Thursday, October 13, 2016

A More Perfect Union

Regarding "a more perfect union":

Most people of the modern Western World have been raised to be extremely interconnected and codependent, but lacking in reliable individual competence. They have been raised to implicate a philosophical worldview that supports codependence and that lacks competence. This may be called the New Wussiedom.

Like everyone, Wussies want and need to believe in something. Some tried organized religion, but they may have found it too filled, when most needed, with near meaningless, unreliable, and often, in applicastion,  unprincipled bafflegab. Too often, applications of organized dogma seem to be easily ratonalized to fit the bill for every leading narcissist or sociopath.

Then, some turned to Big Gov. But history continues to show all too well the inclination of Big Gov to be made a puppet for abusive practitioners of corporate fascism and rote mind subjugation and servitude.

Where does this leave a lot of people? Answer: Without reliable or purposeful guidance. Their moral compasses become little more than a constant green light for permitting and rationalizing every kind of pleasurable depredation or every rationalization by their media-controlling rulers.  IOW, they fall entirely to rationalization that is devoid of any workable principle except to serve the leading despot of the day.

Within this foglike state of affairs, regardless of the direction one tries to shine a light, only one thing seems reliably to take meaningful form: That, so long as we live and think, we carry a common need to come together to seek inspiration that coordinates with attempts to communicate our disparate and unequal experiences.

Consciousness is consciousness. We're all just different and imperfect perspectives of the same consciousness, feeding back and sharing different experiences of the same problem of exisfentiality. In a way, consciousness talks to itself. Thereupeutic, I suppose. I very rarely block anyone. However, therapy seems sometimes fairly to call for a time for talking more intimately with oneself.

Organized religion may someday appreciate that. More competent individuals may someday appreciate that. Electoral majorities may someday appreciate that. Perhaps, on that day, we can form a better representative republic. A "more (humanly competent and) perfect union."


Around the edges, as we exercise our participatory freedom to interfunction with the Reconciler, and as the Reconciler gives due appreciation in judging our feedback, I think the material direction for our assimilating moral compass fluxes, even though its spiritual direction does not.
Law deals with material direction. What the law may consider to be moral for our land and culture, it may not consider to be moral for others. Example: It would not necessarily be moral for us to presume to force our legal system on another nation or culture.
While I tend to agree with you, I also recognize that what is moral around the edges depends in part on how our feedback with the Reconciler unfolds. Often, the classification of what is moral in matter and law is in a state of becoming, rather than in a state of "either-or" eternal certainty. Regardless, I do believe, over time and lives, we each get our spiritual measure of just deserts.


The only real protection is in an informed, vigilant, and morally assimilated citizenry. That is a rare occurrence, and maybe a rarity to preserve.
The Founding Documents can provide a reference, but they are not self executing.
Libertines, however, would have it that the citizenry need not be concerned in its governance with issues of morality, marriage, family and respect for local governance and decentralized control. All the while they say conservatives cannot legislate morality, libertines are legislating central agglomeration and immorality. Once the Gimmedats and the Lemmedodats succeed, evil will be supreme in the land, and the words on the Founding Documents will be accompaniment only for sounding brass.

Who is Obama kidding? To be divisive is exactly what he expects of his weaponized IRS, riot instigating DOJ, crony corporate funded BLM, looting protestors, polar bear hunters, race baiting NFL players, imported and unvetted Muslims, and on and on and on. Obama, deliberately so, is the most divisive Prez ever! Not for nothing did he study under Rev. Wright for 20 years.


Public corporatist persona: The planet is dying. The greenhouse is coming. The oceans are rising. The U.S. is unfailrly depleting the world.
Private corporatist persona: Let's sell off the U.S., strap carbon taxes on every worker, farm the heck out of the masses, and get rid of eyesore excess populations.
Translation: Worldwide Fascism.


Those of the NWO Worldview tend not to appreciate what it means to be human as opposed to subhuman. They do not seek to serve any mindedness that is higher than the pig rut. They put on airs of superiority, nuance, in-ness, and performance art. By their whip in one hand and dil do in the other shall ye know them. Soon, they will want to dance around us and taunt us as "whipdil dophobics."

