Monday, February 6, 2012


If you want a republic that establishes generally decent rules for all, then you need citizens who are brought up to think in such terms. In most countries and most times, most aren't. Most are brought up thinking it terms of short term winners and losers. Decent people have souls that expand to identify their self interest to encompass far more than narrow, temporary opium fixes. When it comes to self interest, their idea of "self" extends beyond the constricted perimeter of their skins. Unfortunately, these people who think in terms of the good of their country and posterity also tend too much to project, to believe there are more like them than there are. When they let down their guard for too long, corruption soon surrounds, like wolf packs. That's where decent thinkers now are, mainly marginalized and targeted for fleecing on ALL sides. For a long time, the easy profit has been in fleece pacts. The fleecers who run mass media don't need to make money tied to media. They make it tied to their fleece machines. The people with stock in media will have stock in scams that media can tip to their favor. Arabs invested in Fox are interested in keeping America from becoming energy independent. They're about conquest and deception. Decency and truth are not what they're about. The centralizing franchises are not where anyone is going to find much truth or decency. Thinkers who want to preserve a viable, decent, representative republic will have to establish their own connections and alternatives. A good start would be for profs who heretofore have served socialists and sociopaths to suddenly retch away from what is being vomited on America. Has tenure made them independent enough, or has it just allowed academia to be filled with easily indimidated and conditioned kool-aid drinkers, now preparing the next generation for its final fleecing?

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Those with understanding, empathy and energetic Will should be availed liberty to look out for their own interests. However, leadership tends to devolve to those energetic and persistent persons who deem themselves most entitled and knowledgeable. So how can ordinary middle class strivers defend their liberty against intrusions of busybody elitists and their puppets? Perhaps begin by recognizing that there's little reason to expect an elitist would appreciate, much less wish to pursue, interests of the dominant productive middle class. To enlist an elitist leader to champion the cause of middle class folk who would be free, it's vital that the leader be acculturated to feel kinship with middle class strivers. How should such feeling of kinship be acculturated? Value assimilation can proceed along many paths, such as paths for: conquest, economic competition, crony dealing, corruption into short term pleasures, or enlistment in common causes and visions of others. The founding cause of America is to avail freedom of expression and enterprise to all who wish to respect and pursue such freedom. The founding cause is not to avail freedom to cronies under some false flag of "free trade" to sell Americans into international dependency upon despots.