revival of the republic. Prog cronies (Rinos) see it as a way to further the cause of cheap global labor. They calculate the American voters are too dumb to be able to see past the pathos to think about the substance. They calculate the NWO media is too strong to allow any Independent to escape from the Prog mind cave.

The stupid is too strong on the Kahn game, so Trump, having knawed on it at least to weaken it, needs now to go to other lines of attack. His campaign has obvious challenges: To plant seeds among such Progs that have capacity to think. To multiply forces against Prog weak points (economy, immigration, national security). Those weak points are interrelated. As is the Khan con.

Trump may be a bit like Moses. He has the faith, but does not always have the right words. For that, he will need Aaron (his children) and Joshua (Pence). He will not be able to save all. Maybe he can at least start a movement towards a separation of peoples: Americans from Globalist Mooch-heads. For that, skin color is a red herring that is used by fishy baiters.


Trump is an American, anti-Rino, anti-Dino. Most of the establishment Repubs are anti-Trump anti-American globalist-Rinos. They endorse Hillary, hate on Trump, or "endorse" Trump with faint praise that deceives no one. Why should Trump endorse anyone who is part of the problem? Why should Ryan have been free to "endorse" Trump with strings, and then expect Trump to endorse him? Talk about stupid double standards!

Modern kids have been sheltered in the arms and institutions of elites so long they believe elites love them and will continue to shelter them and provide them with safe spaces, just like their mommies and daddies, if only the hateful Conservatives would stop insisting that they grow up, become independent, get a job, and learn to think for themselves. Islam, Progism, and Communism all offer sanctuary from being responsible to think for oneself. All oppose those "hateful" Conservers of Liberty and individual dignity! Conservatives get in the way of Prog "progress" towards becoming a mind-numbed crony-commie-jihadi-doper-zombie.


Anonymous said...

Never-Trumpers are doing their best to descend on Trump like a murder of crow cronies. They know they can bend events and the system to bankrupt whomever they want. Trump is risking his businesses, his brand, his very life to confront this murder of crow-cronies. To say he is just in it for the attention is nuts. The crow-cronies will murder every aspect about Trump if they can. 2000 years ago, there was another figure who tried to stand against the all-pervasive forces of darkness.

Why do the never-Trumpers remind me so much of the mobs that howled for Him to be crucified? The easiest thing in the world tends to be to side with howling populists, stirred up and baited by insider-cronies. Just once, it would be good to see a hardy band of bravehearts and thinking human beings stand up to the nattering nabobs of effete elite cow birds.


Had enough big-lie kool aid? Voter fraud is easy to do and hard to detect. See http://www.nationalreview.com/.... Especially when the authorities do not want to detect it. Even want to punish attempts to detect it. And will fire people for opining about it. And when all the big cities are controlled by fraudstering race baiters. Which makes voter fraud about as invisible to them as Hillary's felonies are to the FBI.

Voter fraud has been going on in big cities ever since bosses began recruiting and registering new voters fresh from the immigration boats. It's how Landslide Lyndon got his name, and how Chicago elected JFK. If it weren't for fraud, lies, envy, and race baiting, for Dems, there would be no there, there. Dems don't want to fix what ails their base. They want to use their base and keep it too. But they would never, never commit fraud. Yup yup yup. Chuckle.

Per boss-dems, they could never get "fair" representation by requiring a voter base with enough legitimacy and competency to be able to provide a photo id. Their base can register itself just fine, but cannot be bothered to provide photo id. Does not pass the bs test. Dems don't want their crops of voters to vote out of concern for fairness. They want their crops of voters to vote out of concerns for people-farming and grifting. If Dems were about "progress," ghettos would be declining instead of expanding. Go peddle your crap to someone else.

Dlanor said...

People who may otherwise want to fight on principle to establish something like the American Ideal in their own lands become demoralized as they learn that our own "leaders" tend to be nothing more than unreliable fronts for contending syndicates of corporate gangsters. IOW, Arkansas trailer trash in finely creased clothes and elite politesse.

People will not believe they can rely on America as they learn the hard way that we are centrally governed by unprincipled fronts for warring gangsters. Barking Ma Clinton.

Concerning America: Once ordinary citizens are neutered, disarmed, divided, disassimilated, and demoralized -- there will be no there, there. As trustworthiness is so thoroughly replaced by whorrring addictions to instant gratification, no one will want to risk allying with America except other whorrres.

As a nation, we have allowed ourselves to be prostituted by scientists of "modern morality" (pleasure). The principles of the WWII generation that may still stir admiration among elders of other nations have been flushed. Now, all our "principles" among all our knowitall noseinair "leaders" in all our formal institutions are in-your-face "gay."


Re: "not want to live under communism, but to be in charge of the communist state"

Breathes there any elitist who does not feel that way? Among elitists, communism is just one among various fair-y tales that they tell the prey they mean to parasite from. Communism is a fairie tale propped up by lying monsters. It ranks alongside, "I'm from the gov and I'm here to help you become independent from the ghetto."


The Establishment will crucify every business of Trump's, then blame him for the crucification. To say he has not taken on risk to serve his country is as stupid as it is evil.


Re: "The TPP was submitted to congress around 240 days ago, I do not know if any addenda was submitted after that point last November, but if not, The TPP is already passed by law of the TPA."

Our media won't explain how this works until after the election. Until then, they will pretend that Congress can still vote on this.

Anonymous said...

While two-faced Progs sing about increasing the minimum wage for Americans, they conspire to ship jobs and industries to foreign nations that produce dirt poor laborers.

While two-faced Progs sing about redistributing wealth, they hide their intention to redistribute jobs to foreign serfs kept in dirt poor labor.

While two-face Progs claim to know why the ghettoed bird sings, they keep building ghettos.