It's not like the NWO has any scruples to stop it, if it thinks it can get away with it, from: wagging the dog; massive fraud; random hits; massive lies; actual mayhem; coordinated thuggery; coordinated bribery; coordinated farming of those who are most mentally infirm; coordinated assurance of DOJ protection.
There is such a thing as absolute evil. It is readily tracked among those who have sold their souls to the NWOWFG (New World Order of the Wussie Farm Gulag). Even if the NWOWFG is defeated at the polls, it has no scruples to preclude it from immediately turning to violence. It will not be inclined, after 100 years of devilry, to slink away, unmasked.


For all their "learning," few people have anything resembling a consistent, coherent worldview.
The NWO has a consistent worldview, but it is not coherent. It is this: "We know better than you. We are better than you. So you should trust us. Trust the gov we provide. And give up your delusions about a relationship with the Godhead."
The NWO has infested every institution to propagandize its worldview on every channel, 24/7. But it still has not firmly taken. Because it is incoherent. And because there remains a vital genetic and cultural stock among Americans that will never fully take that view. Still, poison and misdirection run deep and fast in our political waters.
Add all this up and the direction the herd will run on Nov. 8 remains undetermined. To the dismay of NWO cockroaches.


Challenge: List the Presidents that were not perverted deviants or lotharios. You can't put FDR, JFK, LBJ, WJC, or BHO on any such a list. (Notice: Progs do not tolerate sex maniacs becoming Prez unless they're Dems.) Among contenders, neither could you put Hillary or Trump. Moreover, I doubt many among our Founders were sexually restrained.
There are bland betas. However, do they have the energy or experience needed to lead our nation? Most of our advertising and production centers around selling or facilitating sex. To swoon about it is just wussie grade.
Hillary is trying to engineer an express train for drowning our republic in lowest common denominator globalism. That NWO would be ruled by corporatist oligarchs and moochers. That would mean free fall to worldwide fascism. What wussie brain should want that, merely because he/she/swish thinks Hillary may be less a social perv than Trump? That's wussie grade insanity.
Think about what a lowest-common-denominator NWO run by an extranational, syndicated hierarchy of dues paying (speech kickback laundering), wussie farming, corporatist moochers would look like.
Consider this: For members of any decent society to have reasonable opportunity to exercise participatory freedom to offer their talents to a marketplace, there needs to be a variety of contexts in which to put such talents up for bid. There needs to be decentralization of business and work opportunities to local levels! There needs to be a wide array of available or potential employers.
But suppose all potential employers are regimented together under a worldwide, fascist, centrally regimented hierarchy of syndicated, wussie farming, extranational corporations.
In that case, what reasonable opportunity would there be for any member of the masses to exercise participatory freedom to bid his talents and services? Answer: His opportunity would be that of a desperate peasant competing with the cheapest laboring other peasants. The jobs and pay available to him would be regimented by the syndicate of wussie farmers. He would have no nation and no common culture to protect him. Those that farm him, to control him, would merely import more desperate and cheaper laborers if he raised his head to protest. Or they would simply export entire industries. Every desperate peasant would learn to keep his head down and do as instructed! Subhumanized!
People would be reduced from human beings to wussie zombies, to be little more than very expendable tools for such evil monsters as float to power in the NWWOG (New Wussie World Order Gulag).
Would that be a wise reason to trade freedom away, just to try to get the President that might be a little less sexually unrestrained than her quite non-pristine opponent?


In her private persona, Hillary is the Wussie-Farmer Whistler.  She whistled to all the corrupt crony moochers that she was for sale, and they have responded -- every one of them.  After all, who else are they going to draw near to?

In Hillary's public persona, she is helped to hoodwink all the wussie men and women.  Little is more important to them than gov blessings and fundings for all their deviancy and  child grooming. 

They aren't alarmed against Trump because he walked in on beauty pageant dressing rooms.  They are alarmed because he is not a full throated supporter of uni-bathrooms being forced on school children. 

Codependent incompetent wussies aren't alarmed because Trump plans a vigorous executive repeal of Obama's executive orders.  They're alarmed because he wants to protect the U.S. from being absorbed into a borderless Corporatocracy.  They WANT a borderless Corporatocracy, so they can no longer be held responsible for not being able to do anything for themselves.

Codependent incompetent wussies have been farmed and trained to believe they should seek to be ruled under worldwide fascist Corporatocracy.  Their excuse for wanting to be taken care of is that Trump is an abuser of women.  Even though EVERY Dem they have elected Prez has been an abuser of women.

