Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Age of Dumbquackiness

The problem of history is what to do with all the people who have no clue what to do with themselves unless they have someone to regiment them. When they propagate and vote, they tend to want to fill the hole with more folks who are like themselves and to pull everyone else into the same hole. Any middle class achiever who wants to get out of the hole and show others how to do the same is ridiculed or hamstrung. The only ones allowed out of the hole are the few who lie so well about how swell the hole is. Those who lie the best get to stand over everyone else and rule. A way to overcome this is with enlightened education. A way to ensure this is not overcome is with the kind of education that is rampant today. Obama's supporters want the entire middle class to be pulled into their hole, and their leaders are there to help them. Just look at Pelosi, Reid, Waters, et al. The Age of Dumbquackiness.


Anonymous said...

By depleting the middle class, we are on the path to a Mexican or Marxist economy. A higher tax on the most wealthy, combined with short term improvements on infrastructure would be a good idea. But it would need to be soft peddled. We need also to wean gradually to lower expenditures and more retiring of debt. A precipitous drop in spending could cause more problems than it solved. Problem is, politicians get elected by promising stuff, and stuff costs money, which requires more tax revenue. Best would be to offer zero corporate taxes at home in exchange for high taxes on corporate expenditures abroad. However, that could not be soft peddled. And it would require bipartisan cooperation among politicians who actually serve Americans, instead of foreign special interests. Unfortunately, rot in D.C. has grown monstrously.

Anonymous said...

Our problem is mainly education. Reality may help fix that. The Many can be organized to more efficiently sustain all. The organization can be for good, or it can be for corruption. The difference is not accounted for in whether the organization happens to be controlled by union bosses or by corporate bosses. Rather, the difference reflects the quality of education of the Many. Day to day work cannot be accomplished by the Organizers, but only by those who are the Organized. In organized civilization, workers care little who is the Organizer, so long as merit and efficiency are promoted. No matter how many laws are changed or much fiat money is printed, our decline will not stop until we stop wrongly educating Americans that they are entitled to receive benefits while letting all the work fall to managers.

Still, to keep workers so dependent that they have no influence to push Organizers to promote goodness and efficiency for all is to reduce them to serfs, while giving Organizers no incentive to behave other than as despots. What is needed is not destruction of the Middle Class, nor class warfare between Organizers and Organized. What is needed is incentive to productive merit. That is accomplished with appropriate checks and balances.

Entirely missing in our system is a check against corporations becoming disloyal internationalists, bent on eliminating the influence of the middle class and reducing workers worldwide to compete to provide the cheapest labor. That reduces American freedom and dignity to a lowest common denominator of worldwide serfdom. To curtail this accelerating trend, an enlightened tax policy is crucial.

Corporations that produce jobs in America ought not be specially taxed by Americans. Corporations that export jobs ought to be highly taxed. Individuals ought to be fairly taxed during their years of production. Aristocracies ought to be curtailed by progressive death taxes. Otherwise, there develops a chasm of animus between classes, a solidifying of class stagnation, and free fall to a new age of serfdom.

Anonymous said...

The Leftist program is what comes of Messiah envy syndrome. The mind boggling irony is that the Left fancies itself not religious, but "objective." There are those who appreciate their common humanity, and there are those who think humanity beneath them. Americans are perennial targets for subjugation by un-sane, who-sane fascists of all stripes. When a despotism subjugates those who see not the light of collectivism, there will be peace (so the mad delusion goes). Americans should instinctively recoil from a course of political compromise with madmen.

Anonymous said...

Newt, Romney, and Cain can think on their feet. Newt is sharpest, but he has too much baggage and too many (family) loyalty issues. Romney knows the value of pleasing as many people as he can, but he can be direct, when he senses directness will move more people for him. He's probably considerably smarter and quicker than Obama. He could point out that, while his Dad at least recovered from a sense of being brainwashed by the Chinese, Obama and his acolytes (Anita Dunn, et al) have not. I like Cain, a lot. He's handicapped by lack of governing experience and by the likelihood that a significant number of people may hesitate if they sense he might carry water, like Colin Powell, for affrimative action (Conservatives have had their fill of that up to their eyeballs!). Cain should be high on the list for the vice presidency. Paul is too far off the charts on certain single issues and simply does not have the charisma to get elected or to be effective if he were. The rest have begun to sound like heel nippers. However, I am not ready to sign up for Romney until I get a satisfactory sense that he will (1) stop appeasing and enriching Muslims, (2) enforce our borders, (3) take action to incentive the restoration of American industry, (4) restore opportunity for the middle class, (5) stop nation building in nations that cannot be built, and (6) push the Personal-Pleasure-Entitlement-Libertine-Atheist Agenda to the far back burner. If I sense in the least that he is soft on those, I hope, with other conservatives, to settle on a better champion.