Monday, January 31, 2011


To sustain itself, a representative republic needs an intelligent, literate, informed electorate that has assimilated in respect of human freedom and dignity.  America now has a doped up, entitlement minded, Gaia worshipping, misinformed, easily duped, easily indentured electorate, in large part too stupid to notice how its entire country is being sold into unsustainable indebtedness to foreign despots.  Yes, there are still substantial numbers of good, independent minded Americans, who desire neither to enslave others nor to be enslaved.  However, their cause is not the main focus of either of our national parties.  And the Tea Party has nothing like the funding availed to the unholy alliance among those who pretend to be spreading wealth under socialism while actually spreading povery under despotism.  In other words, it is far from given that even the U.S. will much longer be able to sustain a representative republic.  Indeed, it is debateable whether, apart from facade, we have one now.  If we, with substantial numbers of freedom lovers, cannot sustain a representative republic, then for goodness sakes why should we allow ourselves to be deluded to believe that any society immersed in Islam could?  Our sold out and historically ignorant profs and pols tell our kids anything they want them to believe, and sure enough, substantial numbers buy right into it.  America is fighting for the life of her own freedom.  To distract ourselves into trying to spread democracy to nations that are wholly unfit for it is to speed our own fall.  The NWO is much further along than many would suppose, and it ain't based on love of freedom.

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Anonymous said...

If Obama has polarized Conservatives into waking up, a good pony may yet arise out of this pile of waste. Conservatives have too long been political neophytes, expecting that political differences are mainly in good faith, merely entailing different beliefs about how to facilitate better lives for more citizens. Among Conservatives, that may be the case. Today, however, no politicians are funded to run under a conservative label, as such. Rather, almost all run under a D or R label that stands for the leveling of the masses (usually parasitic Prog Dinos) under elites (often Oligarchic Servants for Rinos) for ruling them.

Progs and Oligs have no desire to preserve a system that avails influence and opportunity to a vibrant middle class. Differences between the political labels that actually show up on ballots are not about facilitating better opportunities for most citizens. Differences are about which class should take the biggest bite out of the middle class (the class that seeks neither to rule nor to be ruled): the class of parasitic Progs or the class of wolfish Oligs. The middle class will remain ineffectively represented unless it realizes in time that it is being served up as dinner.

If dinner continues uninterrupted, the immediate aftermath will be a return to old serfdom under technologically new nobles. Despotic Chinese capitalism depends on innovations stolen from free minded societies. Islamism depends for its rise on sociopathic Sheiks buying up western politicians. Despotic Capitalism and freaking, mind-subjugating Shariah both depend on corrupting and eating the heart out of the American free man, from the inside out. It's about the values, stupid. The Enlightenment was good while it lasted, but it made a wrong turn when people mistook it for replacing assimilated spiritual empathies with minutia-regulating legalism, pretending to accord equal tolerance to every imaginable depravity under Gaia. For gifting us with mountains of legalism, the ABA and ACLU have much to atone for.