Why do wussies love Dem abusers but fear Repub abusers?  Answer:  Because Dem abusers seek to relieve them from being held responsible for their own lives, while Repub's don't.  Why else would every Prez since FDR have been a sexual degenerate, while no such degeneracy was allowed for Reagan, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr.?

America was flushed when metrowussies, by importaton or special training, became the new majority.

Of course, metrowussies are too incompetent to comprehend that the installation of the wussie farming NWO will not  pan out the way they expect.  Nope.  Like every fascist adventure in history, this adventure will lead to servitude and gnashing of teeth.  What metrowussies fail to understand is this:  Hillary does not really give a fig about them.

Given the trashy wussiness of America's electorate, I cannot say that the U.S. does not deserve what is likely to be poured our way.  Wussie Americans are the worst!

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  Too many lost their vigilance while pursuing trash.  Now we live in the Wussie Majority.  And it is so incompetent it actually thinks it LIKES its wussie farmers.

If Hillary is elected, I wash my hands of this.  I will take care of kith and kin.  I will ride my cycle with friends and enjoy the creation.  I will lose few tears for all the wussies that have brought us to this evil state.  I will support secession.  All alternatives are subhuman.


The political battle of 1800 then was related to federal versus state power. The political battle of 2016 is related to American versus crony international corporatist power. A little similar to what Washington warned against. Hillary has nearly admitted as much in some of her speeches. For anyone to castigate people who are aware of that as if they were uninformed conspiracy nuts is the height of intellectually dishonest, crony chutzpah. An enabler of Hillary for hoodwinking a nation of wussified voters. Tar and feathers may be too good for such people.

Among people who assimilate to the American Ideal, why should demography have anything to do with how they vote? Why should genetic and cultural identifiers (skin color, ethnicity, orientation, gender, etc.) have anything to do with how an assimilated American votes? The reason it does is because manipulators, race baiters, and wise guys import, train, and whip up people for the purpose of antagonizing them to vote for a particular system or boss.
Should ordinary Americans who want to preserve their founding ideals be concerned about that? Of course they should. Why do you want to call them names or label them as racists and all the rest? Why do you not call those who deliberately flood the U.S. with persons easily manipulated to socialism as racists, since they are obviously race users and baiters? Why do you hate the American Ideal of individual freedom of expression and enterprise and seek to replace it with a socialist farm to be ruled by elite pretenders? Why do you think the likes of the Clintons care diddly about you or yours?
Americans read the News. They study the trends. They are on to the games. They see nearly every billionaire establishmentarian that has paid Congress substantial contributions to acquire influence (pay to play) supporting Hillary. Why do the small contributions go to Trump, while the pay to play contributions go to Hillary?
I suspect you are grossly uninformed, intellectually dishonest, and/or bought and paid for. If I am wrong, and If there is no amoral conspiracy of people-farming greedbags among the non-patriotic, pay-to-play crowd, then why are they nearly unanimous in supporting Hillary -- especially given Hillary's obscenely crooked pay-to-play history?
To consider Progs' history for Scotus appointments, cabinet appointments, intentions to flood and manipulate the demographic, plans for TPP, and all the rest, and then to call Trump the dangerous one is the mindset of dementia, if not outright evil.


Rape? Hillary fronts for a horde of morally criminal rapists and trolls. Crony corporatists that gang bang to have their way with ordinary people by bribing, training, importing, instigating, and financing liberty illiterates, thugs, and culture killing jihadis. She calls this assault on human freedom, dignity, and decency "tolerance." She twists her lofos to believe that not engaging in such tolerance only makes her gang bangers want to rape us all the more. She should know. Wussys that want to be farmed go along with this because they have been so sheltered that they actually believe Hillary is not a sociopath. Indeed, they would not know a sociopath if she was warehousing them in projects and plundering them and their nation blind.

The world of wussys wants to be farmed. It does not like Americans' presumptuousness of independence and freedom, as if those things were some kind of birthright. The more the rest of the world immigrates to the U.S., the more wussified we become. The handwriting is on the wall.

If Hillary is elected, as is likely, by hook or crook, the page will have turned. There will be little choice but to secede or join the wussyfarm. Most people will seek their place in the wussy farming hierarchy (the Borg Cloud), so they can "farm" (with a capital F) all those below -- just the way they evidently like it: Good and hard.