While two-faced Progs sing about improving health care, they replace yearly physicals with doctors with nurse practitioners, home assessments, and paperwork.

While two-faced Progs sing about a global open society, they consign entire industries to crony syndicalists.

While two-faced Progs sing about equality and fairness, they raise a class of corrupt ruling elitists.

While two-faced Progs sing about saving the planet, they funnel its raw materials to be mined by crony laundering corporatists.

The Prog program --- of elitist diktated PC, social scientism, equality in results, race-baited tension, substandard health care, carbon taxes, and consent regulatory schemes against local governments --- is about destroying the American Ideal of individual dignity and initiative and replacing it with globalism under the rule of subhuman fascist syndicalists. The Borgdom.

While elitists divert Americans from a transparent Convention of States, they conspire with a Mafia like Trans-Person-Perversion for morally criminal, elitist cronies.

Foul is fair, enserfment is freedom, regulatory exceptions for the regulators are rule of law, and people-farming is for our greater good.

Has Ted Cruz adequately explained his role in TPP? What would George Orwell say? Would elitists better understand this if Trump explained it in their patter of politesse?


Among civilized adult human beings, t for tat tends to be the best tactic. Among uncivilized infants, heathens, Hollywood selfies, DC mafiosi cronies, gay pleasure addicts that brainwash and groom children, brain numbing dopers, and monster worshippers, that is not the case.

T for tat is for human beings, not for warped subhumans. In the context of its times, the Old Testament remedies to filth piled higher and deeper on filth make more and more sense. Sometimes, the flush handle is needed. Either Americans flush globalists, or globalists will surely flush Americans.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays, it's very hard to get power unless you're corrupt. And it's hard to keep power unless you get rid of all the honest inspectors and have a reliable consigliere to keep a steel grip on all the dishonest ones. Once you have that in place, it's relatively easy to farm the little people.

Just pass out free turkeys and leave some occasional examples (err, reminders) of what can happen to dissidents. Alinsky studied the Mafia to make this a science, and Hillary did a paper on it. She got the FBI files. Knows where bodies are buried. Has probably directed that a few bodies be buried. Can lie while being polygraphed. Is as cold hearted and wrathful as an assassin. Is gay about it all. And she knows how to surround herself with servants who are satisfied to please the devil without wearing the target. These, and no others, are her "qualifications." She would have made a better bride for Stalin than for Slick.

Elect Hillary and make Hell.

Anonymous said...

What is your "cause"? What good thing are you accomplishing? Please identify the candidate you believe would have been less of a globalist than Hillary and more of an American than Trump. Until you find one, you would do better to go soak your head. Who is paying you? Or do you just like the sound of rocks rattling around in your head?

Cruz was second best, but he showed no class at the Convention. His die-hard supporters are now showing less class. I say this as a person who was probably most diligent in advocating that Cruz was and is eligible. Now I say that the die-hard Cruz people are showing to be as classless as they are clueless. In 4 to 8 years we will need a new champion. These people are making it very hard for me to consider Cruz again.

Cruz made a classless invitation to "others" to not support Trump. Of course everyone should vote their conscience. But Cruz, as a leader, should have advocated for the defeat of Hillary. If I do not support him, it will be because I perceive him as being weak on being an anti-globalist. Wake up. Explain why you think Cruz' antics on TPP/TPA make him an anti-globalist.

At the end of the day, 65% of the electorate consists of morons and corruptocrats. No one can get elected without taking that into account.

Anonymous said...

Feedback with the cosmos, with which the Source is interpenetrating. Add good faith and good will. Intuition, empathy, and insight follow, inherently.

A homosexual is a sexual deviant. A gay is a sexual deviant who wants to go public, in front of men, women, and children -- and teach children how great it is. A gay politician is a deviant who wants to screw the gov and teach young voters how great it is. DC, Hollywood, TV, Disneyland, Military Brass, the Fed, Wall Street, most Churches, the Boy Scouts, and Ivy Campuses are now flush with gay pride. They are all proud to be helping to destroy every last representative republic on earth. Then we can all be part of one big global screwball. Is that great, or what? Fluckanomics. This is not about "love." It's much more about "fluck you."

Bring back the Roman Circus, with Transhumans poking Dhimmis, Infidels, and Child Brides.

Refabricated femimen and butchwomen who wanna serve the New Globalism wanna be allowed to compete against (abuse) women and children. They want affirmative action that dhimmis and redistributes from ordinary producers and Americans (whities and oreos). That enslaves children's minds to institutionalized madrassas of abuse. That's why they love Islam and goose steppers. Parasites and coocoo birds.

Unfortunately, stupid and corrupt people are the new majority. Forget race. That's just a diversion. So, every candidate has to make compromises to stupidity and corruption. At the end of the day, each American voter needs to consider: Do I want to follow the American Ideal, or do I hanker after my share of the globalist stash?

As a globalist, you would blame Trump when he does not endorse Ryan, and you would blame Trump when he does endorse Ryan. The reason is that you are anxious to eat globalist pie and feed it to all your progeny wanting to line up for the New Plantation. Hurry along. Massa's calling.

Anonymous said...

Re: "These people are pathetic, deluded, fearful. They are frightened someone will think them vulgar or nutty or, God forbid, racist. They are the "pussies" Clint Eastwood warned us about."

The think tanks that couldn't think. DJT is correct, that our leaders have been (seduced and corrupted by the) stupid. How stupid are they? They are so struttingly stupid that they are openly and proudly gay about it. Almost in lust. Like the erection of a dying man, offering a rooster behind a lace curtain to his desired lover, feigning to be wise like Socrates. "I owe a cock to Asclepius; will you remember to pay the debt?" Thus they make their death offering to their imagined utopia.