Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ponzi Capitalism

Have economists ever given much thought to how to manage a people's political choice to foster reductions in population and expenditure of natural resources? Could such a choice be economically managed, without sucking severe reductions in standards of living in its wake? How does a society opt out of a ponzi scheme without inviting collapse? Is China a model, or is it just replacing one unsustainable ponzi pillar with another?


Anonymous said...

What government ought to be doing is simply getting out of the way, by doing only that which is needed in order best to facilitate free associations and free enterprise. The problem is that people get voted into power by promising undeliverable, unsustainable, ponzi, free benefits. When society fails to enforce its borders and to ensure its members are educated to love freedom, freedom becomes self destructing. Freedom is not free! There is no freedom without enlightened law. Freedom requires sustained commitment among an inspired citizenry. Now, however, we are swamped with a morally corrupt, free-entitlement-minded citizenry, that has not the least notion or regard for what it takes to sustain a free and decent society. The mask is off, and this must now be faced down. This term. Because the Union is swamped with corrupt idiocy, freedom-loving States must re-assert rights to regional pacts. Otherwise, forces of fascism and despotism will re-assert traditional hegemony over human dignity by continuing to swamp us with useful dupes, who have no stars to guide them apart from cries for instant gratification. The Tea Party will either enjoy its finest hour, or it will whimper out and follow entitlement dupes into the plantation of collectivizing fascists. We must speak muscular truth to spitting, crying idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Minions of Oz-Corp would have us surrender notions of reconciling and higher familial and spiritual values as being improper and unworthy subjects for politics. However, decent society does not "just happen." Nor is it sustained by default. Rather, to default is to effect the machinery of Oz-Corp, i.e., a continuous and synchronous undermining and replacing of all three legs of the ideal of America. Those legs, which Oz-Corp seeks to kick out from under America, are:

1) American Freedom of expression and enterprise (technique for undermining: "hate speech" codes, global warming carbon credit exchanges or stand-ins therefor, etc.);

(2) American Families (technique for undermining: governmental intrusion for bending consciousness in respect of how children are to be shaped by the Oz-Corp state); and

(3) American Spirituality (technique for undermining: banning spiritual based values from any form of expression in the public square).