IAE, the Founding Documents will be reduced to arcahic curiosities. Our Constitution and separation of powers, and all the lawyers that argue about it, will be made a rude joke. Scotus will become a rubber stamp. Presidential candidates will be Kabuki actors. We will no longer have the Rule of Law. We will have the Fascist Rule of Wussy Farmers. With all the security of the gulag. And all the human value of its inmates. Our reward for giving wussys the vote.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, most of the women I know detest talking about politics. From the nature of their general awareness, I fear they may also detest reading about politics. Unless there is something salacious about Trump.

Many will vote based on feelings, farmed by skilled and highly paid political advertisers. Most of the wealthy Republicans seem to have aligned with Dem-Prog People Farmers in order to milk the feelings of wussies, collapse the republic, and rip off its innards.

So these ignoranti and corrupti have major advantages in terms of funding from disloyal billionaires and access to hordes of trained political dufusses. Even if Trump, by some miracle, is elected, nearly every one of our institutions will still continue to suffer from 100 years of prog poison.

Upshot: It's hard to trust in good sense from any man under 40 or any woman under 60. I pray I'm very wrong about this.


The new idea of "charity" seems to amount to voting for the fed gov to provide charity, and then to facilitate community organizers to exploit openings. To fill pews, import more people who incline to vote for gov charity and to help exploit it.

Somehow, corrupti have been promoted to coopt every institution in order to collapse competence and nations, so all that are stampeded by those that vote for a living can be assigned to their apppropriate collectivist stations by corporatist officers for the NWO.

When the collapse comes, it will be quick, but not painless. No doubt, plans for managing the coming floods of desperate masses have already been made.


Just searching for an approach. By small, I want central gov to confine itself to concerns of national import. Less interference with States. More deference to States. Fewer ACLU attempts to use justices to dictate national social standards.

Whether in articles or comments, I am interested in approaches that might move us towards some better directions. Some of us probably like long comments, if they help shed lignt.

Anonymous said...

I don't try to categorize "all" Libertarians because I suspect there are many varieties. I suspect most advocates of any philosophy tend not to have a well thought out (much less rigorous) idea of what they mean by "libertarianism" or its ramifications or practical applications.

When you get down to details and practical applications, I suspect people that want to call themselves Libertarians tend not to share nearly the same values or positions as they may think.

I do not think there is one single final system of objective moral truth that answers for the details of every human issue. I think our moral Source is a Reconciling Oneness, but not a pre-set objective regulator for every detail.

I think "surprises" in the relationship from among the Reconciler and its imperfect and mortal perspectives keep it interesting as it unfolds for all sides. Our nourishment makes us need the Reconciler, but I suspect the Reconciler, for Its "interests," also needs nourishment from us. Else, why mess with us?


The supposedly libertarian ACLU may have done more damage to the cause of liberty than any other institution. Advocates from among the ACLU that believe they have a monopoly on "objective moral truth" (to be dictated by central "justices") seem often to be the most dangerous to human decency, dignity, and liberty.


A grown up Libertarian who does not want big gov needs to not support big central gov that tries to stamp out local assimilations of faith in a Reconciler for decency.


Your point is too simplistic and therefore subject to a lot of sliding ambiguity and confusion. A good number of people think "small government" is central government that forces localities to tolerate every possible deviation from previous norms -- whether or not based in religion or customary common sense.

They think small government is forcing Christians, simply because they are Christians, to tolerate forced open bathrooms, grooming for tolerance for sexually adventurous polyamorists, reeducation to tolerance for "religious" dogma that justifies the burning or beheading of "infidels" to its dogma, requiring small businesses that want to keep their state licenses to promote deviancy by serving desires of deviants.

Simply put, to a lot of Orwellian "libertarians," big regulation is small government. Ignorance is strength. Good faith is bad. Traditional families must be supervised and reeducated. ACLU Libertarians must use Scotus and the central government to force the people to be liberated. S/

Supposedly, libertarianism is tolerance of diversity, and gov forced diversity is our strength. But I don't think so.

A better formula my be to shut down most of the domestic activities of DC and to return matters relating to the assimilation of good faith, good family, and good will to the States. Not to try by intolerance to dictate tolerance, but to return most such issues to the States to sort them out.

This may be because there IS NO CORRECT FINAL OBJECTIVE ANSWER to many such issues. Rather, the best, most humane response would seem to be to leave the assimilation and reconciliation of social traditions to the communities that have to live with them.

Anonymous said...

When people within a civilized society fail by decent measures to control or thin their herd of wussies, nature has to do it by less than decent measures -- both for them and to them. The Reconciler always requires re-reconciliation.

Fool Aid Drinkers: When the pent up violence reaches apocalyptic levels, the meek will inherit the earth. For a time, however, they will not merely be meek. They will also be dumb. The meek and dumb and diseased of the coming epoch of post-collapse. Flush with new charismatics for fool-aid drinkers and self flagellators. Post Rome, post America.


Re: "the weight that the government puts on the scale is enormous, and in this election it's all behind Hillary."

In every kabuki election, the weight that elitist alliances of depraved people farmers put on diverting and misdirecting those they farm is always what they consider to be more than enough to guarantee that the masses go to their assigned collectivist stations.

(It is distressing to think it necessary to insert the adjective "depraved" in front of "people farmers," because so many wussies seem actually to want to be farmed and to admire those that farm them.)

Hillary is a femi-rapist-nazi, determined to beat the nation to a pulp until it cries in anguish that it loves her. She is propped up by some very slick but twisted sickos.

The Devil does not come at you in hideous horns. No, the devil comes with a smiling face, bedecked in shimmering finery, oozing with flattering promises. Most of DC, including Hillary, consists of hideous liars behind smooth faces.

Trump is the only one that tells the people unvarnished truths about the medicine and regimen they need.

Anonymous said...

It may well be. But Hillary is just the latest of a long train of abuses, that long ago despoiled the republic. The difference this time is this: After Hillary, I see no way for the republic to come back. Not for a millenneum, if ever. Even so, in faith in the Godhead and one another, we can still aspire for some victories, however diminished they may be. In faith, it's It's less about the manmade Cause than about the God availed Source.

No more. Not without culling the voters or culling who can vote. The land is now too infested with commies and wussies and cronies, oh my!

We may as well try to predict the future by polling daisies blowing in the wind. That's how reliable our programs of diversity and education have made our electorate.

What is reliable? It can be reliably guaranteed that people-farming crony corrupti will stock us with liberty illiterates, disinformation, division and strife, phonied up outrage, paid trolls, big-lie drumbeats, poster-provided protesters, unprincipled officials, and educators selected for willing gullibility to whatever the party line.

Were the bear to tell the salmon, "Jump into my mouth so I can protect you from the farmers," the salmon,if they were Progs, would believe the bear. I don't know how this kind of genetic and cultural drag can be fixed, short of determined measures.

Disgusting moral criminals. COS -- Last stop before secession. Which is the last stop before the tree of liberty.

People are missing the real and cynical "question behind the question." The real question amounted to this: "Will you, after Hillary "wins," confess to the American people that the Establisnment that created, funded, puppeted, and cheered her is legitimate?"

McKinley/Roosevelt -- Spanish American War. Wilson -- WWI. FDR -- WWII. Truman -- Korean War. Kennedy/LBJ -- Vietnam War.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya have been fiascos by Progs, including Bill Clinton, the Bushes, Obama, and Hillary.

I spoke of Progs. I include McKinley/TR and the Bushes as Progs. The Bushes are Establishmentarians and Big Time friends of the Clintons and opponents of Trump. They are for the NWO.

Your "neo-con" meme as some kind of explanatory distinction is silly. Hillary and Soros are enrichers of death dealers as much as any neo-con.

The driving force is NWO-ism. People faming. Gold filling harvesting. And you don't get to exclude Hillary and Soros from that by magical thinking that attempts to label them as not being people farmers because of some minor or phony distinction concering neo-cons. Hillary voted for the Iran War. And Soros profits from stirring s. The Establishment is a S Stirring Uniparty for Globalists. Trump is perhaps the only candidate who is not an anti-American Globalist.

No one knows better than Progs (fascist socialists) how to make money from war. The world is always most in turmoil whenever Progs (fascist socialists) come to power. All for the cause. No one knows better than Progs how to increase the chasm between Rulers and The Ruled, even as they promise with lying eyes (public personas) to redistribute wealth from the wealthy. Even as the wealthy finance their campaigns!!! Because Progs care! S/ PHABWIB (please hold a bag while I barf).

Those that aspire to lead gangs need to create narratives about enemies in order to inspire followers. Hillary wants to lead Rainbows in a sell out against Americans, so she recruits Refugees by blaming Assad and arming ISIS. ISIS opportunizes by being useful to Turkey. As far as principles among the contenders for the betterment of humanity, there are none.